1. Judy Nagel

    I am totally excited about the You Tube idea. I have a cookware site and putting a how to video on using it may be the answer. i have heard of people making lots of money on you tube,so thanks for the hint. i think web.2 design classes would be a good Christmas gift, or i am sure what you have will be a great help for us. i did purchase the fast cash but but i am having a hard time to get on the site again. to see the other videos. Thanks for your weekly videos Anthony,.

  2. David Wilkinson

    Thank you for the information about you tube.I was not aware of the opportunity to be able to make money using you tube. I really enjoy watching your weekly Blogs. I always pick up a lot of useful information every week.I will be looking forward to next weeks Blog.

    Thank you again


  3. James Moore

    It’s a very good idea, I’ve been thinkig of doing a few videos for youtube since I seen really stupid ones go viral and we know the guys behind them are making alot of profit!!

    Thanks for the tip buddy

  4. Bridgit

    Well, that was really cool….I did not know that u-tube shares profits from advertising. Now…if I can only think of something really cool to share πŸ˜€

  5. Lois

    Very Clever…I like this idea Anthony…the Youtube profit ideal and the challenge if you do this, then a mysterious Christmas gift reward…a win/win situation…I hope during this Christmas season, you find all the fulfillment and joy that you try to give to others…smile…Merry Christmas…

  6. geraldine hardrick

    I purchased your book last year. I didn’t open the box until today when I was suspended from my job. I am a hair away from being fired. I took the liberty in visiting your website and immediately was led to various places that contains a wealth of information. At this point, other than a person being sadden by her suspension, by the amount of anxiety I feel and by my growing depression, I am overwhelmed, but joyed by the endless amount of information that you are willing to share with me. Therefore Mr. Morrison, I shall start at the begining and view your “Stop Watch Me First” DVD and read the book Advertising Profits From Home. I am definitely ready to learn how to fish.

  7. Anthony Baillie

    Great Tip Anthony! I did not know a viral video on youtube would generate an income like that. Will start doing that right away.

  8. Dana

    Hi Anthony,

    I love this strategy, and so easy to do. Most people have some way to shoot video these days, whether from camera, or mobile phone.

    Thank you for all you do, and continue to do!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Lee Morgan

    Anthony, what a killer idea. I feel stupid now that you shared this great tip. That just makes too much sense. Wow…….Great stuff.

    Thanks for a great tip!


  10. Nancy Surace


    Love the You Tube technique. It is simple and won’t take up much time to do. The best part is the revenue sharing, Anything that is going to earn me money, is something I am willing to try. Thanks for the information!

  11. Janet Sharpley

    I totally concur with Anthony’s philosophy of teaching someone to fish for himself- it is the greatest gift to enable someone to take care of himself, his loved ones, and all those who have been left by the wayside, for whatever reason. Many thanks, Anthony, for the longterm inspiration. I have yet to get started, due to multiple and serious problems, but the light at the tunnel is just starting to come into view. Heartfelt appreciation from me for the continued e mails and weekly blogs!!! Janet

  12. lamont secretario

    wow, i truly believe Anthony you and your brother are the real deal you have shown me the the real truth form start to finish with plenty more to go and i appreciate every bit of time that you put into this please keep up the great work and never let nobody try to corrupt what you have built for yourself and what you are sharing with us…THANK YOU!

  13. Brian Counihan

    Very kool! Making $ without spending $ on YouTube. That works for me!
    Thanks AM & Happy Holidays!

  14. Tara Sarvas

    I do not currently have a website. I need a lot of help, if I’m going to make money on the internet. I will continue to watch the videos and hopefully I will become successful.

  15. Rhonda K. Davis

    I like your blogs, they are so informative…It’s like you are right here sharing and encourging me to be successful … Thank you Anthony and your Team!

  16. Rhonda K. Davis

    I like your blogs, they are so informative…It’s like you are right here sharing and encourging me to be successful … Thank you Anthony and your Team

  17. Sandra Jordan

    This is some cool stuff, love it, you could still teach me how to fish. Silver and gold will vanish away but a good fishing would be her for a long, long stay. Give us another idea sure will be accepted for a christmas gift.

  18. terry pfeifer

    i think its a great ideal but i dont have a camcorder some times its great just to hear your voice it keeps hope alive for me i hadnt made any money yet but i keep thing im going to terry

  19. Fred Haney

    Hey Anthony

    You have been very helpful. I hope you keep the blogs going.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    God Bless


  20. joe dalessio

    great tip , I had no idea you tube had revenue sharing, Thanks for the info.

