1. anita romero

    You don’t have to bribe us. We invested in this business. We need all the training we can get our hands on to be sucessful

  2. L. W. Shepard

    My suggestions for the ethical bribe to sign up for the webinar.

    1.Your Traffic Explosion course, related materials makes sense.
    2. A copy of your latest book Automated Profits From Home:
    Automated Money Making Strategies.

    Have a Superockin day !

  3. Vicky Beal

    I think you should bribe us with a set amount of your personal time to be used to evaluate our on line business and marketing techniques. Then help us with specifics; marketing strategies, adv campaigns, implementation of software, or whatever that is specific for our type of online business that will generate more traffic or put our website on the 1st page of major search engines.

  4. Dick Belair

    Hey Anthony, I’m not sure what a good ethical bribe would be, however, money always works well. If I won it would be the first money I’ve made from the internet. I signed up months ago and bought the entire $1000 package and haven’t had the time to get into it. Shame on me and I hope to finally get into it during the winter months when I do not have to work outside and have more time available. i do continue to hook up to the webinars and put in my tweets and facebook likes but have not gotten into making a web site or blog like I want to do, as of yet.

  5. Brenda Hutchins

    i would love love love to be able to get the program you offered us and then offered it with payments.We have been out of work two months.I could not even make payments.

  6. Robb Fenske

    Hi Anthony…well this sounds exciting. If this process that you are presenting will help me to jump start my business, that’s all the incentive I need to attend the Webinar! Thanks!

  7. Natalie Torres

    I like the webinars, they push me to try better. A huge bribe could be a hands on training with your staff, even if we would have to pay our own airfare there.

  8. Bob Moore

    I don’t think you need to bribe anyone with anything. It is just a promise to give the participant an opportunity to improve their own busness. It should be a gift in itself.


  9. Jeremiah K Afong

    Hey Anthony,

    How about giving away some soft ware or one of your books, that no one person has.

  10. Michael Edes

    Hi Anthony,thanks for going ahead and planing another webinar money would be great,I would invest it into my business,
    Thank you for all that you do,
    have an Awesome day!

  11. Patricia Cotton

    Your valuable insight, information and knowledge sharing is what I need.

    If I follow your advice, the money will come.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and others!

    Patricia Cotton

  12. Barbara moore

    well Anthony the free software is great and you want me to tell you what sure you give away free well five thousand dollar would be great and i am praying i win and thank you

  13. EJ Ayers

    Hey Anthony, I don’t need a bribe!!! All I want is for you to continue to teach! You are a good teacher and I should know because I’m a former teacher-instructor-professor. A webinar is an effective teaching and learning strategy for many. They usually combine visual, auditory and interactive features. Personally, I love webinars so sign me up!

  14. Jay Doty

    One on One mentoring with you. I’m coming to your training in Salt Lake probably in Nov.

  15. Debbie Seelbach

    Hi Anthony. I look forward to your 3rd webinar. I have attended the first two. You could bribe “me” with anything to improve my functionality in my business…an ipad (or the like) or a free copy of the software you are going to show us. I need to be better organized with all my software and programs in one easy to use place.
    I look forward to learning from you again soon!
    Thank you.

  16. Mary Kasulaitis

    Show me an ethical legit way to make some immediate money. I am broke
    and need some immediate bill funds.
    Also, on my Website, can you show me how to install a sign up area for
    List Building and promote free traffic to it?

    Thank you so Very much. I am really looking forward to your Webinar.

  17. luke lukanen

    Here it is. I think the best thing that you can give away is ….yourself…. possibly a one hour one on one with the winner. I mean over the phone or video conference. thank you

  18. Robert Banda

    I view it like this yes you could give us money, but what would help us more is your time and training for that is something that we not go away after you spend it.

  19. Larry Steele

    Always enjoy the Blog. Still not sure how to get involved in advertising.
    Need help. Thanks

  20. Sandra Jordan

    I am looking forward to that webinar , you could ethically bribe us by offering a free training how to use the free traffic technique along with the new software you gave us recently. In order for us to generate something for the holiday season. Anthony I know you are a genius but we need more help big time. For the last couple of months I was in a crisis but should be going home very soon that should give me some quality time to concentrate yes thank to the almighty! I need to pull this off brother man.

  21. Lee Morgan

    First of all I would like to say thank you Anthony for your weekly blog and all the training you do. The up coming webinar sounds great and traffic is a hot topic. What to give away? I think you should give away a package to help build a great landing page, squeeze page or a successful web site. I believe you have training on this but what if people are stil having trouble. Getting trafic is a must, then the landing page is bad, then that traffic does you no good.

    Just a thought.


  22. Gary Fullerton

    Hey Anthony, sound good I am reading book and set up web site. I think your webinar will be of great thing for all. We shouldn’t have to be bribed. Hope to be there. Thank you for your time.

  23. Anthomy Beck

    A hand up goes far further than a hand out. Some direct consultation with you and/or Adrian would be a real help and mean MUCH more than an i-pad.
    Thank you for your guidance to- date

  24. Lazinnial Brandon

    Hi Anthony,

    Of course it’s no bribe but I would really apreciate a workable system that would step by step help me help others to make a realistic amount of money in a realistic amount of time.

  25. Doug

    I can’t wait for the webinar! I would like to be shown a true FREE method of getting traffic for a change. I your training is the best I’ll be there — no bribe required

  26. Harold Tsosie

    Don’t have to bribe anything, just tuning into the webinar is a invaluable asset. Bring it on.

  27. Denise C

    Training that works on how to generate profit, without having to pay out more money that I do not have.

  28. Marion Callaghan

    More insight into subject of traffic generation is enough of a bribe. Keep up the good work.

    Marion Callaghan

  29. Randy Cockrell

    Hey Anthony- I would have to agree with a lot of the people on here. You don’t need to bribe anyone just the info that u give is gift enough. How ever if you were to give something away I would love some personal help either via phone or Internet with jump starting my internet career! Thanks for all you hard work! Your friend, Randy

  30. Tim Tucker

    I think that you should share the wealth and ethically bribe us with on billion dollars, just kidding. but I do think that a 60 day free trial of your step by step walk through would be beneficial to both you and other members because, then we would be able to see how helpful it is and it could result in us making a purchase.

  31. Pierre Mocombe

    Anthony M., I am looking forward to that seminar. I have been downsized and I do need to get some sort of income coming in. My wife will be downsized also but God only knows when. I have been keeping myself busy with various activities. I do hope by the end of the month, I will be able to go live with the CPV and affiliate program.

    Thank you for your teachings,

    God Bless!

  32. D Ponder

    Hi Anthony,
    No bribe please. Only a more secure way to run this business and succeed at this sound investment. Please have a link or step available to show best way to get the mobile ad part of marketing off the ground. Thanks for all you do.

  33. Teresa Tull

    You don’t have to bribe me. I will attend your webinar if you allow it.

  34. Charles Villegas

    Its a blessing on what, your willing to give us for our future investing and other area teachings that we learn. We just have the desire to go forward for ourselves, cause if we don’t do it, who is going to do ot for us.The information is being given to us we just have to know how to use it.

  35. Wayne

    Anthony, I believe some personal one on one training, web site evaluation, help with traffic and advertising would help a lot of us who have been working on making money online but have yet to do so. Thanks for all you do for us, it’s really appreciated.

  36. Bill Lock Jr

    Training, Training, and more training? If there is someone in my area that could come by my house for hand on training. don’t need a bribe! Thanks Bill

  37. Ida

    Hi Anthony!
    I would like to have one hr training with a professional,who can show me step by step,click by click what to do on my web page(site).I can’t do anything ’till somebody show me:((

  38. Sondra Hogue

    I personal don’t need any give away to be at the webinar. you’r already give us free info. Thank You

  39. Terry Taylor

    Bribes or no bribes, I will be at the webinar. This info sounds priceless!!!!

  40. Cecilia

    Hi Anthony, I don’t need a bribe. I am just trying to soak in all the info. you have given us so far. I have been moving slow but I am getting there. Just continue to with the training. I am thankful for all the training you have given me in the past and look forward to continued instruction in the future. But since you did say bribe an excellent one for me would be free software on generating website traffic.

  41. Phillip Erickson

    Your knowledge is enough of a “ethical bribe” for me. Look forward to the Webinar. Thanks Phillip

  42. Carmen Directo

    No bribes—-just go straight to the point — training!-Step 1-2-3- make it simple to the lingo I can understand. I am not a tech nerd–but always willing to learn—was born yester years so I am not as fast as you guys–do u have a group I can belong to so I don’t slow u down? Thx U r a doll!

  43. Randall Draper

    just give us information on a free traffic system that REALLY works.

  44. William Yancey

    Anthony: From what I read in the above replies and what I have read in books. I think that i could use a good out line of what to do and how to do EACH step to get to a point where my business is paying me something. Thanks William

  45. Patricia McLaughlin

    I agree, Anita, no bribe needed…the training is essential, so keep bringing it on, Anthony (and thanks!)

  46. Bruce

    If this new software is in fact not expensive, why don’t you give away say 5 copies for free.

  47. Matt Kooyman

    How about a day of free personal training onsite from you. Now that would be freaking awesome.

  48. Cherita Young

    Looking forward to the next webinar Anthony. Ethically Bribe??? Money or any of your products always works for me.

  49. Jeff Johnson

    Hi Anthony,

    No bribe, just the help of more support and training. I would love it,if you would have live seminars. Where we could all meet, and enjoy the lessons. Thanks Jeff

  50. ken brown

    personal help for those who get on would be the very best ethical bribe you could do!!

  51. Ralph Brown

    Thanks Anthony. I still reading the book on how to get started. I will be there for webcast. This is what i would like. I`m a slow learner. I`d like someone to take me by the hand and show me the way. I really want nad need to get this going ASAP. Thank you, Ralph

  52. Homer Ball Jr.

    Hi Anthony,
    This is my first reply, but I think this is a great program you have and I want to learn all I can about your system, because i’m convinced it works. Thanks for making this available for us.

