1. Kaye Hutton

    Thanks for the webinar and the new software. I am on an information overload right now but I am trying to get through it all and start making a profit from it.

  2. Bryon Roebuck

    Sorry I miss the webinar, couldn’t be helped Family Matters.

    (NO Pun)

  3. Trudey Hall

    Anthony, you are Awsome!! I concider it a great honor that you are even willing to show us how to work the business online. Keep up the good work and don’t forget what your mother taught you…to share!!

  4. Karen Stedman

    I got the software and I am defiantly on information overload. I have so much to learn.

  5. Caryn

    Wish I was the “Caryn/Karen” that won the $2,500 but Congratulations to those lucky ones who did WIN!

  6. mayra rosario

    I am going to rewatch the webinar. however, i am also on information overload. do not know where to start with all of this…


    Sorry to miss webinar…flu season in Kansas…will watch the next one soon.

  8. Patrick Jackson

    Didn’t win the cash prizes however will win the traffic game. Webinar was great and I am already getting into the software system. We will make it happen!

  9. Dwight Price

    Thanks Anthony for the webinar i am reading a lot but still need a few things explained to get started

  10. Theresa

    I have to say that winning a cash prize would have been nice, however, I believe that still have a winner is this software. I gives us everything we need to make money if we are willing to study and listen to you and our selves. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to make a better life for ourselves and our children.

  11. Titus Mckee

    The Webinar was really good for those of you that missed it. You should really take time to watch this before Anthony takes it off. Good luck to you all.

  12. Carolyn Heck-Derton

    Thanks Anthony for the webinar, missed it but have watched enouth videos to can’t wait to get my hands on Fast Cash Commissions.
    Maybe there is still Hope alive

  13. Linda B

    Thanks for posting the webinar after you had it, as our local library closed at 8:00pm EST and I’m awaiting payday to get my internet back up so I can stay at home and use my own computer. I am also in the middle of my book page #74 and got my mail-chimp connected to my affiliate website. I’ve been busy too. I will go over what I missed and keep on moving forward. Peace & Joy-

  14. Suzanne Bateman

    The webinar was outstanding and most informative. Currently, I am where Kaye is on information overload, but it will become clear and I look forward to being on the road to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Many thanks, Suzanne

  15. James Sliney

    Anthony, thank you for a superb webinar and awesome software. I have a lot of work ahead of me to integrate it into my internet business.

  16. Betty Masters

    The webinar was fantastic and I am looking forward to gettin started using the material I purchased. Thanks so much Anthony! You are a great person!!!

  17. Cheryl Woodard

    I’am so the sorry that i could not get to come to the webinar because i was at the hospial with my son.

  18. James Kahalewai

    Anthony……..Thanks for the webinar. Fast Cash Commiisions and CPV Domination, do they work together. Overload of material at this point. I’ll get through it, my persistence to succeed over-rides any cash flow I’m making now. Appreciate all you do………..Jimmy K.

  19. Ronald

    Thanks for the webinar. I really enjoyed.once I get started I hope to be a money making machine.

  20. wilbourn carr

    The webinar was great Lots of information Anthony I could not even find the $47 to purchase the software the night of the webinar. I was ashamed considering m a home owner I have a car But I have all the bills that come along with those things. The fact is I lost my job over a year ago, the good news is I found your Program bought in some time ago and Today 10/31/2011 I was able to buy the Fast cash software! I applied for the coaching and await a favorable response, ready, willing and able to get started.

  21. Clarence

    The webinar was great, just lots of great information. Bought the software and it looks and works great.. Thanks again Anthony..

  22. David

    Thank you for the excellent webinar and software Anthony! I appreciate your efforts helping me to succeed.

  23. ruth

    the seminar was great…i had a prior schedule right after so i am back and trying to learn and start through it. Thanks

  24. Angelia Johnson

    The webinar was great, wish I could have gotten the software, but finaces wouldn’t permit at this time. Maybe somewhere down the road later ownyou will decide to offer it again. Maybe by that time i will be able to get it. Again really enjoyed the webinar. Have have a wonderful day!

  25. Janise

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for the webinar. I’m hoping that the software will still be available by this Thurs or Friday because that’s my only option right now. Again, Thank you so much for everything…….

  26. ruth

    thanks for the webinar…entirely new to me..still groping but trying to start and learn as fast to get through it.

  27. Dareen

    WOW! I am really impressed that Anthony actually gives cash prizes to webinar’s attendees. I don’t know any place that does that!
    I just joined so I couldn’t be there … but count me in for the next one.
    Congratulations to the winners !

  28. Jay Carter

    Congratulation to the winners of this awsome Webniar! One training video will literally tranform your thinking into a remakable marketing competior. If you don’t even try one technique it is still worth 10 time what its worth!!!

