Writing Ad Copy with Dynamic Keywords

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When you sell several types of products, it’s time consuming to write ads for each product.  Fortunately, dynamic keyword insertion can cut down on the time it takes to create ads.  Additionally, it will help you display highly targeted ads to users.

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Dynamic keyword insertion is the process of having your pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression (CPM) provider (i.e. AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc) insert specific keywords into an ad for you. You will leave a place for the keyword, and the system will automatically fill it in with the appropriate word.

In order to understand this, let’s look at an example.

Assume you sell office furniture.  You create an ad that says:

This ad is generic. It only advertises office furniture. There are lots of different kinds of office furniture out there, so people who are looking for a specific type probably won’t click on your ad.

You can use dynamic keyword insertion to make the ad more specific.  In order to do this, you will need to replace “office furniture” with a dynamic keyword.  Thus, you would have:

Then you would set up your dynamic keywords. In this example, you would choose types of office furniture.  For instance, let’s say you sell:

  • Office desks
  • Office chairs
  • Conference tables

Thus, your dynamic keywords would be:

  • Office desks
  • Office chairs
  • Conference tables

Then, if someone came online and searched for “office desks,” the dynamic key phrase “office desks” would be inserted into the ad.  Thus, the ad would say:

Since the person specially searched for office desks, he will be interested in your ad.

As you can see, dynamic keyword insertion can save you time and help you create highly targeted ads.  Go through your CPM and PPC campaigns and see if dynamic keywords can spice up your ads and help with conversions.


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  1. Mark McCampbell

    Thanks, Anthony. This blog was extremely helpful – I am a novice in this business and right now – i’m in what i call “information overload”. Can’t keep up with the training videos and emails, etc on a part-time basis. I feel this information is extremely valuable, especially early on before one starts advertising. Wish I was financially able to quit work and do this full-time
    Love it & hope my brain doesn’t blow a circuit.

  2. giovanni sargis

    anthony,i have read the first book, and yes all the info is screeming at me. im having a situation on implementing it all together to form something like my site. i odered this mid 2010 an took care of family things now i want to make this work. people keep showing me the neg. post about you! im not listening.if the books had a sep-by step to set up your s first site to show you how then ur on ur own it would be beta for me im affraid i need a guide rt thereto make sure its right,but i knw ur not in the bus, for that and as a father of 7 girls im falling farther back in providing for them. they all have been raised very respectful,responsible, i would love to have something for them when the rest grow up please sign needing a hand up : )

  3. Wendy G

    Interesting, I will need to first purchase Adword in order to make ads. I am slowly understanding how this affiliate marketing works. Give me a little time.

    Wendy G.

  4. David Caudill


    Yes it is Anthony and once again I want to say “thank you “for all your help and guidance.

    I do my best to implement each one of your helpful tips as soon as I can and this is one tip I will implement this one today.

    “Thanks again.”

    From The Desk Of,

    David Caudill and Cindy Pequignot ” We are DaCinMoney and we are working from home.”

  5. Lisa Lankford

    This is very usefull information that I did not know anything about! Thanks for another great tip!

  6. Cindy Dionisio

    I am actually learning alot from your books and your blogs and it has been an inspiration to me not only in business but staying on track in a positive way and helping me get back on my feet after the cancer treatments. I am in remission right now. I will stay that way. I stay determined and persistent and do one thing at a time and learn one thing at a time and move on to the next step.

  7. Rufus Moorehead

    Anthony I think your methods are more Advance than the many i have o studied on the internet.You really impressed me with your video.That is why I dug deep in my pocket to purchase your program for a platinum membership.
    I know i can be successful with u.I have not received any info on how to get
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    Thank u for reaching out and touching me.
    Sincerely Rufus Moorehead

  8. dave nott

    This is very helpful to me for promotion of my website on the internet.Thankyou for your help thus far. Sincerely Dave

  9. Regina

    This is something that I had not considered. Very interesting. I still have to consider you as one of the most intelligent people that I have eever come in contac with. Keep up the good work.

  10. Donna James

    My Website is in the works, but waiting for it to get finished with Brain Storm. This lesson will really help me with my ads. Thank you very much. Donna

  11. Clara Leake

    This information is fantastic. I can see it makes a difference in your ads when you’re specific with a simple key.

