1. Deb Herber

    Look forward to our “weekly visits” on the weekly blog, Anthony….you’re absolutely right. We NEED this weekly contact with you…to stay motivated….to maintain momentum….and to stay focused and excited over changing our lives for the better!

    Have a WONDERFUL week!


  2. John Hervan

    I do keep myself involved and this years goal is to be making atleast $10it is because I haven’t been persistant and ,000.00 more this year. I have been able to get SOME money but not like I thought I would be achieving. I know it is because I haven’t been persistant. I have procrasinated and it ends tonight.
    BTW Does your IPAD have all your notes init when you give it to whomever gets it?
    John hervan

  3. Ruby

    My goal is to make some extra money to help get out of some debt so we dont have so many worries about money and to give more to my two boys!!!

  4. Loyce McVay

    I want to become debt free this year and I am working toward that goal.

  5. james linekin

    Discipline to learn to earn online 20k,by 1/2012 is the goal believing Anthony Morrison has provided the necessary failproof roadmap.

  6. dee


  7. Lisa

    My goal is to find something worthwhile that I can do at home to make some money.

  8. doug

    the reason i am doing this is for a stream of income, and i am middle aged and really do not see myself getting back in the work force…

  9. Zach Branson

    I love what you do Anthony!!! You are an amazing inspiration to me and most people. Your expertise is outstanding. My number one goal this year is to master my marketing strategies to maximize coversions for commissions. I am constantly trying to evolve my strategies. I have begun to write better ad copy for my PPC advertising campaigns to maximize my order conversions. I would love to have your iPad!! Awesome strategy yet again to get people engaged. You rock!!!!

  10. Tonya

    My sound went out on computer when I was watching this blog 69 and I tried to lip read but I did not get a whole lot of that done. So this is the only comment I could leave until I go to Library and see if I can get on it there. I still watched video so maybe I have a chance to win IPAD now.

  11. Carol Amato

    I’m very much looking forward to the teaching! I watch the videos and read the content blog regardless of the prizes because it helps me push forward!

    My #1 goal is to completely pay for my son’s college education and totally wipe out our debt.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  12. Cynthia Batton

    I am using my retirement funds for monthly bill payment but will not be doing this until the funds dry up. MY NUMBER ONE GOAL: I will have my business(s) up and producing my necessary monthly income (and more) before year end.

    I love the daily positive affirmations being sent. Keeping your website, videos, and blog current is a huge help. I’ve worked with other companies in the past that don’t even update the Year, of all things. Really?

    I’m going through a work transition right now. I retired early from a job that was getting too demanding for my mind, body and spirit. In other words, my heart wasn’t into it anymore and I am pursuing my dream of working out of my home.

    Thank you for your help, Anthony! God Bless!

  13. Michelle Leith

    To find the what to launch website and make first dollar and beyond

  14. Cathy

    My goal for this year is to make enough money working from home so that my husband can retire and begin his own business. We are older and have no retirement. We want to be financially free so that we can do whatever we want whenever we want! Thanks for your encouragement.

  15. Beth

    I am trying to make money so the lights will not be shut off next month. My goal is to be able to pay my bills each month.

  16. Timothy Johnson

    My goal is really to make a 100.00 dollars or more per week. Been at this over 14 years and I would be lucky I made 1500 in 14 years. I am working on these goals now and thank you Anthony for your help.

  17. Brie

    My goal is for me to be able to help my husband pay the bills and provide support for him to cut down on his work week. My husband is 70 years of age and works 12 hours a day 5 days a week. I would love for him to either retire or cut down on some days. I have signed up with Anthony Morrison to make the difference.
    Thank you Anthony for your videos, I love the communication and support you are providing your clinets.

  18. Rosa Mendoza


    I tried to become a fan on facebook to do the comments, but I don’t know
    it I got in or not, I did like the video on the ipad and my goal is to get my buisness started by providing people with the great deals that you provided
    look forward to a great year God Bless.

  19. Naomi

    My goal is to have multiple streams of income and be financially free. I want to bless others too!! These are interchangeable….both are important.!

  20. Lazz Martinez

    I would like to see if this program could potentially make extra money that I surely could use to help my mother & siblings. I just can’t afford to pay out $200.00 a month right now!

  21. Ron

    My number one goal is to become debt free, Your book helped me make my first dollar online and I hope 2011 is a great year for everyone.

  22. Robert

    This comment was pretty good just like to say my goal this year would be just to truly make a descent income from nline marketing

  23. Matt Morrison

    Hey Anthony…

    My goal for one year from today is to get out of the business debt. I am enjoying your training program it is very extensive and a lot of fun as well for a new entrepreneur.

  24. Mary

    I want to be financially free, being a single Mom is stressfull in life money is always a worry want to eliminate that feeling.

  25. William Sutton

    That’s Anthony for helping me right the canoe.
    My Number 1 Goal for the rest of this year is to
    Earn the 1st dollar and close out by raising that to
    $300 per day before year end.

  26. bernadette basile

    I just want to figure this out and bring it all together

  27. Denise

    I would like to make enough money to completely pay for my cats vet bills which averages $300 a month and to cover some up-comming dental/oral surgery that his is going to need about $2000.

  28. Akim

    My number one goal is to pick your brain for as much knowledge as I can get,so I can make some money online and teach others.

  29. Zia Vera

    My goal is the understand how to get the business up and running so that I can buy a house for my family in the next few months!


  30. Denise Johnson

    My number one goal is to use Youtube effectively as a way to gain trust, popularity, and to gage my audience. Being a musician ..I have found that Youtube is where I can get the attention of my customers…. But how do I get them to actually buy products from me ?? I’m still learning…. but also working towards being debt FREE !!

    Thanks Anthony for all that you do !

  31. Brian Schorzman

    #1 goal- to be in a place where money is no longer an issue for me. So I can focus on what I’ve always wanted to do but was not able to because the lack of money was holding me back.

  32. Michelle Reynolds

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanks so much for your whole system. After trying internet marketing for over 4 years with not much success, I know that I will succeed.
    My number one goal for this year is to actually start making a monthly income.
    Even if it’s only $100 per month that will grow consistently I will be happy.
    Really done with the zero monthly income from this business.
    Thanks so much.

  33. Gilberto Garcia

    Hey Anthony,
    My goal for this year is to start an online business and make some money while still being in school and trying to bring my GPA up. I am only a sophomore in college but I believe I can do this while keeping up with my studies and hopefully even bring up my GPA which took a hit last semester.
    Thank You

  34. Jeffrey Rudell

    I want to make my first $ marketing on the internet. I am an affiliate of several businesses and they are listed on the marketing page of my website. Since studying with you I have sole more books than usual, but still less than $25 royalties a quarter. You make it look easy, but it has not been easy for me to get started. I am going to stay connected these next 4 weeks.

  35. Kristen

    Here is the deal, I am committed that my travel blog creates me getting paid to travel and write about the traveling that I have a great time doing and allowing me to take my mom on the vacations that she hasn’t had in years. She is 83 and still works six days per week. Just a side note mom has a fb fanpage,Twitter accounts and blogs! How cool is that!
    Ps thank you for all your sharing with us! Kristen
    Pps love mom to get her blogs to create passive income for her as well! It’s her time to enjoy! I love her like you love your dad and want to see her not struggle to get by!

  36. Madeline

    This is very exciting. My number one goal this year is to earn enough money to get out of debt!!!! I am enjoying working on this, and hope to start accomplishing my goal.

  37. Donna R Hurlbut Ost

    I really need to get going on making my first dollar online..Somehow I seem to find reasons why I could never be successful….I have failed at so many multi-level marketing deals and have lost so much money. I’m in freeze mode…please help! I know I could do an amazing job but just need to go the next step…..thanks for your awesome videos…you are amazing!!!

  38. Pamela C. Jones

    I haven’t had a chance to finish reading your book, so I haven’t actually started yet.
    I would like to be finiancial secure and not have to worry about where the next dollar is coming from for those unexpected repairs, accidents, medical,etc.

  39. John Gabel

    Hello Anthony,

    You asked what my number 1 goal is this year and I thik that is to start to grow as a person, make money online. I think these goals go hand in hand. You grow when you learn and when you learn you make money.

  40. darian

    My Number 1 Goal is to be financially free,and to be a better farther
    financially so i can get thinks together for my kids college funds
    and make sure that there taking care of the right way.thats my #1
    goal for this year. thank you darian

  41. Cheryl Hopton

    Great way to head viral, Anthony!
    My number one goal for this year is to become financially able to get off SSDI, I just want so much to be able to contribute to the country rather than take from it. In light of that, I have an affiliate marketing program opportunity I’d love some insight from you on (it’s a little different). I’ll be watching, commenting and liking on Facebook because even if I don’t win YOUR iPad, I’ll learn lots of great techniques and ideas. Thanks for all you do, all you give, and just being you!

  42. Kim Paget

    I would have to say my number one goal is to pretty much figure out how and where to start. I have no income coming in right now and so having your staff build it all for me isn’t something i can do right now. I just need this to generate an income for me to pay off hospital bills and more if at all possible. Thanks im excited to figure it out.

  43. Delsa Trammell

    My goal for this year is to be more focused to make money online. To begin to bring in money to help make ends meets and start to clear out bills one by one.

  44. Geraldine LaCour

    My goal is to make money on the internet, that is easy and fun and it will keep me interested so I can make money. I have to get out of my comfort zone and not exactly sure how to do that. I know I can work a job and make money but I need to do it from home and I like working on my computer. Playing online games at the same time. Is there hope for me Anthony? 🙂

  45. Ryan Parks

    My number one goal would have to be the ability to take care of myself and my family and build a better future for us. Right now I work 60 hours a week on the road and would like to start out by replacing my current income with the money I generate using your system and methods. Then I can get off the road and continue to grow my business to build my future. Thanks for all the help and motivation along the way Anthony!


  46. Nancy

    My number one goal is to build my business to a level that I can start getting out of dept.

    Thanks for all the help.

  47. Keiko

    I am just starting this internet marketing. It is all new to me. First of all, I need to decided which field I like to choose, and then make my own website. I think these two things are hardest part of all. I will do my best. Thanks for all the advice, Anthony.

  48. Antonio Stronza

    My number one goal is to be able ride on the road to financial independent.

  49. Kelly EG

    My goal this week is to actually show income for CT and to take the STEPS Anthony suggest and put them to use! No more pay check to pay check!

  50. Johnny

    I need to get focused and stay involved. I want to find a nitche in the internet world and get out of debt. Simple, yet it seems so hard with nothing to start with.

  51. Dennis Wilhelm

    My goal… to start break free from my J.O.B. (just over broke) by making money on the internet and move to our dream home in Maui.

  52. Diana Lemons

    I am still trying to make my first dollar. I am struggling with finding a company to sell to me so I can start building my web site.
    My number one goal this year is to make an income to replace the J.O.B. so I can be my own boss and be a better mama to my wonderful girls who are 5 and 3. I am excited and I know I can make this happen!

  53. mike d vance

    I want to fully understand this website and learn to use it to generate lots of income, i want it to be my main source, as soon as i do thatnthen I;d like to join your accadamy so i can learn at an accelrated rate to really get up and going, im willing to put in 15 hrs a day

  54. David

    My number one goal is to see if you are for real. I have hear this stuff before. But are you for real? I will do as you say. I like your style so far. Let’s see what happens.

  55. Kathleen Magill

    Anthony I like your weekly blogs and do watch them so I can learn more about getting my business started. I had to be off the computer this week because it went down, now that was hard because I’m real close to getting my website up.and going. I want this year to b the yr I get my business going and my family gets out of debt.

  56. Emma Maull

    I hoping to be making a monthly income soon so I can move out on my own & I really do not want to go back to work for someone else you see i ws laid off from my current job about 4 months ago.also need to figure out how to generate income to invest in my business.

  57. mike d vance

    I want to learn to make online income my main source of income, i want to learn to use your site then hopeto generate enough money to join the accadamy to really get this thing off the ground, I”m willing to put in 15 hrs a day to this if thats what it takes to be where i need to be.

  58. Theresa

    You have great weekly blogs.My deal is going deeper into debt,No traffic no Sales.Maybe I’ll sale your notebook.
    I want to first make a Sale,more sales .2 months now .Could be 3rd month is the begining of getting out of debt?

  59. Steven Surace

    My Goal for my 1st year is to build this business up enough to where it’s bringing in a small full time pay salary. (20,000-30,000) a year! That said, I will do whatever it takes to double those numbers each year. I’m in it for the long haul and the big checks. With all your help and education, I know it can be done. Thanks for being real!

    Steven Surace

  60. Eric L. Garner

    I always watch your weekly blogs Anthony. They have giving me much insight on the internet business, thanks. My goal this year is to become financially stable once and for all, so I can help others in their time of need just like you have. I love to give back and see others thrive……

  61. cesar fierro

    number onereason to do this is to become financially free its getting a little to old the pay check to pay check style

  62. Rhonda Heumiller

    I am looking forward to working at making enough money to get out of debt and helping my daughter who lost her job and is having twins so she can’t go looking for another one. I have had your program for quite awhile now and haven’t gotten into working with it. I have been managing a bar for a non-profit organization free of charge I might add. I will be out of that July 1st. Then I plan on working with you to get me out of debt. I am really tired of the bill collectors calling.

  63. David Wood

    Anthony, from looking at these previous posts it appears you are asking about one’s #1 goal at this time. Well, I have one goal and several problems. The #1 goal is to get this thing started, up and running. The problems I have (just to name a few) are:
    1) Poor study habits. I haven’t had to do any serious studying since my days as an air traffic controller, way back when (pre-Aug. 3, 1981).
    2) Not all that familiar with today’s social networks; i.e. FB, Twitter, etc. I just tried signing up for FB and I’m not even sure I did that right.
    3) I still have so many questions, I don’t know where to start. I’m still reading your book, “Advertising Profits from Home,” so maybe I’ll find them in there.
    4) Extreme laziness. For 10 of last year’s 12 mos. I was doing battle with cancer (treatments, surgery, etc.) and spent most of the time in bed watching TV. I know you can’t help me out with that, but it is a problem right now. I am hoping that the more I get involved with your program, the more active I will become. Thanks, and bye for now.

  64. Beth Dublinski

    Anthony, I love your blogs.My goal this year is to make my first dollar on the internet. Am a complete newbie. Have signed up to learn directly from you and Adrian. Went to Utah in October to my first workshop.

  65. Linda

    My goal is to follow the program one step at a time and not to try and rush ahead and expect instant success. My financial goal is to replace my income and I’m willing to do the work to make it happen. I haven’t put a time frame on my financial goal yet as I’m still learning the fundamentals and have not implemented the program fully so I have nothing to base my forecasts on. My goal for this week is to finish the Marketing training videos and make comprehensive notes.

  66. Rebecca

    First of all let me say I look foward to your emails and blogs. I am so very new to all this that my goal this year is just to figure it all out and make my first $1 on the internet… find my ah ha moment….. to turn to my husband and finally say “I got it!!!’.

  67. Brenda Kincer

    My goal this week is to investigate domain names to purchase.

  68. Dan P.

    Hey Anthony, no bribes needed but I welcome your advice. I look forward to being a future success story.

  69. Rich Kotter

    My goal is to increase my income by using internet marketing.

  70. John

    Hi Anthony;

    My first goal is to be cofortable with what I am doing with this business, my second goal is to find my nitche, after I found these two goals then the rest is easy and I can follow up the rest of my goals.

