1. louie

    T- shirt. I think it shows you better for who you really are instead of putting up a front and being someone your not all that comfortable with.

  2. MrHill

    Prefer T-Shirt…Allows you to have the impression that you can do as you please with your time. Inspiring…

  3. James Bachand

    I think you should wear a Green tank top with your Logo (silver or platinum). That way it says I’m relaxed but I got my own business!

  4. Theresa L.Duffey

    Count mine in. The T-shirt WEAR IT !

    Stick with Casual. That’s why we Work from home. Save you own life some day.

    Anthony,you saved my life. Unemployed since Feb.2,2011

    1st Publish date right around the corner.

  5. Daniel Bengio

    DRESS SHIRT – Not that I wouldn’t take you seriously in a T-shirt, but there is no down side to wearing a dress shirt and there could be up side. I wear a suit and a tie to work every day (except today – casual Friday) on the off chance that it’ll have a possitive impact on someone. No one will say “I don’t want to do business with him because he wears a suit” but someone might say “I won’t do business with him because he wears T-shirts”. I’m not taking a chance.

  6. Shonda Casey

    I have no problem at all with the t-shirts. I think it is a comfortable setup. No matter what you are wearing, the message you deliver is the same and that’s the way I take it.

  7. Joe Becker

    The t-shirt works well. It is a fresh statement of individuality in a success world that is symbolized by dress shirts and suits. What caught my interest on this blog was when it was posted.

  8. Philip Jepsen

    Hi Anthony,

    By all means, continue wearing T-shirts. This makes you more real and accessible, less formal and more personal.

    I think it is refreshing and appropriate, especially in a blog format, and in this industry.

    And keep up the great work – I always view your weekly blog and appreciate the tips and advice and proven workable methods you are sharing with us all.


  9. Sheila Johnson

    A T-shirt is just fine. It makes you look more comfortable and me feel more comfortable while watching you.

  10. Tommy Cavness

    I am 56 years old,for 17 years i had to dress up every day.I think the t-shirt is great for the work at home person.So keep it up.

  11. Carol Amato

    Personally, I don’t care what you wear! lol Be yourself.

    Having said that, there may be “older” folks, from a different generation than you, that would take you more seriously if you wore a POLO shirt….(short-sleeved collared shirt, casual dress) ….not T-shirt, NOT dress shirt.

    There may be older folks that look at you as a “kid”, and may be swayed, who knows if they have attitude, “he’s not going to tell me what to do, look at him.”

    It makes no difference to me…it’s all good. πŸ™‚

  12. Carmela Moreno

    T-shirts are fine with me. Tells me that you are a down to earth person and you are not putting on any airs just to sell something. I have seen other businesses that state you must dress professionally just to give the impression that you are making money quickly when you haven’t even made a dime. It’s just a ploy to sucker people in. I feel very comfortable learning from you and I appreciate the fact that you do emphasize that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Thank you for your honesty.

  13. Ed Roche

    Hello Anthony,
    I think you should wear a button down once a year, you pick the day and don’t tell anyone, just do it as the saying goes. Put a little unpredictably in predictably. People will watch just to see if you have the button down on and at the same time we can be soaking up some very useful information.
    Food for thought. I be watching anyway.

    Thanks, Ed

  14. dontuey danley

    it really does matter as long as you true and sincere about what ever about what you say.but since a decision should be made I’ll have to go with the T-shirt

  15. Kevin E Sutton

    Keep it REAL!
    I’ve never consistently followed anyones advice, until I watched you on T.V, and ordered Your “Advertising Profits From Home”
    I havn’t gone throught the materials or set up my website yet, and it’s been many weeks, but I plan to.
    Your Honesty, and Sincerity comes through, no matter what You wear.
    Why change ?
    Dressing in a button shirt, is not who You are !
    Keep doing what You are doing, Your Personna is perfect, as the Normal Joe,

  16. Ron

    Continue to be yourself and wear a T-shirt, don’t wear a dress shirt and be someone that you are not.

  17. carolyn

    I think the t-shirt is fine. we are hear to learn how to make money – not how to dress.,

  18. Andrew Kukulya

    Anthony I say you be comfortable, wear what you want It’s your pc your using and my pc I’m using, and pc is personal computer. Oh wait pc is that supposed to be PC with capital letters. My opinion is yoU bE YOu aND i’lLBe mE. thanks AAK.

  19. Richard.

    Hi Anthony,

    I think that the tee-shirt is just fine. Maybe when you are older buttons may be better, but maybe not. Be confortable, you earned it.


  20. Ariann Childress

    I honestly like the relaxed look better. I see a suit and I have to say the appearance tells me “I’m only in this to take your money” type idea. So I say you should just stick with the T-shirt and be relaxed and continue doing what you’re doing. You’re great at! =) I know it looks more professional with the dress shirt, but I don’t run around in my best dress all day every day. I’m a mother of 3 kids, I work at a small consignment store doing home made craft and jewelry products for the store in my spare time and I feel more comfortable seeing someone talking to me who’s more down to earth! Not an up tight blue collar salesman. lol sorry I had to say it! Thank you for giving us all the chance to express how we see reality, and to me, it’s not being stuck behind a boring desk falling asleep over a dead end job. I do things that help me and keep me happy! Thanks Anthony!

    A. Childress

  21. Trisha Donaldson

    Anthony: Having “lived” in corporate America, I find it much more important to be who you are rather than to “dress a particular role”. It is what is in your heart, your willingness to help others to succeed that matters most to me. I suppose my answer is also influenced by the fact that I have met many in very expensive suits – that I learned quickly not to trust based on what they said vs. what they did. DO WHAT FEELS BEST TO YOU!!! Be comfortable – be real – and for you that seems to be a T-Shirt. Be Blessed – Trisha

  22. Linda Cress

    I think what you ware doesn’t matter as long as you are neat and clean. The main point is that you are teaching and if the people are interested they are interested in what you say not so much as to what you ware.

  23. Kevin Laffoon

    I always expected you to be in at least a dress shirt and even nice jeans, maybe a tie but not necessary. But it is an informal and I follow mainly to pickup on the tips and as long as you’re not in a strap tea shirt I guess its alright.

  24. Deb Herber

    We like your t-shirts better, Anthony. We want you to be comfortable and just focus on information presentation! πŸ˜‰

    Your personality is what draws us…..not your apparel. That’s where YOU have something over everyone ELSE! πŸ˜‰



  25. Pete Driscoll

    Somehow your appearance comes across as causual yet slovenly. It as if you don’t care about your appeance and as a result, your credibility is somewhat impuned or diminished. I think a step up to a neat collared shirt would somehow increase your appearance. No need for suits or ties or even blazers. On the other hand, maybe you should appear in a bland robe or toga as Socrates, Aristotle, Thomas Aquina or Ghandi or even Jesus did. No distractions only meaningful words and ideas. On the other hand ,it got Bin Laden a bullet in the head…hmmmm

  26. Scott Lindstrom

    Listen to the message not the messenger – Does MLM trainer Todd Falcone or Internet Guru Frank Kern wear a suite? … They produce dvd’s and videos in Beach shorts and tank tops.

    I think that in addition to what you wear you should produce videos at the moment of a breakthrough.. If you are at a hotel you should go down to to the pool turn on your recorder.. If you happen to be strolling thought the park take five minutes and share your a ha moment with the rest of us

    If you are on a plane when you have you note pad idea then share it…

    It’s really good to be able to listen to someone that does not sound rehearsed and natural

    Look forward to a live speaking event soon

    Scott Lindstrom
    Southern California
    760 605 6561

  27. Deb Herber

    We love your t-shirts, Anthony. It’s not what you wear, it’s your personality that draws us to your weekly blogs.
    That’s something that YOU have over anyone else.

    A suit, doesn’t make the “man” ….ya know!? πŸ˜‰



  28. Harry Sonke

    Professionally a tie is preferred, but Isn’t your target audience ordinary people who need to see that this can be done from the comfort of your own home? So I think, keep the tee shirt.

  29. Gabe

    After listening to your #65 Weekly Blog and the question posed, What Should I Wear?. Having been reading your Weekly Blog and observing your personality, your wearing has not caused me to change from the focus of your message. The ease at which you deliver the message is what matters. No repetition, straight forward delivery that catches the moment and catchy phrases that remain after the speech.
    If you think your appearance can make your followers change their perception about you, that will be a good influential strategy. Can you try that?. Different dressing designs, Shirts, Ties, Short sleeves, Long sleeves, different colors etc then ask us our views too.

  30. GotoGuy

    Stay with the T-Shirts, your on top doing what you wanted why sway to social stereo typing. You don’t need a Dress shirt when you’re a millionaire, you want to wear a dress shirt on your on the way to the top; any little advantage a long the way helps. My landlord is a millionaire many times over and when I deal with him he is always in dressed down clothes.

    T-shirt is my vote.

  31. Mary Erskine

    Hi Anthony,
    I think that wearing a t-shirt is just fine. I just started a little over a week ago and I think that everything you do is great. I have belonged to a few other groups, but they take you only so far. I think you are a very caring person and the way you teach everybody and give advise is outstanding. I haven’t made any money yet, but I’m not stopping. I know that it is going to take time and I know my time will come. Back to the t-shirt like I said whatever you feel like, but I think the t-shirt is just fine.

    God Bless You,

  32. Bill

    Dress shirt would be more appropriate in my opinion. I have nothing against your t shirts though.

  33. Joyce

    Be comfortable. Clothes will not make the information any different. Too many people have hang ups. People that have these hang ups basically are not willing to do anything except talk. Most are doing nothing to change their. life style. Most complaint about getting up in the morning.(smile) May God be with you.

  34. Jennifer Graham

    I think you should wear t-shirts because it would make you come down to our level connect w/ your audiance more than a dress shirt in my opinion. But either way this goes your doing a great job keep up the good work anthony.
    Thank You for all your support.

  35. Diane

    Hi Anthony, I work with a lot of young guys your age and they all are as casual as you when we work in the non public office. We did get feedback from our “public” and decided that polo type shirts and dress slacks worked best for us. Our sales force wear blazer jackets and ties with dress slacks when calling on clients.

  36. John Galik

    Wear the T-Shirt.
    It puts me in a relaxed mode.
    It is not what you wear but what you are presenting.

    I am still working with PMI on securring suppliers and moving on to the next step of developing my website. Progress is slow.

  37. Lisa

    Wear what you want! I like the T-shirts (they are comfortable). You could do it in your Birthday suit and someone would still have something to say! God doesn’t care how we come dressed in his presense at church, so why should I care what you present yourself to me in. COME AS YOU ARE! RIGHT?

  38. Philip Dudak

    Wear the tee shirt. It fits perfectly with your philosophy of working from anywhere and also your personality. You are comfortable with who you are and don’t need to dress to impress or be phony. You impress by just being you.

  39. Daphne Haskett

    Anthony, I just want to let you know I LOVE to see your blog each week with you in your casual clothes! You portray to me that you are comfortable with who you are, you are your own boss, you make all kinds of money and you can wear what you choose and feel ok with it! It by no means takes anything away from your professional advice in my eyes because I see you as someone down to earth just like me and so many others that watch your videos and you are successful regardless of what kind of clothes you wear. Your clothes had nothing to do with your success and I like to watch you and listen to you because I can see that you’re someone of character, someone that I feel is straight forward and someone that I feel is trustworthy and humble and that’s what attracted me to purchase your books on tv in the first place. I felt from the beginning that you were someone I could TRUST and that’s a BIG deal in my eyes. Not all but a LOT of the men in suits that I get to see in the working environment just show an extension of their arrogant narcissistic attitudes and I continually hear and see lies and deceit to customers and I don’t think it’s any way to do business much less any way to treat people as human beings. Are they successful? Well it depends on how you look at success. If it’s getting money by deceiving and saying you are going to do things for people that you out right know from the beginning you have no intention of doing and not respecting their feelings and emotions as human beings and you’ve made a lot of money over the years doing that – well then I guess you can consider that financial success but that’s not the definition in my eyes. Being honest to people, earning a living honestly, being a person of your word, doing what’s legal, honest and morally right and making money in the process… that’s my definition of success. (Now remember not all the men I know that wear suits are like what I mentioned above but what I’m telling you is……Anthony, WEAR YOUR T-SHIRTS – you have earned your right because of your success and being your own boss and you seem to be a person of good character and I trust what you say regardless of what you wear.

  40. Yvon Ethier

    You asked for comments about your dress mode.
    I am from the older crowd and think that a polo type dress shirt would be more appropriate for who you represent to me.
    But either way it will not affect me how you dress as far as my business is concerned.
    Thank you and have a great day.

    Yvon Ethier

  41. Jessica Ruiz

    Hello Anthony!

    You need to wear what you’re comfortable in. Part of your appeal (at least to me) is that you seem sincere and real. I think wearing a dress shirt looks very nice for special occasions, but keep it real for us. ; )

    BTW- Thank you for creating this program. I have one more site to build after I get this one going well (theres a ton of fixing to do yet) , then I can quit one of my jobs, make my childrens books and help my friend in opening her bachelorette party planning business!

    Thank you very much- This blog cracked me up!

  42. Timothy Davidson

    You know Anthony, why be what your not. You are just like I would be if I were a millionaire. You just would not be yourself doing your blogs in a suit. Just keep being you, thats what got you where you are today. KEEP THE T-SHIRT…

  43. Orlando

    Hello Anthony,
    Lets see how to address your question. T-shirt vs Dress shirt.
    Lets look at the scorecard.

    Anthony = Millionare
    My self = Not a millionare yet

    If I was learning a business from Donald Trump, I be donning on a Jacket white shirt and a red tie.

    Anthony if you want to wear a t-shirt, wear a t-shirt. That is my vote.

    Big ‘O’

  44. Bionogers David Santiago

    Anthony just continue to be yourself, the clothes do not make the man credible it is the man in the clothes that makes the clothes credible.

    It has been my experience as a manger that being confident and honestly believing in yourself and what you are promoting that gets people involved and motivated to follow your lead. I saw something in your infomercial and in the few videos I have watched so far that is genuine and with no dog and pony show and that makes me want to trust you. I only wish i had more money to be able to participate in more of your programs. So for now I will be taking the longer road but hopefully at the end I will be one of your BIGGEST success stories.

