1. Guadalupe Salinas

    Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for thinking of us on thanksgiving day. Now I know what we can expect in Wisconsin soon. The snow actually looked beautiful out there (wherever out there was).

    I always enjoy watching your blogs. You are always upbeat and inspirational. I am slowing getting started here on this internet marketing, however I am still determined this will work for me as well.

    Take care. God Bless.

  2. Marcelino Acosta


  3. bob angel slanina

    wow , your an hour from my house wow, hey you could visit anytime yeah this week end there is a snow storm heading there more then a foot of snow and hi winds are you a skier , I`m not but I would have loved to snow board had they had it 30 years ago ,, used to do the inner tubes though, wow I hope you and the family had a blast ok !! I had a christmas party their ten years ago where my son won every prize hes 3 years older then you my daughter is your age, funny huh she was born in 1982 only in may well take care coach ,,,

  4. donald baca

    Hey Anthony, I’m fairly new at this since approximately 10/10. In anycase, I just praised the Lord for the heart that he has given you for children. It’s a blessing that you’ve embraced with all your heart. That is a blessing, uplifting and edifying. It would seem we share a same desire, that is to help the less fortunate, namely children. God Bless You Anthony. In Christ, donald baca.



  6. sandra matthews

    My nme is Sandra and I worked at Duke med. center in Durhm,NC on the childrens ward and most of our children had cancer and could not be saved-no matter what we did, but children wake up eacy day to live, they have not been poisonded with the worth or knowledege of death, one day they may be beyond sick and really be suffering and the next day after thier severe illness- you willl find them in the hall blaying basketball and laughing with the other children in the same condition, so thank you for being there for them, we need more people like you. Most people will not even go to see them and just read a book to them,because they say it would make them to sad- how sad that really is. Coach K has his entire team to visit and play and read to them each month and they don’t all go at the same time so eachof them are visited by the players and they are so good with the children and just make thier day. I hope other teams visit the chidren in thier area – what a gift it make to these children and thier families, God Bless All of them for what a differece it makes and the love it brings to these families. And God Bless You…………Appreciatively………….Sandra Matthews and happy holidays to you and your love ones. ps I don’ care if you publish this maybe it will open some hearts and eyes to thier needs.

  7. Manuel Hernandez

    Hi. Anthony

    I just got your book and video and I am really excited to start I am from Mexico City and sorry about my writing English is not really good but I am going to do the best by the way nice place .


  8. Lee

    “HI” Anthony,
    Thanks for sharing your HOLIDAY with us!

    Regarding Aiden, So many children these days have to deal with cancer…SO sad. My MAIN CHARITY is St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. They will actually take children like Aiden…it’s an amazing place! They actually do MANY cases with NO CHARGE!!

    Paypal closed my account due to lack of use so that rules out my buying Aiden’s art on line!! I will work out another way.

  9. Aeleysia

    Anthony, how I wishI could help I have no job no money and live with my 77 year old mother who needs my help with everyday chores. I am selling a bunch of stuff I inherited at auction soon so I can afford to implement some of the internet success techniques you spoke of in your book. If I can eventually I will buy some art . But until then I will do what I do best, I will do healing prayers and healing visualizations for your friend. May you and all those you love and those who love you be truly Blessed with the Grace of god, have a wonderful holiday season.

  10. Maung

    Hello Anthony>> good to hear your voice and wishing all of us from lovely paradise . Same to you. Now I am watching your short vedio clip.

    Thanks a lot.

  11. Mon

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for doing this for Aiden. Right now the only help I can give is my prayers. I was just laid off from my job and and I am really struggling too. My prayers and thoughts is for this kid. This is what I do everyday pray for all those people who are sick especially those who does not have anybody to pray for them.


  12. Lhakpa

    Hi Anthoney,
    as a I am from Tibet I really like the High mountains and snow. I rally like it very much hope one day I can join with you. I am now enrolled in your listing agent and hoping for the best. thanks for sharing your holiday and

  13. Ramon White

    Anthony I’m thrilled by your accomplishments and I thank you for my opportunity to learn your methods. The 4×4 off road machines great, but it is really,really cold here without the

  14. Judy Hazzan

    Thank you for are a real gentelman.I wish a Merry Christmass and a Happy new Year, and more success in tne years ahead.

  15. William Davis

    Unable now but may be in a position to help just after Christmas. God bless you for this effort, Anthony. Time is the only asset any of us have, so with that in mind, your life is counting in many ways!

  16. Sheila

    Hi Anthony
    I would love to be somewhere in the snow myself, have fun. Great Video….and .thanks for the opportunity to help the little boy.

    God Bless you and your family during the Holidays.

  17. Taunia

    I am also from that part of the country. My parents still live there and I miss being there very much. Thank you for your imspiration of keeping us going even us newbie’s. I’m looking forward to each step I learn. I am also going to buy one of those beautiful monster pictures it truly is for a great cause. Thank you for bringing this to us so we can also help this amazing little boy. I know from a parents point of view that children are truly a blessing and they give us the greatest gift in life. So thank you for allowing us as just ordinary people to help this one child. May God Bless You and your family.

