Weekly Blog #88: My Gift To You

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1. Email Marketing
2. Facebook Marketing
3. Advertising On PPC (Google & Bing)
4. Free Traffic Techniques
5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)
6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

Please vote for 1 of these things below in the comments section. Also make sure to Re-Tweet and Like this on Facebook. It wouldn’t hurt to post a link to this page on your Facebook wall and Twitter and tell people to “vote for your selection” as that would obviously help you increase the odds of your selection winning. I will announce the winning selection next week on the blog and get to work creating the program COMPLETELY FREE for you.


  1. James Trageser

    I think the following would be a great way to end the year:

    “5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)”

    Perhaps you could combine number 5 (Product Creation & Launching) and number 4 (Free Traffic Techniques) to make an even better training course for us. This way, we will learn to create our own products and “Launch” them successfully as well as learn a way to drive free traffic to our Product landing page/website and any other sites we may want to drive free traffic to.

    Would this be a possibility? If so, I vote for a combination of both. If not, I’ll have to stick with number 5 (Product Creation & Launching) as I feel this could be very beneficial to virtually anyone who is looking to make some serious cash online.

    Thanks for this opportunity Anthony! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    I wish you all the best.

    Best Regards,

    James Trageser
    A.K.A. – jtrag (Anthony Morrison Live Community)

  2. Jonathan Hayes

    Hi Anthony, I have only come across you recently and so far have found what you say to be true and inspiring. I am living in IRELAND and have a huge interest in making money online. I recently set up a web development company based here in Ireland and have been pleased with results to date. I have been watching your videos and reading your emails and it seems to me that you are giving the right message. So many crooks on the interent these days trying to profit from other peoples inexperience and giving nothing in return. I think this is similar to alot of things, if you have the right tools you can succeed but even with the right tools you can fail if your not willing to work hard enough. The working and the not giving up matched with the right tools and advice definitely pave the path to success. I havnt yet purchased any of the courses from you but i will as soon as funding allows. I would feel my hunger and smartness would allow me pick up strategies very quickly allow mw to make good money.
    From the question above as i am am a new comer i would like you to teach me :

    No.6 Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    Looking forward to the future!

    Jonathan Hayes

  3. Marilyn Matho

    How about helping the newbies with the hand-holding beginning chores. How to set-up to promote product. The little things mean alot. I purchased a number of promotions but don’t quite understand how to get started due to the over-amount of reading that has to be done. I am not sure of the what & why of understanding what I am reading.

    Marilyn Matho

  4. M K Azizi

    I didn’t start anything yet, but I’m really interested to know more on making money online. I’ve read several topics and learnt on how to make money online, from several people. But now, my interest is to know more about #1 Email Marketing…

  5. Jacob Reimer

    Hi Anthony
    I’ve been going through your weekly blog post from day one and learning a lot of tiny details which i know will help me in the coming days.

    Below is my vote:
    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

    I’m simply a sales person over the last 10 years and sold a lot of hardware products for the company I work for, which comes naturally for me. And I’m working on getting the knowledge to implement the online income which I’m doing after hrs.

  6. Tish Sharadin

    I agree with Marilyn…

    With all the information to absorb, I find myself lost on where to start!!

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) would have to be my choice. But then again any of them with a step by step guide would always be appreciated!

    See you, well actually your brother, in class next week!

    Thank you!

    Tish Sharadin

  7. Monica Restea

    The one you choose. I’ll be happy with. I wish to have something that will start me online and make me at least a little bit of money, so I can feel usefully…..

  8. nbnony

    I would like to learn Facebook marketing .I think this. is the most interesting technique for me to study .

    Thanx Anthony

  9. MAGDI


  10. Linda Collins

    No. 6 Back to the Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing).

  11. Abe Doliente


    I prefer no. 6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step be step A to Z, visual guide to affiliate marketing).

    I thank you so much for all your help.

    May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous 2012.

    Thanks again.


  12. Cathy

    #6 please…I do comprehend some of the other choices, but can’t seem to get past the basic set up…ie: I can’t even figure out how to build my profile page on Twitter….thanks Anthony

  13. Benny Doko

    I’m waiting for your hand directing me step by step. I’m just like Marilyn having a bunch of toys but didnot know how to play with it.

  14. Pamela Conner

    I’m having a hard time getting started. I’m rereading your books right now, and I understand most of it, But learning by seeing it in demonstration form (no. 6) would help me see the whole picture.

  15. Greer

    I am interested in learning step by step creating your own product, finding affiliates, and generate sales for that product.
    Actually autoresponder use step by step would be great.

  16. Katie

    I hate I missed your presentation in Fort Worth,Texas but I was very sick.maybe I have a chance to meet you one day.I have decided to start all over again and take every thing you are teaching us and take it step by step and I should make money but as we speak I have not made nothing with this program.

  17. Tim Lucchesi

    #6 Helping with the initial start-up step by step would help speed the process. I’m tired of getting just a few pieces of something and not shown how to complete. I need the last step to wrap it all up.

    Tim Lucchesi

  18. nathaniel

    Learn the Techniques of Free Trafficing. Because it works within two ways, It’s FREE, and you are Receiving in Traffic at the same time. Now how cost Affective is That!

  19. chris panayi

    5 .Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales) but it could be ideal if i had 4and 5 together.
    thank you antony. looking forward to see u next week

  20. Dennis Wilhelm


    Since I am just getting started, my choice is —

    #6 Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Dennis Wilhelm

  21. Sharon Nye

    I have purchased several of your products with tons of information. However, I’m having a hard time knowing where to start and put everything together. I am really shy of the social media and not sure what to do with it. Finally got a Facebook account, but don’t really know how to use it to the best advantage for business — or even for socializing, for that matter. It seems to collect a lot of junk — folks telling you they got up and ate breakfast, etc. So, all of the above choices sound good to me, but I guess I would choose #2, Facebook Marketing, as you have emphasized that the social media is the place to be. I would like #5 also, but am not ready to do my own thing.
    Thanks for your Christmas present and for staying in touch with us. Happy Holidays to you, Anthony!

  22. sandra

    Hi Anthony, I have been trying to make something of the whole process, but would like more tutoring to absorb and retained more of the knowledge impart to me. Right now I would say no. 6
    Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)


  23. Patti in California

    I’m a newbie who ran my first ad on 8/11/11. I have been running ads on Microsoft AdCenter from Anthony’s offers. I have made a little money, but spent more. Not too much over though… part of the learning curve.
    I have been running ads from Commission Junction by studying Anthony’s practices. I have made a PROFIT on two of my ads, but on the rest have spent more. So as I see the numbers roll in I get it!!!!! I need to get some FREE advertising to get ahead with my profit plan!
    I know nothing about Facebook… but here I go. Getting ready to start a BUSINESS page on Facebook with my niche info and my affiliate link on the page. So my vote is for #1 and #2, and I like #4. Hard to vote for 1 ONLY, but it will have to be #2 FACEBOOK LESSON!
    Oh heck, Anthony – why don’t you just do them all?? : ]
    – Patti

  24. Bernice J Adams

    I would like to vote for #1. Email Marketing…I believe this is a great way to begin making the money…I have the program info but am just a bit confused as to where to start all this. I would like someone to help me per phone with a step by step way to get it all started…thanks for all your help and hope you and your family have a great holiday.

  25. Sandro Meaden

    Hi Anthony I would like Option #6. Personally i have not succeed at all in the affiliate program…have tons of views but no actions at all 🙁 . Thank you for staying in top with this ideas…I will persist until i succeed!

  26. jim albert

    I’d like more info for beginers to.Idon’t under stand what a lense is a module,tag,etc.I need help.I have a couple on face book take a look.Give me some ideas.Thank you.

  27. Timothy

    It ia very hard to make a choice here but I would love to see combine number 5 and 6. If not possible I would chose #5.

  28. lamont

    this is the best thing out of them that i would like to learn thank you happy holidays..

    Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

  29. RICH

    Hey Anthony, I love all your training, how about, an add on, to your domination SW, I would love to have the software, but what about showing, how to link products to your landing pages, or your wedsite, or blog, i understand, how to copy and paste, seeing the process would be a great tool to have, i am also interested in your build send and profit SW, I have been doing allot of studying, and feel i am ready to roll, Thanks allot, for all the help, Rich.

  30. will griffith

    Thank you Anthony! Merry Christmas to you!

    I think getting back to the basics would be good and so I would prefer #6 to be covered.

    All the best to you,


  31. Ed Ware

    Hi Anthony, maybe you could create a Email Marketing procedure for Facebook that used Affiliate Marketing.

