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As an affiliate marketer, Facebook can be your best friend.  It is a great way to meet potential customers, nurture a relationship, build your list and ultimately sell products.  While you are sure to have a Facebook page up and running, are you getting the most out of your Fanpage?   With a few simple steps, you can have a Fanpage that draws in customers and increases your customer base.

Make the Most of Your Profile Pic

When creating your Facebook Fanpage, what type of image did you use?  One of the most common mistakes when creating your Facebook is made when you first create your page.  Most people think that a profile image is limited to a 200X200 pixel image.  However, with the recent changes, the sizes of profile images also changed.  While you still have a 200 pixel width restriction, the height limit was raised to 600 pixels.  This gives you more room to promote your products or business.  Use this additional space to give your readers more information on your business.

Create a Striking Welcome Page

First impressions are everything.  The same is true with your Fanpage.  When someone visits your page, you want to put your best foot forward and entice them to follow you.   Accomplishing this is easy when you create a Welcome Page.  You can even create a page for new visitors and a separate page for followers.

Welcome pages for new customers should draw them in with information about your business and products.  Give them a sample of the services that you offer.  Use every trick in the book to get them to like your page.  Pages for existing followers can be used to promote specials, new products and services.  This way, everyone that visits your page will get new information helping you increase sales.

Creating a Welcome page is as simple as installing an app.  You do not have to have html or web design knowledge.  In fact, most Welcome Page apps do not even require a designed page.  The most popular apps for Welcome Tab creations are:

  • Pagemodo
  • Fanpage Engine
  • TabSite
  • FaceIt Pages

Each of these programs lets you choose a layout, images and wording to create a personalized Welcome Page.  The cost of running these apps range from $5-$15 per month, however, Pagemodo allows you to run one welcome page free.  It is good to note however that with a paid subscription, you have access to more templates and can several Welcome pages on your Fanpage.

Use Apps to Your Advantage

Facebook Apps are your best friend, at least they should be.  There are apps for creating events, sharing YouTube Videos, creating promotions and everything in between.  You have access to thousands of apps to make the most of your Fanpage and you should be using them.  Some of the most popular apps include:

  • Networked Blogs
    • Promotes your blog on Facebook and incorporates blog posts on your Facebook wall and Fanpage.
  • RSS Grafitti
    • Centralizes your posts.  With this app, you can sync your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages and post to all social networking sites with one click.
  • Slide Share
    • Shares presentations, photographs, portfolios and videos.  This app lets you create presentations, slideshows, and webinars and publishes them to your Facebook Fanpage.
  • Twitter App
    • Syncs your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Pagemodo
    • Create free Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Video
    • Supports higher quality video than most video sharing sites.

Creating a Facebook Fanpage is the perfect free advertisement for your business.  It does however, take time to gain friends and create a relationship with users.  Simply creating a Fanpage is not enough.  Make sure your page is optimized to gain the most visitors.  Remember, every fan to your Facebook page is a potential customer.  Get the most customers you can with these simple tips.


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