1. samuel sanders

    Hey Anthony I’m new on the seen but enjoy your e-mail seminars I can’t waite to recieve the new software,continue to enjoy Vegas. My website is not set up yet I need your advice.

  2. A. & C. Nieves

    Really looking forward to your new software. I haven’t got my website set up yet. Now trying to set up a facebook account, Fan Page, and Tweet. This is all new for me. And I read your books and all Weekly Blog through # 79. Just a little nervous doing this new social site, but if it can create progress and success, here I go Anthony Morrison through your influence.

    C. & A. Nieves

  3. Cheryl

    Hey Anthony I just received you book on Automated Profits from Home, there is a DVD with the book also. I haven’t had a chance to look at it as of yet. I am going to be at the three day training event hear in Tucson on the 23,24,25 and looking forward to learning alot from this. I feel so over whelmed with so much Information Iam have a hard time putting it all together. I would love to learn about Email Advertising but I feel as though I should learn how to use my Web Site before I take on anything else as of now. I realy hope I will learn alot from the three day course this weekend and start putting it all together and start makeing some Desperately needed money. Take care and looking forward to meeting you some day in person.
    Cheryl Rojo

  4. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I would love to find out about the mobile marketing (any & all info is welcome), please also send ME the free software as well. I f you could, I’d really like some questions answered about a company called PMI (when you have free time).

  5. Harold Tsosie

    I believe in sharing, I’ll be waiting for the software and see whats in store. Thanks Anthony.

  6. Bridgette

    Just signed up for my website last night. Would love any and all information. The only aspect I would never be interested in or participate in is soliciting family and friends for anything, it is a deal breaker for me as I do not ever want to be solicited by family and friends for anything. Other than that aspect, I am ready and excited to learn!

  7. Ron King

    I am reading your latest book and am in the process of finding a niche. I would like to receive your software. I appreciate all your help.
    Ron King

  8. Robert

    I just purchased this today…and I think any advice on marketing, especially new means to advertise such as mobile marketing can only be very beneficial. Your system was very appealing to me and this is definitely different from the rest. I can’t wait to get the rest of the info, get my website set up, and get started on this. I look forward to more weekly blogs and video seminars. So, Yes, I’d love to hear more on mobile marketing and the company you use to be even more successful. Thank you.

  9. walter

    yes yes yes i want to know about moble marketing it sounds like a great way to advertise! Let me know how i can learn more thanks.

  10. Dan McCormick

    Are there other sources of mobile marketing? Perhaps varying costs per month for different levels of use are available. I know it may be easier to explain one, but even just having links to a few other companies might help.

  11. will griffith

    Thank you Anthony. It seems as though you’re very excited about the potential in mobile marketing and therefore it would be wonderful if you would share all that information with us. Enjoy your day!

  12. Joyce Ellen Shipman

    I’m excited about the new free software. Thank you! I really don’t know anything about mobile marketing and not sure if it would be for me. However, I’m always ready to hear about anything that might help me. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge!

  13. Sandy Doten

    I sure do want to check out this new software!
    I’ve been hearing alot of mention, lately, about Mobile Marketing & would like to learn more from you, who I trust……. : )
    Thanks, Anthony

  14. Jon Larsen

    Hey like you said that is the future and I would love to hear more about it I mean everyone I know know adays is always on there phone so I think it’s a great idea but I don’t have the money for it yet

  15. David Thompson

    Of course, knowledge is power. It is always a positive experience to receive new information, as long as it is the real deal and you are not gouging people for it. Free information received empowers you in the eyes of your subscribers.You know all this, you are Mr super marketer. The power to inspire is a far greater power than impressing someone. Impressions are short lived, but inspiration leaves you with something you can hold on to for a long time.Making a buck cannot always be the end result. Give us something that has real value and you will inspire us to do better. Opportunities, a chance to act and receive the benefits. Thanks David Thompson

  16. Bryan Tipton

    Hello Anthony.
    Please send me more information about the company mobile marketing that you are talking about that you joined. I would like to know more about it.
    I would also like to know more about the software that you are talking about if you could send me some more information on that it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much
    Bryan Tipton

  17. Karen Morton

    Hi Anthony,
    It seems everyday I’m being sent information of companies that are going after the mobile marketing market. I do agree that this as well as video interactive marketing is the next wave. How is this company different from the others aggressively marketing their apps? The offline as well as online markets are eager to get a piece of the action, restuarants, doctors, plumbers, HVAC and list goes on etc….
    The price point you mentioned of $99 a mos. is a little steep from many in this economy. Still I am always curious to what you will be positioning yourself with so, yes I am interested in gaining more information from you.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Dilek Boran


    I would love to hear from you about mobile marketing and the free software πŸ™‚

  19. Debbie Seelbach

    Mobile marketing is great. I already affiliate market for a company that is working well, but I always want to hear what you’ve got going so Yes, please tell!

  20. Juan Alicea

    Hey Anthony I’m new on the seen but enjoy your e-mail seminars I can’t waite to recieve the new software,continue to enjoy Vegas. My website is not set up yet I need your advice.Loocking foward to it.

  21. dickson

    I look at you as a gentle man you have been keeping your words to me at this time i do not know what to say about the mobile marketing go on and do what is best for us to make money online. Thanks Anthony.

  22. Pat Dowdy

    Being in on the ground floor for such a good prospect for producing future incomes would be my good pleasure. Let’s go for it, Anthony.

  23. Lee Morgan

    Hey Anthony, thanks for sharing. I have looked at a few mobile marketing programs and to be honest, was not impressed. Getting the clients to market to seemed to be a problem and then making sure you have permission to send them deals and such you have to be careful. I would love to hear and see what you have instore for that market area and know you have done your research to know if it is good or bad. Thanks again for all you do.

  24. Gary Fullerton

    Hello Anthony I enjoy learning about all the diffferent ways of advertising on the internet. I haven’t received my book yet but look forward to it. I have set up my web site and done quit a bit of the things you recommend on your training lessons. I have yet to put it all together though, but I will keep studying and trying. I am looking forward to the new software and as for the mobil marketing will be very interested in learning about it. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

  25. penny heatherington

    I am new to all this and will taking your 3 day seminar next week which I am so excited about.I believe that if we cease to seek knowledge we accept defeat and I for one will never do that.What you offer in this blog I think will be exciting and useful so I for one am very interested.


  26. Greg


    I would be glad to hear what you have found in mobile marketing, I am a smart phone owner and can see the potential for making money in that niche. I always look forward to evaluating a product that is recommended by a professional like yourself since I trust your opinion. I recently purchased a product that promoted mobile marketing, but was less than impressed with the content and would like to find something to further research this topic.

    Please let us know…

    Thanks Anthony

  27. Pamela Bajramoska

    Hi Anthony,
    I always want to learn valid information to improving profits with on line marketing. Please do inform me on the mobile market. At this time my affiliate business will not support the $99.00 per month expense, but in the future it will and I want to be instructed on future steps. At the moment I’m still taking small steps.
    Thank you again for all the inspiration.

  28. Gary Giles

    always interested in your ideas! Not sure how mobile is going to work for my site but it is clearly a growing area so lets see it.
    I would really like more information and ideas for straight e-commerce sites and how to increase traffic and conversion.

  29. Johnny Brown

    Really looking forward to the new software and more about mobile marketing.
    thanks so much Anthony.

  30. Howard

    Yes absolutely. I purchased your course a few months ago and i am currently going back over the material so i can go ahead and get started. I was a little hesitant at first because i tried affiliate marketing a few years ago and ended up owing Google money and never earned a dime from my campaigns. Before i was going at it alone and learning from people who at the end always wanted you to purchase something before they give you the so call secret to internet success. Since i had the chance of going over your material, I realize that you actually know what you are talking about and teaching and you help others for free. So again yes, tell us about your new venture if you think it can take us to the next level. I now trust your information and i don’t feel like i’m being taken advantage of. I too have heard of mobile marketing and get tons of emails about it but i don’t trust any of them and in this business trust is key to everyone’s success. Can’t wait for the new software.

  31. Yokul

    Great idea! Would love to learn more about mobile marketing. Thank you
    for letting us learn more from you.

  32. Jose Falcon

    Yes, I am interested in knowing more about mobile marketing. Please send me more information. Thank you.

    Jose Falcon

  33. Julie

    Good Morning and thanks as always for the information. Looking forward to the software and the online instructions that will follow. Let’s do it and go mobiile! Be Blessed

  34. Robert Wojchowski

    Hello Sir, Anthony! Yes I would like to hear about mobile marketing. You share great knowledge which nobody can deny! Welcome back home,glad to hear you had a good time!

  35. Marcia Brown

    This sounds like a great opportunity for some people. As I do not have a smart phone, mobile marketing is not possible for me at this point. After I have finished training and begin to actually promote and start making money . . . we’ll see.

    I am sure there are those out there who would love for you do share this with them, so I am not voting “no” on this. “Yes” you should share it with those who have the capabilities and the funds to do it.

    Have a great day!

    Marcia Brown

  36. Tommy Copeland

    I’m really looking forward to your new software… To find out what it is.. And yes i would like to know about mobile advertising.. I am always interested in learning new things.. I’m learning so much about advertising on the web.. Just from trying to make my first dollar and still haven’t made it yet.. I’m interested to see what this software can do and what you come up with next.. Thank you very much for this oppertunity to better my life..

