1. Robin J Sherwood

    Happy Holidays. have a safe trip. the most valued present-
    homemade apron for my daughter. She just thought that was the
    coolest. Great success to you this year. Robin

  2. Ronald Bish

    You are right Anthony, That is a cool Christmas gift.
    Wishing you and your staff and your family and friends a Very Happy
    , Safe and Prosperous New Year. You Da Man,!!

  3. Beth Dublinski

    People frequently forget that the gifts that count most are
    those from the heart. I often think of the woman who sold her hair
    so as to be able to purchase a gift for her husband. I look forward
    to your blogs. At some point I would like to learn more about
    article marketing.

  4. Matlock

    Hi Anthony, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I read what you had to say about the other people statement trying to discredit you. What I see here from my point of view is the next wave of how to make money and become free from the worries of a job or a boss for people. I also think if anyone want to become a millionaires and work hard it will happen, and for those that have not yet found something this is a great start at a new business to develope and add to there income to become financial free at some point. Anthony comes across as a regular guy with something he want to share and cant keep it to himself about his success. Anyway I have enjoyed being self employed 15 years and adding a 2nd business to start going into 2011 will be exciting to see how it works out. Happy Holiday to all.

  5. Mary DeLuca

    That gift is awesome! Very talented, I also love things made from the heart with you in mind…… Enjoy it for many years to come Mary

  6. Manuel Hernandez

    Hi Anthony.
    I hope You get a really good New Year.
    You know I’ve been reading your book and I have some questions I am little confuse what can I do or where I can go to ask or who thanks.

    Regards Manuel

  7. Jeff Fox

    I just want to say that I’m going to try a littler harder this year to make it in internet marketing, I have been trying this for over 10 years and still have not made it, maybe I’m not a go getter…. but I will try, also I don’t have any money to put out, I have three kid’s and a disabled wife from the army, and I’m unemployed.

  8. Benito

    Happy holidays to you and the family. You’re so matured for
    your age its amazing. Its not the cost of the gift but the thought
    that counts. Many thanks for your thoughts of holidays and good
    fortune to all your students. We will not fail you. Have a good and
    safe trip (and back) and extend our regards to your girlfriend.
    Benito and family

  9. Floyd Atkinson

    I had a great Christmas and fed 15 hungry kind folk at my house. We had a lots of fun with the exchange of Christmas gifts all less than $10.00 each. Then each person had the opportunity to exchange gifts at least once with another at our own choosing. We played a game of poker and I won the game with the draw of a single card.

  10. calinda montgomery

    hello anthony this calinda montgomery I got a computer for christmas I am every happy for my computer and this my 8 month old baby first christmas he got a lot of toys and clothes happy new year from calinda montgomery

  11. Angelline Sholin

    Finances are really tight. Just retired so I generated hand-lettered inspirational quote cards & some of my photographs. Hope to create this into my on-line product for my website.

  12. michael gosa

    I purchased your book for christmas. I hope this gift will be the beginning for me.

  13. SUSAN

    Your gift was really nice, and you are right, because people look for these large gifts; but that’s not what Christmas is all about. Jesus is the reason for the season. The birth of a beautiful baby boy that brought many from all parts of the world to be there for his birth. I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year.



  15. Ramon White

    You are the real special gift that keeps this season real. To think that you take time out even on this special holiday. I thank you and may your holidays continue to warm the hearts and minds of the thousands of followers and fans. Happy Holiday to all


    Hey Anthony, thanks for your good wishes. My Chrismas around my family and friends was great. That was the present I cherished most od all. I follow all your blogs and am looking forward to the next one. I have leaved through your new training course and have actually started through the book already, even though I had decided originally to start your 365 days training course on Jan 1, 2011. But it looks so good I started right away. Hope , with all the hard work I am putting in to develop my website and follow the training, that it will pay off. I am willing to do all it takes. God grant me the fortitude it will take.
    I also hope you had wonderful Holidays and wish you a prosperous and happy New Year.

  17. Leroy North

    Anthony, That was a cool gift. I just had to tell you what gift I received it wasn’t on Christmas day but was on New Years eve 19 years ago . My wife had a heart transplant 19 years ago and we are looking forward to many more.Just had to let you know that transplants do work an hope more people will sign up as donors so others can enjoy life like my wife an I have. Spread the word an have a great year. I’m looking farward to getting your program working and thank you for sharing it with everyone.

