1. Marty Keigher

    Hey Anthony, Great video! By the way should I call you Anthony,Tony, or someting else? Do You go by Tony? Aweome video! I’ll definetly have to get that book. You are in the company of some GREAT people in M.V.Hansen, Bob Proctor, and Napoleon Hill. You become like the people you hang around. That is very true. I love your books and your system. I am just barely getting started, half way though your book and loving it. Keep up the great work. Hope to meet you in person some day.


  2. Anna

    I just bought your book. Watched you on a informational thing on the tv and ordered your book can’t wait to get it. Got a e-mail and am starting from number 1 so not to miss anything. Lot of good advice being as young as you are. I think you can learn something from anyone no matter their age. Keep up the good work. can’t wait to learn more. Anna

  3. Vicki Jansky

    ummm,yes,I have to work on that too…”stay on the path Vicki” ok I may have taken the wrong path…will work on staying focused. Thank you! Vicki

  4. Tammy Guinan

    I’m sure I have been 3 feet from gold many times and given up which is easy to do without a clear map, compass, or some other “instrument” to help get you where you want to go… I am praying the tools and resources you are making available to us are going to be exactly what I need to finally “strike gold” 🙂

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