  37. Daniel Barwick

    I think mobile marketing is definately the next wave of marketing. I’d be interested in hearing about it. Can’t wait for the new software,too! Thanks for keeping us up to date and current with new technologies. Not just current but ahead of the curve.

  38. Betty Smith

    Hi Anthony, I am looking forward to the new software and also think the Mobile Marketing is a great thing as I get marketers on mine all the time.
    Also It was good to see you enjoyed yourself in Vegas.
    I am not so strapped for money next month like I have been in the past. The first of October I want to get your books as I know I could learn a lot from them.
    Thank you for all of your help and I will try to get my business up and moving

  39. Steven Surace

    Anthony, definitely want the information on the mobile marketing. If its a way to make money, then I want it. The more knowledge that I can absorb, the better off I will be. Also, thanks for the new software, really looking forward to using it. Welcome Back!

  40. John Vega

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to learn more about this business. I haven’t started my Website eigther but am looking forward to get it off the ground. I’ve been in law enforcement for 30 yrs. now but I sustained an on duty injury where I lost my right leg. Needless to say I need a new career. God bless you, and keep up the good work.

    John Vega

  41. Suzun Eggler

    Hello. I think the mobile marking is going to be GREAT, but for me I don’t have the $99.00 a month and I still have to many things still to learn about facebook, etc. I think it is good you are giving so many ways for people to do there advertiseing and much more.

  42. Laurel

    I’m not at the point where I can afford $99.00 for mobile marketing each month, however, it”ll be another tool to use when I get to that point. So, yes, please share what you know. I am looking forward to the new free software as I want to use all the tools available.

  43. Dyan Gordon

    I’m in the process of learning everything possible, so mobile marketing just seems like another important part of the complete package.


    Yes Anthony,
    I would like it very much,but as of now we do not know how to Twitter or Facebook. So right now we are just keeping our heads above water learning the basics of your Education Course, so all of these new great things will be in the future for us. When we feel we are able to absorb more we will move on to each as we can.

  45. dolve spitz

    Fantastic! Yes please include me in on your MOBIL MEDIA APPS research!
    Fantastic! I’m very interested in your release of your new software! My wife and I are learning and beginning to put things together! Thanks for your honest enthusiasm and constant encouragement to stay engaged and pursue our passions! Thanks!

  46. Patti Lanham

    Anthony, mobile marketing info would be greatly appreciated. Please send me the new software.

  47. james wilcher

    looking forward to the new software
    and yes would like to know more about moble advertising bring it on

  48. Debra Stringer

    I am very interested. Every little bit will help in success. Could I please get some help with my website? Thanks, Anthony

  49. Deborah

    Yes i would love to know about any way that i could earn extra money. Iam interested in your new venture. Thank you for asking.

  50. kat

    Yes I would like to learn about mobile marketing. Maybe the company that you are dealing with can come up with a special price for your members of the Anthony Morrison group? That would be nice and look forward in learning about the new software as well. Thank you and take care.

  51. Dave Collins

    I am so looking forward to the new software and I would absolutely love some more info about the mobile app.
    Have fun

  52. Crystal

    What advice can you give to those of us who are camera shy and have yet to jump the video marketing hurdle? I have been trying to get a video made for weeks now, and i still cant even bring myself to get past the first sentence without stumbling. Help me please!

  53. Frederick Johnson

    Hi Anthony so far everything is looking good.The website is up but got to get banking and merchant account setup.I am little behind on the marketing part. can you take some time to check out the website and see if everything look ok and what would be my next move on marketing think you.(

  54. Vernette

    The mobile marketing sounds really great. I say yes please teach us how to be mobile marketing mogules. Thanks

  55. Ligaya Valonzo

    Anthony, thank you for your Weekly Blog # 79 about Mobile Marketing, I just signed up to be a student today, and I scheduled to start on Tuesday the 27th
    @12 noon w/ Stephen Gale. I am looking forward to this, so I can start earning my $s. As soon as I am able I will be interested to do it. God bless you for sharing and giving as all the opportunities to be successful.

  56. Karen Langman

    I am always interested in new discoveries. I do not have or use a cell phone so mobile marketing may be something I would not branch out into at this time. Unless I am missing the mark on what mobile marketing is .. so hearing about this company and how it works will at least broaden my knowledge in this area of marketing. Anyway, yes, I would like to know more. And I am looking foward to the software you are working on.

    Have a Blessed Day,

  57. Deb Galetta

    Anthony, I have found all of the information you have given valuable.
    I am not ready for mobile marketing at this time being so new to the program, but I am interested so educate away.

    Thanks for the opportunity to make a difference in my life!

  58. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……I’m very much interested in your free mobile marketing software. Referring to Reply #5 (JJ Jr.) I question PMI also. I have 100% confidence in you and your staff. With so many offerings you provide, I need to prioritize which programs will best suit my goals.
    Thanks…………Jimmy K.

  59. Linda Emery

    Dear Anthony, I’m always interested in any plan you have, Although I am so financially messed up right now , due to medical bills. I aborbed everything you have to say and teach us. I truly feel you were sent from heaven to help us all Linda

  60. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I really like your thoughtful way of presenting these things to us. I, personally, am not interested in leariing about mobile marketing right now, but I’m sure many others are. Guess you will find out.

    This will probably be good to know for later.

    Looking forward to the new software!

  61. Sandi

    Anthony …I always enjoy your weekly Blog it was great. Wow another great way for income that is great!

  62. Eric Matson

    Yes I am definately interested in finding out more info about mobile marketing. I have heard of the concept, but don’t really know how to go about doing that. So yeah, I’d really like to know. And I’m looking forward to checking out the new software. Thank you for your services that you provide.

  63. donna long

    Anthony, yes, yes, yes. I would love for you to teach about the mobile marketing, anything to help make some good money! Hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend. God Loves You!

  64. Richard Chapman

    Just received your book and would like to receive your software and also learn more about mobile marketing.Thanks Richard.

  65. Maria Laurora- Fay

    I am looking forward to receiving your new software! In addition, regarding “global marketing” I’m all for it. I’m from Argentina and I’ve been trying to find out how to go about doing this business there. I’ll appreciate any comment or advice you can offer. Thanks for all your help.

  66. Toyonnie Woodley

    Yes Anthony i would like to learn how does Mobil Marketing work and how can i make money doing it. Thank you

  67. Shirley York

    Would love to hear more about mobile marketing. I feel that marketing is headed in that direction very soon. As you know we need to be a head of the game at all times so I think now is a good time to get started.
    Have a wonderful day and may God Bless.

  68. Yeng Lee

    Please share anything that you think it will help us in marketing. Mobile marketing may just be as exciting as all of your other methods of advertisement.. So please share!!

    Thank You…

  69. Deborah Waltemeyer

    Iam waiting to recieve your book on Automated profits can’t wait to get started.Please send me your free software (love to listen and learn all you have to teach us.Trying hard to absorb all the imformation i can get my hands on.I have put alot of hours and commitment into your program,will soon be reaping all the rewardsthat come with the knowledge you are passing onto each of us.YOU are a very special guy. Thanks again. Deb

  70. Deborah Waltemeyer

    Mobil marketing is sure to be the new kid on the block soon in this time period.All help is appreciated.THANKS,Deb

  71. John Smart

    I don’t have a web site set up yet, I’m very new to this program. I look forward to the new software and the opportunities it will afford me to enhance my knowledge of this progam.

  72. david mulready

    The peole who need the most help are the unemployed, at least people who work have money, we need this even more and free of course, include others as well, but we need this more, yes learn more about mobile marekting, remeber some unemployed do not receive edd unemployment benefits, I am one of them, we desp. need your help, please, thanks, take care!

  73. April

    hi Anthony yes, I would love to learn more about this and how to do this. I think for me it would be so much easy for me to be able to do every thing from my phone. So please tell me more.

  74. rob barnett

    Yes Anthony, I would be very interested in hearing all about mobile marketing from you. I know it is the wave coming fast and should be something to get on board with asap. I have read some online about it and have seen many other offers about mm in emails but it seems to me that there was a concern about cost……….to your mobile device, ongoing, but maybe the end result, ie., profit margin, would many times make up for that? Bring it on. And thanks for all you do already.

  75. Nelson

    Hi Athony, you are not known to hold anything back on us so do us all a favor and share. Take care,so you in the next blog

  76. Lana Duty

    Hi Anthony, I will be pleased to have anything you can offer me in the way of marketing. I am new at this and I really have the drive to get it all right.

  77. Maria Laurora- Fay

    Apologies, Anthony! When I first listened to your #79 video, I understood you saying “Global Marketing”. I listened to it again (twice) and you say “Mobile Marketing”, not global. Hence, that’s why I mentioned doing business with Argentina. However, whatever you do or whatever it is, is fine with me, as usual.

  78. Sharon

    Yes, looking forward to new software. Also would be interested in more information on Mobile Marketing.

  79. Pamelac

    I interested in the mobile marketing. I think it gets more attention than the internet. So lets hear about that as well.