  29. Paul Thacker

    The webinar was great and you give a lot in the back office. Today I’m downloading it and are still training to get it working. Job well done so far!

  30. Colleen Kidd

    I couldn’t attend the webinar this time because I was ill. Sorry I missed it

  31. Millie Martin

    Enjoyed the webinar. Looking forward to “Fast Cash Commissions”. program.

  32. Clifford Ovid

    Clifford Ovid,

    Hello Anthony, The Webinar was very informative and really great. I bought the program, but I need to speak to you or some one. Preferably yourself. Thank you, God bless you.

  33. Chel

    Thanks for posting the webinar! That allowed me to work and get the $ for the software!!!!


  34. Vernon Stroppel

    Loved the webiner, that was my first live webiner, thought it was geat, hope to get onto more of them, THANKS, By the way, liked your Blog outfit, don’t change your casual (laid back) look. There was a lot of infromation, working through it, Thanks again

  35. Deborah Perkins

    Thank You for the great webinar Anthony…..I had purchased the software from you the day before the webinar and I have been trying to reach someone about it. The software I purchased is phenomenal, but I wanted you or someone to let me know for sure it was the same one. I hope someone can assure me it is! Thanks!

  36. theresa

    Thank you so much, was able to get software woking on other item to go with it. Time to put things in action and follow threw with you instructions. You are the best Anthony. Have a great week. and see you on Monday.

  37. Cynthia H.

    Hi Anthony,

    Tlhanks for a really good webinar session. This is my first one and I really enjoyed it. Question? I’ve notice there are alot ofpeople that havent completely read both books they received with the program and are already starting to put a program together is that possible? I was told I had to read both books first. Need to know, dont want to get behind. On making money.

  38. Tory Johnson

    Hey Anthony Morrison, I and my wife attended the webinar and it was very very great information about your new software, but my finances will not allow me to get it. I am actually still trying to work on getting started with everything… slow success is better than no success….Thanks Mr. Anthony

  39. Monica Restea

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank you, for the hard work you put into preparing for the webinar and for sharing your knowledge with all of us “in need.” Your heart is of gold and your goodness it’s expressed by what you do, may God continue to bless you. I am new to all this but is’s been my vision for many years. Please help me, I don’t know where to start but I know that with your help I can make it.
    I bought a domain, What should I do first? Should I start to build my website? Should I start with Click Bank? Should I start Click and Paste? or Where?. I need to make a little money, so I can buy some programs in order to learn.
    I am so very happy for all our winners. Good Luck to all of you, and again all my respect to you Anthony, and all others involved. Monica Restea.

  40. lester thomas shotwell

    dthank you anthony for your business and webinar – i have to admit its so very difficult for me t sit down and watch your very informative shows – but i keep truging along like the little train that could so i can keep up with everything so thanks again keep em coming my friend –

  41. Fernando Aldaco

    Sorry,did not make the Webinar. Illness within the family, was out of town.From reading the responses it was a great turn out.

  42. Paula Knodel


    I was blown away with all the information on your webinar. I purchase the software, but I do not know how to access it. Can you let me know so I can get started?

    Thanks for all your help.

  43. Lynda English

    Hi Anthony,
    It would be great to see what your winners wrote. Share with us please

  44. Dave Smith

    Hi .Anthony. I could not make the webinar but watched it afterwards and loved it 100%. Pity I would have loved to win the money but those who including myself that purchased the software are the real winner. Information is priceless and cannot wait for your next webinar. Congrats to the cash winners.

  45. Bruce Lee Morris

    I liked and enjoyed the webinar I’m glad I couldnt get the cpv domination program and I’m thankful you’ve made it possible for those who couldnt afford the cpv domination program. I hope I become a great candidate to have a coach because I will give my best efforts to striving towards success.

  46. Leitha Frye

    Anthony, FCC sounds great, one month free clone is even better. Glad you are trying to help those of us who are not so computer literate! I am really needing help but am financially unable to join Fast Track Succcess Team at this time. I will keep on working on it.

  47. Doris Peoples

    I was pn the webinar and purchased the software, am at a loss of where to start..I am very excited and ready to make money, but I need your help getting started…

  48. Monica

    I am also on info overload as another member commented. One thousand steps at a time, but I am learning to focus upon one at a time so I will not trip and fall. Thank you and I look forward to enjoying this process.

  49. Eric Massoud

    sorry I missed the webinar … it’s been dificult lately but still determine to catch up.

  50. Jessie Littlejohn

    Congrats to all the winners, Anthony great show..I am on infomation overload and have a major problem that I am dealing with that is taking me sometime to solve,but as soon as I get a clear mind I will get back to learning.The software seems to be a great tool can’t wait to learn more about it. Thank you very much.

