1. Pom Galindo

    Hi Anthony I am still reading Advertising Profits Fromhome the more i read i understand about how to work the Affiiliate and how to advertising the ads im not done with the book yet iam want to make sure that i under stand everything might take sometime for me but im not giveing it up.

  2. Jim Hunsucker

    I would like to join the weekly newsletter, when I opened the website above I made a mistake and entered 2 email addresses of mine. Also I would like the VIP marketing tips…I have tried texting 26469 Anthony ,several times and it always send a message back saying that message blocking is active.. texting is something that I do not use often…. but my son does this on my cell phone a lot. Would the message Blocking possibly be on my end or on your end? Anyway, I am still reading on the books I bought from you , I and I am finding the to be very informative and interesting. I am also looking at possibly starting to build a site thru Site Build It, I want to be sucessful in Affiliate marketing and maybe become a testomonial for Anthony and his company. Thanks for your help. Jim Hunsucker

  3. Phyllis Bonner

    I purchased Anthony book about 6 months ago and I read it. I had a tragedy in my home and did nothing with the program. Things are different now and I am able to commit to this. Please ask one of your free advisors to call me and help me to restart.

  4. patricia salley

    I’m learning little by little (like you say “baby steps”) and i’m sure that i’m going to crack this thing open one day soon, because there is no guit in me. The thing that’s holding me back is i don’t understand how to get niche pecific. I read the book and know about the copy and paste thing, but i can’t seem to figure it out when i try doing it . I believe if i can get this,i will be on the right track.

  5. ABIMA

    This is great, but I re-arranged my home office and misplaced ALL the information. Can it be e-mailed to me? Thanks.

  6. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,,I loved this messege. I will be watching this many times in the coming weeks. I have been under such financial stress that it has consumed my desire to continue. I know better,but this messege may help alot. Thanks again,,You Da Man !!

  7. Amber McAlister

    Dear Anthony,

    Thank you for this video. As you said, I too have not read your book although I have ordered it.

    I am a beginner at sales by web-store and I look forward to training and I appreciate all that you do.

    Have a great Christmas,
    Amber McAlister

  8. Charlotte

    Good day Anthony and Happy Holidays!

    Thank you Anthony for your video blogs. I have knowledge ( but not yet enough), I have desire (but frustration gets in the way), I have dedication (but the niche is giving me a challenge) I AM Successful (but I have not generated any income). I am part of The Marketing Success Academy and I love the structure of the academy. It is very well designed. My business partner and I have set up our business and have laid the ground work. The niche is our headache and it has been our headache for the last 2 months….. ouch! A blog about niches sure would be nice. Thanks, Charlotte Martin of “You ABC Style, LLC

  9. Robert

    Anthony: Just finished reading both of your books and I’m looking forward to getting busy. Thanks for all you do, your story was very inspirational. I look forward to more of your work.

  10. John

    Hey Anthony,

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the great affiliate offers I am able to generate cash with. I am looking forward to a great year. With all the tools and techniques to implement building my internet empire will be just that much easier.

    I am glad that I picked up the phone.

    I hope that you and your family had a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

  11. Jerry Arichabala

    Anthony this was a great piece of advice… I really don’t know how to express the same emotion you have of enthusiasm when you explain this information that I get from it. Thanks so much, its like refueling my tank with gas; your videos refuel me with motivation and feeds my brain with desire and allows my heart to stay dedicated – thanks anthony!

  12. Gary Monahan

    Anthony, you’re right on target as usual. You have to want something badly enough in order to start doing the things to make it happen. Then let your own creative enthusiasm take over from there…

  13. Cynthia

    I would like to fundamentally do each step each day at the same time.

    Then, review each step to allow through clarity in perception to execute

  14. Gene DiSpaldo

    Just saw the blog for this week and it is inspiring. My only hangup with moving forward is that I am trying to get Google Adsense to work with advertising my website online. I had free business cards made fom Vistaprint and have begun to pass those out. I still have other sites to post the website and am just about through the book. There’s a lot of information in that book. Thank you, Anthony!

  15. Marc Galyean

    Thanks Anthony for yet another wonderful amazing weekly blog! Your right knowledge equals success. I have been in business management for over 15 years and have trained many people to be successful. And their success comes from knowledge of the product and sales process. I’m always striving and taking the steps toward my goals every day at building my successful online business. I have had excellent training with PMI and I look forward to my future and new career in online marketing! I’m hungry for knowledge and learning the techniques to be successful in this business.
    Thanks for all your help,

  16. R.J. Snead

    Hello Anthony,

    I am happy and excited that I’ve joined this business. Thank you for your commitment to your affiliates (us), your dedication of assisting us for all of our success and your willingness to take the time and extra steps which will ensure yours and our businesses will be successful.