  53. Dianna Thomas

    Next webinar sounds great. Ethical Bribe: Training, training, training!!!!

  54. Leonard Ezenwa

    Please, I need somebody to walk me through in setting my ad right on the net. I have tried using facebook, but the traffic and clicks don’t reflect on your business web page. That is, I was spending money on facebook ad that never counted for the affiliate business. So please I really need your help in setting my ads right.

  55. Beatrix Dunford

    I dont need a bribe to come to your Webinar. Can never thank you enough.


  56. Dena E

    I feel as if I have a head full of info that I have no idea how to do anything with. I bought the books almost a year ago, and still don’t know how to get started. I am a single mother, so there IS no money to spend…I need to make some, on a regular basis. Some jumpstart info for those of us who haven’t began the program yet would be so good…and if it was free…even better.

    Thanks for trying to help others succeed. Dena E

  57. Philip Harris

    Money is always a good idea but I believe that some of our training courses are a bigger incentive, most people that are going to view the webinar will need the training more than the money. Give a person fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he never goes hungry. Yes I know that is not the exact wording but it is close enough. Thank you for all the training.

  58. Carol Cheshire

    Anthony free traffic is a big enough bribe for anyone. So many of the free traffics do not work.
    Besides I do not need abribe you know I enjoy your webinars.
    As far as an another bribe your help is the only one I can think of.

  59. Janise Sims

    Hi Anthony,

    You wouldn’t have to bribe me because I’ll be ready and looking forward to learning how I can generate traffic with little or no money.

  60. James Hemingway

    Hi, Anthony, Besause I feel bribed by you, I think you should give me as much free info. as you think the agreement is worth. Thanks James

  61. Linda Emery

    Can’t wait for the next webinar, fantastic information. Bribes are nice, although I never win, but the money would be great, its the only thing holding me back. I’m soaking in all information, should be done paying off hostipal bills , so next year can really branch out.

  62. Carron Paul

    Hi , Anthony , i would like some personal help as to how to get started , lost my connection number to the web builder name . have the web site u sent me, read the books, watch the DVD but still have no clue as to where to begin. what do i do next, need a little hand holding through the starting point. Help me get started.

  63. Sue Olsen

    I would like you to give away your new book, 365 days to success. Not sure if that was the name but close. I can’t even see where to purchase this book. But my suggestion is for you to maybe create that book as downloadable to the first 50 to sign up for this webinar. Good Idea?

  64. Karen Strebel

    Hello Anthony, I would like to see what your example of a website that “attracts free traffic” would be. What kind of content does such a website have? “Free Content” certainly attracts “traffic” as in this horrid economy, people are looking for something “worthwhile” or “FREE”. Do you have a list of your TEN BEST student websites that are SUCCESSFUL that they do generate income for their website owners? Perhaps it would be good to show those student’s successful sites, as for myself, and perhaps others, this “website” that makes money. . . is still a mystery. Solving the mystery of a good website that generates income, samples of that, would be a wonderful “bribe”. Thank you.

  65. Loreto E Torres

    No need to bribe me. Looking forward 2 it. I lost a month of getting confused already. Being unemployed and with extremely limited budget, your help is a breath of fresh air and the “wind beneath my wings”.

  66. cathy

    ethical bribe? Just be you, that’s enough for me. You have a good message and the webinars are a major help. keep being yourself and everything will be fine.

  67. Emerson Taylor

    I am completely new at this, so how about some kind of coach/mentor for a trial period to see if I can truly do this.

  68. Ryan Dooley

    Well for an ethical bribe I would say you shouldn’t need to. But if you did want to how about a coupon code for the Direct CPV for like $10.00 or something. That will go a long way and it corresponds with your last webinar.

  69. Suzun Eggler

    I want to be on the webinar. I would like to know if this traffic will be for affiliate marketing or can it help people who have a website that are selling product? Also I have the PMI tool bar, should I still use the software you sent that has your tool bar too? I truly dont know if all the information you are giving us is more for affilate marketing or good for a website too? Sorry I don’t know this. Thank you for the help you are giving everyone who wants it.

  70. victoria mason

    Hi, anthony thanks for the free webner i will be looking forward to it. a bribe is not necessary as everyone wants iformation on how to make it and grow .but what i would love will be a one on one coaching or over the phone coaching with you or one of your partners now that will be a dream come true for me and my kids.

  71. Daniel Moore

    no bribe needed, but give away …. to 25 people, Im attending reguardless. thanks Anthony, -Dan

  72. Scott Smith

    Ethically Bribe – isn’t that an Oxymoron, lol.

    I think it is Great that you are wanting to bribe us to be there. Anyone who is seriously wanting to better their business and make money would not need a bribe. They would take the information and run with. You giving out free advice, techniques, and even the software from the last blog, is the best bribe you can give. I think we all appreciate the efforts that you put in your blogs, webinars, and the programs you promote.

    Thanks for all you do!

  73. Derrick Smith

    Thanks for the training. Free CPV Domination Software would be a great bribe.

  74. Arvella Kunz

    I am excited for the coming webinar! If you chose money, I think it would be great, as I would invest it in more training for my website. If you chose more training, that would be a benefit to all who attend this one. One way or the other, I think we all are most concerned just to get our websites making some money—at least I am. Thanks for all you do for us.

  75. Gerry Garcia

    I am in need to make money with my business. I went hog-wide purschasing every marketing program i could get my hands on but honestly i only learned some information because I didn’t have the tech skills to put the system in place. Could you help some poor entrephreneurs who so desperately want to succeed. I am very teachable and will listen to anyone who knows how to implement a successful system. When your are broke, you are willing to do also most anything to change your circumstances. I have found out I can’t do it myself any longer.

  76. Donna Lackershire

    The bribe I would like, would be for you to look at my website and “tweek” it or whatever needs to be done to get business. Take my website and act like it is yours and do whatever you think needs to be done. If our website sucks, then tell us and help us start a new one.

  77. Dorlyn Burgin

    Anthony: You don’t have to bribe me I really learn a lot from the webinars. I would love to learn how to have free traffic – it seems that everyone has their hand out when you are a newbie. Thank you so much for all of your support. Someday I hope I will be able to pass on some of this knowledge.

  78. remigio Sanchez

    great you are funny Anthony in the weekly blog, my opinion is giving away software for free that’s the key to get more customers or subscribers so please keeping teaching us how to use this kind of software that i really apreciated you gave us, thanks for your support and God bless your business and God bless you.

  79. Patricia Birren-Wilsey

    I should be bribing YOU to continue nearly daily encouragement and support.

    Thanks so much about having the volume increased on this Blog #81 (I wrote you about the poor audio on the webinar of a few weeks ago.)

    Will be finished reading “Advertising Profits…”this weekend. Cannot WAIT to get going!

  80. Elizabeth Walker

    Training can be more important than money starting out. How to replace offers that have expired and how to make your webpage look good and how to make a landing page. Thank you for all you do to help us.

  81. Joseph Redick

    hey Anthony am have trouble starting my web site and i need your help am working from pay check to pay check and, I want to work from home because my hearth is not getting a better if you can help me just call me or email me too

  82. Danny VanHowten

    A video of step by step on how to set everything up i see what little goses up i read it but im haveing problems on seting it up right im not saying im slow or anyone els some tings i just dont get a good bribe would be a cupple of thousand dollars to pay bills and get a better enternet setup so i can spend every day and night readying and seting it all up properly and im looking forward to seeing the webinar if all goses well

  83. Joe Hogan

    Hey Buddy! Think your doing a GREAT job! I think a fantastic compliment to the software would be to do your usual video with step-by-step instructions on how to use it. If my current career path was an auto mechanic and you gave me a scalpel to do open heart surgery, I couldn’t do it! If you give somebody a tool and show them how it works and what to do with it, it’s up to them to use it for its designed purpose. You can’t make them do it! But I think because of your position as a leader, you have a responsibility to make sure we know how to use the tools you give us. Just keep on doin’ it!!!!! Thanks, Joe

  84. Marilu Nieto

    I would like to win a chance to study under you or your team with the 365 day plan. Yup, that is what I would like. Actually I would love that!

  85. Aledia Jones

    I would be happy if you simply make this webinar and your previous webinars easy to find so I can view them on my own time. My schedule differs from the rest of the world. Unless you want to schedule it for 3 am, I cant be there.

  86. Cynthia Becker

    sounds good to me. Right now I am dealing with some health issues and some financial setbacks – stuff I was not expecting! Don’t you hate stuff like that? Drives me bananas!
    Ethical bribe — how about paying the balance on my car loan?

  87. Dave Collins

    Thanks Anthony!
    My first goal is 3 to 4 thousand a week or 10 thousand a month. I’m about to turn the corner. I’ll be there

  88. james d williams

    anthony,thanks very,very much for the new software–awesome. for your ethical bribe -how about 1 participation in your social ads for us followers. saving money with the tools to make more money. thank you for all you do,anthony. God bless. jim

  89. Marcelino Acosta

    GreaT=t news Anthony. I just want to learn how to make money as an
    affiliate. I already sign-up with clickbank months ago but I don’t know
    what and how to promote a product. I don’t have my own website
    because I am avoiding the monthly expensr that it entails.

    Thank you very much for your help. Success be with you..


  90. donna long

    Hi, Anthony, I love the work you and all of your employees are doing! I was wondering about a cash bribe of maybe $1000.00 since so many people are hard up for money these days, and also could use some start up capital for our up coming businesses.

  91. joseph amador

    Hey Anthony still trying to get a good niche but anyway I thought that for a good ethical bribe would be to take one person phone to phone to help him or her to get to there next step toward there next goal .people get stuck at times and i think that would help any body out and would get them the to move forward thanks

  92. April Aloiau

    We are thankful that you are offfering a free webinar as it directly benefits us. But to answer your question how about 75% off your “notebook” a guide of what do due day by day!

