Weekly Blog #55: Facebook Marketing What Works?

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  1. Lowell K

    That is super beneficial Anthony, thanks for posting that. Now I won’t be wasting my advertising dollars on sending facebookers to my sales page, but rather to an email signup page, where I can communicate to them at a different time and place, and they won’t think of me as annoying for bother them on facebook :D. Great Stuff! Don’t stop! Never stop!

  2. Lane Crooks

    I’ve been watching your vids & seen your infomercial. Facebook does seem like an easy way to help make money 🙂

  3. Joshua Zamora

    Thank you for this video Anthony! I am planning to promote my own email submit free product which is a training on setting up a wordpress blog.

    And thanks for touching on the budget concern.

  4. Lakisha

    Thank you so much for the information Anthony you have given me many ideas . I’ve tried to place an ad on Facebook and it said no third party advertising is allowed so I’m not sure how to go about this.

  5. anthony fox

    Great info Anthony, off to find offers to post.
    Could you suggest a good budget say as a goal of making $100 a day

  6. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, thanks again for your information and I am trying to put info on facebook. However, I can follow what you are saying but don’t quite understand the information as far as what people will click on. I have a facebook account but how can I get paid by everyone clicking on my information unless I can give them other information to click on. I am a little slow, so please bring me up to a level of understanding. I enjoy your lessons.

    Alberta Banks

  7. Jeff Potts

    Anthony, I liked the way you presented that, and I’m looking forward to doing this myself. I think I understand now the best way to implement it on facebook, but can anyone tell me the “how” of ad design, I’m still learning about FB right now?

  8. John Mosansky

    Hi Anthony
    when taking a product from the website you set up for me do I go to google
    first to set it up then then transfer it back to my yahoo site an so on with other other areas that you mentioned you know facebook, an twitter, an msm? an yes I understand about the cost like you said in your book.

  9. tess

    Hello Anthony!
    I am Tess from Cebu City, Phil. I want to have business online and to earn money but I don’t have skills in computer except chatting and sending e- mail . Watching your video today , it gives me an idea on what and how to promote goods/services on facebook that will work .
    Thanks so much for the tips . I am looking forward to watch another vid

    till then .

  10. Jude Maceren

    Hi Anthony…thanks a lot for this video blog! It is nice to know the tips on how to advertise correctly. You mentioned on your last week’s video that we can advertise a couple of FB ads at same time. If I have a budget of $25 will that budget be enough for all the 18 FB ads? Or should I put $10 budget in each ad? So for 18 ads that will be $180. I have not tried this before at FB. How does thist ad budget works without spending a lot?

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Dorcia

    Thanks for letting my iPad work. I will try this email submit offer idea. Sounds great! I will do recipes to start.

  12. Cynthia S

    Just watched your video on what works on facebook. I also enjoyed the last video on “super targeted” ads. I must say they are very helpful. The tip suggesting to keep min purchase to a minimum (emails only, etc) is priceless. I will keep watching and posting comments.

  13. Manfred

    I like the tip about putting many ads on facebook for only one budget. Many people don’t know that. Your videos are very helpful, thanks.


  14. Frank Brown says

    Anthony, Frank here. I want my mind to be like your mind, dude. Hi ly Einstein. Keep it flowing. Get us all to where you are. We’ll all love that.

  15. Kathy

    Great information. My question is what is a good way to place my ads on facebook without bothering my friends, or asking them to check out this link. Will take any help I can get. Twitter made me crazy. Thanks for any input. A real newbe here.

  16. Frank Brown says

    Anthony, great thinking.I want my mind to be like your mind, dude. Hi ly Einstein. Keep it flowing. Get us all to where you are. We’ll love that.

  17. Ramil

    Just getting started with the reading as well as getting plugged into your weekly blog. I see it beneficial; I was trying to promote my fan page and saw how you talked about the advertsing budget as well. I’m still in the early stages of making this work. Hope to learn more here soon. Gonna take the weekend and catch up on the reading as well.

    I’m on video number 2 for looking at which products i’ve used/interested in/bought and have written them all down. going on to video number 3 on the getting started portion.


  18. roman j rydzewski

    it was really cool that is a great way too make alot of money fast

  19. ervin keys

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  20. Marilynn

    Anthony…havent got your book yet so don’t know all what you are talking about….when your drawing your examples can you walk us thru a step by step example …please….can’t wait to get started….


  21. Diane (eeldi)

    Anthony, Your style of teaching is Great! Simple and to the point. I really enjoy your video blogs. The Challenge—I will be doing the Domino Gift

  22. Nick

    Thanks Anthony this has been very helpful. I have been worrying about missing out on FaceBook potential. I will concentrate on SEO and come back to this when the time is right for me.