  80. Janeth W

    Hi, Anthony
    Today I bought the books I forward to reading and learn all the information. I would love to find out about the mobile marketing. Please send me the free software. Thank you

  81. G Michael Muller

    Just getting started Anthony but the mobile marketing is just another tool that I would love to use at a later date when I get my website set up and a little further along in the process. God Bless, Mike

  82. Sylvia

    Yes of course Anthony I want to be successful right along with you. I’m one of your next testimonials ya know! πŸ™‚ Bring it on. You Rock!

  83. Tim Davidson

    Anthony, first of all when you are recording your blogs you need to turn up the volume……….With my sound all the way up, and the volume on the blog all the way up it is very hard to hear you. Yes, mobile apps sound good, put it out there. Is there a way to get a replay of the free software webinar? I had to work and missed it…

  84. Ken Hodgins


    I am marveling at all you have to offer. I am just getting started in the affiliate marketing program. All of this is way ahead of where I am right now. With limited resources, it is going to take me a little time to catch up using the basic foundational information in your book. I need to really learn the basics so that I can make wise and fruitful decisions.

  85. Dale Haynes

    Can’t wait for the upcoming software announcement. And as for the mobile marketing – well, anything helps in what we have to learn and then what we reason we can apply. So yes, with appreciation please do share what you find.

  86. Ron Brown

    I really am interested in your new software. I want to advertise this new concept to all the businesses in my area. I think this will be a great way to make money for both the affiliate and the company being advertised.

  87. Margaret

    Hi Anthony, Very interested in your free software. $99. a month does not fit my budget at this time, but willing to listen to any new info you want to give.

  88. Remigio Sanchez

    Great Anthony i Knew you are going to mention Mobile Marketing,Thanks for sharing your knowledge, now i am studying offermobi is a mobile marketing Network, my advice to you Anthony is go for it i am as excited as you don’t hesitate you can count of me, i will pay attention the next week
    God bless your bussines and God bless your Family

  89. Cynthia Hernandez

    definitely share!!!!! went to a seminar and they talked about this and were planning a 3 day workshop on it a week later. the cost of that workshop was $2000 and that was with a discount. are u planning to share this for a cost or will it b free? i am ready if it is free because i have already put out enough money

  90. steven hull

    Anthony, I think you should let your students know about mobile marketing.
    It is an extention of your training and without it we all will not be 100%.
    We all will have a jump start on the rest of the world. It will give those who decide to add mobile marketing to there skills the oportunity to be on the ground floor. As for me I am still working on making my first dollar. I am reading, doing tutorials and anything I can to make my vision come true.I honestly have been working on this everyday at least10hrs sometime even more. I am comitted to this. I will catch up and do the mobile also. I think it would be a mistake not to. Everything is becoming mobile.

  91. The Gray Fox

    OK Anthony, one more thing can be intimidating to those of us who are still novices. However, as long as it’s $100.00 dollars or less then many might want to know, what it is and how it works. I’m waiting for the free software. I want to figure out how to make money and do it in an automated way the way you do? Am I understanding that correctly? Glad you left “Sin City”. Looking forward to your training videos. Keep your good attitude and caring way. Bye for now, Annette

  92. Blaine Means

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes I am interested in anything to make me some money online,offline,downline, or upline all are covered. I just finished both of the books that you sent me. I enjoyed both and learned a lot of information. I will look at all that you have on your blog. You do sound very honest and sincere.
    God Bless,

  93. Sandra Jordan

    To be frank the new wave of mobile marketing is next, and we have yet to master affiliate marketing. Then there could be a huge difference. I like how your mind is always in over drive, coming up with interesting gigs awesome. I would really like you to share your thoughts who knows. Quite a fee per month but you never knows bring it on. I like new challenges with hard work and dedication things can happen. Go for it we await your release thank you.

  94. Beatrix Dunford

    Anthony..I look forward to the software. Glad you went to Vegas and
    got away from all the pressure you put on yourself..trying to help all of
    us. Thank you.

  95. Francisco Bermudez

    Anthony, sounds good but, looking forward to the new software. Have a great weekend!!

  96. Sal F

    I am just jumping in the water and hope to be swimming soon.
    Mobil marketing certainly could be another avenue in the future.
    Look forward to the new software and mobil information.


  97. Dianne Warner

    We would definitely like you to share the new information and the process involved. We realize that we don’t have to do it, but you never know…it might be a great fit! Also, anxious to get the new software you’re developing! You’re awesome!

  98. Ken & Joy Ganger

    Anthony, I would like to learn everything I can. Looking forward to your new software. Thank you for your blog/

  99. Fred Godfrey

    Yes, I would like to learn more about mobile marketing. Look forward to your presentation.

  100. Jean

    Hi Anthony, I’m still working my way through the books and the CD. I am interested in your free marketing software offer so I can work with that too and the info on the $99. program. The cost is still out of sight for me but I know one day I will be able to get it and get caught up. Again thanks for all the info and leading us through it.

  101. Dianne Warner

    Would love to know any new stuff and we’re anxious for new software. You can never get too much information, right?

  102. Maria

    But, OFCOURSE, everything you do, I want to learn, I have not make any money YET, but I am not going to quit. Please DO teach us. πŸ™‚

  103. Pauline


  104. Scott Ullrich

    Honestly Anthony I am personally still trying to digest and apply everything I learned at the 3 day seminar. I have been working DirectCPV and Facebook with limited success so far and would be very overwhelmed with this new marketing avenue, besides the fact I cannot afford it yet. If others are interested I say great, but my eyes are just gonna glaze over during those blogs for now.

    Thanks for the chance to give my 1.5 cents worth…

  105. Sharon Brown

    Hi Anthony, I’m with the team, I’ll be working all weekend to get my website up and running.I would still like to get your email info. Please don’t forget about me. Thank you, have a GREAT DAY and safe weekend.

  106. oliver

    Yes Anthony I would like learn how does mobile marketing works and how Ican money doing it.

  107. Bill

    Anthony, I have looked into mobile marketing, but I just don’t have the complete details to decided if this is an avenue that I want to go after at this time. I agree with your statement that this is the coming wave of advertising and would like to learn more.
    Thanks Bill

  108. James McWhirt

    I think I should absorb info for this begining to get started, how ever down the road as I learn I am most assuredly interested in the mobile marketing

    Thanks, James McWhirt

  109. C.J.Loveland

    I think mobile marketing sounds great. While I’m not sure I could use it now, I am just getting my feet wet with the website, I think it would pay huge dividens down the road

  110. Laura Scott

    Hello Anthony, I would like to learn about mobile marketing and looking forward to the new software. However, the$99 is not possible now, hopefully it will be as I get more and more engaged in the program. I was hoping I would be learning a lot more from the 365 days program I just purchased from your company?!!! I need all the help I can get my hands on!Sincerely, Laura Scott

  111. Laura Scott

    Hello Anthony, I would like to learn about mobile marketing and looking forward to the new software.

  112. Brent

    Yes I would like to learn about mobile marketing and looking forward for your software!

  113. Laura Scott

    Hello Anthony, I would like to learn about mobile marketing and looking forward to the new software. By the way, today is my 50th birthday and am excited to begin my new journey of this chapter of my life with a fresh clean start!!! Thanks,ljl

  114. Sharon Davidson

    I want to learn whatever you want to teach us. If I don’t use it today, I’ll at least have it should I need it in the future. Right now, I’m not into Mobile Marketing-mobile anything. I don’t use my phone for anything but emergencies-making calls. Don’t even know how to answer it. But, if you teach us, I will learn. Also, $100 a month is too rich for me right now. But, if you teach us about Mobile Marketing, please divulge the name of the company you use or other reliable companies that are out there (maybe less costly).

    Whatever you do is good with me, but I want you to know that once you’ve waved the carrot out in front of me and you don’t follow through and give me the info, I’m going to be disappointed. But, thanks a lot for asking, giving us a choice and caring about how we feel.

  115. willy f

    Yep! spill the bean! It is the future. Mobile marketing might be the next best thing!

    Looking forward to the new software

  116. Tom Rote

    I’m new to all of this, but I can’t understand why anyone would not be interested in leaning about you new mobile marketing venture. Look forward to seeing more about it!

  117. Kaye Hutton

    I would like to learn about mobile marketing. I have not been interested in doing that but after a blog on it I may be. It never hurts to hear about the program before you decide. I will be looking foward to your blog.

  118. Martin Ball

    Mobile marketing is the wave of the future, assuming the monetary system is still intact. It would be great to learn more about what you’ve discovered and the steps you’ve taken to earn an even wider audience for your offerings.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  119. Jessie Mason

    I think you are truely ahead of your time. With smart phones and all, it makes sense to go in the moblie direction. I think making money mobile will be great. I vote “YES” to the new software.

  120. Ruby

    Yes, I want to know about mobile marketing so we can increase profits but maybe learn about it when we have mastered the other training you are going teach us. I think it is amazing you are committed to teaching us skills that have worked for you; it’s totally unselfish.

  121. Teresa Tull

    Would love to hear about mobile marketing. I have seen some programs about it. Always interested in hearing about any information you will share.

    God bless you.

  122. peter lowry

    yes please tell everyone about this mobile marketing and tell us all about this.THANKS!!

