1. Michael Richardson

    So happy to be a part of this program. Totally new at this type of thing, but I am full of hope and determination! Thank you.

  2. Floyd Black

    Anthony I finally get to send you a Blessing. I found you one night while not sleeping i turned the tv on and saw this young gentleman talking.So i decided to listen and god spoke to me he said do what the man says .So i bought your books. What a story i had met the man .I also bought your Fast Cash Commissions.Great stuff So I also took your lead and joined your.pmi Team I,m new at this game but I,ll tell ya, you got it going on.I call it the wave .Thank You for all the good blessings you send .I,ve been a stone mason for 35yrs and sitting behind a computer is alot less stressful.But i,m here for the long haul.Iike to fish in big yachts so some day when my dream comes true We,ll be FISHING together,For now well fish online. GOD BLESS you ANTHONY Thanks for all the hard work i know what it,s like,,,,,

  3. Al Dinger

    Keep it simple yet specific and clear. We want to follow you and learn. It just needs to legible, easy to view. Please. Thank you. We know that you are coming from a genuine and pure heart. You have our best interest at heart. Al Dinger

  4. Troy Butler

    Hi Anthony I am brand new to your program and just getting started I have seen 2 of your videos so far still learning about this program, question iwant to get into Real Estate Investing and rehabbing can I use this as a vehicle to get the word out that I buy houses? Any info would be greatly appreciated have a great day.

  5. Marshall Hoffman

    Like your white board. It is easy for my old eyes to see (80 yrs). My site is getting more and more visitors. It is both e commerce and affiliate marketing. I am only making enough to meet expenses. But I am determined to keep working my niche sweeter and deeper.

    I have found something that is giving me a reason to get up in the morning.

  6. Bill Roser

    Any thing “more” is good for me. If it helps you get material to me in a way I understand better than it’s all good!

  7. edna thackeray

    anthony…i think your idea is tremendous
    you are helping so many people become better
    in countless ways
    the reason why people do not become successes is because they do not learn what they need to know
    struggling by yourself is too hard and people may give up
    kudos to you
    and many thanks

  8. Bob Pitman

    I like the whiteboard. I need more training and look forward to next week.


  9. Shane Stiehl

    Good Idea Anthony. This will help learning like you said because the brain will absorb it in multiple places. Hearing it and seeing it will be much help but I think you should do short screen shot recordings showing how you deploy your techniques..That would be something no one is doing.

  10. Lisa

    Great idea! I like being motivated, but I love learning new things even more. The whiteboard is great and I can see your writing without trouble.

    I would like if, when you are emailing me something, that you be more specific in the subject line. I know you are going to be selling me things from time to time, but I really don’t want to miss the teaching and the reviews that you are going to send.


  11. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony
    You are coming through loud and clear, looking forward to more training and some fresh ideas. All training sessions so far have been informative and useful.

  12. Sarah Fuchs

    Love the whiteboard. Sorry I can’t afford all your training stuff. Just getting started here–in debt, on a pension. Hopefully, you don’t know how it

  13. Jack (Alaska Jack)

    Great Anthony,

    Using whiteboard promotes clear understanding and easy access for taking notes of key strategies…I like it alot.
    I really appreciate your time and efforts to share your training and experience, I am all ears and stand ready for your expert guidance.

    Thank you for doing what you arediooing fo us!

    Alaska Jack

  14. AnnMatthew

    Hi Anthony,
    What a fabulous idea! It is easy to see you since my computer is in the shop, and I am watching via small screen iPhone. It WILL be easy to follow strategy as YOU write on the WHITE BOARD. GOOD TO BE BACK, after total hip replacement surgery. This is a fine teaching tool. THANKS. Sincerely, Ann

  15. Charles Olds


    This is for us beginners. I know you recently did a blog on email marketing, it was great – I have that blog (email) stored on my computer. I would like to see some blogs on some of the basic ways to get leads to out sites.

    Such as: Free Directories
    Article writing and submissions
    Press Releases

    If you have already done some lessons on these topics, where can I find them.

    Charlie Olds

  16. Frank

    Yes I try to watch all your blogs and really like the sound of this new approach. every time I start to get discouraged I pull up one of your blogs I have on file to motivate me. After 3+ months I finally made my first $4 from my computer store (do not think I will be able to live on that) so motivated and stressed at the same time I pulled up a couple of your blogs i have on file to get my mind going in the right direction again. Thank you again.