  51. Gil Rivers

    I just watched the webinar last night and purchased the software. I’m a newbie to all this and so excited to take this system and info and run with it! Thank You Anthony!

  52. Dawn

    Hello Anthony,

    Thanks for offering the program at such a reasonable price. I wasn’t able to get it that night but I got it the next day. I am still reading the books and trying to learn how everything works, so hopefully very soon I will be on my way to earning some extra income that I really need.
    Thanks again and Happy Halloween!

  53. elizabeth

    The webinar was great. Congrats to the 4 winners. Fast cash commissions has some really great info and links. If you don’t have it – get it. LOL

  54. Roxann Volling

    Great webinar! Bought much of the material. Now on overload as the rest are? Looking forward to mastering affiliate marketing with the help of your materials and a coach which I paid for before. Thanks for being a great teacher and willing to share with us what you have learned to make our learning curve easier.

  55. Janet Maxwell

    Well I see all these post, but no where that mentions who the winners are.
    Maybe I’m blind.

  56. Lamar

    Hi Anthony:
    I attended the Webinar Thursday night Anthony, and I’ve attended your other webinars. I have read your book, “Advertising Profits from Home” but I don’t know where to start to do this business. I didn’t know whether to buy the software or not because I feel like I am so far behind. I appreciate what you are doing and want to succeed.I really need something I can do to earn money from home, in my own business. I just don’t know how to get started.

    Thanks, Lamar

  57. Linda Guarino

    I signed up finally trying to get some training to get it all working. Appreciate all you do. Wish I could have won the money prize, sure could use that. But maybe you will offer again I will look cause I am always present for the webinars.

  58. April

    Webinar was great…. can’t wait to get started and generating some FAST CASH….college student in my home and as a single mom I really really need it!

  59. Melody Barr

    I have been busy with my mother who is not in good health. I want to catch up at this time. Melody

  60. Scott Ullrich

    Thanks Anthony,

    the webinar was great and I so appreciate you keeping the software price so low. I jumped on it and am so glad I did. Keep up the great work and we’ll see you next time…

  61. Hazel

    Hello Anthony

    Thanks for the webinar. it was highly informative and I’ve leant a lot. I look forward to more webinars in the future.,,Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Hazel B

  62. Richard

    Awesome webinar! Mind blowing information! Definately a game changer! I picked up the software! Looking forward to a legthy partnership with you!

  63. Sebastien Ahoussi

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for the webinar. I’m hoping that the software will still be available by this Thurs or Friday because that’s my only option right now. Again, Thank you so much for everything…….

  64. Neal Falk

    Hey Anthony,
    I really liked your webinar. It seems like
    Everytime I watch these and offer one these great
    Deals, money is tight and I kick myself in the butt.
    I’m finally getting the hang on how this is working
    And would really like your software. Thanks for your
    Time and effort to help so many people.

  65. Diana Barnes

    Thank you for the great information on the webinar & we will start reviewing the Fast cash commissions.

  66. Annette

    Anthony, thank you for making the price so reasonable! I’m sorry for those buried under snow and couldn’t watch the webinar.

  67. Brett McNeil

    Hi Anthony, I am really excited about the software. You guys have a great product and the webinar was outstanding idea. I look forward to making money and learning more. The investment was well spent.

  68. Virginia Archie

    Congratulations Winners!!!I’m happy for you guys! Thank you so much Anthony ! You are awesome person,very generous and smart!…webinar is great and I’m working on that software…..but I would like to download it so i can study again and again.More power to you Anthony!!!

  69. Hermela

    Hi Anthony! Peace be with you! Wow! Thank you so much for devoting your time, effort, your very SELF so we will learn! The Webinar was priceless! I am so enthusiatic and so inspired that I keep on studying this!
    To all your detractors? You are missing a lot from ANTHONY MORRISON !
    You know what? I am already an affiliate of fast cash commission! I will be putting my website soon. I want to make a joint venture with you with my business! I barely sleep. God loves you! Keep it use that talent to help others!Nick thank you also!


  70. James Robinson

    Anthony: The webinar was outstanding and thanks for announcing the winners of the cash. Actually everyone who was at the webinar and got the program and is now putting it in use is a winner.

  71. Trena Puentes


    Thanks again for your hard work, for your all the ways that you help others, I’m grateful! I extend my CONGRATULATIONS to those who won the cash prizes!


  72. Fastsales

    Your information on the Webinar was toTps. By you pputting at the price youd did showed your willingness to help the masses. I loved the price. Thanks.

  73. James Bray

    Hi Anthony.
    It was a great webinar. Whether I win the $5000.00 or not I still feel like a winner for having ordered three of your offers tonight. Thanks.. Everyone who heard the webinar and took advantage of your incrediable offer will be better of in their quest to possibly make it on the Internet. God Bless and wishing everyone good luck with your help. —jim—

  74. Sharon Volkman

    I watched all of the webinar. You really made it look so easy and simple. I couldn’t grab the money right now or I would have that software. Thank you again, Anthony.