    Thankfully submitted.


  17. Sharon Volkman

    I did read both of your books, Anthony, soon after I ordered them. It is good to receive the help that you are offering and you make it so easy for us to get our questions answered. Thank you — for so much help.

  18. Russell Carlson

    Thanks for the incouraging message. The learning is coming alittle slow for me. The Live Community is a big help. I do have the desire to learn afilliate marketing. And be a success for myself and family.

  19. Phil Lully

    Anthony, This weeks blog was right on the money !! Yes Knowledge is
    essential for all aspects of Business, then Desire is the catalyst which gives us momentum to move towards our goals, and finally what is our dedication level it wil reveal if we see our efforts as that of a hobby level or
    as a real business !! Once we catapult past our fears and doubts, our own
    belief level wil grow as will our dedication…we’ll get more serious with ourselves.Phil L.

  20. Gosia

    thank you very much for the inspiring message. Knowledge, desire and dedication are very important components. We all struggle with them, I would add concentration and how to, to your list. At least for myself I am having hard time to concentrate on right things instead of “jumping”around and to apply my knowledge to action. However every time I finish one step I am very happy and motivated to make another step since I made the previous one.
    Thank you and I am looking forward to you next blog.

  21. Esther Fuller

    I have had your books for almost two weeks and I have been reading them and listening to the training tapes. In about another week I will be ready to to start applying what I have learned. I understand that it is a slow process and that’s ok because I want to know what I am doing from the beginning to the end and that way when I need to really get things moving I will know exactly what I am doing.

    Esther Fuller

  22. Virginia Brogdon

    Thank, you Anthony, for continuing to encourage us each week. I personally look forward to your videos and want you to know that you have good ideas which help each one of us to stay motivated as the time goes by.

  23. Melindagay Santos

    For me, it’s the KNOWLEDGE.

    Say, you’re really smart! Probably because you always want to do good.

    I’m starting out real slow, but I have no problem seeing success come my way. Thank you for YOUR dedication.

    The DESIRE is strong.It will take me to where I want to be.

    Now, why am I so confident of my SUCCESS?

    I’m going to milk my coaches for all their worth! (Just a little levity there.)

    Warm regards,

  24. Mr. Jim Wells

    HI Anthony
    I am only half way in to your book just getting to the money part.. After I order your book I had a stroke that put me down . I have been selling on ebay and just started a service selling goods for others as well as myself..
    As I read the last part of the book I may need your help,, I hope to finish it by the end of December.. I am trying to line up more internet buying and selling along with the affiliate marketing.. Thank You for your time.

    Mr. Jim Wells

  25. Don Hall

    I’m saving all your videos for when I’m able to view them .
    At this time I have dial up and can not view them .
    I hope to be able to afford a better internet service soon .
    God Bless,
    Don Hall

  26. Gil Saiz

    Hi Anthony, I’m still reading and and trying to talk myself into the business. Money is a little tight and the holidays up us it may be until next month before I commit. Take care.


  27. Marina

    Thanks for motivating us!

    My pace is really slow because of time constraint. But I know I’ll get there. This takes a lot of patience & perseverance.


  28. Larry Grimes

    Thanks Anthony; I received your book Saturday and AM about about a third of the way through it and already have gained a great deal from it . This is the only thing that I have been doing in my spare time because I desperately need to survive in this and make this work . Thanks for the speed in shipping my package to me, please keep the instructions coming

  29. Sharon Y Howard

    Hello Anthony, I received your book this evening when I got home from out of town. I have not started reading however, I watched the Videos and started my list. I really appreciate all the emails and words of encouragement. I am looking forward to this business.

    Thanks and God bless.

  30. Jenal Harris

    Happy Holidays! I enjoyed this blog and look forward to learning more about this incredible opportunity. I started reading the book but will finish by next week. Thanks for not giving up on me Anthony!

  31. Buzz Whitehead

    Aloha Anthony
    Short in all three lately . Thank for the motivation .

  32. paul eggert

    To Anthony and all you family; including allof us in your affiliate family!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! This has been such a growing year for my ethos, and I thank you Anthony!! I am grateful to you for getting me back in touch with Bob Prctor, he led me back to Wallace Waattles and intoduced me to Mary Morrisey who I saw and had the pleasure to meet in Manhatan this summer!! This will be asuper profitable year for my wife Patricia and I, Paul. We started PNPGlobal llc this year. Now we want to make grow and evolve into a $ maker of at least $20k in 2011. I have our 1st check of $20.00 on the wall, acopy ofcoarse, and a picture of me holding it with abig smile !PEACE!

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