  18. Sidney E. Rosenblum

    ‘m glad you enjoyed the holiday this year Anthony.

    May you, your family,and those you love enjoy the best of health this year.

    as you already know that is the most important gift you will enjoy.


    Sidney E. Rosenblum

  19. Sharon Volkman

    Happy New Year! Anthony Today I called customer service and got very nice great help for a (small) computer thing I did not know how to do. Now that I understand affiliate marketing better it is starting to be fun.

  20. Terry Newell

    I’ve always tried to give gifts that were meaningful, heartfelt, homemade – take your pick. Alot of people don’t get it, but I can see that you do, Anthony. Someone put considerable thought into your gift, the “Big M” displaying your family/business logo. It’s a perfect gift. It’s original, unique and you’re right, it looks great – like it was made for those shelves. I can definitely appreciate wanting to share it with all of us. I’d like to share a gift I made for my 3 year old grandson this year. I put more time into this gift than I usually do and I hope it’s a gift he will want to remember and keep. His dad/my son, Tyler, left for Afghanistan about a month ago. A few days after he left I saw a picture on Facebook of my son and grandson dressed in fatigues walking away from the camera hand-in-hand. It was taken in Germany, the last time they were together just before Tyler left. I wanted to use the photo somehow as a gift so, I made my grandson a bulletin/chalk board for his wall. I painted the border camouflage, put a square tile of cork on it for his mom to post letters & pictures from his dad, and painted a chalk board across the bottom half to keep track of the date and # of days till his dad comes home. The photo is beside the cork square and is captioned “My Hero Dad” which is the name of a poem I wrote for my grandson.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me do the same. Now, I have to get back to trying one more time to “get it right”. I’m a little frustrated with the whole ad creation process – I keep making stupid mistakes – things like not putting an .html at the end of my destination site URL. But, I’m nothing if not persistent. I’m definitely not going to get rich quick – however, I’m determined to make this work.

  21. Tellis Groom

    I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas Holidays! I must say that my christmas gift to myself was to order the Rebel Resistance Blue prints. I ordered it last night and viewed it briefly and it is pretty neat so far. Thank you anthony for all that you are doing in helping others in bettering their lives. I must admit that after trying so many different home based businesses, I developed a sense of “Nothing works” and that is bad!!! I will dig into these Rebel Techniques and try to better the life of my family and I. Just like now as I type i am sitting at work with a back injury and a heatting pad on but I have to be here to get paid! I have to change this… Thanks again Anthony!

  22. iris galloway

    Thanks Anthony for sharing and it is not what a gift costs that counts, my grandmother used to say, if it is only a hankie for 10 cents, it is the thought that counts. She was so right! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a safe trip. Best wishes to your girlfriend and her family also. iris galloway

  23. natnael

    happy holiday to you and your family and as a beiginer am so i hope so i will be succefule be save you too and happy new year

  24. sheila O'

    Happy holidays Anthony!
    Since my divorce(hubby left family for a 20 year old) I do not get “gifts” for Christmas anymore. My ex always bought me the biggest and best for every holiday. I thought that made me happy…wrong. Even though I do not get material items anymore I am the happiest at holidays because I can focus on the important things and that is my family. I used to be overcome on Holidays with the gifts and almost let the best gift pass me by. You see my oldest daughter is 17 and will be heading off into the world soon to be followed by my 16 year old. The best gift I get EVERY day is my family and on Christmas I am even more “gifted” with the entire family together in one home.Success is wonderful but never let it over shadow true happiness from the simpler things usually staring us in the face.


  25. K.A. Daniel

    I got a laptop from my husband so I can be prepared next
    week when I attend the mentoring classes in Mississippi! Love it.
    Have a safe trip and Happy New Year.

