Don’t Discount Images On Facebook

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Continuing with our Facebook marketing blitz this week I want to give you one tip that I think can really help you explode your Facebook marketing results. Since places like Google, Yahoo! and MSN don’t really offer an “image” option when advertising I have found that many people just discount it’s importance when advertising on Facebook. The great thing about Facebook is the fact that they do, in fact, allow you to use images in your ad copy. Images in turn can help or hurt your results.

Many people just search real fast to find some sort of relevant image and as long as it fits what their ad is about they use it. That is a really bad idea since images can greatly increase your click through ratio. My advice is to make sure you split test many images with your ad copy and find the one that really works for you. Some examples of how I use different images with different ad copy for different target audiences are below:

Ad 1: Goes To Females

Watch Movies
Anytime You Want

** The image that I use with this ad might be of a movie like “The Notebook” something women like. This should increase the click through ratio for the ad.

Ad 2: Goes to Males

Watch Movies
Anytime You Want

** The image used with this ad might be of a movie like “Transformers” something men like. This should increase click through ratio on this ad.

So these are just two short examples. Use images that appeal to your target audience and you can get some much higher click through ratios! It’s important to make sure the images you are using are not copyrighted or if they are that you get permission to use them. One of the places that you can get many pictures for use in Facebook ads might be or something of that nature. Just remember that your image should be EXTREMELY relevant and eye catching and if it is it’s going to result in far better results from your Facebook marketing efforts.


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  1. patrick connolly

    A/M..I like your follow up and good natured professional delivery. I have been focusing on FB business development.

  2. Joyce Dade

    I am an artist and art photographer so I routinely change the images on my Facebook and Twitter accounts to rotate an interest in my work to my friends and followers on these accounts. I agree that relevent photos are very important to attract and introduce others to your product or content. It’s excellent advice to suggest that marketing with the use of gender specific photos can be used as a powerful tool. Thank you for this excellent advice, Anthony!

  3. Joshua Zamora

    Great information Anthony!

    Another good tip is when you are on
    Facebook is take note of the type of ad images
    That catch your attention as well as the ad copy.

    Whenever I see one that really catches my attention I make a note of it.

  4. Yvonne Crooker

    I like this tip on images. I have started using the creatives on my Microsoft Ads but not Facebook. I will work on this next. Thanks for the birthday tip-I use this strategy regularly!

  5. Alan

    Great idea. where do you get all the images?

    Thanks for all your help


  6. Laurie Spinney

    Hi Anthony,
    I am on FB all the time and try to include a link to one of the campaigns each time I log on. These blogs about FB I find especially helpful because the people on my FB list of friends have a lot in common with me. I notice my “hits” got way up after I list a link on FB.
    Thanks Anthony!
    Laurie Spinney

  7. Michael & Brenda Alberts

    Very useful information, getting information like this will real good for posting new or updating ads. Thanks

  8. Jerilyn Beckman

    Thank you for the image idea-something I had not thought about. I am a visual person and always want to use images because I believe it catches a customer’s eye and can set a pleasant mood.

  9. Carma McConahay

    I have found all of your post to be very interesting, you ask if it will help my marketing efforts, that is a question I have asked myself since 4/21/2010.
    One can only keep trying.

  10. Julie Wiseman

    Although I am working about 16 hours a day at a different occupation, I feel even more energized to work harder at becoming successful in your marketing program, just from doing the 4 tasks you requested we complete. It underscored several key components of success:
    Quality Practice (in abundance)
    The Critical Chance (preparing 365 days MORE than someone else)
    The Snowball Effect (act NOW, not later, to build more and more
    toward the desired successful result)

  11. cesar cipres

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  12. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, thank you for your information on Facebook ADS. You haave helped me a lot with the information and I understand more about advertising at this time.

    Alberta Banks

  13. Julio Dominguez

    It is a great idea to use pic’s in the form you explain. I cant wait to use this idea. I just finished reading your book, need to figure out how to get my website going.

  14. Cindy

    All good information. Love your newsletter, read it daily. Reading more and more great stuff that we help me reach my goals. Thanks Anthony and glad to see you are a successful Mississippi boy!