    In the end keep wearing your t-shirts and doing what you do! The only thing I look for each video is your passion and sincerity. By the way here is a story for you I had two friends both where insurance salesman Robin who dressed up in the best shirts and ties the other Rich used to pull up in his Mercedes and get out of the car wearing polo shirts, faded blue jeans and sneakers. Which one do you think made the most money? If you think Robin did you would be wrong. Rich actually made more because he was passionate about helping people and he came accross as an everyday guy very non threatening. again it isn’t your clothes that people believe in it is you and your message.

    B.David Santiago

  45. gol

    Don’t be disturb with what too put on your self.
    Content of Your presentation is only imported.
    T -shirt is VERY OK.
    This is Blog Only !



  47. LeRoy Shepard

    Hey Anthony,

    I’ve worked at several different jobs in my life including professional positions for multinational corporations that required a shirt and tie as standard office attire.The job I enjoyed the most was working at Sony testing PlayStation video games because the group of people I worked with were both tectonically educated and friendly. In that environment 95% of the group never wore anything but jeans and tee shirts. For me I think your casual office look is great it, I feel it makes your look like a genuinely approachable coworker a shirt and tie would be too much.

    P.S. I’m not going to put on a tie at the house to watch your videos hahahaha

  48. Maria L. Fay

    Being a gentleman and a good teacher, are the most important things to me. What you wear, as long as it’s clean and decent, doesn’t matter to me. I concentrate so much in your teaching that many times I don’t even notice what you’re wearing. Being a professional, comes out of your mouth and not your clothes, Anthony. You have a great weekend too!

  49. Laura

    I say, “Wear what you feel comfortable in (as long as it doesn’t look like you live on the streets). You look okay alright to me in your T-Shirt. I feel that if one wears what they are comfortable in then they are more likely to interact and be more confident in themselves. If you don’t feel comfortable in a suit than it will show in the way you present yourself.

  50. Evelyn Barron

    Hi Anthony, I think you are fine the way you are, I like that you said it’s about being personal w/us and not a show. If your heart is in the right place it will always show through. Thanks for all you do to help us, Evelyn

  51. Randy Thompson

    Who cares what you wear? I work my full time job from home and I am in shorts and T-shirt and I am responsible of millions of dollars of the company’s money. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. I own expensive suits but I hate to wear them. If I go out to dinner they better allow jeans.

    That is just me.

  52. Lil Mabry

    Yes, you could ware a button up shirt with a jacket and look more professional, but its more important to dress comfortable. Dressing comfortable makes you more productive. On the other hand if you are comfortable the way you dress, than just be it. Be you. I Have been listening to all your weekly blogs and have enjoyed learning alot from you.
    Don’t make abit of difference how you dress.

    Oh yea, I noticed you are waring a “New Orleans shirt”, try a Dallas Cowboy shirt ! just kidding! Have a pleasant day!

    Lil Mabry,

  53. Morgan Akridge

    I think you should continue being casual & relaxed by wearing t-shirts & shorts. I related more to you this way than if you were dressed up formally. Keep up the good work Anthony!

  54. Joyce Dade

    I think whatever you wear is perfectly fine. You are in a position to appear as you want to and that’s as it should be. You would look wonderful in anything and as far as what goes for appropriate, you are your own success story and employer.

    I think you should continue as you wish. If you choose to wear a shirt and jacket once in a while, that would be fine too.

    When you are older a more corporate look may or may not appeal to you and your audience. You are beautiful and generous and make a great appearance, shirt, T-shirt or no shirt. It’s all great!

  55. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    I think the T Shirt is distinctive. If you would like to possibly impress a few people, you may think about wearing a sport coat with button up shirt and possibly even a tie once a quarter or some designated time.

    James Magee

  56. Margaret Robinson

    Anthony, I like the t-shirt better because it makes you more approachable. The first time I saw you on here, your story about your parents and the t-shirt made me feel like you are part of my family and vice versa. The guys who dress up in suits and show their fancy houses do not make me feel like I can do what they are doing. You have to start lower and work yourself up in the business. I VOTE FOR THE T-SHIRT

  57. Gary Giles

    Well I have to admit I have an initial reaction to the laid back look. But I always get over it almost immediately. After all I’m sitting here working on my site in old jeans and a T-shirt and it is one of the things I like most about being in a business where I don’t have to dress up for someone who probably doesn’t even know to do what I do. So wear the T-shirt.

  58. Laura

    I like the causualness of the T-Shirt. I like to see what they say. T-Shirts tell a story of where you have been.

    Keep the T

  59. Ron Sobota

    Hi Anthony,
    From the older set like me (I am 70), the opinion is dress for the occasion. When you are teaching, like on this blog, dressing casual with a T-Shirt puts emphasis on WHAT you are teaching and NOT on how you look. In fact, the casual T-Shirt gives credibility to the fact that you have “made it” in your endeavor. I mainly pay attention to what you present and not how you look–because I seem to have come to “know” you. Otherwise, on your TV commercials, etc., a more dressy approach would be best. My two cents. Ron Sobota 052011

  60. Jegajothy

    Like back home in Malaysia in a court case, when the Prosecutor took to task the defendant’s attorney who was a Muslim but failed to wear his traditional headgear. The judge responded it is not what he wears on his head that counts but what is inside it that matters.
    Now that I have your attention, it is what u say that matters that counts and not what u wear. U could even wear a singlet for all that matters. Or try bear top half only.

  61. Kamren Smith

    Hey whats goin on Anthony, my name is Kamren i am an 18 year old kid about to graduate and working a 48hr a week job at a hotel. I no this is not my future here but it is something that makes me money and thants what need right now. I am living on my own now and things are tough. I bought your book and waiting for it to come in the mail now. I am very excited to recieve it and get started creating my own bussiness online and hopefully secure myself in the future doing so. That said I think you should keep the t shirt its better for the weekly blogs and it lets the viewers know that you are a regular guy who is out there trying to help. Thank you for everything

  62. Cathy

    Don’t change! You are who you are.
    I look forward not only to listening to your advice but your t-shirts are also inspiring.
    If I am going to start an in-home business, I am not going to wear heels and a business suit every day in my home.
    My brain does not need to be dressed up to think or become successful.
    Thanks for your blogs.

  63. Lydia

    You should continue to wear T-shirts on weekly blog. It makes me feel comfortable and confident in your abilities to teach me how to accomplish my own goals for success. KEEP WEARING T-SHIRTS!

  64. Kathy Braschler

    Hey Anthony,

    I think you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. You’ve always been wearing your t-shirts and should continue to do so. It makes you look less intimidating. A shirt and tie are great at a wedding or funeral, but are really not necessary for your weekly blog. When you go in to talk to the bankers when you are ready to sell, then you should wear your shirt and tie ;).


  65. Dick Belair

    A friend of mine, an architect, was asked to show his proposal for a new auditorium at a nudist colony. This is true! They wanted him to speak in front of all of their constituents being that the majority of them were part owners in the complex. They told him that he would likely feel uncomfortable if he had his clothes on while speaking in front of a completely nude audience. He disagreed and was shy about having to do so but relented anyway and removed his clothes before approaching the podium. You know what they say about imagining the audience being nude to cut down on your own stage fright…well, anyway, the way he saw it was still stranger yet. He did not finish the proposal before the evening ended and was asked to take a break for supper and then continue giving the talk later. Everyone was instructed that it would be cooler and therefore they all might want to wear something to keep them warm after dark. He then put on his regular street clothes for the continuing portion of his talk and was quite surprised when going to the podium. While everyone was nude, during his first part of the presentation,he found he did not judge them. However, during the later portion of his speech, when it was cooler outside, he noticed that his audience was all dressed in a different fashion. Many came back to the open auditorium with regular underwear and T-shirts while some women had bras that were bras with holes cut out for the nipples and even some men and women were wearing crotchless underwear. Then, though, was the time when he found he was judgmental about not only the clothes they were wearing, but also about the person. He realized that he was less judgmental when they returned for the second part of the presentation then during the time when they were nude. That is a true story and although they say “the clothes make the person,” in some cases… My vote is for the T-shirt.

  66. Mike Laventure

    Anthony, I am brand new to all of this. This is day 3 for me, but what i like about you is that seeing you in a t-shirt makes me feel like i can relate to you. I’m not sitting here in a suit listening to you. You do what you’ve got to do when the situation calls for it. You don’t need a suit or button down or tie to get my attention!


  67. Robert Fulgham

    I’m like you, I prefer shorts/t-shirt/flip flops for my daily wear…it’s what I’m most comfortable in. However, I don’t want my customers or potential customers to see me dressed that way unless they realized that I was “off work”. It doesn’t change my level of expertise, knowledge or ability to do my job to the best of my ability and provide my customer with the quality and value he expects. But It’s just TOO casual and it communicates something less positive – like it or not. And one little mistake and one comes off appearing cheap, non-professional and con-artist. Don’t put on a suit, but a polo or button down works. You could still wear shorts and we’d never know πŸ™‚

  68. Shirley Wommack

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to see you dress more professional. It sends a message that you care about your appearance when you are meeting with us. You are dressing for the occassion. It doesn’t have to be formal just more up scale.

    You might want to create a great shirt logo to wear, for example… Ralph Lauren. polo horse. Once your have a logo, put your logo on a great polo shirt or button down collar shirt that becomes recognizable by all of us. “Winning” with AM. You could give them as a gift to those that reach a goal.

    Shirley Wommack

  69. joy

    I feel much more comfortable seeing you, hearing you doing your blog wearing your T-shirt. I feel at ease, I focus more and I don’t feel intimidated . You are so natural, I really feel the energy that you want to share what you learned to us so we could succeed in our goals with your help. Please continue wearing you T-Shirt while doing the BLOG. Let’s just say it is our special moment with you during your very busy schedule.

  70. Gary Seley

    I don’t think it matters what you wear it is more about the content of the Blog. I am a former business owner, I was never about what I wore but how I treated my customers and my team.
    Wear what is comfortable and deliver the information in an effective way.

  71. Fred Thompson

    Good afternoon AnthonY
    I have seen more presentations than I care to remember, however I appreciate them now because I have a excellent range to guage them by. Personally I prefer the T-SHIRT because it puts us on a one on one frame of mind, I think casual dress makes you far less formal in your presentation. Please do not change this I think I am more relaxed and retain more of the info. you relay under the exixting circumstances.
    Thanks for the great job and keep it up.
    Fred Thompson



  73. dean reese

    stay in the t-shirt, your more comfortable, and that’s why you work from home, so you don’t have to deal with all those people who judge everything with material outlooks, that’s not what life is all about, what clothes you wear or how you look. you have the right idea of helping people and sharing knowledge, which is an excellent way to think. just think what this world would be like if everybody thought the way you and I do!! your a cool dude Anthony, Take Care, Deano

  74. Jim Malley

    Hi Anthony,
    You’re right on track the way you are. It’s more real to be yourself than to pretend to be somebody else, whatever that persona might be. I’m more suspicious of a person dressed to the gills anyway. I always feel like I being sold something for that person rather than finding help and guidance for myself.
    I’m a full time elementary school teacher (25 years) and own and coach my own USA Swim team here in San Jose, California. Unfortunately, I have difficulty keeping up with you. I haven’t initiated my free website yet because I don’t feel comfortable putting in my social security number or business Tax ID number. Nothing personaL, but it’s difficult who to trust, not that you appear untrustworthiness. I’m 65 years young and I can’t afford any screw ups. The Great Recession has created a big enough money hurt as it is. That’s why I began looking at you and what you are presenting to help people become financially secure, what I need to do. I’m tried of trying to keep up monthly with finances and falling behind. I’ve worked with people all my life and you appear to be a genuine person who had had a difficult situation to work yourself and your family out of. The only reason I’m not in my classroom today and have the time to compose this message to you is that I have a High School championship swim meet to attend today and took the day off from school. So usually I’m very tied up for extra time. I guess what I’m saying is that I need to know where to begin and to try to find the time to work on this business.

  75. Phil Whiting

    Hey Anthony, I think you should wear whatever you are comfortable with and since you can only be seen from the waist up, even do it naked if you want.

  76. John Hervan

    I think being in a T-Shirt is more appropriate. It kind of drives home the Idea of working from home, being your own boss, and being able to go to work in whatever attire you want. Just please just don’t do it in a ROBE and slippers.
    Thanks for everything,
    John Herven

  77. Daniel Reardon

    I’m an old guy who wore a shirt and tie most of my life and was taught it was impolite to go to a meeting or talk to a group unless you are dressed as the the best dressed person in the room.
    In my opinion, you should wear what ever makes you comfortable. I’m not looking at your clothing, I want to hear what you have to say that will help me to succed. If your thinking about if your tie looks good it will distract from your message.

  78. Kathy

    I say, where your t-shirt. You should be yourself and what you are most comfortable with. In doing so, you will be more confident and this will carry through in your message.

  79. Sharon Howell

    I feel as long as your T-Shirt is not vulgar or provocative, which could cause us to be distracted by it! Whats wrong with you wearing it… I am listening to what you are saying, focusing on your words & taking notes, so I can learn more & more!!! Not focusing on your t-shirt… The way you are “accually helps me feel relaxed to learn.” πŸ™‚ Most of us are tired of having to dress up to go to work. There are times when it’s needed & very appropriate. I say just make us feel you truly care, that helps us alot… And I feel You do just that!!! Thank You, for taking time to listen to our opinions… Sharon

  80. Beverly Joberg

    T Shirt Most people communicate best when they are relaxed. Be you

  81. Pat Safia

    Just keep wearing t-shirts. That is YOUR style>

  82. Charlene Ballester

    Anthony, Whatever you wear has no sway one way or the other with me. I really enjoy your Weekly Blogs and your t-shirts are fun! If you started wearing a suit now, you would be “trying too hard” to impress. I don’t think you need to impress anyone. I like your kicked-back look. It’s very friendly. Keep up the good work. You’re great.

