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This weeks $50 Winner is Dave Knob says: April 9, 2011 at 9:16 pm (Edit) The ideal world is elusive yet somehow possible. Sometimes it gets in the way of action and creates a less than ideal situation. Like most people I like to dream but obviously need to focus on current success and baby steps to progress to the my ideal world. Taking action is the current dilemma. Congrats Dave! Please email me  your info so I can send out your $50 gift card.

We’ve been hitting Facebook advertising hard recently, and today, we’re going to add one more concept into the mix.  Facebook recently unveiled a new form of social advertising called Sponsored Stories.  Sponsored Stories include “Like Stories” and “Page Post Stories.”  Today, we’re going to cover “Like Stories.”

Before we dive into this topic, let’s take a look at Facebook.  Facebook is a social networking site. That means people’s actions rely heavily on what their friends are doing.

For example, let’s say you log into Facebook and notice that one of your friends liked a news story.  Chances are, you’ll click on that story to see what it said.


Because your friend did it, so you should try it too.

This is a herd mentality, and you can capitalize on it with “Like” Stories.

When you use “Like Stories,” ads will appear every time someone likes your page. These ads will show up on their friend’s pages.

For example, if Max likes your page, an ad will display to his friends. The ad will say, “Max liked Business Name.”

Now let’s look at what will happen.

Max’s friends will see Max’s name associated with your business page. this will grab their attention. They will think, “Max likes this page.  I need to check it out.”

They will click on the ad and like your page so they won’t be left out.

By capitalizing on the herd mentality, you can get hundreds if not thousands, of Facebook fans.  Then, you can begin marketing to those fans and driving traffic to your website.


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  1. Bonnie Jo Clay

    I did leave a comment on last page but here again.. I like the books but I still havent started BECAUSE I still dont know how to start the very first step as computers are new to me I still have trouble findind the crack that lets me in??? I want to do it as I always have with NO money and NO inte. but as soon as I find an open door I am In.. The books If they gave it to me I missed it/Bonnie Jo

  2. Alberta Banks

    Anthony, I am trying each week to get better with what I am doing. I will try the new Facebook technique and it sounds like that will work. If I don’t get it then I will keep on trying. I know that I am not a complete idiot, so sooner or later something will click.

    Alberta Banks

  3. Abe Doliente


    Thank you so much for your post today. I plan to use this technique if only I know how to do it. This is my problem. In fact, I have been wanting for quite sometime now to paticipate in your contests. There are 4 requirements to follow. I am stuck with requirement no. 4. I do not know how to do it. I need help so at least I have a chance to compete.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.

    May you have a great weekend too.


  4. Bjarne Breilid

    This is actually my first try at getting into marketing, and I have a lot to learn. But perhaps there is still hope – in spite of my advanced age. One thing is certain:: My website has an incredible amount of wonderful offerings. Take a look!

  5. Bjarne Breilid

    What I need to learn is first of all the actual process of posting an ad on facebook (since I am a total novice). I also need to learn how to write an ad that would stand out sufficiently to catch a viewer’s attention. Anthony’s blog today was helpful, but I probably have to sit down with him and show me step by step how to do it right. I still have high hopes that I’ll eventually learn.

  6. Daniel L. Eaton ll

    Hi Anthony, I do plan on using this technique and learning more from you as well, thank you so much for everything!!! God Bless You & Your Family!

    Feeling Good Now,

    Daniel L. Eaton ll CEO

  7. Tina

    Wow, what a great idea! I’ve noticed these ‘links’ on Facebook. This could definitely help me get my info out there. Sometimes it is the choices you make as soon as you hear about them that could represent your success for that week or even for that year! He who hesitates doesn’t get the prime gift and so I won’t hesitate any longer……thanks Anthony!! Very much…..

  8. Kirk Yarbrough

    I could NOT agree more with the working theory, with respect to this issue.As you obviously know, its a game of #’s regarding running a business. This is exactly your point on this issue…

    Take care…


  9. Zachary Branson

    Yes I plan on using this technique to increase my CTR to my website and offers. I plan on writing the specifics of age, gender, relationship status, to reach out to more customers on a personal level.

  10. Lori Pruitt-Forbes

    I love your way of wording, it’s real clear, either get on the bus or “get the hell off” lol

  11. Steve Fisher

    I plan to use this technique to get my idea of working with individuals with disabilities and their families out

  12. joseph

    What a great idea! Since we’re in the construction business this is a great tool for our company to definitely drive traffic to us…whether small renovations to large construction projects in the commerical and residential fields this means a huge “BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!” for more traffic and more opportunity to serve our perspective clients. Thanks Anthony!

    Very Sincerely,

    Joe; Principal, Vision Custom Homes LLC.

