Weekly Blog #56: Facebook & CPM Advertising Explained

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  1. Joshua Zamora

    Loving the series Anthony! I know a few people who have got their cpc down to .30 cents by using cpm and getting a good ctr! Like you said if you have good copy and good ctr it can make more sense then cpc ads.

  2. Shirley

    I have just started Facebook advertising and I haven’t had many clicks in 24 hours, but I am hopeful. I just wanted to say that I am really interested in this type of advertising and will keep trying. Thanks Anthony!!

  3. Keith

    Again, this is really really good information.. So do you recommend trying CPC first and then CPM to improve on the CPC?… also was the exact CPC $0.66, and the est. approx $1 per click? Very good video blog…

  4. Janet

    Great information, still foreign to me as I do not have my web site yet and have not completed the course to understand it all. I understand the marketing aspect, so it will come. Great advice, takes money to make money in any business venture unless you possess the one-hit-wonder 🙂 Look for ward to Saturday’s information.

  5. Lowell K

    What a great way to bring down the Cost per click. Thanks for posting that Anthony. As always, great stuff!

  6. Anne Marie K

    Anthony Morrison’s video are very Informative & knowledgeable. Anthony explains in detail his teachings. I haven’t set up my website completely yet. I’m in the learning and observing, & watching the great videos that he has provided. It’s taken me a little longer than most, because I had dial up, couldn’t get dsl in the mountains.

  7. dave

    This was really informative, but it was the third installment.
    How do I get the first two.


  8. Rose Mooney

    Thanks Anthony! I am getting ready to place adds to drive people to a product I would like to introduce. I think this will be perfect for me!

  9. Camille Gray

    Hi Anthony,
    I like your education and tips. We, (Jami Koontz,) my daughter and I, are familiarizing with facebook and twitter. We’ll be ready to click in soon.
    Camille Gray

  10. J. Michael

    Great stuff Anthony!

    Read your book; still trying to figure out everything . It’s coming slowly but I’m very excited about this and all the info that you keep pumping to us!!!
    Thank you;

  11. Brian R Schwartz

    I’m new at all of this and with Facebook. there are so many ads I’ve spent hours on that get disapproved . I like the blogs but I’m having a hard time with what should I be doing other than Facebook? I feel overwhelmed with information on so many different subjects that I’m lost.

  12. Madeline

    I am enjoying all the information. I think I am learning alot. I move a little more slowly than most. There is so much to learn.

  13. Michael

    I also agree with J. Michael. I really appreciate info you keep pumping to us.
    It really helps and it is in language I can understand! One question does CPM help your website climb googles rankings?

  14. Greg R

    Very good information Anthony!
    Thanks for doing the video blogs. I read your books and have been working to get the free website promoted. With so much on that site, how is the best way to promote each of the seperate products listed?
    Thank You,

  15. Jan

    Yes, I agree that I am pretty slow as well….still trying to get over chemo & radiation, it’s a hard challenge for me. However, I see how how this will really work some time soon because it’s so excellent. I know I have to just keep working on it a little bit every day and connecting with you (and the community) until I reach my goals.
    Thanks a bunch,

  16. Selina

    Hi Anthony!
    I like your video on how to get more response with CPM. The click marketing approach was interesting. How to get more bangs for your buck on face book ads was great!

  17. Michael Bernal

    Awesome video Anthony. I’ve been working on facebook for some time now and really the hardest thing for me is getting my ads approved. Is this a common problem? Do you have any tips you could put in a video? I think that would be great information for everybody and would really help out a lot.

  18. Marianella

    Scale? So I posted my website on facebook by just entering marianellafelix.getdeals.us and choosing a tumbnail. I understand the CPM concept, but how do I set it to that? Or is automatically done. As you can tell, I am a lot confused. Please help.

  19. Michelle


    Muchas Gracias! for continuing to share excellent practical & effective “knowledge tips” in your weekly blogs. I thoroughly enjoy tuning in weekly and adding wealth to my “bizness operations resource bank.” :o)
    Additionally, muchas gracias! for consistently being supportive and encouraging our feedback on resources and our bizness progress.


  20. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    Well, I guess I’ll be starting my own Facebook niche pages & ad campaigns bcuz I really want to be able to put all your strategies to good use!!!

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