1. charleen saif

    i would like software, it would make it soooo much easier that has the education built in.

  2. Jeanie Barber

    A combination of both, education and software, is important for success and to save time.

  3. Vincent w lawson

    Have not gave up hope With your wisdom can’t wait for video 71 I can’t afford anything can’t do much still healing from surgeries and On S.S.D. It not much but I still keep going thank you Anthony . You are the man!

  4. Lynn Rader

    Hi Anthony
    I could use both! I need to learn so much more about the internet and doing biz on the net too!

  5. Sue

    Software that automates tasks would be a huge time saver, provide consistency in infrequency of completing tasks, and would definitely assist in growing my business.
    As I am a novice to internet marketing, education is very important to me and will continue to be important because of how quickly internet marketing is changing.

  6. Sondra Hogue

    A combination of software and education would make it easier to learn. for people like me i just starting to learn the computer. im aways asking my kids how to do something on

  7. Melanie Young

    Education and software that supplements that education is the key. I think there would be a severe learning curve on both aspects if you didn’t have one without the other.

  8. Janet Maxwell

    It’s always better to have both software & education to work with. Although when you have someone that has Done it & guiding you is a big help too

  9. jestan

    I think i would love a combination of both! it would be great to actually have a autobot that ive been hearing about that actually works and isnt expensive to use!

  10. D LaPierre

    I too have too agree that an equal combination of Software and education would be the key to success!

  11. Ellen

    I would appreciate both. Education would teach HOW to use the software.

    The SOFTWARE would be a tool to help build a business.

    Lots of instructional guides do not outline a step by step methodology for max. benefit.

    When you capture a lead, WHAT NEXT…After telling one the company will handle it….

  12. M.james Islas

    I just started reading your fabelous book! Streamlining software automating
    Feature components you probably have vid tutorial archives right? So education is not it for me at least but software YES for a windows vista or Ipad or both I have a laptop with vista.
    I might add giving away a Ipad is very nice if you.
    Have a nice day!

  13. Abe Doliente

    Hello Anthony. I need a combinataion of education and software. I started advertising last February, but I have not gotten far yet. My progress is very slow. I have tried Facebook and Google. All of those efforts did not have any result. I am disappointed a bit, but I won’t quit. I need help.

    Again, I thank you so much Anthony for all the messages that you have sent. I read them all and these are the ones that keep me going.

    May God Bless you and your family.


  14. Kathy Burton

    I would like both software and education would be important for sucess and save time..

  15. Tony Lira

    I would like a combination of both. I haven’t been able to make any money.

  16. ChuckS

    Hey Anthony, Software, interactive type, gets my vote. It might show me an example(s) of a template that lets me play around with it and gives me a specific picture idea of where I need to go, what I need to do. There might be samples of what exactly is: an HTML; a Domain; a Link; a Host; etc and how they relate to each other (and to me). I mean, heck, do I need one? How bad? lol

  17. Charlie McGregor

    Hello Anthony, its Charlie here. First I would like to wish You and yours a fantastic 4th of July, Independence Day for all of us.
    You have posed a very unique question and one that I know could could easily be answered in any of the three ways. Automation software would be great, very useful in providing that extra time that could be spent getting the education. Although, there would probably be some type of need to have some sort of education to use the software to maximize its potential. The last answer, the one I’d choose is to have the education that would allow me to use the software to leverage my time so I could get further education for marketing online. I guess that makes me greedy for the need to know more about how I can have that successful business this same time next year. I understand that with any business, that is stable and will provide for some financial gains that having the proper knowledge to build that business with a foundation that is strong from all the knowledge, skills, and ability one would need to have. I can’t wait till this time next year, that would be the time I can look back on and see the tremendous growth in not just my business, or my finances, or my personal development but how much I have been able to give back that was also given to me on while on my journey. I received your books, DVD’s, and joined the online community which all things combined has given me a really fantastic feeling of hope, one which had been lost with all the frustration of trying to figure out a lot of online marketing without the help of a mentor like you. Thanks for all you do, it has given me a greater desire to succeed and give some of my success to others looking for some of the same dreams we all have. To be financially free from debt and bill burdens which at times seems to drown us in a ocean of despair. To give us the time, the freedom from not being tethered to a JOB making someone else’s dreams come true but not our dreams. Finally, the lifestyle that allows someone to feel truly good about themselves first, giving to others so they can feel good about themselves, and maybe helping those learn to help others in the whole process. Yes, Anthony I can’t wait for this next year to come into my life…the lives of others…the lives of all of those who still have their dreams. Thanks for all you and yours do to help myself and others like me. Have a “better than great” day!

  18. Jackie Shay

    I’m probably not the one to ask since I haven’t made a dime, but I think if the software did it for you that would be great!

  19. jayne wells

    hey anthony! Need both but education first. Having trouble getting focused…..hope to get on track soon GOD willing ! Have a blessed weekend and be safe out there!!! Ty for all the helpful info….jayne

  20. John Hendrickson

    I’d say a combo of both. It would make you well rounded

  21. Zach Branson

    I would really need a combination of both software and education. I need some more education on markting strategies and web design to make my website look better. Software is also essential to automate tasks such as newsletter emails. I’m getting pumped Anthony!! Thanks again as always.

  22. steve


    You had alway put out a great source of information and I do like that you can get both software and great education information. Thanks

  23. tim hannah

    I say a littel of both because it is easiers for some people to see it then just reading about it.

  24. Don

    Hi, Knowledge is priceless, no one can take that away from you. In this internet world you must have software to help aquire more knowledge.

  25. Martha Yount

    I think both software and education would be great! But if I must choose I would choose software. MY

  26. scott

    A combination of both is important to me so I can work more easily and know what to do.

  27. Dale Haynes

    I agree with Jeanie, a combination of BOTH would be great.

  28. Batya

    Personally, anything that can save me time would be most important this point. So, software that streamlines the process, accomplishes some of the steps, supports the actual “doing” of the business would be my choice. I think you do a good job already of education, by the way.

  29. Jalil

    Im just starting out so in my opinion Its good to have that education, but you need that software buddy im going to take software in time you going to learn how to do things it takes time.

  30. Joan Steele

    I beleive that the software and education both go hand in hand. Both of them will help me to be successful in my internet business. The more resources I have the better.

  31. Libby Smith

    A combination of both would be helpful particularly since i am still waiting for my book to arrive.

  32. Tomi Haynes

    More education with step by step instructions would be great as things keep- changing and the software to make things really easy would be wonderful as shown by some of the software you have already developed

  33. William

    A little of both. Education more so but software helps make it easier

  34. Bonnie Richardson

    great content anthony…

    Right now software is the thing I need….But education is good as well…

    I want something that will make posting to my many blogs easier and low cost…

    Thanks For everything you do anthony, keep it up..

  35. Hansel

    The combination of the two (Education & Software) someone to help guide through this process.

  36. Luis A

    I am newbie and trying my best to learn internet marketing. I believe education plus software program to automate it to save time is the way to succeed in this endeavor. Than you.

  37. Larry Crosby

    I am way out of the schooling realm, but if I can learn as I go with machinery (software-computer), then that is the way I go.

  38. Kaye Hutton

    I would love to have both but if I have to choose I would go with the software. The coaching department is easily accessable to answer my questions.

  39. Thomas Gene Vickery

    Hello Anthony, Thomas here very good video and im doing everything I can. But I think I need alittle more of both, I have made some sale online and I think that’s cool. Thanks for all the help Anthony. But if I win Im going to do the samething you have shows us to do, im going to give some stuff to. So Thanks!!!………………………..

  40. Kim B

    I’ve just completed one of your courses, so I’ve got the education (for now). A lot of the ongoing marketing work is repetitive and somewhat tedious, so at this time, I’d say software to automate a lot of that would be of the most benefit to me, personally. However, don’t short change the education, as it’s crucial to any newbie!

  41. Rose Teed

    I am just starting and I think your program is great. I hope that I can succeed. To be successful you need both education and software. I am very tight on time and so I need something that is convenient, easy, and available.

  42. dan toohey

    my pref is software that helps and educates – best of both

  43. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I am so in awe of your dedication to helping us!

    I think I would like a combination of knowledge and software. I do
    want to learn…….need all the help I can get.

    Dorothy Derr

  44. DD Austin

    Free stuff with real substance and quality…SUCH A DEAL!!! πŸ™‚

  45. Anthony Ricciardi

    Both education along with automating software will definitely improve anyones chances at being successful. So I believe that you should offer both education & software.

  46. brruce troxel

    I thank Iv’e just about gave up.the last 3 years been real hard. But thanks If I ever get a head. Maby I can try. Bruce Troxel

  47. Eugenia Mangol

    There’s nothing like having the software. But with the education with it that would just fascinate me. Thanks Anthony for not giving up on me!

  48. Sherrea Stephenson

    I think a combination of both is best, because everyone learns differently.

  49. Robert Kappers

    I would like to see a combination of both. My busy schedule doesnt always allow me to be online, however, I am generally always on the computer most of the time mobile. I do have mobile Internet, however, signal isnt always available and I think software would be perfect for those times.

  50. Ron Barros

    Enjoyed the blog. Combination of both, especially the software with step by step instructions.

  51. paul eller

    I like number one the best, software to make it easier that has education built in.

  52. doretha holt

    I think we need the software because it is more high tech and it will keep you competitive and the education can be included in the software. I dont think it is necessary to seperate them. thanks

  53. bill

    I would appreciate software that instructs you to succeed…educating the user to find the right paths for success by precise effort and persistence!

  54. Melodie White

    User friendly software so I won’t miss a beat and keep on track

  55. doug

    SOFTWARE with Education built in…for example last nite i was trying to start my own there are ten things i gotta do now..analyze,optimize. i have no…both brother

  56. ReVa

    More valuable to me to make me more successful- In my opinion via of corporate America I would need to obtain more education specifically when I see the employment ads they list education requirements and the salary to match. It’s quite disappointing because I have an extensive amount of experience; however, I just don’t have the degree to match.