  21. Tim

    The only problem I have with recording a video is I don’t own a digital video camera. Although I guess I could use my wife’s laptop with it’s webcam and microphone.

  22. Mark Anderson

    Very helpful. I wasn’t aware of the facebook revenue generating possibility. Thanks

  23. Roxanne Scott

    I think this will be a great start and fun and also a way to make money. Their is a chance that the u tube film might be funny enough for people to watch. I going to try this one! I did not know that people made money if they got a lot of hits on u tube .
    Thanks Anthony
    This should be fun!

  24. Will Donnelly

    HI Anthony! great idea with YouTube for Christmas! Im new to online marketing and have been using You Tube for my Staged sites as a platform for advertising CB products and other aff. programs, but knew nothing about this revenue sharing possibility… have to wait a while before my vids go viral though.. havent had much luck with that part yet.. but looking forward to learning how to do this from you.. Thanks for all the great free info and I wish you and yours a great prosperous and holy holiday season.

  25. luke lukanen

    Hey! what a great idea. for the next week or two i’ll be carrying my camcorder with me. i hope i come up with some worthy vid’s. thanks. i need to get out of the house more, and this a great reason………….luke

  26. Edward Duckworth

    Thanks for the advise that you gave.You seem to be the only one that really wan’ts to educate your students on ways to really make money on the internet, and not trying to rob them or scamm them of there money.

  27. Cynthia Becker

    nice tip – You Tube. I don’t have a video camera – I think I can record video with my cell phone, though. I have to think about it. It’s worth a try! ☺

  28. Tom Chuhay

    Thanks for another great piece of advice! I’m so thankful for your friendship and persistant follow up on information and updates.God Bless you and your business

  29. Dave Ingram

    Verrrry Interesting!!!!
    I am excied about checking this out. I have a few ideas about short film clips…


  30. Chris

    I didn’t know that youtube paid. I will be more diligent in my video production. who knows what will go viral next.

  31. Lloyd Dobson

    Hey Anthony,

    Great information concerning YouTube. Since Google made the purchase of Google the traffic seems to have increased dramatically on YouTube; therefore your strategy is certainly timely.

    Thanks always for sharing your knowledge.

    Go out and make today incredible!
    Lloyd Dobson πŸ™‚

  32. Ann Marie Kulmac

    You come up with all these great ways to make money on the internet. Just when i think you have touched all bases you come up with something else. Your a genius. The blog on utube video ads is great cuz u can put anything on there, like u said, Things that don’t even pertain 2 ur business. Great thinking! Have a great Holiday, u work hard and deserve it!

  33. Larry Latimer

    Thank you Anthony! I loved the You Tube I’m trying to think of ideas to get out there.This could be really fun! Thanks gain for all of your tutorials!

  34. Aaron Thomas

    I really like this. TY for the great tip. You are what you say you are, ” a teacher”. Jeep it up

  35. Carolyn

    Hello Anthony,

    I re-tweeted as you requested.
    Where can we find the videos on youtube to advertise?

    I want my Killer Gift? Hahahahah!

  36. Editha Knuth

    Dear Anthony,
    I appreciate all your dedication never ending patient to educate me how to learn internet marketing. Thank you, I think you are special man you have a heart to care people success in life specially their happenies. You know its a good idea to make video and share to the world. I never know that actually you cauld earn money by doing so my friend conferm me that its true. I,m bless to know you as my mentor may the Lord bless us all.
    Have a good day until next time.

  37. Bernoose97

    Thank you, Anthony, for your education in this arena of Free Profits that you know so well. I look forward to the Blogs and the information that you provide to us. I am really a newbie to this world and am trying to learn all that I can as smartly and as efficiently as I can.

    Your Blogs and Videos are very helpful to me and I am sure to the others that also look forward to them.

  38. Dottie Seavy

    We are in the “season to be jolly,” yet we can benefit from a little more wattage to brighten our “life-bulb.” I’m glad you are giving gifts of time to meaningful causes and extending your energy that will magnify your holiday.
    We are open open to embrace community and open to teachings in every moment, and let it shine!

  39. Sandro

    Thank You for sharing the information. I think this is a great tool to generate extra money.This is Awesone! make some money while having fun loading videos!

  40. Cheryl

    Great tip. I am so not up to date with YouTube, Twitter, nor Facebook. This learning curve is scary and discouraging. I vow to stay with it until I get a hand on it. Pray for me.