  26. Carolyn

    Happy holidays to you and your family. Home made gifts are
    the best.. I receaved homemade candles from my daughter who
    couldn’t aford to buy gifts..she has 6 kids between her and her
    husband. I also made my granddaughters there own person jewlery
    frame.. they loved it! It is a great feeling when you get or give
    from the heart. Happy New Year! I hope to learn how this all

  27. Kevin Skea

    Anthony Thanks for remkinding me of the importance of hand
    made and own thought of gifts. My best hand made gift came from my
    sister-in-law a handmade homemade “sports” quilt. I still use it
    today to keep warm. She also makes the best homemade candies.
    thanks for including me in your email. I have been kept busy home
    health nursing my parents both 81 back to health and helping with
    housework and chores. What a blessing to be able to give a little
    back to parents who have done so much and sacrificed so much for me
    over the years.

  28. Launie

    Anthony, Thank you so much for these blogs and all you do
    for us. I am a slow started but I know that 2011 will not be slow
    for you, or me. I wish you and yours a wonderful and Happy New
    year, a safe trip and Blessings to all…

  29. Karyn DeVincent

    Anthony: This is my first time on your blog . . . Just to
    see a friendly smile from you made it all worth it. The best gift I
    received for Christmas was the gift to give . . . My children where
    not able to buy me gifts this year. It really didn’t matter to me
    to receive anything. I was just happy that we could all get
    together as a family again on such a special day to spend a little
    time with each other, laugh for a while and forget our troubles.
    After I had lost my house of 30 years things just took a turn for
    the worse. There’s nothing like seeing your children suffer the
    most. It’s hard when you have no where to go. When I saw your blog
    I broke down in tears thinking about how much I want to change our
    lives. I had stayed up till the wee hours watching you on TV. I
    scrapped up just enough money to purchase your course; hoping to
    seek out my dream of being successful. With lots of ideas in my
    head and no one to tell them to. All I can think about right now is
    keeping my Faith and wanting a new beginning. I know that if I keep
    up with your blogs that’s all the motivation I need. Thank you for
    being there when I needed it the most ! Hope you and your family
    have a very safe & Happy Holiday !

  30. Juanita

    Happy New Years Anthony!! Yess it’s gonna be a great year!!
    And thank you for your bloggs!! I would really like to buy some of
    your programs that I watch but don’t have the money. 2-months
    behind on mortage car break downs on myself and kids and i’m a
    single parent just trying! But I listen to your material and
    reading first book and am very impressed and tell my four sons
    about you and get exciteddd!! When I was younger I could sell
    anything and always won top prizes so I’m excited!! GOD

  31. Sherri

    Anthony I cannot describe the positive feeling I get from
    your blog, books, emails etc. It is by instinct that I purchased
    your book(s) and signed up for the free website. You deserve all
    that you recieve for being the true and generous human being you
    are. You are an exceptional person with an old soul. God Bless,
    have a happy and safe holiday!

  32. Henry Kekoanui

    Happy holidays to you and yours. Anthony asked what we
    received for Christmas? I rec’d the Domain Names training program
    that’s my Christmas present to my wife and I. Thanks Anthony Happy
    New Year.

  33. Mitchell Hutton

    I always enjoy theweekly blog . What I got for Christmas was a lot of small things and thats what I gave . Since being layed off money has been tight . What I realize is the size or value of what you get isn’t at all important it’s what comes from the heart that matters and this is what made everything sogreat to me . All my presents given and received had a lot of love attached to them . It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t get a thing but a hug .
    Your Friend ,

  34. Viviana

    Anthony, Happy New Year to you and want to say thank you for all you do.
    I got my books yesterday and i’m so excited. Hope to learn from all this.
    Again thank you very much.
    God Bless you and your family.

  35. Amparo Avillanoza

    Hi there Anthony,
    I am so grateful that you did not forget me during my hard times. I was not able to in contact with you for almost four months due to two sudden deaths of my sister and aunt. I am burnt out also coz of working two jobs and taking care of my disabled son. But I will do my best to carry on the business learnings from you.
    Happy new year. I wish the best of health for you and family. May all your wishes and endeavors come true.
    Thanks be to God for everything that you have been sharing to us.
    It’s me,
    Amparo Avillanoza

  36. David

    Im excited to finally,(after all the money ive spent on
    different programs) to try your program ! im so tired of trying
    with no results! I hope this will work this time ! happy new year
    and may God bless you and your family!

