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I have to say that last weeks “Weekly Blog” had an amazing response! So many people responded and so many people left comments about my new book “Advertising Profits From Home” it was a bit overwhelming to say the least. I decided that this week I am splitting the video blog up into two parts. Part one went live today, Monday, and basically is a continuation of our free “Acing Adwords” giveaway so if you are looking to learn how to really get the most out of advertising on Google you certainly want this guide! Guess what though? YOU CAN’T BUY IT. That’s right it isn’t for sale right now…. it’s only available to people who give me honest feedback on my new book “Advertising Profits From Home”. So if your reading this blog you’ve probably already purchased the book which means if you give me a review ill give you this guide completely free!

To watch this weeks video blog simply GO HERE
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Part 2 of my weekly video blog will roll out later in the week and will focus on giving back and how you can give back to people in your local area. As you all know this is a big deal to me and it’s something I have been involved with since long before I wrote a book or appeared on national television. I hope that with the huge amount of traffic this website gets now due to my national exposure I can help to motivate and inspire you all to do something to give back to people who really need it. Ill be sharing my video and this story later in the week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to watch this weeks video blog, give me a book review and get your FREE COPY of Acing Adwords.


  1. Retta Ballard

    Hi Anthony,
    I am looking forward to getting back to reading your book.
    What i have read so far was great i am sure it will be a big help.
    It also seems to be an easy read and that is very good for me Thanks.

  2. borinqen777

    I am so excited to be starting this. As soon as i saw it on t.v. at 5a.m.
    I am putting my all into this as my new hobby. Anthony its hilarious because my father and I have been talking about doing this for ages, this where just a bit complicated because neither of us are good at computers, but when i seen someone already thought of it as well and dedicated them selfs to it I was over filled with relief. You know I had my doubts when my father and I would talk about doing this, but I see now this is legit and genius.
    Thank you, Sincerely

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