    Thanks… Ed Ware

  32. Richard Belair

    Anthony,… hold peoples’ hands as much as possible back to the basics, no. 6 on your suggestions list. People need the basic skills from A-Z with videos and explanations. I have bought into enough of the offered packages and still feel lost when it comes to affiliate marketing connections. Take us back through the basic steps of what has already been through. Thanks for all you do and I hope you have a wanted Christmas with your family and loved ones.

  33. Renee

    Anthony – What a wonderful gift 😉

    I vote for #5 because I recently created my own product, and I would truly value your wisdom and skills to launch my new products with the level of success you achieve. Your insight for finding affiliates and supporting them so they also achieve success would be awesome – love the win-win!

    Thanks, Anthony. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones 😉


  34. Daniel

    Help us to generate Free, Clear-Cut, Quality-Converting Traffic Techniques that bring in sales.There are a lot of scammers out there peddling junk softwares online with fake screen shots, and they do so without any qualms or conscience. Looking forward to your training on free traffic techniques.

    God bless, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  35. Tim Willingham

    Dear Anthony,
    My problem is time. I work 14 hours a day and am dog tired when I get home. I need a program that I can work on weekends to develope my online marketing business. I have read your book, “Advertising Profits From Home,” and am reading it a second time. Fantastic book. The most comprehensive book about internet mardeting I have ever read.

    The stumbling blocks I am facing is keywords (there is an art to this that I am not confident about), websites (a nightmare to set up, html and all that stuff) and/or blog sites (seems to be easier than building web sites but I’m not sure is as effective as a web site), and links to products (what can I say about the multitude of products I have never tried).

    LOL, all of the above is whats holding me up. I can’t seem to put all the pieces together to make it work. Would love to have someone who really wants to take me by the hand and help me find my niche. Wanting to retire soon with a healthy six or seven figure income and am willing to pay whatever it costs or to do whatever it takes to get there.
    Tim Willingham

  36. Mandy Carter

    I agree with Marilyn. Cause I am a newbie. So I choose #6.

    Mandy Carter

  37. Brian

    Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

  38. Sandy Doten

    I choose No.# 5. I want to learn as much as I can about internet marketing, so I can figure out where I belong.

  39. Sue

    For me, it would be important to go over #6. There is so much reading and training, which is great, but I still do not know how to link from Clickbank, Wolf Storm Media, etc. to my free website. I feel silly, but I should be able to figure this out with a little guidance. #4 would also be really helpful, once I’ve learned the basics.

    Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  40. Troy Boydston

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for all the work you have done for (us) me….I would really like to learn how to effectively market my program. #5 is an excellent choice I would like to learn also.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  41. Karen

    I would like to know more about Advertising with PPC
    How competive is this market compared to the many others out there? That seems to be my downfall is this being such a competitive way to make a living. HELP!
    Thank you 🙂

  42. Jeff Magee

    I vote for # – Facebook marketing
    It is such a popular site I want to use the power it has to connect!

  43. Bernoose97

    Hello, Anthony –

    Thank you very much for your early Christmas Gift to all of us.

    I need as much help as I can get. I am really looking forward to learning the system.

    Thank you, again, Anthony.

  44. Nancy Surace

    The only one that you haven’t touched on (at least for me) is #5- Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales). This sounds really interesting, seems like it would be the next step and I am very interested in learning more about it.

    Nancy Surace

  45. Sean McGuirk

    Funding is always an issue. Generating free traffic is a great idea, I will be in the process of selecting clickbank quick response ads and using the tools I have purchased to move ahead for now. I am also interested in facebook and utube marketing.

    Thanks for all your support and push.

  46. Mollyanne Hopkins

    I still need the hand-holding.But of the listed, I lean toward the email (#1).
    Thanks for everything.

  47. D. J. Lash

    Hi Anthony, I’d like #4. Free traffic techniques.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  48. John J Russo

    I would like to know more about free traffic tech. and E mail marketing.

    I have just started so I’m new at this type of bus. Thank you and have a great day and a Merry Christmas

  49. Bjarne Breilid

    Anthony, since I am so totally inexperienced when it comes to marketing, I’d like very much to have you give us some examples of writing effective e-mails for marketing a product – something we can build on and use as an example of good advertising – for beginners.
    It’s almost like having to hold on to something when you are learning to swim. Once we have learned it, we’ might surprise even you.
    Bjarne Breilid

  50. Bradley Coats

    #5. I really believe that having my own product is where the big money is at, if it is a good product. The only problem I would have is coming up with a product idea.

  51. faline

    #2 facebook marketing and #1 email marketing i see you on the informarcials and i think its great. I need to get my shit together

  52. mike haley

    Hi Anthony, I would like to learn about #5 product creation and launching.

  53. Ben

    I had website, I had ads on microsoft adcenter and I not made a dime at this I don’t Know what I am doing wrong.

  54. Chris

    Hi Anthony,

    the thing that I would most like to learn is Email Marketing. As of yet I have a list of 23 people. I would love to grow it but Im not sure how to go about it.
    Thanks for listening


  55. Cheyanne Ballard

    I am starting an online ecommerce business. I am in the process of setting up my website. I will be selling unique Christian gifts and products. I would be interested in #4 or #5. Thanks.

  56. Dottie Seavy

    Dear Anthony,
    After looking at the list, we believe that number
    6. is the best for us (Ted and Dottie). Thanks for
    offering this wonderful gift.

  57. Thomas

    Hi Anthony,
    My best to you always! I would like to know more about # 4.
    Reason being, everybody is skeptical these days and if there is any way to generate traffic, THAT has to be the nuber one.

  58. Jack

    I would like to know how to build the LANDING PAGE .., Seems like it was cut and paste–but can’t figure how to split my screen so I would have the part I want to build side of the things I want to ,drag over to MY page ! Guess we are talking BASIC or just a short course on EACH of the parts step by step–then one could just bring up JUST the PART that they need help on and apply that !! ( also -I don’t know how to get –or WHERE TO GET the blank page to paste the things on to) maybe it is opening any page of someone elses and building on that ?? Jack, of Bakersfield class.

  59. Glenn Robertson

    hi anthony this is glenn Robertson, affiliate marketing would be great then could keep busy and hopefully make money,or the most requested type of help .thank you Glenn Robertson,Grayling Michigan,49738…… mery chirstmas to you and family &staff,glenn.

  60. Benedict

    Hi Anthony

    Many thanks for the training offer. I have been struggling for a while now with traffic generation. I am as of now considering buying advertising (solo ads) just to get my first subscriber! However, I will vote for #1 email marketing. I watched your video the other day, and I believe that this is the way to go, your method of course.
    I was really impressed. So, #1 it is for me.

    Much obliged,Happy Holidays


  61. Avril Betts

    Hi Anthony,
    I think No 5 would take me personally to the next step. For those voting for Number 6 I believe your 365 days day by day program already covers this as it is very simple and easy to follow basics.

  62. RJ

    I need help with all of the above but will settle for #6. #1 would be my second choice.

    Ron B

  63. Sheila Perry

    I am interested in two: Advertising using pay per click and free traffic techniques.
    Thank you for your teachings on topics that will help with the business.

  64. Lorie

    It seems like many are voting for 5 & 6 – which I agree with. I have 3 of your programs, but getting off the ground has been difficult. I’d really like to see the step by step process. So often what is touted as step by step makes some pretty big jumps and assumes the student is able to fill in the blanks. From experience in teach myself, I find that I have often had to go back and fill in those blanks so the student can move forward. Same with these programs.

    I really appreciate all you do and truly believe you are dedicated to your students getting the max benefit from your products. Thanks.

  65. Jamie Duty

    I would like to learn #3 Advertizing on PPC (google, bing, etc) I am in the success program and it is coming along really good so far. Thanks for all your help.


  66. Benny


    Love the blog…Thanks for the Xmas gift!

    (6) Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

  67. Mike McCann

    Hi Anthony, I would like to learn about # 5 Product Creation and Launching..As I am quite new to this whole concept, I’m not sure how to begin..thanks alot..and have a GREAT day!

  68. Ray Culbreth

    HI Anthony,

    I would like to learn #3 Advertising on PPC ( google, bing etc.)


  69. David

    Hey Anthony,
    I vote for #6. I think building a strong foundation will make all the others on the list clearer. Thanks!

  70. Mark Treanor

    Hey Anthony, There is so much information getting started with this program that it’s hard to absorb it all in therefore my vote is for option #6 back to the basics Affiliate Marketing.



  72. Miranda

    #6 – as a newbie it’s hard to understand some of these tactics, need the basic knowledge fron a to z…..and wrapping in all the necessary pieces, ie content, seo, what backlinlks are necessary, etc….

    thank you!