  57. Beth Washburn

    Software is necessary although it is always too expensive for students πŸ™ Education in this ERA includes computer work, updated software and included online training………..

  58. magda

    The combination of both, the good thing of the software and the detail of the education.

  59. Anna Bellum

    Technology moves so fast these days. So educate us on what’s new and how we can be at the forefront. Then offer us the software to jump ahead. You can do it! We want it!

  60. Pedro Villa

    I believe that a combination of education and software go together like icing on a cake towards our success and continuing development.

  61. doretha holt

    I think we need software that includes education of whatever your presenting. I dont think you should seperate the two. thanks

  62. greg

    i would like a combination of both it seems so hard to actually make that first dollar

  63. Denise Johnson

    Software is great to automate the process, but education helps you to understand how the process works. When you understand the concept and meaning behind what you are doing, you are able to put the pieces of a huge puzzle together. With Internet marketing I need education first. The software will save me alot of time, which is cool too πŸ™‚

  64. Darryl Smith

    Hey Anthony You are doing a wonderful job with your weekly blogs, my education in your system is growing, keep me informed- its just like being in school again! I need more education Anthony-but if the software helps me on my way at a faster paste give software! Thanks

  65. kujtim dabulla

    A combination of education and software is not only important for success,but through education we have the opportunity to improve the software

  66. Henry Walker

    I believe software that automates things learned through education is the way to go.

  67. Theresa Scoles

    A combination of both, you can’t get enough education and for people that aren’t computer savy, software would be a hugh help.

  68. Cherita Young

    Hello Anthony,

    Love this blog. You are a true motivator. As a beginner, both education and software will benefit me. To learn more, I will be able to do more and that is my goal. I am looking forward to prospering to benefit myself, my family and others. Looking forward to GREATNESS. I will stay tuned.

  69. Joshua Boudreau

    Software would help a lot by automating the process while I’m out and at school. Allowing my website to grow and expand while I sit and learn in science class.

  70. Lhakpa

    I would like software at this advance technology time of 20th century Market. to update as online business.
    Thanks for trying your best Anthony.

  71. Jeanine Russell

    I think a combination of both but 75% education with about 25% software. As a great man once said, “There no such thing as too much education”.

  72. Jeff Johnson

    Both would be great. Also, businesses that make a certain amount of money that we can tap in on.

  73. Sam Bailey

    Good information but do not be so long winded – get to the point – state it and be done.

  74. Gary Monahan

    Great idea, Anthony! Since I’ve already applied most of the basics, I would like to have some of the advanced knowledge along with the corresponding software.

  75. Shirley Whalen

    The combination of education and automated software sounds great!

  76. Chadrick Turner

    I would say its a combination of both but a little more education though.

  77. Vicki Sotka

    Great tease and very intriguing! I think a bit of education along with the software to automate would be an awesome winning package. The education is necessary for those of us having a problem grasping the whole concept of online business!
    Thanks for all you do..hoping it will kick in and help me meet the goals I have set for myself.

  78. Kristi McClain

    I’ve self taught myself alot so I would prefer software.

  79. Howard Bush

    With the products I design, having the capability to market them in any venue is a plus. Video software and education are a must for the future and I want to be part of it.

    Thank you for offering a vehicle that will help me achieve my goals.

  80. kimberly austin

    I am a web designer and yet I still think some software with tidbits of education would be awesome! Everyone loves the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Kind of intuitive software that makes their work easier. This in turn makes it fun too πŸ™‚

  81. CURTIS

    I alway’s see that you are giving,and promoting of your self& your buisness i have yet to do this of myself&my site time constraints have left me behind hopefully 2011 will end on a better note keep up all the “BLESSING’S” you provide!
    Thank’s sincerely; CURTIS

  82. Tim Davidson

    Anthony, I could always ure more training cannot get to much of that, but would accept software to make it easier also. You know my main problem is money…I need money to survive and to continue taking my business to the next level. If I had my choice I would plck all three of the above as I so much wanted to go to MSA for hands on learning so I could take extra training, apply the new software and earn some money for a change.

  83. Lisa Miller

    I just signed up for the PMI help last night! I’m excited to get the knowledge and education. So the software would be my choice. Thanks Anthony.

  84. Steven Surace

    Anthony, in my opinion education is more important right now. Without the education, you are not going to know what to do with the software. Software is only as good as the person using it. That said: once the education is acquired, then a good mix of education and software is the perfect mix for success. I’ve been doing this a short time. Just got back from your Mastery Training on 6/8/2011. I already feel like I’ve learned so much. Keep up everything that you are doing, because in my opinion, you are going in the right direction.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

    Steven Surace

  85. Brian

    A greater understanding is invaluable to being successful. I like to know about something inside and out so I can make informed decisions. The automated software will help facilitate those decisions.

  86. Ed Atencio

    I think a combo of both would really help me …im still trying to make my 1st dollar for some reason I followed the three steps and didnt get my initial money back as your video said, maybe I did something wrong.. I called customer service but didnt get my answers they werent sure.. told me to keep checking.. but nothing… ive talked to people on your success team and if you dont have the money to get to the next level they dont want to help much more than that…so I feel stuck .. I just need a little more advice and tips to get this off the ground and when I make it work I can tell many more people.. can you help me?

  87. Gerald Causey

    I would like to see a combination of both,I’m just getting started with your program, but I really don’t know what to do to get started!!

  88. amy barksdale

    automatic for right now and later education need change now

  89. Kathleen Magill

    Good morning Anthony, thank for this weeks blog, I personally coulg use both more teaching and software to get my business up and running.

  90. Mary Tudor

    Just the thought of having software that automates procedure, etc would save sooo much time and confusion. Please do not do away with Education, though.



  92. Ken Pope

    A combination of both is very important for sucess. Time is money!! Each day is a new adventure

  93. Jessica Gutierrez

    I would like the software with education. The software could help us get further but with a little more education maybe we can get even more further than we thought possible.

  94. Wayne

    Anthony, Seeing as I am just starting out, my web site goes live next week, I’m in a large learning curve right now. I’ve been working with your success academy for the last 2 months and learning allot but I believe you can never learn enough. So education is first for me but software sure could make things easier. Tough choice. You really set out a big tease this week. Keep up the good work.

  95. David Grant

    A combination of both, perhaps 75% software, 25% training. But if I had do choose, I would like the software. I just finished my 3 day training and am anxious to get going. Additional software would be very helpful. Thanks.

  96. dadteu

    I need both software to automate some of the things I have to do and more education to know what I am doing and when I should do it. I have been working on twitter, a little on facebook, and a little on a website with 4 pages so far but not sure I am going in the right direction with any of them. I am also not sure what to do with the free page you sent me. How do I access it to see the code, to add or arrange it or learn from it. Thanks.

  97. Phyllis

    i have been trying to make money online for 4 years and still I need more education and would love software too. Feel great about both since I received your book. Thanks

  98. Gene Arnett

    I think that both are important, but I lean a little more into the software. Right now at this point in my work some software would make things much eaiser.

  99. Thom Bicoy

    i’d like to receive both education and software…


  100. Ernesto

    I would prefer both. Software with no knowledge is like a car without wheels.

  101. Casey Rowland

    As of right now, I am still waiting on my package to arrive in the mail so my first response would be more education. Although I am sure some good software will come in handy in the near future, too. I am very excited about this opportuinty! Thanks πŸ™‚

  102. LSDFish

    It would depend on what the software is created to automate. Unfortuneately, I’m a newbie to your system, with a computer science degree and I haven’t had a lot of opportunitues to “beat up on” the current s/w. For me, the education is more important right now. Everyone offers the “business in a box” (aka Software packages) concept… but your approach of personal instruction and encouragement combined with guided hands-on teaching is my preferred method of learning…. (lastly, my 6yr old laptop went to PC heaven this week..(RIP) so I’m in dire need of an iPad!!)

  103. Teresa Neal

    I NEED both!
    Technology is changing so fast and I’m struggling to keep up, education is crucial, but you can’t compete in this world without the technology (software).

  104. Tina Kandle

    Education and software together would be great. I need all the help I can get. Thanks

  105. Kingsley Mills

    I think software would be more benefitial to my business at this point. I have been in AM for over 6 years so I am well educated about this particular business. Yes, definetly Software that helps with automation!



  106. Alicia Rabago

    I like the idea of the combination because I want to be able to understand the software πŸ™‚

  107. Tracey Janssen

    I believe a combination of both would be the most helpful. A little more education to learn and understand different aspects of the marketing business and some software to give that extra little push to move forward.

  108. Jeff

    Educational, i find a whole lot of time wasted trying to figure out how to click thru on applications, & then either run out of time or get frustrated & just have to give it a rest.Buy the way ,software is a good idea to πŸ™‚

  109. Agnes glab


    It would be helpful to have software build in with automated processes with a combination of education. It’s important to learn the program and helpful to have some of the steps completed for you.


  110. sean mcallister

    the stability of both education and software,succcess in the mind first,then everything else will come.

  111. Lavaughn Berry

    I think I have read most of ur educational stuff, I would like to have software,it is not only easier but it speeds up time, and time is money.

  112. armando gonzalez

    Anthony, I think both are very important, but education will be my #1choice because having the knowledge then using the software for it will be much easier.
    Thank you and have a great weekend as well.

  113. Paul Parker

    I could use both. I have been reading your books and emails. listening to your blog, really trying to figure out how made this work. So far it has not clicked. I am so frustrated. I am working three jobs, and most days I don’t have enough money to put gas in the car. This minute I have about $5.00 on my debt card, and no money expected for two weeks. I must be missing something.

  114. Carol

    I think I need a little of both. Software has never really answered the questions I have. Personal answers would be big in my book. I watch you videos but a lot take me to Tellman and I have heard most of his stories. Besides I get them from Tellman himself.
    I maybe a hopeless case I do not know. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I have spent a lot of money to no avail.
    Best to you.

  115. Don Hall

    I would like the software because it’s education that you can use and refer to .