    Thank you Anthony.


  71. Scott Van Giesen

    I’m a 56 year old unemployed Union Ship Fitter ,haven’t worked for two years.Never thought I’d be in this situation in life ! My want is to learn to earn so I can bless others & have enough to live also. I’m so pleased that I found your system & that you bless others in need ,I want see more of that & I yearn to be able to help & to tithe better at my church.This Face book will be new to me ,I”m sure it will move me forward in my search for my wants & needs.I’m a student with Applyki also ,just at the moment to join the 365 day plan you are doing,actually would of done it as yours is cheaper & 365 days & Applyki 6 mos .I’m concerned as I’m an old dog I won’t get it done in 6 mos.I always say – I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. God Bless

  72. Serena

    My website has been plugging along. My goal is to get it to the next level. I see that as a “steady” stream. Some weeks I will have 4 or 5 orders then I can go several weeks without one. When I am running ads I get as many as 60-100 people viewing my site but my conversion rate is very low. Last month I had to spend my time working at the library because our electricity got shut off. If I can get the site producing a steady stream of income that won’t happen again. Thanks for everything Anthony, I would’t be as far as I am without all your help.

  73. Joyce Reist

    I am working very hard at your program. All your information is helping me a lot. My goal is to replace the income I lost when I lost my job. Hopefully This can work for me.

  74. Trace Ardrey

    Hi Anthony Just started reading my book Advertising Profits From Home and I am really getting excited. My goal for the week is to overcome procrastination and to take a certain amount of time to set aside so I can read and really get into your program.

  75. Cathy

    Hi Anthony,
    My primary goal for this year is to actually get something online and working. I have started many differant projects this year to date, but have been jumping from one to the next and have not actually been able to get any one of them working for me.
    I really want your ipad and am hoping your weekly blogs will help to keep me focused.
    Thankyou for the chance to win.

  76. Rich Roug

    Thank you for what you do. Goal is to moving forward with the programs.

  77. Lamont

    My number 1 goal is to able to work from home and enjoy my family. I work in retail as a GM working 10 – 12 hour days and would like to give ore time to them. I was up late one night and channel surfing when I cam across your ad,with living from check to check I made a choice to jump in and give it a try…… so here I am! Just need more time to work on understanding how it works, not in position to have your staff build my web for me yet. So I will have to old school it for now…….. stay blessed.

  78. Jeff Aschenbach

    My goal is to get out of about 50k in debt in the next year. Cant wait to get the content in the blog to help me do that. I am new to this and have no clue how to get started. i hope you are a truthful person and can really help,I have tried other programs that just took my money and left me to fend for myself so if you could send me a note to get the starting point strep 1 then i can get started i am quit confused at this point and dont quit know where to go so please help.

  79. Dick Belair

    Hey Anthony, Sure, I’ll look forward to your comments and blogs. It will help me realize that there are profits to be made and that little thing of your personal notebook…well, that might be the edge for someone too.
    I have been a stone worker all of my life. I loved the beauty and the texture of the material ever since the third day I started. I’d slam away all day and had to be told that the day was over. Now, over 40 yrs. later, I have had back surgery and need to move into a far less strenuous day job. My goal is to find the internet co. that can help me get there without charging me an arm and a leg in doing so. Tell me that is possible with you folks, cause,honestly I haven’t seen it yet. You have asked me to spend over five thousand dollars before I can be promised anything. I need to see something more effective for less money. But, you are a great leader with wonderful principles, and the family you and your brother personally helped I’m sure can attest to that. Thank you.

  80. Mark

    #1. I want / need to get $1.00 in my pocket via the internet. If I can do it once then I can repeat the process an unlimited number of times. Then with that experience and accomplishment I can expand my horizons to other ventures.

  81. Jenn

    My goal is to make $5000 per month by the end of the year and to give my husband the freedom to leave his job if he wants to.

  82. Tony Guthrie

    Hi I too am looking forward to the weekly blog. Your information is a true blessing and is much appreciated. It comes at a time right now that we really need it. I have been out of work for over a year and really looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that is not an oncoming train. 🙂

  83. Jo MacDonald

    Hello Anthony,
    I made a dollar with ur books and that just got me motivated to do more. I enrolled in ur PMI learning and am really set my goals to continue with that and find my niche to become amongst those that don’t fear when they receive a letter from Social Security. I’m on disability and have been for the last 25 yrs. Maybe by the time I get a handle on something, it will almost be time for me to retire. lol
    Thank u so much for ur time and help

  84. Rebecca Wardlow

    I just received my “Special Delivery” package this week! I have been reading and studying all the materials so that I can create my goals and plan of action! My first goal is to supplement my income with $2000 per month so that my family can be debt free in 12 months. I am proud to be a part of your network and look forward to gaining the knowledge necessary to become successful.




  86. Pat Archey

    I read and listen to all your videos, and I am ready to may money, my goals are to be debt free this year, let’s MAKE MONEY

  87. Kat

    My goal is to make my first $20.00 or $50.00 dollars have not yet to make anything at all. I have read your book and I guess I just do not know where to start or I guess I need more help. I learn from watching someone do it a couple of times. I just do not know what I need to get started. Looking forward to watching your next weekly video .

    Take care God bless.

  88. Joseph Allen

    I’m interested in making my first dollar on the internet also, I would like to make my facebook home page look like yours. 🙂

  89. Charlie Thim

    I am being laid off from my job I would like to make my living from the internet.
    Thank you

  90. Regina Chappell

    Thank You! Your encouragement is such a blessing! My #1 Goal for this year will be to start my own successful business to help my family and friends!

  91. myron lewis

    I want to get hooked up tighter to this opportunity and make some needed money this year!

  92. lana dageford

    I really am learning a LOT from all the info you have posted out there. Just suffering a bit from overload but still plugging away. My goal is to become independent of “the man” and be able to generate enough income to support myself and my family without doing ther 9 to 5 thing. Thanksn Anthony!!!

  93. Cherita Young

    Hi Anthony,
    Goals, Goals, Goals for 2011. I would love for 2011 to be the year of having a successful internet business that will bring in an additional income. It all begins with me and setting aside time to devote to achieving this goal. I hope to get lots of help from you Anthony as I know you are inspired to help others. Looking forward to great things. This weekend will be the start of something different for me. Thanx and looking forward to a successful 2011!!!

  94. jerry

    my goal is to get package started and get some income coming in, have 2 children need mommy home she works two jobs making min wage do not even see her but sat. for church. i have tried other work at home programs did not work but by watching these video and reading commints has motivated me to push to setup package and try it out. thank you all.

  95. Erin Poll

    I am looking forward to making my first dollar. My husband had a heart attack in November and I have been working 2 part time jobs trying to make ends meet. I have 4 kids – one of which is getting ready for college – so I am hoping to be able to help him and prepare for the other 3 to go in a few years.

  96. Leila charania

    I like the video, and got bribed by you!! My goal is to start this asap so I can get the hang of it and start making some $$$ to pay my bills, so I can find a car for my husband.

  97. Debra Scott

    I am striving to get more money for my family, to be ready for my girls college expenses. To work at not having my husband work a J.O.B. To reach for the opportunity to help others.

  98. Rob

    I am just starting, but I see there is so much potential at a very low start up cost (I am on unemployment). Which what someone like me needs to have any success and grow my business. I am just working steady, so the income is starting small and growing Thanks, Anthony.

  99. Michael

    My goal is finincal independence and i’m encouraged by people like you… Keep it up…..Michael

  100. Jack

    Anthony: I just started your book and did as required, I watched your intro video before reading the first chapter. I love the amazing story you call “Hidden Millionaire”. I truly believe you are as genuine as I suspected when I say you on that informercial at 3 am a few weeks back. I’m taking it slow and not buying into all your other offers at this point because it is over- whelming working 2 jobs and raising 5 boys. I don’t have a lot of extra time right now, but I have a desire and vision that I could be successful on the internet by ethical means for almost 16 years. I have been an educator and I like your approach to helping others make money. My number 1 goal is to duplicate your success and teach it to my 5 boys so they can be off to a successful start in life as well. My number 2 goal is to show my wife that not all internet business’s are a scam and through hard work and dedication you can have success with an online business. Looking forward to your Friday blogs and winning your IPAD.

  101. Jordan Frazier

    I want to earn my first dollar on the internet, I have retired and living on Social Security is very have to do. I will be looking forward to your Weekly Blogs. Thanks for everything.

  102. Penny Waller

    My goal is to replace our lost income of $4000.00 a month and save our home that is being forclosed on. My husband lost his full time job in 2007 and became self employed shortly after netting about $8000 a year at the current time. Then to make matters worse the factory that I worked at shut down and I joined the ranks of the unemployed last year and became a full time student doing my classes online. It is my dream to replace our $4000 a month loss, save our home, and be able to stay at home and take care of my grandchildren full time.

  103. Corine Haggard

    I am brand new at this. I haven’t made any money yet and look forward to making my first dollar from the internet. This is also the first blog that I’ve made a response and wish I had gotten started a long time ago. I would love to be able to be successful and pay off my student loans. With the economy being down I am having a hard time finding a job. I think doing this would be so much more fun! I look forward to learning everything you teaching. I loved the video where you gave money to help the Burkhart’s from Joplin MO. That was the first blog I went on and that act of kindness and concern really sold me. That was an awesome gesture!

  104. Paul Mendolia

    I just got your book in the mail this morning and I am a quarter ofthe way tthrough it. Anthony. I am sitting here with a broken arm for which I had surgeryon may 31 due to falling off my bicycle in the park. I am taking care of my mom. I am out of work and I need to make this work. I have not even set up my website yet.

  105. Shayne miles

    My first goal is to make my money back from buying your book and the website. I’m hoping to find out your secretes by winning your IPad!!

    Thanks for the opportunity Anthony.


    Shayne miles

  106. Kelly Schweinfurth

    This year my husband and I want to get a house. We’ve only been married for a little over a year. My Step-Inlaws wanted to give us their family house for our wedding so that we would have a place to start out. So my husband and I packed up everything and came across country only to find out that the house that we were moving into should have been condemd. We have been in this house…without a kitchen and living in just 3 rooms, for about a year. This year, we want to move to a house that we can actully ‘live’ in.

  107. Emi Miyakoshi

    I just ordered Anthony system. And I haven’t receive it yet.
    So, I will start working as soon as I receive it.
    My personal goal for this year is to generate income from online and to afford my paycheck.
    Thanks im excited to figure it out.

  108. Lisa

    Hey Anthony,
    Just watched the weekly blog and am finally motivated to get started.
    My number one goal is to get my business up and running.
    Broken in attainable goals/steps as follows: 1: find out my website address as I have forgotten it (can you help me with this); 2: by July 15th, finish the books you sent me & start playing with website; 3: by July 31, have website running & productive; 4: by August 31, make first returns from website; 5: by December 31, 2011 make an average of $1,000/ month from August thru December 2011.

  109. Lois

    My goal is to get started and make this successful. I love my job but would like to add extra income to spend more time relaxing. I have not been able to get this off the ground yet but I know you will help me make this happen.

  110. Monique Adams-Penk

    I want to learn how to begin to make money on the internet and not be scared trying to do it.

  111. Monique Adams

    I want to make money and be successful enough to stay at home with my son.

  112. graciano espiritu

    i love you’re really serious about getting us to where you are right now..and this gesture proved that once’re really different from other mentors.

  113. Berney Hann

    I do enjoy your Blogs even though I have not left a comment in the past. My goal for this year is to get my business going & become comfortable with my future in every way…

  114. Don Hall

    I have tried ppc and all the free traffic I know of , but have not made any money .
    I just want to make something to help with bills .

  115. maria casillas

    my #1 goal is to help my daughters and be debt this year and help others
    thank you……….

  116. Moldaleen Titpon

    I don’t have a website yet, however, I would like to get out of 73K debt. I am 67 years old and I would like to start to enjoy my golden years if there is such a thing as Golden Years.

  117. Susan

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. My immediate goal is to be self sufficient and make enough to cover my expenses. My long term goal is to make a 6 figure income. Just got done doing your weekend workshop in Portland with your brother and my mine was just blown away with all the information that was presented to us. It is a must do workshop; what an eye-opener to the internet and how it can work for us to make a living.

  118. Robert "Ike" Isakson

    Just getting started in affiliate marketing. Looking forward to your weekly BLOG.

  119. Larry

    I would very much like to be debt free this year , I do not know what to do to be on face book I only do email . sorry

  120. Ronald McCarty Sr.

    Anthony, I’m 65 and my goal is to be able to support myself and if I do ever become successful to be able to help support our local SPCA to be a non-kill facility. June 1st,2011, I retired as a lieutenant from the Delaware Department of Corrections. My retirement won’t pay the bills so I hope you are able to guide me. Thanks. ron Mccarty Sr.

  121. Nancy Armstrong

    Anthony, My goal for the next year is to make enough money to support my love of travel when I retire. Which will hopefully be in 2 yeas. I would love to win your IPad especially if you will leave all but your most personal notes in it. I also want to know that I will not have to depend on Social Security when I retire because it has been so misshandled by those who are supposed to be looking out for our good that we have lost all or a good part of what we have paid into it over the years.

  122. Damaris Odom

    Thanks for your encouraging words on your weekly blogs. My goal is to start making money online so I can get out of debt. Please keep telling us what steps to take in order for that to happen. I’m learning just by listening to your blogs each week.

  123. Peggy Waxler

    I’ve tried everything else and sure would like to make some money online.

  124. Melody Noland

    What a great way to keep us all engaged!
    My goal is to be able to pay off all my student loans (I went back to school at 47) and be self sufficient, and not have to worry about all of these medical bills adding up (husband is disabled). I have a degree in business and am on unemployment because there are NO jobs.

  125. Harold Vincent

    My goal is to get started and make money to reinvest for retirement.

  126. cecilia

    Anthony , I haven’t started yet , because I don’t know how to start and besides that I dont’t have the money to start with those advertisements it cost a lot of money and I have to watch that video of yours yet, cause I have just bought my monitor. I’ll be thankful if one of thses days I can start and earn some money.

  127. Sammieree Pearson

    I not only want to make my first $ on the internet, I would love to make over 6 figures. That would be great, then I can take my grandchildren to some exotic place. Last but not least I would buy myself and family a beautiful home. Looking forward to learn all I can.

  128. Jerri Dodson

    I am 72 years young with young ideas. I want to work, make money, pay off my car, have money to live comfortably. Right now, I am trying to educate people to getting chemicals out of their life to have a healthier family lifestyle and make an income . If I’m lucky, I will have 20 years to make your plan work for me.
    Thank you for your ideas

  129. chris english

    my goal is to start making money from home quit my job at home depot so ill have more time to spend with my family i so far made $2 lol i know there more to come..

  130. Clara Leake

    I’m staying focused so I can make my first dollar. It’s very slow in coming. I sent a ticket concerning where to find the url for two products on my free web site. Haven’t heard anything back yet. You know, that can be very frustrating. Good luck to whoever wins your Ipad. I’m havinf major surgery on July 7th. Cervical sspine 3 and 4. I’ll miss the blog on the 8th. Pray for me.

  131. John Deli

    Dear Anthony,

    Liked this video. Only problem can’t get on Facebook. I tried dozens of times with there codes.

    My goal is to earn about a thousand a month. Only problem is I don’t
    have enough seed money to start, I’m in bad debt starting this.