  73. Vernon Champion

    Hello Anthony and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
    I vote for #5 Product Creation & Launching, but some of the other
    topics are good also. I look forward to whichever one you will teach
    and thank you for such a wonderful Christmas gift.

  74. JohnRingo

    I’ve got all of your books, but I’m still having problems with selecting my product. When I saw that on the list, I said “that’s it”. So my vote is for selecting the ptoduct & launching.

  75. Fouad Elayyach

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like you to teach about options 1 (email marketing, with autoresponders) and 4 (Free Traffic techniques). And to make ‘this picture’ complete show step-by-step how you can start an Internet Marketing business if you were a beginner who doesn’t know ANYTHING and can start from a clean slate? In other words, an IM business step-by-step skeleton without being elaborate. Thx!

  76. Don Hall

    #6 I guess I need the complete basics because this last year I did not make one dollar with any product that we have to promote.
    What am I missing ?

  77. Dorothy Marr

    Please give us your Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing A to Z Visual guide for Christmas. I know I am having overload problems. I enjoy all of your help what ever you give us. Have a Wonderful Christmas. Thank you and God bless all of you.

  78. Luis A. Deleza

    ANTHONY, Hello I vote for the #6 The main reason is I have not started anything yet. I need to get going on this business!! I can’t wait to see my first dollar in my ClickBank account!! Anthony I hope you and your family& friends have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  79. Danvelyn

    My site is under construction, what should I do to ensure that I get traffic? My site is mainly an affiliate program to link to Amazon, and products in Click Bank. I want to know how I could be on page 1 of Google search.

  80. Dorothy Marr

    The Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing A to Z Visual guide will be very helpful. ” Thank you”. Have a great Christmas and Thank You Very Much for what ever to think we need .

  81. Ella Dikeman

    I have a list of e-mail addresses and I now have a facebook page for my business, I would like to learn how to generate traffic from the e-mail addesses, I think I know how to get traffic on my website ,and how do you get traffic so I can tag along with you .?

  82. Debra Elliott

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing). It was hard to select only one.

  83. Barry Douglass

    I think #6 Back to Basics,Step by Step to Affiliate Marketing would be excellent.

  84. Carlos

    Hello Anthony,
    My vote is for No 5. Product Creation & Launching
    This is the path to the money

  85. Dale V. Franz

    My choice is: 6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    There is a lot to learn. The more exposure I have, the better.

  86. ngoeh agnes arrey

    hi Athony you are doing a great job though i still dont know where to begin i am still reading yr books i vote for nuber 1

  87. Brian

    #6….Beginning with Step One and explaining” WHY” its important and “HOW” it relates to the entire process. And continue the WHY and HOW throughout. A lot of information is given yet, the “WHY” it is important and “HOW” isn’t included..
    As I read your information, I have so many questions that I get confused and discouraged. I find that when someone knows the ins and outs so well, they will assume many things that the guy who knows nothing does not. The #’s 1-5 are irrelevant if I don’t have something to anchor them with.

  88. dave

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) new be need more info on setting up a landing page web sites and putting them all together with doimain name where in space do we put all of this.

  89. S. Hardin

    Anthoney I want to thank you for giving all of us this free gift. I really enjoy learning from you. I know you are the real deal and not so many others internet marketing guru’s out there. You truely care about your students., give out so much valuiable info. I am really interested in #4 the Free traffic techniques. I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas. Thanks so much for all you do.

  90. E.Taylor

    Anthony, thank you for the time and efforts that you are giving your students which I am one. There is so much I need to know about this business but Facebook Advertising and using Search Engines would help me .I read comments from other students and I want them to know that “Rome was not built in a day”. This process takes time to build, keep up the good work.

  91. Russ Marriner

    *6- Back to basics. I have no knowledge of what I need to even get started. No money to talk about, no credit cards, no merchants accounts, just a low balance personal account and low balance business account. God do I ever need to make money, however I more or less need to be lead onto how to get started with next to nothing, except a willingness to work to earn. I’m 71 years old on social security and hurting pretty bad. Any help you could give me without spending much money would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  92. Deborah Waltemeyer

    Iwould choose 6,as i haveall the imformation but cannot seem to understand how to get my free website up and running especially how to switch back and forth between the sites needed to get it all going.

  93. Roger Vialva

    Hey Anthony,
    The Facebook marketing would be my number one and then Email marketing.

  94. Horace Earls

    I am in agreement with nbr 4 reply. I have no idea as to what I am doing or how to get started. I have very little available cash to purchase your programs. If i could generate some cash, then I could purchase more information. I have read both of the books that you talked about on your TV presentation.Most of it is Greek to me since I haven’t done anything like this in the past.
    i would like to get this program started for 2012 and have some money for my family. Also, I don’t have any idead about tweeting.
    Everett Earls

  95. Colleen

    Number 4 Anthony. I am a newbie.I don’t understand face book or twitter. I have figure dout the websites but need traffic. Thank you and May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and God Bless You.

  96. Joyce

    No. 6- back to basics… I’m reading your books right now, but learning by seeing it in demonstration form would help me see the whole picture and help me get started. I want to make my first dollar online!

  97. Dorlyn Burgin

    Merry Christmas Anthony,

    I would like to learn more about #6 affiliate marketing. Thanks so much for all your inspirational help. Lets pray that 2012 will be a banner year for all!

  98. Delsa

    #6 – I’m so overwhelmed – I don’t know where to start and need a step by step program

  99. david j

    Hi Anthony, #6 would be really a good thing! what I am mostly interested in is your system for embedding links in youtube videos to sell affiliate products and to make offers from fortune 500 companies. I viewed a video you had done awhile back on exactly this type of system but can not seem to get back to it. I have contacted your support people but not gotten an answer back, this is an exceptional gift you are offering I hope it will cover my interests! Anthony I have read and heard a lot of very positive things about you recently! I am in a very similar situation as you were a few yrs back and can really identify with what you went through! Hope to be able to work side by side with you soon! Thanks, david j.

  100. Gerald

    Anthony, I could sure use a bunch of free traffic. Just getting started so we can’t afford anything else right now. Thanks for all you do.

  101. Alice Woodham

    Hi Anthony, now you’re talking!!!!! I would love for you to give away information instead of free money because I like making money for myself, this is just what I needed not a bribe, it’s sweet that you get people to do thing that way, but I crave as much information that you can give me. I almost forgot, number # 5 PRODUCT CREATION & LAUNCHING but I just want to learn whatever you did to get RICH. Thanks Anthony with respect

  102. Cheryl

    Please Please do #6 I have been doing this for about a month and still trying to get my website up and running but keep running into snags. I need help with even just the basics. There is so much information out there that I still dont understand what I’m reading and looking at. I need a step by step program and yes I need it simple enough to follow.

  103. Myles Derison

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you in advance for some great guidance on #6; Affiliate Marketing

  104. John Kirby

    Anthony. I am going to go with #5 option. I feel this would really be a huge benefit since strength is in numbers and I know there are many out there who can market better than I. I also have many killer products but I do not know how to get them to the masses and others do.

    No matter what you choose, I pray you have a very Merry Christmas!! Thank you, John

  105. K.Kaneakua

    I vote for # 6 & #5 . I think those are the two most important and I believe newcomers like me need the most help in those areas.

  106. Angela

    Hi Anthony, I’m a newbie and I would like to learn how to do #1 because I think that I can do great in it if you teach me.

  107. Joyce Knake

    #6 would be my choice. And Basics, basics, basics. Steps for linking to their sites. Copy and paste. I know this sounds elementary but I need steps like 1, 2, 3, etc.

  108. Maria Paliza

    Hi Anthony, Thanks and have happy holliday. I vote for # 5&6 combination, ofcourse if youn can. Other wiese I styck with # 5.God bless you.

  109. Bill

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)
    This one would be great………..

  110. Michael

    Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing). I really need to learn how to do basic affiliate marketing; I want to reach a better setting sooner than later.
    Thank you for your time and efforts to help all of us improve so we can help others along the way, too.

  111. Will Donnelly

    HI Anthony,
    Ive been following you only a few months now as Im new to IM and live and work in Germany, so we dont get to see you on TV ! 😉
    Ive watched your Blog videos since I got on your list and have learned alot, but what I would like to learn most from you is if you were starting over now, with a similar situation as you did back at your beginnings online, (little or no money to invest in your biz, no knowledge of IM but no other choice that to be successful,….. which way would you go step by step? This is more valuable then all the different choices FB marketing, Affilliate marketing, Free Traffic, etc. (they all are ways and important) but one choice from many….. what would be your shortest and precise way using these ways combined or which one as the best start to bring in an income to get out of debt, avoid bankrupcy and be able to support your family in the shortest time possible…and then of course expand and use other methods to create multiple streams of income….but your first choice please. Happy Holidays to you and yours and thanks for all you do for us newbies.