  41. George Martinez

    Hey Anthony this is a great tip for the extra cash we need during this Christmas season. I will come up with something to put on YouTube, keeping my fingers crossed!
    Again, thanks a bunch!

  42. Don

    That Youtube tip is outstanding. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy these weekly blogs with all the tips and training. Enjoy your holiday season and Be well

  43. Mady Buddington

    This blog about the downloading the video to (you-tube?) sounds very interesting . Are these videos usually from phone cameras? You can tell how uninformed I am. But the idea of creating an interesting video that pays on the basis of viewings has great appeal. Thank you.

  44. Sylvia

    Hey Anthony, thanks for the great tip gor using YouTube. Sounds like a very easy way to make money without having to spend money if we don’t have it. I will definitely try out this method!

  45. Nicole

    That is so assume. I’m going to watch and see if I can’t find something funny the only thing I ever video is my sisters son playing ice hockey and all them all over the floor. But nothing funny unless you calling them trying to score and fall or hit someone else.

  46. Robert Walker

    I LOVE this idea. It’s so simple but yet profitable. What a wonderful idea.

  47. Lisa

    Great idea about making money from YouTube! And so easy! I really DO believe in teaching people to fish….

  48. Glen Jones


    I think it’s a great idea to post a video or more to you tube and get paid by them. I will certainly get the camera rolling.

    Take care!

  49. Chancy

    I appreciate the YouTube video advertising information. I just recently learn that YouTube was accepting ads but didn’t think about the idea of posting my own videos for other peoples advertising. Thanks,

  50. Hamid Bakhsheshe

    I like to know how safe is utube if I put a funny family video that would make people laugh. Do you think that would be ok?

  51. Tim Slazyk

    I signed up for the YouTube revenue share program a while ago but haven’t put it to use yet. I have some ideas and this video has inspired me to actually do it Today! I think I have too much on my plate right now and I get very distracted. I have made $17.00 within two weeks of launching I just need to bring traffic to the site. I also have among some others I am working on that are targeted more precisely for a specific product. Thanks for the inspiration. Retweeted the video.

  52. Michael

    Thanks Anthony for a great gem on revenue sharing with YouTube. I’m out of here to implement it now…

  53. Jo Preston

    Hi Anthony – Thanks for the great suggestion (and fun one). I just need to come up w/the grand idea and the means to film it. Thx for all your help – have a great Holiday Season!!


  54. Bess

    I really liked this advise and I am going to put it right to work I have a great idea on getting followers and keeping a video going for a long time getting paid for it the whole time thank you soooo muh

  55. Ed

    Very cool Anthony, wasn’t aware Youtube could be such a simple way to generate a few bucks. Thx for the info!

  56. Greg

    I really liked this tip. I didn’t realize there are so many ways to generate income on the internet. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

  57. Michael S

    I am inspired by Anthony to produce some kind of video, promoting my website, a video about camping on Main St. ( ala occupy Main St.)problem is I do not own a video camra, anyway I’ll figure out a way to get it out there

  58. Nelson Camacho

    Thanks for the little tidbit on this technique for making money thru Youtube!!! awesome dude!!!… Keep up with the great stuff your doing ….The same stuff I wish to emulate!!!… Trying to catch up is another job in-itself…LOL

  59. Jamielee Hutton

    I really like the idea on youtube but it’s hard to get a good video to go viral . I’ve tried this and nothing happened , mainly cause my video wasn’t interesting enough . However you have inspired me to keep trying . I’m like that little ant that couldn’t move that rubber tree plant . I got high hopes !

  60. james cummings

    Hey ANTHONY great blog this week. I have been trying to make money online for a while with no success. I seem to run out of money and get frustrated. These are desperate times for my family and i.I am specially interested in learning how to fish so to speak. i look forward to your next blog.I also own a website.i put the adress in the info up top. wasn’t sure if i could put it in my reply. Please tell me what you think. Your opinion is very valuable to me.THANKS

  61. Helen

    Thanks Anthony,
    That’s something I didn’t know but am looking into immediately. Thanks again for all the great info you share at absolutely NO COST. I love your weekly blogs.

  62. leley blushtein

    Thank you Anthony for sharing your wisdom πŸ™‚ it’s great!

    The videos – is it possible to share someone elses video for profits?