  18. olga

    Hi Anthony,
    Nice video, Happy Holidays. I signed up months ago, saw you on TV today, but not sure if I did anything else as I am computer illiterate. What can I do to jump start..a toll free number anything to get “re started” again. Thanks for your emails,

  19. James F.

    James here. I’m new! and am still waiting to get the packet to get started.
    I’m glad you are sharing this it makes me glad to see a man doing something then just taking the money and run. Helping kids is a must in our times to see in time this all can recover. Speeking of cover you have more of that suff comming don’t get snowed in too long I need my stuff. Hahaha! Talk soon.

  20. Matthew

    My son just picked out the red monster. I admire his strength. Hope it helps and everyone has a great holiday.

  21. Kimber Quackenbush

    Hello everyone.
    This is my first time writing. However, hearing about Aiden moved me because his story is so close to home. A family member, my great niece Sabrina, was stricken with cancer in January, 2010. The malignancy was located on the abdominal wall just above her liver. Cancer is a greedy beast that is totally self-serving. The tumor rerouted the blood supply away from her liver to feed itself and her liver died of malnutrition. A donor was found and she had a liver transplant. However, she has been on chemo ever since. She has a tough row to hoe and Sabrina is only nine.

    It breaks my heart when children have to suffer. However, they are so close to the source that they often turn their suffering into blessings for others. Sabrina is such a good spirit. She lifts the hearts of the doctors and nurses who care for her. She is hanging in there after seven rounds of chemo. We pray for her daily and continue to hope for the best. LovinU… KimQ

    PS. Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy New Year…

  22. Jean Hamm

    Anthony: I loved this video and I’m all for helping out people, but right now I am unemployed and just payed as many bills as I could and have nothing left right now. Working hard on getting my business going. This is all new to me and I didn’t get to do any work or research yesterday due to a family matter and I was quite dissapointed with myself for not doing so. I am running behind schedule on getting things going. Sorry I couldn’t help out this time. Sincerely, Jean Hamm

  23. Hester from Arizona

    Hi Anthony…it was so much fun and such a learning experience at the Training Session in Jackson. It was truly a thrill to meet you, your mom, and sister . Of course we all loved Kaci (great teacher and pretty lady) and brother, Adrian; Randle (great techie and teacher) and wonderful Martha at headquarters. Really looking forward to future training sessions. After you told us about this video I just had to look it up!! Paradise was cold, yes!

    You and your family are truly blessed and you are playing it forward. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!!

  24. Dennis Green

    Peace and blessing to all children are beautiful creations what they learn to accept is according to what we input into them I decree and declare that this child has been miraculously according to his faith all medical supplies areprovided and by the stripes of Jesus he is healed

  25. Patty Johnson

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and yours Anthony. That looks like a pretty cool place where you celebrated the big day. Thanks for reminding us what our forefathers wanted to celebrate by having a Thanksgiving day. Your thoughtfulness and concern regarding those that need a little helping hand are highly admirable. I will go to your blog right now and buy one of Aiden’s works of art. Thank you for sharing your opportunities with us, and more importantly for sharing your good heart with us.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2011.

    Be well,


  26. Larry Grimes

    Mr Morrison : Please have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . Not only do you care about the people they order your course but you have consideration for those that need other things. You are a blessing to me Hope to get started in your program and make it as succesful as you are . I have purchased one of adran Monsters’

  27. melinda wilder

    I injoyed you video and thought that what you are doing for that little boy and his family is very nice and I’am glad you are in a place in you live to do such a noble thing for someone alse who need help right now, Thank You for sharieng his store with all of use.

  28. Bart Drury

    Hey Anthony–better get a shovel fast! Hope u r feeling better. thx for the snow here in Upstate New York yet. Be well and God Bless, Bart Drury

  29. Martha L

    beautiful place , enjoy your vacations in company of your family and friends. God bless you and your family. ! Happy holidays !

  30. Nancy S.

    Thanks for the blog. It is so nice to hear that there are people like you out there.
    Its cold here but no snow yet. Just a few flurries here and there.
    Getting started with your course. I will be at a resort next year too! However, I think it will be a bit more south!
    God bless to you and yours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  31. Loyd

    You are an inspirational and have generated a new sense of excitement. I’m just getting started with PMI and look forward to my own progress and success. Merry Christmas from California.

  32. Sherry R.

    Great to hear from you Anthony! I loved the blog! Thanks for all that you do to inspire each of us to become successful; you are a constant inspiration to me. Be safe and Happy Holidays!

  33. Norma A.

    Hi, Anthony, beautiful, very beautiful, just like a calendar . It looks
    Heavenly too with its winter white color.
    All i could help the little boy and his family with are prayers, lots and lots
    of prayer. it works you know. Faith, hope and prayers combine equals
    Anthony, your great concern to human beings are so commendable.
    Bravo! May Heaven in His Greatness and Glory pour all His Blessings
    upon all of us esp. to you and your loved ones.

    Norma A.

  34. Jeffery Lynch

    Hi Anthony this is a great thing that you are doing. I wish to walk i your foot steps and with your help ipray to be doing the same thing as you in helping others.

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