  93. Sharon Davidson

    I don’t need a bribe, just more training. Of course if you really want to ethically bribe and kill two birds w/one stone for me, how about giving away 365 days video?

  94. Joseph Mannix

    I think i would like better understanding of the many programs you suggest.
    More training video’s would be nice as well. I will be there no matter what. Thanks for all you can do,it is highly appreciated.

  95. Lorie

    I like some of the comments above about having a set amount of time we could talk directly with you. I’m having some trouble getting started and I think a few words of wisdom and a couple of ideas to get me started would be extremely helpful. However, I’ll be there any way.

  96. Norman Snotherly

    Hi Anthony,

    The first thing that came to my mind when you asked what it would take to bribe us to come to your webinar was $. I can’t put a number on it, I think I will leave that up to you if that is what you decide to do.

  97. Sheryl Hamlin

    No bribe needed, just let me know ahead of time, your knowledge is bribe enough

  98. Ian

    No need to bribe. Just hope the time is good so I can make it to this webinar or I will be sad! Thank you for sharing Anthony!

  99. Aletha Smith-Forsythe

    With training, what are the best ways to concur procrastination. I don’t understand why I do this, but I really need help getting past it and get to work.

  100. Angela Tsetsegjargal

    I could not attend first 2 , I am excited to be on your third one. But shame on me I ‘ve bought your books but still haven’t got through yet.

  101. Barbara Noecker

    I would love to attend the webinar! How about giving away a free 20 minute phone call where I could ask you questions? That would be awesome!! Thanks for all that you do!!!

  102. Debra

    I don’t need a bribe to get on your webinar. In fact I’m looking forward to it. As a newbie with a new site I am always looking for ways to get free traffic. Thanks Anthony, keep up the good work

  103. Ann Murigu

    More free training is good enough for me; continued tips/insight on early steps towards establishing the business.

  104. Mavi

    I prefer your trainings, but I also like to win, it will be nice gift cards. Thank you for all you do.

  105. Nathan

    well,um-i need none,just more information and how to turn them to a revenue stream online.

  106. Francisco Bermudez

    Ethical bribe? I like what you are doing for everybody and just be yourself.! am not an expert in this but i want to be succeed in life like everybody else. Anthony, God bless you.

  107. Lori Draz

    Hey Anthony,

    I don’t need a bribe to join your webinar. I am thankful that you are so will to help others and train us to be as successful as you. That to me is enough of an incentive to join and listen to what you have to teach.

    Please keep up the great work and God Bless !!!

  108. stella amoako


    We need step by step training about traffic, that will bring us money.
    Thank you.

  109. Marcos Gutierrez

    I think more training to help us grow our online business; as if you haven’t given us enough. Either way I don’t really need anything to be at the webinar. If it’s going to be informative I’ll be there to feed my head and put to use what you share with us. Thank you for all that you do.

  110. Lynn Forsberg

    For an ethical bribe I would like to receive some extra training insights on improving the quality score of a campaign.

  111. Randall

    One hour of individual training by you or your brother. That would be a bribe I would take.

  112. Mohammed

    Hi I don’t need your bribe, but I need to lget my hands on your program call 365 days. keep up the Good work.Thanks

  113. Vernette

    Thanks for all u give us. I think that u should have a one on one with someone who is starting ur course and would love for u to show them how it is done in person.

  114. tTheodore Seavy

    It is ridiculous that you need a bribe, but the fact is that is what most
    people are looking for. We just need some facts about what to be doing. .
    Go Go Go.

  115. Joyce Knake

    I agree with a lot of the comments that knowledge is power. I know there are expenses for everyone but it seems that every option has monetary stings attached.
    So free knowledge is O.K.with me. And thank you for sharing

  116. Victoria Caldwell

    I am ready and teachable to any good training you may provide. I have invested all I have, (my time and money) into this program and I want prove to my family that I was right in making that decision. I have 9 months before I retire and have no resources, but I have faith that I will get through this successfully…looking forward for more training and Thanks Anthony!

  117. Steve T.

    Anthony one good solid day with you & talking a long solid of free training.So we can do nothing but pick your brain. Or give away one of your coarses to generate traffic to a good solid targeted audience. Please keep us posted about webiner. MAKE the damn software affordable.Your last one wasn’t for me at least.It was a great idea.

  118. Marcene Benton

    Not sure what the best bribe for me considering I have already invested money to be successful with if program. Knowledge!

  119. Reggie Herman

    This may sound crazy but I never really nuderstood how to get started with this business and it would really be helpfull to have help getting it started! Im really not so good with comps! can some one Help!

  120. giovanni

    I dont think you will need to bribe no one! If they want success they will be there. plain and simple!!

  121. Ginny

    My suggestion for an ethical bribe is giving away for free 4 or 5 copies of your CPV Domination software. For those of us that are having to start our businesses slowly due to the cost of ads having this software would really jump start our businesses. I know I would love to have it if I had the funds to make the payments.

  122. Michelle Rivas

    You can bribe me by just a one on one phone call. I so appreciate the emails and I am very interested in everything you share. Sometimes if I cant read your emails right away I always save them and go back to them. I no that you no exactly what you are talking about. You caught my attention the first time I saw you on television. I no you are busy obviously, and you said to tell you what would bribe me and all I want is a phone call. Only because I want to make sure I am on the right tract with my future thoughts on what I want to be doing. Anthony I admire you. Keep up the good work. Just in case you decide 831-809-8294. Thank you for your emails Anthony. Take care.

    Michelle Rivas

  123. Charlie McGregor

    Hello Anthony, Charlie here again! Wow, another training webinar is certainly a ethical bribe in itself. I know most would say ‘money’ would be the motivator they would prefer. With myself, I would love to attend your success
    academy in Mississippi so I could learn first hand how to do Internet marketing the right way! Yep, that’s my choice for the ethical bribe…enrollment in your success academy. That would be something money could never buy, the actual skill-sets to market and make money with my Internet business. You have provided so much fantastic training with your previous webinars all of which I’ve attended and benefited from tremendously!
    Thanks once again for all YOU do, your passion for helping others is only surpassed by your unwavering commitment to do everything to help all of us make a better life for ourselves. Take care, keep having FUN, and be safe in all you do!


    P.S. Did you have some real ‘quality time’ with your brother? Hope so! :~)

  124. Barry Galvin

    I am brand new to internet marketing I truly belive I can do this however,any help to take this to the next level would be greatly appreciated

  125. zeta green

    Hi Anthony, Any help I can get would be an incentive to me to try and make the webinar as long as I’m not working at the time. I want to learn how to make enough money each money to be able to come home and not have to be an over-the-road truck driver. I would like to actually see the places that I have to drive by without stopping.

  126. Rob C

    Honestly I believe you should select an “Apprentice” class of say 4 rookies from the webinar attendees. Give them your courses for free with a class project challenge or contest. The winner would get a great start in the business and you could create major buzz with the status reports and videos.

  127. Gladys

    Yes Anthony I have a lot of questions and i want to ask you personally but couldnt afford it. I need one on one from you if that is a bribe……..thanks

  128. Sharon Volkman

    Hi! Anthony, there are many great suggestions. We sure appreciate all of the help that you give us. With money so short I think that having one – or more- $100.00 winners would bring in all the more audience. If I could just learn, as fast as you present the lessons.

  129. Richard

    Bribe or not, I plan to listen to the webinar. Not sure what an ethical bribe is in the first place. A bribe that is ethical? Aren’t bribes unethical? What do I know.

  130. Adelinn

    Hi Anthony, I need the training more than a bribe. I need help with getting back your website and how to start to make money on it.

  131. Sylvia

    Really looking forward to the webinar. Thank you for all the time you spend gathering information and then passing it on to all of us.I think just having one on one training to get the online business going and making sure OUR business is successful would be a great moral bribe (your time and knowledge is better than any cash incentive because in the end, this is what will help us make our own business successful).

  132. Joseph

    I don’t believe that there should be a NEED to “Ethically Bribe” ANY of us. If Internet and/or Affiliate Marketing is the “Business” that individuals have decided to become involved in, then NO ONE should be anymore CONCERNED about the business, than the OWNER of that business.
    That said….If I WERE going to suggest “An Incentive”, it would be in the way of Education, such as a “Top Tier Full Blown Membership” to your “Success Academy” with ALL of the “Bells and Whistles” INCLUDED. With the “Education” and “Proper Implementation” of that knowledge, a person can create their OWN “financial Stockpile”, for their future, as well as those of their families, and friends, if they choose to do so.

  133. Deborah WALTEMEYER

    I will certainly attend the webinar ,everything that you have taught us is great.Dont need any type of bribe.Iam reading all the books i have ordered over and over. i am ready to take the plunge and hope i get on the road to bringing in some cash.Iput in around 9 hours a day taking notes and working on my computer doing research.My family gives me all the time i need to learn,someday soon i will be able to repay them by taking a couple days off to spend quality time with them for all their support. Just need to learn how to use all the tools you have given toward being a success.Thank you for all the extra help.I even dream about what i study,its like my mind never shuts off,Maybe i will wake up some morning and all the pieces will just come together like a puzzle.Iwill never give up till i get it right.Thanks Deb

  134. Perry C

    I think lunch or dinner with you would be the greatest incentive.a face to face one on one tete a tete.
    I would give the winner a chance to thank you in person.
    and discuss business (you could even write it off on your taxes) an ethical bribe for you too LOL

  135. Scott J. Van Giesen

    Well for sure your more giving & helpful than probably 95% of all the rest that attempt what you do ,many are blessed with you & thanks to our Father for who you are !!! I think a great bribe would be to give a discount of the 365 day program & make sure that some that aren’t making anything or haven’t had much success get some help as some of us are in very tough times ,almost scary times in our lives & getting alittle help would be a blessing .As usual look forward to learning more .Thx………..

