1. julie varland

    thank you this is a great follow up to last nights conference training love it thanx anthony looking forward to tomorrow mornings session from 10:30 to 11:30 am

  2. Jana Zaloum

    I knew how to target specific people on My Space, but cannot figure out how to do it on Facebook. Could you give me some direction. And also, how does one send out invitations to multiples to encourage them to check out a website.

  3. EH

    This should work on other platforms too? Thanks for the insight, Anthony.

  4. Joshua Zamora

    Great tips Anthony. I love facebook.
    I haven’t dove too much into using
    Ads but I get most of my leads from
    Facebook by simply engaging people
    Interested in my niche.

    I will definitely use your flow chart
    Example when I jump into ads more.

  5. Joshua Zamora

    Great tips Anthony. I love facebook.
    I haven’t dove too much into using
    Ads but I get most of my leads from
    Facebook by simply engaging people
    Interested in my niche.

    Joining fb groups is also a great way
    To find people interested in my niche

    I will definitely use your flow chart
    Example when I jump into ads more.

  6. Richard Webster

    Dear Mr. Morrison, for some reason I did not get the other messages that you sent on blogging and such…can you please resend them to me at my [email protected]?

    Thank you so much! And please keep up the great work on teaching us this stuff!

  7. Marshall hoffman

    Great stuff! I’m doing e commerce with expert coaching with PMI but you got me started. I’m 78, if I can do it anybody can I haven’t done it yet but I am well along the path. Thanks

  8. Howard Bickerdyke

    Hi Anthony; I really enjoyed the phone talk last night it was quite informative. Now this e-mail from you just helped to sink it in to the brain.. I am looking forward to the time I can get into the coaching part of your program. Meanwhile please keep the e-mail coming. Sincerely Howard P.S. I want to thank Carol for her story of the help she received from you and her help she is giving the rest of us.

  9. Robin Pike

    Hi Anthony… I am a little confused!??!?!?!

    I am not clear on how the one ad will be reached to the individual groups of people. It seems like the different groups will need their own ad?!?!?!?

    The way you explained it of breaking it down to specific groups of people just sounds to me like they all have to be individual ads

    Please help clarify my confused mind!!!

    By the way, I LOVE the videos you put out … they all have terrific information!!! Thanks for all that you do!!!

  10. Kevin Kendrick

    Hey Anthony,
    Really enjoyed the conference call last night and as usual Anthony when you speak or teach you carry merit and a transparency that people want to follow and makes learning from you easy and for me, my ears are point on I seem to retain most of what you are saying. About the video, as usual it was helpful. I had no idea that you could do that by splitting your ads and it is absolutely awesome to think that this avenue is available to me.
    A couple of things that stuck to me last night were; Hold yourself to a higher standard/ create success/PROCRASTINATION KILLS SUCCESS/If I am not doing the things Facebook offers I am missing the boat/Make sure I have ACTION STEPS everyday/$1 a mth. per lead etc…

    Tnanks a MILLION Anthoney,
    Kevin Kendrick

  11. Yolanda Carroll

    Great visual presentation Anthony! It gives everything an even more transparent view of what you presented last night on the conference call. It’s great to see how very benefical it is to invest in advertising on Facebook. The best way to target Facebook members is to entice them to be curious enough to click on a well written specific target ad. This in turn will drive that traffic to the intended website we want them to get to, so we can get our desired results: CA-CHING (sp?) LOL 🙂

  12. Buzz Whitehead

    Aloha Anthony
    Great blog , personal pin point accuracy , is there a limit to this branching out ?

  13. Selina

    Hey Anthony, your training last night was awesome! I always wanted to know how to advertise using face book. Using your tips on how to target your audience is great. I like how you bring it all together. I can not wait for the next blog.

  14. Jesus Tobon

    Actually I am working in my Real State License reinstate, for march 23th I will be working with Coldwell Banker and then, I will begin my advertising in Facebbok. So far, I can not do anything because I have no active License!

  15. Yossy Uedi

    Thank you for this tips. This is clear to identify target from general to dig down to more specific targeted ad to shoot super super target customer!

  16. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, I enjoyed the class on the telephone last night. I am trying to get going as much as possible and I would just like to make some money soon. Should I give my website to people and if so I don’t know how to add anything to it or subtract any information. I am going to try the facebook to advertize my product. Thanks so much.

    Alberta Banks

  17. Tim Davidson

    That was good, it’s a great way to covre about any sex, age, etc, I’ii have to try that one…
    Thanks, TimmyGD

  18. James Linekin

    Great call last night.I can’t wait to meet you live in NY next week.I am into the work part of Advertising Profits.The millionare ,or your story of achieving is a most excellent book.I’m getting engaged.Fun stuf.

  19. Audrey Kroll

    Thank you, anthony, for your down to earth comm ents and encouragement. I am still reading your books, and hope to be one of your success stories soon!

  20. Kim

    Is there somewhere we can listen to a recording of Thursday nights call? I had to work and couldn’t listen in.

