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** Last weeks $50 winner comment #77 Brian Schwartz says: I have to go with Gardening because it’s what I like the most – Please email me your info so I can send out your gift card!!!

I gotta say videos like this are what really make me excited and happy that I am doing what I do. You should watch the video below, submitted by Carol Amato, about her experience and thoughts about my books Advertising Profits From Home and The Hidden Millionaire. It’s interesting that she says “Anthony never gave me all these false claims of making thousands of dollars.” I am SO GLAD she mentioned that because that’s what I really strive for each day. I don’t want people to think what I teach is going to make them millions and billions of dollars… I want you to realize that if you listen and learn, hey it’s possible to generate some cash online…. maybe not millions or even thousands…. but every little bit helps, right? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Carol has a really cool blog up at Carol Amato’s Blog – my suggestion is that you check it out! Also, Carol is a very active member of our Live! Community. So, if you haven’t joined, do so now, and you can connect with Carol and ask her questions about her success, and how she’s been able to grow to what she says double this month. I want to make it very clear I am not posting her video/story to get you to buy something else or anything like that. This is just a true story of success, and I think everyone should hear about it to inspire them to do great things. If you don’t want me to teach you that’s fine, but the fact is you should educate yourself about how to make money on the Internet.

I don’t necessarily believe “who teaches you” is the most important part of the equation. I think the “You are learning” part is far more important than who actually teaches you. All of us so called “gurus” have our own way of doing things and for the most part, they are things that have just worked for us. The great thing is there are so many ways to create success online. Each guru might teach something different, but it’s probably something that actually does work. Finding the right “guru” to teach you may be challenging…. I do my very very very best to make it as easy as possible to follow my courses, implement my techniques and create some level of success…… So I want to know….


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  1. juan

    Hi, Anthony
    I do believe that you are doing a great job teaching all of us that do not have a clue on how to be successful. Keep up the good teaching,

  2. donna love

    you are doing an excellent job at simplifing your instructions and are well appreciated! I have learning disability and have had no computer experiance until now. I am 41 years of age and I am just now coming of age! Thank you again and may GOD bless you in whatever you do!

  3. Deborah

    I really like the way you work step by step. Even if you are not able to move as fast as others, you still get a wealth of information to get started. The main thing is you learn how to think and build more productively.

  4. Ron Sobota

    Thank you for your weekly blogs and the information that you continue to send to me and others. Some may find it irritating to receive such continual information but I surely do not. I appreciate it very much. It has actually kept me going, in a sense, since experiencing a tragedy in my family (I lost one of my daughters in death recently). That has left me quite “out of it” and I have been struggling to get back to my Affiliate Networking efforts. Your teaching methods and approach are very appealing and I hope to use what you teach to get “back on track” soon. As a 70 year old retiree I certainly do need to add to my income. I hope to also use what I read in your books and from the training at PMI to stir in me a rekindled desire to move on in my goals. Thank you again, and please keep up the good work. Sincerely, Ron Sobota 02/26/11

  5. Mike77

    Hi, Anthony
    Just want to say, you are one of the best teachers I have ever had. No you are the best teacher I ever had.. you make everything so easy to understand. Thank you

  6. Miriam Ferrary

    I haven’t received my computer or the books yet so I’m listening to your book on an iPad. So far, I’ve learned a lot on the audio. I find I’m learning a lot. I’m disabled, so it’s going to take me a while. Having the book on audio makes it a lot easier.
    You certainly cover a lot and I know I’ll go over everything multiple times.

    You want to know how the story sounded? The sound kept clicking off, but I was able to finish.

    I can’t wait for the books to come.

  7. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthonyyou are a great teacher and thank you for all my email and blog from youand you know you are doing a great job teaching and i prayingi willbe successfulas you.just keep on teaching you are the best Anthony.

  8. Mary

    Hi Anthony,
    Just want to tell you that you are a great teacher. A great teacher not only teaches, but also encourages and inspires their students and I want to say that is you. Thanks for all you have been doing to help us learn and grow in this industry.

