Weekly Blog #9: Anthony Morrison Continues To Give It Away Free

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Anthony Morrison has decided to give away, completely free, a new guide he wrote on maximizing your ROI with Google AdWords. In order to figure out how to get your copy sent straight to your email box simply watch the video right now!

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  1. Ronald Wagner

    Mr. Morrison;
    Your book is fantastic. It has been an inspiration and bery helpful.

  2. Charles Whitlock

    Hi ANTHONY, I’m new to the community and I am excited to get started reading your book… Thank for all you hard work and efforts… Good Job Charles Whitlock

  3. Bill


    Your material is a breath of fresh air. Still waiting for the
    hard copy of your book – but have downloaded the audio
    version. Can’t wait to get started!

  4. Jen


    I have read about 1/3 of your book…so far, it is VERY inspirational and I’m looking forward to reading the rest. I am a single mom of two and work full time so finding time to read it is very difficult for me, but as slow as it may be, I am confident that I can do something with this knowledge that you are giving. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I have noticed some editing errors in the book. That is the only “critisism” that I can offer. Other than that, so far, so good! Keep the emails coming and all that! I feel a little bit behind, but I know with your persistant knowledge I will follow in your footsteps! Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  5. chris carter

    Saw your energy on TV, bought the book, read it in one weekend, was overwhelmed by the amazing content and opportunities. Since have been selected as a PMI kid and am learning a great deal. Great coach, but sadly, 2 months in, no $. I am not giving up!!! Keep the energy and ideas coming.

  6. Derrick McPhaul

    Mr.Morrison, I have yet to purchase your book, but Im excited about doing so. I’m working crazy hrs, missing time with my family and hopefully with your book and techniques, I will be able to make more money online and eventually walk away from my job and share my story with others.

  7. Dan Utter

    Mr. Morrison,

    Your book has given me a sense of direction to take my online business. Your ideas are cutting edge and innovative and have planted many seeds for my future.

  8. John

    I enjoyed the book and I am getting started working on your principles’ now. I read it through once and now back again to implement.

  9. Nataly Stamy

    You seam to be a honest guy. I think I am going to give a try to your book. I need and income. I’ll let you know later how did I like your book

  10. Gabriel

    Hi Anthony,

    I have read your books but I didn’t apply any of the principles yet. They were very enjoyable and informative reading. You managed to include a lot of information and presented in an easy to understand way. For $19.95 your books are a steal.

    I have also read some of the negative reviews about your system and you personally. My only input is based on the information and your books. Again, your books are very informative and the information in them is well presented.

    Gabrel Kazakias

    P.S. If I remember correctly thare some typos.

  11. Allen

    What A breath of fresh air. It’s really amazing! I spent the first part of this year learning some of the things your book spoke of. ie domains,auto-responders and other aspects of affiliate marketing. Your book covers so much material so quickly. I have read it once and plan to read it again. Thank You

  12. scott

    I’ve read about half of your book, I can’t wait to finish it. looking forward to success!


    Dear Mr.Morrison
    Just wanted to say thank you for what your doing to help others like myself to earn income. I like most lost my job last year and as most of us know they are hard to come by these days. So thank you for giving me a chance to pick myslef back up. I am looking forward to working with you and your team in the near future……god bless you and your team

  14. Barry

    I have read about 1/2 of your book…so far, it is extremely encouraging and I’m looking forward to completing all of them. I am having some finance issues at this time, but I believe I will come out of it in 2010 following your methods. Thank you very much for all of your encouragement.

  15. Cassandra Wooten

    I’m still waiting to receive my book, however everything that I’ve heard so far has me very excited. I am ready for success. When I receive my book, I will return and post a comment.

  16. Gregg

    First, I just want to say that your effort with helping people after purchasing your book, whether it be through tele-conferences, hot offer e-mail lists, our affiliate systems account, or the website you gave us, your efforts are exceptional and I appreciate your dedication greatly.

    I read “Advertising Profits From Home” a few months ago. Before I read it, I was fuzzy on the concept of affiliate marketing and advertising and how a normal person like myself would be able to take advantage of such an opportunity (Even after listening to you on TV). Your book completely cleared up in my mind the big picture of affiliate marketing and how all of its moving parts combine to give “normal” people a chance to make money on the internet. You explain very well the concepts of CPC and CPM advertising strategies along with a vast amount of other information needed to know in order to become a successful affiliate.