    John Deli

  132. Neil Baier & Emily Taylor


    Great video…My step daughter and I ordered your course yesterday and we are anxious for it to arrive. She has the mind of an entrepreneur at a very young age and has her goal of buying a four-wheeler for recreation. My #1 goal is providing for our family — my wife lost her corporate job and is in nursing school and we also experienced losses like your father a couple years ago with the fall of the real estate market so we have been struggling to get back to where we were so we can get back to really helping others and making a difference in peoples lives. We cannot wait to receive your course and get started! Have a great weekend!

    Neil & Emily

  133. Sharon Howell

    I enjoy your weekly Blogs 🙂 Around trying to move, I am learning how to make my first dollar. I am new at this & excited to start making money. I need to for more than 1 or 2 reasons. Thank you Anthony, will be checking in next week. I will be learning more from your other emails & tweets. Thanks again, Sharon

  134. Nancy

    Antony, I am amazed by you and what you do. My goal is to finally make some money via the internet to suppliment my income and become debt free.

  135. Nina

    Hi Anthony,
    My goal for this year is to pay off my credit card, then on to the next step of paying off my mortgage. I have been with the PMI program since March and still in the beginning stages. A death in my family has caused me a few set backs and now I am focused to start learning with you and PMI. Please help those of us who are just starting the program, cause I am still not sure what I am doing. Thanks for helping the family in Joplin, I could see how appreiciative the gentleman was for you help.

  136. Linda Guarino

    I would like to make my first dollars online enough so I can be comfortable. I have spent my whole life waiting for someone else to work with for my financial stability. Well that hasn’t happen, I need to be self sufficient. I am a single senior and inspite of taking care of myself there isn’t a male companion for me out there, so I must make it on my own, and frankly I would rather have my own money so no one can tell me what to do with it. Sharing it with someone would be nice, but frankly I don’t see that happening so I really need the skills to make it my own way. If the obstacles would stop happening I will be on board hopefully before the end of the summer.

  137. TJ Hayes Jr

    I love it! I need your help! I have had the information for a while and I am ready to get started. I lost my website address in the process of moving. I need to know what to do next. Thanks.

  138. Michelle Welsch

    #1 Goal; To learn as much as I can from & about you!I WANT to get back into this world and project,esteblish, make money,*make “even more Money”I want to be able to use what bit of brain that I Do have (which Is Alot more than I Ever gave myself credit for having)gonna make a Very long story short,After a head-on car accident-I Did have to start All over!Yes, waking up from the coma, walking again,talking correctly, being able to use both arms (even-at the same time)Everything ALL over again &…
    Anthony, you are my Hero “you’ve been God sent to
    let’s go with it-
    Talk to me , teach me,,,

  139. Anna Bellum

    This is new territory for me and I’m impressed on the clear instructions you provide. I am devouring the information and intend to use your expertise to empower me with ways to make a buck or two (and more).
    When I recoup the amount I paid out (very little) for your books, I will jump for joy.

  140. Ulric Kurashige

    I recently lost my job. I need to pay my bills and find a new job. I need help generating income so that I take care of my wife What I am looking for is getting a steady income that does not depend on working for another company that can fire me on a whim. So I need the steps to get me there.

  141. Curt L. Stiedé

    HEYee, Anthony; My life long dream is go on a holiday to Europe, And now too visit my fiancée Tatyana from Russia and bring her home with me. What drives me today is I need to make $5 G’s in about two months to bring my Sweetheart home. Anthony I have the Cancer, which is on going at this time. I know my days are limited, So, we want too spend as much time together as possible. The ‘taxotere’ chemotherapy makes it a bit harder for me to work the program as much as I would like. I have a few good days a month to do this. I believe I can earn what I need with your fairly simple techniques. I am all jazzed about what can be made, if I work the business. I have been spending more time this last week, to make our dream come true. Thank you Anthony for all you have done for so many people and their families, Best Wishes, Curt,,,,,I am 66yrs.,,,,,,, I wanted to keep this simple!

  142. Laurel Ross

    I am very determined to become a successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur.
    I have set a goal to be earning $5,000.00 per month in this business by October 31, 2011. I ran my first ad 2 weeks ago and off of my 6.00 cost I earned 26.98 not a bad ROI I just need to multiply this success and continue to build upon it.
    Thanks for the education and encouragement.

  143. Michael S.

    Hi Anthony, I would say my top priority goal would be for my business to make the initial investment back. Once I achieve that I want to expand to other related business products. I enjoy your video blogs,they’er very informative and entertaining. Thank You

  144. Michael Barnes

    I actually have a couple of goals that are tied together. First, I became unemployed at the end of October 2010, just after my 60th birthday. Six weeks later I had hip replacement surgery that laid me up until April 2011. I have yet to find anything more than part-time cashier positons, at minimum wage and only guarranteed 16 hours a week. Also, because of the surgery, I had to scramble and cash in my 401k (which was growing at over 25% per year) to get COBRA established to cover the surgery and could not draw unemployment until after I was released by the surgeon. Second, my mother just turned 94 this month, and obviously, she has gotten to an age where she can’t do a lot of things for herself anymore, so I need to stay home, work from home and be able to be there for her. So, I need to earn some money online to replace an income and get more because I am tired of living and not getting anything in return.

  145. Nancy Diebler

    I am hoping to start making money on line. I do not have my website yet.

  146. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthony i need to make some money and get out of debt and i am going to look at all your blog and i need to make some money to get my son some school clothes and i need to make money now and my goal is to be debt free and have money in the money they is my no 1 goal Anthony and be bless

  147. Betty Todd

    Thanks for all of the material that you share with us Anthony! My Goal!… As a 65 year old ‘young lady’, my husband and I have ended up at retirement age with no ‘retirement account’ due to his having a heat stroke in 1997. We had thought we had several years to finish building that account, but due to the limited time that he’s able to work in the heat… we live in the desert of AZ…. we ended up with lots of debt. So…. I need to take the pressure off of my husband! My 1st goal is to complete, and get my website published within the next two weeks! (I am a student of PMI) My second goal is to establish several fabulous affiliates that will supplement my website! My third goal is to be bringing in a $5000 per month income by the end of 2011! I sometimes feel like I spend TOO much time clicking on all of the links from you, Josh Burns, Tellman…. but I don’t want to miss any information that may be available. So… wish me luck! I’m off to work on my website! Thanks again!

  148. Al Dinger

    I thank God for your leadership. I had asked God that He would make a way for me to do for my family as you have done for yours. I believe that it can be done. I have a computer that needs to be checked out. God gave it to me through a Christian brother, and the screen through a church. Now, I am at the library with plans to get my own internet where I can become a full pledged marketere. I am physically challenged with injuries to my right neck, right shoulder, knees, and other hidden problems. But, that is nothing in this business. As Joshua prevailed after Moses’ death, I shall prevail.

  149. Fred Thompson

    I have heard some great sales pitches in the past and this one has to be either very near or on top. My goal is to be the best affilliate in the group and with a lot of hard work I might just make it. I haven’t any money left after paying the necessities of life so we do it alone along with your help. That is how I made it so far in this life and I always made it.I sure could use that I Pad.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  150. Kathryn McCampbell RN

    My reason for living/loving is to spend 6-12 months offering my nursing services to orphans in DR Congo. I’m raising $8,000 to make that happen. Please see my FB page called, “Send OKC (Oklahoma City) Nurse to DR Congo” for details and pictures.

  151. Savanah

    My goal is to actually start making money. I have read your book and have been at the computer for the last couple of weeks trying to figure out how to make money. I’m a single mother. I have to be home with my disabled daughter. So our income is less than $1,000.00 a month. This affiliate marketing is the answer to my prayers if I could figure it out.

  152. Kathy Pavone

    Hi Anthony, I am just getting started, actually I have not received my books yet. I love your videos and your enthusiasm is contagious. I think this is a great system and my goal is to get up and running and make my first $5. I love that you quote the bible.

  153. Darryl

    My goal this year is to keep my company from going out of business. The company will broaden its scope of products and incomes. We are not an internet based company but i will make internet sales and marketing a big portion of our income.

  154. Elizabeth Walker

    I have been at this for a year and a half. So many things has come up to discourage me,so I have done practically nothing for a while. Most of it is not understanding how to make a website and replace expired offers but you have encouraged me and I will keep on trying, eventually it will work Elizabeth W June 25

  155. Julia Hay

    Love your ethical bribe. My goal is to find a product to sell, build my website at PMI. Love all the help, and you.

  156. Richard E. Vandevander

    Hi Anthony, I have had my electric shut off for a few days, so I am back
    now and will get back to work and see if I can make some money before
    they shut off my cable. It was nice to see the family get your check.
    GOD BLESS. Talk with you soon. Richard

  157. Miriam Ferrary

    I watch all your blogs. I’m disabled living on disbility. That doesn’t pay the bills. I’m waiating for the secretary of State to give me aaaatax number or my business. The name of my busness is Aeroaid. It will be used to help disabled people. I know too many people with MS that crawl in a corner
    and die. The depression is too much for them. Well, I have MS. I also have APS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, restless leg syndrom, incontinence, and who knows what else. I can’t walk, but that doesn’t stop me. I’m 63 years old and I’m happy. I can show them how to make their life easier and get them back into the world. As soon as I get my tax number, I’m going to go register it, go to the bank and open an account, and contact you.

  158. Charles Springer

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win your Ipod. I just starting and don’t even know anything about this business yet, Thanks Again!

  159. Debbie McCue

    Hi Anthony and everyone,
    Thank you so much for opening opportunities for people who really want to learn how to have online buisness and lso to be able to have teaching from Anthony and input form others. I am knew at this, and I am so excited, this has really given me a purpose at his season of my life. I am disabled but not unable. I can do all things through my faith in God. I have prayed for 2 years since my injury that God would give me a purpose again. I was an R.N. and I love people. Since my injury I became somewhat depressed, especially because I felt my purpose of helping people in life was over. Now I do have a purpose and that is to learn and then help as many people as i can. This is long but important no one is insignificant and any one with help , faith, friends and support can make a difference. So my purpose is to get this buisness up and running and help others do the same. Thank you Anthony you are an answer to prayer for me.
    Have a great weekend and i will hear you next week.
    Debbie Mccue.

  160. Lisa ibrahim

    iI’m intrested in making money to pay off my debt and being able to live comfortable getting the thing that I want without hesitation.I am lucky to have found your website Thank You

  161. Vany Isberto

    That is really SWELL Anthony. Well done thanks so much. I am engaged in this work and enjoy it immensely. No money yet, but I made real progress. I can do this and YES WITH NO TECH SKILL. However, educating myself, knowing how it work, understanding the process and not quitting are the keys to be successful. I understand it now, it really is exiting. I cant wait to publish my first web page!!!!

  162. Marietta Anderson

    Dear Anthony: Since I first entered this journey I have appreciated your sincere heart and moral attitude. My email journey was interupted by life-threatening physical situations, and I need to get started again. I’ve sent back every opportunity I checked into….until I found yours. I need a lot of help right now. Thanks so much.

  163. Mary Lou White

    Great marketing idea! My goal is to replace my income. Keep showing us how to do it.

  164. Debbie Seelbach

    My GOAL for this year is to make an extra $5,000 per month, ever month..
    I love these weekly updates. I may not always leave messages about then after ward, but I will now! LOL Keep’em com’in!
    Thank you!

  165. Benedict Messana

    My goal is to be making enough to pay my monthly mortgage pmt ($1,400 per mo) by the end of 2011.

  166. Bryan Sherman

    Hi Anthony,

    I have never heard of you before, but you sound genuine and uplifting. I believe just like you that anything is possible, especially on the internet, even though I have not made one dime on the internet. My goal is to make a minimum of $100 on the internet and to begin making a difference in my family’s life as well as others out there who are struggling. I look forward to your blogs and becoming your facebook fan.

    God bless!

  167. Cynthia Hernandez

    my goal is to start helping pay off our bills and doing so by using the strategies i get from you.

  168. Lynne Didrikson

    I have been watching every video you e-mail. This has kept me motivated to read both of your books and now to set up a Web site. My goal for this year is to have this business started and running by fall and to be making $10,000 a month. This would pay my mortgage easily on a second home because I work away from home during the week.
    I would also like to share this with many of my family members once they see this is not a scam!!!
    Thanks for your promise of continueing support, especially to those of us that have never done a Web site before, let alone run a business off it.

  169. Debbi Wright in AZ

    Hi Anthony,

    My #1 goal is to get all of my websites, monetized and SEO’d.

    Thanks to your Level 4 training (4 classes) plus my mentor training and an occasional email to YOU, I remember ‘learning’ certain things, then go back through my notes for details and have managed to get pieces of the process together.

    I look forward to using your ‘hand-me-down’ iPad next month during my Level 4 (for the second time) training in Utah!


    When I grow up, I want to be like you (he he, I am 50!)

    Debbi in AZ

  170. Debbi Wright in AZ

    PS . . .

    I can’t wait to see what a ipdad is ????

    Typo in your ‘tags’?? (hee hee)

    Tags: Anthony Morrison, anthony morrison blogs, anthony morrison books, anthony morrison ipad, anthony morrison online, anthony morrison video, free ipad giveaway, free ipdad, win a free ipad

    Love ya’ sir . . .

    Debbi in AZ

  171. Monica

    Hey Anthony,

    We are excited about your program and am eager to learn more so that I can quit one of my jobs, be debt free and save for my children’s college. I only have 4 years, my oldest starts HS in the fall.

  172. Carolyn Jones

    So….Anthony 185 comments already. I’m not really here for the IPad but I want one some day. I’m really here to make money on the internet and on my website once it is up and running. That is my main goal, I get the greatest joy from family and friends when they give me hugs and smiles that they love what I have made for them. And they say all the time that I should be selling what I make. Yeah easy for them to say, not so easy when you don’t have funds to buy supplies. I’ll just keep doing what I Love. CJ

  173. Kaye Hutton

    My goals are to make enough to let my husband retire and for us to be able to enjoy ourselves once he does. I have not made anything yet but I know I will very soon. I am being trained through your coaching department and they are super.
    I have been watching your videos every week, but have never left a comment. You have a unique way of getting us involved!!! I suppose that is why you are where you are today.
    Thanks for all the help!

  174. Elaina Daniels

    Wow! Its a lot of work to get this show on the road! I hope we are up to it. Thanks for all the encouragement. It really helps. I could use that IPAD too,
    I am not the most organized person. That is my number one goal!! To become more organized. I am working hard at it. Some things just don’t
    come natural for of us. Lol!

  175. maria casillas

    Hi Anthony ,
    My goal is get out debt and be financially free
    Thank you

  176. Patty

    My goal is to learn, learn, learn. I have taken two of the training classes, been in touch with Ryan in Mississippi and Bill F. with WSM trying to learn their new system and trying to find which avenue I should travel down. The money amount is not my focus right now. I just want to see if I’m doing everything correctly. The money will just be a gift for my hard work. Thank you.

  177. Ligia

    My goal number one is to be making a steady $5,000.00/month on my business by the end of this year, and finally be able to say goodbye to my boss.



  178. Krandall Johnson

    My goal for this year is to be able to put more time in to my business so I can make more money and to be able to do the things that you do for people all over the world because we need more people like you in this world so thats why I just keep on following your footsteps so I can do as good as you thank you very much for everything you do for all of us see next week.