  83. tinawaldrop

    be comfortable, have fun,relax and show us what you came here to show us.That’s it, no funny business ,be your self and have fun ..Save the bandstanding for when you have a band:)

  84. Aaron Cole

    Hi Anthony, Personally I like the relaxed look you have. In my opinion the dress doesn’t matter as much as the message and how you deliver it. Your attire will have a positve effect or adverse one on each listener depending on their personal taste. I’ll bet your survey today will tell you how many is on one side or the other. Your simple explanation and kind demenor would seam to go a long way toward positive results. Thanks for taking our comments. Aaron.

  85. Charlene Ballester

    Wear your t-shirts. I like the kicked-back look. It’s very friendly.

  86. Beatriz

    it is better you wear Dresss shirts much for you , and you looking better specially do your speach on your Blog.

  87. michelle

    Be comfortable…it doesn’t matter to me what you wear lol I think it is about your info not your attire but I am more a casual person than not.

  88. Darlene

    Hi Anthony –

    The T-shirt is fine. It makes you seem more down-to-earth. You don’t need a dress shirt to be taken seriously. Your success speaks for itself. Thanks for all the great info!

  89. Kell

    To either way is fine. I am judging u based on what you r saying & presentation then how u dress. And I am 63.
    However a lot of people assess whether to listen & accept what you are saying by how u present yourself. I not your typical person but who looks deeper than the surface for value.
    But unfortunately there r still many who judge the value of a person by their appearance. But I think more people coming out of university these days are accepting a casual dress down in the work Place.
    For instance they have casual day on Fridays in many businesses.
    Generally you gauge your presentation to the audience -the younger -dress down. The Older – more traditional dress.
    I might do in-between. No tie. White dress shirt & dress pants. With or without a jacket. Sometimes a jacket adds flare & some of your audience r woman like that.
    Definitely No Tie !
    Like I said dress is superficial to me, however people r programmed on a sublevel which needs to b bypassed before u can make contact with them.

  90. James Riggs

    Why do you need to be like the rest is not this the thing that sets up apart?

    Some times I do not trust those in the big suits, PLAYING the roll of I want to be imporant so I must try to look the part.

    I know rich people who dress jus like how you are wearing dont stop.

  91. Bradd Lasch

    T-Shirt .. works for me because this is a casual approach. Conversational, informal. Like working at home. It’s a new day. Dress shirt is more formal, stuffy.

    Thanks for asking.



  92. Ian Creighton

    Hi Anthony

    I have not set up my website yet as I just received your books and dvd’s yesterday.

    In response to your question,”what should I wear,” I feel it is nice to be comfortable and layed back and oneself when interacting with friends, and family in a casual setting. My take is that it might be more effective/professional (looking) if you were to wear either a dress shirt or maybe even a short sleeve collared polo shirt. Smart casual will probably meet viewers and yourself half way. the reason I am saying this is that we newcomers are still getting to know you. The shirt is not going to give you more intelligence it is just that it is perceived that a person of your staure and success would wear a shirt that would be acceptable in many restaurants, clubs or places where there is a dress code. Usually smart casual is where one cannot go wrong in the day time. I think an option that will be most suitable will be a short sleeve collared polo shirt. Most of us here in Florida are very used to this form of business attire.

    It is amazing how perception can influence someone’s first opinion.

    Thanks for the blog.

    Best wishes

    P.s. my golden retriever Savannah doesn’t care what you wear!!!! she is only interested in a friendly person with a good heart and soul.

  93. Shirlan Rymer

    Casual is just fine with me. It’s the content of the blog and the useful information you give that’s most important for improving anyone’s web exposure. I’ve worked in the corporate world for many years, and truth be known, most folks wish they could dress casual all the time, making them feel more like themselves dealing with imporant issues, not worrying what dress or shirt and tie to wear.
    So, Andrew, go with the T-shirt if you’re comfortable with it.

  94. annette lowe

    Interesting that you would ask. Clothing is not one of the first things that make an impression with me.
    As a teenager I remember my dad (an extremely successful business man) asking who would like to go out to eat. He would get in the car and almost without fail I would go to join him and he would tell me you are not going with me dressed like that. Usually, I had forgotten to change out of my tennis shoes. I am 49 and to this day I still wear tennis shoes everywhere. It is who I am.
    I know the ‘world’ teaches to dress for sucess, but I think for every person out there that might be put off by t-shirts for a ‘business’ meeting another person may equally be put off by the ‘airs’ of business attire. You will never please everyone.
    Ask yourself, what is your genre. One of the pluses you advertise for e-commerce is that you can run your business in P.J.s and who is to know. That is attractive to many people.
    You are successful and have the freedom to be true to yourself. Enjoy it!

  95. Buzz Provost

    Your T shirt is becoming your signature. Really it’s not what you wear but what you teach. I’m a laid back guy. I wear t’s all the time except Sunday for Church and then maybe a button shirt but most Sundays just a collared pull over. You will find me at home in a T and shorts and barefoot year round. (I’m in Florida)

    Keep up the good works.
    PS doesn’tn’t matter what you wear as long you wear something. It matters what you teach.

  96. Lisha Murnane

    I so think you should keep wearing the T-shirts. You make me feel totally comfortable when you are in casual wear!!!!! Makes me feel like you are just like me – a normal person. πŸ˜‰ A person I can so believe in. πŸ™‚

  97. Antonia Wijte

    YOUR CHOICE!!! Since you have been teaching and inspiring so many people how to start a business and make money from home, your

  98. Tina


  99. Akila

    It would be nice if you wear a dress shirt…
    Because people who work from home don’t get a chance to meet professionals. However, if they get to see them on blog / videos professionally dressed it motivates them and generates a feel good factor which drives them to work better and think better…
    Everything is in mind. This is my opinion……


  100. MoniqueSuzzette

    I can’t find ANYTHING I would change about your presentation or the way you dress.
    I would be upset if you changed anything. You’re simply adorable!
    I can’t imagine wearing anything other than my t-shirts, tennies, and shorts/blue jeans.
    Be who you are and don’t pay attention to the haters.

  101. Duc Le

    If this is a profession bussiness I think you should wear dress shirt, like you said if you are dealing just me is doesn’t matter what you are wearing.

  102. Antonia Wijte


    Since you have been teaching and inspiring so many people on how to start a business and make money from home, your “at home” and “in my own domain” attire would absolutely be the most appropriate. Quite frankly, it has inspired us to do what you suggest we can do.

    Thank you, Tonny (Antonia) Wijte

  103. IDA KACSO

    Hi Anthony!

    A shirt doesn’t make people smarter.You are just fine in a T-shirt….,and
    to be honest with you I like you more in T-shirt than I would in a suit.
    What is matter to me is your honesty and kindeness.

  104. James Wallace

    I just say wear the cover you want. I judge the book by the content. Just always bring your best content to the weekly blog.
    That’s it

  105. David Garrett

    You’ve made millions just being you. Why change now? If you change your appearence, people will know you just doing it to conform. Wear what you feal is right for you. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  106. Sam

    To me, it does not matter what you are wearing. I think what you teach is the more important than your outfit. I know you are smart and have a common sense to when to dress up and down. πŸ™‚ I would assume you won’t be wearing the t-shirt and short pants if you are on TV being interviewed about your business or meeting with the president. As I said you have every right to wear whatever you want on your blog. I think many people like you, incl. me about how you are so real and down to earch, so I encourage you to wear whatever you want and look forward to learning from you. Oh, if there are things I wrote that were not clear to you, I do apologize. English is not my native tongue, as I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Well, hope you have a great day ! Keep up the good work!

  107. Selina K. Faircrest

    I really appreciate it when you wear a t-shirt. I find it very comforting when I see someone as successful as you wearing what you feel comfortable in. I have listened to people who wear other types of dress shirts, and frankly it’s a turn-off because it’s so prevalent, and many times I get the impression they really don’t feel that comfortable regarding what they are wearing. I would rather listen to you in a t-shirt and would not want to change your style at all. Thank you for being an inspiration and all of your help and guidance. It really means a lot.

  108. Pete Bollino

    absolutly keep being yourself & wearing what you normally wear.
    If I see you appear in a custom suit, i’ll probably stop the video becuase
    I know i going to need my credit card.
    keep the weekly video’s comming i really do enjoy them and look foward
    to them. thanks

  109. Dwight R

    Hey Anthony,
    Dwight R here. I’m 65 and trying very hard to supplement my retirement income. So far I’ve managed to spend thousands of dollars on the web with zero results. I finally gave up on trying to make money from home and managed to find a part time job for $10/hr. BUT, I’m retired, old and tire out easily. One night after working 9 hrs. at my part time job I got home and plopped down on the couch for a little relaxation as I was exhausted. You happened to be on the TV and were talking about your book, The Hidden Millionaire. You managed to capture my attention and I ordered your book right after the program. I’ve had your materials for about three weeks now and I get the feeling that I am finally hooked up with some one and something that works, Thank you.
    I’m just getting started but each day I look forward to getting your emails and to your weekly blog. From my perspective, you have earned the right to wear anything you want on your blog. You have proved that you know what you are talking about and who cares what you are wearing? If my thinking is so small that you must wear a coat and tie or proper business attire to talk to me from your blog, then it is me that has a problem, not you. It’s your life, wear it like you want to and God Bless you for being concerned with what others think, BUT don’t let “them” decide how you are going to dress. Let “them” judge you by your words and actions – I did. My first impression of you is that you have a strong desire to help other people help themselves, and Anthony, God Bless you that. I very much look forward to working with you through your programs and am very thankful that you will be there to help me along as I need it. God Bless you, Dwight R.

  110. Mitch Anderson

    Hey Anthony!
    T-shirt is fine for us, but DO dress up when your audience might have a majority of people who have yet to make a decision. Many of them are taking EVERYTHING in, and while you can look “fake” by wearing a $10,000 suit and pulling up in a Rolls Royce, you can underdress, and look like your own techniques don’t make you enough money to afford nice clothes….
    I like your T-shirts! Several times I have been tempted to ask where you got them….lol


  111. Joey Adamson

    Anthony, thanks for being who you are. It doesn’t whether you wear that or not. You are successful, and helping others be successful. You satisfy the 3-keys to success. God Bless!

  112. Michelle Busch

    You should wear a T shirt. My opinion: People will take you seriously by your words, actions, and how you live your life. It seems a T-shirt is what you are most comfortable in and where you are in “your zone”. Keep it up. Your great!

  113. joey amezquita

    stick with the shirt anthony………but lose the beard..
    i love and admire your casual style….your sucess speaks for itself……..and dont worry about looking older
    with that beard…i think….sucess at your age is outstanding…..your friend joey

  114. Ron

    I think personally that if the content is rich the attire doesn’t matter unless it is offensive in some way..Keep the content coming and wear what you like.

  115. Joy B.

    I am a Senior Citizen so you may think I want you to dress up in a nice dress shirt, perhaps a tie, and maybe even a suit jacket. Wrong! Even though I have not met you, (I have met your brother at a seminar in Tampa, FL} since this is a weekly personal friendly help type blog, I feel you should just be you and keep on dressing in your nice T shirts. I hope I have helped you with what you should wear for your next week’s blog!

  116. Linda Hall

    Dress the way you feel, I would rather see you comfortable, and being yourself. I don’t like repetition so please change it up, no dress shirt please, but make sure you where a clean, different T-shirt or any other kind of shirt you wish to where, but no dress shirt. I am would like to know what’s up with your nose though? Not to be nosey, no pun intended but it drew attention away from what you where wearing. So it really doesn’t matter what you are wearing!

  117. Jack Connell


    I think you should wear whatever you feel like wearing. After all, as you mentioned it is your website and your blog. What you might want to do is get one of those tee shirts that is a tuxedo print and wear that. I think it would be pretty funny. I have one that I wear from time to time and people seem to get a chuckle out of it where ever I go. It even has a rose print on the fake pocket.

  118. Travis Dziema

    On one hand I think a nice pair of jeans and a polo shirt would be nice but on the other hand, your dress now show how you are just an average person doing what you love to do. So I am not sure how I would want you to dress but the main point to think about is getting your message across. Is your message helping and making a difference in peoples lives? It is helping me so why change what works. If it isnt broke, dont fix it.

  119. Dave Goldstein

    Do what makes you feel most comfortable, Anthony! Speaking extemporaneously is your strong suite (among others!)

    — Dave

  120. Linda Hall

    I like the T-Shirt’s, don’t like dress shirts. Just make sure they are clean, with no profanities on them.

  121. Bill H

    I think you should continue wearing the t-shirt because that is who you are, the honest representation.Wearing a dress shirt, for you, would appear phony. As you said, the blog is a personal “conversation” and not a formal event. Even if you wear a dress shirt, like others, it will not matter. Players on a team dress the same, but the most talented still stand out from the rest. I watch for the content value you provide, not for your fashion.

  122. Al Hoffmann

    T-shirt works for me, but your dress isn’t as important as your message and your attitude. Dressing it up might come across more professional, but might also look like you’re trying to sell something. I like the casual look, but more importantly the helpful attitude. I enjoy your blogs. Thanks for all your information!

  123. Pat Di Cioccio

    Be who you are. Seeing you in a t-shirt helps me visualize doing this business in a more relaxed environment.

  124. Ruth Odell

    I wouldn:t miss your blog each week. You are most appropiate dressing the way you feel comfortable. I am interested in your message and am not interested in your dress.Your are perfect the way you are. Have a good day.


  125. Della Chavez

    What you wear doesn’t matter. What you say is what is important.

  126. Sandy Rayner



    I say wear the T-Shirt, go for confort.


  127. Lowell K

    I’m a t-shirt and shorts/jeans guy myself. So it feels like I’m interacting with someone who’s just like me. I vote for the T! Just be be casz, don’t stress it :D.

  128. Sandy Rayner



    I say wear the T-Shirt, go for comfort.


  129. Vic Angelo

    Tee Shirt. Def. If what it takes for someone to get started is for you to dress more professionally, they’re not in it for the right reason. Probably won’t be successful in the long run.

  130. Karen brown

    u can wear t-shirt thats what u been wearing but it’s really up to you long as pople keep listening to what u say huh

  131. NaryEllen Stewart

    Stick with the t-shirt. I’ve often wondered how men can stand to wear those shirts and ties so tight around their necks. Be comfortable. Be who you are.

