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To My Students,

As you all know I am currently GIVING AWAY MY iPad as well as some “undisclosed” amount of $$$. The whole reason for this is pretty simple, to keep you engaged and force you to learn. Well actually I call it an “ethical bribe” but hey whatever it takes to get you results right! I’m announcing something today that will BLOW YOUR MIND. I asked you all on the weekly blog a couple questions:

1. What is your #1 Goal (most prominent responses below)
– earn your first $1 online
– get out of debt
– increase your earnings online

2. What do you need? Software or Education? (again most prominent answer below)

OK – so I got it and went to work and now I am announcing something just CRAZY. I’m going to address both of these questions and give you that missing piece of the puzzle to both. My goal is to having you earning money online and increase your knowledge at the same time. You need to watch this video right now because it’s super important you hear what I have to say.

Watch “The Announcement” Right Now

PS: I am also showing you how much $$$ I am giving away… I promise it’s in the THOUSANDS…


  1. Shayna

    I love the tweets all day long, when I get sidetracked from my goals or even discouraged…..bling bling, tweet and I’m back on track. Everyone here just remember this, you don’t have to have anything to start, just one major inner aspect, the desire and fire to never stop until you do. I have nothing, no money, nothing, but I will! I will! I will never stop, never slow down, never quit until I am bigger than Anthony himself 🙂

  2. mariah

    Hi Anthony, i did watch the announcment. i did wantch the video, i can not wait antil thursday to get your giveaway. i want to win your i pad.

  3. Debra

    Anthony, I cannot wait for the webinar to begin. But I do not know if I am in the right place to enter in the webinar. If some one has the time please help me. I am entered.

    Thank You!

    I am really excited about getting all of this up and running.

  4. Janet Platinsky

    Hi Anthony, I watched your announcement and bought the software. I am very excited about getting started. How do I find out if I was a winner in your contest. I click on the link from your tweet but it just takes me to a search page.


  5. Richelle Johnson

    Really great webinar, thank you! I just wish I had the $ for this new program of yours. 🙁 But thank you for the great webinar!

  6. Dave Knob

    I watched your webinar and thought it was fantastic. So much information that I think most people will be pleased. The software was the ultimate also but I don’t have a job and spent almost all my savings pursuing another job and it cost me all my savings and so now the timing is bad for me. Thanks for the webinar it is obvious that you do care about other people and their success.

  7. Linda Sharp

    I am so very excited to get started full time. I am in the process of moving; but I have everything I need to blast off, once settled. Your program is a Godsend! I have a Website, don’t know the address. I’m ready to purchase a Domain. I was borrowing my parents computer, but per your suggestion I have purchased an I-Phone. (What a difference from a Blackberry) I love it! I am still learning all the in’s & outs. I don’t want you to get disappointed with me cause I’m starting late. I intend to be one of your success story’s! I read your book & it was clear as day! I watched your video & was amazed at your computer program & was blown away! You have made it so simple & efficient! I can’t wait to start the first of August. Thank you for motivation, I promise not to disappoint either of us! – Linda Sharp

  8. Jill Carpenter

    Anthony, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get started, but unfortunately, didn’t see the webinar message until July 22. Did watch your video though, and saw you on TV with Hansen a couple days ago. Currently unemployed, I’m considering investing my last $30 in your program and be on my way to bigger and better things. Thank you for the hope and hopefully another webinar in the future.

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