    Thank you so much,


  63. Karl Huber

    This is really great news. Hope this works. I always look forward to your weekly Blog. Keep doing this Anthony. Keep us motivated.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  64. Serena

    I think this is a great way to generate income. Life is full of great events and laughter really is the best medicine. Although there will be no presents under the tree this year, we will be together and I can’t think of a better present then to have all my girls with us on Christmas!

  65. Terrell Bird

    Great idea on you tube. I am going to seriously look into doing that. Thanks Anthony!

  66. benny doko

    As a retiree with a small SSretirement just enough to live, Anthony gives me HOPE.

  67. Sue


    I had no idea this was possible! Willing to give it a try!

    Thanks for another great tip!

  68. Gerald

    Just got started with your training Anthony. My wife and I have learned more in a week than we learned from all the rest of the “fluff” programs we paid too much for. Thanks

    Gerry & Sue Drewes

  69. Miranda

    I think your uTube idea sounds great….I appreciate all the tips you provide your students, it gives me (a newbie) some inspiration and motivation to continue in what appears to be a vast new area of business I never knew existed.

    Thank you!

  70. Priyakant

    It was excellent technique that help you to make some money without lengthy processs

  71. silvia

    I’m going to tell my son this technique after how many views they can pay you? ja ja thank u, happy weekend .

  72. Ruth Parrish

    Hey Anthony,

    Thank you for the tip! I will give it a try. I appreciate your using an example out of the Bible in your tips. It is refreshing to hear good morals being taught in today’s world.

    Thanks again!


  73. sylvia denson

    Anthony Just wanted to thank you I have ordered your books and I am learning and really enjoy your email, in fact you are one of the few people I actually open your emails.. I wanted to be included in your christmas gift but am not sure I know how to do all the things you requested. But anyway I will because I want to join some of your programs. I thought that many of the items you have offered looked really great so I will just keep reading your books until I know how to do it all Thank you so much. sylvia

  74. Kimberly Gore

    Hi Anthony! Thank you for the great tip about You Tube! I will be sure to learn more about how to earn more money through You Tube by going to their Revenue Sharing information. What fun it will be to create videos and generate income! I just don’t “LIKE” this tip . . . I LOVE IT! I’ve “Liked” and “Retweeted” your blog video just now. Am looking forward to your Christmas Present and learning “how to fish” . . . BEAUTIFUL!
    P>S> I am available to help you with your charity – ChristmasForKids. Am signed up for Level 1 training in Salt Lake City on the 10th and 11th and can swing through Mississippi on my way home to help with shopping, etc. Whatever needs to be done! [email protected].

  75. Luis A. Deleza

    Hellow Anthony, another good tip I did not know about on U-TUBE! Also thanks for the introduction of Carol Amato, she is a great help to all of us!

  76. Teresa Whisnant

    I wonder if you have heard the statement – ” I thought a new thought” Well today I must tell you that I hought a new thought. I knew you tube existed but had thought about putting a video on you tube. But when you say I can revenue share by doing so, I will need to ponder what I could do.

  77. Joe Sabo


    The u/tube video idea sounds great. I will be on the lookout for interesting things to film. I just got done reading your book and I need to work on the Internet marketing class I purchased from you. The amount of information is a little overwhelming. I am very interested in all the offers and webinars especially the special software, but I have not had time to learn and try to apply what I already purchased from you. My next investment is your “inner circle” material. Your book is great… it has given me an overview of the process of affiliate marketing. Thanks for all your help and encouragement.


  78. Kevin Sutton

    I’ve had purchased your A.P.H information, and fast cash comissions program , and shortly after,my computer died on me, I am trying to retrieve the information, and am hoping that I didn’t lose everything.
    I love you for trying to help others and not being the typical Internet money grubber.
    I hope to get going soon, as mine and my baby daughters life really depends on it.
    I don’t want to end up homeless with a 2 year old!
    Thank you again for everything.
    Sincerely, Kevin

  79. Ella Dikeman

    I had no idea that you tube actually pays for this. I can learn something everyday. I would like to learn more about facebook, I have been learning on line from P.M.I. for about a month now and haven`t gotten registered on clickbank yet. I have been waiting on the E.I.N. and thought I had to also have a different tax I.D. so I was waiting on that. anyway, I have alot of face books friends and relatives that I could send to , and that is what I want to concentrate on is just that for now. until I get really good at it.
    thanks for reading this Ella

  80. Laura

    This is a GREAT IDEA and a Very Wonderful way to spread the Holiday Cheer and Spirit no matter where you live. You could do this for the New Year holiday as well. I like this technique since I don’t have a website. I would like to have a website so that I can do more. I’m really interested in getting into affiliate marketing.