  112. diosdado

    hello anthony thanks for you supports I only need to know about the free traffic technics ones againg thanks for you supports,god bless you

  113. Angela

    I want to know how to maximize Facebook Marketing. Facebook seems to constantly change. I am wanting to get more names or fans or likes and see how to find them based off of their interests. I do not even know how to use the data within Facebook to get new people. It may be simple but not so obvious for me. Thanks Anthony.


    hello anthony i am a at home person and was looking for something to do. anyway 8 years ago i started doing avon and shacklee i was doing very well and then the economy really got bad maybe you can come up with away to getting my custmors back and keeping them interested in the products i have to offer i am running out of ideas and being on s.s.just don,t make it i am 65years and my doctors won,t let me go back to work. hope you can help with some ideas looking forward to hearing from you. happy holidays luy

  115. Valerie Darlington

    Hi Anthony, I think going back to the basics would help me more. Once the basics are understood and implemented then the rest will all fall into place because the prior understanding clarifies the others. Thank you.

  116. Peter Vieira

    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

    I would like to learn the above I have no clue!!!!!!

  117. Daniel Jentes

    There are so many new opportunities popping up on making money on the internet. More stuff is coming in my inbox everyday.
    Either #5 Creating a product launch or #6 Affiliate Marketing

  118. Wenthom4

    Thanks Anthony. That’s wonderful. I would go with option #5 – Product creation and launching. Regards, W.

  119. Neil Arnott

    My vote goes for number 1.
    Email marketing is definitely my weakest linkat this point in my marketing career.
    Thanks for all youhave done with me since joining your trainees

  120. David J.S.

    #6 Back to Basics Affiliate Marketing would be my first preference and after that E-mail Marketing and Domain Investing.

  121. George Hilliard

    Merry Christmas Anthony and thank you so much for the gift…….I am interested in the Traffic Techniques,,,,step by step please….Ho Ho Ho!!!!

  122. Helen Marie

    Seasons Greetings, Anthony.

    Your Christmas gift is an answer to a prayer. I recently realized that internet marketing is an online sales business of my own, similar to direct sales, not “working for someone else’s business and getting a weekly paycheck”. It was a stern awakening. That is why I am voting for Number 6. Step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing. I need to learn the basics. After that, everything else should fall in place. Where I am at the present moment is something like being a baby with no teeth and being offered a steak to chew. The basics are the teeth to “chew the steak” (All the advanced preocedures that are being offered on line by experts.) Once the basics are in place, all I will need to do is “chew” my “steak” well to succeed.

    Thanks loads, and have a Merry Christmas.
    Helen Marie

  123. Raymond

    I’m voting for 1. Email Marketing because I don’t need a website. Hopefully, that’s the one selected by majority. Thank you Anthony for your constant kindness of giving us knowledge. I appreciate all your help.

  124. barry parks

    #6 i really dont have a clue i dont even know how to put banners and such on website

  125. Ted Eagy

    My choice right now would be email marketing. I just got your Build, send, profit. Now I need to get started with it. However, Facebook is giving me a problem. I try to advertise by using the exact terminology from a product from Clickband and my ad gets turned down every time for content.

  126. Kimberley

    I would like to get the word out to my website….I don’t know if it would be email advertising, facebook or something else.

  127. virginia

    thanks for thinking about others who are starting or are on their way to financial freedom I would like to know about product creation and launching

  128. David Poulter

    Thanks Anthony for all the great teaching, I really enjoy your weekly blogs. I would like to learn all of these things. I could use more help with # 6 before moving on, it would be nice to own the basics.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful bless Christmas and enjoy the time together!

    Thanks again, Dave Poulter

  129. jan rose

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)
    –combined with?–
    1. Email Marketing
    But of course, if I have to choose just one… then #6.

  130. Mike Wright

    I Personally Would Like to Learn the best way to promote my websites #1 on how to create a squeeze pages and e-mail marketing and list building etc thanks

  131. anthony

    not yet but will soon have a wbsite i think you you r one of a kind you r a god send think you anthony

  132. Andy Edley

    Anthony I want to learn about Facebook and twitter marketing (#2). Thanks for your time, I have enjoyed and learned from your weekly blogs. I like so many that are trying to make online marketing work have a different product which I am passionate about, as you can see from y web site.

  133. Ian Walker

    Sounds wonderful. My choice is 1, although 4 is not far behind!
    As a newbie, myself – starting in MS in a week’s time, I am excited with all of this!

  134. Robert Altine

    #5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

  135. Nancy Anderson

    #6 Back to the Basics of Affiliate Marketing.
    Thanks Anthony. Happy Holidays.

  136. Nancy

    Anthony, Back to the Basics from A to Z with a visual guide – lost on how to really get started.

  137. Kevin Banks

    I vote for #6 Back to the basics A to Z. This would help to get a good plan into effect. Then my goal will be more realistic. Happy and healthy Holidays!


  138. Jimmy

    Hi Anthony. I have noticed that a lot of your members here have voted on #6. I also vote on #6 Back to the basics of Affiliate Marketing. Thank you.

  139. catherine wilson

    Hey Anthony I vote for #1, I see not too many people want #1 but sending emails would be free and it is automated, I hope more vote foe #1.

  140. Lana

    The one you choose. I’ll be happy with. I wish to have something that will start me online success and make me at least a little bit of money, so I can feel usefully…..

  141. David Eisenhauer

    I want to learn it all, learn it right and proper. I want to know how to do it all the right way and actually make some money. I have been trying to have at least some success, but in the last 3 years I have lost about 10 grand. I have learned a lot of what not to do, but it is now time for me to make some money. I know it is too much to go in a hundred directions at once, but as long as I can actually start making some money, I am fine to focus on one income stream at a time. Free Traffic, in my opinion, is a good place to start

  142. James

    I did what you asked but did not see it come through. My like on Facebook went through but not sure about twitter. I want to learn Facebook marketing. How to pick the attention grabbing image, captivating headline and killer copy. Also what products work well with Facebook..

  143. Tristan Johnson

    Anthony I want u to teach me about email marketing,
    and facebook marketing. And also teach me
    about free traffic teachque.

    That all I want you to teach me Anthony, and thanks
    for helping me to become like you.


  144. Yolanda Febles

    I am interested on option# 6, after I understand that one I will be able to then master the other 5 options.

  145. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, I vote for #5 Product creation and launching.
    Thank you,

  146. Jackie

    Hi Anthony
    I would like #4 free traffic techniques. I would like that.
    Cause I need to know how you can generate more traffic to my site.

  147. Flo

    Anthony, I paid for the 3 day training already but still have to get your next year’s sched. no. 5 I think would be best for me since I have no clue as to where to start. i was just thinking of this undertaking few days ago. i am not sure where to start, how to start. Anything you can share with me to help me get started is very much appreciated, God bless you for all the help you are giving us, Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  148. Laura Heigh

    I have alot of this stuff and I am slowly learning… what I need most is to learn how to build a web page and such and the to get the traffic to go there,.

  149. Flo

    Oooppps! No. 6 is what i believe i need, a step by step – sorry. I dont know how to share this like in twitter. i don’t have the account. You could teach me too :)- flo

  150. Nancy

    Hello there! I purchased the product a couple of months ago! Because I am going to college at night, I barely have time to read all the emails I’m getting! I really need all the help I can get understanding the package I bought from you Anthony, because I am a complete rookie in this field but would love to have you take me by the hand and teach me the “ropes” like you spoke about in the first video ever that I saw from you, and that sold me on your style or doing business…It is the video where you share your story, and talk about how you showed your father how to create income from the internet even though he did not understand a whole lot about computers…Like me!!! Really. God love them, but I’m still in the dark about a lot having to do with them!!!! Thank you for all the gifts and for the awsome difference you are making in my world, and the world of so many others who dream with financial independence!

  151. Tammy Ruegsegger

    Hi Anthony,

    I am a newbie to this even though I have been to Mississippi and attended class with Kaci, been to Utah twice, webinared one of the Sessions again, and am coming to Mississippi soon to attend Adrian’s class. I am still lost on the landing page stuff, aweeber and just the basics I think I should be more efficient with and am not. So I vote back to the basics. Happy Holidays and looking forward to next weeks blog.

  152. Don H

    Free traffic techniques

    Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless You for all that you are doing for people like me

  153. Fred J

    Hey Anthony you have been very inspiring to me. I am always following and listen to your business. I love the quotes that are at the end of your email. I would like to learn about fb marketing, free traffic techniques, and product creation and launching but I have to choose one. The one I choose is product creation and launching. With you teaching and techniques I believe I can make a living working from home on my computer. You and your family have a wonderful holiday.