  116. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthony i am already in school getting some education i go to AIU online taking up Business marketing and i would like the software it would help me learn how to be successful and make moneyand yes i would love to win a Ipad and win some money thank you Anthony morrison for all your blog and your help God Bless you

  117. de

    A combination of education and automated software would be phenomenal.

  118. Wendy

    More education! Give me a fish I eat today, teach me to fish I can feed my whole family forever! So teach me! For now I do not have any money to purchase the software, once I’m making some money I can then invest in software that will speed things up. Thank you Anthony!

  119. Ayoola

    I will say Education; because if i have the software, i still need a little knowledge on how to use the software but education is a complete package.. i will learn how to get software and MASTER it at the same time.. I strongly believe i have to master the gradual steps into success. Having the software is like a shortcut without mastering the steps.

  120. Gilberto Garcia

    I think a combination would work the best. Some nice software that helps create things and automate EVERYTHING would be great but all that doesn’t do anything if we don’t know how to use the software to our advantage. You could create a software package that does everything and include in it a dvd that includes an hour or so of how to not just use the software but how we can use what it teaches us in order to be successful and get ahead in life faster

  121. Kristen

    I can’t begin to thank you for all that you share. At this stage in my online development… I need a combo of software to move forward and some pin money for various things online and a new laptop…. My apple is one of the original titanium vs. It’s a workhorse, however it’s outdated and most software won’t work on it. So the money part would allow me to get access online and run any software that you would have for me to get going up to speed. And all of that is for
    Mom to breath a little easier at 83 and not work so hard just to make ends meet.

  122. lana dageford

    Combination of both would be nice. I’m confused still. A bit more clafication on what steps to take first would be nice

  123. Don Bounds

    I’m a newbie and still waiting for the book…so for me, right now…education is most valuable.

  124. Irma & Jerry Fay

    I believe the combination of both is going to get us where we want to be, and that is, a success at affiliate marketing. Exciting Blog, thank you Anthony.

  125. Gabby

    I would like a combination of both as education as well as software gives me the foundation I need to maximize my success!

  126. Henry

    I would like to get my website up. I just don’t know where to start. Since i have no knowledge of the internet how will i make money?

  127. Nancy Armstrong

    Anthony, thanks for all the time you put into trying to teach others to do the things you do on the computer. For me I think having a combination of both education and software would be the best because I am computer illitarate.

  128. Steve

    I would like both, software and education… easier is always better, why reinvent the wheel! Keep up the great work Anthony and I love the giving to less fortunate, AWESOME!!!!

  129. Sandra Alleyne

    A combination of both, of both the soft ware and the education, plus i need some thing that i can understand, and to know what’s going on, not something that when u look at it, you are asking your self , what kind of trash is this, and to make it very interesting, that you will want to work at from day 1.

  130. Jon

    You have to be educated first before you can start using the software. The software may be really great but if you don’t understand how it works or how to use it the the fact that it works great doesn’t guarantee success.

  131. Karen T

    A cimbination of both. The more tools we have the greater our chances to become successful and failure is not an option!

  132. Carolyn Heck-Derton

    Hi Anthony,
    My answer is both, more education and automated software to reach my goals of make some money online. Need to real urgently, to save home and have money to live day to day.
    Sounds Great!,

  133. remigio sanchez

    i’d rather have the software, it is really important to be in the next level and i think education is important also but the software is the key to success, thanks Anthony giving away concept is another key in internet that’s i need to learn how to give away things to my customers

  134. Chona Castaneda

    for people like me who`s not computer literate ithink it would be best to have an automated software….that is if iwere to choose espcially i still cld not leave my present job;but on the other hand if a person have really big amt of time and has no other job ;a combination of education and automated software woul d be most ideal.

  135. Steven Crespin

    In my opinion a combination of both the education and software because both of them are important to have in order to be successful.

  136. Sandra Alleyne

    Anthony please thank you for have the brain to do this for those of us who is struggling with all the trash out there, you would make our life so much easier with this soft ware that would make all the other people on line stand up and take notice

  137. lani herd

    “I like your video and would love to see both software and education.

  138. Eric L. Garner

    Software and education for me Anthony. I love to learn new skills and the sofftware could make it a lot easier to use the education. Thanks for all the great knowledge in your blogs…..

  139. Trudy Shaw

    The combination of both education and software would be wonderful. Thank you for your continued support and help.

  140. Kathryn Joshua

    I NEED both education and software!! I need to be able to go back and refresh when necessary. Having both will allow me to build my business. The free info and help is a Godsend to my spouse and I.

  141. Kathleen Beller

    Anthony, I love the energy you bring to my day, and I already open every one of your videos. I would rather have additional software to enrich my blogs. I really want to learn how to make a youtube video.

  142. Kathy Cumpton

    A combination of both as they go hand in hand. Education is always important and the software only makes it easier.

  143. James Taylor

    I agree with Jeanie Barber, a combination of both software and education, is very important! Especially, if you have a busy schedule, or if you have children! Not to mention, the whole point of this system is to allow people to be able to enjoy life and start really living it! Face it, you can’t do that if you’re stuck behind your desktop!!

  144. keith Laferriere

    I would some more education on your techniques software would make it easier but I like a good challenge

  145. Nanette Eastwood

    Combination of both sounds good! Haven’t even finished reading the book yet so going really slow and haven’t gotten started yet or know where to start yet but I will read it soon and get started.

  146. Lisa Garza

    I would like both. Education and software would be very helpful for me to be successful.

  147. Norman Carlsen

    This was a real good blog. Addition education would be a good thing.

  148. Samuel

    Education makes you knowledgeable about affiliate marketing; Software is a tool that makes the processes of affiliate marketing a little more convenient…So I think a combination of the two would best.

  149. Jonathan Johnson

    Education is essential with anything in life, but with this being a computer based business great software may be just as effective.

  150. Vera Denton

    It would be great if we could automate some of the advertising to get us started. Then we could be earning something while we continue learning all the ins and outs of all the venues of internet marketing.

  151. alfred spatafore

    i think a combination of help. more educational videos and also software to back it up and make more time available for the thought process software setups for advertising products that have already worked,tried and true methods.

  152. Jason Wilbourn

    Hey, Anthony, sounds great. I believe you should incorporate education and software to your new program. Reason, people as myself, need the education so we understand what the software does or is doing in place of you setting the wheels in motion. I really like the way that you pull and pool ideas from your broad base of, your personal consultants and associates members, to expand on or confirm your idea is practical, that’s smart. Thanks Jason

  153. Beverly

    It would be great to have both. I really need to make extra money to supplement my income. Thanks.

  154. Ken Zeoli

    I would like the software–more convenient for my schedule.

  155. james greer

    I need both the soft ware and the education because I feel such a need to learn and as for the soft ware I need all the help I can get .
    I can finally to go to work.

  156. Eva Walker

    I would love to have the software with all of the education built into it. I watched the most amazing webinar ever and the software had everything built into it…I mean to building the blog/website, niche, traffic puller, aweber, email, auto responder, squeeze page…etc. I mean WOW! but only one problem…it cost $997. So if you could duplicate this for a price I can afford….lets say under $100 πŸ™‚ that would be GREAT! One software that does it all…PERIOD!!

  157. TJohn

    I feel to be successful in this business a combination of both education and automated software would be necessary.

  158. Jackie Bugg

    Both software and education would be nice. I personally need more education in order to make your programs work.

  159. Bill Schneider

    A combination of both. A good understanding of what a software system is doing is the only way to know that we are providing the necessary input and receiving the output we desire.

  160. Shayne miles

    Thanks again Anthony!! What would help me become successful faster would be a bit of both more education I’m stuck in the beginning with the website you provided. Software is always helpful.

  161. Anthony Gargiulo

    Anthony. I am very excited seeing you on your blog. It takes me a long time to get to learn what the abreviations stand for. But I am sticking to your blog almost, daily. What I need is MORE SOFTWARE

  162. Maria

    I’d like a combo. of both the education and the software. If I understood what and why I was doing what I was told, then I feel it would make the software that much easier and exciting to play with!!

  163. Michael Williams

    Both are important, we need to taught how to use software…

  164. Bryan Sherman

    I would like a combination of software and education because not only will it save time, but will help with comprehension as well. So far, I am loving what I am hearing from you and thank you, Anthony.

  165. Maurice

    I think I would like the software. My problem right now is getting started. I received my materials and opened the box, but somehow can’t get motivated to begin. I need some help here. Maurice

  166. Omega Allen

    In my opinion, software is valuable, particularly if ther is an educational component built in.

  167. Nordalee Harrison

    I would rather more education especially in regards to your product.I purchase your book over a year and I just put it aside because I am not sure what to and how to generate cash.

  168. MzLiz RoyalGems

    I beleive the software could be set in stages for action, in addition add the educational vidios as a click for info and guidance. thank you Anthony

  169. Steven Beasley

    I would definitely have to say a combination of both. Software to get you started, and the education to become self sufficient

  170. pamcastine

    I would like both, software and education since I’m not that good on computers yet

  171. Donna Meadows

    I think software would help me get up and running better, I am trying to get the money together to open my own work from home medical billing and coding business, and I need funds, I need to pay some hugh debts off in order to make my dreams of having my own home, and biz ASAP….

  172. Betty Gonzalez-Baltodano

    I would like to see a combination of both (more education with increased technology) to make thing fast, easy, & simple.

  173. Lee Jerome

    Education & software – But education needs to be detailed not just overviews. Hands on training via skype – but not just thru chat – that doesn’t always work for the inexperienced or newbies.

  174. Carl P.Schnibbe

    I Think I Would Rather Have The Automated Software, But A Combination Of Software & Training Could Be Helpful As Well !!
    Carl P. Schnibbe

  175. Dianna Thomas

    I would like more education on especially the startup process. Having this in a software form would be perfect. Software to help streamline the process down the line would help to make me more successful in the beginning and I think would be the impetus needed to keep more people involved.

  176. Luz Mercado

    Anthony I need a combination of both Education and software.