  179. Diana Eisenhard

    I have just recieved your books and the “Money Making Strategies”. I am very excited about diving in and learning something new. This is completely foreign to me. I am looking for the vehicle to accumulate this “tool” called money in order to finance all the projects my partner and I have always dreamed of. (i.e. a no kill adoption shelter with mass education on pet care, owner responsibility, the right pet for the right situation, training, etc. we also have other projects we would like to see get off the ground in the area of recovery for women; and of course personal projects). I believe I have found the vehicle to do this. I just need to follow your directions, gain confidence, and be guided though the process. Thanks

  180. Karen Pressley

    I like the weekly blog and things with you in keeps me in touch and motivated and my goal is to replace my jobs hopefully by the end of the year. And I love the things you do for others. This is what I want to be able to do to help others and my love ones. Thank you for all you and your family do.

  181. Isaiah Miller

    I want to become self sufficient and take care of my family in the best and safest way possible. I have made only $1.06 so far but I am determined to make this work for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live a life of learning.

  182. Wendy Carmichael

    I believe that it is time for me to make time to do this. Single mom needing to put two boys through college. I work a full time job that doesn’t even pay my bills and I’m so tried of never having any money. I want to make my first internet money with Anthony’s help! I feel that I don’t have enough time in the day to even be online, however I want to make the time for my future. So I’ll commit to 30 minutes a day, and trust me when I say that is a lot of time for me. What do I do first Anthony, where do I start? I purchased your books from tv, but I do not have anymore money now to spend, of course once I make money I’ll be able to try some of the other things that cost money, please tell me what do I do first? Wendy

  183. Joe

    My goal this year is to learn everything to make money on the internet please send me your iPad touch

  184. Samantha Shields

    My goal is to be more proactive, determined, and focused to make more money. I want to be ahead of my bills, not behind. So, I’ve got MONEY on my mind and money will drive me to SUCCESS.

  185. Kathleen Beller

    Dear Anthony,
    I want to make money on 10 campaigns by the end of the year. I want to see
    responses to my blogs and I want to see my website running well.

    Stanley and Kathleen Beller

  186. Nancy

    Anthony, my goal for this year is to make enough money that my husband and I can retire and help 2 of our 7 kids who are out of work to stay afloat. We had been helping them, then my husband had a blood clot in his leg and had to quit driving. That was 4 months ago, the doctor said he can go back to work 20 hours a week with breaks. That will keep us going but we are both in our 70’s and would like to retire. But we need to help the kids till they have work again and keep ourselves solvent.
    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  187. Trena Puentes


    I appreciate your kindnesses. One of my goals is to successfully create another flow of income through your program.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :o}

  188. Karen T

    I’m interested in making enough money to get out of debt and have a lifetime income that I can work on anywhere, anytime!

  189. Ingrid Phillips

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for your generous offer + all the things you do to help others. My goal is to make my first dollar and much more than that from the internet. My other goal is to learn how to have the exposure to be more of a first page presence. I also want to be able to give back to others in a big way. My dream is a big one: Have a television show about all the good that is in the world. There is an overload of information in our media but most of it is negative and scary. I am not the only deserving person as there are many fine people who are wanting to make a difference as well as earn a good living. My husband and I are barely making it on social security but have lots of energy to work. We are not afraid of long hours and like to complete what we start. It would be a wonderful benefit to enjoy the portability and reliability of an Apple product. Thank you for considering me in this “bribe.”

  190. Thomas Gene Vickery

    My goal is to quit burning the candle at both ends. I’m tired working at a job. I’m ready to do just my online Business and still work with you online to. And the main thing is to help my grandaughter as much as I can. Ok Anthony like always thanks for your time.

  191. Geri

    Still looking for a way to make my first dollar in this business. It can be very discouraging, because there is sooooo much too learn. It seems I should have had sales by now, but, still nothing. I watch your weekly blog every week. I love all the stuff on facebook. Very informative!!! Thank you for caring soooo much about us.

  192. david bilderback

    that is cool glad to see some 1 help pep that needs it .
    that y i like Anthony and y i put the last my spare $ in his stuff so i can get my life up and runing i dont mind puting my $ in some 1 like him he helps pep do better. my be i can make it out this $ hole i am in so i can help pep like my fam there 6 of use in a lil 2 bad room places pules 3 kids love to get my fam in a biger place. even if i dont make but a lil bet $ every lil helps.

  193. Geri

    I watch your weekly blog every week. The info on facebook is AWESOME!!!
    Still trying to make my first dollar in this business. After10 months of nothing, I’m a little discouraged!!! I’m doing facebook, twitter, blogging, etc. etc. I’ve also done adwords advertising and —-nothing. I’m running out of money and to top it off, my computer’s hard drive decided tself that it can be doneo crash, and it’s only a year and a half old. I’m still determined to make some money at this business, just to prove to myself that it can be done.

  194. Kay

    Just received the material. By the end of the year I want to be debt free, purchase a new car and a house.

  195. James c. Venden

    Me being computer stupid would like to at least learn to navigate and and use all the stuff i have learned from your blogs. Well i shouldn’t say learned, I should say listened to on your weekly blogs. It is all very interesting but way over my head, but I’m getting there. look at my web-site and let me no what I can do to let her snap. GIDIUP. I will succeed. my site is great, I just need to get it in front of people. You can keep your book, but instead affiliate market for me for free. OK SOUNDS LIKE A WINNER. SHOW ME WHAT YOUR MADE OF ANTHONY. LOL

  196. Bill Becker

    By the end of this year I would like to work out of my home instead of working at my boring 8-5 job that I hate.

  197. Betty

    Anthony, looking forward to the weekly kick in the butt!! My goal is ultimatly to live a ‘financially non stressed life’. Thanks for the help.

  198. Kris

    My #1 goal is to pay off the mortgage on our house in 3 years and then financially assist my elderly parents. I just began the program and anxious to start earning money.

  199. magda

    I will tell you that my personal goal is, give my family the live they deserve, and I will work on that God willing.

  200. Aldo Trevino

    im just finishing up the book and i realize since im a hands on person that starting from the basics would be a good start and my goal is to learn and soak as much as i can from your videos while seeing results of a few hundreds if not thousands in 2011.

  201. Raymond Gonzales

    Anthony I never had time working a fulltime job (55+ hours) and maniting a 4 bedroom house and yard work I was simply too mentally and physically exhausted for it all but do to my recent lay off I think I just need to apply my self.. Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement…

  202. Phil Lully

    Anthony, I’ve been thinking about the Berkheardt’s??? now you were there
    and know if they still even haved a post office….how is their mail delivered?
    What if we your anthony morrison community were to send a $5.00 bill or
    $10.00 or more to this family through the mail….imagine if they had a pile
    letters all with some money in them…..that’ll give ya the warm fuzzies !
    They have enough for a new car…..but how about this idea….perhaps a temporary mail box at the post office could help so they are’nt overwhelmed with letters at their home…site….? I think it was way cool
    what has been done so far….but would be even sweeter if they opened
    letter after to find $$$$….it would be our only way to say we love them more!! What do you think? Phil Lully

  203. Kimberly Marconi

    Hi Anthony,

    I was going to say “hope you’re doing well”, but I know that you are, so that would be kind of a stupid thing to say. My goal using your system is to make xtra money so my mom and I can live more comfortably. Mom lives on Social Secuity and she’s 84 years old and I live on less than $500 a month – that’s what our great gov’t gives me for being disabled. That’s why I thought I really wanted your program so I would be able to do this online. The problems I’m having are finding enough time to do this while taking care of mom and myself, and no matter what I do I feel like I’m just not “getting it”. Do you know what I mean? I’m having trouble putting everything together so things make sense. Still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. So…..not much money and I really need help (I mean serious HELP) in starting this. I’m really not stupid, but right now I feel completely overwhelmed. Thanks for listening.

    Kimberly Marconi

  204. Denis Michels

    Hello Anthony, I am a single parent of four children my life is very busy with holding down two jobs and trying to find the time to attempt this one, Just to make ends meat for my loving children, My goals this year is to become a more successful business women and to only work at home here with internet marketing, and to spend more time with my children. I have four wonderful kids that do very well in school with they’re grades and are very well manured. I’m very proud of them and there is nothing more to me to be able to buy them the world if I could afford it. LOL They are really great kids, and a blessing from GOD. I love watching your videos and they are always inspiring to me. I just wish I had more time. That’s another goal to make more time, Thank you Anthony for being so pleasant and encouraging. God Bless you Anthony.

  205. Joy & Nathan

    Just got your books and want to make money to pay off debts.

  206. Phil Lully

    Why I want to succeed at making money on the internet !
    Welp here it is in a nut shell….first to get myself back on my own feet, as
    I have been basically unemployed since 2007 in august….next to help other family members who are struggling too and to be able once again
    to hold my head high and not worry where I’ll find some money to pay each
    bill OR just to keep my truck on the road with gas and insurance, and tags. Thanks Anthony, Phil Lully

  207. John Mollitor

    My goul is, to build a business on the internet using your teachings before this year is done.

  208. John Mollitor

    My goal is to create a internet business, using the instructions from your books, and video’s, before 2011 is done.

  209. Matiajmt

    My number goal this year is to earn enogh money to pay of all my Debt, and then purchase my dream home.I also want put in more than into my online business so I can earn that extra cash.

  210. Janet

    I have been working with u for awhile now but my goal for the rest of the year is to try to help my family get into a home again instead of a FEMA Trailor since the April 29th tornado destroyed our 1850 antebellum home in Smithville, MS! Thanks for your help! God Bless! Janet

  211. Eric Rasmussen

    FANtastic!! Thanks for all the motivation.
    My goal is to retire on time .
    With Affiliate marketing keeping me busy .

    Carry On!
    Eric R.

  212. Debbie in NY

    Anthony, the last four years have been financially very difficult. My goal is to make extra money-to not only stay on top of paying my bills, but actually have enough left over to pay off the extra debt we have accumulated during this recession.

  213. Bert

    I want to get my business off the ground and start making money, but I tried using google adwords and google suspeneded my account. What other options do I have.

  214. Gershon"Jerry" Brody

    I recently purchased you new book. I am retired. My house is paid for. I just need to find something to do to keep busy. I am waiting for the book to be delivered before starting. I want to read the book to see waht it is all about first.

  215. Dana Bowman

    I’ve purchased your books, read one so far and loved it! Your story of success is amazing and I admire your commitment to success, empathy for others, your talent and self motivation. My goal is that I too can become sucessful with what I love doing. Having my own business has been a dream of mine, but I’ve never thought I could make it without money to start it up, but after reading your book, it has inspired me. Hopefully I will learn from you. You are an amazing young man! You must make your Mom very proud!

  216. Howard Taylor

    My goal is to learn as much and use the knowledge you teach me to make a start to help me and my family,I have adopted 5 children and have 2 of my own and have two exchange students all year long, and i want to show them away to help them to work with this program some day, and just want say im excited to get started to work my way step by step to a better future and I know it will take all hard work and a drive to succeed and I know i have it,Thanks Anthony for what you do to help others.

  217. Patrick

    well i need d ipad but how many people can u give ipad. i zero my mind if i get it fine if not no problem. but what i want as in my goal is to make a living online job is not easy to come about more over i dont want any one ordering me about i want to live the kind of life i desire and be able to sing like a musician in my country “i like d kind of life that am living now” by His grace soonest it will be my song in Jesus name amen. weeping may last for a night but joy cometh in the morning

  218. Kathy L Brogli

    Hey Anthony:
    My number one goal within the next few, short weeks is to get enough money to give my youngest son to start college. I feel like this is the avenue to get there.

    Thanks Anthony for the opportunity!
    Kathy L. Brogli

  219. Carol

    My goal for now is to make extra money to be able to help others in need, as you did on the last blog.
    I hope the gentleman was able to get a car and get his life back to normal. God does not want us to put our selves first but to think of others. If we do not we are not meeting his Great Commission to us to love one another and help those we can.

  220. stella amoako


    My number one goal is to get my own coach to help me to set up
    my Website, before Christmas, so that I wouldn’t be left out this year
    because I am tired of living from pay check to pay check and can not
    help my family and other people.Enough is enough.
    Thanks for all your help God Bless.

  221. Jeanne Brafford

    Anthony nice motivator,very clever way to get my attention! We are totally new at the cyber world. purchased your book from T.V. looking for a different sorse of income,this seems like a great way to go,My husband Jerry an I got on board with PMI education.Lots to learn but lifes always about moving forward,never let fear of the unknown get in your way. If you don’t try you can’t fail but you can’t sucseed either.So two months into classes great learning tools,domains key terms,URL all very valubale knowledge for the net!The Brafford family goal is to get away from the food industry or at least cut back our hours,40 is coming quick an we pull 70hrs a week in our little diner.the economy isn’t helping our business so hopefully,will be able in the next year to be more financally stable. Thanks for everything your drive an incuragement means so much!

  222. michael newton

    i like watching your blogs and will be there for the next 4 coming up
    thanks for your concern to help others make money also.i want to get my internet business going this year.

  223. Judy D

    Anthonly, I really like your enthusiasm and true interest in helping people. It’s my heart as well. I’m considered to be a Senior now (65) – on Social Security, but it’s not enough so I am also working Full-time, and I have also been in ministry. Sad to say that at this point in life this is still just not quite enough to get by, and “getting by” is like survival mode – living in lack. That’s not the way it is meant to be. I”ve always considered myself an overcomer, & not just a survivor. So, I’m seeking help to get myself going again. I believe there is more yet for me to achieve and accomplish and surprise everyone around me, including myself! It’s my desire to be able to leave my children and their families (9 grand-children) a good inheritance! And give to others along the way. So, I aim to make it happen, and would love your help. Thank you!

  224. Ruth Taylor

    Hi Anthony,

    My situation in life has changed and I have a goal to become very experienced in Marketing. My husband has has diabetes and now has developed Myasthenia Gravis which is causing him to retire early. I also am care giver for my sister-in-law that has Down Syndrome as well as Alzheimer’s Disease. So my number one goal is to provide a comfortable and safe place for my family to live and to have the income so that my husband does not have to worry about finances. He has enough to worry about. Thank you for developing this program for people like me that really need it. May God continue to bless you. RT

  225. Seyed Anvari

    This will be a great tools. I think I will get a lot of sales from this tool.

  226. Tyrone

    Hello Anthony,

    Good day. I hope this reply finds you and yours well, enjoying life and blessed.

    This is a little embarassing to admit but, it is what it is…

    What I’d like to accomplish this year is to read, look at and listen to all the materials I purchased from you last year and learn what it takes to become successful in this market and or markets.

    At the time I purchased your program, I was employed, had “boo coo” (a lot) irons in the fire, a touch of “scatter brain” which caused a serious lack of focus, organization and prioritizing on my part!

    Now, I’m unemployed after serving 24 years on active duty in the Army and another 12 years working for the Department of Defense… I’m gigless (no job)!

    I stated above what I want to accomplish this year because, I now don’t have a gig, I don’t have “boo coo” irons in the fire (the fire is out), I’ve calmed/slowed down a lot, I’m a lot more focused, working on being organizational skills as well as prioritizing what I want, ready to do what it takes to achieve it and I’m hungry for success!