  136. Charles Williams

    Like more people are saying just offer some free personal training. One on one.I think people need more help in setting up and seeing how this business works.I know I do.

  137. QuinnAnthony Headen

    Hi Anthony
    Money will always bribe me. I wouldn’t mind to win $500 and a chance to meet u in person for a day. I know I can c ur webinar online but sometimes my internet is slow or connection is weak so I’ll watch it on my phone. But with the $500 I would defiantly put it toward a new laptop. Meeting you in person would be awesome and getting the training in person will make it easier for me to ask for a clearer understanding,just in case im too nervous to ask you online.

  138. Fred Jordan

    We need training,step by step. What do you say in a blog? How do you enter the information about your blog on the web site? How do I promote my business on my web site? I am really stuck and need help.

  139. Tory Johnson

    I know that I really want to start making some monies , but I want to take my time with this…I am looking for a job and I just think that this will be the best time to do this… No bribes needed ..when I heard you speak on television..I seen your integrity so that’s what brought me here and plus I want to try this out and see how successful I will be when I follow you and take my time….Noah’s Ark was not built over night….see you there Mr. Morrison.

  140. John

    I don’t believe a day goes by that I don’t have at least one email offer for some sort of traffic generation method. Most of them do nothing more then waste my time. Anthony however, I trust! He has provided extremely useful information to me. Often times that information was provided when I needed it the most to solve a problem, or to help me to better understand a principle. I have been sitting on the sidelines myself, watching, reading, and taking notes on all that I have learned. Well, it is time for me to take action, by applying what Anthony has already taught me in combination with this new information. We must have traffic! Getting traffic that is motivated to act on our offers is most important. I want that opportunity to learn how to get more of that kind of traffic. Thanks Anthony for providing that opportunity.

  141. john harris

    Anthony i’am interested in the software on how to do my marketing for a penny and one half, but i can’t afford the price right now, so will you be offering it at a discount anytime soon.?

  142. Sara

    I think consolidation is the biggest part of business. Example, if everyone on the planet owned a fast food restaurant, no one in fast food would make any money.

    Limit the number of people you plan on training [you have to determine the cutoff number], give the deadline for joining up and getting on board, then just work with those people to make them the best of the best in Affiliate Marketing.

    You have to decide what your cut off number is. Being a part of an elite group that is building something that will and has taken off, being part of the growth and learning process that will lead to capital $$, is in and of itself a reward.

    I hope to be finished this weekend with the book. Also, hope to transfer my domain over this weekend, too, and begin to get started.

  143. Ferrell Davenport

    You will not have to bribe me to attend the Webinar, because your webinars are welcome anytime. I thank you for spending your time, effort and knowledge to help us all.
    ferrell d…

  144. Diana

    I think you are a God send Anthony! Everything you have accomplished and shared with all of us following your lead is a blessing. If you would share with us on your next webinar secrets on free advertising and provide us with the free software that would really help alot of us struggling to get our business up and running and making profit. No, you dont have to bribe me Anthony I dont need bribbed into watching videos and webinar, I am following your lead and I enjoy every video and webinar you have put on. Thank you for all the time and thought you have put into your money making system. You are a GENIUS. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  145. Cathy

    I have your books, software..but just can’t set up my own website. I’ve seen a few of your shows where you state you will set up someone’s website. THAT would be great!

  146. Lora C.

    Although I would love to say something like “you should give everyone on the live webinar $50, I think giving away training and software would be awesome.

    I had wanted to enroll in your coaching program, but with my mother in the hospital and my dad preparing to go overseas, I wouldn’t be able to afford going to college.

    I appreciate your other software download. And I think that if you train us with the tools you’re providing, it’ll be even more worth our wind to check it out.

    Or the coupon for Direct CPV like Ryan Dooley said. That sounded cool.

  147. Charles L. Jenkins

    Hi Anthony, I agree with the #3 comment by L.W.Shephard. #1 your course on Traffic Explosion course or short syllabus to keep you on track and a copy of your latest book, “Automated Profits From Home”.
    Those would be cool. Or maybe a consult with you or one of your staff, that would be very cool.

    Thanks for everything,
    Lew Jenkins

  148. Alisa

    If you like to give away money, that’s cool but not necessary. The truth about how to really generate free traffic is enough for me.

  149. James Robinson

    Thanks for all the training, tips and ideas. Like some of the others are saying…..We need all the help you can give us. For me it’s not if I can do this….. I am going to do this, I will make it work if I have to set in front of this computer 24/7 for the rest of my life. Excluding a little sleep here and there.

  150. Stacy

    Today is my first day opening the box so I’m reading everything possible so my first thought is training, then as I get into this more I’m realizing I might not make any money with the intro level so maybe a free upgrade to the highest level and some personal Anthony time to help really get this kick started. I’m a very driven and goal oriented person and I am finding this a little overwhelming right now. Hopefully once I dig in more I won’t feel that way.

  151. Joseph amador

    what inspired me at first was seeing such a young man go as far as he has and listening to your webinars which has helped get me on my way. A good ethical bribe to me and I’m sure to others who have taken your course would be a one on one conversation with you to help boost that persons moral to continue to pursue this great opportunity. I just feel it would be somewhat inspirational to know that the person who designed or made this idea, would surprise that person with a personal call.

  152. Wendy Carmichael

    I put your new toolbar on my computer and I’m not sure how to use it. Could you tell me where to go for help. I’m not very computer smart. πŸ™‚

  153. Diana Barnes

    We look forward to your next webiner that should prove to be a very good training. Anthony just put the gift package together for everyone to follow.

  154. kat

    Well I think the ethical bribe should be help the person get there website top rate in search engine. Have a year of free training with you that the person can look and be trained by you or one of your top trainers and get to have all over training material that you have put out so far.

    Thank you,
    Have a Blessed Day!

  155. Mr.DebtFree

    hey anthony. always like your videos, so much motivational stuff and a little technical stuff through in for good measure. a great bribe would be…. hmmmmn… how about free lifetime access to…

    CPV Domination?

    a suggested retail price of $997 for free. bribery at its finest.

    just a suggestion.

    Mr. DebtFree

  156. Duane Dietz

    If U R going to bribe us, go all the way give us gold coinage.
    Maybe stamp your logo on it with U or something about U . The yellow sparkle & the weight of the coin will make us feel the wealth of
    your success & trust in U.

  157. Barbara Maddox

    From you, my inspiration, I need lesser reading and more hands on and a quicker way to begin seeing monies coming in.

  158. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……….”BRIBES”? I come from the school of hardknocks. I’m taught to earn whatever you get. Nothing comes to you on a silver platter. Therefore, I think bribes are out of the question.

    Your parents came from the same school of hardknocks and taught you well. Nothing is worthwhile without some sacrifice. You’ve done well. Thanks……….Jimmy K.

  159. James Kahalewai

    Anthony………..Bribes not necessary. Training and someone helping me to get the show on the road is most helpful. Assigning a paid trainer to help me and others start in the Affiliate business would be most helpful. This training can be for 3 to 4 times in one month. Imagine………..How many people out there who are not able to signup with PMI and the income flow going both ways………………EVERYBODY WINS………Thanks…Jimmy K.

  160. Jill Slocum

    I’m in total agreement with everyone else. I’ll be there with you Anthony, no need for a bribe! You have our loyalty and thanks!

  161. Linwood Starner

    There are 2 things on which I don’t find a lot of info, both of which I need, and so assume that there are others like me. The first is lots of ideas as to how to make good use of QR codes. The other is that I sell a B2C item from a drop shipper on my website, and so much of the SEO and training that I can find is geared to affiliate marketing. My email is just inundated with affiliate marketing offers, and I just want to sell my buckwheat pillows which so many people are not familiar with. How do I find ideas on B2C selling outside of affiliate sales?

  162. Kim Cardino


  163. Larry Griffin

    I think that the ethical bribe is kind of peronized and different depending on the needs or desires of the person. With that in mind, my suggestion would be one on one training or mentorship. I actually have an idea for a website (nothing to do with my current website) that I have no clue where to begin or who to ask for help with. So, like I said, in a nutshell, one on one guidance for whatever situation the person may need.

  164. tim golding

    I suspect that “ethical bribe” is an oxymoron. I am thankful for, and will attend, the webinar.

  165. Shane Thompson


    I agree that the training and your time would be valuable, but right know my family could really use about 20% of the amount of money you suggested on your webinar would be really what my family needs to help us in a lot of ways.

  166. Penny

    Anthony Morrison the volume was much better on this video. It is always entertaining to watch you talk, in a good way. I don’t believe you need to bribe anyone to watch the video, but a giveaway is always nice. Your automated and easy to use linking software package 1,000.00 would be a wonderful opportunity. You could require the person who wins the package to send you updates and feedback so you would also benefit with public relations and suggestions.

  167. Linda Hunt

    I don’t need a bribe! I have your weekly blogs and all of your advice and you share all of your new ideas and software. You give me all I could ask for! Thank you for your generosity and all of your hard work!



  169. Titus

    Maybe give those of us a chance to go all out advertising for you and your products. Allowing us to self support ourself at least to the point we can buy the products we need inorder to learn and become successful. After all under them conditions our testimonies about you and your products would be coming from some of the most thankful people in your group because you would have brought us from our all time low. A testimonial advertizing falling into a line of “Rags to Riches” type theme. Showing a caring passionate person fully dedicating his time and products to change the lives of people forever. Naturally with a price. I don’t think any one could appreciate not working hard to be able to keep there own pride intact.

  170. James Sliney

    You can not bribe me, but you can motivate me to watch provided you promise that it will help me continue to put the pieces together that I need to get to the starting gate for my affiliate business. I am just starting.

  171. Aspassia Arvanitis

    Antony , training is the best and on hand show how to make it big. Show us the way and we follow.

