1. Yolanda Carroll

    Hey Anthony! This was COOL & different :). I really like your attitude & spirit. I believe you’re a good guy. Like the interior look of the offices. Great design work. It’s nice that you show a personal/informal side of you. We all know how hard @ work you are helping us to build our businesses & in turn it grows your business, which is a wonderful trade off. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  2. Robert Austin

    Hey Anthony,That was a good little video.I’m training with PMI and extremely excited to be part of the team.My hope is that i can add to the success of the whole operation.I love your vision and optimism.

  3. Shawn Kelley

    Love the office. Maybe in the future I will have an office like that in middle Mississippi. I know I haven’t put in the work you have, but I look forward to the day when I do. It’s good to see how some in your prior situations was able to rise up and make a living. It is encouraging, I just want to tell you thank you and I look forward to the day when I am in the mentoring room learning from the best in the business.

  4. Abe Doliente

    Thank you so much Anthony for your Weekly Blog # 60.You look so relax and different. Thank you for sharing with us how your office looks like. You led me to dream some more – To be able to be there and take advantage of your mentoriung. I sure can use even a small fraction of one percent of your knowledge.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  5. Eric Winter

    Hey i saw the video im impressed i thought you where just another work at home person who just comes on tv and sells stuff but i guess i was wrong cause you took the time to actually be yourself and show the world what you do is legitimate and it works well. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to do the virtual tour of your office and you being yourself. Looking forward to getting my business growing and making some money. Hope all is well and thanks for the video.

  6. arthur hitchens

    talk more about twitter and if one is better than the other or ?

  7. Michael

    I like your offices, I hope I’ll have an office one day. I will be interactively working with one your companies soon. I am going to connect with the download company soon when I start writing or blogging on my blog which is now work in process. Talk to you soon.

  8. Ernestine

    Anthony – liked your video – wish I had time to visit your place while I am in
    Mississippi the week of April 16th – 25th, 2011 but unfortunately I will not have time – love the colors
    Ernie in Denver

  9. Jackie Mayo

    Hi Anyhony,
    I love your sharing spirit, I sure it makes everyone feel they are real partners with you. Great color schemes in you offices. Your enthusiam
    and motivation is very addicting.KEEP IT UP. We love you for it.

    Jackie Mayo

  10. Gary Jenkins


    I like the determination and compassion you have for your business, and your business ethics!

  11. tammie

    I never seen anything like that in the 4 yrs I have been online. You have no problem showing who you really are. I like that. I know one other Marketer who is close but, you Anthony are the real deal.

    I do belong in one of those desks. It was all a very nice inside look at you.
    You are special. You should know that and really believe it. Thanks for inviting me you must have wonderful parents.

  12. Ladiana

    Thanks for the tour. Looks like a nice and relaxing place to go in to “work” and hang with like-mnded folk. I like it! 🙂

  13. Ardis Fidler

    I’m having thoughts of moving overseas somewhere. What is required or needed on my part to accomplish this and have a great business? Foreign products could be a great business to build.

  14. Linda Guarino

    I want to join your team but I am so broke right now I can’t even afford the hosting fee. When I am able to do so I will be back in contact or sign up on the conference call invitation. I am hoping that will be in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile I want to stay on the email list etc. Thank you

  15. GioVanni Soprano

    hello anthony i am sorry i have let this opportunity jus sit in my mail and not apply nada. i am not to computer savvy. this maybe why ive jus ignored it but there is something about your attitude that grabs you. which is good. i need some baby steps to follow. i signed on with you in early “10” and have done nothing. is there still hope for me or have i waited to long? signed concerned

  16. Cheryl Sickler

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks so much for showing me the human side of you of course it is what I always suspected. I have started all over from the beginning with your bboks and DVD’s. Currently, I m trying to figure out clickbank then my next step I wanted to mae it Facebook. I wil have to see what happens.
    Thank you for all your guidance and information.


  17. Greg Reich

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the virtual tour. I am a big fan, and student of yours.
    I am reading the 2 books from you, and signed up for The Home Jobs for Citizens program.

    Great job with the weekly blog.

  18. Michael

    Thank you for your trimendous help and keep up the wonderful work that I know you will . I am in the beginner’s phase, but the sky’s the limit. Thanks again I know I will be another one of your biggest inspirational success stories.

    Yours Greatfully,

    Michael E. Post

  19. Jennifer Graham

    Your office looks great i love the layed back, down to earth feel/attitude about everything I cant wait to start and i would love to work under you and make a living for my family. And the weekly blogs are great as well. thank you for all these great oppertunities you’ve given and all the gret advise keep up the good work, and i’ll see you next week. lol! Thank You

  20. NationalShowTickets

    Just came across your site and saw some of the videos, nice office and enjoy reading the book. Will keep your site bookmarked and see how it goes.