  132. Carolyn Heck-Derton


    Wear your T-shirts!!! You look and sound comfortable. That makes your
    audience relaxd and LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mission Accomplished Good Job.

    Best wishes,

  133. David Neville

    Anthony!!! You should not change anything about you appearence, as long as you are giving you clients what they are looking for and teaching them how to generate income that all matter. As a matter of facts I like the way you look in your T- Shirt, it says everything about who you are. When I saw and heard you on Television, I knew then you were the real deal.I truly respect you for being the caring person you are, Believe this, you are on a mission from God, To help God hurting children that how I see Anthony Morrison.

  134. Kathleen Magill


    If I’m going to be comfortable when I’m here at home working why shouldn’t you. Please stay comfortable and be yourself, I enjoy trying to figure out what your T-Shirts say.

  135. Tom McKee

    Keep it real Anthony. I am a semi-retired 35 year veteran of the high tech industry. In all those years, we had to follow the corporate dress code with coats and ties. Now that I am working with Web advertising and building my own business, it is a treat to dress like I have always wanted to. T-shirts are just fine.

    Way to go!

  136. Jim Noon


    I have found that costuming, or what you wear, can be very important.

    If one dresses like a hero, Superman or a jedi knight, at a Halloween party, people will open doors, smile, part a way for you to walk, even bring you food, if one chooses to dress otherwise one is treated differently.

    In the ancient Greek and Roman culturers slaves had long hair and beards because only the citizens could afford to be well groomed. In our current time people who are well groomeed but have long heair and a beard are assumed to be free to live as they wish, while well groomed people with short hair are known to be working for “the man” or in the military taking orders from above.

    We dress up to go to church to show respect to the god we worship, hopefully not just to show off in front of the rest of the congregation.

    That being said – Since you have set the precedent of being causual at home, a goal many of us hope to achieve, I recommend you continue with the T shirts.

    I know you do not want advertising on these blogs, but putting the weekly blog topic, “been on live lagtely”?, or something along the lines of a game that can be played by those of us watching your weekly blogs might be fun to have senciled on your T shirt.

    Thank you for helping us start this interesting and exciting adventure.

    Jim Noon

    [email protected]

    1758 E. 2nd St., Suite 104
    Long Beach, CA 90802-5984

  137. Shannon Kauffman

    Anthony. Please keep being you with the T-Shirt. This also shows
    I don’t have to change from being me.(western wear). Thanks for
    being the caring person you are.

  138. Bonnie

    What ever you want and is comfortable within reason of course….

    It make you one of us that works from home.

    Most of the time when I go to work I am still in my nightcloths…Of course I would not do a video in that but any how…

  139. Ramon-DC

    Mr. Anthony, I remember one thing you said to me, do not allow yourself to become distracted. So, Anthony do not allow anyone distract you.
    I found though when I dressed in a suit and tie, it got everyone’s attention.
    All and all you never let them see you sweat.

    You are the teacher, dress the way you want!

  140. Edgar Soler

    wear what makes you comfortable, if it is a t-shirt then that is fine, i pay attention to what you have to say,not how you look on these video’s.

  141. Ofaileysr

    The taught have cross my mind in passing . But for different reason I was most curious about where dose you buy your T-shirt. But check this out,I like when you wear them the color act as my land mark when I review your blog later in the months I getting the information that you present to me each time no mater what you are wearing . However I can see why some may fine this hard due to who you are.I see a generation gap between the age group of the people in our community who all have the same great interest an value in the information you have for us. But see you as the Google generation when you ware T-shirt. And the other group would love to see you as Ward Cleaver, The Beaver Father who wear suite and tie.If this is a vote I say the T-shirt stay. Because when one travel and do the things that you do if you can find a way to get comfortable and relax, and still help other I say yes more bower to you.

  142. Sonia Talavera

    Wear what makes you comfortable. Your message is much more important!

  143. Patricia C

    I personally like a dress shirt and a tie, nicer with a suit jacket, but it’s whatever you feel comfortable with. I think men in uniform look great, (kinda sexy), I see a suit close to a uniform; short hair, no bread, no mustache to complete it, that’s my opinion.

  144. Lawrence Doering

    Anthony, I sincerely believe that you should wear whatever you are comfortable in. It is your blog or website, so, just be you!

  145. Steven Surace

    I just started with affiliated marketing.I am so excited and eager to soak up any information that you supply. If you feel more comfortable in a T-shirt, then wear it. I will be listening more to the content of your lesson, than concerning myself with the dress code. Be yourself, it got you this far, no need to change now.

  146. Fred Jordan

    Either or is fine with me. Like you said Im just being me. I walked into my studio with shorts, flops, and a tee shirt and did the weekly blog. That living to me and it’s a casual laid back approach. You still are generating success to me. You have worked hard to have this choice with a lot of confidence.

  147. Carmen Winkler

    Anthony: Wear whatever you please. It is what you say or are telling us that really matters, not how well dressed or beautiful you are. You are very good at what you do.


  148. Wayne Vance

    Anthony I’am a tee shirt kind of guy myself I would not have given it a second thought had you not talked about it. You look quite relaxed doing so. However I guess you have to ask yourself how thats working for you? It just keeps me as relaxed as you look. I say just keep on keeping on my friend. Two thumbs up!!

  149. Wayne

    You should wear what ever makes you feel comfortable. You don’t have a business or Boss telling you what you have to wear while at work. Thats why you work form home, not to have anyone tell you what you need or have to wear.

  150. willie mann

    i thank you can wear what you want to. you look confortble now
    you make me feel like you. i am happy talk to you i am ok now.

  151. Louise Estes

    Anthony, I say keep wearing what is comfortable for you. I don’t think it has affected the number of people who sign up for your program. And like everyone is saying, that’s what we all aspire to do, work at home in casual attire. I enjoy your blogs and look forward to being one of your success stories.

  152. Valley

    I think it’s important to be comfortable. That’s one of the first thing that I noticed and admire about you when I first started viewing your videos.You always look at ease and comfortable and it makes us, your audiance, feel comfortable as well. I know wearing a dress shirt is more professional, but it can sometimes be intimidating and might give some people the impression that we might be going over our head especially with so much information to absorb.We all know you are knowledgeable and experienced. There is no need to dress to impress.

  153. james servio

    Sorry Anthony no ands ifs or buts the least attire is shirt jacket no tie end of story.

  154. Ladiana

    A T-shirt is fine, but I do have to say that I find myself distracted and making an effort to figure out the design and whether or not you are trying to make some kind of statement with it. I think you would look very kewl in a short sleeve collared polo shirt. Okay…that’s my 2 cents. Thanks for asking. πŸ™‚

  155. Tony Gemme

    what ever feels comfortable for you is fine! some people get to tied up in clothes and forget the main point, which is to make money !! If I were a millionair I would want to be comfortable and wear casual clothes. Thats the whole point of getting rich is to be able to do what you want to do !! Don’t let the other people influence you to do something you don’t want to do !! Just be yourself !!!1

  156. Lori Brady

    Continue to wear your T-shirt because that is YOU!!! If people would pay closer attention to you if you wore a button down shirt then they are not truely listening to you!! Do not change who you are.

  157. Grace Moodie

    This is the first time I have ever commented on any website. I would like to say that I have learned more from you than any other person on the internet. I have listened to videos, read reports, ebooks, and whatever I could get my hands on. There is a sincerity about you that really draws me to you. I feel like I can trust the information that you teach me. At this point, I am motivated to learn everything I can about affiliate marketing. When I watch you on your weekly blogs, it keeps me moving forward a little step at a time. I cannot thank you enough for being REAL! I don’t know who told you to look more professional, but I will tell you that would not make you more sincere. More professional maybe, but that’s not important. What you are doing to inspire people is way more important. I know that I can learn how to do this and be successful. It is a God-given talent and you should be very proud of yourself. I would listen to you even if you were standing there in a t-shirt and boxers. Thank you for not being like the rest of those gurus. I give you a thumbs up to wear whatever makes you happy. You have a great day!

  158. Regina

    I really think that you should wear something comfortable, bright colored, but not one with writing or images on it. I am interested in what you have to say, but I am more likely to look at someone who’s dressed to catch my eye and brighter colors do that . Only my opinion. See you later. Regina

  159. Paul Schall

    T-shirt is fine on your Blog but it should not be full of slogans,ads etc.a white dress shirt one button open with jeans is a great casual look–your casual all the time-its good that way.

  160. Thomas c

    Hey,Anthony you are doing this blog from the Comfort of your home which is a very good thing, thats the life I always wanted to live,you can even have your Blogs in your Pajamas if its seems fitting to you this is a matter of choice ,you follow your conviction ., Thank you

  161. Luz Mercado

    Wearing the t-shirts is just fine because you are informal and you are comfortabel I orefer the t-shirt

  162. velma hall

    Anthony, When u come into my living room , I want u to be comfortable. U seem like one of my grandsons and I like them to be comfortable . What u wear looks great. U always look great, so wear what u want. T shirts are fine. What u say is what is important. Velma Hall

  163. Christy Plett

    T-Shirt is fine. makes me feel like i fit in better. and… i like the beard!!!

  164. Lori Pedigo

    I like the t-shirt. It is relaxed and provides a no stress environment. When I work from home I don’t dress up. The dress shirt idea isn’t the nature of what your are trying to do, so I don’t believe the situation calls for it.

  165. Beverly Martin

    Your T-shirt does not distort your message. Keep wearing your T-shirt.

  166. Frances

    I think you should wear something like a polo shirt or whatever is popular for young men that conveys a relaxed look other than a T-Shirt. It gives a nice appearance with being stuffy!

  167. Aletha Smith-Forsythe

    I love the t-shirt look. That is you being at ease with your teachings. I love the way you present the information and you should be comfortable. So, stay with the t-shirts and flip flops, and thanks for the info.

  168. Rita

    I like the casual “make it real approach” T-shirts might be a bit too casual for some. You could do a T shirt with a jacket… as far as the shorts. No one would ever know. that way you please both sides.

  169. Carl

    Get yourself a t shirt with a shirt, jacket, tie or bow tie printed on it. You could get a couple have a clean one ready when ” It’s time to do the weekly again” This week maybe I’ll askum what shorts I should wear?

  170. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,,LOL !! This is so cool. I must tell you that it does not matter to me what you are wearing on your weekly blog videos. I’m just glad that you are doing the weekly blog videos. Thanks,,You Da Man !

  171. Kaiesha

    Hi Anthony
    I say T-Shirt, because for me it makes what your saying more believable more real, more possible to achieve my goal.

  172. David Kirchner

    I think you should wear T-shirts. I’m a T-shirt person, so I personally feel more comfortable, if you’re looking comfortable. It gives a person like myself a better feeling about being able to succeed at this affiliate marketing business.

    Thanks for all your help.

  173. Reva Beu

    T.Shirt Ok….More interested in your message than what you are wearing.

  174. Keith Dansie

    Just be you and keep helping us understand how to make money. I only want to understand how to make money like you do without changing how I am. So just keep teaching and wearing what ever you like.

  175. Domingo Flores

    Hey Anthony personal I think a dres shirt is apporpiate but when is comes from you wearing casual clothes it really says something makes it seem more real than someone wearing a dress shirt. I in my opinion think you should stay as usual in your casual clothing cause it really says who and what kind of person you are.

  176. Katie Figueroa

    Anthony: Keep wearing the T-shirts. Why should you feel stuffy, if you’re just being personal with us and relaying to us awesome information. Be comfortable and keep doing what you are doing. IT WORKS! THANKS!

  177. Andi

    T-shirt is fine for the weekly blogs. Save the dress shirt for your tv appearances.

  178. Abe Doliente


    Just be yourself and do whatever is comfortable with you. T-shirt is very much accepted when you are doing your blogs. Keep doing it. It is the message that you are giving us that counts as far as I am concerned.

    Again, may God Bless you and your family.


  179. Andrea Burton

    Dear Anthony,

    I think you should wear whatever you want and makes you feel good. Not like you are sitting as CEO meeting leading the the way. You can wear whatever you like. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, makes you more productive. At least in my opinion.

  180. Michael Perez

    Since this is your blog and you’re sharing your information, you should wear what you’re most comfortable in. We’re not here to judge what you wear, but to listen and take in information. Be yourself and be comfortable.

  181. olurotimi samson

    I like the t-shirt, i think suite or dressup shirt does not make any changes in
    your teachings.

  182. Cheryl Smalley

    Look Clean. Wear a crisp sport shirt that looks like you are excited about your topic. Drab t-shirts look unkept and dirty. Your face would look cleaner with a shave. (sorry). When you look your most activated, you will feel your most activated, not like you just got up from the other room and came in here to talk to us. We want you to dress for us, We are special people. We are your students. Make us feel special and alive. Dress clothes won’t do it.

  183. FacoifeE

    It is appropiate to give the image of a teacher, Tony. Your t shirt is ok for the beach but not fot the classroom. Sorry!

  184. Tom

    This might be a bit long winded but I thought this is the perfect subject to say this…The reason I got into all this is I seen your commercial and thought this guy is down to earth he’s just another “Dude” I would hang with. You sounded trustable, you didn’t tell me I was going to make a million buck next week, or that I could just sit around and do nothing and $100 bills would drop out of the sky. You were being you and telling me if I put some effort into it and worked at it I just might make some money.
    So I said all that to say this. Don’t let some suit tell you to change. You get thousands of viewers every week? I don’t think they are watching for a fashion show. We want to learn something!
    Not sure where I first heard it but….”IF IT AINT BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”
    Stay Real, Wear the T-Shirt!!!

  185. trey

    i think u should continue wearing t-shirts like u said u should feel comfortable with watever u wear so i feel like its in your own opinion to wear what u wanna wear but i really strongly suggest that u keep wear t-shirts

  186. trey

    and another thing i wouldnt wear a dress shirt unless im doing some a classified bussiness ya kno ur just doing a video blog so it doesnt neccessarily matter

  187. Keith Merrill

    I don’t see anything wrong with wearing a t-shirt if that is truly who you are. Besides most of those phony scammers wear a dress shirt… So I guess I take you more seriously wearing a t-shirt… πŸ™‚


    I think you should wear T. Shirts all the time on your weekly blogs.
    You are young and you don’t need a suit to prove that you are pro. and smart. You already prove it.

