1. Helen Sullivan

    I am embarrassed to admit I have not set up a website yet. Attended Adrian’s three-day workshop in Somerville, Mass. some weeks ago. Since then I have been digging out more than 70″ of snow and ice; had no telephone service ( read that “internet service”) for another week and I am just getting started. It’s like fight my way through a fog.

  2. Sally Royce

    I’m new to this business and ready to learn. Thank you Anthony for keeping us informed. I have read all of the Blogs and find them interesting and informative.

  3. Bertine Parker

    I am up is age so it will take me a few weeks to learn. Iam listening to all my CDs so as to get aquainted. I am not very good on the computer. I am willing to learn.

  4. James Davis

    Thanks Anthony for the website, It save alot of time and money putting one together from scratch. Reading your books, and watching your blogs have me motivated every day to become a successful internet marketing advertisor. Even though your young you sound to have knowledge of someone who’s been around much longer, and sincere, I believe in you. Thanks

  5. Danny O

    Anthony, thank you for all your support.. I have been struggling for several weeks… You are an inspiration… between work, weather and poor internet service I’m behind but still positive….I have intorduced this to my wife and I know with both of us working at this, we will be successful… Thank you again.

  6. Geralyn Morales

    Hi Anthony- I too, like others, have been lagging behind getting started but I am sure that once I do, I will finally be able to fulfill my dream of starting my own business. Thanks for continuing to be positive and also giving useful tips on how to get this going. Your friend, Geralyn Morales

  7. Michael Agnello

    Hello this is my first week to reply ,I have been slow at getting going and trying to understand the process ? I intend to learn this deal and make use of it .
    My learning capabilities are hungry to achieve the rudiments of all this and I will keep plugging on.Your customer service sect has been realy helpful with responding to my questions. It has given me the confidence in the progam that there realy is someone out there that just may care about me and I may be able to make some sense of all this and finally achieve what I need to –for me!!

    Michael Agnello

  8. delaine macku

    I’m glad to read other people have gotten behind, life can give so many interuptions . But I’m weeding my way back, thank goodness we can do this on our own time. that must of taken you leaders great knowledge anf time to make it all work in this manner. Anyway I,m determined!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Delaine Macku

  9. Ms. Kyle Kendra

    Looking forward to the Content Blog on Saturdays. I am reading the book for the third time. Still lagging on getting started. Need to give myself a swift kick. I really hate my temporary job. Tired of the grind of working like a dog and getting nowhere. Nothing could be better than working for youself. Best wishes to everyone.

  10. cesar cipres

    I didnt receive the books yet.i try to figure all what you talking abt thnk you my friend anthony you have perseverance and commitement with th people you are helping.thank you, i try my best šŸ™‚

  11. danny

    Thanks for the blog once again am very pleased with them and glad they are on fridays and saturdays now easyier for me to view with my work scedule.

  12. Dennis

    New to the business, still trying to understand. Great material, thanks and keep up the good work Anthony.

  13. Pearlene Pondexter

    Thank you Anthony for the information that I have received by way of the internet. I am interested in learning the business. I need more information on the signing up and learning process.

  14. Charles

    Hey Anthony I enjoyed the video in sight. I have a question, do you have an audio or video version of your book? The reason why I ask is because Im a slow reader and I really want to get though your book and obtain the knowlegde, instructions and tips you give at the same time. Or does it really matter how long it takes me to finish reading your book?

  15. iris galloway

    It is good to know that I am not the only one who is lagging some, but you continue to give us encouragement and knowledge. And I want this year to be IT!

  16. scott

    still trying to dig my way out of plan a to be able to join and begin my success in this marketing world ! also learning how to navigate a computer so help is what i need most ! thanks for all you do , i hope to learn how to get this program started soon.

  17. Linda Gibbs

    Your 1st time training call on 3/3/11 was so fantastic! I never wanted to Twit or Face Book before. Now that I heard you talk about Creating Ads, and the Split/Ads, there really is no cap on what and how many marketing affliates that can be had. I thank you for opening my eyes and soon fill my back account.

  18. Barbara

    I enjoy the call tonight. I receive my books and DVDs today. I have starting reading the but have not seen the DVDs yet. My goals is make money so I can take care of myself. Read the book and look at the DVD and get to work. I am broke financial than I every been so it may take a while to purchase all the things I need. Thanks for being there for all of us.

  19. Joe Hogan

    I actually read these posts and care what other members are saying. Sounds like so many of us are hurting financially. Want each of you to know that YOU are the only one who can help YOU! It’s unbelievable that we have someone like Anthony to set up all of these tools for us to use. Just remember, he can’t do it for YOU ! YOU have to grab your boot straps and do the work yourself!!! For those of you familiar with the internet marketing arena, you know how fortunate we are to have him. For those of you true beginners, someday you’ll know how fortunate you were – – BUT only if you stick with this and see the fruits of your labor. Don’t quit on yourselves! Anthony believes in you!

  20. George Ngozi

    Hello Anthony, just want to thank you for all the informations you are giving us mayGOD bless you,as you can see i am not in using pc i need more information thankx and remain bless bye.

  21. Stella Marie

    hey Anthony,getting back on track. Re-read the Hidden Millionaire book the other day and did not sleep until I finished it. I need the reinforcement to believe and invest in myself. I tried visiting my webite that you initially set up for me. I was checking on the different products I could promote. I tried to post one on my FB since it was tax season. I was just wondering , now I do not know how to track how many visitors or people who have actually purchased on my site. I still have to check on my clickbank account and visit sites on the Internet Profits from Home book that I got. Can ou help me how to organize myself getting started? The motivation,enthusiasm, and above all TIME is in my hands right now.I am keeping up with my success connection, and now registered on live community.Looking forward to so much learning with fun.More power!

  22. Sarah Nova

    I have no website yet. Trying to do it. Perhaps I should ask the community for help. šŸ™‚

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