  154. Anthony Poletti

    Hi Anthony, I would like to focus on # 6 Basics Afflilate Mkting,
    Thanks again for all your support and positive training.
    Happy Holidays, be Safe and Blessings.

  155. Godofredo Matulac

    92. Godofredo (Eddie) Matulac
    December 9,2011

    As a new beeI have been doing my home work but I got stuck on creating a list since I don”t have any product I can promote . I Don”t know how to create a list and link to mail chimp to get started. I am lost. Need more example of creating a list. A step by step guide will help and will be greatly appreciated. THANKS AND

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

  156. Carol

    Hi Anthony,
    I am interested in creation and launching of a product.
    Thanks for everything

  157. Connie Eisabeth Whitmer

    It seems that free Traffic Marketing should be the fastest way to get started. And We really need a fast way to get some money because we are on Social Security and while that keeps us from starving, we have to have additional income.
    Mel and Connie

  158. catherine love

    #5 please i am really having a hard time on this. i know i can do it but
    its going hard to start. i will leave a further message on your facebook page. thank you
    catherine love

  159. Miguel

    Anthony, # 5 Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales

  160. Laurel

    I like #4 Free Traffic Techniques.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  161. gentrydavid

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    I have your books, still can’t seem to achieve my goals.

  162. Henry

    Dear Anthony,
    Thanks very much for Christmas Gift. I need #6 which I hope will lead me step by step what I as a beginner need right now.I bought tons of different
    materials from you and do not know how and where to start. I you can make one sample from start to the end what we need to do to get started
    and explain, that from each step we could do additional way to accomplish next step, then probably we will start to understand your books, disks and emails. From above I see more beginners are in the same place like me. So please help us to start makind progress.Thank you again and Very Merry Christmas.

  163. Carl McQueen

    Hi Anthony, I would vote for # 6. My problems are real basic, I’m set up with
    awebber autosponder in a old business and can’t seem to get things together. The info. was furnished by the company and it was 3 years ago.
    Need the squeeze page and tie to autosponder ect.

  164. Betty L Crabtree

    Hi Anthony – Free Traffic Techniques is my vote. Thank you so-o-o- much
    for all of your help to me and all of your students. God Bless!
    Betty L aka Ruffles the Clown

  165. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,
    Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)
    I know I haven’t been as active as I was or should be here and on the forum, but that’s how it goes as you know, busy, busy busy. I have already created and launched my own product with much success. I would like to see you teach people how to do the same so that like myself and yourself they can start getting affiliates and have them helping them to earn from and promote their products which as we both know will generate a very comfortable income. ( provided they are turning out quality products)Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales) I feel this will be an award winning step in everyones progress towards success.

    But FAIR WARNING Anthony… my next product is a FREE course on just that, Product Creation and generating FREE traffic.

    So I wish everyone the very best in your success,

    David Caudill
    DaCinMoney, we are succeeding from home.

  166. Phil Lully

    Okay Anthony, Here’s my vote No. 2..Facebook Marketing is my choice to real learn about some cool ways to maximize my efforts with Facebook as I live on FB. Thanks a load, and Have A super Christmas. Phil Lully


    I am not sure if you personally go through these response by yourself. However, if you are ….. tough.
    My case is the simplest of all the cases and it will make your work easy. Successfully not really completed my website with myebizpro.com My business service is retailing online of the following “ABSORBENT HYGIENE PRODUCTS” which comprised of Adult Incontinence Products, Baby Diapers and Feminine Care Products.
    There may not be a single program out there to handle the internet marketing of these products at once but will appreciate your recommendation for a novice the best way to start. I had reasonable visitors during cyber Monday
    Will be committed to your recommendation. I believe in your crusade.
    Thank you very much..

  168. Sando

    Anthoney, I really want to promote health and fitness products (affiliate marketing). I can’t get someone to buy. Can you help me?

  169. Sharon Davidson

    Hi Anthony,

    If you are going to show us how to CHOOSE and create our own product, I would like to learn #5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales).

    If you’re not going to show us unimaginative people how to choose a product, I would prefer to have you teach on #6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing).

    Have a great Christmas, and thanks for the wonderful gift you are giving us.

  170. Charles Williams

    Hello Anthony,
    I would really like to know about making money on Facebook.To get my affiliate marketing venture going full swing.Also I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  171. rico lecera

    Hi! Dear Anthony good day! I came from Philippines I like your method of helping others, to tell you the truth. Until now i did not earn money from online
    even I was already joining from others last few months then I cancel my subscription due to I did not understand and what they promise is not true as what i had experienced.Right now I’m always looking your system but sad to say that i have enough money to fully subscribe all your system. But if given opportunity to earn maybe that amount did I earn can help me for my subscription. I want to vote for 6) back to back the basics affiliate marketing ( step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) much better in PDF form thank you! and more power to your team.

  172. Craig Hoffmann

    Need to learn more about Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

  173. Leah Wyeth

    Hi Anthony, I agree # 6 is the one to answer all questions!! I am at a conference this weekend in Sacramento with Adrian, and he is totally entertaining. So far, I have loved EVERY minute of it!!!

  174. Napoleon Provens Jr.

    Hello: Anthony I would like to know about free marketing techniques.

  175. Mario

    hey Anthony, I would have to choose #4 free traffic techniques. Thanks and good bye.

  176. Jaco Esterhuizen


    Wow you are amazing!!! my vote is #3 definitely as the internet is growing this is where i want to be i would love to combine it with #1. In return i will market you in my country, This is what we need a teacher who really teach with his heart. Thank you so much God bless you

  177. Inez

    Thank you Aonthony for the surprise gift for Christmas.:} As I was reading the comments I feel the same as Tim Willingham . I need a program that I can pick up quick for now. I have work on the product marketing some with the couches and pick a product line, right now I don”t feel convent enough to talk to vendors. so i vote for 1 or 4 ,and then later to the marketing again.. So which would be good for me? I struggle with ADD which is hard to stay focus on reading. I would like your input. have a good weekend with your family.

  178. Bonnie

    Anthony, this is a great idea. What I really could use is Number 6 because I’m such a slow starter. That’s what happens to us old ones, but the new tricks are still good. It would be a good choice because it would put everything into one package (A to Z) with no loose ends to confuse or distract. then maybe I can really start making the money I need because I’m so broke my family’s sick of bailing me out. And on top of that, I’m sick of being bailed out. This would really let me show them how they need to pay attention to the old birds and geezers.

    I’m sure whatever gift you put up will be fantastic and most welcome! Thank you in advance.

    — Bonnie Roncayolo

  179. Norma Garcia

    Hi Anthony, I was watching a video about you and they said very nice things about you. So that made me decide what I want. I want # 6. Thank You.

  180. Sue

    Hi Anthony,
    I vote for #6.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and keep up the great work

  181. Daniel Rozak

    #5 Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

  182. obi

    i like you to teach me how to creat a products or locate a good products and lunch it to make profit. there are amany products but which one is a good products , how do i packegae it and advertized or promote it to make money.where do i do that . as i never have a website oif my own . i do not know how to pick a products from the web site i gave me . i have activated it but how to i proceed?

  183. Regina Sanchez

    I am having a hard time getting started, I cant afford to spend more money cuz am not making any which seems to be the only way to go…..I am interest in the email #1 marketing #2 facebook and #5….I am trying to grasp all this to no avail…..

  184. Beatrix Dunford

    Free Traffic Techniques seems like a very good one, Anthony.

    Thank you, Beatrix

  185. Josepgine

    #6. These are the need to know before you can do anything. Why get traffic, to some where, if you don’t know where to start?
    I went to my x-companies Christmas party last night (my Husband still works there). I had some friends talk to me, while others were acting as if they were so much better than me. That pissed me off. Next year if my Husband is still there, I want to be able to put my nose up at them and Flash a few thousand in front of their noses. Being able to go into that place and tell them Hey, I just FIRED my Husband! He is going home with me to retire!! would be the greatest thing on this earth. So let’s get going!

  186. James Stubbs

    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

  187. Catherine

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to learn more about Facebook marketing, Thank you for offering this option as a christmas gift.

  188. Robert

    Hi Anthony, I need to learn about free traffic techniques that includes ability to capture emails and make email marketing easier.

  189. kevin davis

    Hi anthony Ithink the best for everyony will be #5 because once you learn it and master it , you can become financially secure instantly. thanks for having me share this with you. Happy holidays you are the best and thaank God for people like you. Kevin Davis

  190. Richard Brown

    Basic affiliate marketing is where I am at. I see you ask for a website, but I don’t know that either.