  23. Michael and Brenda Alberts

    Great info!! Getting more of an understanding as to using Facebook for placing ads and what to place and not to place and how. Thanks alot.
    Michael And Brenda

  24. Richard Abbott

    I am in the process of moving and finding a house, I can get on line occasionally but have missed several of your lessons. When we get settled I hope to get started on your program.
    Dick Abbott

  25. Eva Miranda

    Hey, this was really helpful. And I am considering the following promotions:
    Music Oasis
    $250 Domino’s Gift Card
    Nike vs. Adidas $250 Gift Card
    $250 IKEA Gift Card
    Amp Surveys
    $500drugstore.com gift card

    Thank you for all your help. Take care.

  26. Corinna Blakely

    I am brand new, less than 2 weeks. I do not know how to get to the people who would even want me to do email, zip, etc. ads. So, hopefully when I get to that point I can do it effectively,
    I am super excited and motivated to do this and be successful soon!

  27. Marc Galyean

    Thanks for the tip! Keep it up with the weekly blogs they are very informative. I’m personally going through the coaching program and Im 4 months into it. We are diligently working on link building and submitting articles. Still yet to see a sale, however I know it is just around the corner.

    Can you give any helpful information or some personal key insight on getting to the top of the search engines? Email me if you have a chance. I would like to get some tips.



    Yes this sounds great,I would like to help with the transpertation,gas has went out of sight.Or house hold products please email me with help,Thanks

  29. Derrick

    Thanks Anthony!! Thanks for the tips you send…helpful! Just getting started with this program and currently own an Ecommerce Store and am able to use your advice for both advertising campaigns! Affliate Marketing is sooooo much easier!! Thanks for your help and support! Currently planning to promote a few gift card offers on FB! Have a great week!

    To Future Success,


  30. Kim Windfeather

    Great information Anthony! I haven’t decided what to promote, yet, but wanted to at least take a moment to thank you for taking the time to train all of us. You are greatly appreciated!!

  31. Abe Doliente


    I just got back from my weeend duty. I prepared three ads with Facebook before and all of the three ads were disapproved. I still do not understand why? I am not discouraged though. I will prepare another ad and this time, I am sure that it will be approved because I will apply what I have learned from your blog this week and from last week’s.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  32. Keith

    I am building my own website and would like to select some of the offers to promote. I liked the clarification this week to make the point that FB should not be links to direct sales offers but to free offers that can later be converted to sales. Can you give example(s) of that next week? Does this mean to offer a link to download some information or brochure to explain the product or service for later follow-up.. and how to follow-up? Some offers probably provide this, some seem to expect us to make our own. How is this different opportunity vs our profit per conversion?

  33. christian

    In my view, successfully doing these things is, It is a sustainable process that will build on its own successes – a virtuous cycle of change. For all to jump on the bad wagon or be left behind….

    thaks for the vid.

  34. loretta

    Thanks Anthony for assisting others to gain wealth. I have just purchased your book have not received it. My concern is the market continuing to stay active for many years is this going to be possible? I plan to retire in a year or so but want to know if marketing has a good outlook for the future or will it slow down or face difficulities.

  35. Michael Bernal

    Hey Anthony, First off thanks for the videos. They are awesome. I have a question though about emails submits on Facebook. I have tried these many times and they just keep getting denied and it seems like no matter what I do I can’t get them through. My very first offer I ever ran as an Affiliate was an email submit through facebook and it made me a couple hundred bucks… Problem is that that offer was the ONLY email submit I have ever gotten past the Facebook ads team. They are very inconsistent. What tricks do you have that will get these ads approved? I’ve been trying for months. I can’t get through. Please help.

  36. Tyrone Jones

    I am very excited and motivated about educating myself to become a successful affiliate marketer. However, this is very new for me and I feel a little overwhelmed. I have read both of the books which were excellect reads, took notes, watched the teleconferences videos (1,5,7,8), the how-to-videos, marketing videos and getting started videos. What would help me is getting my twitter accounts and facbook page set up properly so that I can have a clear visual on what I am doing. I’m probably overthinking so I will continue to review the resources that I have.

  37. Allen

    Thanks a bunch for all the juicy tips you share. I have a carpet and upholstery cleaning business I’ve started advertising on FB and booked three jobs. Can’t wait to start the “Win a Camaro” ,”Zip realty” and “EZ Recipes” Ads. They would also all be nice additional content for my cleaning site. I’ve been waiting years to find a good Internet marketing coach. I really appreciate you Anthony! 🙂

  38. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I’m really not a Facebook person but these past few videos are definitely warming ME up to the thought of starting my own FB acct

  39. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, I copy a summary of all your videos and this is one I will return to when I am ready to start advertising.
    Thank you,

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