  172. jan

    Everybody responds to money… especially when it can be used to promote our businesses! But other than that, I’d like to bake my *famous* Pumpkin Pie for you to have at your family’s Thanksgiving! The bribe would be taking care of whatever it takes to get it to you fresh…

  173. Paula Sapp

    Your Servant Leadership is all we need to get from you, no bribe necessary.. just continue to help us along the way to create a business that will be successful… if possible can you do the webinar on a Friday instead of a week day…

  174. Anthony McCANN

    Webinars are great, Couching is good, A bribe is not needed, But if there are people that need to be bribed, then so be it.
    I think a good REWARD could be a day of personal instruction with you Anthony. Like I said, couches are good, But they can’t SEE or SHOW you
    how to correct a problem, and sometimes they are unable to help.
    I still think this is a great way to make money. I have not made any yet, But plan on doing so in the near future. Very near.
    Keep up with the webinars, blogs and Emails.
    All have very important information in them. Which in turn helps us all.
    Thank you; T. Mc

  175. marlene

    Hi, Anthony

    Thank you, for let it me know that you’re going to have another webminar by the end of Oct. please send me and E-mail with the date and time.
    I make sure, I don’t miss .it.

    Thank you


  176. john wieczorek

    Free information should be bribe enough, but perhaps a discount on some of your programs and courses would an idea you might consider.

  177. Roger Haley

    Glad to hear you are providing another webinar. I think providing you 365 day program free to a person would be a fantastic bribe. I look forward to joinging you on your next webinar. Live long and prosper.

  178. William M Kubischta

    Free traffic seminar will be very appreciated , just for the info. Thanks

  179. paul krenz

    i think a personal one on one session with anthony would be great i know thats what i need

  180. Gaylon

    I look forward to the webinar. I would like to have the CPV software but cannot pay all my bills; therefore that would be a great bribe.

  181. eddie posey

    Hi anthony
    We should be the ones bribing you for all the great information and content we recieve from your blogs and emails looking forward to the next webinar.

    Thanks Eddie

  182. Kaye Hutton

    I will be there with or without a bribe, I need all the information and help I can get especially something that will help me see my first profit online.

  183. Kelly Collins

    Hi Anthony… I’ll attend even without a bribe, but if you’re really wanting to give something away, how about either Level 1 or 2 Memberships to 5 or more people who attend the webinar and have already attended the 3 day Workshop? =)

  184. Annette

    Why do you feel that you have to bribe us, ethically or not? Just help us become successful. Give us tons of training that works and makes sense and is affordable. Always look forward to your webinars. However, I prefer to call them trainging sessions. the web in webinar makes me think of a spider web where I might get caught in a trap. Just keeping it real

  185. James Carr

    I think a couple peices of software would be great I need all the help I can get

  186. Leigh Vidakovich

    show us the nuts and bolts of a direct link campaign that generates income. There are some many small things to follow to get those small campaigns to start rolling. Thanks for the help.

  187. Toyonnie Woodley

    It would be very helpful to me if you would offer a free or low cost 90 Day coaching class to help me truly understand how this online Business work. This all new to me. Having the Best Money Making product out their mean’s nothing if you don’t know how to use it.

  188. Geri

    I will be on the webinar provided it’s before the 25th of oct. I would training on cpv domination Β© traffic to a website.

  189. matthew schuler

    either give everyone 100-200 dollars or give away the CPV domination to some people.(matt Schuler!!)

  190. Mary F Erne Sr

    Can hardly wait. I should be finished with your book and you have filled in all of the missing links of my failed website that I had a few years ago. I am going to make money this time. Thank You

  191. David Kitavi

    I know for sure, for me it has to be more training and a free weibnar that teaches the cheapest ways to advertise the offers will be the best bribe you can give.

  192. Gretchen Love

    I’d like one week of free training for one hour a day. I hope that not too much. I like the way the program is working. I hope I can really do a good job for you.

  193. Kellie

    I look forward to watching your upcoming webinar. Thank you for your valuable information teaching us.

  194. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    #1 I love the tool bar you gave us on Fire Fox, I m working on making it work for me. I do watch all blogs and learn something, I am guilty of not responding to each one please forgive me for this. concerning the give away the system where I can advertise for 11/2 cents is so tremendous I am going nuts because there is no way I can afford it.I know it is asking a lot but please consider making that the gift. I will watch the WEBINAR REGUARDLESS. To be honest with you I cant lose reguardless.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  195. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthony well i no money would be good five thousand Dollar and free training and i been with you for a year and a half and i have not made no money and if i am doing work i want to get paid for my work

  196. Betsy Miozzi

    to be able to start in the business without any money down as i make no moneyso i have noothing to even get started with.

  197. James

    Conduct a 6-8 week over the shoulders webinar / coaching program of how to start an online business, for a relatively fair price – Considering most would be really interested in this, it should be win win for all. Thank you!

  198. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – It would be great to get as much training as possible. The information on Free Traffic would be great as a start for those of us who
    are currently on a limited income.
    I followed your advice on promoting our Affiliate Marketing business on Twitter. I am building quite a following but I realize you can’t just tweet advertising all the time. I really enjoy doing this and it is something I can do while trying to get my business going.
    Again, I will have to say more training as an ethical bribe.

  199. Larry E. Musson

    Hi Anthony,

    To make me really want to see your webnar you should give away $5000.00 to help start up my internet business. I love your blogs and all your great information.

    Thank you,

    Larry Musson

  200. Cheryl Rojo

    Anthony more one on one training would be really great. I spent a lot of money so far for some reason be known to me I still can’t get it all to come together. So yea I agree with a lot of others. More step by step training would be nice. I know it cost a lot to get that one on one but I am one of us who lives on disability and I am a hands on person. I learn faster by doing . Thank you for all that you do Anthony not many or any one that I know would do what you are doing.Thank you

  201. Tim Molina

    I just want to be able to make enough money to support my family & take a vacation at least once a year.

  202. Valerie Monroe

    I will be on your webinar without you giving me anything. I need training and money. I need to work this business cause I been out of work for seven months without any income.

  203. milton allen

    Anthony don’t need a bride need some of your e4nergy stay well and I look forward to our discussion on the phone one of these nights

  204. JD

    No bribes should be necessary. Anthony, I would recommend a book called DRIVE by Daniel H. Pink in which he covers how motivation works and how to derive the maximum motivation from people you are attempting to motivate. An excellent book. I’m intrinsically motivated so I will attend for the learning experience.

  205. TIna Moomey

    I love that you are willing to help people and not charge a thing. I want to thank you! I still am trying to learn this system and reading your books. I still have not figured out how to up load affiliates on my blog but I will get it figured out. I know this works because I have earned some money.

  206. Grace Adels

    It would be nice to be able to get the program you offered us with payments.

  207. Mark Knudson

    How about a free webinar afterwards on Quick Starting your My Deals Center website. (or if you already have it, please email me the link)

  208. Carolyn J

    Hi Anthony,

    I would just like to be able to start a web site to generate cash, just not able to purchase any of the software or any of the payment plan. The company where I was working as a contractor for closed and my company I work for did not find me a permanent spot. For me an ethical bribe would be to give away the software to the winner who really wants to have it but just don’t have the funds.

  209. Ray

    Training,Training,and more Training.At this age of time,I got to see it a few times before I can remember.

  210. colleen dixson

    Don’t realy need a bribe, but if you have info. on Website Parking it would be nice. Thanks great being connected to you!

  211. Laurel

    I’m still a long way off from getting all the information formulated in making sense. I’m going thru the 365 manual and it’s helping. No bride is necessary. One on one training would be wonderful for me and it sounds like for so many others. Not having a regular income is a hinderance to getting all of your tools.
    Still keep it coming. I’ll see you on the webinar!!!! Thanks.

  212. Jimmy

    Well, perhaps I’ll try to learn how to do it this time through your webinar. Thanks Anthony!

  213. Philip

    Hi Antony – I am new at this Affiliate Marketing and I am looking for a step by step procedure to create a website for the marketing.

    I see many repeatation in your blog and if you can cut short, that is great Thanks again for you education.

  214. Ken & Joy Ganger

    Dear Anthony, Thank you for your weekly blog. I think a splendid bribe would be to allow 3 people to get your software that you sold on your first webinar. I am sure there a many handicapped people (including me) who are struggling to stay alive and their money has all gone to medical expenses and couldn’t buy the software you sold on your first webinar.

  215. Marie

    You do not have to give away anything! Just be a good teacher for your students and we will appreciate all your good things.

  216. KarenVincent

    We will be there. No bribes necessary… However, since we know you will offer something, training on getting the conversions would be nice. Lots of traffic and no conversions yet….

    Looking forward to learning more!

    Karen and Vincent

  217. Jessica Butterfield

    Well Anthony I’m almost finished with your book advertising profits from home but I really worry I’m just not smart enough to get this business going. My head is spinning! So what I would love is some sort of coaching to show me how to get started. Maybe I just need someone to tell me I’m taking the right steps.. We will see.

  218. Erliene

    Anthony, you have been so patient with those of us who have felt lost and just too busy working day after day to focus on your better way of making a living. Just need to have demonstrated the simplest step finally to get started on making your methods work. No bribe needed, just looking forward to attending this webinar. If the software is truly affordable, then maybe this could be just the start I’ve always needed.

  219. James Kahalewai

    Anthony………Free Traffick Webinar? Count me in, no bribes necessary. Thanks for all the training you offer……….Jimmy K.

  220. Ron Hendrix

    I really don’t to be bribed! I’m looking forward to the Webinar and I always enjoy your presentations. I can certainly benefit by gaining more knowledge.
    Thank you, Ron

  221. James Kahalewai

    Anthony………..Ready for any training……Thanks………Jimmy K.

  222. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……….Thanks……….Any training is welcomed………Jimmy K.

  223. Ben Broersma

    I watched the web show on traffic for a cent and a half cents but the sound went out before you got to the good part I can I listen to these instructions?