  81. Craig Hoffmann

    This is a very good idea anthony, especially if you wanted to add some affiliate offers to your video aswell.

  82. Mike McSweeney

    I keep getting your emails, but haven’t been reading them or watching the weekly blogs until now. This was an excellent tip and I will be paying attention to what you are sending from now on.

  83. Richard Lopez

    you tube idea is interesting but with so much traffic on there, it’s kind of a crap shoot, isn’t it?
    sitll though, is a good idea..

  84. Donna Beck

    Great Blog #87 Anthony,
    Good idea to put something cute Christmas related on Youtube. I have a reindeer costume given to me for my little foster dog. Possibly that would make a cute video. Will see what it’s all about Utubey wise.
    Thank you.

  85. Phillip Sellers

    Hi Anthony, I have heard of this before but haven’t tried it out. So for my gift to you for Christmas, is I will shoot a video, paste it on YouTube and I’ll donate any funds I receive to your favorite charity. Merry Christmas

  86. Judith Aldape

    Liked the U Tube tip about generating revenue by placing a video on U Tube and checking out about revenue sharing there.

    Could really use a hand up/fish as a “Christmas Gift” Anthony.
    Awaiting the mystery prize. Judith

  87. Cyril

    This is a great idea Anthony. I’m a school teacher and might suggest this to my students. Just another way they can have fun developing their creative side. This will enrich the world. I am reminded about the thought that the world is so much better for people using their talent to write a book, sing a song, make and share video, just using their talents. Have a blessed Christmas.

  88. Josephine Parks

    Fantastic idea, now I need to learn how to work my camcorder. Have a Great week.

  89. Randy Rice

    I applaud you Anthony. I’m amazed at all the information that you share that gives anybody the opportunity to get ahead, make ends meet, strenghten their character, build confidence or attain goals they didn’t think was possible. I’m sure the info that you shared in this blog about YouTube will be used by many people who video things yet, didn’t know there was this stategy to earn income from things they’ve recorded.
    Knowing this information has started my mind working and tweaked my curiosity as to ways I can utilize this strategy. I recently enrolled in your 365 Day Success Program and am very pleased that I did. There is no doubt in my mind that with your training, I will have my own successful business when I’m finished. I believe that when people are doing good things such as you, deserve praise and recognition. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you, Anthony, people such as you are indeed very rare and I’m so fortunate and proud to have you as my mentor. You really are incredible. Thank you so much for the knowledge you are sharing with me, I’m forever in your debt.

  90. Beverly Myers

    The blogs are very educational and help me learn more about this business. Keep up the good works

  91. Jacob Reimer

    Anthony you have the coolest ideas and yet so downright simple that’s why its so easy to overlook what can generate an income from.

    Any ways, this video did just that, it showed me a little of what can make a huge difference, if I’m willing to take a step and start walking, and what’s most amazing it’s free.

    Regards Jacob

  92. SARY

    I would like a step by step of anything that can help me to build a business.
    I know nothing about the computer. I have learned to read, send, and write
    E-Mail only. Anything else is Amazon.
    I am flat broke right now, Anything that helps me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

  93. mike

    Hi anthony do you have a system that can put my afilliate links on a system to put them on the front page of google.

  94. Pamela Conner

    Thank you so much for the instruction you are giving. I’m still struggling to understand everything and get my business started. I have a large niche (all things prepper), and there’s a lot of free but somewhat difficult to find information on line. Are there any tips you can give me on how to take advantage of this info?

  95. Ron Coe

    I like the Youtube technique and cant wait to try it. Thanks for giving my family and I an avenue to generate money on the internet. This is our ray of hope to finally get off the economic roller coaster that always seems to be at bottom. Thanks for everything and sticking with us. I hope that you and your family have a totally cool and a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

  96. Brian Kralik

    Hi Anthony, that sounds like a good idea. Just think take a video send it to u tube and get paid for having fun and make people laugh.That was a great hint.

  97. Richard Belair

    Hey Anthony, Time to get going with a more determined effort and start making some bucks. More info please.

  98. Kaye Hutton

    With nine grandchildren (ages 8-16) I should be able to get some killer videos! I have never thought to share them on YouTube.. Thanks!

  99. Helen Marie

    Thank you for the informatio about using Youtube as a means of additional income.