  9. Carol Amato


    Thanks for posting about Carol Amato’s Blog!

    Yes, you are a good teacher, but could use some help in punctuation. 😉


    I did all the steps above.

    Take care,

  10. Bruce

    I gotta say that I haven’t received the books yet. But I am
    already impressed by both your tact, and your down to earth
    methods of helping others. And I seriously mean that!

  11. Kevin

    Awesome…I have read the book…watched all the videos…done all the home work. I am still missing something. Dont know what, but I cant seem to get this thing going. I keep running into one road block after another. Any advice from anybody would be awesome. Keep up the great work Anthony and team. I’ll keep trying and get there eventually.

  12. Bobby

    Yes, Anthony I think you are a great teacher. love the weekly blogs. keep the good work up. with you as my primary teacher I will make money in this business.

  13. tommy

    Anothony thanks for the teaching and guidence. Without it; I would not be able to work online. The teaching made the different.

  14. George

    Anthony, I think you are doing great. I have already uploaded a couple of blogs and my own business website, and this was just my second week working with your program. I know that I still have much to learn, but I feel it’s a great start. I am very excited to see my creations go up. Thank you!

  15. Bob

    I have done MANY diffrent work at home bussiness’s over the years and so far you have been the best teacher by far.Most people after you buy their course ect.ect. they leave you out to fend for yourself.However you
    have multiple facets of info,and I thank you for that.
    Thanks again Bob Armstrong..

  16. Jose Linares

    You are Great!!! I like everything about your system, but is taking little longer to learn for me, because is some terms I never heard before, but is helping me a lot to learn english and to learn online marketing, I want to say a lot of good things about you, and your system, keep doing a great job, and I m trying to be one of your successuful story s, I just join the academy, but nothing will turn me down, thanks for your e-mail, those really help me when I feel alone, Thank you So much!

  17. Bob

    Over the years I have tried several work at home business’s. And most of them after you by their proudct ect ect.., they let you fend for yourself. And because of that I was reluctant to order your books or get involved with your business. However you seemed pretty sincere on tv so I decided to try my luck one more time. That was almost a month ago and to be honest I’ve never had this much access to help from any other work at home business. Any and all of my questions have been answered within 24 hours of asking. However you have so much informatin from books, links, videos and emails any and all of my questions have been answered.
    Anthony, you provide so much information that if I fail it’s my own fault. So I look forward to being one of your all-stars.
    sincerely yours,
    Bob Armstrong

  18. Trudy

    I appreciate all the time that you take to teach us. Really appreciate the teaching videos. Sometime this is going to all click. Thanks for your effort.

  19. Cynthienia Binsheresher

    Please contact me monday 2/28/11 I joined about 3 months ago and now getting around to reading and retaining some of the information and ready to get started right now. Your program will work for me and others as well.I’m looking forward to moving fast forward with this system. I need it to happen right now.

  20. nate asby

    i think you are doing a great job. i wish my tax return would come so i can it to advertise on adbrite. my goal this year is to make one sale

  21. Barbara Romero

    Anthony sounds so honest can’t wait to learn from him. Been sick and we had 2 crisis in my family, but I am ready to learn. Like the books, simple to read.

  22. Debbi Wright in Peoria, AZ

    Hi Anthony,

    You are fabulous, personable and down to earth, in all you do! Which all so makes you appear HUMAN and not super-natural. LOL (I know you are super-natural – right?!?!!!

    The only other suggestion I would offer is while teaching a specific strategy, you list the steps even it means ‘go to Wolf, pick an offer, then highlight it, then ….. VERY SPECIFIC STEPS, connecting the dots and details, so that even if a person is a BEGINNER, the steps can be easily followed…. with note (just replaced with different offers), etc. To test it, you might have Brittain or Martha follow the steps to see if it works…. hmmm.