  227. Christine w

    I’m overwhelm and still hoping I’m on the right track. I would like to make my first dollar from your program. I know I have to settle down and follow
    your instructions. I still have so much to catch up on…

  228. Ariel Torralba

    Reluctance and procrastination is the #! Goal to overcome. But the fact that I made that purchase is enough motivation for me to follow you through all your programs. I just hope to get that first $ on the internet sooner to keep me motivated. I’m looking forward to read the book when delivered.

  229. Dan B

    My first goal is to just get started & make some money, biggest problem I have is just deciding where & how to start, I need to find my direction. Please help

  230. Marty L.

    My main goal is to get my websites to start earning money. It is extremely difficult to get traffic to a website so I continue to study and learn and hopefully soon (as soon as I can get the time to get all the things done that I need to get done) I can begin to generate traffic and get some cash flow going.

  231. Lueroyce

    I am newley married and want to contribute financially to my marriage. This is the 2nd marriage for both my husband and myself. He was widowed after 35 years of marriage. His spouses illness wiped out his bank account, retirement fund and forced him to file BK. I was single for 20+ years and now that God has brought us together I want to be able to contribute financially.

  232. Kaye Kiele

    Hi Anthony, Thanks again for your weekly blog. I truly appreciate your timely reminders and encouragement. We do need them and you make everything fun and interesting as well as informational.

  233. Steve Ballard

    Finish reading the book, while trying to understand the content as well. Also becoming engaged in your emails and blogs to get things moving.

  234. Steve Ballard

    By the way, if I “earn” that ipad, not win, but earn it, my guess is I won’t need it so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say give it to the next guy if I actually follow up on your requests. By engaging, I should succeed. Thanks Anthony.

  235. Amparo Avillanoza

    Thank you for always sending me inputs how to earn money from internet marketing. Unfortunately, I got fired from my job that I have for continous 17 years. And so, what do you expect ? No food on the table for 3 days in a week. Now, the more I could not pay my bills. I am horrified.
    Why is this budget cut all over the US ? What is happening to our dollar value ? Are your business affected by these, too. ? Gosh, let’s find out the root cause.
    Whatever it takes, let’s go on trusting one another about your blogs, making money. I haven’t earn any penny from the internet so far. But I know that you will help me earn; say about sending e-mails and earn money ? Nothing is impossible with God. God loves us and He will provide. I believe in Him.

  236. MzLiz RoyalGems

    My burning goal is to have
    $20,000. in the bank by Jan 1 2012. How: Internet advertising business. What will I do: Study!, proven program and apply, with persistance

  237. Jessica Perez

    I have never done this kind of Marketing before. But I got your book yesterday have about 40 pages to go and I know I can do in fact I have to. My husband has been working 3 part time jobs just so we can make ends meet; and they are not being met he needs my help and he needs it yesterday. So this can not fail. My number one goal is to be able to help him pay bills so he can see our 9month old take his first steps. Thank you and God Bless

  238. Susan Rutter

    My goal is to be able to give away as much money as I spend on myself. I will do this with your teachings and by continuing to work with my coach.

  239. Dan Morawski

    Anthony rockin good blog . my goal is to make a better life for my family and be able to help others in need

  240. Teresa Vaughn

    My number one goal is to get my website published so I can gain financial freedom (debt free) and be able to provide medical care/insurance for my family members. I have been struggling with the “right thing to sell to succeed” but have finally decided to go with what I have passion about and can keep simple. I am certainly open to suggestions…

  241. Pilar morales

    I am interested in learning how to start making at least my first dollar to obtain my goal which is to at least help my parents with their medical issues.

  242. Karole

    Living on the road full time in my motorhome and want ways to add to my income using my computer. Here’s hoping the knowledge you have to offer will help me reach my goal of a minimum of 5K / month. I’m gonna be needing a new RV in a year of so ! And these little rigs are expensive !

  243. Amy Tichenor

    My initial goal is to make my first $1 online and get motivated to get that number to increase. I’ve read your book cover to cover more than once but still feel overwhelmed. I’m hoping these weekly blogs will help me see what I need to be doing!

    Thank you!

  244. Jose Aguilar

    I’m definitely interested in learning how to make my first dollar online and even increase it by the end of the year!!!

  245. Keith Dansie

    My frist goal is to make money by get my website set up. I want do that by July 22. I am doing something every day but I guess its not going fast enough;

  246. Keith Dansie

    I just want to get our website going and make money by helping other people find what they are looking for.

  247. Cheryl

    I want & need a legitimate work from home income producer. I’m a senior citizen and have been living in other peoples’ homes for nearly 20 years. I want to create an income that will comfortably allow me to have my own home that is in excellent condition w/modern amenities, with yards that have been well manicured, the back yard needs to be large enough for a vegetable garden and play area for my grand child and an outdoor living area. Not much. Oh yeah, I also want a new car, preferrably a green luxury car – easily affordable. There’s more…..

  248. Brendan

    Just starting out with an affiliate marketing gig. I would like to generate a good income with this particular business in 2011!

  249. barbara conrad

    as a new member i love what you are sharing. I do want to be debt free in long term goal…short term goal is to implement this program with some success in seeing a cash return of some kind…your i=pad sounds sweet!

  250. Dj

    I would like the opportunity to finally make some form of income on the internet. I have been taken so many times it is hard to believe there just might be someone honest enough to talk the talk and really walk the wallk.

    I have been checking you out and you just might be that 1 in one million that is for real. So I want to believe in you and have confidence in you, because, I am a senior citizen just trying to make ends meet.

    I will admit I do not really understand the internet possiblities, only the hype that is mentioned by the Guru’s of the internet. If they can do, why can’t I?

  251. william ortega

    anthony hi you doing i hope you doing ok and my goal is you help me to make my frist dollars on that internet and you help me to setup my page im in wheelchair i need make money so pleeas help me thank you

  252. Veronica b

    Would like to be debt free have a legt. biz up and running working for me while I’m working for the family and friends who have kept me afloat.

  253. dee

    my #1 goal… to have a successfull homebased business and provide for my family. Being a single mom, they depend only on me.


    love your blogs

  254. Diana

    Thank you Anthony for giving me more reasons for staying motivated. I am disabled with a very small income so my goal is to learn how to market online and improve my quality-of-life with that income. I have no money to advertise with so any help with no cost or low cost advertising would be really great! I really need to start making that income. Thanks Again, Diana

  255. scott

    i just want be able to buy things when i want i been broke all my life

  256. Samuel

    My goal is to pay off my student loan and have son live with me since his mother had passed away and if everything wOrks out buy a new car

  257. bonnie

    My # 1 goal this year is to convert my great traffic to conversions and buyers. I have the complete ground floor built for my business… I just need more people to actually convert and buy.

    Thanks Anthony for your blogs they are great…

    I noticed you went to video email and I am working on something like that as well…

    Bonnie Richardson

  258. Olen

    I’m not sure if I really need or even want an Ipad but if it will help me get a few steps forward toward getting an income stream started and then grown to begin building a way out of the trench I’m in, I’ll go for it. After all I try not to miss all of your items sent out.

    Thanks for everything…

  259. Larry Steele

    I am looking forward to watching the Saturday Blogs. Just getting into this business and wanting to build a $10,000.00 a monthincome in the next 24 months.

  260. Richard Tubbs

    Hi my goal is to get out of a truck i am 58 years young i drive a truck for living been doing for 20 years and would like to get out of it my web site has some problumes i cant get in to it but i like the blog

  261. Linda Lloyd

    Congrat on your sharing your Success Secrets with the World…Everyone needs a Model and a Template to strive for! Thanks for that! Here’s to a new moment and a Successful One….

  262. FatimahM

    My goal is to actually use what I read in the book. My subtext goal is to generate a substantial income by using these strategies.

  263. Tina

    I really enjoy your blogs. Its nice to know that you are there to help long after I paid for your program. My goal is to have a steady income. To be able to pay it forward. Also to learn someting new everyday of the rest of my life. Thank You for being there for all of us

  264. bonnie

    My goal is to *Challenge Myself to give enough time to my marketing each day in order to learn the business well enough to make it my full time income by this time next year.
    I thank you for these videos, they are motivational and helpful. Good job with helping in Joplin last week

    Thank you, Bonnie

  265. Tim p

    Above all my goals, my #1 goal is to make sure that my two boys go to college.

  266. maria

    #1 goal is debt free this yr. single mom caring for elderly parents.

  267. Robert Austin

    I like how you help everyone stay engaged.Thank you.I have a question,what is an easy way to find dropshippers for my product niche.I have started looking and it seems so tough to sift through all the info and stuff?Thanks Bob

  268. della

    I joined with you because I saw you on television. you seemed real, empathetic and really cared about others. I liked that.
    The place where I worked shut down and I havent been able to get a permenent position. It’s time I stopped looking and started taking care of business myself. I am looking forward to that.

  269. Theresa Duncan

    Because very few jobs are open due to our economy, I couldn’t get a full time job. My bank is drained and I need to have a stable income to survive. My goal this year is make my PMI business going. So I have to invest more time learning it. As a starting point, I will earn $1,500 this year, then work my way the following year to replace my income of $5,000.
    All I have to do id dedication to this business. I have nowhere to go.


  270. lori d

    This was cute and funny. Bribery works, huh? My goal for this year is to start making money on the internet so that I know I accomplished something that is helpful to my family. Hope it works.

  271. April Langford

    My goal is to go forward as far as the eye can see. “Every achievement, big or small, begins in your mind. It starts as a thought.” What you think about, you bring about.

  272. Ida Mitchell

    I have your product but I have forgotten how access my website.

    Ida S Mitchell

  273. Sandi Bleau

    thank you for all your inspiration and positive feedback. just getting started and my goal is to make a commitment to myself, and follow thru with the roadmap you have provided

  274. kbazar5516

    I have watched all your blogs because they keep me motivated to do
    better. Plan on being a success before the year ends. I hope.

  275. Tammy Ruegsegger

    About three weeks ago, my husband was laid off, just out of the blue, no warning, no nothing. He is currently looking for work, but manufacturing manager jobs are not very abundant. We went to your three day workshop with your brother and was very interested in learning how to work the business. We were very impressed and learned a lot. Thanks for all the hard work you have done. I appreciate it. My goal is to learn the business and supplement our income in the next few months. We are in the process of coming to Mississippi to complete your training and then heading to Salt Lake City in October. I sure hope this pays off it is a great risk for me, not a risk taker. I plan on putting a lot of time and energy into it to make it work.Thanks again

  276. donald cassidy

    thanks for helping the family in joplin and my goal would be to make money my first dollars on your affilate program and win a i pad . thanks

  277. Linda Sawyer

    I am retired and do not have enough to pay my bills and would like to earn some extra money on the internet. I am just learning so I guess I have a long way to go , but I will learn this.
    Thanks Anthony, for your help and encouragement.

  278. eve sparacio

    personal reason is to be able to pay 50,000. for taxes on my home
    next month…… this is not counting my other bills

    but that i have almost covered…..i would hate to have to sell my home
    on the sound…..which i help design and did all the decorations in it

    hubby past away 3 years ago….. august 8th will be 4 yrs in heaven
    and i am hoping to have a memoral in the back with our friends


  279. eve sparacio

    i am finding kind of hard to get into face book
    not a computer person….. but aiming to learn just need help how too..


  280. Anthony Martinez

    Hello Anthony,
    I’m looking forward to making money online with you & your company. And I think it’s great what you di with that family in need. I hope this will change our lives for he better… since I got layedoff in Jan. & my wife is pretty much supporting the both of us. If I make atleast enough to pay our debts off, well….. I’d say we were blessed. I wish all of you the best in your endevours.

  281. Cathy Murphy

    I don’t even know what facebook is all about. I just made my first call this week & have talked with Pete & Matthew. My husband & I are very excited and when I hear about all the wonderful things your organization is doing I am sure we did not run into you by accident.
    Our goal is to make enough money so we can stop always worrying about money. And the people that have helped us over the years do not need our help but there are many others out there that do. We would like to be in a postion to be able to help the next guy.
    I am looking forward to meeting you some day. I know we will.
    Until that day .. take care.
    Cathy Murphy

  282. Ralph Velez

    I would love to stay home and take care of my little ones without having to worry about bills. I am very interested in this program but a little afraid of a bad investment. Ive been looking into this for months now, I am on the brink of buying into it…..other programs Ive tried left a real bad taste in my mouth so you can understand my hesitation…

  283. Cathy

    Good way to catch my attention: bribes!
    My goal has been and still is to filter through all of the materials, create a plan, create a website, and determine what and where I’m going with it so it will last through the ups and downs of turmoil in our economy.
    I read all of your blogs, videos and emails because they are inspiring in.
    Thanks for your help.

  284. Charlene

    my immediate goal is to master the techniques as a student in PMI, success academy. My next goal is to make some money, become debt free and accumulate a generous savings because I am 66 years old and the daily threat of cuts to social security and medicare is a great concern. My long term goal is to help others learn the business, I work with very low-income people and if I could run classes in a local community center in our city our whole community would change for the positive. I know this is a lofty goal but I feel in my spirit as I am learning more and more about the business, and I am not computer savvy, just know enough to get by, the right people, the funding and this could happen and I plan to be the conduit to make it happen. Anthony, just offered a $35,000 scholarship to an earthquake victim to attend his school in MS, which I was not aware it existed, but to the point, why can’t this be franchised for other communities? Just asking and planting a seed at the same time. Anthony, you are a blessing to so many people, many including myself, you will never know about but God in heaven knows and I encourage you to keep enriching our lives. Thanks for all that you do.

  285. bonnie D.

    My goal: to spend enough time each day on improving my affiliate marketing skill to enable me to increase my knowledge and grow my business. I hope to make it my full time business by this time next year.
    Thanks for these videos Anthony. Good job helping last week

  286. Ronald Carpenter

    I have currently set up 5 websites and am still looking for the first $ income. It is my goal to parley these into an initial income of at least $2000.00 per month.

  287. Landlady

    Hi Anthony, I enjoyed your video- I haven’t answered any of your emails because I’m not a social person.( but I’m trying). I’m starting classes soon& running a Spa product business@ the same time.I’m trying to also wrap my head around the way things r done n the virtual world-it’s uncomfortable. My ideas of a website differ from yours. I can see how your business works-but I have to figure out how to incorporate your ideas with my vision. Once I wrap my head around it I’ll be ok. Unfortunately for me, I don’t answer email/Facebook that often. So pray for me. C u guys soon! ;D

  288. Landlady

    PS you’ll need another technique for. I already hv the 2nd generation iPad. I use for my presentation when giving Spa parties.(but I like the pull) you stop me from working. I gotta go now c u next week

  289. Kathryn Mann

    My number one goal for this year is to get my business up and going using your techniques so I can get caught up on my property taxes that I am behind on so I don’t lose the house I inherited from my parents. I need to make more money than what my job, and my fiance`s job are bringing in, because we are barely able to pay the bills each month.

  290. shelly bacon

    I would love to actually make some money out of one of my 5 money making systems that i have bought but do not understand how to do any of them at all,i have been reading books after books and reading the books from anthony’s system and still do not understand how to make this money online i really really want to understand it but i need a swift kick in the butt and someone beside me to help me step by step to understand any of it,i my goal in life is to be able to make more money for our household so we can be able to move into a bigger home and to be able to pay our monthly bills ontime and i look forward to watchin your weekly blogs!!!

  291. Debra Robinson

    Thanks for your inspirations… My goal is to get out of debt and try to help others.. Also not to be afraid to try this,, and push the buttons on the computer, I keep thinking I will mess up and cause a big mess..