  37. Eschi


    having tried several other programs, I look forward to yours: expecting YOURs to be clear, precise and to the point, without embellishment, which has been the problem previously.
    Will you provide us with some contact information to clarify questions?
    other than the BLOG?

  38. heather

    Happy New Year Anthony! I look foward to many good things to come. You are so right …..its the thought that counts. ill take home made any time! I like to give hand made best of all as well. travel safe & stay Healthy!

  39. Amber McAlister

    Hi Anthony !

    Yes I agree, hand made is a real genuine gift from the heart ~ shows respect and love for you. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year !
    Thanks for all you are doing ~

  40. Debra Mosley

    Have a good and safe Holiday too. I look forward to 2011 as a good year to make a seccess of my business to. Thank you for the weekly blog.

  41. Crystal Sain

    I would just like to thank you for your blogs. I have only been in this a few weeks and I am still not set up completely. It seems like with family, work and the holidays time has been at a minimum. I have tried to call a couple times to ask questions but have failed to call at a time there are people in the office. I am really wanting to focus and persue this business. I am a married and a mother of 4. We do not have any extra money, actually we go from paycheck to paycheck and sometimes have to pick which bills to pay as opposed to groceries. My heart is dedicated to providing a better life for our family. I have wanted to get one of the programs you offer for assistance but cant afford it, so can you give any advise for me, someone that is just beginning with no experience and very little money?

  42. Christy Estabrook

    I didn’t get any “thing” for Christmas, but I was able to take a week off work and go to Cleveland to see my daughter who I hadn’t seen for almost a year! That was the best Christmas present! And, while I was there, I was watching TV and that’s when I was introduced to Anthony Morrison and his book. I ordered it and it arrived shortly after I returned to Virginia…so THAT was my Christmas present to myself. Now, if I could only wrap my head around everything so I can get started!

  43. Margery Ramlow

    Goals for 2011

    1. Get out of debt and improve cash flow so I do not have to call or run to the bank daily in order to prevent overdrafts, This will give me more time to concentrate on my internet business.
    2. Open a business account
    3. Study Anthony’s methods to succeed
    4. Finish a book about parenting a special child who was not allowed to go to school, because “they” said she was uneducable,so I homeschooled her! She now works at a medical facility fulltime, belongs to several organizations and is an accomplished pianist, organist and violinist.
    5. Become more organized and efficient, so I can help and encourage others

  44. jonathan

    I am take my time on read your book to make sur that I am doing right thing br for I Do it right

  45. nadz

    TUMBS UP TO U!!!!! I have no credit card, so please let me know how else i can make the payment for the book. I need all the information that I can get. Please send it, thank you. Keep going brother, God bless you.

  46. Rebecca

    I am from Oklahoma. I love hand made stuff. I read the book all the way and would like to ask how everyone else is doing?

  47. Teresa

    Hi Anthony,
    Happy Belated New Year, just bought your system yesterday, hoping it will be the last money I will ever have to spend to make money, I have spent so much money and time on other opps without any success, I am truly tired of all the hype people give you just to get you into their system, then they want you to spend hundreds of more dollars just to get you to the level they claim you would get to just from buying their system. Still not so sure if your system will work for me just yet. Only can hope and pray it does, so I can finally have my prayer I have been praying for the last 5 years finally be answered. I just want a house, that is all I want, I have lived in an old run down mobile home for 12 years now, can’t afford a mortgage payment on my salary,and my credit isn’t good, so, have been buying all kinds of opportunities for the last year and half trying to get to where I can afford a mortgage and get out of this mobile home before a floor falls through, or it catches fire because it is so old. I am 48 years old, frankly I am too old to be homeless now, so my other prayer has been, God please hold this trailer together until I can do better. My passion is Photography, not to toot my horn, but I am pretty good for an amateur, I have been told I need to go to school and pursue this as a career, that would be like another dream come true. So now I am praying that your system will finally be the answer I have been looking for, because my daughter deserves so much better. Thank you, please pray for me and my children that 2011 will finally be the year we move up and out of this current home. God Bless, thanks for caring for little people like me, and creating a system and actually standing behind it without all the hype. Finally an honest person. Thanks again. Teresa

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