  177. Cathy Calvert

    A combination of both, it’s hard sometimes to follow, but can’t afford to always buy software which would be much easier.

  178. Nancy Severs

    I would like a combination of software and education. I am always excited about education and software would make life easier.

  179. Thomas Longerbone

    This sounds amazing. I would perfer more software that would help organize what I have done as far as looking at info and my step to get my site started. I seem to be getting lost in all this email and never get back to the task of getting the website up and running. Maybe its my approach that wrong.

  180. Ruben Ortiz

    first of all, thank you for the good news Anthony and as for me I would say I could really use both and also very important to mention,,, thank you for all that hard work you do trying to keep everyone motivated and connected, awesome work!!!

  181. lowell leach

    education and links to rapid deployment ,both would be helpful! i’m excited about the program but am a bit reluctant in my effort to get started ..i know I would do well if I just knew what I was doing ..can you help me with a little 1 on 1. i was one who paid for the full package up front ,getting you to build me a site and everything, extra bucks to launch and all,but I can’t navigate the system!? I am bit of a dunce when it comes to the computer..
    sincere,and desperate,lowell

  182. Deb Carter

    Software and Education onThe Software… simplified and to the point, to enpower us to get the job done … I want to wake up each morning on what I can do with new software to make what i do
    much more productive.

  183. danielmoerschel

    hello MR ANYHONY MORRISON that would be grate to have money anthony morrison come monday i wont be abule to be on the computer because i dont have one i am at the librarises computer and they will be closed anthony morrison i am just ready to make money anthony morrison to have money would make a big change in my life anthony morrison that would be grate to have money anthony morrison i could sure use money i am a poor man and dont have anything anthony morrison thank you and god bless you anthony morrison and a poor man like me could sure use money anthony morrison and you could help me that would be a big blessing in my life anthony morrison i know i would be a happy man to have money anthony morrison thank you and god bless you anthony morrison


    Don’t know, perhaps both. But the software is a good start.

  185. Marianna Hampton

    A combination would be the most effective for me. I would like to see the education built into the software, if that would be appropriate as well as effective. Thank you for your time and effort, it is most appreciated. =^ ^=

  186. Kathy Pavone

    Sounds great, you have such a way to motivate people. Since I am so new to the program and do not even have my website set up, or finished the first book yet, I would love a combination of both. Looking forward to winning the ipad and money.

  187. Mark Strombeck

    Hi Anthony,
    I feel it would be more tme efficent to have it incorporated in the software so that the most valuable thing we have is maximized. Potential links built into the software to further education as well would probably be helpful. Thank you for your interest in our success – Mark

  188. wanda corley

    thank u i want to save me and my family i have let them down i lost my job my grandkids are very very important i,m taking care of them

  189. dayanand

    no matter what but you need education first.that is why GOD created MOTHER.and next thing you need a GURU to you created sotware to teach.
    To me nobody teaching me how to open my WEB site and
    how can i open my a/cs with affilliate market.


    I wish to express my deep thanks for this program. The information and experiences are outstanding.
    Thank you and have a tood day.

  191. Kathy

    Hi, Anthony

    I would love to have a combination of both. Knowledge and software are very important to be successful.

  192. loyd sanders

    i agree with these other listers with both please. thank you


    It is an over-whelming joy to read this book The
    Modern Millionaire. I would like to convey my sincere gratitute to Anthony Morrison for this tremendous job and help.

    God bless you!

  194. Marty L.

    I think some software would be great!!

    We’ve had a website set up for a while (8 + mo ) with very little activity. Why no activity – because I just don’t have the time right now to get the things done that I want to get done, especially when it comes to marketing the website. Some automation would be very helpful!!!

  195. Wanda

    I can do facebook, but still working on Tweets…..maybe soon…..

  196. tina

    Software and Education are equally important to understand the overall process and big picture. However, I think software would help a lot , with precise information outling all the steps and procedures to setup the system so that we can immediately begin making money.


    I am pleased to have the opportunity to have the two books and I am still reading them.
    I hope that we can partner in the sharing information and experiences from 3rd world countries.

  198. Stuart Steinberg

    Education and software to back it up would be the best combination

  199. Sammieree Pearson

    What I need is for people to be more truthful when they are talking about their porducts. Instead of saying you don’t need a website, when you really do need one, and saying you can start with little or no cash. All Lies. I want to start making money on line, but at the moment I can’t because I am flat broke. As soon as I save enough I intend on buying your program. I just hope you are not selling a lot of goods that is worthless. Have a bless day. Sammieree

  200. Carol Amato

    What is more valuable to make me more successful, education or software?

    Combination of both!

    I’m looking forward to your emails, Anthony, thanks for all you do. πŸ™‚


    What strikes me most is that I received all the books and 3 steps to Fast Profits earier than I anticipated. This to me is a sign of seriousness of purpose.

    Gods blessings!

  202. Sharon Volkman

    Software, to do things automatically. I like more education every day. I would like to have, and need both. Thank you, Anthony

  203. Curtis Wilson

    education and software are important and powerful tools to save time and make money.

  204. Cindy B.

    Yep, it’s working! I personally would like to see more education from you coupled with software to automate some of the repetitive processes. Thanks for all your help!

  205. tom sawchynsky

    i need a combination of education and software. i’ve tried several on line businesses, and i can’t make money because i can’t get eyes to my sites.i’m 54 yrs old and i’m broke. i try, i try, i try, i invest, i invest, i invest, and i can’t get going. so when i say i’m broke i mean really truly broke. i’d love to purchase some of anthony’s products but i just don’t have ANY money. i’m willing to work seven days a week to be successful, but i’m sick of wasting time and money. tom sawchynsky

  206. Beth Smith-Hankins

    Software-is most important-automation and more Education on what to do and how to do it!

    I love you Anthony and bought your program and am just starting it! You tv appearance convinced me you are a real genuine guru that wants to help other people make money$

    Thanks, Beth

  207. Chigozie Igwe

    I need a combination of both. There is an interrelationship between learning and execution with automation.


    I’m looking to have a 2nd income too help in My time beetween pay prds. getting paid once a mouth, working hands on as little as poissble, My main job I work as an E.M.T. I do have down time,,,…BUT NEED ANOTHER INCOME TO CARRIER OVER NOT HAVING money to do THINGS I enjoy…DUNCAN

  209. Debbie Seelbach

    If I had to choose – Right now I need the software. You have already given me a wealth of information with the books and your video Mastery Level Education. What I could REALLY use is a software that would work with me to streamline all the steps and bring it all together.
    I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  210. tom sawchynsky

    i need both, i’ve invested a lot, and i’m broke because i can’t get eyes to my sites. i’m wiling to work 7 days a week if i could learn how to make it profitable. tom sawchynsky

  211. Marva Dennie

    I’d like to say a combination but if I have to pick I’ll say education. I have some software but haven’t used it because I just don’t know enough.

  212. edward uhl

    I can not watch video, the library will not allow it.
    I have no home computer !

  213. Glendala

    I would like more education to furher my success. That combined with software that automates certain steps toward my goals would insure actually having a successful business

  214. Robert Aquilino

    I would like more education because with that i will know exactly what kind of software would be helpful for my business and how to use it, education is the most important thing not in the sense of regular school education because i believe that is bs, but education on the right things to earn money is far more important than anything, anyone who says software doesnt really get it, while software is very important, you cannot do anything without educating your self as much as you can in the filed you choose to go into, so my answer would be education and more education. Thank you

  215. Keishon Drigo

    I think software that’s user friendly would be amazing.

  216. Donna Wright

    I need a combination of both. I am just reading your book and have not gotten my website yet. I am excited to get started as my life is about to take a big turn and I need this.

  217. Gopal Iyer

    Thanks. Is it possible for you to tell us what your landing pages are so that we can learn from what you are doing?

  218. Jesus Olvera

    I believe that both are needed because one complements the other. If you just have the software but don’t really know where and how to best apply it, then it’s not much help. And you can have education but you still need the additional help that some software can give you.

  219. Nichole Davis

    A combination of both is definitely the best. Just like you said t’ward the end of this video, “you’re gonna do your best….to make us learn…”; us learning from you qualifies as being educated. If it’s in regard to an automated software and all…FINE — no harm in that. Without the education; having the software, and understanding how to use it; that would prove futile. Therefore, the education is paramount. All in all, a combination of both education and that software that automates your success needs, are the best. Without the software, education can teach you HOW & WHERE to go get the software. But without the education; having the software just like that doesn’t add up. For somebody to even show you how to use the software….means being educated πŸ™‚

  220. Marlon

    I think both, education and software are closely associated, but education goes first because you need to understand how e-commerce works so that you can be able to select or build the right software in order to efficiently automate the process.

  221. Mendez Miguel Jr

    Now you got me work up, I say a combination of both education and software, Got any thing on sending emails??? thanks Happy 4th of July Retired Marine….

  222. Layne Zimm Sutton

    In my learning stage. I need both. Some of the accounts I set up(tried) wouldn’t take the info, given in the book.
    KNOWLEDGE biggie for would help me learn a bit more of the compute, maybe.
    Happy 4th, GOD bless America !

  223. Kim Hughes

    Software helps to put the knowledge into action, but education helps you gain the knowledge, so I believe both options make a complete action.

  224. Beth

    Education and software are great and better when used together. I would like to use both of them.

  225. Will $mith

    I’d like alittle ove both. I’ve seen these push botton software’s and some seem pretty good but who knows. Plus I’ve read sooo much that I think my brains going to POP! I need real hard core tangible do it this way, get to this results proof to follow. I’ve found but am stil lost!! Help Me????

  226. Michael crossland

    To be honest I personally need will need both more education and help with automating. But I’m my real problem is fear of what I don’t know and procrastination . I got your DVD and book and called to see how to get help but the lack of money to get this started. Please show me help me learn how to spend zero or as close to zero out of pocket to generate let’s say just 100$ and perhaps I wiu get it and then the light may come on

  227. Leah Wyeth

    I would say a combination of both. I am already enrolled in your program, but more education is always a good thing. The software would be an excellent help as well!!