  189. Tammy Parker

    Keep wearing the t-shirts! This is a time to be relaxed and be personable instead of looking like a stiff shirt. I relate to someone better when they are comfortable in what they are wearing and if wearing a t-shirt is what’s comfortable then that is what you should do.

  190. Ethel Packer

    Anthony, I am 76 years old and I say, wear the T-SHIRT.You look comfortable and relaxed, I am really interested in what you are saying but I do notice what kind of T-SHIRT you are wearing. They are all different.I really enjoy your blog. Ethel Packer

  191. Heather Maestre

    Hello Anthony, I appreciate your attempt to be relaxed wearing tee shirt, however, I like things to be in its place. In my opinion If you are doing a business presentation i would prefer that you look somewhat the part… as far as I am concerned you are a role model.

    The best suggestion that I would share with you is to wear a polo tee shirt with a collar, preferrably with a bright color as it is appropriate for every socio economic situation, pleasing to young or old and is appropriate for all cultural biases as well. It is made of soft cotton, does not require ironing and you will look cool and charismatic regardless. Thanks for your humbleness in considering our opinions.

  192. steven ferreira

    interesting blog. πŸ˜‰ so, here is the deal.
    on a much deeper level, i watch you………. like so many other people do. prehaps more then most, i look for the signs that point to an underlieing skelaton of integrity and honor. Theses, and several other things, let us know what your intentions are; what you are in it for.
    Thus far, i am impressed. you seem to be, even under intense examination, exactly who you portray yourself to be. This brings us full circle to your t-shirts. you are, quit simply, YOU. t shirts, shorts, and sandles. If you can be exactly who you are, and effect your world in such a positive way, SO CAN I.
    Keep the thirts, or don’t. just keep being yourself.

  193. Pat

    It matters what we get out of your presentation. You are not inappropriate! Dress how you feel from day to day. Maybe a casual dress with tie or just a casual dress on a couple days with blazer or sports jacket. T’s are good, and especially on Fridays. Your appearance makes the majority of the crowd feel relaxed and one of us. Don’t worry about it and good job!

  194. Bill Ellis

    If you are makeing all the money you need or want, than why make or even ask a question about the shirt change? We like you the way you are.

  195. Laurie Bassart

    I think that I will be the only person here who says, “Dress up for goodness sake,” You always look so schlumpy! I’ve muttered to myself outloud, “He sure doesn’t waste any of his millions on some fancy shmantzy wardrobe.” Now I’m going to sound like some kind of yenta. How do you expect to meet a nice girl dressed like such a yutz!

  196. Shannon MacCready

    Keep on wearing the T-shirts. These blogs are all about you giving us tips and helpful ideas on how to make our websites work better for us. The whole concept is how to make money from home/part time/as we have time. Whenever it works for us.
    A dress shirt screams of work in an office setting. Which seems counter productive for someone like me who is wanting to make money from home. If I were to see you in a dress shirt I would be more likey to believe you’re just another one of those instructional “gurus” trying to pad your own pockets by selling information to the masses that in the end just won’t work.
    So again, stick with the T-shirts. It is more endearing and seems more natural for you.

  197. Louis Rogers

    I always wear what ever makes me feel comfortable, A T-shirt and shorts? it doesnt get more comfortable than that. stick with it Dude. Later…

  198. Linda

    I think whatever you want to wear like others have said it is the message not the clothes. You seem like you know what you are doing, so just be comfortable. After all we live in a jean and T-shirt society. Just keep the great information coming, those of us still trying to make it have to dress to impress but you are already there ENJOY the success and keep us informed on how we can get there.

  199. Joseph Mulinix

    Anthony, you should wear what makes you comfortable. When you are comfortable we are comfortable with you and can listen and learn.

  200. Lonni

    It is not what you wear, it is having the freedom to wear it. I wear what I must in certain circumstances as do most people. However, if I had the financial freedom to wear what makes me comfortable and happy, I would be in an oxford shirt, blue jeans and a sweater. In jeans or a suit, I still know what I know and conduct myself appropriate to the situation. Keep the T-shirt, always be true to you.

  201. Brian Taylor

    I feel you should wear what makes you most comfortable. Worrying about what someone else feels you should wear is a distraction that isn’t needed. Why worry about what others feel about you when you can just be you and anyone who doesn’t like it can find someone else to listen too. I’m sure everyone here like me have tried several different ways of making money. If i cant dress the way i feel like dressing when i work i am not comfortable. Why change who you are for other people. I kinda like the tee shirt and jeans look, I feel it puts us on more of a level playing field and not like im listening to another stuffed shirt telling me how to do things.

  202. Christine Goeggel

    The t-shirt is just fine, it’s the words coming out of your mouth that I’m most concerned with. I actually believe the t-shirt helps people to trust you easier because you look like an average guy and not some hot shot out to get their money. I am amazed, however at how MANY responses you are getting to this! It’s pretty funny. You have great info to share, all of which is much needed and appreciated by myself, so I don’t care what you wear, just as long as you keep showing up every week! Although you do look very handsome in that suit and tie……..

  203. lavonda mcintosh

    Anthony, wear what ever you are comfortable in, if it is a t-shirt. So be it. Wear a t-shirt.

  204. judy nagel

    I think tee shirts are a permanent sterotype nowadays. Go for comfort.
    You could surprise us do a’ change up.’
    Remember the t v show Miami Vice? The craze was the shadow beard
    and the famous white jacket and white tee shirt,I DO!
    The gentleman Jim Noon had a good idea.
    Put o theme on your tee shirt about your blog.
    Maybe you need to get a logo like “Ralph Lauren” Polo Pony.
    Have a contest for the best logo.. Just a thought
    It is great to know you care about all of us and do your blog video.every week Thanks

  205. Stewart


    It doesn’t matter what you wear. What’s more important is what you have to say. You’re sharing you knowledge with us and its highly appreciated. All we have to do now is take action on your words.

  206. Rosemarie

    Hello Anthony, The t-shirt is fine. It shows that you are like us. Not someone that wears a dress shirt just to show that they have a lot of money and don;t care about others. Listening to your words and how you teach is more important than the way you dress. Thanks for all you do.

  207. Wymond Hurt

    Hey Guy !! I’m here to hear what you have to say and tell me what will help me. I’m not here to critique your dress. Personally, I would wear a tee shirt if working in my home office. Do what is most comfortable for you, Tiger. !!

  208. Don Rhodes

    you look good in a t-shirt im a bigger guy and i dont so i am not as comfortable in one. When i go out to play golf i wear short sleeve pull over shirts only i like them light weight and feel like they slow down my swing. I say …..T-SHIRT

  209. Stephen LaPre

    T-shirt is fine with me.I too like many others am interested in what you have to say not your fashion sense.


  210. Julia Hay

    Be yourself and keep the Tee Shirt. The last thing you should have to be concerned about while doing your personal blog is dressing-up. I’m sure most of your students, like myself, are wearing casual, comfortable clothing. Easier to learn in at home!

  211. Kim Windfeather

    Definitely be who you are. That’s what’s most important. If you pretend to be someone you’re not, then that will show through and people won’t trust you as much. So, if t-shirt’s is your thing, then by all means, stick to t-shirts. ~ Kim

  212. Brad

    I don’t care if you stand there in your birthday suit dude, help me make some money ASAP!!!!

  213. Rogelio Stephens

    T-shirt would be my suggestion. By the way, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  214. Edward A.Love

    Dude- shoot 2 blogs….one in a tee & the last in a dressshirt.. I look at homebased incomes as dressing how we want to, hey get a Beatles tshirt or Zeppelin that would be cool.

  215. Darryl Smith

    It’s relaxing; also to dress in a t-shirt when you know you have the means to dress in a suit and tie, shows that you still wear your hard hat to work while carrying your lunch bucket- also it shows that you are humble and considerate of the less fortunate ones that are still part of the struggle on learning and applying your system!!!!

  216. Phil Lully

    About the question of Dress Shirt or wearing a Tee Shirt….I’m for the Tee
    Shirt myself….No one should dictate how you present your weekly blog
    info ! I for one appreciate your cander, and being yourself on camera…as well as off. Anthony please don’t change a thing.
    Thanks for the good information keep it coming. P. Lully

  217. Ross

    Anthony, I was a truck driver for years and wore dirty ripped clothes. Then I became a realtor and wore suits all the time for work and when I got home and started to work on my fix and flips, and wore the clothes I wore as a driver and would talk to all the same people and didn’t really matter as long as I know what I was talking about. Clothes don’t the person. Wear what you want.

  218. The Night-Owl (Bobby Sims)

    Mahalo, Anyhony! I presently think that you should keep on wearing the ” T- Shirt,” cause that must be what you feel comfortable in. Like you said, its just your weekly blog. What important to me is the information you’re sharing with me. Some time you have to as they say in Hawaii ” Hang-Loose,” in order to allow your true feel to flow.

  219. Eric

    Dude…if I were you, I’d just keep wearing the T-shirt. It’s one thing if you’re going to a business meeting. But you’re doing a personal blog to share with the world. Be you. That’s what seems to work for you best. Peace!

  220. Maria Montoya

    Hey Anthony!!!!!. I think that your help is all what people need from you and your words are enough to impress with your knowledge than your own look…. The way you dressed doesn’t change your personality….Keep on what you are doing …by you wearing t-shirt, show people that working from home you can do it even on pijamas….

  221. Loron

    I think in my own comfortable surroundings, or home, I would want to be comfortable, but also be presentable since you are going into other peoples homes. Hey, we all like to wear a great, relaxing t-shirt, but I love to see a guy in a nice shirt, not necessarily a dress shirt, but just a great looking shirt. To me it says, you like yourself and you enjoy taking care of myself.

  222. Russ Hadfield

    It’s not the shirt that makes the man, It is the compelling message. Keep the Tee Shirt

  223. Maggie Attaya

    Be comfortable. I love what you say, and think you are bringing home the point that we work from home… Love the snoopy TShirt. During football season I’m usually in a Miami Hurricanes T!

  224. Maggie Attaya

    OOPS, that’s not Snoopy is it? LOL…. love it anyway.

  225. Michele Coffland

    Stay with the T-Shirt. I watch the video to listen to what you are saying. I prefer the casual/comfortable look.

  226. LOKE

    It is not the messenger – it is the message – so no matter what you ware it is all good

  227. Rob

    I think you should wear what makes you feel more comfortable. If you are in your comfort zone, I think you will be more relaxed and that can spill over into a better speech.

    I personally think you look good in both a T-Shirt as well as a suit.

    Good luck with yo’ choice


  228. Don Powers

    Hi Anthony
    Wearing this kind of attire sets the mood for your viewers and it makes them relaxed also. Which when doing business this is many times what you are trying to do with your business associates. Make them relax so that you both can get to know each other and learn to trust one another. You have to find a way to break down those barriers and this is one way of doing that. Wear the T-Shirt.

  229. Nick

    Wear the T-shirts. I believe it is appropriate for you are doing. I believe your true audience would not want it any other way.

  230. Clarence Dobbins

    Anthony, Anthony, Anthony. You are the proffessional that I have grown to admire. You know how to dress. . . . . . . for the occassion. When you do your video promotions, the shirt and tie and suit or sports jacket shows you as the mature, responsible and successful business person that you are. Take off the tie, open your collar and your youthfullness shows. Replace the shirt and tie with a turtleneck and you are now showing the confident and ……..
    Doing your blog in a different designer T-shirt each week, and though we know you as the business professional that you are, we can now enjoy you as the relaxed, inspiring instructor you can be. Keep the T-Shirt,

  231. Joseph

    T-shirt. I work in a professional environment and hate that i have a dress code that I have to adhere to (even though I stretch the casual look pass its limits:). I’d rather dress like my employees/peers because I feel I can relate to them and I like dressing ‘down’. Also I think It would make them more comfortable with me. Afterall, I am just like them I just happen to be their boss. I dont feel superior to them I just have more experience, got a break and perhaps worked harder than them.

  232. Gary Monahan

    If I were you, I would go under the general guideline, “casual but neat.”
    This to me means a pair of slacks, a dress shirt (no tie) and a matching
    sports jacket with your personal emblem on it. This would convey the appearance of legitimacy & success to your audience.

  233. Karl Baker

    I thank you should wear a t shirt make me thank your just a person like the rest of try to learn a bussness it make it easy because you look like a regular person PS I like the t shirt

  234. Joe schopperth

    It never even crossed my mind. I always listen intently to you. I think a dress shirt would make the blog a bit stuffy. You’re dressed appropriately for what you want to accomplish. It’s working the way it is as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for caring about us all out here.

  235. Roger Beinhorn

    Your T shirt, You teach us to do things from home and to comfortable and dream of not having to go to work where we are required to wear a money suit or other uniforms that someone else picks out. The whole idea behind starting a business is to be your self. You do a great job at keeping me going.

  236. John Greer

    Hey Hand,
    Just keep on being the you that you are.
    Your shirt today brings fond memories of my decade in Naulins.
    Who dat say gonna beat em?
    Have a great day everyone.
    Warmly, John

  237. Oscar

    There’s a line in a knowing Sting’s song that says: “be yourself no matter what they say”. So, whatever you choose to wear in your weekle blogs I think it’s cool if you feel comfortable with it. I know in fact that you won’t appear naked of course!!, all the matter is what you have to say & teaching us every week, all right Anthony?. So my opinion is just do like Sting sung… BE YOURSELF!.

  238. Sue Cox

    I think you should wear whatever you are comfortable with. T-Shirts are always the way to go.
    We are, ALL FRIENDS HERE Helping each other.

  239. Patrick Holness

    Just wear what you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t really matter what you wear. If a t-shirt is what you’re comfortable with then wear it!

  240. Gerry Tuzzolino

    It really doesn’t matter, but I prefer a dress shirt because it is more professional and it still is informal if you do not wear a tie.

  241. Bob Harris

    I’ve been around some extremely wealthy people in my early years. Unless it was a special occassion, they dressed casually. They didn’t need to impress anyone. Stay as you are.

  242. Bill Dean

    I’m a Realtor and usually feel obligated to wear a shirt and often a tie but have never been comfortable with it. Do what makes you comfortable! Clothes do NOT make the man! As I send this I am at home and wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. Be you!