  21. Linda Marie

    hey Anthony, I really like you offices as you gave us a tour. It is kinda funny because I have one bedroom of my house turned into an office for me!! I really appreciate the fact that you are willing to show us a part of you we could not see last night on the call.

  22. Ofelia Krieg

    Hi,Anthony! Your office is unique just like “you are”. Thank You for all your help and encouragement,building my website is in process with the help from PMI.-they’re nice people! More power to you,your family and your staffs. THANKS AGAIN!

  23. Tremel Mclaughlin

    I enjoyed view the office it was very nice and its like a great work environment. I look forward to meetin u one day. Thanks for sharing this information to create other like yourself.

  24. Luz Mercado

    Anthony it was great to see where your staff works I hope to get out to Missippi soon for my mentoring and meet you face to face aswell as your staff since I already met Adrian.

    hope to see you soon


  25. Robbie Stephey

    Nice offices. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Looks like I may have a lot of time on my hands in the near future. I am having shoulder surgery for the fouth time. I hope this will give me the opportunity to really get going with this business. My biggest concern of course is always revolving around how much $$$ will it take.

  26. Sharon Volkman

    Anthony, it’s nice knowing you are so friendly along with being reliable. It is very helpful, encouraging, to know more about You. Thank you. I do need to be on the live community but I do not have a cell ph. I am learning other ways from your many support systems.

  27. Kathleen Magill

    Nice video, it was great to see where u work (not) lol keep up the great work Anthony I’m learning alot from you, just wish my brain to absorb your teaching faster and more of it.

  28. Antonia Wijte

    Anthony – This Blog 060 in your office(s) was fun, and good to see where the mentoring classes are held. I like your flip-flops (heard them as you were walking :- ) Today we were in our first day with Adrian’s 3-day class, and are looking forward to come to visit for more coursework. Take care, Antonia and Jim.

  29. Christine Beyer

    Hey Anthony, loved your speach, and really loved the way you had your office laid out, I could feel the love and closeness of the famlily ties that you have with your employees. That is a good repor to have , You guys are great, My husband and I met your brother in Tampa and he was wonderful! He has so much compassion about what he is in and his family ties, there lies the question. Without family values , you have nothing! And you guys have it all! congragulations to your parents, and good luck Adrian, with your girlfriend, Oh, did you give your mom and your girlfriend that card from Mary Kay? Hope our business goes as well as yours did.

  30. Kelly Provencher

    Finally! Some true and honest representation of internet marketing! Can’t wait to get my books and get started. Thank you for this opportunity. You will be hearing much more from me and my testimonials! You are one of my answered prayers!

  31. Danielle Middleton

    Thanks Anthony for the tour. I really appreciate all the hard work you do for others to be a success!

  32. Carlos ruiz

    nice office simple but nice you look very simple person is why i placing this conment thanks for you simplicity

  33. Donlad

    Hi Anthony,

    Thats pretty cool that you are a Saints fan….lol.Me being from New Orleans,I bleed black and gold.When the Saints won the was absolutely crazy around here.People were blowing fireworks up and everything they could blow up legally…lol.Anyways,I enjoy your blogs and live community and looking forward to next week’s blog.God Bless!

  34. millicent Gauntlett

    Hi Anthony!
    I love your office. I love your calmness of spirit it says a lot about you. I’m presently in training with PMI hope to launch my website soon.
    Thank you for all the tips

  35. Patsy Cuson

    this is my very first ever BLOG. thank you for sharing your personhood with us. about me/during the last 6wks I think I have now learned enough computer skills to NOW FINALLY BE ABLE TO DO SOMETHING BESIDES TRYING TO GET OUT OF WHATEVER PAGE I DID NOT WANT TO BE ON. I got Tellmans Facebook LIST; just finished the classrom with the HOMEWORK of finding suppliers (I brainstormed while I was sitting at my kitchen table looking at all the clutter from all the tools,gadgets,elec.appliances i.e.Mixers,breadmachine,stainless steel cookware hanging over my stove.)
    I worked a year at Macy’s housewares dept.Because (unbeknowence to me) my co-workers sent me up to the front of the store to work alone.I did not know cookware sales were the pits. UNTIL one day the store manager took me to lunch to tell me The Big Honcho at headquarters was coming to meet me because NOONE in any Macy’s ANYWHERE had ever had high sales in CookWare NONE. NADA, ZERO.