  13. Carol S

    Thanks Anthony. I have been using the “Like” process for a while now but will do it more strategically, thanks to your advice.

  14. Rick Patrick

    I’ve begun really hitting Facebook hard this week as well. Have an ad running now and trying to figure out how to get as much “free” exposure as I can in terms of posting messages, marketplace, etc. Hopefully I can get a “viral” thing going and get some traffic to my site. If anyone here wants to help, I’ll CERTAINLY return the favor!! 🙂

  15. Mary Traves

    I do plan on using the technique for running ads because Sponsored Stories sounds like a super good way to advertise. Right now, Facebook and Tweet are good ways to advertise since people can read about you, your personality or taste in music, whether you love pets or not, etc. Then, they can decide if they want to buy from you kind-of-like you were a sales person.

  16. Priscilla Jones

    I am not clear about how Sponsored Stories works. Do you have to post a story about a product, or any story? How does the story connect with your ad? I’m really confused!!!

  17. Robin Sherwood

    wow this ought to be a great experiment-lets see how far it goes. I was using facebook for advertising. I only ended up with a $50.00 bill and no sales.

  18. Darryl Gordon Pococke

    Great Marketing Tips Anthony! I love this type of marketing. I have been using it with some degree of success. I know it works and I see its awesome improvement daily as I use these tips! Keep them coming! Love the input!

  19. FWE de Liefde

    I’m curious as to the ROI on all the FACEBOOK features you are advocating – have you done a study on this?

  20. Erica J

    I’m not a person who is on facebook often, yet the opprotunities that Anthony shares gives me the confidence to try this method. So my answer is “Yes”. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Jean Bell

    I am very, very new at thisk but need the income desperately.
    As luck(!) goes, we have had two major happenings that has kept me away from home for two weeks (2 out-of-town deaths + taxes to complete). We came back into town yesterday, Saturday, went to church today and then did laundry, etc. so I will be up and running first thing Monday morning. And now, I feel that I will have to start over to refresh my memory on what we were doing. This technique looks very promising and, and yes I will use it.

  22. Donna Moore

    I will think about this. I have advertised on Facebook with no results. I am working on setting up a new website now.

  23. Brad

    Great tip! I will ask Kris at PMI about it tomorrow night. The more ideas the better. Thanks

  24. Donna

    I don’t know what I’m doing either so I am glad that I am not alone, Please help me to understand the next phase of all this. I don’t want to give up!!! thank You.

  25. Paul

    Awesome! I am going to use this technique as well. I am trying everything that I can find out there to make money and support my family. Thanks!

  26. Suzy

    It is a great idea! I myself do not understand what to do on to get started. I am not giving up; just overloaded.

  27. Shirley Allen

    Anthony, I enjoy the technique on facebook it’s way better than myspace to me. I’m always on my facebook all the time.

  28. kathy

    I am very new at this but I sure could the extra funds!very eager to learn. I want Adopt my foster chilren !so wish me luck.

  29. kathy

    Thank you Anthony i will put fourth all my effert to suceed .very eager to learn.so i can keep up with the learning,

  30. Delroy Christie

    Anthony, I love the technique that you use in your Face Book because it is marvellous. For the most part,I would like to have a Face Book like yours because its just fabulus. Also, I would like to earn some money from my Business.

  31. Jody Anthony Thompson

    These techniques for Facebook advertising are gonna come in handy. I’ll be using thses techniques along with the advise that failure is just a learning curve toward success.

  32. Jennifer Nelson

    If I fall, I will always get back up again…for there is always a new day and a new moment in time to pursue! Great post Anthony! My turn to try; look out world…Here I come!!!! 🙂

  33. Joe Hogan

    I never joined the Facebook or Twitter platforms for my personal use— although I know some of my friends and family use it often. So I have a little learning curve when it comes to maneuvering through them. But I totally believe in the concept of exponentially advertising and plan on using it as my business grows. Thanks! Joe

  34. Teresa Smith

    Yes, I will use failure as a means to learn and grow. After all when you fail, you don’t want to continue to fail so you make it a point to not make the same mistakes again, and this continues over and over until you finally get it right, perfecting what you have learn and also growing in your success.

  35. FRANCI

    Hello, I personally don’t like the word failure. LOL! I will replace that word just for today, with the word Champion. I believe by learning a little or a lot each and every single day will automatically propel me to the end result, which is SUCCESS. I am sooo excited to get everything set up and ready to fly. I like the Facebook advertising A LOT!..it reminds me of the Wayne’s World movie, where he says ”and he tells a friend, who tells another friend and so on and so on…”…too funny, but it makes simple sense. I am so lucky to have found this venue for my talents. Thank you Anthony, for showing me the way. Franci.

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