  292. Jerry B.

    Thanks Anthony, I’m real new to your skills in marketing, actually I woke up last night around 3am and there you were talking about Advertising Profits from Home & Recession-Proof Profits from your home and more, I wrote down the number and looked you u on FB this morning and looking forward to receiving your literature soon too… My hopes & goals are to add to my monthly income by at least 2-4k so I can breath easier and start planing for my retirement, Thanks so much for your blog’s & info… God-Bless
    Jerry B.

  293. eddie

    Hi Anthony i work about 94 hours a week my number 1 goal is to be able to quit one of my jobs so i can spend more time with my family i have 3 boys and i would love to be able to spend more time with them.

  294. Judith Aldape

    My number one goal is to get my website up and making money. I have had numerous setbacks but I am determined. I am a senior citizen who is determined to make every effort to be part of the technicallogical age and not end up in the poor house(an old expression) due to financial insecurity. I am optimistic and working hard. Thanks for your blogs. Could use less “Tellman” attachments. I am already signed up for your PMI program. Would love to have an IPad. I have seven savy kids who would be so excited for me.

  295. Evelyn

    I have read your book, but to be honest with you, I am a little confused and don’t know where to start. I know this is the business for me if only I know where to begin. Please help me get my business going and make my first $100.

  296. Pat

    My immediate goal is to make $300 a month. Hopefully at the end of this year, this will be my major source of income.

  297. Lisa Fanney

    My number one is to get started in this business and be able to make the money to add to my income eventually quitting my jobs which is stressing me out.

  298. Deb Lytle

    My goal is to make 2500 by the end of July and 5,000 per month August , September and October. The extension of this goal is then continue to grow this business so I can make 10,000 a month minimum by June 2013. My husband will retire in two years and is used to 10,000 a month income.

  299. Jazmin h

    hello Anthony,
    I’m really excited about your program
    am 14 years old am freshman in high school.
    My goal this year is to make a lot of money so I can start making my future of something 🙂 I want to start evrything new
    ps. I really want your Ipad

  300. Mary P.

    I am working as a temp and pretty soon retire but I still have a lot of bills to pay so I need to learn the business. I bought your book a long time ago but have not started reading it plus i want to have the iPad as I cannot afford to buy one.

    Thank you I hope you can really help.

  301. Doris Ruiz

    I’m looking forward to see how this will go for me. I’ve never tried anything like this. And I’m really interested in making my first dollar in the internet soon.

  302. Karen

    I am really trying to do all the reading, watching and searching I can. I am retired, just had my 78th birthday yesterday, and am flat broke because of a very bad investment! My goal is to make money so I can pay off all my debts, save money to have fun on and help my granddaughter in college.

  303. Robert J. Ehrlich

    Anthony: My immediate goal is to set up my website and write the copy necessary to put it into action. I am trying to tell people about alternate health products in the website. It takes research and time to write the copy needed for each type of product or health problem. I must motivate myself to do the work. Your contest is my motivation. Thank you for that.

  304. Alisa Anderson

    I am a 32 yr old single mother of one child. My goal will probably considered small to everyone else but to me and my family it’s huge. I just want to make enough money to pay rent for the next two months and keep from being evicted.

  305. Pollie Witherspoon

    Hi Anthony, I would like to be debt free this year, and be able to help my family.

  306. Melinda D Young

    I would like to learn. The only thing that I am looking for is something to improve my memory capability. Of course I would like some $ in my pocket to save for my son’s college education. (He’s 12 right now) I hope that I will be able to talk my fiance’ into letting me get your book. Thank you very much!

  307. Teri Cornwall

    Hi Anthony, I have almost finished reading your book and am very eager to get started. I have been off work for two years due to an injury and have no money coming in at all. I live with my daughter and her family and would love to start making enough money so I won’t need to go back to working a full time job once I have my back surgery.

  308. Colbey Kirk

    I want to see a return on investment and to make my business grow to infinity and beyond! It will happen. Im sure of it! its just a matter of time and practice implementing the strategies that Anthony teaches.

  309. Deborah Chesson

    My goal is to make extra money to get my mortgage caught up and to eventually be out of debt.

  310. Suzette

    Hi Anthony I just started tonight reading and watching videos and learning alot of new things. I am hoping to accomplished getting this stuff figured out and posted so can start making some money soon. I know it takes time to work up a business and I am ready to really try!! I am working a fulltime job and trying this on the side to help pay bills off. I enjoy your blogs, messages and videos.

  311. wandra simms

    I want to rretire myself from my 9-5 within the next two years!

  312. Maria Charguaaf

    I am very appreciative of the emails you send as well as on facebook and listening to your blogs but I have a confession to make in that I don’t quite know where to begin just yet. I’m sure that the coming days and weeks will allow me to realize my wildest dreams and give me that which I desire most and that is to get me started on the business.

  313. Earnest

    My goal for the remainder of 2011 is to earn income from the techniques I read about in your book. I have begun some marketing on MSN and it’s going slowly but I am happy I’m in the action phase of what I read in your book. Reading something and then doing what was read is very critical for me in this new venture I have undertaken. I would also like to take your training course to really begin making serious income from the Internet. I am staying positive, though I have my days like everyone does, and keeping my efforts focused on building success in increments. Thanks for the continued encouragement, Anthony.

  314. Dave Martin

    After reading your book , I was totally excited and started my site. now I am slowing down. It’s a bit harder than it looks but Im pushing on.
    My main goal isn’t to get rich. All I want is to learn and earn some money to stay above my depts. just to be comfortable with less stress.
    thank you

  315. Tia Mateo

    My #1 Goal as of right now is to find an efficiant way to pay all the bills with out leaving the house, making me free to write my schedule at will without money concerns

  316. maria

    My goal is to accomplish one thing. To accutaully finish something I started. I have bought everything out there you can think of that is supposte to make money. But I never follow threw because either its to complicated or boreing. But I’ve been reading your book. and watching he vedios and this time I’m going to follow threw. My goal is to get my self and my mom cought up with our bills next month. If I can accomplish this one simply goal. Then I now I can accomplish my dream, which is to be debt free and never say I hate being broke all the time. I say that I lot. Im taking baby steps and hopefully someday I’ll be running towords my dream. Thanks Anthony your book has really inspired me.

  317. jennifer ramirez

    my husband has been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease in september 2010 which im coping farely well now and because i havent worked because ive been taking care of him and my kids as a housewife for years and work outside of the house i would rather not have to do because he is disabled and he has alot of appointments and the kids still need me to take them to work and school. i have set out to find a way to make an income using advertising goal is to learn all i can about advertising marketing though free sites and utube with success but but with that comes information overload and also working on time management which is much needed at this time.And want to say good luck to all of you in your ventures in advertising marketing i know i need the luck now.

  318. Donna

    I have transferred my internet retail package to the Real estate package.
    My goal for the rest of this year is to become proficient with assignments of properties and have enough residual investment cash flow to take care of my family.

  319. Tree

    Great idea to help motivate people to stay engaged in the weekly blog, which is great anyway. Why would you not want to be involved? This is such a great big huge team we’re all on.
    I would like to get noticed and have my site take off like gang busters!!
    WE can do it!!!

  320. sandra

    Hey Anthony, my first is to make my first dollar, then move into more interesting aspect of creating my web page then the rest is history. Can you imagine that wow!

  321. sandra

    Hi Anthony

    I would like very much like to learn this business and take it to the next level,and be able to impart it to my kid as my family treasure,

  322. Sue

    Great Video! Ethical bribing usually gets results! I am new to your program – bought your books/program several months ago, than had to take care of a sick relative and did not have internet access. I opened my web site this week and plan on reading all of your blogs, old and new. After 40 years of gainful employment, I am not working – too young for social security and medicare, to old to be employable in this economy…. so I am paying my total health care premium. My goal is to build a business that will pay for my health care expense as soon as possible.

  323. Lydia

    My goal is to make money on my website the easiest and correct way. Sometimes I become so bogged down with all the info. I do not know where to begin.

  324. Vicki kirkpatrick

    Hey Anthony – looks like your motivation worked based on all the comments! I am somewhat new, my website is in progress and I know this all is going to work. My goal this year is to be having income coming in and on my way to my goal of just working this program in two years. Thanks for being there, sending us invaluable information daily and weekly. I hope I win the IPad because I could use one for this business to be able to be more accessable during lunch and while out and waiting for things or someone – during idle time not near my home office computer.

  325. Asha

    Hi Anthony,

    I am definitely in need of those notes!!!!

    My FIRST goal is an additional $2,000.00 per month income. My objective is to decrease my “job” work hours to part time and the additional income will allow that so I can increase my business work hours.

    Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!

  326. donald

    hi anthony
    i can’t wait to get started on the website to make money to pay bills
    if you can help me it will be appreciated thank you

  327. Shayna Van Wald

    Our #1 goal is to get ourselves out of debt and provide a better life for ourselves and our families. We are not out for the “get rich quick” programs that we have seen before, we just want to be able to live comfortably and enjoy our lives. We are ready to learn from you and appreciate this great opportunity. Looking forward to more blogs, training videos, and starting our new venture together.
    Shayna & Kelly

  328. jean alfonsi

    Hi Anthony. I sure wood like to win your ipad. I do not have one and never exspected to have one. I’m a newbe,My goals this year is to get out of debt. This is an awesome oportunity. I am working with a good person and looking forward to gaining the knowledge I need to obtain my goals. I’ll be here next week.

  329. jayne wells

    you are awsome! My goal is to break thru the barriers of navigating all the different sites and getting better at using the computer. Once I achieve that, I know with your expertise I can make a better life for my family by earning an income with the internet. Practice, practice, practice! GOD BLESS you and all you do for others!

  330. Clifford Ward

    Hi Anthony,

    committed to your offer 6/21/11, received the materials, watched all the videos on line, watched the DVDs in the kite, and now am three forths the way through the book. I am 74 years old and just love the challenge that is set forth before me. My wife likes it too. I think that this is something a lot of retired people could do instead of going to work at the supper markets. Making money is everyones dream, some try, but trying is not an approach that pays dividens. Doing is what takes the sting out of failure. This is my belief and has been for many years. I can see that you put a lot of time and effort into the study materials you present. I have learned more about internet marketing in three days from your material, than what I learned in the past nine years of self study. As soon as I finish your book and review the videos on writing killer adds, then I will hit the internet to place the first add.
    My goal is to show to my children that old people can still make money if they want to. And then to direct others to your training program.
    I know what you present is a training program that opens the door to an independ business opportunity. Thanks for the training and quidance.


  331. Suzanne Sierra

    Hi Anthony,

    Since receiving your program, I have noticed that you offer a wide diversity of many ways to utilise the tools of the internet. Not just focus one one area, but many, leaving the option for a person to choose which one is approiate for their individual needs or likes. I think this is great giving the individual an option to choose. My goal is to learn as much as possible for each area, retain this knowledge,(because you never know when you might need to use a certain resource in the furture as you expand your business or might want to venture into more avenues to creat more wealth expanding your network creating an open end of money generating avenues! My goal is to retain, keep notes and use which fits my goal at the present time, and storing the other material for future use, or using it to help someone else. Anthony thank you for being such a well detailed, easy to understand teacher. And for allowing students a way to reach you with any questions they might have and for being there every step of the way.

  332. Tracey Janssen

    My main goal this year is to become better financially so that i can begin to give back to my family, mainly my mother for all the many years that they have helped me throughout the years.

  333. Telisa S.

    My goal is to get off of social security disability and to be able to support my own self.

    I have my own website but being disabled takes me longer to learn and to get things done. But, I have determined that I am not going to give up

  334. Gayla

    Just saw the video, but haven’t received the book yet. Am a little apprehensive because I haven’t mastered the computer much less Tweeter.
    Hopefully this will all come with time. You are a very convincing person and you make me really want to succeed. Our lives would be much better if I could make this work.

  335. Bernadette Michelle

    This year I want to finally break through and start making a reasonable living on the internet.

  336. Rick

    Anthony makes pursuing my goals of making money on the internet a real possibility, not some pie in the sky chase for a dream I’ll never achieve.

    My single biggest goal is to make ennough money on the internet to help put my 83 year old mother into a position where she will never, ever have to worry again where she will get the money to make her monthly rent and food expenses and for her to have the pride to do the things her otther retired friends can do without feeling that she’ll have to sacrefice basic necessities of life to have a few happy moments with her friends.

    Anthony, thank you man….from the bottom on my heart!

  337. Rik Nebeker

    My goal is to earn enough by the end of the year to pay off the mortgage on our house, less than $100,000, so we can live debt free from now on.

    Also a subgoal is to continue to earn enough to help homeless folks in our area get the skills and abilities to also earn and give back.

  338. Vera Denton

    I just want to be able to pay all my bills without having to stay up nights worrying about it. I am getting too old for the worrying. I am willing to work hard, learn something new and am used to staying up late…lol!

  339. richard taylor

    hi anthony my # 1 goal this yr is to start making money with your program i need help. i dont know whats the first steps ive read the book ive tried calling for your academy team but way to much money for me to join so my question is to you how can i make good money if i dont have enough money to get started like on google or facebook what is my first step for the free sites

  340. Jeri

    Anthony, I just watched this weeks blog and loved it. GREAT way to get people more involved.
    As a disabled vet, I am unable to work outside the home. I have been tutoring part-time with my company, Acheive Excellence LLC. (I learned how to make my own company using your detailed educational program, PMI.)
    The problem is I can’t afford to advertise, so growth is slow.
    I am currently working on getting my marketing website launched and bringing in that first (much needed) dollar.
    I never would have been able to do any of this if I hadn’t seen you on a late night infomercial, bought your books, and took a leap of faith on your knowledge. You are the epitome of a philanthropic entrepreneur.
    Thank you for sharing your insights!

  341. Mariela

    My goal this year is to make an income from home so I can provide for my infant and my toddler, I’m tired of this lifestyle, I want to be financially free, I want a better future for my kids I want to be able to give them the best, not mediocre stuff but the best education possible, and I also want to be able to help others financially!!
    Thanks Anthony for being an amazing person an inspiration to all who look up to you!

  342. Mary Ann

    My goal is to make learn the techniques that you have refined in order to meet my financial goals over time.

  343. Tami Perry

    My goal is to make my first income on the internet. I have been through some of your training and I feel confident that your program can work for me. I look forward to your weekly blog to assist me in keeping my goals in check. Thank you

  344. Ruth

    Hi Anthony I watch your weekly blogs but have never left a comment. I guess You are right and I need to get out of my comfort zone and become actively involved, so here goes….My #1 goal is to get my on- line business up and earning a good income I am receiving great help and encouragement from your blogs and your team. My biggest challenge is my lack of self confidence. I am relying on your blogs to help me with this. Thanks, Ruth

  345. Marsha Schierkolk

    My husband’s government salary is going to be frozen for five years and the rent is going up $100.00, Living in a isolated national park makes the gas costs unreal. I am tired of going backwards…Anthony you have given me hope. I’m ready…the last bird (daughter) is going to leave the nest next week. I AM sucessfully building this business starting with $500 a month and then the sky is the limit, . I have the tools now it’s time to start a new journey. Woo Who!!

  346. Amber

    My goal is to be able to use your system to generate enough income with my home business to stop GOING to work. I want to be able to spend more time with my 2 Granddaughters ages 5 & 8. I feel like I’m missing so much because right now I’m working 8 to 10hrs 6 days per week. I truly believe this goal CAN be achieved before 2012 using your system Anthony. Thank you for this opportunity!