  243. Bella

    Anthony your t-shirt is fine. Your casual and that’s alright. All I care about is that your sincere about leading us to success with your knowledge.

  244. Rick Hayes

    Hi Anthony…I’m a 57 yr. old techie and I wear t-shirts everyday, too. I think it’s widely acceptable to do so, unless a particular situation calls for a jacket. Even then, the right t-shirt can work. Cheers!

  245. Mary

    I’m 0ver 80. So what you ware means nothing except that it is clean,neat and comfortable. I know nothing about bloging so i have lots to learn.
    Thanks for realy helping people to learn how to do crate a business and not leave us hanging.

  246. Mike Law

    Dear Anthony
    I am just a down home country boy t-shirt is what I whear I think tee shirts
    are the most comfertble shirts to whear So keep on Ihave no website yet
    me and mywhifeGail are trying to get onyour coures I like what you are doing so think you

    Think you
    Mike Law

  247. Kat

    I like the way you are that is way I decide to join your program you seem honest. You are not like the rest the phony’s that where on the other TV programs trying to sale another program. Be yourself wear whatever. This is what is all about being your own boss you can wear anything you want…….just be you! God Bless you and your family….Thanks

    [email protected]

  248. David A. Self

    What preferences someone choses to wear should be how that dress code fits their lifestyle, what makes them more comfortable when given a presentation or business meetings. From my views when attending college, law classes, most students wore the same thing you are wearing. Does this make the person lesser of the ones trying to impress someone with their Brooks Brothers thousand dollar dress attire or does it tell something about the person’s outlook on ones career. It is highly doubtful several lawyers in business worn professional dress attire to class everyday or even once a month, one must ask ones self, did my dress code make me perform better on the Bar exam. If ones answered yes, most likely they failed because of the “look at me” attitude. You cannot expect to be successful in anything you wear if your not comfortable in your attire, that would be like being chained everytime you wanted sex – where is the comfort? If wearing normal attire like a crew neck tee shirt, boxers or non, shorts tatted and sandals makes you feel more like yourself than wear that and stop worry what “look at me” ones rather ones wear. Whoever came up with the ideas that others must follow certain guidelines when it comes to ones on adult decision, do you put the right leg in the pants first or the left? Do what makes you feel comfortable and what your used too doing, not what someone else rather you do. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it.




  250. rob byrs

    Wear whatever you want to. Even tho I think they are ruining my favorite show the TV show Two and a Half Men are trying to be stylin the stay at home rich guys style. They will be overselling something and messing it all up this next season for sure. I wear almost nothing but blue jeans and the Polo style shirts with collars and they are actually cheaper that T’s.

  251. Dan

    I think you should wear what you feel comfortable in because it’s not what’s on the outside that counts it’s about what’s on the inside honest,personality,character,that’s what matters.

  252. Paula Hammons

    If I were in business and was blind, would it matter what you wear and what
    would matter as long as I could hear your instruction.

  253. Wayne Meadows

    Judging from the responses posted, it would seem that a T-shirt resonated with a number of your followers and I personally favor a relaxed style. Having said that, do you have demographic information on those you are trying to reach that would inform your decision? The director, or camera operator helping you is right in the regard that some people will tune you out before they get to the value of your information just based on how you dress. In addition, clothing can sometimes draw attention away from the essence of the message you are trying to deliver. That can be true even if you wear a bright white shirt which can affect the white balance of the camera. Bottom line, I would suggest what you are trying to accomplish then consider how you want to dress.

  254. Alex Kurteev

    If you comfortable in t-shirt that what you should stick to it

  255. mark krizon

    i think you should wear what is most comforatable to you and not what people want but if you have alot more people wanting you to dress up than people that don’t think you should then you will have to make up your mind to dress up to make people quit asking about it

  256. mark krizon

    also in the end what you want and what you do is your right and also makes you look like you are connecting with people in a more hands on way and that you want everyone to feel comforatable just like you

  257. osvaldo martinez

    anthony we are not in 1930 a tshirt is ok
    the important thing is info to make money

  258. Art Churchill

    Hi Anthony,

    I think you are right.. it shouldn’t matter what you were ,as long as you get your point across. And you should be comfortable…


  259. Travis Meyer

    ever thought about a polo? best of both worlds but the t-shirts is the best out of those two options for connecting as a real person to real people.

  260. Donald

    I Believe that You should Always Dress to Impress ONE Person, and that Is..Yourself~! and never bother about what others think about it..I betcha Billy Gates never asked what he should wear?…LOL Love ya buddy! *But i do see what the hidden message is! EST=In the Now, where ever you are~! This is the time only=This Moment~!
    Be, Do & Have what you deserve, and you deserve the BEST~!!
    We are born into Royalty..Our Parents are Father God & Mother Earth, and they want us to have the Best~! With Love & Light, Donny

  261. Jean Baron

    Anthony, go with the Tee shirts because they are usually tastefully done and interesting and give us a peek into the “real you” and besides you are definitely more comfortable that way. When someone is more comfortable, that’s when they can really get into the topic at hand. So, I say, go for the Tee shirt , Anthony!

  262. ken hunter

    Be youself and wear what you want,T-Shirt looks relaxing
    and comfortable on you and down to earth; at my level.and thanks for the good info that you pass on.I’m looking forward to seeing your TV-SHOW.

  263. Steve

    There’s too much hype already on the internet. The flashy suit look puts people on the defensive. So stay with the T-Shirt!

  264. Shalini

    Hey, its not a teaching class its a blog just keep it simple. although u r gonna be same intelligent, handsome Anthony both in dress shirt and t-shirt

  265. Charlene

    Hello Anthony,

    I’m in the process of reading your books and just getting started. I don’t want to sound negative but if “Mr. Dress Shirt” is going to tell you what you need to wear, he might as well be telling you how to run your businesses too. I responded to your infomercial, etc. because you looked
    and sounded “GENUINE AND APPROACHABLE”. To be honest, if
    you had been in a business suit, I probably would not have responded.
    For someone that is working in certain professional lines of brick and morter businesses then a dress shirt or suit would be needed, I agree. I think that you have done just fine. More people relate to you as you are and can see light at the end of the tunnel because you aren’t some suit / dress shirt wearing salesman trying to meet a quota. And besides, it didn’t take a dress shirt to make your millions so “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON,T FIX IT”.
    By-the-way, I’m from the baby boomer generation and I don’t think that you need a polo shirt either. I am a 55 year old blue collar working woman just looking for the light at the end of that tunnel and you have convinced me that it is there, just the way you are!!!

    Thanks for all that you have done for the average worker that is still looking for their light!!!


  266. Joyce Jacobsen

    Wear what you like.
    The close won`t make you a better sales person.

  267. eddie

    keep wearing the t-shirt it makes a more relaxed atmosphere more personal.

  268. David McGaughy

    Anthony be yourself and ware wichever you like your personality is one of the main reasons I follow you and use what you teach. Thanks for everything. David McGaughy

  269. Cherry West

    I have enjpyed your videio and in my opinion, I say it works well then don’t try to fix it. You are very comfotable in the TEE and you come across as a real human being. What could be better than reaching out in your own style and enjoying your own process. Most people will pay millions of dollrs to to out it really is to just be you. That is all we really know in this life. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  270. Will Engelhard

    Hi Anthony,

    Please keep wearing the t-shirts. They are different and refreshing.

    Keep up the good blogs – am already looking forward to next week’s.


  271. Jeff M.

    There is a time and a place for everything.

    This is your time and place, you choose.

    Here I like the t-shirt. If I was spending money to see and hear you at a conference that would be a little different. From what I have seen you have shown good judgement so far. Keep up the good work.

  272. Miles Shiratori

    Aloha Anthony,
    It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are the one who is comfortable with what you wear. It is not right for people to judge you for what you wear, I myself am like you, I wear t-shirt, shorts and slippers everyday of my life cause I made my life what it is today and am proud of it. I would never pretend to be something I am not. So doing your show in t-shirt, shorts and slippers is just find with me. There is a time and place where you or I would know when to dress up like a business meeting, luncheon or for a interview that is important for the advancement of yourself or business. But again, as far as I’m concerned you are dressed just fine in t-shirt, shorts and slippers.


    Miles Shiratori

  273. Chona Castaneda

    anything that you feel comfortable wearing is okay.what count most is the sincerity in making your presentation worthy to anyone`s plans or wishes. others may not start the business just like i did ;but the task of encouraging people to do something better for themselves or their familes is what matters most.

  274. Dan Morawski

    wear the tshirts Anthony it is a sign of confidance in your business keep it going

  275. Steve

    T-shirt… you’re promoting working from home and there is NO REASON to dress up… and thank you for wear that much!

  276. Harold Masters

    If I have to judge the value of your content based on the shirt you wear I will not be around long.

  277. Barry

    Wow! one thing for sure, your blogs always make me smile…. and that is important. The “shirt” question is actually not the issue at all. The Information you share is enough for me to take it seriously, actually i had to look back at a few of your past blogs to see if you really wore a T shirt every week. Now I do look at them regularly and I do my best to learn from where your really coming, but I guess i never focused on your “dress code” so my vote is “be comfortable”. If your more comfortable in a T shirt then you’ll come over as a friend in your blog and it helps to make you believable… lol but if you (like me) tend to feel uncomfortable in a Dress Shirt then your blog would also become more uncomfortable and well it just wouldnt be the same! …. So Anthony ….. just be comfortable! And keep the blogs going, I cant wait for the new one each time you post it! Thank you for being “you” !

  278. rod

    Hey I say keep wearing the Tee shirt no big deal because if you get it, you get it. all we need is the information that’s the best part of it, your blogs.

  279. Vany Isberto

    I dont really pay attention on what you wear! I pay attention to what you write on the white board and the words that coming out of your mouth! T shirt is fine, its like a friend talking to me.

  280. Trevor Burke

    i’m new to this as well i don’t know why society want us to dress a certain way. The way i see it you’re born once, you live once, you die once enjoy what you’re doing Anthony the tee-shirt is fine.

  281. Frank Brown says

    Anthony, tee shirts, shorts, flip flops, are very comfortable,and what you want to wear. You didn’t listen to any one else to be successful. You are real bright. But get you a nice pair tennis shoes, low tops, low cut socks, the color of that tee shirt, then you’ll be cool,or kool. Which ever “You” like.

  282. Debbie Jonet

    Keep the T.You are a real person like the rest of us,although I have had to do the suits and or outfits.Be yourself,we all still have the same knowledge.Power suit or not.

  283. Paul Toussaint

    T-shirt defnitely. Anthony, I wear t-shirts all the time. My friends love me even if I do wear t-shirts. I prefer the down-home style.

  284. Stacie Kenemore

    I have been working with you and your staff to make this work for four months now, and the biggest reason that most people have even decided to try this out was being the simple fact that you have made it clear that it doesn’t matter what we are wearing because we are in the comfort of our own home. Now, when you teach something like that then I think that it is the most appropriate thing to do what you are teaching. So, in my opinion you should wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing and forget those who want you to wear something else. You have a unique personality and you show to the rest of us that you are just a normal guy who has found the way to success without having to look fake too. That is the key to life, not being fake and going with whatever makes you feel comfortable. So, I guess what I am saying is that you should go with the t-shirt because that is who you are and if that person doesn’t like it then oh well, right?
    Thank you for listening.

  285. Gene Greathouse

    Keep wearing T-shirts, keep being honest (being yourself), like others who’s commented I’m more interested in good info rather than false pizzas. Gene

  286. Jackie Mayo

    Hi Anthony,
    Hang in there with the t-shirts,,,,less intimidating,and takes away that, I`m untouchable look.We all know you have the big bucks and know how
    dress real professional when need be,,,,,,but like the majority says,,it`s a home biz we have here,,,,keep up the teee`s……we love you πŸ™‚

  287. Pam F

    Keep the t-shirt. Suit is great for tv, but casual for blogging is perfect.
    I’m not dressing up to watch. Just getting started with a coach!

  288. Frank Wilson

    You have my attention; I’m learning from you and it is easy for me to relate to you in a T-shirt. I would listen to you in a suit; I would listen to you in your T-shirt. A weekly blog is an informal discussion channel and dress is not a priority. You do your thing any way you want; just remember; I’m following on your shirtail.

  289. tammy hendricks

    hey anthony,
    I say T-SHIRT all the way. Im a down to earth grandparent in my late 40’s my casual is t-shirt, blue jeans. and im comfortable in no matter what I’m doing. if i had to wear a dress or dress slacks all the time id feel cramped and sit there wishing I had my t-shirt on and at home. well this is a at home buisness,ISN”T IT??? ( at work I wear a security uniform for 12 hrs or more a day.)
    So, if im going to learn at home, work at home – Then I Want to learn from some one who is -Themself, AND Comfortable while teaching me what he or she has to offer, so to feel comfortable about learning while at home, I’m wearing the t-shirt and jeans.. A learning enviroment doesn;t have to be stuffy, uncomfortable place. Because if YOU are UNcomfortable you tend to Lose Intrest, and sometimes the mind wanders so if the Instructor is uncomfortable with what he or she has on, they just might be just as uncomfortable in teaching, ya you get across what you plan but you are also sitting there in a dress shirt and slacks thinking the whole time , I wish I was in that t-shirt i like and jeans, i;d feel more at giving my best. well sorry I’m going to learn no matter what you wear, but i’d prefer you comfortable and at ez . If you have knowledge, and you want to share it with others, and you give this information to people who are asking for it , and its on the computor,You are yourself and honest with people , who cares what you should wear this is your choice, and if you were dressed up all the time I’d think maybe I’m just in one of those other scams again and i’m going to get bit. You are down to earth and THAT is the kind of person I’M comfortable with and you being honest with all of us and yourself is the prize. Be YOURSELF and COMFORTABLE then teach us.