  224. Gregory Johnston

    I am completely new at this, so how about some kind of coach/mentor for a trial period to see if I can truly do this,I have a family to provide for!

  225. Jo MacDonald

    Sitting here thinking about bribes. Well, you have give say a 1000.00 to 5 people. What if you were to take an amount, split it up by the number of people that come to your webinar and send it to them. That was everyone wins and people will keep doing what you like because they never will know if your going to do it again. Even 5.00 is allot in the economy.
    Just a thought.

  226. james shears

    i would like for u to get me started iseen to get lost because i have not gotting ithink i am doing something wrong i think i am about to give up ijust lissing to u

  227. Debora

    An opportunity for a 1 to 1 phone call coaching. This would help me work through the roadblocks I have been facing. It could be a ‘Go To Meeting’ where we could actually work on the web site together.

  228. Dianne Hauser

    I think if you give this software to someone for free they would want to watch and learn how to use it.

  229. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    Your Webinars are Fantastic!!! A Bribe?? I can’t think of have already given so much. I am just hoping that I can get my business up and moving forward, I just can’t seem to get it together.

  230. leslie oriol

    I Confused you want to bribe me so you can teach me how to be successful surely you jest. Just info. on webinar thanks Anthony.

  231. marlene dixon

    Hi Anthony ,
    i really enjoy your videos and i am excited about this program you can bribe with tools to get me started i try to get my advertising camp started but the response i got is that i am a bronx member. could you tell me what that means, i really need to make some extra money for school that is my main reason why i made the sacrifice i don’t have any more money to invest until i start making some money HELP ME PLEASE…..

  232. Charles Villegas

    Blessings are always good for all at their level of growing.The information that is being given, is always good for the different topics that are mentioned. As we grow in our markets and… Blessing to all… The time Anthony takes for us, is great if and when we use the info! that is being viewed and mailed to us. Blessings be to all and keep up the good work one and all =). 11th Commandment =). Don’t quit !!! =).

  233. Edward

    you don’t need to bribe us just show us how to do all the things you say was possible to make money free with out charging us without having to pay 5000 dollars to attend your course to improve our skills im still trying all the method your book said to do I take notes and apply all the things you said and guess what im borrowing more money to do this things insted of making money wow i thought it was suppose to be the other way around but Im not giving up

  234. Mohammed

    Hi is me Mohammed, this is great I just can’t wait, you don’t have bribe me at all but if insist then I would like to lay my hands on your 365 days system. Thanks

  235. Clifford Dupuis

    Hello Anthony,

    I would like to ask you to take a quick look at my website an see if there are any pointers that you could help me to get some money flowing to it.
    That would be plenty enough of a bribe, even though it wouldn’t take that.

  236. Betty L

    raised our children to be loving and caring adults – ‘treat others as you would like them to treat you'(parapharse). We are very proud of our four
    children and the nine grandchildren we love. Your parents certainly can be
    proud of you and your siblings. Thanks for all you have shared.

  237. mary kenyon

    I am very interested and want to get started soon. Let me know my best and quickest options.
    Have a great week!

  238. Miltonetta Atwater

    Don’t need a bribe but I sure would like an easier way for traffic to find the products they are looking for. I get a lot of clicks but when they get to the site they have to click several places before they are able to really find what they are looking for. So I lose a lot of clicks to conversions because of that. Sure wish the site could be set up with perhaps banners that could direct traffic to the specific place of the product we are directly advertising.

  239. David Crookall

    The best offer would be to be able to speak directly with you so as to ask you questions and get your answers, so as to help us get past our road blocks.

  240. RJLapos

    Anthony,, It really sounds great all the new imformation and so, The new soft wearfor us .I had to go out of state on family matters so ive been out of touch this week ,I hope not to miss to much. Best to You: Ron

  241. Deborah Perkins

    Hi Anthony,

    I wish you could give me an extra day in the week!! I know that’s not possible though. I take online classes and seem to never have enough time for anything. However, I know something good will come of this someday. I need some serious one on one training to get my business off the ground. Yes, I could always use the cash to invest into the business, but training is what I need, even a scheduled phone call, or skype would be good from you. Thank You for all you do!

    Deborah Perkins

  242. Daniel

    More training and free access to your traffic-generating softwares would be a fair and ethical bribe to attend your webinars. Thanks in advance. Daniel

  243. Ida Jane Fabillar

    I don’t have a computer but I have an iPhone. Can I do the business right through this? Thanks for your emails I thought I can’t just do it in here. Can you send me a computer with the softwares already installed? Thanks

  244. Bjarne Breilid

    Since i am probably behind everyone else, I could benefit from a concrete exampole of how to write up an advertisement for a specific item I want to sell, I need to be taught how to go about taking the important initial steps. In other words, how do I get started? I need the simple, practical baby-steps with someone holding my hand. Once I learn that, you won’t be able to stop me – I think..

  245. Melissa Rodriguez

    I think you could bribe us with more step by step training or money always works. I’m looking forward to the webinar. Can’t wait:)

  246. Steve Ferry

    There are 100 comments above mine. 101 is a good number! Your offer to make “an ethical bribe” is a nice gesture. The old tale about something for nothing resonates in the many comments I have read. We need help. Prizes/money or ‘gifts’ is not what the masses are needing–you know the ‘fish today hungry tomorrow fable’? People are not able to ‘attend’ your webinar due to conflicts with work/family, so it would be nice to have an option or choice (even listen to a replay if that is possible). I would like to see you offer us, the 101, a brief but thorough email recap of your best ten or 20-tips for getting into the profit zone as your ‘ethical bribe’ to attend you webinar.

    I don’t “live” at my email address and two or three days notice is necessary for me to be active and respond to invitations to join your webinar. In such invitations, it is essential that your subject contain the ‘jist’ of the webinar/invitation, etc. Again, I am like so many others, one time does not fill all. I am in Chicago (Central Daylight time zone) and mornings Tuesday-Thursday are best for me–again, I need time to respond. The internet moves at the speed of light, but I do not. Thank you for what you are doing, Anthony!

  247. Ron Boltz

    I appreciate all that you do and I hope everyone else does. I am not looking for a bribe. I am looking forward to all your great marketing suggestions. Your style is very refreshing. God Bless You Always.

  248. Doris Gessner

    Practically no one suggested money etc., but here’s a really good one. Why not offer 1, 2, 3 Ipads or Ipods. I know I’ve been wanting one and don’t want to put out the bucks for it because I really don’t understand them, but I’d love to have one so I can get acquainted. Or another suggestion, why not share 100 leads with 1 or more people, I think the leads or the Ipad/Ipods are a great idea. Doris Gessner

  249. John Yoder

    Hi Anthony
    What I would like is more of the software we can use to make it easier to make money in affiliate marketing.

  250. George Vernon

    I would like to see some extensive training on how to setup a “squeeze” page. Or software is always nice!

  251. Todd K

    Looking forward to your free traffic webinar. How about a trip to see and learn from you one on one. You and Adrian are great just trying to get this business off the ground.

  252. Judy

    Give More information on cpv marketing and another free training would be very nice, And which afflicate has the best cpv offers.

  253. stevenHull

    A bribe would not be necessary, but it would be nice to get a copy of your new book or something for the newbie(me) to draw traffic. A BOTTLE OF ASPIRIN FOR THE HEADACHE THATS FROM INFO OVERLOAD. HAHA!
    We trust your judgement or we shouldnt be here. We know you enjoy the bribe part( the giving) so just provide something that you feel we will need, but may not be able to obtain as a newbie. Thankyou for all the knowledge

  254. Wendy H.

    Personal training session would be great. I would love to some techniques on how to use the CPV tools to it’s full!

  255. Linda Brewington

    I appreciate your wanting to help everyone with your program. Unfortunately, three months ago I was laid off from my job and face foreclosure. I would love to do this business, but I do not have the funds. I wanted to take the time to thank you, God Bless You, and may you prosper always!

  256. kyle

    Continue free videos? I like to invest in as little as possible because im on unemployment and going to school do have a very big budget lol.

  257. E. McCoy

    Anthony, thank you for being so patient with those of us who feel so lost and are too busy working day after day to focus on how to make a living a better way. No bribe is needed, but real step-by-step help as to how to get started would be invaluable. If your program truly is affordable, maybe this can be a start. Looking forward to the webinar.

  258. G.Trenor

    The coming up webinar will be my first. So I will be seeing how well it turns out. (i’m guessing alright) But if there is one thing you will grant,here is my question. Is web 1.0 still a viable big money maker,or should everyone make their web sites to go with web 2.0 for socializing content?

  259. Peggy Baker

    I cant wait for the next webinar. It is so slow for me. I am working hard I will make it soon! I appreciate all of your help. Great coaches also.
    Bring on that webinar!!!!

  260. irene

    Hi, Anthony
    I purchased your books in January and do continue to read all your followers comments.
    I have not participated in the webinar or any blog, I am old school and have no technical abilities I just learned last week how to drag and put something in trash. I also attended lunch conference in Palmdale it was very informative.

  261. Linda Cress

    Speaking for myself, I would listen to you and time. I need to learn all that I can, and am willing to learn all that I can. I still do not have all the things down pat, but I am learning. It is hard especially when you are computer illerate like me. Thanks for all you do for us.

  262. Anita Reehl

    I only just recently saw your infomercial a couple nights ago. The ethical bribe that would help me is maybe a copy of your newest book, etc. that was advertised on the infomercial I saw. The one titled: Automated Profits From Home:

    Automated Money Making Strategies.

    That and the free website, etc. that comes with it. I want to get started with your program, etc. because at this point in my life I need something that works. In the past I have wasted too much money on things that don’t work. I want to get started but am so broke I can’t even afford the $30 it costs to order the book ($19.95 for the book, $9.95 for S&H). I need help.

  263. Debra

    I need help with setting up my Website and getting url’s. So my bribe, I would like help. I am out of work and I need to make some money soon.