    Although I was a bit confused when it came to the affiliate manager section and how they can be implemented to further your success, I still enjoyed your book very much. I enjoyed it so much that I wasn’t even able to finish it before I embarked on my online advertising learning experience.

    I understand a lot of time and effort needs to be put into something like this, and results will not come overnight, however, with the help of this book and your input, I believe success is possible in the future.


    Gregg Van Orden

  17. michael

    mr morrison Iv just receaved your book and started reading it, I have’nt
    had a chance to do any thing yet im still learning the what and how to.
    however I am blest by your sincerity and deadication to see us successful
    for that I want to thank you very much. you are awesome !!!

  18. Gabe

    Hi Anthony,

    Great video! I actually just finished watching a series on Google on CNBC. After the show you came on promoting your book. I have just started with internet marketing and it’s a perfect time to get your book to increase my knowledge.

  19. Paul

    I haven’t got it yet BUT i can’t wait to read it. The energy and passion you have is certainly an inspiration. I can’t wait to start.

  20. Gena

    Hi Anthony,

    I am new to the community and just received the book. I can’t wait to read it and to get started. I look forward to learning and implementing your techniques so I can better my financial situation and help others in the future.

  21. Russ

    Hey Anthony!
    Just ordered your book a few hours ago. Will let you know my thoughts on it after a full read. Good Fortune.

  22. Brandon Smith

    Anthony, I really enjoyed reading your book. At first, it was alittle confusing, but after reading it a few times, I started to understand just how profitable PPC and CPM can be. I haven’t started any techniques yet because of lack of funds, but I’m sure once I get going it’ll be great, I’m already signed uup with two affiliate networks, have one affiliate manager, and got about 10 hits on my site in the last month (it’s new). Anyway, great tele-confernce last night about e-mail marketing, and I know once I start, I’ll never stop.

  23. redbaby07

    I love the book. There is not any bull in it. I have ordered a lot of things in my time, and I must say, this book is a first. Thanks for breaking things down to earth for the dummy. I have started the twitter advertising from the book, and I haven’t made any sales, but the sky is blue. I have faith that it is only a matter of time. Like you said, this an’t no get rich quick thing, nothing is unless it’s water and the person is on fire, and you happen to own all the water. lol Thanks for writing this book, and not being so greedy to where you don’t care about the next person making a little cash off of your experiences at a low cost to them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and God Bless you and your family. P.S Keep up the good work Blessing those kids and others, the rewards are always great.

  24. Jessie Dudley

    Anthony, thanks for your book. I had only read about how affiliates work.
    It was attractive to get involved in advertising on the internet. I have read the book and developed a terminology list. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and want to succeed in this business, but I am just getting started and don’t know how to implement the ad process. I be I will get what I need to begin doing ads next week. Your conference calls were great. I was totally ignorant and the book is great and clear.


  25. Albert Torcaso

    Anthony, I have not yet bought your book, but will buy it by Jan-5-2009. I’ll be honest I’m not sure that I believe that it will work for me or that I’ll be able to make at least five hundred dollars a week, but one thing I am sure of Anthony, you seem like a real person and the fact that you helped those children and now try to inspire others to help each other it makes me believe that you are an honest man and that will inspire me more than any book or DVD or video. Anthony, you fit the principles that I live by and you better believe I’m buying your system as soon as I have the cash flow to do so.

    Albert Torcaso

  26. Frank Rivera

    Anthony, I bought your book but I have not yet finished reading it. I feel that the tools and knowledge you give us in this book are very helpful and also simple enough to follow through. I will keep you updated on my progress…

    Frank Rivera,

  27. Jeremy Brown

    this book has a lot of great information i have learn a great amount. something i still dont understand but im tryin my best to figure them out college just has me really busy. I willing to use these steps and techniques to better my future thanks for all the help this book is awesome. Hopefully it can make me as successful as it has all the people in the book.

  28. Gloria Aybar

    I have not gotten the book yet but will be ordering by end of the week. Can’t wait to read it!!