  123. Jeremiah K Afong

    I am always interested in ways to make money, but at this time i am studying your affiliate program and need to focus on that first and in the future I will knock on the mobile marketing door.

    Thank you for all your help.

  124. Paul Schall

    Not interested in mobil marketing,cant keep up with all the other stuff -Thanks,more power to all that can digest it all.

  125. Dan B

    Hey Anthony,

    I would be glad to hear what you have found in mobile marketing, I have been looking in to & see the potential for that market being very good, if done right. So yes anything you have would be great.

    Regards Dan

  126. Esther Gales

    Mobil Marketing is a new frontier in itself. I think it would be great for you to introduce and teach it to the Live Community. I’m excited to embark on it.

  127. Marva Watts

    Yes, I’d like to know more about mobile marketing. I’m also interested in the new software.

  128. Karen Karo

    I can barely hear this video even with video volume all the way up and my computer volume as well. Yes I would like to hear more about mobile marketing. Thanks as always.

  129. Larry Grimes Sr

    Anthony as always I enjoy your comments and I would like to hear more about mobile marketing and how I could use it. Would love to have the software when available .Thanks Larry

  130. Darwin Poyner

    Yes!! Very interested. I’m new and just learning. i appreciate all that you are doing.

  131. Bill Lock jr

    Yes Anthony,
    I would like Mobile Marketing very much,but as of now I do not know how to Twitter or Facebook well. So right now I am just keeping our heads above water learning the basics of your Education Course, so all of these new great things will be in the future for me. I haven’t got my main site set up yet. The one you give to me for Free, is on gone. I have bought my Domain name, I’m on facebook, tweet, and Gmail. I need to make a Fan page. I know what I want to do, but having a hard time putting it together? One day, one hour, I will be bring great Money. I just want to get Affiliated Marketing together.

  132. Titus Mckee, Jr.

    I’m still reading and gathering information about the website you have furnished me so correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure you have set this up to where you get something for actions taken on my website. So, being the loyal type person I am I will promote and do my best to make anything you decide on as successful as it can be. If its moble, I back you 100%. You show me how to make money and I’ll spend unlimited time on making sure it is a success so we both make money. All my life I have made promotions primarily because of my loyalty and straight up 100% company man. My Problem is the money right now, seems like you would be more successful by allowing us to use this and show testimony to spread the sells quicker.

  133. Monica (Lion) diFalco

    I am so new to this (only 2 of your (daily) video feeds so far with the “get a notebook” and wrote down the to do’s each night for the next day….which I did last night, but didn’t get video 3 link today – so, I am already feeling overwhelmed with little or no direction, and would have to say, “not yet.”

  134. Debbie Nelson

    Hi Anthony

    Speaking of mobile? I’m actually on my mobile device now. I watched your video asking for advice on mobile marketing from my Android smart phone. Obviously, my personal advice is to definately share the information and success you are experiencing with mobile marketing. I can’t imagine why anyone would feel otherwise. It IS the direction of the future in terms of newer, faster, more interactive devices, but the mobile phenomenon is here and now,and its here to stay. Im just getting started with you guys, but I believe what you have in place and in the works is what’s going to seperate the leaders from the followers, the winners from the losers, etc. I prefer to hook my caboose to the leader. Send me EVERYTHING. Thank you for being born. D.

  135. Diane (eeldi)

    I’m still trying to get internet marketing, but with mobile devices becoming more and more important to be connected, then teach us what you are doing.

  136. Norma Suarez

    Always interested in new marketing strategies. Mobile marketing, another alternative.

  137. Jamielee Hutton

    I am interested in Mobile Marketing and would like to learn about it but most of us can’t afford $90 a month especially if the return is minimal . I guess what I’m tying to say is that would be great if there was at least a double on the investment . Thanks for all your webinars they’re fantastic and look forward to the next one .

  138. Charles Villegas

    Yes, that would be great for those of us that are doing whats been told to us on the different programs that have been purchased. This would be another way for us your followers to also gain new strategies on the mobile marketing so we also could earn another dollar when all is known and understood and the results start to roll into our accounts financially =).
    Blessings, Properity be to all.

  139. Jerry Bradford

    I wood like very much to hear as much as possible about mobile marketing.
    And can’t what to have your new software on my desktop.

    talk soon Jerry

  140. Larry Fulgham

    I’m looking forward to the new soft ware and yes you should let every one know about the Mobile marketing. Thanks for all the info that you are giving us.

  141. Janelle Murphy-Burkett

    Yes, I am definately interested in mobile marketing! You are right, Anthony, it is the future so I want in now. Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  142. Sylvia

    I think mobile marketing is a great avenue to look into. I would like more information on how to get started before it’s old news. Looking forward to the new software, can’t wait. Thanks for all your hard work.

  143. Arvin Pratap

    Hi Mr Anthony, Mobil Marketing sounds very interesting and encouraging I just join your program two weeks ago,I do not have income and have huge debt,I am working weekend,nighta get my website in running so I can start to make my first income.I had to use 6 credit cards to join your program,when i heard your program. I get so excited when I hear you looking for new ideas to make money on internet for your student.Once again thank you and God Bless.

  144. Albert T Smith Jr

    Just finished paying for Domination. Would like to get started with it, and a little way down the road incorporate mobile marketing; however, I agree with David Thompsons’ comment, i.e., “knowledge is power”.

  145. John Mcwilliams

    Not familiar enough with the program to have an informed opinion ask me again in 30 days.

  146. Bonnie

    always interested in something new..I have wanted to check out mobile marketing for awhile now…so any info that you are willing to give would be nice..well time to go update my blog now…thanks anthony

  147. Kim Allen

    Hey Anthony,
    I’m not sure how much I can absorb, but I think the more opportunities to make this all happen, the better.

  148. Jessie Littlejohn

    YES please share! I don’t know at the moment if I will be able to take advantage of the opportunity right now, but would love to learn about mobile marketing.

  149. Marsha D.Roth

    I would like to here about mobile marketing . I am still working on learning all the other things you are teaching about internet marketing. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  150. Janice

    Great idea I have heard a little bit sounds like something that would work ? am for anything that makes money ! Janice ps ive never had the courage to talk to you before have a great day Janice.

  151. Collins

    Just starting, excited about the future. Not ready for mobile marketing ($99). Ready for new software.

  152. Lorie

    I think a lot of people would like info on this. I personally don’t know much about mobile marketing, but one can always learn. Looking forward to the new software. Keep up the good work – I really appreciate all you do.

  153. charlie

    sure anthony im still waiting to learn how this all worksi havent made my first dollar yet but were i come from money is money and i need to take some of theirs too brang it slayg out.

  154. J. Horry Rawls

    I am looking forward to your new software and any and all of your advice. Thanks so much.

  155. louis prophete

    I am very excited to learn how using my Affiliate Marketing account to generate new income, I have worked at the job for the 33yrs and living from pay check to check Wow this is a great opportunity. I do find it difficult to stay fully engage.

  156. Marcia Brady

    Yes Anthony go ahead and tell us, you already give us a peep and now we are all curious, besides we enjoy your teachings.

  157. james murrell

    I purchase your latest book. A good and interesting read. Please forward the free software. I believe the moble marketing to be great.


  158. Linda Allen

    Please send me the free software on mobile marketing if possible. I have not set-up a web site yet.

  159. Kathleen Magill

    Anthony, I would be interested but the cost right now would be to much, so yes do a blog on it and I would watch it but would have to hold off on doing anything with it.

  160. Wendy H.

    Yes, please help us learn about mobile marketing. We’ve been looking for ways to get our website noticed! And not being very website savy, we can use all the help we can get. Thanks for all of your webinars and lessions πŸ™‚

  161. Ian

    Sound like a great software. Does it require to me to have text function on my cell phone? If it doesn’t require that. I am very much interested in hearing more about it. Thank you!

  162. Fred E. Thompson Jr.


    I have briefly looked at limited info. on mobile marketing, it is interesting and I would love more info.A blog would be very helpful, your staff getting the facts exceed what the Lone Ranger could do by far. Please proceed with our education.


  163. Jose L. Del Toro

    In my opinion any and all information that is helpful, whether to expand or to start another facet of the marketing process will always be welcome. Even though some of us might not be quite ready for it, we will still get an introduction to the process, which we will implement when we are ready. Those of us that are ready can take advantage of it.

  164. Shirley J Campbell

    Interested in your new software, but with all the new technology and media forms I am in process of learning, I don’t think mobile marketing is for me at this time. Thanks so much for all your help and knowledge that you pass own to us your students.

  165. John Bussey

    Anthony: I think that this information is something you can share, and give us the option to accepted it or not. You providing information to us, and that is good. Althrough some of us are on a fix income, so its nealy impossible to invest in some of these services, but I still think that you can pass this information on to other. Global Marketing sounds good, and it is something I sure others would love to look into.

  166. eddie posey

    Anthony i would love for u to teach us mobile marketing the more u learn the more u earn
    Thanks Anthony

  167. Karen Mitchell

    I have received your program but have not set anything up yet but i do believe that you should share your thoughts about this new mobile marketing. i think it would help us out alot. Continue your weekly sessions and enjoy Vegas! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with the world.