    Thanks Anthony

  12. John Proulx

    Hi Anthony ,

    I Am Just Getting started reading your Book and This Information is Very
    On Topic .Thanks 🙂

    I have been Following You for a While Now i Am ready to Take Action

    Looking Forward to working With you .

    John Proulx

    Disability Retired Seeking To Build my Empire From Home 🙂

  13. Doreen

    Hi Anthony,
    This is a magic trick that a newbie like myself wouldn’t have thought of doing! Thank you for the information and I look forward to testing it on my website that I will be making live in just a few days. However, being as I’m starting out on a shoestring budget, I’m really a shoestring budget I’ll have to wait until I make my first couple of sales to implement this trick. Thank you again and have a wonderful day.

  14. Jerry Raper

    Yes it has been helpful knowlage and appreciated. I’m in this for the long
    haul for my retirement income. Doing it on my allowance of $40.00 per week! Plus any side job monies is a plus. Just trying to keep the wife for
    thirty eight years clueless until I’m making money and make it a big suprise.
    I’ve read both of your books twice and believe I can put things in place now.

  15. Zachary Branson

    This was very helpful to me! I have quite a few companies with broad products within their websites. I can easily use the dynamic keyword tools to improve my Facebook, Google, and Microsoft ads CTR. I will be able to plug in to specific people looking for a specific sub-category of general product categories. Thank you again for the much-trusted expert advise you always put out there for us to use at our own disposal. You rock Anthony!!

  16. KikaG

    Thanks Anthony!! This was the a very great way to get to the point and make a sale .Thanks again . NoeG.

  17. Brenda

    This blog was very helpful! It illustrated how to utilize the specific search terms. Thanks for the information, Anthony!

  18. sandra

    Amen! Thank you, Anthony for this piece of quality information. Keep giving up vital info like this should open up a whole lot of success. keep them coming. God Bless You

  19. Irma & Jerry Fay

    Anthony, I am sure this is not a new idea of yours. I bet you use it a lot. I like it. I bet it works. We will use it when we get our business up & running. We are into studying keywords on your program. We love our PMI training. Getting ready to start our business…. Jerry & Irma

  20. Charles and Joan Moore

    Always helpful. Your messages and logical, supportive, and relevant to the topic at hand. No fillers, fluff or foolishness(except when appropriate). Thanks for honoring the value of our learning level when the distance between ignorance and understanding is still small – yet hopeful.

    P.s. Please ask for email address in your request – saves redoing from providing what appears to be a snail mail address request – thanks!

  21. chad steinberg

    I haave purchased your books and I accidentally deleted my website you gave me,I need some serious help making money on the net,so If someone would coach me and get the ball rolling I would be happy

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    Thanks Anthony the information was self explanitory, and very simple. Have a Great Day!

  23. Fred Ray

    Great tips! As soon as I get going (Which will be real soon as I’m saving up money to begin my affiliate marketing ad runs) I will definitely be using the Dynamic Keyword system you showed us all here as one of the ways to improve my CPM’s and PPC’s!

  24. James Adkins

    Thanks for the great tip! I will be starting another website soon and this info will come in handy.
    Thanks, James Adkins

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  28. Jennifer Graham

    yes this blog was very helpfull thank you and i’ll add this to all the other great ideas you gave out as well.. Thank You Anthony.

  29. gladdy

    I dont have a website yet but will certainly try this. I think it will be very useful. Thank you so much for this information.

  30. Charles Freeman

    Thank you so much for this information. I have tried several “businesses” designed to free me financially and I don’t need to tell u how disappointing they have been. So far for me u have lived up to your advertisement and provided timely information like this on Dynamic Adcopy. I am encouraged.

  31. Paula S.

    Hi there! One of the first things we are instructed to do the your course is “Create a PLACE to work” ! Love the comment earlier about hoping the brain doesn’t short circuit before I get started. Currently living in California. Life has put me in a place of hugh changes. So, am moving to 1 of 3 business tax freindly states at the end of this month, finding a home, and seriously Creating a Place to work! Thanks for the contiinuous stream of iinformation…!

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    This is actually a very interesting tip. I enjoyed how it is automatically updated. Thanks for giving out this info. 🙂

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    This was helpful. I copied it to a document so I could go back and highlight parts of it. I am such a newbie I thought you had to get software to do this. Thanks.

  36. Matt Templar

    Anthony,My attitude is like that of Thomas Edison & Tesla. Failure is a boost to keep trying ,after all I know what doesn’t work, therefore there must be something that does. Matt

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