  191. jimmy chapman

    4. Free Traffic Techniques
    i’m boke need help to make money cant afford 400.00 for coaching FCC NEED TO SOME HOW MAKE MONEY TO AFFORD WEBSITE AND COACHING GOD BLESS

  192. Selesa

    Hello Anthony and thank you for all of your teaching & sharing. I’m really interested with #6 Back to the Basic with Affiliating Market…

    Happy Holiday for You & your Family!!!

  193. Cindy Scarboro

    Hi Anthony, (tell Adrian Hi too)
    I hope you and your family are having a great Christmas season! I would like to know more about #4 free traffic sources. I have been on Face Book for a couple of weeks now and am getting the hang of it. I’m getting some traffic on Seniorpeoplemeet.com with a direct link but need more. Any help would be GREAT! Merry Christmas to you all…

  194. tomi

    #5. Product Creation and Launching would be great

    All of the selections are great but this would be of great interest to my husband and myself

    Thank you very much

  195. Kathy Shandley

    I believe #6 is the way to go. I know it would sure help me, especially if it talks about setting up a domain.

  196. Marcia Brown

    I’d like to vote for #4–Free Traffic Techniques. I am developing a new blog for scrapbookers to come to for help and to share what they are doing that works for them. I eventually want to promote offers relating to scrapbooking and other related areas like cardmaking and photography.

    I am needing the advice on traffic techniques to get people to come to my blog. Other types of traffic generating information would be great as well.

  197. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Anthony I believe the e-mail approach seems the most versatile of the group, please help. I am overloaded with so much info. on how to build this system from the ground up I am confused on where to start.
    Thanks for all your support past and
    Fred& Hyunsou

  198. Diana Saxon

    After taking the 3-day seminar and reviewing and reviewing and reviewing your training and Adrian’s dvds, a hands-on training for beginners. So much info, it’s hard to start.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for all that you do to help those like myself and others.

  199. vicki

    i would love to learn more about facebook marketing, but whichever subject comes up, i will be very happy with any free training.

  200. DeeDee

    Hey,Anthony..first I just want to thank you for PAYING IT FORWARD ! I truely believe that is the number one thing that we all need to focus on.We need to treat others the way we want to be treated and give what we would like to receive.To be honest,I (and many others) really don’t have much to invest in The Next Best Get Rich thing,so that is why I admire what you are doing.I am trying to make my business as easily accessable to others as I can,without them feeling like they have to give ME their money to get the reults they are striving for…so that being said I would LOVE to have access to #6 : Affiliate Marketing (A-Z)…Thanks…Dee

  201. Theodore Seavy

    All are really good but I probable need # 3 the most.

    A tip for every one Start deep breathing and take one l-Carnatine each day. The l-carnatine is needed to oxygenate your body cell.

  202. Karl Huber

    Hi Anthony,
    I would like to have you go back to the basics so I vote for #6 on your list. I am still trying to get the best out of CPV but not very successful. Happy Holiday for you and your family.

  203. Isabel Santamaria

    #6 , since I’m a newbie I need to start by understanding the begining. Thank You and have a bless new year.

  204. Georges from ZüRICH

    5. Product Creation & Launching
    (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

    (create an affiliates program concerning my product yes)

    Thank you for teaching me this way (actually) 🙂

    And Welcome again in Zurich Switzerland

    when you want

  205. Cynthia Howe

    Happy Holidays! I would love to learn #5, product creation and launching.
    I watched your video and was shaking my head on several responses you shared. Yes, I really need to be profitable in my life and not rely on a 9-5 (or in my work life, a 3-11pm) job that dictates all I do.
    Please help me find my passion for life again!
    Anxiously awaiting my next goal seeking, life changing experience from you!
    Thank you for continuing to help those of us that strive for a better life!
    Blessings to you,


    I would like to be taught how to run a website that makes money in easy terms,and already set up, like 1,2, & 3, just getting to know computer, I am 60 years young and I am on unemployment and this month or next month will be gone and I need to make a living, please

  207. Jan-Inge

    Hey Anthony!

    I would like to vote for #1. Email Marketing and list building.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  208. Patricia

    I would like to learn no. 6 Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing). I need to learn a very low cost way of making money so I can afford to invest in your mentoring programs. Thank you so much for your instructions

  209. Victoria Caldwell

    Hi Anthony,
    My choice will be #6: Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    I am still struggling to place my first ad, and how to use the tools I have bought from you, eg. CVP Domination.

    Thank you


  210. Kathy Needham

    I am voting for #1 email marketing, I would also love something on CPV .
    I would also like to say thank you for being so real. Merry Christmas!

  211. Bernie Santos

    Creating a product is way difficult. Especially one that really sells.
    We just need more and more on Affiliate Marketing, from the basics to
    advanced. So, number 6 is best.
    Thanks for everything Anthony!

  212. Marsha D.Roth

    Anthony Free traffic techniques facebook marketing and email marketing anyway I am studying everthing I have gotten from you and am working on trying to pick the niches which I think is the hardest of all . It is taking time because I also work a full time job and just dealing with life. But I am not giving up. It is just a slow process for me. Thankyou so much Anthony and you have a great Christmas and new years. Take care. Marsha

  213. Gwen Gouchee

    I have not signed up, but still receive emails constantly. If I had some idea of what people are doing with email lists or what any part of your business entails I might feel inclined to join – certainly I need income and would like a business I can do from home.

  214. Roberto Duprey

    hi Anthony I would like you to get me #6 and # 4 so I can star my own success online. I not an expert on computers but I like to learn so i can help my self and my family that real need some help. Thank for time,that you take to tech us to be success on life. Keep been like that you are a great person. My God bless you and your family and fill you with more wisdom every day.Thank again and Merry Christmas

  215. Paul Wilson

    MY vote is for Free Traffic Techniques

    could combine 5 (Product Creation & Launching) and number 4 (Free Traffic Techniques) to make an even better training course for us.

    Also, just maybe, what are the best affiliate web site to promote? Yours of course, but what is producing the most income. Is Admob any good?

    I keep thinking that my Website is hardly any good, plus there are not that many links to my site which = no traffic = no leads = no success. I can not afford large sums for a web site.

    Thank you for helping, Your information is the best out there.

    Paul Wilson

  216. William7

    #6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) get’s my vote. I’ve had no luck with the other “make money with # clicks because they were never clear showing you how.

  217. Joseph Mannix

    Hi Anthony,
    I want to wish you Happy Holidays to You and your family. I thank you for the free gift.
    I’m leaning towards # 1,E mail marketing.

  218. John Kartarik

    #1, Yes Email marketing.
    In 2004 I used Phone Data from DeLorme which had 110 Million phone #’s and address of ever one in the United States. Now I will update the data and will send out from 1 – 3 emails a year..One on certain subjects to certain individuals..

    So what direction can you point me to obtain all the email address.

  219. Marcos

    Hi Anthony,

    It would be nice if you could teach and explain how automated affiliate marketing works. Like ones in Clickbank.

    Also, different ways in creating a mailing list from scratch.

  220. Ryan Dooley

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) Would have to be my answer. I bought the books which gives great information about email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC Marketing. Your Fast Cash Commissions program offers a great deal of information on free advertising techniques. So a A to Z guide would probably be the best.

  221. Mitchell Canada

    Anthony, since this is all new I am totally lost.Would have to vote for #6. Thanks. Happy Holidays

  222. Max Bacal

    Hey anthony.

    Loved your Seminar! Still putting it away a little at a time
    till I can go full throttle.

    I’d love # 6.



  223. Andrene Miller

    these are all great subjects indeed but I want to know what I need to do to break into this business and start making money. I am between #4 and #6.

  224. James Ritchie

    I Also agree with Marilyn.
    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) would have to be my choice. But then again any of them with a step by step guide would always be appreciated!

    Thank you

  225. Cheryl Becker

    I will go with #5……like everyone else still confused on what I am actually doing….to much presented and not enough time to learn and understand the product.

  226. Denise

    I would like to know more about # 5 and hope you can help. Thanks Anthony for the help

  227. Wayne

    My vote is for #4. I have a web site that I’ve been working on for months now but I have trouble getting the traffic needed for it to be successful. So #4 would be very helpful to me.

  228. ~Pops~

    Which ever one that provides the best opportunity for us to learn how to get the sales pitch phrases out of our copy. You ‘be da master of dat’ So give us a taste of why, how and where we can write better headlines, posts landing pages…etc

    Which ever Christmas gift gets selected, I’m sure it will provide a chance to teach us a little bit of this art so each of us can do a better job of being real and building trust in all our communications.