  75. Shelley Bear

    Thanks Anthony, for the great, informative webinar! I bought the software and I am anxious to get started! I sure appreciate all of your help, and for sharing your marketing strategies with us!!
    Keep up the great work!!

  76. Bonnee Caplan

    I missed the webinar on the first showing but as usual I went back and watched it and I think you did really good. I’m proud of you. I would really like to have the program that you designed but I just don’t have $50.00 fot it. If there is a scholarship or grant that I can apply for I would really appreciate it, if not then I will just continue to read and watch everything you make available. Thank you very much.

  77. Hine Campbell

    Hi Anthony,
    I have watched the webinar,I have found it to be very awesome,but due to my finances I am unable to buy the software.Thank you for sending this yo me as I have saved it and will try to learn from it.
    Regards Hine Campbell


    Attention Anthony:

    Thank you for organising the important WEBINAR. Even though I did not attention it because of obvious reasons, I have a healthy respect for it and hope to attend future Webinars.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    J A Fontem

  79. Shirley J Campbell

    Got the software but haven’t had a chance to look at it. My Husband got sick during the night and ended up having an emergency appendectomy (ruptured appendix). In ICU for 2 1/2 days but doing better now.

  80. Elizabeth A Omolewu

    The webinar was good. It was informative however, I need to know how to use the information. Can a kind, tender-hearted, passionate person in the community please contact me and walk me thro’ so I can start making some profits. You may contact [email protected]. The affiliate business is great and I have bought many materials on it but it is not working for me so friends, please reach out to me and help. You will be blessed. Thanks

  81. Keith C

    Like the others, info overload! But its all good. Trying to get as much as I can out of all of this, and Anthony delivers! Thank you for sharing and giving me, us, the chance to change our lives! If anyone wants to network, (joint venture…*cough cough*) hit me up on facebook and we will.go from there, kcaffilmark.

  82. LindaCarol Ertle

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you SO much for all you are doing for me. Right now I have a flu bug that is Trying to get me down. HA. Good try.
    I really enjoy the webinars. I’m reading and ingesting all I can from everything you have on the internet. It’s slow going, but I AM determined!!
    Keep up the Wonderful work, and May God Bless you Continuously, and Keep you safe in all your travels and doings.
    Thank you again.

  83. Patricia Dowdy

    This vwas a wonderful learning experience. I hope to see many more coming. Thanks Anthony.

  84. Colleen

    Thanks Anthony the webinar was great! I got the software buth my weekend was busy but had time to check some of it out. Like others I am on overload but will figure it out. Your a great guy thanks for this great opportinuity!

  85. Dottie Seavy

    Hi Anthony, since we haven’t stopped long enough from classes in Jackson and Madison to download the webinar.Once again, tell us where we find the “download” for the webinar? We didn’t see it yesterday. Had a great time the last week. According to Traci, we shall move slowly and try to absorb all the information we received. Thank you very much. Dottie Seavy

  86. Katherine Rodriguez

    Wow! Anthony,
    I am one of your new student, new school, new neighborhood. I’m still trying to soak up the knowledge in your book, do my homework on the Affiliate net work, and the webinar (did get software). I have information overload right now, but I will get it. When I start puting it altogether in my head I will have a lot of “awha! that’s what Anthony was talking about.” moments. You tell us it doesn’t come over nite, and I’m taking our word for it, because “your my profesor, and I am enjoying the challange of learning about something my family will benifit from. I want to thank you for giving of your time, talant, and knowledge.

  87. Calvin

    I have not seen the list of the winners. When I go to the video log it will not load. I hope I am a winner.

  88. Mike E


    Thanks for making the programs affordable. It is a lot of material to cover, and so close to Holiday Season that money was really tight. I am working to get up to speed.

  89. veronica gordon

    Hi Anthony it veronica i am so happy for the fast cash commissions on thank you again i am watching the video on every thing is fine now i am going to call some one to help me i love

  90. cynthia neufele

    My old computer crashed just after i reieved your new computer is on the way anyday.all i have for now is a nook book.can i please xtart over?
    I forgot my website everything.i plan on getting the dragon cause i broke my neck and its hard to type.please give another chance. Cynthia neufeld

  91. Ernest & JoAnn Reyes

    Aloha to Anthony from Ernest & JoAnn Reyes 11-14-11 time 8:03:pm WE like some people got the software but defiantly on information overload and I’m a very,very slow leaner high in there with as Aloha Anthony…..

  92. Ling Montaque

    i had to refresh the web page instances to look at this web page for some good reason, even so the information the following is worth a wait around.

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