  264. Debra

    I could use some money as well, I think it should be whatever u think I would need to get started. That would be Awesome.

  265. lamont secretario

    just keep doing what you have been doing and don’t lead anyone on, stay true to your word and me along with other true followers will always remain with you. some of us have everything on the line to follow your teaching just don’t change..

  266. Velda

    I went to one of your trainings and was unable to purchase the programs. So I think if you would give away a complete start-up program, then that would be helpful for me. Thanks

  267. Gwen Davis

    How about some coaching or mentoring for a trial period. I really could use the help.

  268. quinton

    Hello Anthony,

    I do not need a bribe but it would be great to offer one of the techniques that can be used right away where there is an opportunity to make money. If you offer a monetary amount you could allow it to be a reward after trying several or one particular software program as a motivator. Thanks for the information.


  269. W gilzene

    I Anthony I like this give a man a fish and you have to feed him daily ,teach him to fish and he will feed him self.All i want is that you teach me ths system.

    Thank you

  270. Angelia Johnson

    Hi Anthony j2luk I received your books etc… in the mail today can’t wait to start to read them. As you previously stated I need to get my brain smarter so I can get my business up and running. Of course I will attend all the webinar’s, and without a bribe. It will take me a while to get the money to buy the materials I will need to get my business up and running. Well Rome wasn’t built a day. So there you are! You have a wonderful day!

  271. Jeffrey Roye

    Anthony, just ordered your book but, have not received it yet. One thing that I think would really help is that when I have a question about something, I could email or call one of your technical personnel and ask them my question.

  272. Pollie Witherspoon

    ANTHONY, JUST BE YOURSELF, Because I can only speak for myself, but I don’t have the money to sign up or put in traffic. I really wanted to sign up before you got a thousand people. I was on the Webinar and was very upset. not with you, but with myself. maybe next year I will get started. Thank you and Adrian for explain how to put in traffic. so well.

  273. aurelio cabanez

    Hello Anthony, this is new to me, I worked at the nursing field, however I believe I can do this, I have a business a homecare homecare agency and tried very hard for about 3yrs, however I decided to closed it, can’t affored to pay my obligation/payroll/ect, I borrowed money amoubnting $50K from a very closed freinds my goal is to return that money in 90 days, I am hoping the materials can help me generate income and live happy together with family.


    Ido not really need to be ethically bribed, but since u mentioned it, a traing course would be kinda nice, or maybe some free training

  275. peter maany

    all I need is some guidance and help. I am not good with computer and I love to change my life for better. I am driven but lack knowledge. Can you help me and be my mentor?

  276. goerge foreman

    i suggest u do it all. a little money… little extra training… maybe your book @ dvd set…although i have the books if u offer a little of all every one will…. be intrested

  277. Jerry Brafford

    Hello Anthony

    I don’t need a bribe, the training is incentive enough. Because like you said,
    It’s not how you play the game, It’s how smart you play the game.And the right training will make us smarter.But if you would like you could give us
    a direction map.With the tools and the websites we need to succeed

    thanks for everthing
    Jerry Brafford

  278. Marsha D.Roth

    I have so much to learn it would be nice to have your other books. I already have Advertising profits from home. You are ausome and with your help I am hoping to get good at it someday. I am doing a little every day so maybe there might be some hope there. thankyou Anthony. Bribe Bribe Bribe….

  279. Ronald Bish

    Thanks again Anthony,,I like the idea of another webinar. I personally do not need an ethical bribe,,but I appreciate the offer. To answer the question of what an ethical bribe should,,well,,I believe that a Three day training trip to your office and/or $500.00 dollars would get the attention of many. I look forward to the webinar. Thanks, ,, You Da Man !!

  280. Perry Brewster

    Ethical bribe? I would love to get some training and start making money!!!

  281. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony, I would like 1 year membership in your Education Mastery Learning Center website for free. Right now I am paying $ 39.95 per month.
    I will plan to attend the Webinar.

  282. Natalie Florance

    Thankyou for offering the new webinar which will be my first. I would like to be bribed with a monetary guarantee of revenue in a two week time frame if your instructions are explicity followed. Thankyou for a chance to progress in the affiliate marketing industry.

  283. Emanuel Reid

    Need a video to show me how its done step by step from start to finish,that i can watch over and over again till i get right,an know what i’m doing. PLEASE!

  284. Nancy

    You don’t have to bribe us and can not wait for your last Webinar.
    Really looking forward to the up coming Webinar!
    Thank You and have A Great Week!

  285. Dorcia

    The bribe you can offer is another trainer for a week. That really helped me get started and forced me to do the things you wanted us to do.
    I know we all have questions but are afraid to ask or embarrassed. Or have a vacation camp that we could go to. Work one on one with you or someone to get started. What would that be worth. That would be great!

  286. Albert Shinn

    Hey Anthony,
    Good info, can’t wait. I don’t really need to be bribed. I will do what I can to be there. I enjoy your presentations.

  287. Judi O

    I think giving away several free CPV software programs ($997) with the 30 minute phone set up ($497) would be a great bribe and great way to give us a jump start….Would you think?

  288. Clara Leake

    Anthony, I was blown away by CPV. That is my suggestion for a giveaway and I pray I win. I don’t need to be bribed to attend your webinars because I’ve never missed one. All your info in extremely helpful. I just want to start making some money.

  289. percy parham

    How about a state of the art computer system,the one i have is used and always seems to be doing something on its own.It would be just great for me.I’ll watch the webinar anyway though.


  290. Valerie Darlington

    Anthony, I am tempted to say “money”, but I think what would really benefit someone like me is some “hand-holding,” explaining/clarifying all collected information into a tangible system that actually makes money. In other words, I have read so much, bought so much and am struggling with weeding out the ‘unimportant’ to arrive at the important and get the system in place. Did I make sense?

  291. Robert Archie

    Hi Anthony,
    This is what I would like you to do, personally if I was
    a winner I would like to have your very most recent book that would help educate me about having and starting my own marketing online business and also a dvd training course in relation to online marketing. Also money that I can use so I can start a business of my own. I would use the money so I can pay off all my monthly finances so I can soley focus on the up bringing of my business until it’s fully functional.

    Robert Archie (In action)

  292. Mike Henley

    Free personal training and setup of website. I have not started yet and seem to always be busy wiht current work and can’t find time to get the website up and running.

  293. Iciphene Hardy

    Thanks but I don’t need a bribe to watch your webinar. I would like to hear and see the information you will be giving us. I have already learned many things from your books, webinars, emails and other teaching methods. I am willing to take the time to learn and put the information to work for me. The results I receive is the greatest reward you can give us.

  294. laura smith

    Like your blog !!! well traning i for sure need ,maybe with a combo of cash to get my ad of my website on google and bing ect…… Maybe like 3,000 in traning clases and 2,500 cash for trafficing !!! Look forward to your webinar!!!

  295. Monica

    Teach me to fish? Feed me for a day?
    Um mm I’d like you to teach me to fish!

  296. Dale Haynes

    No money required! But personal training, encouragement or something that adds to the jump start would be my suggestion. While it is always so that “if it is to be, it is up to me” there are many who need assistance. Go for it!

  297. Blaine Means

    I really enjoyed your two books, that came with my first package from you.
    I actually read them both in two days, just couldn’t put them down. I like your training style, can’t wait for my one on one, I am sure it will be awesome. Just keep doing what your doing as far as I am concerned,you are the best I have run across yet very good material, really get down in the trenches with us I love it, thanks for teaching me nothing but great stuff so far.

  298. cherlyn

    Anthony, Bribe me with a little bit of you-time. Hold a weekend seminar for SPECIALS,with you as host.
    your personal touch will imply sincerity and create close bonds and business partnerships.
    How about it? I would luv a live training experience with you.

  299. Bill

    Anthony, there are only three important things, Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic. Make this software available and some training in the methods you use. See you at the end of the month.

  300. Dottie M

    Thanks Anthony! I think a good ‘give away’ would be one of your books and/or a one on one phone call so they could speak with you personally and have some of their questions answered – even if it’s just 15 minutes.

  301. Melinda

    Ethical bribe is not logical. The only thing that keeps me from being at the webinar is the time frame. I have not made millions yet so I still have to work outside my internet business.

  302. Jeff Powell

    I would love to have some 1 on 1 training with you Anthony! Due to past experiences I found that speaking to someone like you could really really clear my mind and set me on that path. I have never been able to speak to a live person concerning other opportunities. I just started and I am ready to GO!

  303. Dwight Price

    anthony i am so afraid to try and move forward i have sickness in my family and my confidence is way down i really am confused please help

  304. Raelene Berg

    Would LOVE to have a mentor call me or stop by my house HA..I TRUELY need some assistance with this…the more knowledge the better. having a free trial mentor would be AWESOME for anyone i think.


  305. Chris Ryan

    I will attend your webinar regardless of the bribe. If I had to choose the bribe would be access to traffic explosion or a copy of your new book I think both would aid me in becoming a better internet marketer.

  306. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I would say give-a-way 10 paid subscriptions to the free traffic software after watched this video, reading the emails, liking or retweeting this video & having completing the Webinar.

  307. Fred

    Any kind of tool we could use to make our business more efficient. Software, hardware of more training. Great idea Anthony. Thank you for being this thoughtfull. Look forward to the webinar.

  308. Sandra Jordan

    Anthony, bribe or no bribe I will be on the webinar, what i would like you to do is help us with the software and how to generate cash on line. All of us will not win the money, that is liquid but when you impart knowledge that we can utilize more time than one. Looking forward to the webinar with high hopes. God bless

  309. Shirlan Rymer

    Don’t have to bribe me for the Webinar – I want to learn how to make money on my website, just e-mail me & let me know when it’s happening. I bought a NEW domain name for my dealscenter but nothing has happened, guess I need to advertise????