    ~Blessings on your head

  229. Shawna Smith

    #6 I’d really love to see the big picture of affiliate marketing because I think I’ve only gotten bits and pieces from gurus that don’t want to give away all their secrets.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  230. Markell Gordon

    After looking at the list, I would be interested in # 1 email Marketing ..Thanks Anthony.

  231. Merriel

    Hi Anthony,

    # 5. or 6 PLS..

    Im am so into the affiliate marketing where you don’t spend so much money before you start earning money. Thanks 🙂 will be waiting for it. ^^

  232. Shirley Abshier

    My choice is the last on your list, that is
    Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)
    I really need something which takes me by the hand and walks me through step by step,
    With all of the type this in the line, click this and enter into PC, then…. and on and on.
    Unlike my children and grandchildren, I did not grow up with a computer in my hand, in fact my first calculator was a slide rule (as a Science major). I’m sure today’s young adults would be as confused by it as I am by the computer.
    I am trying, however, and even managed to put ads on Twitter, but I’m not sure they are doing anything.
    That’s why number six was my choice.

    Thank you,

  233. Barbara Goodman

    After looking at the list it is a very hard choice for me but I think no. 6, Back to the basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) would be what I would want for Christmas. Thank you for such a generous gift.

  234. George A. Beasley, III

    Hello and Happy! Holidays to you and your family Anthony, next, I am voting for “option #1-Email Marketing, because if the “software gift” is going to be anything like your “Build, Send, Profit” program, I am sure it will be a great! benefit for me to make profits and on my ways to financial freedom. I was amazed! at what your “”student” Carol Amato” did with your “build, send, profit” program, so, if option # 1-Email Marketing “WINS!”” that will be greaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!! Thanks, and take care, George A. Beasley (Happy Holidays to All!)

  235. Dave Ingram

    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

  236. cmarvin

    I would like to learn more about facebook marketing. It’s a way of reaching people that is endless b/c it can reach out to people around the world.

  237. Bev

    I would like to have number 4 and number 6. thankyou.
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  238. angelito

    I prefer number #6,i still really need some help in understanding the terms and techniques how to promote and how to add campaigns.

  239. Agnes

    I want #5 product creation & launching. Create your own product find affiliate and generate sales.

  240. Charles Cutts

    Being a ‘newbie’ I would find

    #6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    most useful.

  241. Cris

    Hi Anthony,

    I would really be grateful to learn more about #’s 2 and 5 …. I know that you said to pick one, but I am really interested in both of those 🙂

    Thank you.

  242. Stella

    step 5 will help me to leap forward.

    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)


  243. Rosa

    Hi Anthony:

    Thanks for all you do. I need #4 Free Traffic.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  244. Markus

    Hi Anthony,
    I have been wanting to make money on the Internet for a long time now and I have been watching all your E Mails you send me. But the truth of the matter is, I’m 48 years old and I dont know much about computers. I have a computer and I check my E Mails, Facebook and Yahoo. But that’s it. I dont know what’s a blog or twitter or search engine etc ect. Everything sounds so comlicated. Please send me that Christmas Present just for me. Thanks. Markus,

  245. Alejandrina

    Hello , Thanks for your generosity. I would love to learn how to get free traffic to my sites. I want to take my business to the next level in 2012. Have a great 2012

  246. Raul

    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)
    Thanks Anthony

  247. Susan Gavin

    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing) Please.

    I read the book and don’t get how everything fits together.
    Especially how to put the links on my website.


  248. Deb Herber

    Hi Anthony!

    My vote is for number #5!

    I would LOVE to see another step by step plan to follow….repeating the process from start to finish helps to develop a good “habit”….and easy to remember formula for success. And we never get enough of your training and helpful tips!!!
    Hope you and yours have the best Christmas EVER, Anthony!
    And thanks for all you do to help us be successful!


  249. Federico Groenewold

    Hi Anthony!.. Thanks for the opportunity… I believe that strategics is over all tactics, so I think that the best for us is Number 6 of your list.

  250. Jean

    #6. Having trouble getting my website set up and posting the Clickbank products I would like to promote.

  251. Bridgit

    I would like to see options 4 and 6. I have purchased your book and though it is awesome, as a reference when I get lost. I lot of these same subjects are referenced over several chapters. Or seem to be.

  252. ken b

    Hard to choose they all sound good. but if i have to chooes one then I would pick #5 product creation and launching

  253. Gerald

    Anthony, I would appreciate learning more about e-mail marketing. Or anything to get my Clickbank account off zero.

  254. Ima

    Anthony, I’d like help with email marketing. Thanks for all your help. I still haven’t got it, but I am not going to give up. Have a Happy Holiday.

  255. Osama

    Hi Anthony
    I,m new for all of this so I think # 6 Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)
    will be good
    Thanks a lot

  256. AMH

    Start from scratch . I seem to get continuous emails from the company with items to watch but most have things that will cost me additional money to use. I would like to see some step by step instruction on how to put your original program into place and make money using the tools we paid for in the beginning. Take things a little slower – just seems like it is too fast paced (I realize the quicker I apply the better off I will be – but trying to fit it all in with my work load is often difficult – so slower is better when trying to get it all understood)………….offer some of the webinars that you have had during the the evening hours during daytime hours (maybe during noon or lunchtime) as well………as I cannot always watch them when offered. Maybe start a program after the first of the year – offer step by step training via webinar one day a week………..teaching a few steps each week? Then once we are able to apply these methods we could move on to the newer stuff you offer for sale. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  257. scot

    4. Free Traffic Techniques
    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)
    6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

  258. Augustine Sumo

    HI Morrison, I would like to learn how to do social media and Email marketing for my Christmas gift.


  259. Dave

    Back to basics affiliate marketing would be a great place for me to start with, and would then learn all the other stuff.
    I have purchased the sniper program, but find that it’s very difficult. I believe I need the basics first.

  260. Betty L Crabtree

    Anthony – I vote for #4 – FREE TRAFFIC TECHNIQUES I have learned so much from you and would like to learn more about this.

    Thank you for offering this very thoughtful gift to your students.

    Betty L aka Ruffles the Clown

  261. terrase walters

    i would love for you to do #6 back to the basics read alot but theres nothing like hands on verbal teaching i believe i retain info better that way thanks Anthony


    Email Marketing
    Free Traffic Techniques

  263. robert

    Dear Anthony I look at the list, I believe that number 6 is the best for me ( Robert) Thanks for offering this gift.

  264. Annette

    #3 and #4 appeal to me most. I would like to have these interwoven, however. perhaps I need to focus on basics again? I am a true novice and will appreciate, whichever and any training that is selected by you to teach. The reason is simple. You are the expert. I know that you say that you are not and that its a team effort, but you are the face for your team and therefore, we take our hats off to you. Your team should get accolades from you daily and monetary awards for a job well done.

  265. Peter Coe

    Sounds great Anthony!
    I’ve been trying to get a handle on creating and blogging for profits using a couple of niche markets.
    How about teaching, techniques to incorporate Youtube, video marketing for affiliates.

  266. Norm

    #6 is my preference. Sorry, I’m not on Twitter or Facebook so can’t spread the word as you requested. Hope that doesn’t disqualify my vote.

  267. george brininger

    I have not started yet, just a little confused and I think # 6 would be great……Merry Christmas……..George

  268. Kirk Hanson

    Something about you says to me that you are sincere. Of all the prospect videos I’ve watched, and they are many, The choice to learn from you seems a natural one. Since I don’t have a product, I’m a bit lost as to a direction to take.How about #6 Back to the basics Affiliate Marketing.

  269. Alex

    Hi i really think you are one of the only few and last real helping guys that can exist out there in the online marketing Industry. I have done so much research in the past years about whatever was going on and I have heard so many things about any kind of presentation that for how someone it is similar you look to me like someone of the just few, very few that want to help, as well as not just make money for himself. And I am seriously very happy about this because i know that when listen to your videos – presentation – or sales pitches I know I can possibly learn something which i Will always want also if i can becoe a very successful guy in this business.

    To me it would be really great to get the number 5

    5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

    That would be very new and interesting to learn about ! Many thanks
    and for sure keep on following you !!

  270. Joseph Fedor

    Affilate Marketing step by step with one product,Then add products one at a
    time up to ten.

  271. Greg Grizzell

    I really need something to get me started. I vote tYo number 5. Product creation and launching.

  272. George L Ecker

    Dear Anthony,
    I would need all six of the programs.
    Number 6 is my first choice! Thank you Anthony, for your sharing
    your tremendous techniques with us for free.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Anthony


  273. Debbie Javete

    I would be interested in going Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    Thanks for all you do Anthony.