  100. Josh Starnes

    I Agree
    This is 2011-Pre 2012
    The way We Do Business
    Is not the way we Did Business
    in 1980.

    Thanks ,
    For Keeping us On Updated


  101. Richard Thompson

    Hello Anthony, I really appreciate all the awesome teachings that you do. I am trying to apply everyone of them that I can. I did not know that about Utube. I will really keep my eyes open for some video worth wild. Keep up the good work!

  102. Carolyn

    It sounds like a great idea. Your friend Christopher Hopkins is also my friend on facebook and he was advertising making money with videos a
    month or so ago. He also introduced me to Allsolutionsnetwork. I haven’t
    really had the ambunkion I need to get going lately. I had four friends die
    in the last three months and it has really taken a toll on my heart. I do
    plan to start something soon. I’m taking in all of what you are teaching and it’s all very good. You are a marvelous man and I’m very glad I bought your book and read it. I look forward to learning more of what you have. Thank you so much for caring enough to help others. America needs more good souls like you.

  103. Deny Pacheco

    Hi Anthony,

    I find this youtube technique to be very very interesting and very helpfull.
    I will use this technique ASAP.

    As soon as you mentionned this technique…many new ideas just bursted out of my head! More tricks and techniques like this would be great.

    Thanks for this great tip and merry christmas to you and your familly,

  104. Tamie

    Love it, how exciting and what a perfect time of year for you to share this with us. Still a beginner and have yet to make my first $1.00 but you have inspired me and given me the hope I never thought possible again, I am determined to be one of your success stories some day. Thank you Anthony!

  105. Yvonne

    Anthony, I really like your blogs and I have a binder exclusively for them. They are informative and encouraging. However, I know nothing about making videos, yet, so I won’t be doing that for this Christmas. It sounds very exciting and something that I would be interested in… once I know how. Thank you:)

  106. Betty L Crabtree

    Hi Anthony – I’m looking forward to the video creation. Thank you very
    much for all of your teaching and patience.

    Very excited about next weeks blog.

    Betty aka Ruffles the Clown.

  107. Linda Guarino

    I know about this you tube postings I just can’t seem to find something to do to post. Single person no little kids and can’t seem to get my dog to do anything cute. But I keep looking hoping to find that mega hit for youtube.

  108. Tim Tucker

    I think this youtube thing sounds like a very easy and great idea, I’m going to look in to this stuff. Thankyou:)

  109. Johnny

    Anthony, This sounds good. I plan on doing a video right away and putting it on Youtube. I am super excited about this.

  110. ~Pops~

    Now son, I thought I knew everything their was to know about YouTube. But I was WRONG! I did not know about “YouTubeRevenueSharing!”

    Giving this free tip to thisOldFart and the rest of your students not only will put some coin in the pocket, it will also raise the level of good videos for the rest of the year.

    Brilliant my friend.

  111. Krystal Schrock

    Hi Anthony,

    I am really excited about this weeks blog. I’ve always wanted to post video to Youtube but I haven’t found anything worth posting yet. I never understood the hype of going viral but after your blog it’s clear to me. I can’t wait to tap into the Youtube revenue sharing, its sounds like fun while making money.

  112. zora

    Hey Anthony,

    Thanks for the great heads up on the you tube advertise revinue method.

    To Your Success

  113. Denise Johnson

    Very good tidbit Anthony. I had no idea one of my video would get 178,000. From that point Youtube contacted me and now all of my vids are monetized. So I get paid everytime I upload a video. Youtube also likes vids that teach or show people “how to” do various things. Great way to market ! πŸ™‚

    Thanks Anthony for all your help ! (my Youtube channel)

  114. Phil Lully

    Say Anthony, I’m all for the You Tube idea….and I already have a you tube acct. any tips on putting together a video for You tube and publish it too! I’ll be all ears. Thanks Phil Lully.

  115. Michael

    Hi Anthony, I think your advice about making and uploading a video to you tube is a great idea. I never realized that you tube pays you when people watch your video. It is definitely and easy inexpensive way to make some money. Thanks for the idea! Michael

  116. Michelle Latondress

    Thank Anthony for all you do. I am excited for your next blog message. πŸ™‚

  117. Gerald Lecher

    I think the y-tube video People at christmas time shareing family . and fun winter sports. Love the snow. Hope to get some good vedeo for this. THANKYOU!

  118. Gerald Lecher

    Sorry spelled a few things wrong. I think the you-tube video is great idea People at christmas time shareing family. Kids getting ready for snow . Hope to video people shareing holidays together. And just plain fun.