  228. Jeff McBride

    I would like a combination of both, because I don’t have a computer just a smart phone! Also I would love to win the ipad and cash. Well like I said before I’m living below poverty and my mom is really not healthy and I’m mommy and daddy which is cool because serina is now 7and I never get bored! Anyway I cannot work right now because of myback and I need to take care of myself, my mom!and my lovely daughter: ) its a struggle my moms lungs r at 30 percent her kidney is at 30 percent and she only has 1 left so more worried about her right now. But I’m still learning about how to make a dollar on the internet, always Jeff McBride…

  229. Laurie Gordon

    I am just getting started so both education and software would be the best for me.

  230. S.S. Koenig

    Combination. I want the education, just so I can know what I am doing. I want the software because it would make things a lot easier. Both are very important to have.

  231. Clifford Ward

    I agree with the comments already made. Software helping us to empliment the education that you already provide would be very helpful.

  232. Johnnie l mcfarlane

    I will need a combanation of both. I’m trying to save enough money to purchase a laptop so I can get my business off and running.Can’t wait to start making money.

  233. Ashley Tucker

    I have recently begun to develop my website from the ground up with my advisor and to me, nothing beats the education portion of my development. The interactive videos are irreplaceable, but the advise I get from him is engaged in what my tailored needs really are. Cosmetic help would be great down the line in an easy to use software, but if you could beef up my education that would be priceless.

  234. Pat Hughes

    I would prefer a combination of both. The software as it saves me time and I know it will done correctly. The education is needed for me just to keep up.

  235. Cee Gee Rabren

    Thank you for this week’s blog. To answer your question: for right now it would be great to have some automated help to assist in generating a little income to have seed money to prime the pump, in other words to have a little cash flow to turn around and reinvest in training/educational programs like PMI. I have been unemployed for a while, so my personal cash flow is so limited that you would need a microscope to see President Lincoln’s face on the penny. So, any help at this point is worth more that a million bucks to me. I am very excited about my financial future with your online marketing program. It will take some time for me to reach my financial goals and learn all that I need to learn to be a success. For now my biggest concern is just getting started. Thanks again for your enthusiastic encouragement. It is very infectious. TTFN as Winnie’s friend Tigger would say. Tah Tah For Now!!!

  236. H Paul

    I think the combo would be best — training without the tools is just as bad as the tools without the training… we need the synergy of them both… in this case software being the tool.

  237. Edie Hudson

    Both. From what I’ve been told, this is the approach your “Success Academy” is taking. I am seriously considering this program.

  238. Robert "Ike" Isakson

    Would like the software and the education. The education to learn and the software to speed up building Ad’s, Landing pages, Etc.

    Looking forward to your video’s.

  239. Kelly G

    I think I agree with Jeanie, a combination of both for everyone to succeed. Plus, I’m excited about next week’s emails!!!! Can’t wait to hear about something new as well!

  240. Adam Armstrong

    I think a combination of software and education is best, because both are important.

    If I can have a piece of software that automates some of the more monotonous and repetitive tasks, that would free me up from having to worry about the small stuff and give me the ability to focus on the big picture. Of course, looking at the big picture doesn’t help if I don’t know what to do with it, which is what I would need education for.

    So really, software and education are both important and indispensable tools for success, and it’s important to have both.

  241. Annetta

    Well, this is really a question that requires great thought. As you know everybody has their way of absorbing materials that work for them. You have people who learn by hearing the teacher. People who love to read it because they have great comprehension skills. People who understand software. And believe me, I got tripped trying to follow software directions. It was horrible. And of all these examples, I have to place my bet on hearing the teacher. I need a mentor guy, like you Anthony, to spill it all out from A – Z. I have to hear it, see it then I can absorb it.

    Some people teach by giving confusing instructions. I need a teacher who is gifted in what they are doing, non textbook style plain teaching. Almost 1,2,3..type of training. If the software includes a human being, instead of just instructions, all the better. I’ve been at this for years and found that people hold back. They don’t want to teach you everything. I need to see, hear, and do samples at the end of each training. I’ve been running down a road of incompleteness and I’m distraught and feeling hopeless.

    If I had to chose, what would I rather have, more education or software? I would choose software, hoping that there is a human being instructing. Not just reading materials.

  242. V. Brown

    Software vs. Education – I would say software is most important to me right now, but of course some education pertaining to the specific software for automating processes.

  243. Rosemarie

    Anthony, yes I would like the software and the training. It would take everything that you can give to learn how to make money on the internet. I am slow on learning this stuff. Thanks for all your help.

  244. Glenda Negron

    I need both education and software because they are both needed for success

  245. Hawley

    Another great blog. I would agree with Jeanie and say both the education and software. Thank you

  246. Linda Cress

    You don’t have to make me want to learn. I want to learn. I am a computer dummie. I love to learn and software that makes it easier I am all for. I would love to answer you on tweet, but I don’t know anything about it yet. I am in the PMI school and I haven’t gotten to that yet. I am praying that my site will be up and running soon because I have been set back over a month because they lost me in the shuffel. I don’t want to loose my house so pray it works. I will do what ever I have to. Thanks Anthony. Have a happy and safe 4th.

  247. Linda Greiff

    I feel is important to have more education and to keep learning every day. However, having software that would save time would be just as important to me. Happy 4th of July Anthony!

  248. Diana Eisenhard

    very exciting stuff !!!!!!!!! I personally believe both are important in this new endevour. This is a new field for me and while I am familiar with certain applications on the computer, I know practically nothing about business on the computer. I need the education as well as the software tools to make the job more efficient. So thanks for the learning opportunity – have a marvelous day – looking forward to the next weeks of your videos. Best – Diana

  249. Roger Beinhorn

    A combination of both, the software would help alot and education on how it all works together.

  250. DJ McCormick

    Education first, followed by software would be best for me but probably not for those further along. Is it possible to serve both needs?

  251. Diana Eisenhard

    and here is a perfect example of what i was refering to in my first comment – just signed up for a tweet account and tried to tweet, i have been tweeting my rear end off (hope i did not break the tweeter) i will have to explore what you are supposed to do with this app. apparently, my comment was toooooooo long. see ya’ll later. πŸ™‚

  252. Joe

    Great information for the money but how really make money so quickly.

  253. Robin Sherwood

    Hey anthony going to your vegas conference, wish you were going to be there….

  254. Kim Day

    Education is vital for knowledge and the software is vital for utilizing and jump starting your computer generated success skills and once both are put into action – you will come out a WINNER every time.

  255. Ashlie Edge

    I would like more software. With software also comes education, so that is my preference. Thanks, Ashlie πŸ™‚

  256. Karen

    I am just getting started. I would like more education first, and then the software, as Jeanie said, to save time and do more with what time we have.

  257. Jerome McAllister

    Your teaching is worth a lot to some one who isn’t lazy. Your software is tiny tidbits of info for the serious mind, who has a die hard spirit. My suggestion is that you, yourself make a video software with you in it (we can trust you) telling us step by step methods to getting us on the right track, just like in your blogs. And then show us how to implement your new strategy’s. If possible burn it on a disc that that we can download just like you sold your book. To some this may not matter. If i’m gonna buy software, I would like it sent to me, through the mail. Therefore if my computer crashes I’m still in good shape, with your training.

  258. Cindy Hahn

    I think a combination of both, education and software. They would be essential for success in any business!

  259. Sharon Howell

    Anthony, Both, education would help us in knowledge & software that automates things… To make it easier for us who are still learning the computer & ways to make money for different reasons. Thank you for taking our opinions, Sharon

  260. Edma S. Rolon

    A combination of both because I love to do things a my own too πŸ˜‰

  261. Steve Bock

    I think that all the face book and twitter and all the great ideals that Anthony has lead us to should be tried.And like he always says learning by our failures is what makes us smarter , but a wise man’ my dad once told me that learning from some one else’s trials and failures can save alot of pain and suffering! and time . ANTHONY HAS DONE THE HARD FALLING! So we should let our leader present what he knows to be success . Face Book seems to be running a race with twitter so i feel that is where our contacts visit and the exposer will be best

  262. Ken Riedel

    It has been shown in numerous studies that multiple methods result in greater comprehension of information so the obvious answer is a combination of both software & education. That being said, I think that providing the education on how to get things done followed by software to show the application of the knowledge would provide the best results.

  263. kathleen caulder

    I need a combination of both more software and videos I learn from watching it being done. Education is great but need to see it .Reading does nothing for me I just get lost……Looking forward in making my first check….

    Thank you,
    God Bless you and your family.

  264. Akeem.

    Sorry,I haven’t being proactive about your instructions and videos,the problem is there are some instructions that require one to purchase some software or professional advice to set one’s website for a profitable gain and profits but right now I’m financially strained,even I couldn’t meet up.I will like your assistance on this.Thanks.

  265. sandra

    This one is not complicated at all, most naturally we could use both software and education for success.

  266. Akeem.

    Combination of both is the best bet,but for some guys who couldn’t afford higher education for one reason or the other, software is the way to go for most people.

  267. W gilzene

    Anthony this is awesome I need both this will help me I hope to make my first dollar on the internet at last.
    Thank you, thank you ,

  268. Edward Duckworth

    I would like to have a combination of both software and education

  269. Sadina

    I believe having the education and the software that does most of the work will help.

  270. dan puestow

    I really belive more knowledge on both would be awesome,because of the material and info out thier is confusing.

  271. Jorge

    I say a combination of both, education and software !!! Thank You, Anthony.

  272. Raymond Gonzales

    I think a combination of the two since i am a very visual learner the videos and instruction really help and a little automated back up would help alot so software is always good πŸ™‚

  273. David Moten

    Software would help to make things move a lot faster and to make my first dollar.

  274. Bill

    A combination of both, but with more emphasis on software. The education should be linked directly to the software, not just a lot of “watermelon”talk, a lot of volume and not much substance.