  15. Hector

    Just got this domain, hosting and the weber autoresponder. I am in the process of building it to make it operational very soon. I chose this name because wealth covers a broad spectrum: most common is financial, however there are many achievements that can be associated with wealth, like, knowledge, personal success, parenting and other self
    rewarding life goals.
    Long story short: your Facebook ideas are very valuable because you open new avenues for me. THANKS…..

  16. James Heney Mingo

    hi Anthony
    Thanks for the package you send for me i’m in the process of reading this book and i find it most interesting..

    I like what i’m reading, but sorry that i cant start right away due to low funds, but i’m sure within a few weeks i’ll be ready..

  17. Tom Koshiol

    Great advice, as usual. Question: How do you get permission to use copywritten material, such as a photo or movie image?

  18. Carl Moury

    Hi Anthony,

    I am very excited to be able to get all the tips and hints that you give us and also all the help that you give each and every week in your time.

    Thank you so much for all the help that you have allowed me have and work with.
    Hope some day to shake your hand. and meet your family.

  19. Bill Turner

    I may be asking a real dumb question here, Anthony, but how do you go about attaching a photo to a Facebook ad. I need the nuts and bolts of how to do it, because at this point, I am clueless.

  20. rob

    Thanks for the very enlightening tips about the facebook photos with the ads. I have recently set up an ad there for my satellite tv biz. I wasnt sure what photos to use but found your tips to be right up my alley. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  21. marilou

    I love the fact we can use facebook but i don’t understand the billing when i look it up the cost seem to b higher i think I’m doing something wrong

  22. alfay white

    Hello, Mr. Anthony

    I did get your book and dvd information. however has never got it going. Maybe this will help people like myself who just can’t get it up and running correctly.

  23. BILL

    love what I read about your site I hope its for real and hope to make a good living doing this

  24. herve

    well this some infomation i think it could a lot people trying to change there lives i took a good piece of info from this thank you anthony morrison.

  25. Penny Lorence

    I agree that images would help bring atttention to our information. “Words tell..Pictures sell.” Thanks for the tip.
    I am almost done reading your book about getting started in Affiliate Marketing and look forward to attending a local seminar on Tuesday evening this week in Sarasota County.



  27. Darryl

    Hi Anthony,
    These are great tips for using images in your facebook ad campaigns. And facebook is a wonderful place to get started in marketing. much easier to use than Google and the other search engines. On your video blog this week you showed us some good ideas for facebook ads, and suggested we find an email submit offer to promote. But when I went to the web site and clicked on the email submit on the home page It showed no offers. What happened? There used to be surveys and other email submit offers.
    Thanks again for the information you share with us.


  28. Sam Raithel

    Very Good Post Anthony — Concise and to the point. I am particularly glad that its your picture on the page and not MINE –> to enhance features –> (the thought [my pic] iz one thing that scares me about FACE Book.
    “Facebook Marketing” does sound like a good thing, though–and maybe with it (as the song goes) “The Furture’s so *BRIGHT* — I’ll Have to Wear @^@—-) Shades …”.. And there iz nothing so confident as “signing up” for the Future .


    Sam Raithel

  29. Martha Harrell

    Thank You for you information on Posting images on facbook, that will be great so people can see images. Knowing people loves to see images, and I guess woman do like certain types and men also. Thank you again for your information.

  30. Beverly hernandez

    Well i would like to give a try so how much is it going to cost me. i’v been looking for some online jobs, because i really getting tried of dead end jobs.
    i really would like to it so if u could email me back soon thank u

  31. Carol S

    Anthony thanks for clearing up that Image issue. I always got mad when I did my Ads on FB and it would not post because it required an image. I had no idea where to get one. My computer had some generic crap photos which clearly could not be used so I would end up just scrapping the ad in frustration…wow…such a little detail can make such a world of difference knowing – Thanks a mil Anthony!!

  32. Aly

    Being unique is very important if you want to catch people’s attention. It is great to have such easy to follow instructions that even a novice can use. Thank you!