  290. Tim Crow

    I think it’s great that you feel comortable enough that you can deliver your message in a T-shirt and shorts. Flip-flops are my prefered footwear along with the T and shorts. Being retired military I understand the importance of presenting a professional appearance. That being said, the message being sent is more important. Having spent many hours in training young sevicemen in classrooms and hands-on I also know that the delivery of the message is much easier when you are comfortable in your enviornment. I have been studying many of your videos for some time now and know that you are comfortable in your delivery no matter what you wear. This format is by no means a formal classroom setting or convention. I say keep wearing the T-shirts. Summer is coming on so maybe go sleeveless, kick off the flip-flops and be yourself. I will keep watching for the message not a fashion statement.

  291. Narendra

    whatever you feel like wearing.Afterall you are your own boss.

  292. Laura McCullough

    T-shirt or dress shirt? Neither! While you look good in anything, and that green is my favorite color, the logo on your t-shirt is a little distracting–I’m watching the video, trying to figure out what the silly picture is all about… You’d look great in a CASUAL shirt, make it Hawaiian, even–it could still be “you,” without looking stuffy.

  293. Sharon Davidson

    Being from the “old school” (I’m 67) I’ve been taught to dress up not down. So, the dress shirt would foot that bill. BUT, I think your T shirts are just fine. The men in their dress suits and ties and expensive jewelry that lead other seminars, etc. turn me off. I don’t believe they’re for real and I think instead they are just out to make a buck and put it in their own pocket.

    Wear your T shirts — they look fine. And, even if you have to wear a dress shirt, you can always wear your T shirt under your shirt. Who’s going to know? Who’s going to see it? You’ll still be the same person you always are!! Clothes do not make the man. It’s what’s inside that counts!

    Best of luck on your decision. As long as the words you speak are truthful and helpful (and you’re wearing clothes), that’s all that really matters.

  294. jack

    T- shirt is fine with me, it’s not what your wearing, it’s the information your giveing and being yourself.

  295. Lazaro Valdes

    You should wear a button down shirt, it’s disrespectful to dress so casual in this situation. People have forgotten that there is am etiquette to business no matter how casual the situation, there should still be a sense of professionalism. The t-shirt is ok if you’re at home with family and such but not with strangers.

  296. chris

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for asking. It has been on my mind for a long time now and I think you should stop wearing T-shirts. In fact you should wear nothing at all, that’s right do your training videos in the nude from now on. Be yourself, really yourself.

    Psych! As successful as you are, Anthony, formal business attire doesn’t make any difference to me. I can tell you’ve got the “magic/gift” when it comes to Internet Business and probably Standard Business as well. Seeing you being yourself, being comfortable in comfortable clothes is for me a refreshing departure from the formal stuffiness of business and doesn’t bother me in the least, in fact it may even help to put me at ease.


  297. deb yeagle

    Tee-shirt is gives a more relaxed setting..If you’re taping for a more professional occasion then dress started out in a down to earth approach..I like it!!!

  298. Mark Sonnenschein

    These days peoples respect for dressing in a decent manor no longer exists. For me the respect is stll there because it is a proven fact that the first impression of appearance are most important especially in business. It is your final decision but I must suggest that If you choose to wear a t-shirt when filming your own blog it is fine unless you feel that this blog may at sometime be shown to potential clients. If the possibility is there, that it will be shown to potential clients, then you want to be looking your best at all times for them.

  299. edward mora

    Keep wearing the T-shirt. I know for me personally, your laid back approach gave me the impression that you are not just a salesman trying to pitch a gimmick to unweary gullable people,but a sincere down to earth person that struck me as one who is genuinely trying to help others realize financial success. your not trying to look a certain way to make people believe your filthy rich. your the man anthony. keep being you!

  300. David C Alcorn

    I think you should keep on being yourself and wear what you want because I was empressed with what you said about the buisness and your attatuide than what you look like ‘thanks David

  301. Mike Langley

    You should wear what YOU WANT TO! I have no problem that you waer a t-shirt. This is a place whwere people can learn in a comfortable atmosphere. Yes I know that I am at home right now, but I learn better in a relaxed area. Keep up the good work.

  302. joyce tatler

    I Think it is great to see someone in shorts and a tee shirt it reminds me that I am in america living the america dream so keep doing it I love america p.s. I am from england.

  303. April Langford

    I think you should come up with a t-shirt that has your logo on it, and then have a saying on it that talks to your audience. Something that is simple yet catching. And maybe even offer to sale to raise money for a cause, or give away a few to those who built up success from using your three steps to success…. I could come up with more ideas but I am sure you get where I am going with this. I like the t-shirts. I always look at the t-shirt to see what it has on it.

  304. Ransford Kwaning

    Anthony, there is nothing wrong with the T-Shirt, perfect.
    I’m in my late fifties, I don’t think I have more than ten shirts but do believe have well over 50 T-shirts and I do wear them regularly. I love T-shirts.

  305. Alexander Moise

    Hi Anthony I’ve been following you for a while now and understand exactly who you are. I’ve bought your books, I am a Facebook Fan and I am a part of your Success team. With that being said you should continue to wear t-shirts because it gives us a side of you that we already know and are accustomed to. Also it gives us a different look but still provides a professional enough look. I am Looking forward towards reading your next book talk to you soon. P.S The RedSox are winning the World Series this Year!!!!!!

  306. Alice Woodham

    Hi Anthony,

    I think you should just stick with your t-shirts, because all of the months that Ive gotten to know you I know who you are and the type of person you are. I always wondered where you bought your t-shirts from because they are different. You are a religious person, and I think you should be comfortable because we only want your information what you have to give and it doesn’t matter what you wear.

  307. Tree

    Hello, glad to have the chance to comment.

    Go t-shirt or whatever your mood is. The whole Idea of having your own business is being your own boss. You only answer to you.

    After reading most of the comments up to this point I can say most people enjoy you being down to earth..

    A suit and tie is stuffy and kinda reflects a person with to much pride in himself than what he is really doing. Or being controlled by some big wig telling you what to do. Therefor having no independence or choice.

    Sticking to the point, and targeting the Down to Earth People I believe is a more real, natural connection that brings out sincerity and passion that people connect with. This will bring success to all of us.

    Thanks for everything, Teresa

  308. Jeff Nevills

    You should wear what ever you want unless you are working for someone who has control over you to tell you what to wear. I personally am a jeans and t-shirt guy.

  309. Wendy Heiser

    The T-Shirts are the bomb! It’s best to work in a relaxed environment and wear what you’re most comfortable in πŸ™‚

  310. Eleanor alley

    Anthony I think wearing t shirt is fine because to me I can see you as a humble person but full of information inside keep up the good work I just enroll myself to your program. And I didn’t. Figure it out yet how will I execute because i am. Not to good in the computer from one of your student

  311. Josie M

    Hi Anthony
    I must say wear whatever your comfortable in Its not what your wearing that I care about its the advise and learning that you give to help me achieve my goals.

  312. Faith Norris

    If you can help me change my life…I don’t care what you wear. Thanks

  313. Roderick Bennett

    Well lucky 101. Ha. Well in my opinion if you wore a dress shirt it would make you look boring and maybe even fake. I believe that you just being yourself in a t-shirt allows us to connect with you better. “Hey if this guy from Mississippi in a t-shirt can be successful and he is going to teach me? Why not he looks just like me and I was raised in Edwards MS so if he can do it why not me???? Leave the t-shirt and if you just feel like dressing up sometimes than do it. I would like to take this opportunity to comment on your book Advertising Profits from Home if I may. I’ve read it in two days and that has never happened cause i’m not a reader. That has since changed. Anyway the book was very helpful in guidance and easy to read. I read it so fast that I’m now going back threw it and highlighting. So in long words the book was great. I apologize for leaving such a long comment. Thank you for all your hard work. And also i’m having trouble using the community shoot me an email if you can on how to solve that.

    Thanks again,
    Roderick Bennett

  314. deborah coffn

    Don’t change what’s not broke. Keep the t-shirt. It is the goal we are working to get to!

  315. janet

    I believe that the shirt does not make the man so wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

  316. Jeff

    If you let someone take you out of your element & make you dress like your mom is getting you ready for a choir practice?? Do you really think you can be you an get the message acrossed ?? If you really have to use a dress shirt in YOUR blog , simply hang it to the left of the easel.Its obvious everone has an oppinion, mine is be who you are , your doing a great job , flip flops or bare footed don’t matter!
    Have a great day ,but the only way you can accomplish that is by being you.
    Later Jeff

  317. Leona Viernes

    Wear the t-shirt,in my opinion if we are genuinely serious about this business t-shirts are not that important in your blogs. You deserve to wear what you want. You’ve worked hard for your business. I’m sure you know when and where to wear a suit.

  318. Jose Linares

    I think you have to be YOU…if yu like t-shirts, you have to use it, you will be the same person, everytime I watch ypur blog, I have a T-shirt on, we feel you close to us, if you change your clothes, your name will be Anthony Morrison, does not make yu more important or less, that person who told you that, has to be in this biz. to understand, but I think that person does not have an idea what kind of biz. is this, we are working from home, at any time, if I want to work before go to bed, I will never run and change my clothes, I just going straighy to my laptop and start working, see your results, if that will double your money, you canchange whatever you want before give us any iformation, just be yourself, all he people is in this biz. never told you to change something, just keep doing the great kob….Thank you Anthony πŸ™‚

  319. bill burch

    t shirt
    i like the friend look,makes me think i can talk to you

    thanks bill

  320. Lubov

    Hi,Antony! I wood like to see you in T-Shirt. But dosn’t metter what you wear,you will perfect at any dress.

  321. Mark Witte

    A professional should wear what ever keeps them transparent, you are who you are. So many false perseptions are displayed with entreprepreneure programs now days, its hard to see through the smoke screen. Be yourself Anthony…

  322. Miken Rosto

    Hello, Im a newbie and I like the t shirt . To me it show your your just being yourself . To me thats worth its wait in gold !

    I hope I secede at this !


  323. Nora Berlinger

    I think you should where your “birthday suit”! Why not.

    Really Anthony, I am partial to men who wear dress shirts with great ties when they are teaching me something important. HOWEVER…. if you are comfortable it doesn’t matter.

  324. Dawn Pfiel

    Your perfect the way you are………..down to earth ….keep up the great work. Whatever you feel like wearing you should wear. Maybe next time you should come in some pajama pants LOL……So I pick T-shirt but its up to you.

  325. Pamela C. Jones

    Anthony, I think you should wear whatever you are most comfortable in.
    The way you appear on your weekly blogs, makes you real. Like you are one of us. Not some big shot who is trying to lord over us.
    I haven’t had a chance to read ;your book yet, but I am working on it!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  326. DeOnne Jacobs

    I think you should continue to wear your T- Shirt. You should be comfortable. Wearing a dress shirt if it is not you is falsehood. You got to the point of where you are while wearing your T-Shirts my motto is if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. This is the real you and that’s. So continue to be you because being something that you are not may slow your motivation down. This is the real you so don’t FAKE IT.

  327. crissy

    Well as far as i’m considerd the t-shirt makes me feel right at home with you an in no way changes ANYTHING. I just started doing this because i really know i can make money with your teachings….an actually i figured that out long before the t-shirt question, however if u would like an opion about what looks better on you i would say the dress shirt, not for any other reason than that, just sharing my personal prefrence! By all means though keep the t-shirt if thats what your comfortable wareing!besides…lol…if I can make money in my p.j.s u should deffently deserve to rock the t-shirt…:) an hey thanks again for changing my life!!

  328. Nicolle

    Anthony I believe you should wear whatever you want. This is your website and what makes you happy is what you should do. I encourage you to be creative and have continued success.

  329. Isobel Jacobs

    Dear Anthony,

    Anthony you decide, you do not need the public to validate what you wear take a look at your blog attire then take a look at the picture’s of yourself on the cover of your book’s and CD’s.

    You have heard the old saying β€œdon’t judge a book by it’s cover”, however sad to say the majority of our population do judge people by what they wear and how they look.


    I worked with children for 40yrs and do you know one of the biggest problems children face is being judged by what they wear by their own peers, teachers and other parents. Here are just a few examples: child hides in the school bathroom because her clothes are torn and dirty, boy gets into a fight because he wears the same shirts to school every week and other children tease him, another child draws a Nike sign on her Wal-mart shoes so she can feel she fits in, children steal others gym clothes because they don’t have any, parent won’t allow their child to play with children who live in impoverished housing, the list can go on and on. You know what is sad when things like this happen to children parents often do not know and the child suffers so I am an advocate for school uniforms β€œ all children look like students”., and school should be about learning not worrying about what they are wearing.

  330. John V

    I think you should continue to keep it casual. Wear T-shirts but I think you should have your girlfriend go shopping to find you some newer more fashionable shirts.

  331. Marty L.

    There’s a time and place for everything and I am sure you dress up when necessary but for the blogs, I agree with the majority – I feel more comfortable listening when someone is being down to earth and straight forward and the casual appearance reinforces that atmosphere.

  332. Debra Rodriguez

    Hey! Anthony, It dos’nt matter to me, either way, as long as I learn how to be successful with this homebased business. I’m grateful that your even doing this weekly, Thanks! keep up the good work! Debra

  333. Chris Topping

    Your shirt only matters for first impressions. If you already established a good impression, then you can wear whatever you want. People who visit your blog probably already established a first impression before they visited the blog.

  334. Trevor Burke

    I’m new to this as well I don’t know why society wants us to dress a certain way. The way I see it you’re born once, you live once, and you die once, so Anthony enjoy what you’re doing the shirt is fine.

  335. Anthony Lowery

    Keep the T-Shirt it’s more comfortable. Help me get this thing rolling ! I may be losing my house and don’t have alot of money. THANKS, Tony

  336. Sherron Hartin

    I like seeing the casual. It makes me feel like your talking to me one on one. I’m interested in what you have to say, not what your wearing. After all, this is about working at home. Home is casual.

  337. Jane

    Honey sometimes you crack me up. I’m more comfortable when you are in a T-shirt. You have a photo on your site of you in a jacket and shirt. When I was in that semi, sometimes you’d be the only man all week that I’d interact with that knew how to leave explicatives out of language. I still don’t have a clue how your products work. I lost my free website address you sold me, but love your books about your life. I’m probably old enough to be your Momma and definately not a fashion queen.Anthony, folks critcized Jesus too. So what matters most about what you wear is what your wife thinks. Robin helps Dr. Phil, let your wife help you. And for heaven sakes please don’t go topless on the blog. Save that for your wife too. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  338. DES

    We are coming you for info – not wardrobe review. I want to be wealthy in t-shirts, not look wealthy in stuffy suits. Don’t change the formula now.

