1. Tim Davidson

    Thats cool, I didn’t know Facebook had a fan page. I have been marketing most of my stuff on twitter due to my $0 advertising budget. I have done a little on facebook, I guess I will pay more involved with Facebook now.
    Thanks a bunch Anthony,

  2. Barbara

    Anthony,thank you so much for taking the time to share your wounderful marketing and sales techniques with me:)I truely appreciate this info, and look forward to learning more.
    Thanks Again:)

  3. Abe Doliente

    Thank you anthony for your Weekly Blog # 62. I tried to click on “like” facebook, but it would not work. This has always been my problem. I cannot access facebook through there. I sure need help on this.

    Again, I thank you so much. May God Bless you and your family.


  4. Aaron Joiner

    the information is informative, not that you’re telling us anything that we don’t know already but it is still good to hear it over and over again, repetition is the mother of learning.


  5. vjennings

    I am just developing my fist web page. This has taken me 2 months and I am not none yet. It would be nice to get some fast and easy attention to my site.

  6. Ardon Arthur

    Thanks for the information/training. This is all new to me but I am looking forward to gain all the knowledge I could to be successful to be able to help others.

  7. Robert

    hey thank you thus far for the useful advice of having a notebook/to do list.


  8. Michael

    I appreciate this information, but it nothing when I clicked the like button. I guess I need more input?

  9. Debbie

    Our website is up and running! Thank you Anthony for the vast amount of information you provide. These blogs are extremely informative. Always gives me the “pick me up” that I need. I only wish we could speak with you in person!

  10. judy nagel

    well i caved and signed up for facebook. I. just got your book today.
    I am new at this and look forward to learning more from you.
    I like the hands on with the pictures on the board.. Ilook forward to your
    ambition to help us. I am not sure where the fan page is yet.
    thanks Anthony Judy

  11. Ryan Thayer

    i purchased your book/program the night berfore last and have diligently gotten under way on implementing the program. I have been a bussiness owner for twenty plus years and have obtained modest success. I have always avoided the wave of technology advances concerning the internet due to getting complacent, although I do have a email account. I really am impressed with you and demeaner. As of today, due to your agressive enlightenment I now have a facebook and twitter account accessable via my computer and cell phone. My object in ordering your information was to gain the knowledge to increase traffic to my existing bussiness via the internet. The more I deldge into the information you have provided I am simply amazed at the potential for increased business and the endless opportunities’ now avaiable, kind of like discovering the New World in 1492 This process is a bit overwhelming at the moment although I am very, very exciting to say the least. I hope you keep me in mind because, as you yourself has, I will have a great story to tell in the near future. For that I am very excited. Thank you for your guidance and enthusiasm.

  12. Cesar

    Thank you Anthony for share all these advises and comments to us!!
    Gracias Anthony por compartir todos estos concejos y comentarios con nosotros!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Que tengas un muy bien fin de semana!!

  13. bernadette

    just started yesterday . not use to computer so have to keep going.
    with Anthonys friends im learning more than i expected to.
    so dont give up you will make it

    not much housework got done today lol

  14. Freddie

    Hi Anthony,
    Just wanted to say i too love your training and the facebook fan page Info. was the best yet! can’t wait to try it out. Thank You..

  15. sharon

    Thanks Anthony. I’m a one week old baby in learning how internet marketing works. Have a lot to learn. Your blogs are very helpful.
    Thank you


  16. Jerome McAllister

    Totally awesome. This is what motivates me. One day I whould love to help the wold just as you do! You can give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. But if you teach him to fish, He can feed himself!

  17. Michael Bambrook

    Anthony,I fully understand the concept of the fan page, but am still am not sure how to create a fan page. I’M new at this and just getting started reading your books. PLEASE RESPOND!

  18. sandy

    Thanks Anthony — you have so many gems! Will try following your guidelines this weekend! Excited. Thank you.

  19. oscar

    Great tool and very informative, thank you Anthony I am going to do whatever it takes, to get traffic to my website, so I can see cash flow.
    Till next time
    Oscar Garcia

  20. Mavis

    Hi Anthony,

    I am new to this, but very anxious to learnI and I know nothing of Facebook but I will learn I am reading the book now and could hardly wait to earn money from home. I am going to need all the help available and I am very grateful to you and your staff.