    Best regards,

    Debbi in AZ


  24. John

    I’m just getting started. I actually have not received my book in the mail yet but have been working through the “homework” videos to get started. So far, I like the fact that your videos are short and to the point. All are less than 5 minutes. I despise “blow hard” teachers who want to hear themselves talk. So are I can say you are doing a good job on communicating a simple plan to follow.

  25. Aletha Smith-Forsythe

    I am very inspired by the book, totally agree with Carol. It was an easy read. I haven’t made money yet, but for the first time I really believe that it will happen for me. Anthony is very clear, honest and easy to understand. Thanks for the helping hand, I look forward to getting some money.

  26. gail nelson

    From what o have watched and videos o have watched you are a wonderful speaker and teacher. I have left a message with the number i first received when first ordering your program. I need advice on where tp go from here and someone as down to earth and ez to understand such as yourself. Hopefull, i will hear from somebody cuz i am not understanding where to go from here. Thank you! Gail

  27. Debra Mosley

    you do a good job in teaching us what you know, Its me who need to learn a way to understand it and I’m trying to get there. I’ve already signed on to live community but not the newsletter. Iwill get on it soon.
    Debra from Az.

  28. D'Mona Boykin


    You are doing an excellent job with teaching! Being a former elementary school teacher, I can recognize when someone is doing a great job with getting a message across. And you do it so effortlessly and fundamentally. It is important to make lessons as simple as possible, breaking it down to its foundation, and building upon it. That’s exactly what you do.

    Teach on Anthony, teach on!

  29. Carl

    Hi Anthony,
    I am also very pleased with what you have taught me and gave me the chance to want to get out there and learn. so when I do start making some money as I hope to make enough to fill my hearts desire to help others as their needs not their wants.
    I have joined the PMI and have learned a lot also from them. I am very pleased and one day hope to be there by you so I can shake you hand.
    Thanks again

  30. Sharon Shaw

    You are an wonderful teacher. You are doing an exceptional job. I’m proud to be your student. Love Carol Amato’s video

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  32. Raphaelle Cesar

    TOTO Cheri,I bought your program.I think it,s very interesting.And I think it,s a good job that you are doing.Help people make some money.Specially stay at home and make some money in the time where they have a lot of recession.That,s not an easy task to do.I think,I,m not the only one you enjoyed it.But a lot of people has to appreciate yor effort to make some money.Specially on the Internet,they don,t even have to get up early to go to their 9 to 5 job.They stay home and make some money.What you are ding with your effort is serious.Stay home and make some money is something that everybody should enjoy it.Like me I really enjoy and love your program.From TRYNA CHERI A TOTO CHERI

  33. Velma hall

    Well i to have the books and have read both of them and although I am much slower than Carol I will get there too. If anyone wants to be motivated they need to read them . I was a bit skeptical at first, but I am very anxious to get things going. Right now I’m short on funds but that will change with Anthony,s teaching . I have no doubt of that . Thank you Anthony. The Video was very informative and very well done.

  34. Tom Kane

    You’re a great teacher, Anthony…sometimes, while on a break and while watching ‘the entertainment tube’, some emails can be checked – however Yours are the only ones that actually have value (something learned, always) of the (entrepreneurial) spirit!

  35. R W Bryan

    Read the book “Advertising Profits from Home” , set up website today and joined everything I could find! Waiting for a call from Company as I accepted offer to help get started. Since it is Saturday I expect to hear during the regular business week. I am looking forward to getting started and following the system. Thanks, Anthony, for the opportunity and the help.

  36. Sherrie

    Anthony I love your teaching methods. You bring it down to a level that beginners can understand. I love the videos giving me “face” time with you- keep up the good work!

  37. james hill

    You are doing good.I just need to work through the steps to really understand how it all works.

  38. Sharon Volkman

    You are an excellent teacher, Anthony. You are helping us step by step and you speak very clearly in a way for us to understand what you are telling us. I am unable to follow all of the steps (to win money) as I do not have a cell phone. But I am very happy that I have learned from you so much more about affiliate marketing. Thank you for providing so much information about this.