  347. Christine Hushion

    Anthony thank you so much for working hard to find ways to motivate us. My goal is to make my first dollar, and my first $20k by year end. I also want to become proficient in lots of new tech skills. I’m in my 60s and am fairly savvy for my generation. I have MUCH to learn from you quick, smart knowledgable young people. I LOVE it! I love learning new things, but regret I am not as quick as I once was.

  348. Joshua Willett

    Anthony I have been trying to find a way to earn more money online through your advertising profit from home market affiliating program. Saw your commercial and called right away, still working on getting my site completly up and running. Have ran int o a few different problems, but am very serious about getting the ball rolling in the right direction. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope that thing work out. Thank you!

  349. Lynn Rader

    Hi Anthony, I agree that constant communication is vital! I signed on in
    November,2010, but had setbacks, surgeries and long recovery, but I am getting back on track and need to build my website and learn how to make my first dollar on the internet using your system and have a successful home biz!!! I need an income to survive like everyone else.
    I want to have more than I need so that I am financially able to help others
    as do you! I do not know much about making money on the internet and I know from discovering you and your down to earth generosity and knowledge that this is attainable! You are one of the best human beings
    and your heart is in the right place! You are truly blessed and want to bless others and that is a beautiful thing!

  350. Debi Schwartz

    My goal this year is to understand this business enough to start making some money and quit my job. Thanks for all the help.

  351. Carla

    My goal is to get out if debt. Since I list my job things are looking pretty grim for my children and I. I have 30 days to save my home or I’m homeless…… My short term goal, save my home… Long term goal is to start pulling in the income to get groceries for us too and to be completely independent…

  352. Pam F

    This year I will walk away from my j-o-b– am working with advertising Profits From Home, your step by step program. I have grandkids in Central Asia–with their parents of course and I’d like to visit them when I want or am needed–not just when I can afford it. I won’t have to say “when I can afford it” any longer. Thanks Anthony. God Bless Joplin.

  353. virginia pickett

    Anthony, i would like to make money with this website via a extreme amount of vistors. I know very little about the internet other than checking my email and turning it on. So, thank you so much for caring about a newbie internet Anthony Morrison wannabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  354. Pamela Harris

    I want to be able to not only a lot of make money online, but do it with my eyes closed….:)
    Basically, I’m saying I want to become an expect at it.

  355. Laura McCullough

    Love your bribe/challenge! My goal is to increase our income by at least $1000/month by April 16, next year, which is my husband’s 66th birthday. That will enable me to retire him–from his post office job, that is! Besides being a mailman for over 30 yrs, he’s also a Gospel preacher and student of the Word–by far his first love. Upon his retirement, we’d also like to be able to occasionally visit our grown children (and spouses) in Southern California.

  356. Angel Mahon

    POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT – The principle of the “Reward System”, I do this and I will get this much in return. A no loosing situation, specially for the one that really needs the HELP and that’s ME!
    Being 54 years old and unemployed with a family to support, thank GOD for my wife being employed, is hard to believe that things can get better at any time now or in the near future. I will continue to strive against all odds, be a successful pupil of Anthony Morrison and for ever be……………. “Financially Independent”.

  357. Tim Wright

    Anthony…thank you for the proper motivation that helps us all get to the finish line! When I watched your video of the family that was devastated by the tornado and their reaction to receiving such a blessing I was very happy for them. It was such a needed blessing. But, to be honest, I was also frustrated. I voiced this to one of your customer service consultants. I was frustrated because we fall into that ever growing group of families that have been also devastated by this economy. Not to the extreme of Pat Burcarts family but as so many of us that teeter on the brink of financial disaster because of job loss and lack of work. You see, I’m in construction and my wife’s company just went bankrupted. Over the last few years my business has slowed down to cause a reverse roll effect to the man being able to be the main provider as so many have experienced. Because of this I had started several months back learning about affiliate marketing to the point that I didn’t know who to believe was going to really help us. As you know there are many that only want your money and just blow smoke to the point of confusion without any substance to really being able to earn any money. When I saw your first ad on TV I just felt a genuine soul from you and that you really did want to share your wealth and help us succeed. Thank you…that’s refreshing. I voiced to your representative that I wish you would offer some kind of incentive or sponsorship program to help the average devastated family in America that has been hit with the poor economy. You’ve done that and more with your offer. You’ve offered the carrot to us all and helped us run the race that is set before us. Your blogs and training keep giving us hope that it is possible to succeed.
    My goal: To earn $60,000 between now and Dec. 31, 2011 so that my wife can stay home and we can keep our home. Also, to learn the affiliate program the way you teach us (and try and not get so confused along the way). Short term: To meet you at the finish line when you hand me your ipad! Thank you!!

  358. Donna Hoffman

    I would love to make money on the internet with out putting out more money. I would love to also have an ipad so I can connect on internet more often. I am working 200 miles from home 3-4 days a week and unable to access the internet due to broken lap top and no access to a computer while away from home.

  359. Andrea Ingram

    My personal goal is to learn to make websites with tons of stop & go traffic. Generating at least $2,000 per week without a lot of nonsense ads. I want my websites to get up and running and go viral because of its loads of fact-filled, fresh original material and worthwhile content. I want my content to be self-sustaining because readers become a part of the solution helping to solve each other’s problem. I want my pages to be effective, fast-loading, and efficient and fulfilling a real need to hundreds, no thousands of website fans who follow on facebook and twitter. My pages are what people want and need not a regurgitation of someone elses unsubstantiated, copied, and poorly edited material. As a result of the tons of fans and traffic on my websites and Facebook pages, there will be tons of affilitates to market and generate cash to pay off my many persistent creditors and start a fresh new life.

  360. Daphnie Alpiche

    I would like to get out of debt this year. I would also like to work on your program and be as successful as you say you can make me.

  361. Robin Edwards

    I order this program and have not been able to get started because of my 9 year old nice is having a hard time approaching her birthday without her mother so we have been trying to get through this. It breaks my heart that I don’t know what else to do but my goal is to just get started because I trust this to help me make my life a bit more comfortable. Thanks Everyone and wish every one success.

  362. Emily Hufschmidt

    My number one goal is to make enough money to:
    1. Pay for tuition, room and board for Dr.H’s Hypnosis Boot Camp $4075
    2.Purchase a small PA system $1500
    3.Enough money to promote my first 5 shows $5000
    4.Enough money to drive to first 2 shows $ 600
    5.Enough money for room and board at first 2 shows $ 300
    Total: $7400

    I have been studying hypnosis and NLP for a little over 10 years. I just need the insider secrets to be a success in my chosen field. I love hypnosis, I love helping and entertaining people and I *LOVE* to travel. I’m only $7400 away from living my dream. I am only collecting for tuition.

  363. misael salas

    my goals for 2011 are to obtain mr. morrissons books and program it might better my life and whole understanding of the business world

  364. Kelly Cook

    I am looking forward to making my first internet dollar. Now that my husband has retired there isn’t enough money to do anything, so LET’S GET GOING!

  365. Robert Harris

    I saw your add on t and told myself this is what I need. My major goal is to become debt free this. I will need all the help I can get to accomplish this goal. I am new to internet marketing and need he training. At present I am a fireman. Thanks again. Robert

  366. Jeff McBride

    I want me and my daughter and mom who is not healthy to be content, also I want to learn how to make a dollar on the internet: -) o I don’t know how to be a fan on face book and I don’t have a computer so I really need your notepad Thanku so much Jeff McBride…

  367. Ellen

    Just ordered the book to see how this can help me.

    Like everyone else, I’m currently without $$ and soon to be homeless.

    I’m hoping this would be my last chance.

  368. Ed Cahill

    Looking to make the first dollar from the internet. Must stop procrastinating and focus.

  369. Kathy Burton

    My goal is try and get out of debt so I can enjoy live. You are the greatest thing I have ever seen and wish I new how to make money like you do with out me putting out a lot of money that I do’nt have. But I guess you have to have money to make money,

  370. Justin

    My goal would be to get my account started and start making money.

  371. Karen Grissom

    I’m eager to see how far this will take me. My goal is to supplement my income enought to start other businesses, buy Real Estate and create a wealth cycle so that my money is working hard for me and not the other way around. Thanks for providing an opportunity to so that. -Karen

  372. Evelyn Barron

    My goal is to read your book and to be more ingaged in your weekly blogs and of corse to make my first dollars in this business. I have had your book for almost a year or more and have only set up my webpage. So lets start making money now!!

  373. Heather Marceaux

    My number one goal is to make enough money each month to pay for my families insurance for healthcare right now we are without and my office job doesn’t offer family insurance. I’ve priced it and it gets very expensive.

  374. Noelle Dyer

    First off! I watch your show every morning at 4:00! I get up with my husband and get him ready for work and when he leaves your on! I have wanted to make this purchase for weeks bit couldn’t budget it! I am just going to do it!
    Wow what I want to accomplish… I would love to make enough money to pull my family out of a hole! I can not help my daughter buy a car that she desperatly needs and me too (she wrecked mine last week) we had only liability! I feel like any amount of money would help so much I am going to purchase your books on the first of the month and with help from you and the good Lord willing I hope to make a difference this year! I need something good to happen to all of us! Then! If I DO NOT win your iPad then I will have to get a new computer. Mine is sooooooooo slow! I hope I can make it work for a while! You are an inspiration to me! I will follow your instructions and I hope it works for me! Maybe I can be your on your next video telling America what you have done for me!! Thank you Anthony!

  375. Steve Cranford

    My Mom’s fixed income is just covering her cost of living. I need extra money to offset the increased cost of living so she can stay in her home and not be enslaved to that environment. She’s 82 with a very youthful mentality. She needs to be able to enjoy without stress.

  376. Barbara moore

    my goal is to make enough money to pay out my housepayment and get me a car and have money in the Bank and make money on the internet and do not have to worry where my net dollar coming from

  377. Jim K

    I ordered your info a LONG time ago and have done NOTHING with it. My goal is to GET STARTED!! “If you always do what you did, you’ll always get what you got!!”

  378. Jason

    My goal for this year is to get my site up and running and begin making money on line. I bought your program, I am very short on time and money. My computer broke down and I have not been able to repair it yet. I am limping along on an old 2nd hand laptop.

  379. Debra

    I am trying to get into this. my goal is to get on top i have always worked 2 jobs trying to stay afloat. now i only have 1 job and it is not looking good for me. so hopefully i can get more motivated to doing this

  380. Alicia Hamel

    I am a single mother of 3 boys 13,10,and 3. I was laid off the first of the year from a well paying job. I have been struggling to find something that will help me secure my family but also give me the flexiablity to be home with my childen.I am new to this very new so my goal would also be to have sucess in learning and growing with this business. I also would like to teach my boys to get involved and be dedicted in a program like this so that they will not struggle in their adult lives and they will be able to enjoy their lives and families instead of always working just to pay the bills. Thank you for the step by step guideness you have giving us.

  381. Pamela C. Jones

    Still reading.
    I worked full time and I attend classes on Tues and Thurs nights.
    Working on getting another degree.
    Would love to have your Ipad

  382. Jeanette Koonce

    My goal is to set into motion a secure retirement even though I am starting at age 65.

  383. Rebecca Sepulveda

    Hi Anthony! You’re amazing! I am learning to utilize the internet for unlimited income! I’ve always been curious about marketing. I’ve always been good at selling for other people. Now is the time to sell for myself. To sell products that make a difference and generate an income so I can get out of debt! I’m hoping this is the new paradigm for how we conduct business!

  384. Suzun Eggler

    My goal is to get more of my pages to the top pages on the internet so I can make some money to beable to pay off the investment I have made, then help others. I now have gotton into your blogs and you have been a real help to know to keep going, I thought I had that in me but your help was great. I have made a lot of mistakes doing all the things I have been doing but you can’t every quit. I have to start all over with my Facebook because it is with my personal one and on my website my Facebook has a place for people click and it does go to my Facebook except if they click the like it goes to my personal one so now I am going to have to close that acct and do another one. Live and learn. I could go on but I want to get back to working on my new Face Book. Thanks for your support.

  385. Edward

    I’m just getting started, Would love to get my hands on your I pad,I’m sure the notes you have on it ,Well be very useful., In me achieving my goal ;).

  386. Lori Collins

    Hi, Anthony, I’m brand new and excited to get started making the big bucks at home. I can’t wait to learn and get all the knowledge that I can,with a little help. Have a great day. Lori

  387. V. Brown

    My goal for this year—- is to find a solution to get out of extensive debt, so I can spend more time enjoying life and enjoying my kids. I don’t believe God intended us to be miserable, working numerous hours to make ends meet. I am a mother of two,have a full time job requiring a lot of hours and travel, plus a second job working to build a new business for my husband since he was laid off 1 1/2 yrs ago. We wiped out our retirement money and extended our credit limits. One child wanting to go to college next year, another in braces.

    I am new to Anthony’s program, just purchased the package from TV – praying that this is not another hoax to get suckered into. There are so many rip off programs out there, but Anthony seems to be sincere. I am willing to commit to listening to the weeky blogs so I can learn more and put the program into action. Just finishing the book and ready for the next step.

    I hope this program will turn out to be my answer out of the financial bondage I am under.

  388. Rosemarie

    My goal is learn how to make my first dollar on the internet. I enjoy the weekly blogs, but am still confused on how to start. Have the free website, but still don’t know what to do first. Don’t know much about the computer or internet on how it works.

  389. Eddie Posey

    Hi Anthony
    My number 1 goal is to quit both of my jobs i work about 94 hours a week i want to be able to spend more time with the family i have 3 boys one of them is in college playing baseball. i would love to be able to go watch him play more.

    Thanks Anthony

  390. Luz Mercado

    My personal goal is to learn how to make money on the web, I purchased your program but have not been able to go to any of the mentoring classes. I want to stop working for others and do so for myself and leave my Legacy to my son and grandsons. I do not want to continue working so hard and not have something to show for it.


  391. Michael Love

    Hi Anthony
    I’d started your internet marketing program the first of June and I have had one coaching sessionm, and had not got any customer yet. I want to breakeven by the end of the year.
    Michael L. Love

  392. Rebecca Acosta

    My goal for this year, Anthony, is to create a few websites and build them up from the ground step by step. I want at least two different websites that I use every marketing technique and every profit making technique I have learned to build myself a true online business! I sure wish I could work one-on-on with you personally! You are brilliant. Thanks Anthony.

  393. Ruby S.

    My goal is to actually be financially stable, to not have to worry about which bill will I choose to drop and which to pay, and to allow my husband to quit one or maybe two of his three jobs!

  394. jeffery thompson


  395. Karen Stormo

    Always need your blogs to stay motivated. My goal this year is to make some money. I lost my retirement in a scam and now need some income. I’m having trouble getting started because of lack of knowledge of computers. I bought a program from you and one from someone else but still haven’t been able to get going. Wish me luck!

  396. Patreena Santos

    Being a Newbie….My #1 goal for this year is to generate at least $600.00 by the end of the year. My overall goal is to learn as much from this new experience and taking it to a whole new level. Thanks, Treena

  397. Robin Sherwood

    My number 1 goal is to understand and learn how to use this program and get my business off the ground.Finish my schooling for Graphic Arts and get my daughter interested in her own business.

  398. Mike

    Goal for the year is to stop procrastinating and be more confident in my self.