  21. Ladiana

    This was a short further explanation of what you were talking about on the training phone call last nite. I’m ready for fresh new tips, so keep ’em coming.

  22. Hector Sanchez

    Great!!! Thanks for the tips. I find them real and doable. I am going to jump right on it as soon as I get all my tools completed.

  23. Carol Amato

    Awesome training, Anthony!

    Honestly, my plate is pretty full so I had stayed away from getting into fb advertising and creating a fan page because I thought you had to have a lot of content to keep up the fan page.

    I am convinced otherwise now – appreciate the good training!

    Howard: You’re welcome and thanks for the encouragement!

    Make it a productive day!


  24. anthony

    Robin. Thats right. Each one has it’s own ad…. so what use to be just 1 ad now becomes many ads written specific to the people they are targeting. thanks!

  25. Carl

    Hi Anthony,

    I keep in touch with all that you bring in and try to use what is taught.
    But there is so much that is happing in the way of learning. But it is Great.
    Thanks for giving so much of your time to all of us..

  26. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, I will continue to work hard at this because my gold is to e successful for me and family members. Also to be able to give to those that need a helping hand. I cannot give if I don’t have anything to give.

    Alberta Banks

  27. Isobel Jacobs

    It all makes sense, now how does one create these adds and add them to face book? I tried to access the training call but all I got was music and I did try an alternate number listed. I am wondering where I may have gone wrong. Anthony how long do each of you training calls last?
    Everything you say on your blogs make so much sense it is just knowing how to make them materialize.


  28. Sandra Jordan

    thanks for starters with blog, i am new to this and hope to get in the groove

  29. herve

    well anthony i like the presentation i ‘m listens to what you saying i would put to uses for my bussiness.

  30. Diane (eeldi)

    Great Presentation!!!!
    I really like the illustration. Can’t wait to see more. So much to learn, and I am learning. Thank you

  31. Daniel Bengio

    Anthony, the concept you teach in this video makes a lot of sense. However, I am not clear on one thing: If you post 18 distinct targeted ads, aren’t you paying for 18 ads? Doesn’t that amount to a big expenditure on advertising? And if that is the case, is the result, 18 times better than putting only 1 ad? Please clarify for me; thank you!

  32. Art Chastain

    Anthony: during your confrence call you mentioned the use of images in advertisements. I read somewhere, either in your book or one of your blogs that there is a website that has images of people and graphic free for downloading. Do you recall that website address?

  33. ana

    thank you I am learning a lot. Please help me understand cost on face book ad.

  34. Andrea

    Very interesting. I am interested in seeing more Fb marketing ideas. Look forward to learn how to create awesome Fan pages so that I able to acquire a huge following. How to target audience with twitter and fb. How can we combine tweets and fb? I was on conference call understood how to make ads to targeted audience but how can I advertise on social networks for free?

  35. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much again Anthony for your weekely blog # 54. As always your blog has excellent information. We just have to follow the “baby” steps that you are giving us. You are great!

    Thank you again. May God Bless you and your family.

  36. Keith

    I just got your book last week. I am a Ph.D. author myself so I am very skeptical by nature. So the first 40 pages were kind of standard.. but the next 120 pages were outstanding!!! I am still digesting and analyzing but I am already of the opinion you are an incredible teacher and learning a lot, so will definitely be tuning in weekly and trying Fb and tweets, and hope to join your inner circle soon, as you seem to be a practical winning talent 🙂

  37. Joan Hoffman

    This was very informative and I can’t wait for my daughter to get home so she can read it also. She was not happy about my joining something she didn’t know about. I however think this will be great as I do make something that I have no place to sell it and now it appears that I shall. I never go on FACEBOOK so I need to get onto it and check it out and join it. Thanks Anthony you have given me reason to think I may be successful and my finances will change dramatically for the better1111 Joan HoffmAN

  38. charlesgorman

    Hi Anthony ; great ideas about facebook, Iwill up grade my spot , the other thing on mind / something is askew with the ANTHONY MORRISON LIVE I have been sent several password changes & still cant access this site .Need Help ! Thanks Charlie !

  39. jared

    Anthony: This might seam unusual but I am a 14 year old boy scout. I have reasonly just earnd my eagle scout award. And now im interested in learning on how to get a business started with your help.
    I learnd about you on cnn, while my dad was flipping through the channels. I think its amazing that you are teaching, and helping people like me to get a business started.
    I would love it if I got any extra help [email protected]
    Thanks for everything

  40. Debi Schwartz

    When you speak of “ads” do you mean campaigns? I don’t understand how to do the different target ads in one campaign. Please advise.

  41. Bill J

    Awesome tip! I will definately try this out. It makes perfect sense and what better way to duplicate an ad.
    Thanks so much
    Bill J

  42. Marcia Brown

    Great tip, Anthony! I needed this reminder. I had been neglecting taking advantage of the Facebook ad part of my affiliate business. I hope to get this going again soon.

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