  310. tom lance

    A flowchart showing the process for impelmenting campaigns. Starting from strategy of naming domain name forward.

  311. Karen Langman

    All I would really like to see are more payment plans extended out a little bit longer so that installment payments would fall below $100 per month. You really do try to make it affordable for those of us on fixed incomes and it is much appreciated. However, the smaller the payment can be offered, the more likely many of us whould be able to take advantage of your products and courses. Thank you for listening and looking forward to this next webinar.

  312. Rose

    It would be great to recieve the new software program if there’s any left over.

  313. tomi

    We need the training in order to be successful

    Free traffic methods will be great
    You do not need to bribe us….


  314. Linda

    Hi I am new to this like Taylor, i’m just piecing all this together. And taking my baby steps heh. But I set up my website, and am reading my books now. I applied to the NeverBlue affiliate site. But I’ll have to get back at this tomorrow I left my book at a side job and am going to get it now. As for bribes? no if anything your teaching us I think we ought to want to be in on a webinar so we can learn as much as we can about the entrepreneur in all of us. I havn’t seen a webinar yet. But I’ll watch it. Emerson you can do it!

  315. Cynthia

    I am very new at this…haven’t gotton the books yet…but it looks like a personal review of the website with tweeking would be great! Thanks!

  316. Julie Paulvin

    Money it’s not the first part, but you can help us to invest in the busness. By helping us doing that, I am sure you will benefit from it.

  317. Ligaya Valonzo

    Thank you Anthony, as for the eithical bribe, my opinin is, you don’t really need to. I agree with what Bill Lock, Jr. said, “if there is someone in my area who could come by my house”, that can give me a hands on training, that will perfectly make my learning/ business process at a max. God bless, you are a wonderful boss and teacher.

  318. cecelia mandigo

    start up money would be nice. say 500 dollars or money deposited into google or any of the social media sites.

  319. Dave

    Hi Anthony, I would definitely be up for your traffic webinar. You shouldn’t have to bribe anyone but if you must, I would love an I pad2, just a suggestion!

    Best regards………………….Dave

  320. Josie M

    Hey Anthony
    Real excited about another webinar. looking forward to it.No bribe needed just more marketing info. Thanks Much

  321. Jeffrey Woods

    How about giving away some sort of learning program for small children? So while mommy and daddy are trying to improve there mind the kids can be working to improve themselves. That way it’s a family effort to make all lives better.

  322. Sandro Meaden

    I don’t think that you should gave money for getting knowledge. I trust your judgment and expertise I looking forward to make good money in this adventure. Gave us the FREE training that’s good enough.
    If you still want to give something what about some credit for Direct CPV

  323. Rita Grabowski

    Hello, I would really really like to have a bribe of a phone call or some one to help me get through the steps necessary to get this affiliate marketing system to work. I’m a hands on type of person and trying to teach myself to use a computer to make money as a totally foreign idea. I can’t even speak the language. It’s all hit and miss so far.

  324. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Anthony, I don’t need an ethical bribe I will be there. But if you want an ethical bribe I think one on one help with you personally would be the cat’s meow. I have so many questions I would love to ask you pick your brain. I want the expert sitting right next to me coaching me on what to do. We bought into your system and became one of your students and need some helpful hints on how to make money, since we three have not been too successful yet. Trying but no go. We will be in Utah the next two weekends, so hopefully that will help us. Thanks for everything.

  325. will griffith

    Based on your earlier presentations, the information in the webinar will be so valuable that there is no need for a bribe. If you feel you must bribe us then how about offering the winner a 30 minute, one on one session with you or one of your top associates.

  326. Kaye Hutton

    I don’t need a bribe…I will be there! I just want more information on how to make my first online profit. I have been trying for 5 months so obviously I am doing something wrong.

  327. Anita Moore

    Anthony, thanks for the opportunities. Offer “free trial” to new software programs, at the time I did not have enough money to pay for the penny & 1/2 opportunity, though I was interested, may have been able to generate income with free trail to then pay for the software.(though I realize there was a limited amount). My plan is to keep educating myself and participating in what I can. Thanks again!

  328. Nathan Ross

    Hi Anthony;

    On that β€œEthically Bribe” ….. I believe the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. You apparently have done well for yourself, and to offer these classes and seminars to the public is great. I have been looking for a while on ways to work at home and still get money to come. Set my own hours and to try and pay off some of these monstrous bills. I have checked on some at home businesses and they were total scams. I hope and wish that this could be the opportunity for me….. that’s all that I wish.

  329. Connie McCurry

    Making the webinar free is good enough for me. No bribe really needd. I would, however, LOVE to get another book ^_^

  330. Dave

    Well, I won’t lie. I would like some sort of one on one with Anthony. To really pick your brain. My wife and I are not that young. She has retired in 2008 but has had to go back to work part time. I have lost my job, and I know you have to spend money to make money. But sometimes it seem overwelming. Saying that, my wife and I are going to do all we can to see this thru and start making money. So please keep up all of your training I am sure It is all helpful

  331. Walter Patino

    Training, however, one that is also designed for those of us who have not yet gotten our business off the ground. Thank you.

  332. Roger Vialva

    How about for the ethical bribe give the chance to come meet you and train with you personally not your staff but, you the same way you taught your bother and friend. For say two weeks, and you can video tape the training so other can see first hand how to get started instead of reading it in your books.

  333. darryl smith

    Your book” Automatic Profits From Home” is how I dream of setting up my plan , hoping I can getting going before christmas_ If you can talk more on the material in the book would be a good ethical bribe to me! Keep up the good work. Anthony, I know it seems like I been missing in action, just taking on another task( EVEREST ONLINE COMPUTER INFORMATION SCIENCE) JUST trying to to make some sacrifices so I can run my Avertising Profits

  334. Yvonne

    I think all the info on how to generate lots of traffic would be incentive enough….but if you want to do more… I would not want to take that from you:) So a copy of your book would be a very wonderful ethical bribe. Thanks Anthony

  335. Norm

    Ethical bribe? 30 minutes of free one-on-one coaching from someone on your staff to help us generate income.This seems to be a theme throughout the comments here; “hands on training with your staff”, “someone to take me by the hand and show me the way”, “would love some personal help either via phone or Internet with jump starting my internet career!”. Need I say more?

  336. J. Suliveres

    I agree with L.W. Shepard, to bribe us with your Traffic Explosion Course given to someone for free. That makes perfect sense because it goes along with what you will be teaching at the webinar. I assume during the webinar we will also be let in on the software you are talking about that you say is not expensive. Thanks for all the great training.

  337. Cheryl Becker

    I would like to have one on one training and set up of this program on my computer. Money is always nice as I am unemployed for 6 months now….need to seriously get started with this unique program as I feel money and profit can be made……keep training and motivating us Anthony πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your help….what a god send.

  338. Richelle

    Being new to the world of online marketing, the most valuable “bribe” would definitely be a hand-holding session or ten to really help get up and running. There’s SO much information to process when you are new, and I find myself completely stuck and not knowing which direction to turn next. Money is an issue, so I can’t afford to purchase different software packages, etc. I am so ready to get this moving and take action, but I don’t know what action to take!
    Looking forward to the Webinar, thank you Anthony!

  339. Connie Johnson-Kline

    Hu Anthony, I will look forward to your next webinar. How about for an ethical bribe your 365-day training material which has a cost I currently cannot afford or I would purchase it.

  340. James

    Some free handholding training those guys keep calling me about that I can’t afford.been out of work for a while and need to start generating some can bribe me with that or money. Money is always great.

  341. Valerie

    Would like some free one on one with your coaching staff, I need that extra help to get me started.

  342. Tiffany Sturgeon

    I can’t wait for the webinar, my ethical bribe would be to have access to your super affiliate program because I am diligently working on following the steps in your first book, but I would love personal coaching. I have spoke with one of your phone reps and I really want the coaching but just could not afford it at this time. I have been trying all aspects that I do have available and am learning something new everyday.

  343. Maria Ramirez

    Hey Anthony,
    An ethical bribe for me would be to have free access to the set up and start of the program. For economical reasons, I was not able to buy that service when I initially signed up and I must admit, I do need help to start. I need to start making good money soon because I am broke and about to loose my house.
    Thank you, Anthony! Just for being as you are, sharing all that knowledge with us.

  344. virginia

    webner is the best thing because it will help more people
    thanks for all you do to help others on their financial freedom journey

  345. Dorothy Marr

    Money is always nice to have. Your training is very helpfull. The courses is to the point. But any information that is ” FREE” is always that best to receive.

    Thank You Anthony have a great day.

    Respectfuly Yours

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    Step one do this, step two do this. this is a vido to make money on line for a complet Idoit Or everything you needed to Know but was afraid to ask! with little or free. people are hearting.

  347. Debra Elliott

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  348. Rick Atkins

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  349. Sandra

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  350. Nichole Dunkley

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  351. Mary Jo York

    A bribe? Hmmmm….. maybe $50.
    Or even better – for myself, I am BRAND NEW to this, a friend told me about you, Anthony and affiliate marketing. I don’t know where to begin…. where would you advise a person to start? I have no money to invest now, so info that is free would
    be great, probably better than a bribe of money.

    Thanks for all that you do helping others.

  352. Valerie Parker

    I love your webinars. always can use the training. Can you do it on a Saturday. I can not catch the webinars done in the evening during the week. I work swingshift. And of course the plan is to retire from this swingshift job.

  353. J. King

    I have just purchased your book and am still reading it. It is too early for me to make a comment on what I should give away since I haven’t decided my niche yet.

  354. Peggy Baker

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  357. Dustin Schmidt

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  358. Amy Jo Mobley

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    so I am taking one day at a time

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    Hi Anthony! thanks for sharing.
    All I need to be more convince is one of your Automated Profits From Home: Automated Money Making Strategies book and more traning free.One more thing, please upload your webinar video for those of us that would not be able to make it there.