  274. Brenda

    Thank you for this gift Anthony. Lets go back to basics as this is where the correct foundation is laid. Wishing you and yours and very happy Christmas and best ever 2012.

  275. JAN

    Hi anthony!

    I would vote for no. 6 back to the basics..I don’t know where to start that’s why what are the things needed to start..


  276. Linda Hunt

    I would like to learn about free traffic techniques. Studying with PMI right now – on a VERY limited income so the free traffic would help immensely!

  277. Regina

    #6. I would also like to know more about selling our affiliate products on E-bay. I wish I could just put the peices together but, have never been good with puzzles lol. I think your one of the nicest people that I Have ever met and would like to say Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    Best regaurds;

  278. alberto

    Hi , Anthony , as usual , I think you got a good idea . I have choosen 6 , because I believe that should be the simplest way , once you understand what is meant by “affiliates”, to enter a money making program . My experience , so far , indicates that nobody says how you’ll be going to get your money , once automation has helped you to make commissions . For instance : how do you open an account , with which Company , and where you will be able to collect your cash , especially if you are living outside the U.S. and banks do not like seeing numbers travelling , where hackers are continuously trying to enter other people’s money . In other words you seem to be taught how to begin , but not how to finish .

  279. Tee Mitchell

    A M…….#6
    just found your website in last few days….all of the topics you suggest have a huge appeal….for me I would be one of those wanting to start with the basics….I am sure this module would have some form of mention as to the other 5 units….can we find more details via you library as well? Your knowledge, experience, and sharing attitude is indeed rare in this environment of everything having a cost….You are investing in yourself and introducing all of us new to the internet marketing universe. I have read your book “Automated Profits From Home” and am in the process of reading it again with hi-lighter in hand. Lots of building a foundation information can be found here. Currently, I have reservations for your 3 day class coming up this FRI, SAT, SUN….My goal is to totally become knowledgeable enough to create my own internet marketing presence and become financially successful. Not forgetting to extend my help, support, and servicces to others along the way. Your efforts, experience, and knowledge should become a cornerstone in my building process. Many thanks to you and your staff and family for offering your time, help and support……I apologize for the fact I have yet to go onto Facebook or Twitter post anything……Terry Mitchell

  280. Hans Martin Gulliksen

    Hi Anthony i wanna learn email marketing,i also need learn to learn making
    google adsence,cause google has allready deleted my account 4 times.
    And i need to find my keywords for my website adword setup.

    its all so confused and iam getting so tired of it when i fail everytime,

    I need your hand man:)


  281. Jerry Murray

    #4an#5 would be great if you could combined these would be great help for anyone to get started with.Thanks an you an yours have a great Christmas.Thanks Jerry

  282. Tony

    HI Anthony. this is some thing that i would like to learn more about.

    Thanks Anthony you the man!!!!!

    Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing)

    Thanks Anthony you the man!!!!!

  283. Michael Hays

    I’d vote for 1,4, & 6 if I could but, since we can only vote for 1
    then I’ll take email marketing.

  284. Linda Alicea

    Anthony, I want to thank you so much for all of the help you provide. I just watched your webinar on CPV Domination and I loved it and want to get started right away. This being the Christmas Season, I don’t have a lot to spend on getting the soft ware right now but I hope it will be available to me later. I am asking to get help on #4 free traffic. I hope you and yours have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

  285. SA

    I’m torn between 5 and 6 but since i have to pick…5. Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)
    That’s the winner.

  286. Dan Reardon

    Hi Anthony,

    I would like to see a program that makes Search Engine Optimismation (SEO) more clear. I have had no problem following the advise of my coach at UWC but I seem to have a mental block when it come to SEO.

  287. Priyakant

    Thanks Anthony for all the great tips sharing with us, I really enjoy your weekly blogs. I would like to learn and vote about # 5 ( promote your own niche, product) of these things. Wishing you and your family have a wonderful bless Christmas and have a good time together!

  288. Suni Leon

    #4, #5 and #6 are all really great options but I guess #4 would most beneficial.

    Thanks for the offer!

    Melissa “Suni’ Leon

  289. Delores Glass

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you so much for all your efforts. I think the best place for me to start would be # 5. Product creating and launching.
    Merry Christmas Anthony

  290. elly Swaab

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks, will appreciate your offer to help as I feel completely lost in the system. Therefore, I suggest I should vote for #6, ‘Back to the basis, etc.’ I will be in Europe until after the holidays, but I am anticipating to start with your program upon my return from Europe.

    I wish you and your family happy holidays.

    Elly Swaab

  291. Claude Richards

    . Product Creation & Launching (create your own product, find affiliates & generate sales)

  292. Sheila Volz

    #2 Facebook Marketing from How to Build a Web Page to what to say. I just don’t get it.

  293. Debbie

    Thank you for this offer. I vote for #6. I would have entered my website but I have over 400.

  294. Markus

    Hi Anthony,
    I like #1 and #2. Preferable #1 since I dont know much about Facebook or Internet for thar matter. Pleaes send me that Christmas Present. Thanks. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Markus,

  295. Madeline

    # 6. Back to basics affiliate marketing (step by step A to Z affilate marketing)

    I seem to be stuck. I need beginners help. Thank you for everything and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  296. Michael Hays

    I’d vote for 1,4, & 6 If I could but, since we only get to choose 1
    then it’ll have to be email marketing.

  297. Donna

    Dear Anthony,
    i think number 6 is the one that i want i think that would help me out a lot
    thank u for the gift

  298. Ed Skarda

    Thanks for the help.
    I think #1 #3, #4 and #6 would be useful to my understanding of this marketing process.
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

  299. Todd

    Hi Anthony,
    I would have to go with back to the basics, but also interested in #5. Really Have bought several items from you and went to your class but really having trouble getting off the ground. Whatever you decide I appreciate and will try to implement.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. Eileen

    Hi Anthony,

    I need step 6. Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing). I am new and are lost. Help. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

  301. nash

    i think email marketing is very important so # 1 plz

    although all the topics are very important i could use all of them but as you asked for ONLY 1 then i would say Email Marketing

  302. ruth

    i tried to start but never get through . Need help on #6…Thank you very much and merry Christmas.

  303. Richard

    Anthony –
    We’ve been told to not stretch ourselves too thin, to master just one thing before moving on to other techniques. Most of us need an income stream we can feel confident in generating, month after month before we gain confidence in doing something else. In that spirit, I vote for #1 or #5.

    Thank you..

  304. Theresa

    Hi, I agree with Will Donnelly. I need very badly to learn the best and fastest way to bring money into a family with no money to even give the kids a Christmas if we want to keep a roof over their heads. I think Affiliate Marketing would be the least costly. If so please put me down for this pick.
    Thank you

  305. Pauline Hicks

    Hi Anthony, I stay on facebook about 50 % or more of my entire day and tried to set up a page about your business since I sort of had ties to your business from your training courses online and what I ordered about a year back. So my choice no doubt would be Facebook Marketing and if there was a second choice E-mail Marketing would follow. My financial issues could really use some help and I am home bound with a nerve complaint, so work from home is what I need, but I also need affordability to run my own business along with the fact that I want to complete writing my own book, I pray someday my dreams and whatever goals I can meet will be a very rewarding challenge and reality so I can get in a better situation than what I’m in. Thanks for all you do to help us. God bless you and your family Anthony to have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  306. Ella Dikeman

    I have a list for the e-mails and I would also like to learn free traffic techniques.

  307. T. Campeau

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank-you for this wonderful gift! I’m torn between #5. Product Creation and Launching & # 6. Back to Basics Affiliate Marketing A-Z Visual Guide . I am in the beginning steps, and am excited to get going but need the hand holding guide still. I really appreciate what you’ve given so far !
    All the best to you and your family this holiday season !! Take care.
    Sincerely, Tammy

  308. Eric Pizza

    #1 Choice: I vote first for : Back To The Basics Affiliate Marketing (step by step A to Z visual guide to affiliate marketing

    #2 My second choice is all of the details – a step by step A-Z visual guide of how to do email Marketing.

    Anthony – I am greatly enjoying the information on your Fast Cash program and i left you a comment on your other facebook page which deserves your attention!

  309. Lorlotte Jarvis

    Hello Anthony,
    I like to listen to your instructions, you sound honest and clear and understandable.
    Since I am not a computer Genius, I believe course # 6 would be the best for me.
    I thank you so much for offering this great and wonderful gift.
    I thank you so much, blessings to you, Lorlotte Jarvis

  310. Stacy

    Hey. Nice to say hi.
    I’d really like to refresh the basics from a to z.
    I ‘d wanting to have help with #4 the free t