1. charles

    just read a blog wherein you actually responded yourself…which truly, absolutely impressed me more than anything you could ever say.

    i have never heard of you till tonight (infomercial) LOL. i ordered, and will give it my all. i never order, and will never again! it was one of those fleeting moments when you just have a “knowing.”

    will keep you up to date with my progress. i am a bulldog. keep my name in mind please, and look forward to having dinner with you. tell mom hi.


  2. Cody Bergen

    I would just like to say you have a very trusting mannerism to you. When people watch you on TV or on the internet you make them want to believe you. I’ve seen plenty of ads on TV in which you really can’t believe, I just had to say to say great work and also you’ve made an extreme skeptic make their first info-commercial purchase.

  3. Amanda Shepherd

    I have just lost everything through a divorce. Before that was a car accident, and before that I lost my job. He wasnt happy with my going through a hard time so insead of being there for me he divorced me. Now my daughter and I are having to get help from family and friends. Even though I have nothing now I still donate time to Habitat for Humanity. They build homes for the unfortionate, and have low cost merchendice they sell. I like helping others in need. Helping them helps me to start healing.

  4. Debra Scribner

    I so did not expect to see this so soon but am so glad that I did! When I got your program I was using food banks! And still do occasionally so I can put what little I have into advertising and marketing. Just a couple of days ago I sat and thought about how I could give back when ‘Im able, and I decided I want to fund a food pantry! Thanks for letting me know that I am on the right track even though I have not made a penny yet! lol

    Thanks so much,

  5. Tammy Guinan

    That’s awesome! And you are definately right… sometimes money cannot even buy what people really need… a helping hand… is often much more valuable! And what’s priceless is just knowing SOMEONE CARES!

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