  39. Selina Wilder

    Hi Anthony, You are doing an excellent job! On a scale from 1 – 5 I rate you a 5 which is the highest score you are outstanding. What I like about your teaching it consistent and applicable to the internet business. Carol YouTube is a prime example. This is great for beginners like me.

  40. Sharon Davidson

    I appreciate the way you are teaching. Other’s may think it’s too slow and want to know everything NOW, but you’re going at the right pace for me. If I don’t understand a term or something today, I’ll get more info on it and will understand it by the next blog. Thanks for your help.

  41. Jim

    Thanks. I always appreciate your follow-through messages, I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU IN PERSON ON THURSDAY! 🙂

    You ARE doing a GREAT Job of enlightening people about financial opportunities on the Internet.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


  42. James Bachand

    Anthony I think you are doing an excellent job at teaching affiliate marketing. I had know clue about this kind of market or kind work was available before joining your affiliate site. The videos are excellent and really helps give step by step instructions to affiliate marketing. Plus this community is very enlightening.

  43. Steven Davis

    Well I must say, they all think you the great teacher, my self think your the BEST EVER.
    I been teaching myself for two month now . I have the books keep reading them over and over again. I come home after work, and can’t wait to jump in again.

    So keep it up agian the BEST.

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  45. Alice Woodham

    Anthony, I’m happy that you’re our mentor, I enjoy each lesson you teach us. As our role model you inspire us to dream and work to reach our goals. And with your kindness you get my attention. Especially the videos that you display for us to view with step-by-step training & techniques, seems good to me. Keep up the good work, your doing great!!!!!


  46. Linda White

    I’m just starting and finding what is right for me. I have seen some of your training videos and I like what i see. I like the techniques you use. The program is amazing. Hope to get started soon….looking foward to the next video.l…

  47. Kerry Doll

    As I go through the book I find it easy to read and great information.Looking forward to getting started BUT READ AND LEARN. Thank you so much.

  48. Roger Kaus

    Hi Anthony I recieved 2 cd and a book advertising profits from home. I have been reading this book.This book Is a mazing Looking to do buisness with you I feel that this Is a blessing from the Lord. PS.You are Awesome.

  49. Bernadette Wingo

    Hi Anthony, I read all your blogs and they sound so positive. Am looking forward to buying your book.

  50. Jamielee Hutton

    I think your an excellent teacher ! If it wasn’t for your book Advertising Profits from Home I wouldn’t know anything about Affiliate Marketing . Until I read your book I had no Idea that this kind of opportunity existed . You opened my mind to so many avenues for making money sometimes it’s hard to know where to start . I only wish I had the money to invest in the training . Please keep up the weekly blog it’s very informative and easy to understand .
    Your Friend ,

  51. Tamberli Woolsey

    Love all the post Anthony. I admire your attitude and confidance. I have been working with coaches for over a year now. The affiliate part was not working for me, so now I am in the process of making a ecomerce site. I have everything to my web designer and am so excited to get things going. Thank you for sharing your gift. I just joined the live community and am so excited to feed off all of the excited people achieving their goals. Thanks again!!

  52. iris galloway

    Yes, Anthony you are a wonderful teacher, even tho I am a little slow in learning and still doing the course, but soon I hope to start making money and I did love the video of Carol Amato. Again thank you and I look forward every day to the emails you send me with all the info. I am doing the 4 steps. Again thank you and I feel so at ease with you as the teacher, I have felt intimidated before but not with you. May God continue to bless you.

  53. marlene

    I first want to thank you for sharing us.I just got my material and i have been reading the books and watching the training videos.I am confident that this will help me.I am a single mom of two with no other source of income but working in a hair salon with 24 other girls.Its competive and as glamours as it seems pay is terrible.I am excited to get started and i feel that with the training you are providing and all the inspiring emails.I will be able to make this work for me and my children.You explain it all very clear and well.You break it down to where i understand.Thank you and i look forward to continue this endeaver.

  54. danny

    Hello anthony, you are doing a great job love the blogs and both bookes it is a lot of info and sometimes can be overload but maybe I am just trying to cram to much in at once am very excited about the oppertunity and think each lesson or blog is very simple to understand thanks again!