  119. jan

    News to me! Now I understand why so many people make so many stupid videos for u-tube. They are in it for money, not just “fame”.
    Guess I better learn how to upload videos. Thanks for the tip.

  120. Margaret M. Russell

    Hey Anthony,
    I have to say, I love the You Tube tip. Now I just need a camcorder. πŸ™‚ I believe it to be rather rude for people to expect you to give something away for Christmas. I believe you give all of the time. I am very grateful for what I am learning from you and hope to get things up and running soon. And thank you for the email sending me to Tellman Knudson. Finally something I can afford. I believe I will be able to utilize what he will teach me as greatly as your teaching.

    Once again, thank you,
    Marge Russell

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    Hey Anthony- Great tip. I’ve put a couple of things on you tube based on the shop.,. but I guess I can step it up and go all out with a commercial for LJGraphics. I might as well I don’t have the funds to pay for a commercial,…lol. We do some great stuff and I’m sure people will like the graphics! You tube here we come!

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    It is always great to hear your tips. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Christmas. Looking forward to it!

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    December birthday wish…. that would be wonderful.!!!
    Thank you Anthony.

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    Hey Anthony , this is an awesome blog because I got hurt and not working right now and really need the money coming in ! So here is what I prepose to do with the info you shared with me or us. I want to write a cookbook that actually teaches people how to cook not just give them a bunch of recipes like most books do now. I have another business that I am into that helps people lose weight and makes money too but I have not been able to do this since I had an accident and have not been able to work so this would be a great way to share that busines with others and the business is called Skinny Body Care. Thirdly I am a person of vision and one that likes to give back like yourself so I have decided to start what I will call Dolphin House that will house like 15 to 20 families and help them to get on their feet by being self supporting with a garden and some other items such as animals and things. So thankyou Anthony from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas ! Phill Allen

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    Anthony, you are the greatest. Happy holidays to you and your family and God Bless.

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    We’re excited about the Christimas gift next week! So what we decided is that my family is putting the Christmas tree up tonight and we will video tape it (cause I know there will be some funny stuff on there)and go to the Utube and see what will happpen with it! I know that my success in the future has alot to do with what you have been teaching me, thank you.

    James Griffin
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    I like the idea of making money using you tube as a vehicle to reach my goal of retiring from my J.O.B. Can’t wait for your next blog!! Have a great week and thanks for your help.

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    that i have heard & so simple thank you for your good advice its priceless

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    The YouTube revenue sharing program sounds exciting! I’ll look into it right after I’m finished setting up my next several Twitter accounts.

    Your “tidbits” are better than great, Anthony! I take each one seriously and usually incorporate them into my monthly affiliate marketing tasklists.

    Many thanks and my best to you from

    The Tortoise, Who is Inching Her Way….

  142. Kimberly

    Wow- What an eye-opening idea with YouTube! It’s amazing what money-making opportunities are at our fingertips -and how a connection with the right person can make all the difference! Thanks Anthony! I’m looking forward to hearing and learning more!

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    Thank you for that tip. Because of that I will start carrying my digital camera and my flip cam everywhere I go. It’s no telling when I might get my moment.


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    By the way. It is day 3 of 365. Awesome! Also working on Automated Profits From Home. Thanks for the gift Anthony.

    Tim Parker

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    Please provide for a hungry, homeless family instead of one of us who are following your videos, training and footsteps. We have a way to help ourselves…
    Merry Christmas.

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    Anthony, that sounds great about the youtube revenue sharing. I really don’t have any videos but maybe can come up with some. Thanks for trying to help me and I am still studying all the information you have sent me and I’m still going to try to get my Fast Traffic commision and fast traffic magnet going hopefully after Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas, Anthony. Thanks, Sandra

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    Dear Mr. Anthony Morrison,
    I watched your TV ad, bought your book, registered with your Marketing Academy,completed both the affiliate marketing and web builder classroom work with PMI and finally supposedly completed my website construction but waiting for evaluation/assessment from personnel and ready for hosting.
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    I will wholesomely appreciate your supportive opinion. Thank you. Gabe

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    Gracias y buena noche!!

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    thanks. but still not sure how the link between uploading video on youtube to making profits works. how do i know who view those video?

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    I think a great gift would be a one on one with you (Anthony Morrison) for
    a day, because I think some people learn more one on one or when someone is showing them how to do what they want to learn. And You Tube is a great idea.