  168. Alice McCart

    Yes, please, tell us about mobile marketing. Now that my daughter made me get a wonderful phone, I have begun to notice all of those little ads, and I want to learn all about mobile marketing. Thanks for all that you have taught me thus far.

  169. Perry Cusmano

    it is definitly the wave of the future….. and I will probably be interested in it at some time in the near future…..however …(brace yourself) I do not have a cell phone. have never had a cell phone.
    It is my hope that with all the other amazing opportunities you have given me I will soon be able to afford to join the 21st century,
    and if I have learned nothing else from you I have learned that I should always be expanding my knowlege…so yes share it, and I will file it away in the back of my mind for later.

  170. kim

    hey Anthony! i am looking forward to read your book. by seeing you adversite and talk about what ur daddy almost gone through and what great business you now have because of such experience. It give me the hope and faith to believe i can do all things through Jesus Christ which strenghten me. keep up the great work you are doing to help other people who are in need as we are going thru a recession as this time.

    God Bless!

  171. darwin cosand

    been sick for 2 years signed up a long time ago but just now starting to feel better computer illerate at this date.just want to start slow on facebook

  172. Bubba Phillips

    I would love to have the new software, I move a little slower than some people because I been Burnt so many times.

    I would also like the mobile Marketing but need to make some of this money first to reinvest in all the other stuff.


    Bubba Phillips

  173. David Miller

    Mobile marketing sounds like a great opportunity and I would love to hear about it. I also would love to get the free software.

  174. Helen Stackhouse

    Yes, I would like to know about mobile marketing. I plan to activate my website this week.

  175. Chuck

    First I would like to say thanks for all your help. I purchased your book a while back. And I am looking forward to gettin started. I would be very intrested in learning about mobile marketing. I personally use my Android for everything, including watching your weekly blog. You are right this is a trend we should follow. Looking foward to the new software.

  176. Sheila Perry

    Yes, please on the global marketing. I am working toward a life coaching business soon to start in late December or early January. I may can use the information. Thank you!

  177. Maria Rodriguez

    Hi, Anthony, Yes would be bless if your share this information. Thank you so much.

  178. John Hervan

    You bet Anthony anything I can use for marketing and especially since It will be the next wave. I also am looking forward to the new Software.

  179. Susan McKeithan

    Yes Anthony I am opting to at least hear a little more about mobile marketing before I make a definite decision. I am new to this entire process of making money from the use of the enternet. However, if I can learn anything from this experience and be even a tenth as sucessful as you then I would be happy. I would also be very grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to change not just my life but my entire familiies . They really deserve something “good” to happen in their lives and as their mother, wife, and daughter I want to see that they get what they deserve. And with your help I can just that.. Thanks in advance for “passing it forward”! Susan

  180. james d williams

    first time in responding to your request for input and our opinions it would be another step in our success as well as staying up to date on the everchanging events in affaliate marketing. looking forward to your comments on future blogs.

  181. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Anthony, I would love to hear about the mobil marketing. I think you are so correct that is the trend of marketing. I have been getting lots of e-mails from others telling me that is the way of affiliate marketing. Thanks for everything.

  182. Carmen

    Hello Anthony,
    I am brand new to all of this and I am a bit over whelmed right now,On a serious note , I was loooking for an opportunity and decided this was it.I would love for you to share mobile marketing.

  183. Ginger Golden

    I’ll be setting up my website this coming week and I hope that I have done enough “homework” to know what to do on starting a campaign or two. As I purchased
    several domain names with mobi endings, I would like to know more about mobile marketing. I too, as an earlier commenter stated, will need to become productive. So, I’ll be “bending the ears” of people at your office to make sure I get everything set up correctly. Thanks for everything. Ginger

  184. mike haley

    Anthony, I personally can not afford It as this point but I would still like to learn abot mobile marketing. I would like to get in to it as soon as I get the finances. So my vote is yes.

  185. Janet Sharpley

    Wish I could afford the $99 /month- it sounds really interesting. I am very limited financially at this time. Would love to learn about it though, for future reference!

  186. Ron

    I think any information you share with others is valuable. However, a monthly fee will be a big roadblock for a lot of people.

  187. Carol Isenhower

    Hi Anthony,

    Please tell us more on mobile marketing. I want to learn all I can from you. I tell everyone I know about you and how you keep us motivated and make our dreams reality!!! Look forward to your next blog.

    Thank you for all that you do fo us Anthony!!!

  188. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Hey, any new ideas and any ideas new software that you can share, please tell us. I wanna learn all that there is regarding the new software. Oh, speaking of which, I gotta get more minutes for my phone. I ran out of minutes before I could text you after that last hour long webinar last summer. I wanna learn more please.

  189. Robert Banda

    Thanks and yes it would be good to be able to keep up with what is coming out to be able stay with the market and ahead of others

  190. Jim Ehmen

    Because we live in a high tech world, mobile marketing is the way of the furture. That is if Washington doesn’t get in the way with rules, regs and want a piece of the action called taxes.

  191. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, eventually I will be interested in Mobile marketing, but not right now.
    Thank you,

  192. Joyce Knake

    That’s very generous of you Anthony. I guess what ever the masses want.
    I’m really new at this and I’m trying to follow some advice I read not too long. Do one thing, do it well and then move on to the next. Right now I’m trying not to flounder in this sea of internet opportunities. Stay focused and set goals that I can accomplish at least one a day.

  193. Fataou O B

    Hey Anthony, I’m always pleased to read from you. You are so inspiring, and a very good teacher with amazing knowledge. I trying to absorbe yours teachings on Advertizing from home. I’ld like to know about the new sofware and the opportunities in the mobile marketing, hoping to try it soon. Take care. You’re brilliant.

  194. Jackie Vanderwarker

    Yes I would like more information on the mobile media from your blog #79. I would also like your free cd. Thank You. Jackie

  195. Josie M

    Hi Anthony
    Looking forward to the new software and the mobile marking would be great always looking for more education in marketing.Thanks

  196. Andrew Murphy

    At this point in time would like to get further into the info i already have ,but it would be something i d like to check into in the future

  197. John

    I would like for you to begin blogging about your mobile ad experiences. I think this will become huge very quickly.

  198. Perry Dalton

    I am always interested in learning more. So, lets here it. My wife will be attending a conference in two or three weeks and one her courses will be on mobile marketing.

    I don’t know that I am ready to deal with learning right now at $99.00/mo.
    My advice is share and we’ll know its out there but don’t expect us all to buy in yet! Because you ask!

  199. Jerry Arichabala

    I really would like to know about the $99 program you use for mobile marketing. Sounds really interesting. Thanks for the video – May God Bless you Anthony!

  200. Dennis Ward

    Hi Anthony,

    This will be my second responce to your email. You sent me three…lol but I don’t mind. I got more time than money. I like anything Free. You seem to be very happy about Mobile Marketing, so I would say go for it!


  201. lana dageford

    You are always on top of the latest trends in marketing and so willing to share. You amaze me!! YES I am very interested in this info also in the free software you are creating . I am looking forward to any and all info you are willing to share. Thanks.

  202. Tiffany Sturgeon

    I am very interested in the new software because I find myself trying to get started with all the free stuff available as I am on a limited budget. I would be interested to know about mobile media, so I can add it to my list of “to do’s”. Right now I’m still trying to configure my blog and tie everything together to get the ball rolling. I think you are a very motivational speaker and are also very charismatic. Thanks for staying in touch with your followers.

  203. Ronald L. Ottman

    Yes, I am interested. I am trying with a company, but they do not have good support.

  204. Carol Isenhower

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to learn more about mobile marketing.

    Have a great week!!!

    Thank you

  205. Tom Chuhay

    I think mobile marketing sounds like a great Idea! Can’t wait to check it out.

  206. Alisa Grant-Seay

    I am not interested in mobile marketing at the moment. Learning the basics is enough for moment.

    Share the knowledge as there may be many others who are interested and ready to move in that direction. Those who are not ready/interested do not have to tune in. I think a little email survey would give you a better idea of the number of people who are ready/interested. If enough people are ready, perhaps you can do a little webinar on the subject.

    Have a great day!

  207. Ray Davis


    I would love to know about the mobile marketing platform. I just went through the three-day seminar in KC and am very excited about all I’m learning from you. Look forward to learning more about this arena as well.

  208. Jennifer

    Not interested at the moment but probably will be before long. Would no doubt be a valuable tool.

  209. Charles Karafotas

    I think that you should ALWAYS share whatever you are working on if you feel you have enough knowledge to share and feel comfortable enough yourself to speak about it.

    Put out an announcement about what your next webinar will be about as detailed as you can to your Bloggites and let us decide or register for it with a response. That way you will see how many (and who) shows interest to see if you should cancel or continue.

    You just may have to drum up more interest which you are good at.

  210. Ulysses Webb

    YES,I am interested in mobile marketing also.But on very tight budget.I have tried one of your methods on facebook(Page Post Story).Not sure if I did it right. Have’nt recieved any feedback yet.PLEASE,send free software.

  211. Dotty

    Hi Anthony, I am too old for this stuff, i could hardly find a way to comment!!! I dont know anything about mobile marketing, in my car? dont need it cant learn anything like that, lucky to get and understand how to get email. thanks, luv ya, Dotty

  212. Carolyn

    I always want to keep informed of new information and ways to make money. Anxious to hear about your new software.