  21. Shalini

    HI Anthony
    I love the blogs u put on nice to know something else is also happening other than the royal wedding.

  22. Delroy Christie

    I love the video on Face Book and the way you have taught the lessons. I got a better understanding of its functionality which I always wanted to learn. I think FaceBook is fantastic and I love it very much. I hope to have a Face Book account very soon because it is a powerful communicative tool which brings positive growth and not negative growth. I would like youi to teach me more things that Face Book can do to generate success.
    Yours sincerely,
    Delroy Christie

  23. Jennifer Graham

    Thank You for let me know this i had no idea that facebook even had a fan page. I went to yours like it and became a fan as well thank you again this will be really help for me as a new affiliate marketer.

  24. judymcnelly

    thanks for the facebook fanpage info…I am trying to follow all your instructions, study the tutorials, watch videos. Have read book,etc. and am anxious to somehow get it all together-I am on twitter, facebook, I tried toget a domain name but what I chose was not available so will try again-also tried to get a blog started but didn’t understand all the info on the screen,m will try that again-really enjoy your encouraging words and ideas. j

  25. Steve T.

    cool if you get in to facebook. Free advertising is good advertising if you know to implement the stratgies properly.

  26. Bert

    This was a great video blog. I did not know you could build a fan base this way. I am going to implement this asap.

  27. Darrel

    I like the practical information that you gave on this video. I was not knowledgeable about this topic (and still have much to learn), but I appreciated getting this info. I encourage more “practical” sessions verses inspirational ones.

  28. Vonetta

    I have a home base buisness that I love. I am a contractor for AT&T. I can use the information you are giving to promote this buisness and also to make money through internet marketing. Thank you. This infomation I love and I would like more educaion on this .

  29. Pierre Mocombe

    I believe the Fan Page idea is an excellent one and you are right into saying that months from now it may be worth a lot of money. I can definitely envisioned it.
    I want to thank you for your teachings.

    God bless!

  30. Cindi Walker

    I never even knew what purpose FB Fan Pages served except to keep someone’s name before the public. Thanks, this was very informative.

  31. Dawn H.R. Frederick

    Marvelous, simply marvelous! I’ll purchase your books as soon as I can.

  32. Bill Lock Jr

    Very good information. I appricate all the help you are giving me. Now I understand how to build my fan page. Thanks Bill

  33. Theresa

    I have used face book for games and seeing what family is up to. I receive most of my grand children’s pictures this way. I never realized before your video that it could be such an important part of a business’ growth. I will be setting up a fan page for our business now, thanks to your lesson. Please keep these helpful hints coming.
    Thank you

  34. Hermela

    Hi Anthony! Thank you so much! I have to do this as per instruction so I will learn on how to make a facebook fan page. God bless and remember God loves you!l

  35. Theresa

    I have no website yet, however, I am making a word press blog now. I knew face book had fan pages but never realized how powerful they could be. Thank you for all of the help and good ideas you continue to give us. even when things are going slow, you know how to pep us up.

  36. Norma

    I am a newbie to your PMI training and do not yet have a website. This information will be taken into consideration when I do build one. I never knew about the Facebook Fan Page. What it can do is remarkable. Thank you for the information. Each of your videos I have seen so far have been filled with great ideas. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing more.

  37. Andy Campillo

    Has anybody of you guys gotten his Fast Cash Commission Software, That thing is fast for real, I made my money back and double it in less than four hours. Best Marketing tool ever. I would’ve payed $500 bucks it no doubts about it.

  38. Alex

    Thanks Anthony, I made some Fan Pages but I wasn`t sure what to do with them. Anyway, I will try the ideea that you just gave me with this video.

  39. Sharon Moore

    2 things:
    1. as an affiliate marketer, you should create a different (i.e. business) page which FB allows you to do (and is free to create). This is of course is different from your personal page

    2. From your business page, use the Insights tool for a daily statistical analysis of people who actively engaged with you (via likes, comments, posts, links, video)

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