  29. Musa

    Hey! i really like your book and the informations are really great and beneficial as someone put time to it’s purpose. Though! i haven’t really start to advertise yet on the major seach engines yet, until 2010 when i will be some how financially stable to pay for a campaign. But as for now, i’m using the free social media to advertise, which i’m getting clicks and few leads as well. I believe by doing some investment in it, income generation will be an easy thing. So, as far as my case is concern, i’m ready to put hell lot of energy into it in 2010 inorder to succeed. However, your book is very informative. Please Keep us updated to improve our success in business.

  30. Doug Boylan

    Just received my materials in the mails. I skimmed your book last night. I thought it was very informative and inspirational.

  31. Simon K

    Hi Anthony. I ordered your book from TV commercial. Like it very much.
    I agree with Doug’s comments it’s both informative and inpirational.
    It’s also very easy to read.
    I activatd my website. Choose offers and building PPC campain right now. Hope your Google Adwords Guide come just in time.

    Thanks a lot.

  32. Megan Paice

    Seasons Greetings Anthony,
    So far I can honestly say that life has not been a wonderful walk in the park for myself, and boyfriend.With the recent purchase of your book “Advertising Profits From Home” it has given us back our sense of hope in having a successful future together.We are college students enduring hard times due to an injury I suffered.Last May, I suffered from a knee dislocation which makes it extremly hard to work since I’m a waitress.This leaves my boyfriend’s income as our only source of money. So when I found your program on tv it was like an instant light bulb went off as a great way to help our situation. We haven’t finished the book yet, but from what we have read we can tell that your techniques and strategies are very helpful and inspiring. We can’t wait to finish the book and implement the strategies and become one of your success stories. Just wanted to say thanks and happy holidays.

  33. rubydarrough

    I read the book”Advertising Profits From Home”.Activated my website. Retired
    from my job of 46 years. Puchased a domain name. The book is well written —
    excellent content, it give you step by step instructions and specific resources
    that can help you build a successful online business.Throughout the book you can feel the positive energy. Anthony thank you for the entire packgage.
    Happy birthday!

  34. Ruth Taylor

    I just received the book and have started to read and follow your techniques. I am retired from working with the State. I have activated my website and I am ready to get started.

  35. Sandra Thon

    I am 3/4 through the book. It is not filled with fluff but is very meaty. You explain the terms well. I’m a newbie, so I’m still working on writing the ads for the Blog. If I didn’t get this book when I joined the program, I would have bought it. I’ve never heard of these concepts before. This is a whole new language for me. I’ll have to read the book a few times until I get the concepts clearly in my head.

    Thank you Anthony,
    Sandra Thon


    mr anthony im just waiting for the book to start reading. just by listening to u i know its going to intrigue my knowledge !

  37. pilar maria warne

    Hello Anthony
    I’m still reading… I hope I can finish soon so I can start working..
    I would like to help others. If you need anything I live in Tampa, Fl

  38. Kathy

    Hi Anthony, I just started reading. I purchased your book and signed for texts, created my website and am reading your blogs. I’ve got to tell you I’m a little overwhelmed with it all right now since I’m at all these different places in the process because I’m trying to keep up with all way’s you’ve contacted me and instructed me to do things at different times while I was still waiting for the book to arrive. So, here’s hoping I can catch up and remember where my website is! I admit though that I am pretty excited. Yours truly, Kathy

  39. Ameerah R. Sultan

    Thank you, Anthony. I have just recently purchased your Advertising Profits from Home Syetem and I look forward to this adventure.

  40. Fred

    Dear Anthony,

    Your books are a great source of hope and inspiration, especially in these hard & difficult times.. like the light at the end of the tunnel. However overwhelming, the information you put together are very useful and critical. My only wish at this time is: to find a simpler and organized method to easily dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

    Please keep up the good work.



  41. delite


    i have read both books- thought both were well written and


    how can i receive a copy of the e-book

    Acing google ad words?

    thank you – delite

  42. veronica yarborough

    Haven’t yet received my book but am reading the blogs and am very anxious for the arrival of my very own copy. Everything sounds so totally strange that I wonder how well your book will educate and make a picture that I’ll be able to understand. I totally trust you and all your efforts to help others succeed. I’m confident that along with your coaching and open line to ask questions that even though I feel really illiterate, I shall become knowledgeable enough to gain some degree of success. God bless you!