  33. Ramona Dillin

    Very good tips Anthony! Bravo!!!! I am so “computer illiterate” that the more specific the tips and application of those tips through examples the more likely I will be to try them. I am on Knowledge Overload! Seriously! I am learning so much that I am not actually applying a darn thing yet. I don’t know where to begin. I just got accepted to the Success Academy and I am sooooo EXCITED! I truly believe a Coach will help me begin and succeed so much more rapidly than I ever could on my own. This based on the fact I have had all my books and programs since January and nothing is set up or finished yet! How embarrassing to actually admit that fact.
    Your a Gem,

  34. Velma hall

    What Ramona said !!!!!!!! I have almost a book of notes written and I don’t want to miss any of the tips they are all important or you wouldn’t give them to us. I tried the academy but didn’t qualify, cant afford it but I have someone coming tomorrow to get me set up . I am a hand on person . Thanks for being a great guy and for your patience . God Bless Velma

  35. Priscilla Jones

    Hi Anthony, I like the idea of images, but can I just go to, i.e. google and get the images, or would I be in violation? The other comment I want to make is that when I got your book, I read through it very fast, and at the end of it, could not figure out why I found it so difficult to understand and follow the guidelines in the book. I was really discouraged, but did not want to give up. I have recently started reading the book again, making notes and trying to apply what I read, and I am beginning to understand it better, but slower than I want. Health issues are great obstacles for me, but I will move forward and not focus on any obstacles. I am reading your blogs, and I have just set up my first blog account, and looking forward to post my first blog. I am excited, and thank you for not giving up on me.

  36. amanda davis

    I live on facebook. it provides what i want. i look forward to advertising on a site where i go so often. i think it will just tickle me to see something i made on a large, public site like that…thanks for the info and support…

  37. amanda davis

    thanks anthony for all the valuable information. i wish i had the money to put into the program. hopefully this time next month i will be swimming in cash to get more valuable information. i love facebook. i look forward to seeing something i created on it…

  38. Jude Maceren

    Wow this is great! Thank you for showing us a new secret about advertising in FB. I will definetely apply this. Looking forward to your new post. Thanks!

  39. Fahlyn Destivelle

    I am hoping that integrating this into my overall strategies will be very useful. Looks like I will be spending more time on facebook.

  40. Shara Garland

    Hello Anthony,
    Great info. I have printed it, but right now I still feel like” I’m missing something”. Just got started last week in your 365 day program, and hoping that will give me all the pieces I need.

  41. Brianne

    As always good advise. One of the habits I got from you that I find extremely useful is carrying a little notebook with me and when I hear or see a great idea I write it down This is so valuable. I also interview my teenage nieces and nephews on what’s hot and I use that little book, they think it’s so cool that their getting interviewd by a future successful entrepreneur and they had something to do with it. Another one of your great tips.

    Facebook is becoming increasingly useful for advertising and getting your brand out there. I could really use more help in getting great images for facebook. (I’m not at all a photographer .
    thanks again Anthony for useful tips.

  42. janet

    Hi Anthony

    I’m a 55 yr old lady and i seen your program and ordered it right away because right now i am unemployed and i need to be really succful with your program i am not computer savie and i dont know anything about facebook or blogging and i need your help to get started with your program i am still waiting for your books to get started but i thought that you or your team would help me to get started and follow instructions to the letter to start
    please contact me as to how i start your whole system


  43. Madeline

    I have not set up my webb site yet. I need help and these videos are helping. Thank you, Madeline

  44. Selina

    Hi Anthony!

    Your Face book marketing tips are right on time.
    We have learned how to target our audience,
    Now we can increase our viewing by posting a pic.
    I am up for this challenge. Great blog!

  45. Relma Dearborn

    Hello Anthony,

    Many thanks for introducing me to Facebook. Now if I can get use to using the images you told me about, It won’t be long. I am on my way.


  46. Kenny

    hi anthony,
    I am unemployed right now and so i am looking forward to making some money to get myself out of debt and also to help with making big purchases like a house and car i would appreciate this alot thanks.

  47. Jackie

    Hello Anthony,

    This is a great idea. Using facebook images to target the desired group you are looking for (such as male or females) is brilliant! Keep up the good work. Wish I had thought of this one!

  48. Michelle Kim Taylor


  49. Shaun Gillis

    I think adding an image and split testing several on the same ad is a great idea to find which image works best for a specific demographic. I have found all of the information you give out to be very useful. Thank you Anthony

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