  275. Amber Porta

    A combination of both, education and software, so you always have the data to look back on if you have questions

  276. debra antoni

    i would like to see more software as well as maybe the education to go with it. this all sounds great and i hope that i can become as successful as you. Without having to spend all the money to get there. lol

  277. debra antoni

    Software and education go hand in hand in my opinion. They are both ideal tools to know how to use. thanks for all your support.

  278. mariah

    I think both is important. getting more education helps you know most of the thing. Having soft wear also help full b/c soft wear is ginving you some thing that you do not know. the soft wear is does by it self for yh. i would like to explain but i shoud say this much. Any way thank you.

  279. Bruce Webster

    A combination of both software and education as they go hand in hand.

  280. Stewart Mckinley

    I’m definitely going with education. The brain is the first computer. Software is great, but, education (the wisdom to use the stuff) is awesome.

  281. kris

    I would have to say software that streamlines the work is a great thing, but without the education on how to use it, it would be just another program taking up space. So one without the other is not very useful.

  282. Suzanne Sierra

    I would have to say : Education. Because once your educated, you can find what ever it is that you need . But if your not educated to know what you need, then what good is software or any things else for that matter, if you don’t know what to do with any of it?

  283. sarah

    A combination of software and education would go a very long way

  284. Carroll Provost

    Your doing great. I would prefer software and instruction how to use it.

  285. Vicki Sotka

    I am trying to “Like” this on FB, but it will not accept my vote and I have submitted two comments but don’t find them in the list and it shows that I am still waiting on moderation? What am I doing wrong?

  286. Tim

    Software vs. Education? I like the idea of education and incentive. Tech toys are fun but don’t make money unless one is already successful.


    Hey there Anthony…I need all the help I can get…I would seriously need a combination of both Education and software……….Gonna make a serious stab at making this work for me and my family

  288. thomas petosa

    I believe that you need a little of both,you need the education, to better understand the automation and how it will help explain the software so you can understand it!

  289. David Stauble

    The combination of software and additional education is probably the best approach. The automated software approach will help people get started and engaged in the process and the additional education will keep them interested and active participants.

  290. ZJ Lin

    In my opinion i think people need a combination of both education and softwares to do what they need to do

  291. Danuta

    I think , education is more important. Software which can automate some tasks would be useful and save time, but you still need to understand what you doing.

  292. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,as you may already know I am very limited on time so the software idea is very important to me,,however ,,the education is priceless,,so for me the combination of both is the best answer. Thanks alot. You Da Man!!

  293. mike arafiles

    Hello Anthony, im a newbee to you’re books,videos and internet blogs. I want to personally Thank You in advance for allowing me to be a part of your journey and life experiences.Im positively interested in any and all avenues you should choose to portray youre vital knowledge and informations for i feel priviledged to be amongst youre growing dynasty a humbling beginning.My father used to tell me years ago today is the first day for the rest of youre life and at 41 yrs. young i need to grasp that with all my pre-existing wisdom and newfound knowledge to come.I Thank You again Mike (cherokee)Arafiles

  294. Dan P.

    Education, period. While software is handy for time savings it can’t replace knowledge. I’d prefer to have the ability to succeed through education first then apply secondary tools like a software package.

  295. Steve Nixon

    yes a combination of both would be great , if it’s software like the Google search to Tweet update that would be good . I’m bogged down with Chrysler school updates for the Dodge dealership I work at , so if the extra education could be more to the point and quick , that would be great . thank you .

  296. Lueroyce

    All knowledge means a step forward for me as an individual and my business… any comination that would give me more knowlege is all good.

  297. mike arafiles

    P.S i’m currently reading you”re book Advertising Profits and going according to video, so i have not set up my personnal website yet.

  298. Danuta

    I think, software which automates some time consuming tasks would be great to have, but education is more important. You still need knowledge and understand what you doing.

  299. John Trendall

    A combination of both, like you need both the chicken and the egg –
    of software action and of wisdom from education, for synthesis of the solution… Thanks

  300. Stan Bookstaber

    While software would make everything easier, education cannot be replaced. With education, the software only enhances. Using only software is the easy way out. Education only is a long term investment. A combination of both, would be the ultimate prize and reward.

  301. James Cook

    Education comes first. Grounded in knowledge we will need software.But first need to understand all the strategies. You’re the best!

  302. donald sears

    New software is nce,Education is price-less,togather there is no stoping so ia in for both

  303. Eric Rasmussen

    Definitely both.
    So everyone,at any skill level
    can benefit.
    Keep up the good work.

  304. Maureen Hogan

    software is much more important to me because it makes my time more efficient. My other work takes up many hours so, efficiency with this is necessary

  305. diane morgan

    both are equally important although software would jumpstart things quicker

  306. diane morgan

    i believe both are equally important although i think software would probably junpstart the process

  307. Peter

    I’ve just finished reading your book and am not at all sure what to do next. If the SW will tell me that, great. If not, some one-on-one education will help get me started. I literally don’t know what to do next.

  308. Ruth Taylor

    i would like software that has the software built in would make it soooo much easier. i think that would a tremendous help for beginners. i would also like personal help as i am past the broke stage. i have tried to get into all of the programs to get help but was told every one of the cost money that i don’t have. that is why i am pleading for software and education that will help me advance. i don’t mind paying for classes IF i had the money to pay. i really just need a boost here. thanks rt

  309. Tammy Hager

    I just started last night and I love your program. I think software would help out alot but a combination would double all of our success.

  310. Bernard

    I would like both a software and an educational program. Thanks and cheers

  311. sharon Tippner

    You are very ingenius in your presentation. I agree with all of those
    statement above.

  312. Tenesha D Bradford

    I didn’t get a chance to comment but i have been watching every blog and I must say I am really impressed with your motivation to help. I like how you stress on educating yourself Knowledge is difinitely the Key to anyones success and I’m doing just that!

  313. Bonnie

    More software would be the biggest thing for me. My education is excessive and yet it doesn’t bring in the money.

    ∴ more software please!

  314. Bernard

    I am very excited about being a successful business online Entrepreneur like you do by using a software and Education Program.

  315. Pat Boyke

    Combo pack would be great- your educational guidance is wonderful and software is a great tool.

  316. Erick Zittel

    Both would be key to success. You do offer a lot of education already so if you had to choose just one, I would like to see the atomated software.

  317. Maddy

    I have just started and have been listening to everything that Anthony emails us. Since i have not received my books as yet, I find it a bit overwhelming but am excited about learning and earning.. For me, the combination of utilizing the software to assist us to be more productive and enhance sales in a defined process and the education are both vital for success.

  318. Hannah

    Wow, I think that the education would be awesome for me since I’m still not quite sure what to do to get started! But, having software to help me along would also be great! So I guess that I’d have to say both!!!

  319. Trena Puentes

    Thank you Anthony! combination of both; learnings with the software. :o}

  320. Superockin

    Education for me. I like to make informed choices. I bought the book in oct. 2010 and have been studying and reading everything I could find, and just last night started my own web page..

  321. Marsha Schierkolk

    Hi Anthony! The combination of both automation and education interacting together would be great. The fewer keystrokes I have to do the better.

  322. keith

    I need help with both because I’m one that don’t know alot about running a computer. We really need the help getting our websit up and going.

  323. David Bubar

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like a combination of both, I learn by both education and software with hands on

  324. Grace Njenge

    I looked at the video but could not hear any sound. Still reading the books and hve not yet started also. Hope this is going to be easy.

  325. Lisa Lankford

    I would need a little more education and some software to help me out!

  326. Mike Bober

    This is going to be outside the box a bit, however my vote is for more true educational series/videos. From what Ive seen already, software comes with a price, and education/teaching is free and pricless info. I desire to build the business with min. startup costs, make some honest money, than reinvest that into your software program learning series.

  327. Allen Paulson

    Anthony, I am confused with everything I have bought from all these businesses and software. I want to start over. I have your materials but cannot remember how to access my website or anything. I am limited for funds. I have websites that are not really what I want. I have software that I dont really use. I went to your meeting in Illinois but don’t really have any money to use to speak of. I need a coach that doesn’t cost me anything. I am very frustrated with the thought of never making a penny online, and I have a professional skill that I did for 17 years, and cannot even find a job in that field. If you think you can help me, would you please contact me personally. I am just like your dad. Just started getting social security but I still have dreams of bettering my life making an income online somehow. I need to focus on someone I trust.

    Your friend.

    Allen G. Paulson

  328. Larry

    That’s a tough question. I would have to say that right now I need the education more. I haven’t gotten far enough to need the leverage of time, which the software would provide, more than I need education. I am confident however that whatever software you create would be very beneficial to me in the near future.

  329. Ron Adkison

    As automated as possible is always best. Personally Anthony I have developed great relationships with my suppliers and affiliates and was burning through the training with PMI and was laid off from a construction project I was working on due to high river levels. It is a rehabilitation is a130 yr old sewer main in St. Louis. We were called back and the work load was tremendous and bills were due. I have acclimated myself and will be back to training over the holiday and hopefully getting my website up and published. I am recently divorced an times are tough. So the main obstacle to me has simply been time. I have no doubt in my capabilities and being successful and if I did not need to work in the construction industry things would simply go quicker but as a father of a son in college and a 7 yr old daughter immediate cash flow was needed which led to long hours at work but we should be going back to a normal schedule next week and I can get back on track So the main thing I want you to know Anthony is it is not you your training and opportunities are excellent and the time factor is what had slowed me down. I would love to work side by side with you on a daily basis we would make huge strides as I understand and comprehend what to do just been strapped for time due to immediate cash needs. I was able to make deals with the first 2 suppliers I contacted. I have the gift of sales and relationship building so time to get published and become your next success story
    Thanks and Blessings Brother just wanted you to know where I am at in my progress

  330. Ernest Michael

    Me personally, i think i would want the knowledge first, to understand it and know where your money is coming from and how its made. With knowledge comes the confidence. As it grows then throw in some automation, but definately knowledge first.