  213. Mark Watson

    Sure Anthony, I would love to here what you find and I would go for the fee if it was productive. I am new and would not use it at this moment but I’ve had the same idea myself. my son and his friends do alot in that.

  214. Armando Cuevas

    Hi Anthony Sorry I have been busy, but any information will always help.

  215. Anthony Tyler

    Hey Anthony;
    One thing we do have in common is our first name. While I am proud of what you have accomplished Time is not on my side due to health conditions and age. What you are doing is encourageing people to go out and be agressive. Things don’t just hapen. We make them happen and through your success can motivate people to get off their asses and go out to catch their share. The best to all! AnthonyT

  216. Joe Griffith

    Anthony, please do share this and other means in which we can improve our business. Let me personally thank you for all that you are willing to let us in on. I am so grateful for all the information you give out daily!
    Again, thanks so much.

    Joe Griffith

  217. Karl Reed

    Mobile mkting sounds like a great new campaign strategy. ROI is critical for me at this time I would like to know more .Cant wait for the new software.Thanks for everything you do.

  218. Patricia Cotton

    I think mobile marketing is a great idea. Myself, I am just learning and getting started with the current online media tools for marketing, blogging and the like. I want to learn and grow and make good profits and if this will help, I am all for it.

    Thank you for the foresignt to inquire and ask instead of just doing it…you are thoughtful of your audience and their wants and needs…very commendable.


  219. sharon turner

    Hi Anthony,
    Just saw the weekly video blog & excited to learn about the new software. Also just read an article on Mobil Marketing in Website Magazine & definately believe it is the new way of the future. Look forward to hearing more.

  220. Dwight Price

    Anthony i purchased you book, finding it very informative i need to know how to pick agood niche and get it set up looking forward to your next blog

  221. Diane

    Yes, I’m interested in both the free software and a blog on mobile marketing, although at $99/month it should have a fairly good return on investment.

  222. Emmanuel

    With all that I had done with these so call Internet marketing gurus, you are the only one that is engaging. You always give us something to think about. Yes the new opportunity you are letting us know about is exciting, I would like to know more about it. Like I told you I am withdrawing from your program, I change my mind. I am staying with your Internet Marketing company. You have more to offer than all those so call guards out there. I will call customer service to stop the withdraw. I am in already why get out, like you said I should take baby steps, taking baby steps is better then taking no steps at all. In the mean time instruct them to stop the withdraw. The fellow that you assign to coach me, please reassign him I need his help. Thanks for being considerate. He did contact me I thought being involve with the program was not possible, I did not connect with him. Tell him I am sorry. I am ready to do everything to be successful with this program…..

  223. Dennis Ward

    From what I’ve read, I only see one comment thats not interested in Mobilty Marketing, which isn’t bad considering out 101 Comments. I say Go for it. Thumbs up Boss!

  224. Maria

    Hi Anthony, I will like to see more about your proposal. But is there any posibilities to have some things in Spanish, in order to be sure I understand correctly.
    Thank you for your help!!

  225. [email protected]

    We REALLY need to be able to stay up with the NEWEST Technology FADs. That is very difficult because it changes so quickly. Anything that you know or you find out there, that really works, will be helpful. By the way, did you get my email? Thanks

  226. Connie McCurry

    Like most people these days, I live on my phone. So personally, I believe mobile marketing is a fantastic idea, and I would love to find out more about about it. ^_^

  227. Carron Paul

    Hi Anthony got your book , still reading but want to start making money .
    checked out my website have no clue what to do with it . hope to find out while reading your book . love the vegas photo , one day i will be there too. would like to obtain a free copy of you mobile marketing. can’t wait to start making money!

  228. Andy Briones

    Hey, Anthony, how are you doin’ , yes mobile marketing sounds good. It’s not the 1st time i’ve heard of this , but please share (what you want to) with us now. I’m sure we’ll get more info in the future. THANKS.

  229. Madeline

    Yes, do that. We need all the help we can get out here. I appreciate any one that will “share” info without a “hook” by trying to sell their software, so on and so on.

  230. Ken Korb

    Sure, tell us about Mobile marketing. I tried it without success a while back, but I know you can teach me something.

  231. Pauline

    Hi Anthony, this will be my second time responding to this blog, hope u get message this time. Go for what u know, looking forward to learning more about mobile marketing. Thanks

  232. Brandon Sullivan

    looking forward to making money and using this stuff i just started and cant wait to learn

  233. Bill

    Anthony, I took a look at mobile marketing a few months ago. At that time I was just getting started so there was a lot going on, new programs, new ideas, new methods etc., so I didn’t really follow through. However, now may be a good time to learn more. I would appreciate having you share this info with us.
    Looking forward to you new software.

  234. Chet Bar

    Just received the first books, hope to complete them by week-end and get going. Mobile Marketing, sounds like the next wave. Please send any free software, thou $99/month seems a bit high just getting started.

    Thanks again

    Chet Bar

  235. Jim Gimber

    Yes I’m putting the knowledge together and still learning but hey…you can’t have too many options can you? Why not? I think it would be a great idea for you to share this with us. It does sound like that is where technology is headed. Thanks, Jim

  236. mohammed

    mohammed says, september 26 at 2;40 pm you have a good job for teaching interesting people but still i am not doing any thing

  237. Sandra Jordan

    Honestly I would like to learn mobile marketing, if that the next new trend why not let us in on this business. Anthony you are a genius keep up the good works and may god bless you and your family. Looking forward to this software. Thank ou

  238. Darwin Poyner

    I’m to new and learning. Going to Mississippi for mentoring Oct 2.
    Yes I what to learn everything I can. got to watch more training videos
    so bye for now

  239. janet & keith sandkuhl

    NEVER HOLD BACK we can make choice do or don;t.

    i love the way you speak and explain down on level of the every day joe.

    makes all difference , makes it so anyone can understand , will do it.

    never change.

    we are about to join you,read books and video is calling your team to set us up on search engine.

    we will follow you for ever………….

    janet and keith from arizona


    I have problems with contracts and rent either physical or virtual but am always wanting to gain from shared ideas. I undertand your enthusiasm for mobile marketing as a future for affiliate advertising / marketing, and would benefit from info you have to share regarding your membership.

    Yes, I am interested, whether I commit to paying monthy fees or not.

  241. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like the information to see if it may be of interest to me.

    Thank you,

    James Magee

  242. Janeth W

    Hi, Anthony

    Please send me your free software. I would like to learn more about marketing.

    Thank you
    Janeth W.

  243. Karen Stormo

    Yes, I would like to learn about mobil marketing. I have heard of it several times but really don’t know what it is. Tried to tweet but don’t know how to do that either πŸ™‚

  244. MajorT.

    I am always interested in learning something new,and thanks for being so straight forward and giving with new info, however Iam not sure this will benefit me at this point. still trying to earn my first $. Thanks.

  245. Cindy Brown

    I actually am using IZIGG mobile marketing and YES, it is the next thing. I sent you an email about 4 months saying I thought you should use it as well since their short code was” 90201″ and you ARE the Beverly Hills of affiliate marketing! iH ave not spent too much time with it as my focus has been on your stuff! But I am having success with it as are other business…

  246. sandra martinez

    Yes Anthony show us anything that will help us make money.I had joined a company about mobile marketing but had decided against it because I had to many irons in the fire as it was but I’m ready now I also feel if its something that you have then its safe to get involved with I have so many people trying to sell me something anything so yes I’m interested in seeing what you have to offer.Thanks Anthony can’t wait

  247. Elizabeth M.

    I’m too new to program to know for sure if it’s a good idea, but seems to me that anything designed to aid me in advertising, which in turn will drive more business to my website is worthwhile. So far, your training and coaching program has given me the pathway and guidance needed to start my business right and grow it for profit. I say,”Yeah, let’s do it!”

  248. Carla De Petris

    Thank you for your information about Mobuke Market It sound interesting
    but I am new at your program and I am still trying to figure out regular
    ads and be succesful. Give some advise
    Thank you

  249. Mike Morgan

    Mobile Marketing requires a smart phone. I personally won’t have one until its the only thing available. I’m studying the material you have sent and writing things down in a notebook.

  250. Malinda

    Thanks for asking; you’re awesome. Mobile Marketing is definitely an avenue of interest. I have lots of information to review and put into action after your 3-day training session I attended this past weekend, but I’m also interested in the more mobile aspect of the business.

  251. James Hemingway

    Yes,Anthony. My advice to you is to Send the new software to me. Thank You, I appreciate your amazing efforts.



  253. Sara

    Everything in life is one step in front of the other step until you get there. Some of us are stepping faster because we have more time. I am stepping slower because I have a tiresome, must-do job. But I do want to know about the mobil marketing. Thanks a bunch.

  254. Kat Rose

    Anthony, Thank you so much for all you do for people who want to learn what you have to teach. I have followed you for a long time now. Please tell us about mobile marketing because it is the next big wave. I’d like to ride it as opposed to being drowned by it! Excited about the free software you are getting ready to release. Go for it!

  255. Jackie Suliveres

    Of course I am interested in learning about mobile marketing even though there is no way I can afford the $99 per month any time soon. I would still like to learn the method for in the future when I do have the money. Looking forward to the free software!