  55. Michael Hoskins

    I am enjoying your teachings. You take everything and break it down into “no B.S.” language that makes the goals achievable. Thanks for this amazing opportunity.

  56. Josie M

    Thanks Much enjoying reading and trying to absorb sooo much info.Your a great teacher.I must say though that I agree with Debbie in Peoria Az. that a step by step outline ( for dummies like me) would be very useful. I find that there is so much info that after awhile I get a little confused.Looking forward to the call on Thursday night

  57. Reitta

    Thank you for your patience and persistence. I just got my books and have just cracked them for the first time today. I’m impressed with all the email correspondence I’ve received from you since I signed up. You didn’t take my money and leave me to my own resources. You appear to be a very sincere person and really care if I succeed. I find this a rare trait in a salesperson. THANKS! I look forward to your Webinar this Thursday 3-03-11. The thing I like the most is that you have regular, everyday people helping promote your products. I hope to be as successful as they’ve been! Can’t wait to finish the books! Talk to you Thursday!

  58. Michael Lavarda

    Anthony Morrison is a gifted communicator to lhe listeners. A good role model as a family oriented person, with a family oriented business. A very healthy positive perspective of success. A great encourger. Look foward to future days learning from Anthony.

  59. Fred Thompson

    I share the beliefe in Anthony’s honesty, and the manor in which he presents himself. My favorite saying is “Never say die”
    Fred T.

  60. belinda puller

    this is my first post and so far the info and emails show me that your doing great at teaching how to get started. I don’t text yet, but will be in the future. Never twittered either, but there is no time like the present to learn. Instructions are clear on what to do. just got my books and videos and can’t wait to see them. I am looking forward to learning this business.
    thanks for all the information and encouragement. I got a call tonite from my instructor and can’t wait to start learning.

  61. Jody Anthony Thompson

    This is very motivating. I was glad that I have gotten to hear from Carol Amato. She’d make a perfect teacher. And I think that in all my months of training, you, Anthony have been doing a very good job teaching. You have my thanks.

  62. Gace Njenge

    Tis is very great info. Carol Amato makes i sound easy and i am so motivated to get started. Thank you so much.

  63. Trace Ardrey

    I have had the book for about five months now and I finally have gotten the motivation to read it. I get so excited that I want to try what I am learning before I’ve even finished the book! But as Anthony says You have to read to whole book first. So I am on step one. Wish me Luck

  64. Cynthia H.

    I am almost finish with my first book and I am begining to undrestand how the process works. I still have a ways to go. I am still on my videos and taking notes but I am determine to make money with this program. My husband is as excited as I am, always asking, Have u made any money yet! lol. But Anthony you are real and a great teacher and a honest person. I am so glad somebody in this world is not selfish when it comes to “Sharing The Wealth”.

  65. L. W. Shepard

    It’s true Anthony Morrison is a good teacher. I puchased the books after seeing the TV and cntinue to learn more all the time from the support tools in place that back up the books. Have a Superockin day

  66. roberta r.

    Anthony, It’s a learning experience I still haven’t figured this all out but with your help I am sure it will all fall into place, just have to stay focused and keep plugging away…I love the fact that you don’t include fluff, and you are genuine- we’re sure on the right track. May god bless you and yours. Thank you!

  67. Yousaf Haroon

    Hi Anthony,
    You are are great teacher and you are doing a very good job. Helping people is the best work in this world. I personally thank you…

  68. Janelle Burkett

    Thanks Anthony for all the information you share! Keep up the great job, please!

  69. Lori Barker

    Anthony I like getting your video’s every day it keeps me on track and focused . But sometimes I get information and it’s ahead of where I’m at ,
    or to much at once I need the information to be more in detailed.
    But I can’t wait to really boost the amount of money I make with everything you have taught me .
    Lori Barker

  70. Lori Barker

    Carol’s story sounds great and I
    am gonna have to read those books myself.

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