  331. Melody Noland

    I would need both, education and software. If I spoke fluent French but never met, spoke or interacted in anyway with anyone in French, I would only know what I was taught through books. I wouldn’t know the colloquialisms of the country. So, yes the education is great but without the ability to use that knowledge, I am swimming in mud. The software to utilize what I have learned would definitely clear the waters, so to speak.

  332. david straschewski

    I would like a combination of both the software and education.

  333. Avis

    I could profit from a combination of both the education and the software.

  334. Avis

    I could profit from a combination of both the education and software.

  335. Ruby S.

    I would definitely like a combination of both…things are so much competitive than many of us expedted. The software would help save time and the education would help us learn to duplicate the process once the foundation is laid. Another plus is doing it all with little to no expense. I myself have NO money!

  336. Stella Reynolds

    If it can be done……I believe that Education–Converged with Auto-Software (as a side by side or split screen) with real live–Hands on Software….As if, you were here with us, guiding & showing us the step by step process on what to do, choose or click on, so~to snap us out of getting intimidated with the process that we have to go through, or lists of items we have to choose from, would give me a jump start. This I feel would help me in, “Just getting started”.
    I have read your Books, BUT one needs classroom hands on teaching!
    It is very frustrating playing with money, one can’t afford to lose, by playing the guessing game on what are good picks to choose or click on! I realize there are some risks…..I just need some help!

  337. Dawn Zhao

    A combination of software and education would be great. I think the soft is efficient and education is more important.

  338. Lynnda

    Question of the Week: I need more education and helpful software. I work a normal 40 hour plus a week job and don’t have the time to work my business as much as I would like. I really need some tips regarding the most important steps I should be working on to get my business moving in the right directions and which steps I can put off until I get to them. Any advice?

  339. Jos Allen

    Hey I think both would be a great idea. Software is so helpful nowadays and makes things so much easier and helps us easily move to the next process. But Education and learning information is so important as well to moving to the next step. If you could combine both in a productive manner, like have a software that would automate the process but than quickly explain exactly what it did afterwards would be awesome!

  340. Stella Reynolds

    Education~converged with Automated Software (on split screen)
    with real live hands on instructions on the internet would be of major
    help for me. A Classroom hands on experience sort of speaking!

  341. Ralph Leyba

    Education is always beneficial. Software is great but requires education. We really need both. Have a fun weekend.

  342. Sibyl

    I think I would like a combination of both! That way you could put into practice the materials you have.

  343. kathy moore

    Anthony I am new trying to learn.i sure could use the extra money !i am trying to adopt .two children that i have guardingship of.jacob was 4months old when i got him.and shonna was 3years old when i got her. so i guess i would sayboth ways of trying to make cash

  344. Sibyl

    I have yet to make money in this venture, so I would like a little of both

  345. Paul Toussaint

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes, I think that both education and software would be in order.For me, I believe the software would be a good teacher.I’m doing affiliate work for Global Domains International right now, and their is so easy to use. It also teaches me how to build a website. Check out my website. It’s not done yet but you can see some of it:

  346. Bobby Williams

    I think I would like more education. The software would be great as well. I m sure the software would enhance the education. It’s important to stay with you as all move forward with like minds of success.
    I have been overwhelmed with my “JOB”, and it prevents me from working toward financial independence. This will work with a little time management.
    Thank you for allowing all of us to follow you with the opportunities that you have layed before us.
    You are GREAT!

    Thanks again,

  347. Lamont Robinson

    So fare things have been slow, but I really feel if we had a mix of both I could make it happen for me and my family. Anthony you seem to 100% with your game so I am going to keep pushing on with you to see where we can go……….. Thank you for the opp!!!!!!!!

  348. Susan Estrella

    I would prefer the education. That is something that cannot be taken away. Thanks.

  349. Phillip

    I would go with software because it will generate sources for education and two will then work itself out

  350. Melissa Munoz

    I would love to see some automated software that has an option for education and training, maybe with some additional downloads built in for people who opt for learning more about the system and also the program in general. Anthony you are such an inspiration to so many, thank you for sharing your love and your talent with the world. Im sure you will come up with something amazing. I really think that being more educated is so much more important, if you could really break it all down for us in online training. Your program has helped so many people, thank you for continuing to make your program even better.

  351. Sharon Davidson

    Software would be wonderful, but education about the software would definitely help, too. I’ll take AND USE whatever help that you give me.
    Thanks for all the help you’ve given so far. I’m most appreciative.

  352. Bonnie


    A combination of both would be awesome! This is only my second day,so your video made me feel at ease. I really like your down to earth personality and explaining things in such a basic way. Looking forward to working with you

  353. Cathey Holloway

    I would like the software seems like it would help all of us, thank you

  354. mariah

    Hi Anthony i did sent a comment a few minutes ago but it is not on the least. I did reply to your question about soft wear and education. I think both would be help full. b/c education is some thing that you would keep in mind and able to remember in your own. However, since some time a humen being is not able to holding all information, the soft wear is help full. Why? b/c soft wear is fast, can holled all information for yh. It will make all the work by it self once you creat what you want. you do not even have to think about it. i think i better stop hear

  355. Kathryn Mann

    I think both are very important. You can never have too much education, even in this recession. I am more computer savy than my fiance’, so any software that is easy to understand, would be awesome.

  356. Kim Windfeather

    Both education and software. Automated software is great for saving me some time, but I also need education so I know what I’m doing. Thanks ~ Kim

  357. Joseph Johnson

    I have this site from you and I feel that if some of the soft ware that would make it easier to choose such as what products to promote and get customers to visit my site.

  358. Phil Lully

    Say Anthony,
    My Choice would be for a blend of both Software and some more education
    however I lean mostly toward the Software.
    Thanks for the great blog…and WOW your too kind when it comes to invoking more action from your students…giving away your personal IPad
    and Cash too !!! That totally awesome. Until next time take care Anthony.
    Phil L.

  359. Ruby

    I think a combination of both would help!!!! I think it would be easiler with both!! Havn a bad year and need all the help I can get!!!!

  360. Rose Ann Colon

    both as I made only $10.00 on what I got from you before still waiting for it to roll in, as I did many on hours and hours of work done. Still don’t know how I made the $10.00 in the first place. H E L P !!!!!!!!!!

  361. Yossy Uedi

    I believe combination of both education and tool to expedite process are important. Time is money!

  362. Patricia Sprague

    I would like more education so that I can learn more about this business. I haven’t experienced success and I have a strong desire to. I would feel more knowledgeable if I was more educated.

  363. Larry

    I believe a combination of both software to automate with just a few clicks and paste and also education would be great for success in this business. Thanks Anthony.

  364. Diana Carman

    A combination of both the education and the software. I have a difficult time with the education part of it. I could really use a step by step guild for people with out any money to spend. Can you make an interactive tutorial that teaches at the same time sets up what I would need to start making money? That would be awesome! Thanks for asking Anthony.

  365. Chandra Vinning

    Personally I like the idea of a combination of both because education is important but also having the software would compliment the education aspect of it!

  366. Laura McCullough

    Education first–to help me start working the process, understanding it, and making enough money so I can AFFORD the software, which I will in turn need more education to learn how to WORK the silly software, and understand it, and make money with it,…. get the idea? Education first. Software intimidates me, can you tell?

  367. Jo MacDonald

    Both of those items as far as getting going would be awesome. Again thanks for all of ur help


  368. Al and Lili Battista

    First, let me wish you a Semper Fi Fourth of July!
    I would like a combination of both software and education. Like many I am just getting started. Actually, that’s not entirely correct. I have been trying to figure out the World Wide Web success steps for a couple of years now, but most of that effort gave very little results. I started as a complete computer boob. I now understand a little more about the computer, but still can’t seem to find the right combination to Internet success.
    Any help you give us will be greatly appreciated.

  369. Al and Lili Battista

    Hi and a Semper Fi Fourth of July!
    We would like a combination of both the interactive software, and some education. I have been trying to figure out the way to success on the Web for two years now. I was a complete computer boob when I started, and now know a little about working on the Internet. However, I still haven’t made any money. Any help you give us is GREATLY Appreciated!

  370. Cassie Boyle

    I would need education and software equally plus a little cash!!

  371. Christine Goeggel

    Hey Anthony-

    I have been trying to learn for a while now – I’m a visual learner, so it’s taking me a bit longer. I’m doing MSA, which has been a big help! I still need more education, but I would also greatly benefit from the software as well. Hope I’m not sounding too greedy for wanting both. I would like to think of it as “actively pursuing all my available options”. So that’s my vote! Will be staying in touch. Look forward to what’s to come!

  372. Ron Milford

    I think a proper combination of them would be most helpful with an emphasis on automated software. This would benefit everyone even if they are not computer savy.

  373. Robert Wangerin

    Both would make things so much faster to learn and speed up the process.Thanks Anthony.

  374. Sandra Bell

    I feel that my brain is leaking. Software would be great, but the problem being how many avenues, which website builders would you gear it to? WYSWYG or HTML, creating a year’s supply of newsletters for an autoresponder without spaming, building squeeze pages, creating an ad once you have a hoplink, include useable graphics, best meta tags to use for each web page, getting backlinks and have the website rated to see where you messed up. Everyone wants to go in a seperate direction, either building or advertising,l possibly producing their own material. How would you put it all together with enough variety that “everyone” could use it. That’s a big order — am anxious to see it! Thanks for your help!

  375. steve f

    I just got my laptop so i am just getting started so if anybody could help and i am learning how every thing is working so thank you if u r the one or more than one who helps

  376. Danna Seale

    I am a lover of learning, so I emphasize education; but the software thrown in would be a nice learning tool, too.

  377. Trent Hunt

    I feel education is far more important than software. It takes some form of education to learn how to use the software.

  378. Debbi Shockley

    I’m just starting…haven’t even got my package yet so I’m gonna say software.

  379. Jamielee Hutton

    In my opinion education would be the best tool for me to have . You can go a lot more directions with an education but automated software limits your versatility . How ever the combination of both would be nice .