  256. J. Horry Rawls

    I may be interested in mobile marketing at a later date. It would be helpful to have this tool available. Thanks.

  257. Steve Thompson

    I participated in a program of mobile marketing and thought and still think that is the coming thing in marketing. The company I selected had no support or adequate training. I would be interested in a good program.

  258. Merriel Zimmer

    Hi Anthony,
    Am just brand new and haven’t get my web site running yet, but yes, mobile marketing sounds like it would be a great way to go next.

  259. Brian Baca

    Please teach us! I get emails all the time about mobile marketing but I don’t want to join another website!

  260. Victor

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanks for sharing, I hope that you do share the information in a way that those of us who can afford to do it can and those of us who are interested but can’t afford it can check it out later without any additional monetary charges.

  261. Ed Byrd

    I think the idea it great. I would love to hear more about it. As you said, mobile marketing is here and it’s here to stay.

    So, DO IT! Please!


  262. kat

    Looking forward for the new software! and yes I would like to learn about mobile marketing . Thanks

  263. Ruth Turner

    I think you should teach Mobile Marketing to those who want to learn it. Maybe have a special training webinar (or a series of them) for the Mobile Marketing. People who want to learn it can sign up for a webinar and then attend the training. Just shooting some ideas here…..

  264. john allen

    i lke the sound of the software, i want it, but just getting started with no money

  265. Marie

    Yes I am interested in mobile marketing and how to use it effectively. What is it’s potential? Yes, tell us. And yes, interested in the new software.

  266. Erma Lou Ashley

    I am still learning and reading so yes, I would really appreciate the new software – anything that can speed this process up. Thanks so much!

  267. Duane Dietz

    I’m not sure if I would be interested in mobile marketing at this time, however I may be in the future. I sure do want 2 check out this new software!. If the software is what U say it’s going 2 be, it would b good
    testing beta v.1.01.

    thanks DWD

  268. Scott J. Van Giesen

    So looking forward to your new soft ware .You never cease to amaze me what a good hearted person you are.Surely all that follow you are blessed compared to most others that offer knowledge in internet marketing ! God Bless you & yours!!!!!!

  269. maurice lee

    I want to see what program is about first . Then I will venture ino other areas of mobil marketing.

  270. Tim McDaniel

    The mobile market is booming!! This was a great blog title by the way caught my eye and got me to comment! I was excited to here about you needing advice and feedback always needed at any point in ones career. I do feel that it would be awesome to hear how you are using this marketing and how it has helped you.

    Thanks Tim

  271. Donna


    I just signed up on Saturday night and have not had a chance to go over nearly enough, but I would like to know about this “Mobile Media”. I’m not sure I’m ready for any of that, but I’d like to know about it.


  272. Alexandra

    It would be wonderful to learn more about this. As I was doing somethings on my new phone recently the idea came to mind. Thank you.

  273. John Banks

    i just watch the blog that you sent an it was really great idea an looking forward to new soft ware thanks, an i am looking forward in the moble software too. John

  274. Victoria Caldwell

    As much as I love to learn, I love to start slowly, mastering one at a time. That will give me more confidence and financial resources to learn a little later when things are better grounded and duplicated.

  275. John Banks

    i am still trying to finish getting my web site together but i hav seen your blogs an messages an cant wait to get my site up an runing good thanks john

  276. Barbara

    Hello Anthony:) Thanks the great info regarding your newest software, you are in the process of developing. The answer to your question for me is YES! I do think that you should continue to share this very useful information with (ME) US, the consumers and or potential consumers, because it gives people the choice and opportunity to develop new skills, and could eventually make US ALL RICH..and who doest want that!! πŸ˜‰ So Yes.. Please do continue to share this very usefull information so that everyone has this opportunity to learn skills needed for mobile marketing..Thanks Anthony!:)

  277. Mark Sonnenschein

    Looking forward to new software. Any and all information about mobile marketing will be appreciated because one of the four websites I am setting up will be a .mobi site.
    Just a note for those that think $99.00 is to much to pay for mobile marketing, A rule of thumb for business is you need to spend money to make money. It may seem like a lot at first but there is no telling what the returns will be. There is a risk with everything we do in life.
    Thanks Anthony for your time.

  278. Phillip

    I am very new at this and working on getting things started.
    I have a lot to learn now but i may want to look this over in the future.
    Will this still be available?

  279. leon

    The greater question is… Do think that it is worth telling me about it. But the other information you shared is great. I love the entire subject. If you move the right piece to the place, you will know it by the return of your thought process.

  280. karen

    Sure anthony i have been chkn this out sounds profitable i’m all for hereing about this. Thanks

  281. cesar cipres

    I great you still developing some software,is good you still challenge your skills for the future of the new people jopint your sistem ,proud of you mister Anthony, god bless you always :)-];;<

  282. Karl

    Yes, I would like to hear about Mobile Marketing even though I do not have my web site up yet. I am very new to all of this but learning as we go along. Thanks for your inspiration and motivation to keep us on the move.

  283. Tom Bachan

    Thanks for asking about what your members think. But first not all may know what Mobil Marketing is.Iam sure it must be good or you would not tell us about.There are so many things out there that it is mind boggling.

  284. Valerie Darlington

    Sounds great, but not able to ‘handle’ it at this time. Just trying to familiarize myself with what I have now.

  285. Marc Larby

    No website yet… refining the product pics and mix.

    Love to see the software !

    Thanks !!

  286. cesar cipres

    I was thinking abt this long time when the people have beepers is gn a be a way to make bussines w this dievise,anyway when t cel phone come i was thinking one day gn a day everybody gn buy something w his cell phone,now is the time many people is buying stuff from their cel phones amazing if u could hel everybody to used the cell phone marketing systeme to get extra money, before always i write my web site at the end of ech text masg and some times my friends ask me abt that,i told them review my web if like some thing just buy it, is great tech to star put it towork for us , Thanks Anthony , :)];;<

  287. B. O'Donnell


    Very interested to know more about the mobile marketing. I hope to be able to also apply it to my job as a marketing manager.


    B. O’Donnell

  288. Virginia Butler

    I think any training/software that is available is a bonus and will vbe more than happy to get the additional help. Thanks abunch, Anthony. You are the greatest!!!!!!!

  289. Lorraine Crawford

    This is my oldest son’s name, anyway I would love to learn everything I can. I have your book, but to be quite honest I haven’t taken the time to sit down, and read it thoroughly…but I am being laid off from my job on Nov 1st, so I will have plenty of time to learn all I can. The mobile marketing sounds awesome, even though I haven’t a clue…Thank You. Have A Blessed Day.

  290. Rich

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for offering to receive feedback from your fans and customers. Yes, I would be interested in learning about this new mobile marketing opportunity.
    I’m excited about checking out your upcoming software release!


  291. Je'anelle

    If you really want to explore the possibilities in mobile marketing, then you should go for it and see where it takes you. .I would also like to say that I appreciate the time you took out of your day to include us in this future endeavor…God loves you!!!

  292. Rich


    Thanks for all that you do to invest your time into Empowering others to succeed. You have differentiated yourself from so many other leaders in this industry by basing your business around helping people.


  293. Bridgit

    You have published, so much information, and I love it. After having read thru many of the comments above, there is a mixed bag of interest. I do believe you should teach and publish your lessons because they are so very helpful and we will not all take advantage of all things available to us, but at least we will have been made aware of their existence and we already know and trust our ‘source’. We all learn at different speeds and in different ways. A lot of people are not wanting to spend more money until they have confidence that what they are attempting, will work for them. I will be interested in Mobile marketing soon, but not yet. I just don’t think I could cram one more thing onto my current schedule. It would be nice to know that the info is here (somewhere), and that I could find it when I am ready for that next step.

  294. Deb Estrada

    Thanks Anthony for your willingness to share. I am just getting my business set up so am a bit overwelmed, however, I am interested in being informed about mobile marketing. Please do share!

  295. Aaron Joiner


    Yes I would like to know the name of free software, and learn more about mobile marketing because it is a large market and growing.


  296. Larry reynolds

    I am just coming on board and am a little slow on picking up new
    Concepts. Once I get up and running on the old stuff I will gladly
    Take the next step.

  297. Gwen

    Anthony I have your book, and I have my website setup but yet to implement anything, I really need to get this business working, it’s a matter of life and death for me. I need this to succeed. I have been working two jobs very hard and now I need to work smarter not harder. I am looking forward to the new software my self. Whatever you can do to help me, I would appreciate it.

  298. David Kitavi

    Yes, I would like to learn more about mobile marketing.However since i am still taking baby steps in order to succeed I believe the free software will help me greatly at this point.

  299. Imogene

    Yes, Anthony, I think that would be an awesome ideal, so let me know when it’s ready, I’m still working on getting your books so that I can learn more from you. So keep up all the great work that your doing for us .

  300. Ron Binney

    Noble marketing is on the cutting edge and the smart thing is to invest in the latest technology that will generate income .I believe that if you have the time and the desire to look into the future then it would be a good investment.