    That is my niche. I know which stores have the highest prices on all these things from spatulas—to the thousands of dollars worth of baking,pans to soup pots and $400.00 Mixers.etc.

    thanks for all the emails and infomercials. When I could not access anything else on my computer I could get the email page so I read and watched all of them from you OVER OVER OVER and OVER.

  36. J. Warren

    Anthony i would like for you to teach more on how we can advertise better on twitter.

  37. temitope

    This looks nice.
    I ‘m really looking forward to making my 1st millions before the year runs out.

    Thanks for sharing these things with us.

  38. Joey Adamson

    Anthony, thanks for living out what you were taught growing up, for being real, and for being willing to help others. People like you make an impact in many lives, and make the world a better place. I enjoyed the tour. I believe the people you work with are blessed to have you as their boss. God Bless! from your neighbor down the road in AL

  39. Barbara Katona

    Hi…Thanks for showing me your office. I’m not on board yet. Have your book.God Bless you and yours.

  40. Sandi

    I was going to meniton when you send your weekly Blog can you indicate it as Blog 60 or what ever blog it is tha that week. Being we get so much stuff from Anthony Morrison that way I am able to save it, and it won’t get deleted by mistake.I really enjoy your weekly Blog thanks! they are so helpful

  41. Juan Rodriguez

    Hi Anthony, thank you the tour of your office. I just recently purchased your book and I feel like I am already part of a team. You are definitely blessed with so many gifts and living out alot of people’s dreams including mine. I admire you for helping people and staying humble and God will keep blessing you.

  42. Fred Thompson

    Yes my Captain!!!
    Nice work environment, dedicated employees, I home to be with ouu A.S.A.P.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  43. Dawn

    Just received your book, not even finished reading it, and I’m impressed with the amount of usable information. I’ve learned more in the past 24 hours about affiliate marketing and how to use the internet to accomplish my goals than I ever imagined! I really think, as an older generational person with no real Internet skill, that I Can do this!!!
    Thanks so much

  44. DouglasCrosby

    Nice Diggs ! Thanx for the tour & inspiration !!
    Positive Visualization Realized,

  45. Curt Stiede

    HEYee Anthony; I for got too mention at your Florida holiday, what #7 meant on you T-shirt?
    Best Wishes, Curt Stiede,,,,,,,,,,haha

  46. Joyce Dade

    A wonderful inside view and a great idea to share with us all. Thanks, Anthony. It was delightful to visit with you as always!

  47. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I am brand new and looking forward to learning how my website
    will work. I really like the personal connection with you. Thank you
    for welcoming me. I hope I will exceed your expectations.

  48. Cher

    Again, thank you for sharing “you.” Am just beginning at all this, and appreciate it all. I’m not real familiar yet with the workings of facebook, twitter, or utube. Look forward to becoming much more proficient at them all. Again, thank you.

  49. Ralph Velez

    I love all the colors that you have got going on there. I just got your book and I am slowly reading through it. Not because Im a slow reader but because I have a ton and a half of things to do throughout the day. Non the less I am anxious to make that first dollar but I am having difficulty understanding the process. Im sure I will get it and , as I so desperatly need, will make some money along the way.

  50. John J

    I like your office and the way you have things set up.I have not got your books and and materials yet but I will thoroughly go through all of the material and hopefully start making some money.

  51. Cindy Mead

    I appreciate how personable you are. Your down home, down-to-earth quality helps to instill confidence and hope for myself.

    Love that hot pink color on the walls. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Yesenia


    Anthony, you are something special. You are so inspiring and motivational, humble, and real. This is what attracted me to your company (PMI student). I am thankful for being part of your community, but I do wish I do see some profit soon because I do see success in my near future, but with you holding me by the hand to reach that success. Thank you for your honesty and for being so sincere at all times. Thank you for all the goodness God had delivered upon you because you are such a GREAT human being. Thank you for sharing your offices with us and for being a good Samaritan. Yesenia 🙂

  53. Sylvia Guillemette


    I love the office set up. You have cool old pictures of cars and things! I love the “M” mirror!

    Thanks for all the cool video blogs. I learn better with videos. I have comprehension issues which sometimes make reading a bit harder to understand – so thank you!

    Have a great day! 😀

  54. Michele L

    I was there in April. It was awesome Randall was great. I learned lots and can’t wait for my !next session

  55. zef margiljaj

    Hello Antony I Really Like Your Attitude.And I Believe You”re a very good Person i know how hard you working helping people like me to build Businesses. Antony i am very sorry i have let this opportunity just sit in may comp and not apply yet.I am not good at computer at all and i have problem spelling.I just want to tell you thank you so much for all your help.


    zvm. New York

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