  339. Brent

    Hi Anthony: Do a combination of the two. If there is a more powerful message to drive home, wear a dress shirt. Thank you Brent

  340. Bridget

    Diversity…mix it up. Bright colored T-shirts, white ones, grey ones…how about a dress shirt on Thursdays and then every now and then an Hawaiian shirt. We are tuned in for the ‘message’ for the learning, so it doesn’t matter what I am wearing or what you are wearing. But being from Texas…I do like white, long sleeve, Western shirts on men…..very nice and gives a look of being trustworthy.

  341. Michael Barnes

    Anthony, you should wear whatever makes you comfortable. It’s your blog, that’s the key!!

  342. david

    you just came from the office in the shorts and t shirt. so you are more you are more comfortable in the T this will make me more comfortable watching and listening to you. just joined your team haven’t even received the books yet.

  343. Cookie

    Hey Anthony,

    You look very comfy! As long as you’re giving us your nuggets and

    we’re learning, it’s all good. Some of us work at home in various

    amounts of clothing, even in underwear, it’s ok, breathe!!!

  344. Suzi

    When you are comfortable and relaxed, your audience will be too, no matter what you are wearing.

  345. Olen

    Personally I feel that no one but you is able to put yourself into the mental mindset that you are seeking, if that includes a Tee Shirt, then why not…

    Otherwise; I prefer Pocket Tee Shirts and occasionally Pocket Polo Shirts…

    As well if and when you want to display a more sophisticated view simply switch to a tee shirt with a tie pressed on it. πŸ™‚

  346. Patricia

    I like you ther way you are, stay laid back and comfortable, and do what you do. I work from home and I ware what is most comfortable. Love you stay cool.

  347. Linda

    Anthony-Whatever makes you comfortable. I’m in T-Shirt why not you?

  348. Kyle

    I think you should wear whatever you are comfortable in.
    What you are wearing has nothing to do with what you are teaching.

  349. Matt Morrison

    Hey Anthony

    Definately the T-shirt… Nothing worse than being a phoney. This is a status you have already earned. I am one of your newest followers using your PMI experience and hope to be able to buy that same lifestyle while wearing my T-shirt!!!!.


  350. noelle

    I like to see you in Dress shirt, it is more professional πŸ™‚

  351. Danny Thomas

    Anthony I think you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I like the t-shirt because it makes me feel that you are somewhat like me. I am a t-shirt and jeans guy myself and I probably will be even after I get to making a lot of money.

  352. Larry

    you should wear t shirt , what ever you want , is fine
    it’s all good , have a nice day !!

  353. premiere reviews

    I think you should wear what you think is appropriate. I know that sounds like a cop-out but I’m happy with the dress shirt or the t-shirt so long as you continue to give great advice. I first saw you wearing a suit and while you looked nice, I was more captured by your message and your delivery of the message, which was low-key yet all informing and motivating. Good luck with your decision!

  354. Emily Hufschmidt

    Dear Anthony,
    Wear whatever you please. One of the perks of being very successful is that people will listen to what you are saying regardless of your attire. Look at Salvidor Dali! He was the wackiest dresser in the known history of the art world, and everyone wanted to hear what he had to say!
    Wear whatever makes you happy. It might be fun to use t-shirts which are printed with messages pertinent to what you are planning to speak about.
    Above all, have fun with it! My Daddy used to say that when your job stops being fun, it’s time to get a new job.
    Best wishes in all your endeavors!

  355. Earnest

    Hello, Anthony:
    I like the T-shirt because it exhibits a relaxed feeling when discussing topics in the weekly blog. I think that you have effectively shown that if you deliver an honest, informative message to people then they will respond to that and realize over a short period of time that your choice of clothes during your presentation is irrelevant. Of course, I’m not condoning anything risque’ but I think your fans and students resonate with your message because you genuinely want to help others. At the core of it all, that is what really matters.

    Too many times a lot of traditional businesses have managers/supervisors that dress very nicely when presenting information to people but they’re really forced to conform to a “perception” of what should be done versus having courage to try different things more often. But sadly, our culture is responsible for a lot of the judgement some levy against others based on outward appearance.

  356. Bill

    It can only be one way! Keep the T’s. Looking forward to seeing you in Kelso, Wa

  357. HEATHER


  358. diana stephens

    I am catching up with my/your emails since I was visiting my mom in hospice. While visiting her I saw and ordered your book. That’s why I am catching up. I have read your Hidden Millionaire book so far. So my comment is a few days behind.

    I am sitting at home in my T and shorts. I have lived long enough to be able to realize God works in mysterious ways. Wonder what God wears? As long as your wearing clothes and you impart honest, methodical, ethical business practices for this age….The choice is yours…I am comfortable. That’s the beauty of KNOWING & PRACTICING YOUR STUFF!

  359. Don Lewis

    By all means, wear the T-shirt. Personally, I have been wanting to group with people of similar interest, and perhaps the same modest means of investment capital. In an informal environment to brainstorm individual ideas for investment or making money. Hypothetically speaking, around a dinner table or home office. Something very comfortable for all. No pretenses. I am brand new to your community and feel as though I have finally found that platform. Please don’t change a thing.

  360. Diana & Frank Banres

    We just reviewed your weekly blog and as always your videos has very good information. Your T-shirt has no effect on the information that you provide on YOUR weekly blog. So continue to pump out those blogs with updates on your website. We are working with the coaching team to build our website and we look forward to having a successful internet business thanks to your information and your weekly blogs.

    Frank & Diana Barnes

  361. Howard


    Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you wear a tee shirt or a dress shirt. It’s the content that really matters. The whole idea of e-commerce implies no confines or restrictions. Wear what you want.

  362. stephanie runion

    I think it should be T-SHIRT and your shorts. Just BE WHO YOU ARE…. not somebody your not. Its your business

  363. Tim Outcault

    Hey Anthony,

    I think you should fore go the t- shirts as well as the stuff shirt, and take the t- shirt off…kick off the flip- flops and go with a nice tan like I would do! The clothes don’t make the man…..the man makes the clothes!


  364. Susan Estrella

    Anthony I think you are a sweetheart and I like seeing you as you are. No dress shirts, please. You look just fine and come across as very sincere. I wish you and yours all the best. xo

  365. Len

    Since you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time, wear what you are comfortable with and is tasteful. Then you could spontaneously be a rogue and wear a spiffy shirt to shake up the viewers or a slip on a trim button-down to tickle the likes of the fashion conscious. Interjecting a little humor in a daily routine keeps the atmosphere light-hearted for all.

  366. Denise Revoy

    wear what you are comfortable in
    most people in the workforce don’t wear dress shirts
    Fridays are know as dress down days too in the bussiness world
    so a T-shirt is good and ones with meanings/ story even better (places you’ve been or charities you support etc.)

  367. Naomi Haman

    Hi Anthony,
    Keep the T-Shirt. I think it shows who you really are and what you and your company is about. I think especially because the whole business is working from home where you don’t have to wear a dress shirt.

  368. Marcus Whited

    I think it shouldn’t be up to us and it shouldn’t matter, your blog, your rules… πŸ™‚

  369. Julia Franklin

    I’m from Hawaii. Some people use t-shirts to work and some wear suits depending what kind of job they have but on Fridays they all wear aloha shirts. Some of the women, esp secretaries and bank clerks, wear muu muus. I always wore a uniform but now that I’m retired, my main outfit is pajamas!! lol


  370. Jolena

    Hi Anthony!!

    I think you are just fantastic in your t-shirts! There are a number of graphics on the page(s) that show you as the professional businessman that you are. This is supposed to be your blog to us — and I personally love your videos, they are very informative, and you are the best at keeping your blog fresh with new content!

    Thumbs up on the T-Shirt!!


  371. Mary Villegas

    Anthony, I think the T-shirt is fine. You have a presence about yourself, that let’s a person feel comfortable about listening to your videos. Your voice takes command & makes a person feel like “This man knows what he’s talking about.”

  372. Marcial Rivas

    T- shirt. I think it shows you better for who you really are instead of putting up a front and being someone your not all that comfortable with.

  373. angela lucero

    i think a t-shirt works great because why change who you are.

  374. Frankielyn

    hello Anthony. I am so new to this, i just received your book and it seems to be A LOT of information to cover. I’m a business owner and right now my family is struggling financially. So I’m dedicating myself to this in hopes this turns our life around. I met you w/ a t-shirt on for my first blog and i would like you to STAY in the t-shirt. U seem very personable and relaxed and HONEST about your business and how you want others to be successful. I believe in that.

    Thank you

  375. Jeanie Barber

    Anthony, your Tee shirts are fine. This is Casual teaching to your students who probably do not dress up to watch your YouTube lessons.

  376. Janet Williams

    I happen to like your personal and approachable style! My vote is for you to be comfortable in your own skin and keep wearing those t-shirts. I look forward to learning about you and your program in the future.

  377. amy

    wear the t shirt. it makes me jealious. I want a job i can hang out at home be comfortable and still help others.

  378. Mark Gurniak

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m a T-Shirt kind of guy, I have had to wear a uniform for my job most of my life and I have always worn T-Shirts on my off time. Stay with the T-Shirt’s they are much more comfortable.

  379. RONNIEG46


  380. Cee Gee cgf2fwthpwr

    Hi Anthony,
    Hello from the Sunny South. This is my first time to blog, EVER!!! So, I hope that you are able to see this message. Now that “that” is out of the way, what about this T-shirts vs. Dressing Up controversy: after two and a half seconds of careful consideration, the T-shirts have my vote… Being yourself on β€œyour” blog, not only is your choice, but it shows that you are normal and down to earth which helps to calm my Nooby Nerves, and takes away the distraction of the Power Suit. Think of it this way; wearing T-shirts, jeans and flip-flops is what you would were when hanging out with friends. So, when you come to us in your videos dressed casually, it is like sitting down with a friend. You are fabulous and keep being yourself. Happy Memorial Day and be safe. Cee Gee

  381. KT Robson


    Wear what makes you …….you. I’m a newby.I started reading your book yesterday. I haven’t got to the part that helps me make money yet but I will. As for your shirts, wear what you feel like wearing for that day. Just……wear a shirt! haha.oh..and pants or shorts.

  382. mary morgan

    I think casual clothes are great. Keep wearing the t-shirt.

  383. Larry

    Well I strongly feel a T-shirt is sufficient to wear at your weekly blog. After all this a at home business and why wear a business wear at home. If for me I would just wear shorts. Thanks for the weekly blogs. I love it.

  384. Dennis Wilhelm

    I vote to keep the t-shirt — I am a newbie to your site and I love the casual look… much easier to relate to you that way!

  385. rick

    stay real…..keep on the t-shirts and shorts…its what I live inb also….I also was born and raised in florida….its how I grew up and what I am still most comfortable in at 48 years old…..thanks for asking and for the opportunity

  386. Cecilia

    Hi Anthony
    I personally think you should continue wearing T-Shirt. What matters is the Intellect not the External.

  387. Iciphene Hardy

    Yes, the T-Shirt shows you are working at home. That’s why I joined so I can learn to work at home too. Go ahead and be yourself. Wear whatever you feel is appropriate because you own your own business.

  388. jayce carman

    depends on the content of your blog that particulaar day. What mood, atmospher you want to create.depends on what YOU want to say casual but still a significiant point, or business, serious,appearence is important (first impression)

  389. Yvonne Hendrickson

    I say wear the T-shirt and shorts. It is who you are the counts and the great information not what you wear.

  390. Kim Brewer

    I think you should wear whatever you have on at the time you are ready to film your blog. whether it be a t-shirt, a suit or a swim suit. Like many people have commented already, It’s not what you wear, It’s the message.

  391. Steve T.

    Anthony, casual dress shirt.Look a little professional but relaxed when it comes to buisness. People will look at he is serious but laid back because your knowledge is where it got you are today. If you don’t have knowledge you dont have squat.

  392. Pat Graeff

    I also think that you should wear what you feel comfortable in, however, since many things that are comfortable are not giving the image that you deserve. So, since the shirt with the tie does not feel the greatest to you, go to the golf shop and pick out a few of the sharp looking (and comfortable they can be) shirts with collars and they would look extremely sharp for you to make your presentations. If I remember correctly, you are a sports person (at least as far as Baseball) and do I recall correctly if you mentioned Golf. If not, and your injuries have healed from your former altercations, maybe you would like to take it up for on your days off. It is a wonderful sport, and I would love to see you be successful in that, too. If I am out line in this, please forgive me.
    Your Truly and always your friend, Pat Graeff

  393. Angela Hawthorn

    I think you should wear whatever is most comfortable for you to wear. Then you will look happy and content. That will stimulate your entrepreneurship.

  394. Fontella Dubissette

    Anthony, it does not matter. Being casual & relax demonstrates autonomy while making money & helping others. As a nurse, I am helping others but there is still a dress code. If you want to wear a T-Shirt fine not a big deal. If you want to wear a dress shirt fine. The important thing is you are not in no way presenting yourself to us inappropriately while you are helping us.

  395. Ligia

    If a t-shirt is what you normally wear, wear it. Be yourself!


    Ligia Fleckenstien

  396. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Well, as far as personal wardrobe is concerned, everyone has their own individual tastes. I still take ya seriously in your teachings and instructions regardless.

  397. Jonathan

    The T-shirts are fine for the community blog…it’s like our team meating with the CEO. If you think about where you would dress up as church, court, or government, we dress up in these instances to show respect for the institution.

  398. A. & C. Nieves

    I feel that what a person wears is not going to make the point/presentation get across any differently. Everyone has an opinion. Most importantly, Be Yourself! Be Honest! If you want to put some pazazzzz into your presentations, “Monthly Monday”, or a “Formal Friday” change your appearance and see your outcome of your audience that you may reach and how you still may feel. At certain events it may call for formal but its a preference, but a weekly blog, its all about your choice. Generations change! We wil continue following your weekly blogs regardless! This would be like asking me to make presentations without my wheelchair, because for some may not be appealing.


    A. & C. Nieves /CN Empire Profits

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