  301. Ron Binney

    Moble marketing is on the cutting edge and the smart thing is to invest in the latest technology that will generate income .I believe that if you have the time and the desire to look into the future then it would be a good investment. Bottom line yes I feel it woulf be a dood investment

  302. Patricia

    I am open to new ideas in marketing but, I like to do things at my large computer and not on a small screened device. People have cell phones with them at all times and if bored you never know what they might be into. It is the future!

  303. Leck Shannon

    I look forward to your new software and mobile marketing information.
    Thanks for your continued support.

  304. Brian Ritchey

    Would like to have more info on your mobile media networking can’t afford it at this time but when I make the money after getting the web page up I’m all in thanks and good luck with your new adventure

  305. Barbara Noecker

    Yes I would like to learn more about mobile marketing. If it works for you, I would like to know about it!!!! Thank you!

  306. Sandro Meaden

    Yes, go ahead why not! I am already in…doesn’t hurt to try or learn something new.

  307. Larry Grimes Sr

    Anthony,thanks for the information that you have provided.You are the only person that I place trust in what you put out and I have pledged to myself until I can go no longer.I have spent the last two months in and out of the hospital and have enormous bills that I hope I can put a dent into by following you and adhering to your books and advise. I would like to know more about your mobile marketing endeavor,so please include information in your Blogs. Thanks Again Larry

  308. Dan Burkett


    I am interested in the new software but have just got into the book and need more time before I would fell comfortable taking on something new.



  309. Sylvia Carr

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes, I would say we’re always trying to learn as much as
    possible to push our businesses to the next level. I am
    not sure I understand exactly what mobile marketing is so
    more information would be helpful.
    Thanks for all your time and tips. My website is still being
    worked on and I’ve allowed life to get in the way, but it
    should be complete very soon.
    Thanks for all your invaluable tips.

  310. David Miller

    I am just getting started but I think that it will be a great thing to add later on. Thanks Anthony!

  311. Amador Cruz

    Ya,I want to know where you got the service that you’ve just discuss.
    Thanks and regards.

  312. Archie Steele


    I think you should go forward with your plans for mobile marketing. If you don’t, you will be behind the curve.

    Unfortunately, the timing is not right for me, however, because that is what has happened to me: I have gotten behind the curve with regard to my hardware and the connectivity of my mobile devices. When I have brought my devices up to date, I will be interested in learning how to use them to do effective marketing.

    Archie Steele

  313. Jacque

    I like your idea of doing a weekly video about mobil marketing and/or whatever else you’re getting into … assuming that you’ll continue this one.
    Up for both?

  314. Ron Lapos

    Anthony, I like the weekly blogs it kinda keeps everything on the personal level. as fare as the new mobile marketing material bring it on.its never to late to learn. Take Care. RJL

  315. chaines

    this is def. the direction things are going – jump on it now as there are a couple others who are already doing it – so the sooner the better. Thx

  316. Jane

    sounds like a great avenue. I personally am interested in internet only. Thanks for the info looking forward to new software. P.S. Please turn up volume on you video….my volume maxed out… your hard to hear..Thank you

  317. Cinde Cunningham

    Looking forward to your free new software. Still need help with some questions(hopefully this will help). Mobile Marketing would be good to know for the future(new wave).

  318. Phil

    I have not purchased your plan as of yet, but I would still like to hear more about your new software for Mobile Marketing. I appreciate your time.

    Have a great day!

  319. Veronica Plano

    Hi Anthony, OH Yes!!! Absolutely about the mobile marketing!! I receive everything you’re willing to teach. You’re so easy to learn from!
    Thank you so much for being so willing to help all of us!

  320. Eugene A.

    Anthony any type of marketing to advance your business is great. Yes I would welcome the opportunity to learn what you have to share about mobile marketing.

  321. Ozie Sidney

    Mobile mktg sounds like the new wave for sure. I’d be interested in learning more about it. I also need to get my website up asap. Thanks for all you are doing in this area.

  322. Daniel

    Greetings, Anthony.

    First of all, I am looking forward to your new software. I am delighted and appreciative of the fact that you are sharing it with us for free. God bless you for that, considering that many of us continue to struggle in this economic meltdown and seek better and alternative ways to achieve financial relief and freedom.

    Secondly, do share with us any and all information about mobile marketing. Kindly show us how we can use it to our advantage, and help us to achieve online success the way you have. Thanks in advance. Daniel

  323. Trena Puentes

    Hey Anthony,

    I definitely want the new software, and will eventually benefit from your Mobile Marketing information. All your help is necessary :o}

  324. Diana

    Yes, would like to have free software & any other info provided, including mobil ad’s. I haven’t gotten your books & material in mail yet, or a website, but can’t wait to get started reading, etc. Thanks

  325. Diana Barnes

    Hello Anthony,
    The mobile marketing program would be a very good tool to add to our library of information that will assist us with our business. We look forward to reviewing this new software that you are putting together. As always thank you for your hard work.

  326. Kathleen Beller

    I am interested in Mobile Marketing and I will have that ability on my new website I just published. I am still working on the autoresponders and other companies to it.

  327. Corinne

    Hi Anthony.
    By the way that is my youngest brothers name who is in Ohio and small business owner. Just alittle info for you. I believe I know what you are talking about as I am a part of it and love it. Mobile is the way of the future. I have weekly webinar with them. Very nice. Thanks for involving people. They just had a big meeting in Chicago where my office is and didnt make it. Heard it was great. Corinne

  328. Dave Stauble

    Really looking forward to learning about your new software. It sounds like a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and promote me website.

  329. Kate Keeling

    I just finished a 3 day training with Adrian. I am very excited. I spent time today working with the first videos and getting some of the beginner training off the Wolf site. Thank you for the hope. I am so desperate for income and I needed it months ago.

    I really want to learn about mobile marketing. I am trying to slow down on the info gathering and doing step by step action! I have been studying all types of businesses and marketing on line for many months! You have given me direction and much motivation. Bring on the mobile marketing, okay?

  330. Marilyn Stoneberger

    I am definately looking forward to any new information on mobile marketing.

  331. Grad

    I am still trying to get up and going on this. Work a full time job and a few little ones on the side. But everything will help me at this point. Thank You! Georgia

  332. Jim Hallead

    Hi Anthony; I have just joined and am in the process of getting setup. I would like to know more about your new venture. Thanks for all you are doing to to help all of us to succeed.

  333. Bruce Lee Morris

    Hey Anthony Yes I am very excited about the new software I still want the cpv program lol. And yes I’m excited to know more wisdom that can increase my success and to also be a blessing to others. Thanx Anthony!!!

  334. Bill D

    i bought your book and the program about a year ago and theb had some serious health issues which are now manageable so i will be restarting my
    Anthony morrison adventure fromthe beginning Mobil marketing sounds good but i truly am at the starting line again and do not want to be overwelmed.
    Om on my late 50’s so all this modern technology comes with a learning curve,
    but it appears thr best way for me to go peace billy d

  335. Bill D

    just getting my feet back into the water after an illness at 57 the technology
    comes with a learning curve but mobile marketing seems like a good idea in this
    faster than ever paced world

  336. Cecilia

    Please share what you have in mobile marketing. I am trying to keep up but please share what you have on mobile marketing. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  337. terrence gunn

    even though we have a website setup bye your associater, i still feel new to this affliate marketing program and can use some help, but yeah, i look forward to this new software and it’s possibilities, so yeah bring it on.

  338. Matt Templar

    Anthony, By all means send me info on Mobile marketing,I believe its going to be really hot. 53 million cell phones and counting. Matt Templar

  339. Luis A. Deleza

    Anthony I am still reading your book, ADVERTISING PROFITS FROM HOME. I thank you for everything you do for all of us in this bussiness.
    My advice to you is keep up the positive work you do. God is good to all
    of us, all the time.

  340. Alissa Slocumb-Gray

    Interested but so overwhelmed right now that maybe after I get a little better at my initial run at this, then I would like the option of learning about this. Maybe post in video training?

  341. Jamison

    I am really looking forward to your new software and I am also interested in learning more about mobile marketing. Thanks.

  342. Tess Phillips

    Can not wait for the new software. Waiting for your book and dvd I purchased this morning. Help is so much appreciated!


  343. Mary Lynn McKenzie

    I just joined up. I am interested in more information but am currently a bit on overload! So, yes… I would like some information that I can work with at a later date. I have great hope that this whole thing is going to work out the way I’m wishing it will! I’m willing to do the work….

  344. Esther Gales

    Count me in! Although, I am in information overload, I am enjoying new things.


  345. Betty Masters

    Always interested in trying to learn something new even at my age. So glad you are willing to share. You’re awesome!

  346. kelvin

    hey anthony i realy need ur help im new in this, send me the new free software at my email thanks.

  347. michael nageotte

    I just signed up within the last week. I’m very interested, but would like to get things rolling with your info from your book first. would love your new software and would greatly appreciate it. very excited about my new adventure here. thanks for everything so far.

  348. Carlos Gordian

    It sounds like a great idea, but I rather like to focus on the original tools you provided all of us and improve them to get the most out of it. Thanks!

  349. Marcelino Acosta

    Sure Anthony, I am looking forward to your new software in Mobile
    marketing. I heard this is the trend now. Although I don’t have a smart phone
    like an apple i-phone I am still interested in learning and what you have to say. Thank you