  380. Olen

    Automated software could be a wonderful thing IF one knows how to fully utilize it!Therefore I would have to Vote for a Combination of Software & The Knowledge to Fully Utilize it…

  381. Neil Baier & Emily Taylor

    Great video…A combination of automation and education is key I think.

  382. S.Ramos

    I Believe that a combination of both education and software would be most helpful. What is the point of the software if you are not able to use. That is where the education comes into to play. I purchased the books around Feb.2011. I started to set up my website but things are kind of slow.I am a single mom who works a full time job and goes to school full time as well. Anthony thanks so much for putting the information out there. Although this appear slow in getting my business started I know that hard work will make it grow and succeed.

  383. Jenna Wilkerson

    I would like to have both software and education! I’m sure you can do one without the other, but having the knowledge of both will be much more rewarding in case you didn’t have access to one or the other you won’t be at a loss because you will have the knowledge and the know how of both!

  384. Danny Thomas

    Hi Anthony,
    I think both the education and the software go hand in hand. You need the software and the education both. That’s my opinion.

  385. Dan R

    Software is great and education is great so both combined would be outstanding. However there is one element missing that I feel would be helpful and possibly the most important. I have a college education, (the education part) I have the tools and equipment I need to do my job (the software part) but both are minor in comparison to on the job training. Every job I had in my career I have never had one where my boss said to me “I see you have a college degree. Here are your tools. Your work station is over there. Get to work.” I was always given a seasoned person to guide me and show me the ropes. I guess in your business they call it a mentor. Also I have never been told “This is Joe. He will work with you until you are able to handle the tasks on your own. It will only cost you your first 2 months pay.” I think some kind of OJT would be a BIG help.

  386. Theresa Workman

    I would like both (education and software) and someone to help guide me to be more successful.

  387. Gerda

    I would like to use both. They will help me to teach myself better.

  388. Susan McGee

    For some of us who are novice in both building a business, as well as understanding the whole world of the internet, Facebook and Twitter, we really need clearly defined terminology and directions. More education would be great, but I’m sure softwear would give a decided advantage as well. Thanks!

  389. Kathryn Mann

    Anthony, I believe that both education and software are very important to succeed at this. I am just getting started, and it is very confusing. So any education or software that would make it easier would be awesome.

  390. bernadette basile

    Both ,I’ m just getting started and need as much help as possible

  391. Valerie

    I would love a combination of both, having dual hip surgery on July 18th and will spend recovery time working on how to make money can’t wait to devote time to this which I have been wanting to do for a while thank you for your videos

  392. Joanne Enright

    A month ago I would have said education, but I recently had the opportunity to preview some awesome software that was easy enough for even the extreme novices like me to use, so I say bring on the software!

  393. Paulina

    A combination of both, would be for me the best option. Thanks a lot Anthony!

  394. Eileen O'Brien

    I agree that more education & easier software would be best. We can never have too much education, and software updates so often. Thanks, Anthony.

  395. ulysses kelly

    I think education and automated software is ideal for anyone starting a business. I learned to do my own brakes and oil change through step by step instruction and video.Now I save hundreds of dollars by not having to go to mechanics shops for these things.Now i am a fan of video education.

  396. LaShaunn

    A combination of the two (education and software) would be most helpful. By having the software automate certain things, you will then have more time available for additional education.

  397. Judith Aldape

    Hi Anthony. I am confused about facebook and twitter and frankly feel out of the loop even though I have spent some good bucks to learn on PMI. I am excited to learn more. I have a facebook account and do a little there but mostly with family(I have 7 children grown and married and want to not cause them any burdens) I have not got a Twitter account-overload for me.
    I do not know if I could afford the software if you developed it and even then would probably need further instruction. I tried to leave my comment on facebook but the page did not load properly and I got the “Sorry” screen. I am getting closer to getting my website up but it has been hard for this “senior citizen” but I am determined to make it and really begin to make money on the internet. Thanks for your encouragement. I am looking forward to this next week and the videos you mentioned.

  398. Doris Gessner

    I’m older than 70 but still very active in the business world. I’m with Mary Kay (40+ years now) and newly with a new 4-month old company called That Free Thing that is already in 140+ countries. I know Direct Sales and am still trying to learn Internet business. I need some really good Network Marketers to join me in this 3 X 8 Matrix where we are paid on all levels and given bonuses through 5 levels. VERY unique company. I probably need both education and software but have to be careful with my money. Also, I’m a relationship person and so not as interested in the software (it’s less personal) as I am just knowing how to find the people need and help them and learn from them in this new company. Doris Gessner

  399. Tina M


    I just got your program in the mail. I’m really looking for something to support my family with. My job is ending soon and being a single mom I need to find a way to make ends meet. I’m in a state of depression and after 8 years of service I’m finding I just don’t fit their new way of running business and so I’m having to part ways. Anything to bring hope to my situation would be a blessing.

  400. tyson palmer

    I thank that knowledge is really something good to have so I thank that education might be the best everything should fall into place after we learn what we are doing…

  401. eddie

    i think a combination of both the eduction is power and the software will make it easier to understand.

    Thanks Anthony

    Eddie Posey

  402. Michael Lung

    I would like more education on strategies especially using video and social media, and software to automate turn key processes!

  403. Mark

    I believe a combination of both education and software would work best.

  404. eddie

    Hi Anthony
    I think a combination of both would be great the education is power and the software would give you a visual so it would be easier to understand.

    Thanks anthony


  405. Diane

    Software for sure. The best of both worlds would be software that is easy and gives you education

  406. Annette Vargas

    would like to see the Education included in the software that would be automated to complete certain things. that would be great.

  407. Yvette

    I would say both. I am constantly studying, watching instructional examples and talking to people to study myself. I spend hours on learning, (because I have to read and reread and watch and re-watch, and take notes.) Software would also be good, but needs to be user friendly. I am over 50 and still trying to learn all I can but don’t understand the complicated things yet. I go step by step.

  408. cicely

    i would have to say education because u cant go far without it in besides technology changes everyday without the education u would just be totally lost !

  409. Geri

    Hi Anthony! It looks like you live in Kearney, MO! Is that right? I grew up on the MO side. I really like your blogs and would live a combo pack of software as well as education! You rock!!

  410. Eduardo Alvarez

    Both, software and the education to know how to use it best.

  411. Tisha Neloms

    A combination of both, education and software will help me

  412. Ulric Kurashige

    I also would say a mix of education and software would be a good mix. I know that is a lot to put on your plate, but if you can that would be just awesome.

    By the way, I need education on how to make or get apps to add to my page to give it more value. Can you help me out on this?



  414. Alena Day

    I would love to do this myself, but I don’t have the knowlege or the money.
    I am paying PMI but I can;t get into the educatioin area. So, what I would like to see is a combination of both. By the way I love your blogs, they give me a lot of ideas of what to do after I get started, I just don’t know how to get started,

  415. Debbi Wright in AZ

    Hi Anthony!

    I have to agree with most of the above
    responses; software AND education are
    both important . . .

    Which is why I’ve invested in your entire
    AWESOME program . . .

    I’ve learned from you and from Adrian
    and also have benefited from your
    automated software and systems you
    have both put in place . . .

    AND . . .
    I am going to save you shipping . . .
    so as the winner of your personal iPad
    and now CASH, just drop it off to me
    while we are in Utah in August for
    another one of your AWESOME
    training sessions! LOL

    YOU ROCK!!!

    Thanks for all you do . . .

    PS . . .
    You cover every angle, even this
    one . . . helps you go viral!!!

    Debbi in AZ

  416. jamiu

    i will like a combination of both, a software for practice and education for theory aspect.

  417. Jean

    I have a hard time getting on here like I should but with working 100 + hours a week its hard for me. I’m pretty new to computers so I would like both automated software which would help greatly and also education on understanding the software and internet marketing! Trying to keep up with your blogs and materials more. Thanks!

  418. Juel Daniel

    I would like a combination of both. While the software is important, it is also
    profitable to know and understand what you are doing.

  419. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthony i am already getting education i am going to school online so software is a great ideas for i can learn more and i am so happy you can up with that idea keep up the good work

  420. Tim

    I still think education is the best route then automation is great once one understands the process and the steps


  421. kimberly

    A combination of both; most definitely. Expanding knowledge is always good, not matter how young or old, and gets you closer to your goals, more than a software could do, but sometimes the brain goes blank and it’s great to have a backup system to do it for you.

  422. april kelley

    i think that a combination of both software and education is most important. i just got my packet in the mail and i cant wait to get started.

  423. Darryl & Mary Hanke

    Hi Anthony,
    We need a combination of both. Continuing education is important and the software is a must as well.
    Thank you

  424. DeEtta Gaede

    I agree with many of the others, You need the education on what you are trying to accomplished and, how to run the software to achieve the best results. thanks

  425. Janet Pietras

    How do you decide between software and education. To have knowledge is one of the most important items to run a business. To have software to put your business on speed, well that is very important also. I guess I would have to ask for both so I could build my business to the dream I have in mind for it. Dream is to belive you can do something and both tools are needed to do the job right.

  426. Debbie O'Brien

    I would have to say a combination of both. I am just starting out and I need more knowledge/education but I also think the software would help so much. I am so glad I have finally started reading your book that I bought almost a year ago and watching you on here. I can’t wait to know more, I just wish I started sooner. lol Thank you Anthony.

  427. drew nieto

    Thank you for taking the time to teach us how to make some extra cash. It help so much.

  428. steve bock


  429. donna long

    Hi Anthony, I would like to have education, + software. Thanx 4 all the great info!

  430. Sharrolyn

    I also feel that a combination of both more education and automated software would be very beneficial in the success of this business. At this point I am dead in the water due to lack of funds and cannot proceed with my business until I somehow find a way to make money – it has become a catch 22 and is very disheartening. But I am not a quitter and will continue to strive to make this business successful…

  431. Dave

    A combination of both, education and software, is important for success and to save time for myself.