    Aloha nui loa,


  43. dennis

    Hi Anthony,

    I solidly read half your booked and skimmed through the rest. It has a lot of good information. For me it was easy to understand. I am implementing strategies for Twitter and blogging.

    I look forward to receiving your eBook, “Acing Goggle Adwords.”

    Warm regards,

  44. John

    Hi Anthony;
    I’ve read your book & I’ve learned a lot. Some of the techniques you mentioned I’ve thought of but didn’t know how to implement them.
    You seem to have a straight forward way of doing things,I like that–Looking to working with you

  45. kim

    Hi Anthony,
    I received your materials about a month ago. And honestly, I was intimidated by the material. I just finished the hidden milllionires book and was quite moved by your story. I’m half way thru the second book and I’m trying to keep up my confidence to take the pluge. It has been hard reading the scanned photos in the book. Some are blurry or the text is too small. Thanks for the inspiration and your dedication to helping people. You are a true angle!!! God bless you

  46. Clara Leake

    I’m a newbie to your company. I haven’t bought your book yet, but I will as soon as I finish writing this message. I did read you Hidden Millionaire book in four days. I was blown away by your story. The book was a page turner. I could hardly put it down. It was both informative and interesting.
    I’m going to the site now and purchase the book. I’m also learning so much from your blogs. You are indeed a good person. May God continue to bless YOU and your FAMILY.

  47. Ellen Holt

    Hi, Anthony
    I have purchased the Advertising Profits from Home Book and I have read it and made alot of notes as I was going through it. I have looked at the affiliate marketing before but there was no instruction – they only told you a few websites and what you could do but nothing with detail like you do. You give steps on how to proceed which is nice as a guide where I didn’t see that with the others. I am now reading to start making this work and keep up the faith and not let it intimidate me as I have to look to the future as now my job could be effected due to current economics and get this started just in case something does happen to my current employment. Thanks so much for the book and all of the tips and help; I’ve also heard about google adwords and am looking forward to your article on that.
    God Bless.

  48. Best4u09 (Tina)

    Hi Anthony, I have just purchased your book, have not
    received it yet, so i do not have feedbacks for you right now, but
    after reviewed your weekly Video, i know you are giving away free
    PDF 70 pages book about how to conquer google networks, can i still
    get a copy from you by email? i want to know you, this program as
    much as i can, very excited about it. Thanks Best4u09

  49. jeffF

    I just finished your advertising profits from home book about a week and a half ago, and found it very informative.I am not very skilled with computers & face daily struggels with it , but things are coming around. Now i need to find suppliers and purchase a domain name. I look forward to your weekly blogs, i hope truly know what an insperation you are to others! Thanks, none of this could be possible without you !

  50. Don

    I have read your first book and am 3/4 through The Advertising Profits From Home book. I have to say that you just can’t help but admire your character and integrety. The marketing ideas are solid and you give methods that can be applied to ANY operating budget. I need to finish the book and take action.Give my best to your family, it’s easy to see your parents are special.

  51. Bridget

    I have read the book….great information…now trying to get my head around it all. Going through all your blogs now.

  52. Timothy Richardson

    Anthony, I have not started reading your book yet, but will as soon as I have finished the listening to the recorded teleconferences and taken notes. So far, your tips and videos have been exciting and the strategies sound like pure genius! Looking forward to seeing more success stories as well as my own!

  53. Michael Hoose

    I just got your book and I love it. I have been studying about making money online for some time. Your book, emails, blog posts, videos and all the mentoring based on your own successes and failures is priceless. I’m a smart guy, but I also know learning from your experiences will keep me from making costly mistakes in my own endeavors. I look forward to being one of your many shinning stars as I start my own venture into my definition of success. My goal is to get to a level where I can help children and families and hopefully create my own Charity Foundation. I look forward to more guidance and support. Thanks for your integrity, honesty and passion. Great example for me to follow!!!!!!!!!!

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