  399. Ira Shoff

    I enjoy listening to Anthony speak. He is clear and easy to listen to…
    I think he is very successful which is why I am following him on facebook and his blogs. Ira Shoff

  400. Candace Baisa

    My goal this year is to pay off my credit card bills and to start saving money for my sons college

  401. Sabrina

    My goal is to make enough money off the internet to help pay for the surgery I and about to have. Your books are really interesting and helpful. Thank you.

  402. Rose

    my Goal this year is to make enough money on line to get out of debt and buy a new home! I know I can do this it’s just a matter of time and what program that I chose to use. I want to find a program that is an honest one. Someone who will show me step by step where i don’t have to keep paying through the nose for another part of the program! And when i find this type of program! i’m on my way!!!! I’m a go getter but don’t like emptying out my check book for something that i find out at the end that it doesn’t work. this is so frustrating! i’ve spent a whole lot of money for nothing to gain at the end.
    Tony I hope your program is alot better and not like the one’s I have tried. please help me if you have enough time to get started So i can get out of dept and live comfortably with my 3 little kids. It’s hard at times when to be a single parent. God Richly Bless You Tony! ps I would love to have the I pad too. Thank you for reading this.

  403. Heba

    Hi Anthony,
    My nuber 1 goal for this year is to figure out may way to success.
    I came to the states 6 months ago and didnt figure out yet what i want to do !!.
    and so succedding in this business will make me add value to my family.
    And for me, making dollars is a symbol to my success.

  404. Tonette Rippeto

    I loved what you had to say. My goal is to be able to start making money and focusing my time on this business.

  405. Yvonne White

    Hi Anthony,

    My goal to be successful in my MK business and become debt free as I learn everything I can to achieve this goal

  406. ana b

    thank u for the motivation to reinitiate on this web based work again

  407. Diedre L

    My goal is HUGE – I would love to be out of debt by December 2011, but realistically know that it takes time to put together a good website, finding the right niche, and putting it to work. Thank you for your wise information.

  408. Peggy Spear

    I would like to learn more about SEO. Both for my website and to use with affiliate marketing. Thank you so much for all you do.

  409. Jenny

    My goal for the year is to get my husband home w/me instead of going off to work at a place that doesn’t appreciate him.

  410. Ken Turner

    I would like to be able to continue to provide a better life for my children, then I had. And $ is needed to accomplish that.

  411. Bonnie Kaiser

    I am very excited to learn how to make this process work. Still trying to figure out some of the concepts. I will just keep trying! Thanks again for all the help

  412. Lora King

    My goal is to get out of debt, buy some land have a house built on it, have a well put in, build a wolf / wolfdog sanctuary or refuge. Help my husband quit having to slave away at a job and continue being Just Over Broke…When we can help ourselves and take care of ourselves I want to help others family, friends, others in need.

  413. Phil Lully

    I’m with you Anthony,
    Your teaching style is down to earth and you speak right from the heart.
    I still stand on my previous post in that it would be way cool to shower
    the Berkheardts with some extra love from your community…imagine
    their faces as they open letter after letter…to find some bucks tucked inside ! That would really say we care big time even more !!
    Oh well until your next blog keep it coming. Thanks
    Phil L.

  414. Paul Glasbrenner

    I have never won anything ever. I think a lot of these contests are
    A sham. I’ve entered lots and lots of contests. Well no disrespect to you.
    I hope I have an equal chance……won’t hold my breath. Thanks for offering
    A dream for an entry.
    Paul Glasbrenner

  415. Ron Adkison

    To get my first site published and then to have multiple campaigns and work fultime with my online business. PMI is a great program thanks Anthony.
    Many Blessings,

  416. Jeri

    Hi Anthony,
    I just had to watch this blog again. Seeing the impact of being able to help Pat and his family took my breath away. (I SO want to be able to do things like that without taking away from my family). And now you are offering your own iPad to keep people engaged in helping themselves. Very generous!
    My goal is the same as it has been for sometime… bring in that first internet marketing dollar. And, selfishly speaking, your iPad would be invaluable to me. I go into the VA Hospital in Denver for more surgery soon and won’t have access to my computer for awhile. (hint, hint… lol)
    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your success with me and so many others!

  417. Roslyn Stephens

    I am new to this program, but indeed excited about the opportunities presented, and the possibilities of financial freedom.

    My goal for 2011 is to continue doing what I love, which is nurturing and development of my young daughters.

  418. Les Walters

    Great Job! I hope to win the prize. My goal for the next 12 months is to get out of debt and to build a profitable and fun internet marketing business,

  419. Ronald

    I sure would like to supplement my retirement income. I retired once in 1992 and again in 2010. 25 years with the U. S. Postal Service and then 16 years at Sam’s Club.

  420. Rob Mamede

    I am definitely going to be testing out Anthony’s system. I’ve been unemployed since 2007 with my job position being filled by other less qualified employees in other departments – The Internet, although a wonderful tool, also enabled software companies to release their programs with numerous bugs and other issues, only to push out a fix online whenever necessary. I perform software and hardware testing and test management, but companies are hiring fewer and fewer individuals with my skills because it is cheaper for them to have someone in another department perform the same work, even if they are not of the same mindset or proficient – getting some feedback to fix some issues is enough for them. Well, now I’m going to be using the Internet to my advantage hopefully with the use of Anthony’s program. I’m still in the middle of his “Advertising Profits from Home” book and have no money at all or a bank account to participate in any program that will require some capital. Perhaps after making some money with this program, I will be able to get back on my feet enough to open another bank account and participate in some of the more advanced programs that Anthony has to offer.

    Thanks, Anthony, for giving people some hope to survive in this economy. I’ll be working the program when I have more information after completing your book and putting those plans into motion.

    Best regards,
    HoundCat (Rob)

  421. Bruce Richmond

    My goal is to start a bussiness on the internet with your help. I want a sucessful business that will last over time. I am willing to take baby steps if it will lead to lasting sucess. I like your honest approach to the business I am ready for sucess .

  422. Sam

    Goal is to make enough money to pay my school loans ! Looking forward on learning everything there is to learn and to finally finish paying for school ! thanks again.

  423. John

    Thanks Anthony for all your effort. And especially for your attempts to keep us focused. I did not realize just how poorly my actions had become concerning the issue of staying focused. I have lately unsubscribed from many affiliate contacts that send me emails that are not relevant to what is the most important for my success. I still receive information though, but from only a few and your contact remains one of them. Thanks again!

  424. shari solomon

    I signed up almost 2 weeks ago and my brain is about to explode!! I have a coach and I’m reading and listening and doing homework and watching videos, or webinars and “like”ing on FB and even trying to get a grasp on
    Twitter!! I need a good ole Texas style, plain english session with someone whose IQ is just a little higher than my age of 59…help! Luv ya anyway and
    I know this is a God thing cause if not and my husband gets wind of all this and the money I have spent when none has had a chance to come in yet—well, I’m just sayin’…Thanks for everything so far, keep it coming, and send help if you can!

  425. Linda

    I am looking forward to the videos. I had just received my book and other tools I ordered from Anthony, and had read maybe 5 pages when my son informed me that he had just been diagnosed with cancer. I knew I couldn’t make a decision in 30 days, so called customer service, and they were wonderful. Very understanding and willing to work with me when I had a chance to get started. Reading success stories makes me want to jump in as quickly as I can. I do think, howerer, that I would have more success and quicker success if I just had an Ipad to work with. Especially a used Ipad. I really am looking forward to the videos, though.

  426. ann matthew

    Thank you for your vision, energy, and encouragement because I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth. My immediate goal is to generate enough revenue to pay for the cost of a three year program of Graduate School Education in Speech Language Pathology and the cost for the program is $91,300. In general, I want to live a debt free life, and continue to help others and I know it is not only possible, but I am going to do it.
    Right now I am recovering from total hip replacement on the right side, and can drive again and walk 8 minutes on the treadmill. In September I will have the other hip done, and I thought….. Ah Ha! A way out of the Jungle! A way to pay the tithe at my church and help others, and become debt free and go to school. I am ready Anthony! Lets Go!
    Sincerely, Ann

  427. Linda

    I just posted but felt the need to post again. There are so many “get rich quick” scams out there. I love the fact that you tell everyone up front that we may only make a few dollars at first, but each dollar will be one I didn’t have before. And that first dollar will make me work that much harder to make more. And you tell people that the more dedication and work spent on this program, the more we could make. That spells honesty in my book. Oh yeah, selfish, greedy me, would love to have your Ipad so I can use it while my son’s cancer is being delt with. I don’t know how long he will be in the hospital, or what his home recuparation time will be. So, beg, beg, Pick me!!

  428. Jerry Raper

    Have been preparing to launch my websites with links. I’m building my foundation first but want to make sure everything is right . I’m very familiar with the search engines and know what will get hits. “Keywords” So when I launch I won’t be waisting money just for paid click throughs. It all boils down to making money not just spending it.

  429. Lauri Mikell

    Your blogs DO keep me motivated. Thank you for being there for everyone.

    I am totally devoted to my family, they are my driving force. My short term goal is to make $50/day consistently. My long term goal is to be able to be a full time mom, working from HOME… and be able to provide wonderful vacations, again.
    Thank you for your inspiration, Anthony.

  430. Wendy Carmichael

    Hi Anthony, I want to be a single independent mother, I want to be able to put my two boys through college and to save for my retirement. I do not need to live like a millionaire, I just want to be to live comfortable and take a vacation at least once a year or every two years. I just want what the average person wants, I do not need the furs and cars, just mostly the things we need to survive, food, water, lights, clothes, roof over my head, the basics really and right now I’m not surviving. To be able to help others, the ones that try everyday and don’t seem to get anywhere. I would love to start some kind of organization for women to help them to be able to take control of their own destiny. It’s hard to start any kind of business without capital, I know I have been selling insurance for 10 plus years and not getting anywhere, wanted to start my own agency and was told I had to have 75000 in cash! Hahaha! If I had that I would not need to start my own business, I would already have something. It’s hard for single women and mom’s to get a head. So I have a lot of dreams for everyone, but for now I’ll start with me and grow from there! One day I want to help anyone that truly wants the help!

  431. Patti Tucker

    Recently got your program, am slowly learning with the little bit of time I have. Am very grateful for the chance to learn your system in order to get out of debt and make a better living. My main goal is to make enough to double what I make on my current job so I can start enjoying life again, and have a better retirement. Thanks Anthony

  432. Michael Lunde

    Hello all,

    Okay I am TOTALLY new to this. So not sure what to put for Website.
    I got the program about 3 weeks ago. I have read the books as much as possible, and I have to say, there’s some good information in them, and a lot of hopeful statements.

    I currently work 40+ hours a week doing tech support for the largest fast food franchise in the world, making 50% less than the national average. the lowest level manager makes more than we do in fact.

    I also started my own online video game company. I saw Anthony’s ad on t.v. saw it for the last couple of years. I thought, ‘Wutta buncha hooey…….’.
    But now that I started my own business, especially an online video game company, It has definately opened my eyes to advertising online.

    I want to be able to not only take this tool that he has, and use it to seed the start up costs for my own own company, but also to use it in a fashion to bolster the advertising campaign for my online company. Heck, even give everyone using Anthony’s system another little link to add to their own advertising campaign and help everyone else using this system too!

    I do believe I this will work out. I do believe I can do this. Will this be hard work? Perhaps at first, since it’s something I’ve never experienced before, but a little elbow grease, and off I go!

    I’ve seen some of the tutorials, and watched a few of the blogs. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us!

    Have fun and take a breath, in life breathing counts.

  433. Delton

    i want to make my first dollar in the next 30 to 60 days using ur technique

  434. Casey Rowland

    I just watched your infomercial on Saturday night and of course you inspired me so much that I purchased your books 🙂 I am really looking forward to making this work and eventually adding to my family’s income! I am a stay-at-home mom and my husband is currently a student so my goal is to be able to help with a big portion of our families finances. Thanks for all the encouragement, you seem like a great person!

  435. Steve

    I want to … earn my first dollar and many 00’s behind it online as my primary job is not financially enriching my life. I look forward to the coming weeks as I learn to earn! Thanks Anthony!

  436. Rosemary

    Thanks Anthony for all you do to help us acheive our goal. I am a minister and was recently appointed to a new pastorate. It is my desire not only to increse my income but there are so many people in need both domestic and foreign. I would like to be able to fund ministries to help people in various areas of life.

  437. Em Stader

    I have read your book but just don’t know how to get started. Hoping for the best and most important, to be debt free.

    God bless,

  438. Tabitha Watson

    My goal is to become independent, paying my bills on my own such as my student loans, i don’t want to rely on anyone financially. I also want to earn money while I’m in school and create financial security for myself.

  439. rob barnett

    I hope to get my business off the ground and running (maybe just jogging) by the end of the year. I have not made a dime yet but really cannot expect to when I have not done some critical fundamentals prior. There is alot of fine tuning, testing, ect that needs done first. I have paid all the fees and am still paying monthly to keep things together but have not done enough nuts and bolts to get recognized online by google or anyone!

  440. Rebecca Gulick

    My goal for this year, is to be very successful. I need to make more money to reach all of my financial goals this year. I also want to prove all of my friends and family wrong that think this is another online scheme. I need help putting all the information I am learning together so I can get my business up and going. I am really excited to get this up and going!


  441. Jason

    My goal is to just get started. The List of sites on the website were very helpful. Now I just need to get started with my own website. This is all new to me. I am also having a lot of computer trouble with my outdated custom built unit. That iPad would really help.

  442. Dorothy Derr

    Hello Anthony – I thought I sent in my comment already. Anyway, I am
    truly happy to have you as my mentor. You seem to be a very kind and
    sincere person. This is all new to me and I will need to take baby steps.

    My goal is to be making an extra $3,000 a month by the end of the year..
    I need this amount for paying monthly bills and having a little extra left

    I want to go over the info again on the pay per click ads. I have never done
    this before but I WILL DO THIS!!

    Thanks for all you do,
    Dorothy Derr

  443. Chris Hightower

    I am new to this business, and I am throughly enjoying the learning, I haven’t built my page or pages yet, but i look forward to getting started.

  444. Linda

    Hi Anthony,
    I am interested in working with you soon. But have been putting it off due to other bills. Hope to start working with you soon.

    Respectfully, Mrs. Linda Brown

  445. Philip

    Well for sure your gonna have me watching your videos to see if i can win that ipad.Well my goal for this year is just get a job or make some kinda cash so i can start my life

  446. Antoinette Goodman

    To find an avenue of income on the internet to increase my income so I can help myself, my church and Valley Restart a homeless shelter.

    My goal is to learn, discover and operate an internet source of income to increase my income to help my church, Valley Restart a shelter for the homeless and myself.

  447. Gerardo

    Hi Anthony, My goal is make at least 50,000.00 this year in one website
    I not sure how but I am working furiously reading all the material.. although I found several snags I continue going forward .. I am in my 60 so it has been hard to get a job since Dec but I know some other people had it worst.. but I need to succeed !! give me some steps …
    her I go…be blessed

  448. Glenn

    Trying to come up with enough money to give this a serious go! Like your weekly blogs. God Bless!

  449. Sandra Chiles

    I am 70 and still working! Retirement plans just did not work out. Thank goodness I am computer savvy. Thank goodness that someone would hire me. I need to learn to use your program, Anthony, so I don’t have to get up and go out to a job too many more years.