Call to Action in Your Ad Copy

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Pay-per-click and cost-per-impression advertising are two great ways to generate traffic to your website.  When you use PPC or CPM services, you have to write an advertisement. People who click on the ad are directed to your website, where they can make a purchase.  If you want to get lots of people to click on your ad, you need to include a powerful call to action in the copy.

A call to action is just as it sounds.  It’s a line in the copy that compels readers to take action.  In advertising, the desired action is a purchase.  Thus, the call to action should include words that will entice people to make a purchase.

Generic Call to Action

While most advertisers understand the importance of including a call to action, few know how to properly craft one.  Instead of coming up with a compelling call to action, they use generic phrases such as “Order today” or “Buy now.”  These generic phrases don’t elicit a response from readers.

Instead of using a generic call to action, you need to come up with compelling phrases that will actually make someone feel as if he has to take action immediately.  Use phrases like:

  • Download the report
  • Get your quote
  • Get your 20% discount today

Notice that each of these phrases is specific to an actual product or service.  Because of that, they are not generic, and thus, will have more power with the readers.

Evaluate your PPC and CPM ads and see if they will benefit from changes to the call to action.  If so, make those changes so your click through rate and conversions can go up.


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    Does everyone but YOU know this?
    Get caught up HERE-before it is TOO LATE!

    Fear of being left out and peer pressure. All succumb!

  2. Kristen

    Anthony thank you for all you share. I am working on making my mom’s life easier at her age of 83. She works 6 days a week and she tweets, FB and I just created her a blog site. She also has numerous product sites and I can’t wait to apply what you teach on these sites. Thank you! Kristen

  3. NatLee1

    Great training tips! I’ve read your books but still need the boost to get going!
    I’m starting my ad with losing belly fat so one of my ads will read “Lose Belly Fat Quicker than cardio”; “Burn fat quick”; “5 foods to assist in burning belly fat” as examples.

  4. Fred Ray

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  6. Theresia

    Hi Anthony: Call to action is the only way to go without it who would even
    want to click on your ppc. Another thing is in todays market it’s hard to
    get buyers so your action words have to be a great attention getter.

    Thanks: Anthony

  7. Deb Herber

    Thanks Anthony!

    I’ve been searching the web for examples of call to action ads! Thanks for sharing the tip! 🙂


  8. jmacc

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    2. Free quote. Click here
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  9. Susan Bewsher

    Thanks for the info………….I am a newbie

    I should say newbie at 50 for everything……….Was very sick and now am not………so I have to try to make a living with no retirement in place. Living on SSI, one just coud not accumulate money. Found out what was making me sick not the doctors and I am determined not to play the poor me card. There has got to be something I can do to get an income I can depend on. Looking forward to putting Your system to work.

    I loved the call to actions phrases. Still not ready to do the actual linkage yet………not sure how to get ready but I am reading and reading…..taking notes………and setting a schedule.

    My phrases are:

    Get control see how
    Learn how now
    Define yourself. Follow me.
    Be your own success story. See how.

    I believe I clicked to follow you on twitter and facebook.
    Could use the Fifty Dollars to start my advertising clicks. LOL In any case, Thanks. Swezzan

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  11. Teresa

    Hi, I will try and list 3 call to action phrases.




    I hope this is what you were looking for.

    I’m still a work in progress, always learning, and opened minded.

    Thank you, Teresa

  12. Gary

    1. Come visit my site today with out delay!
    2. I would have some sort of contest maybe? “come visit my site today & get 20% instant savings, plus enter for a free drawing” I have to devise some sort of drawing though
    3. The visiting of my site today will be so beneficial to you, come visit today!

    I hope this is all ok…

  13. judy mcnelly

    I appreciate your daily ideas and encouragement! I’ll work on 3 creative phrases to call for action in my ads when I write them…still in tutorials…j

  14. Jennifer Graham

    thank you for this tip i will use as many call-to-action phrases in my ads as i can. 🙂 thank you again.

  15. Sandra Alleyne

    Anthony your tips has been very helpful buti need to know one thing what do i appy for a domnain name,and with what company pls what are the reason for the domain name. keep it simply pls tell me what do u think of this name for a domian.

  16. Tonderai Nyachoto

    I will go with more of the
    Save ..% on ….Buy now. I was going with Save %. Maybe its not enough.
    I think maybe if its a product which is old
    2. Boring old…appliance.. Get your new appliance and 50% discount.
    3. Get $100 gift card for survey.
    An example of what I am thinking of. I don’t think I have focused on the call to action but I will read into it more.

  17. Nichole

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  18. Angela

    Thanks for the tip, I am still trying to figure out how all this works. My three call-to-action phrase will be:
    1. Love to Cook, but in dire need of some good recipes, need a place to keep those recipes handy, look no further EZ-RECIPES is the place for you and they have the tools you need for keeping your favorite recipes HANDY
    2. FREE TO USE
    What do you think? Probably too long, right?
    I have been trying to shorten things,but without losing the catchy ring to my ads, but I have not been able to master that yet, any tips on how I can shorten things and still have eye catching call-to-action phrases?

  19. Angelica Coon

    Thank you Anthony for being the light at the end of a very long tunnel for me. I was laid-off from my job over two years ago and shortly after, I was diagnosed with some dibilitating health issues that make it very difficult for me to find another job, but still unelligable to receive. SSD. I just purchased your program and am studying very hard to become a successful Affiliate Marketer. I love these blog tips that keep me updated. It is alot to take in with so much great information. Thanks again and God Bless.
    Angelica C.

  20. Jim

    Thanks for the tips! I haven’t finished reading the books yet, but the more I read, the more sense everything makes. I can’t wait to finish studying and get started. Thanks again!

  21. Charles McGregor

    Hello Anthony, Charlie here. What a great way to inspire us all to have better
    call to action lines in our ads. I hadn’t even thought about having the bold, take action now, type of calls to action in my ads. I am so lost at times and
    am so thankful for YOU to be there to help me along this journey! Thanks for
    all you do and as usual I’m looking forward to your next webinar. Take care, keep having FUN, and be safe in all you do! :~)

  22. Charles McGregor

    DUH, I forgot to put some calls to action in my previous comment, here goes:
    Wake up in some exotic destination…TAX FREE
    Haven’t seen my site…haven’t seen the light!
    Don’t call the Travel Agent…be the Travel Agent
    See as I mentioned earlier, I can be so totally lost at times! LOL

  23. patriciapadgett

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