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    Great information.
    Thanks Anthony!

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Merry Christmas! I am much better off than I was last summer when I found your program. While I am not “Raking in the Cash”, I am not losing money hand over fist either. I am growing and understand that. You and Kory introduced me to Plenty of Fish. Fun site to advertise on, but I also met a really great new girlfriend on it too! BONUS! I am backing things down a little for the holidays, I cant let the kids down for Christmas. Once it is taken care of I am coming back with a vengeance!

    Keep the knowledge coming, I can never get enough or too much!

    Thanks again,

  170. Scott

    Hey Anthony, thanks for the youtube technique, I never knew they paid out like that. It is such an obvious one and sounds easy to get started on. Will definately be using that technique, so watch this space!

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    Any technique you share with us is like a step to success. We do not have
    to learn everything from the bottom are sharing all of your know-
    ledge with us and it makes for a smooth ride to the top.

    Thank you for being there for us.


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    I don’t have a website yet, but I really don’t know that much about U Tube. But from what I’ve seen, which is very little, I would like to learn more about it.

    Thank you,

    Kathy Shandley

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    I’m looking forward to your blog next week. I’m very excited about it.



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  184. Teresa Moyer

    Anthony, I just shot a video of our dog playing with our pet rat, or maybe it was the other way around. I was wondering if there is anything I could do with it, and there was your blog! Now I have to go to Youtube and figure out what’s next.
    Thanks for the tip!

  185. Jamielee Hutton

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    I am enjoying your weekly blogs, but I know so little about the computer world. Exactly what is facebook and twitter and how do you set them up and then use them? I am looking forward to learning more about making money but I am not in a financial position to do what I would like–to take your courses, but I trying.

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    Anthony,you are my idol πŸ™‚

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    Christmas happenings.

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    I have purchased your book and DVD’s but have yet to view them. I am a holistic energy/massge practioner and am still learning to be comfortable with the computer and all it offers. I am looking forward to the adventure of playing online with more joy then feeling timid and unsure of how to proceed. Thank you for the tip I will share with my daughter and granddaughter and see what we can come up with for a joyous video that will bring laughter and lightheartedness in some tough times. Blessings to you and your family Lynn

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    I am just learning so I appreciate every tip I can receive to start my business generating some income.
    Thanks again,
    Bill Grasser

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    God Bless.

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    like to know where the money come from
    will look more at you Tube
    Thanks Anthony!

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    Its FREE and it helps you see what kind of help you can do for others…..
    you will never know if you never try.

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    and your willingness to share as you do with your followers…It is very unselfish of you.
    Telling us about what YouTube can and will do for us is an
    exciting idea. I don’t know anything about YouTube……what it is and what it can do, except, accidently having seen a few videos on you tube.
    I must learn more about how to use this technology,now that you’ve
    peaked my interest. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    God Bless YOU. Stella

  234. John Holtel

    Sounds great if you film an “off the hook” video that captures the hearts and imaginations of Youtube viewers around the globe. If its just an average video then noone will share it with anyone and it will become just another stupid video lost in cyberspace. If a person wishes to cash in on a video they upload to Youtube then it better be “top of the line”.

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    Glenda Betz

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    As always you have something wonderful to share with us. I have recently purchased your Fast Cash program and would enjoy information regarding You Tube and affiliate marketing strategies. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.


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    Wonderful Idea! Anthony, I don’t know how to post on utube but I am going to learn after I get an inexpensive recorder so I can get started right away. God bless and have a Merry Christmas.

  246. Theresa Walker

    I am working on finding a niche so my site is not up yet. I love the idea of using You tube to help make sales. I am sorry that i did not see this right away, but there have been some family set backs. I brought the computer to the hospital so I could spend more time working while my husband sleeps. I am very grateful for all you are doing to help me get ahead and be able to support our family. Thank you for all your help and Merry Christmas to all of you.

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    August .In October recieved a call from P.M.I.(professional marketing
    international) which I joined. Cost me a lot of money but i think they will
    help me get started. I think U-Tube is a great idea and sounds like fun.
    Do you have to sign up to Y-tube to get paid for your videos.
    Happy Hollidays to you and your family.

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    I was going to say I was with (someone) who said he and his wife have learned more in a week than in all their previous attempts at programs, but when I finally got this page back, I couldn’t find his comment. Maybe more had been posted.
    Anyway, thank you for the You Tube info — I am grateful for all the help you can give!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family —

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    Thanks, Anthony

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