  17. James Dawson

    The videos are good ! But I need help getting set up so I can use your techniques

  18. Skip

    Good idea. You need to connect with your “students” using at least four different learning styles at the same time. You just added an important one. Dr. B.

  19. Greg Johnson

    I am wondering how I can use this as a sales person for a number of different companies. I keep saying yes to people who need more sales and I am beginning to stink at sales because I am so spread out.
    Being able to use a training type if blog delivery could work, right?

  20. tonya morgan

    Great idea! I think your right about this being more of a help,being able to see what I need to take notes on instead of trying to write down everything you say. I think this will be a really big hit.

  21. Gaylynn Fox

    I have been in your PMI program for several Month now and I LOVE the White Board but I cannot get my husband to use it he flat refuses, I agree with the disconnect comment, he doesn’t see what is in front of his face therefore he doesn’t complete the task that is suppose to be done.
    It causes fights and I just finally threw the board aside and said forget it to me it isn’t worth the fights but I really want him to use it!!!!!
    Gaylynnn Fox
    “Finding a Need and Filling It”

  22. Cathy

    I’ve just looked at the rest of the page under your “class window” and discovered all the information you’ve provided.

    My website is getting 500 blogs a week. But I don’t think they are buying. I don’t know for sure because I just set google analytics up for 1 page and 1 blogsite, so I don’t yet know. If I get results on those two I will set it up for the other blog pages. Trying to deal with the blogs is overwhelming, although one third of it is spam, which I delegate to the spam box.

    Your new white board looks perfect and I’m looking forward to your next message.

  23. Michael Hays

    I’m all for what your going to do with the white board but, from what I saw
    you’ve got a little to much light shining on the board. I just figured you would
    want to know.

  24. Albert T Smith Jr

    Anthony, in the middle of divorce, have primary custody of 4 children (all reside with me, even though 2 are 19 and 22 y/o, respectively. ), need to get rolling. Plan to be engaged fully now. Looking forward to future blogs.

  25. Richard Short

    Luv your white board idea, it’s great. I will be in tune for all training as I am struggling. However I believe it is possible to make money on the internet as there are alot of people doing it. I am still working toward earning my first dollar online, but know it will happen soon. I have the drive and determination and am passionate about it

  26. Robert Dockstader

    I think the white board is a great idea! Has a college atmosphere about it. It seems more personal than just a list of info.

  27. Janet Johnson1

    I like the idea of a white board because I think it’s easier to understand if you can see information instead of just listening to it and It is very easy to see on the screen

  28. Penny Jones

    I have delexia and being able to see what you are talking about I hope to understand more clearly.

  29. joel gomez

    great idea of your new white board training..!!! I could use it to begin making some money…

  30. JoeGarcia


    I liked this #96 blog. I can hardly wait until we get more free videos with free advice on how to increase our ROI.



  31. Rod Catenacci

    Hi Anthony;

    I think that this is better than any style you have used… keep up the good work. I have been a student of PMI for about 3 months. I am just now getting the idea how to do things. I haven’t made a cent yet. But I know it just around the corner.

    Rod catenacci

  32. Elouise Cunningham

    I like the idea of training. White Boards are really neat and very easy to
    read for us.. thanks ever so much elouise

  33. Mary W.

    Hi Anthony – welcome back! I really like the white board. It is easier to read and I thnk it will be a nice change. Very well done. I will be back next week for the training and we will see how much better it is. Thank you

  34. RON


  35. Evelyn M Mantanona

    Hafa Adai Mr. Anthony Morrison,
    I am a newbie and very limited computer experience. I purchased your program because I was intrigued by the depth of (step by step) visual information you provide. I am a visual learner, so I know that your program will guide me to financial success so I can provide support for my family and to my twelve siblings and their children. But most importantly, to be able to pay for an excellent Care-giver for my bedridden 85 year old loving mother.
    Therefore, the white board is an excellent tool to “show & tell” your thoughts. I humbly appreciate your passion and respect for others, like me. Thanks, and I will definitely watch your weekly blog. Si Yu’os Ma’ase’ (God Bless), Evelyn

  36. Angela

    There is a bit of glare which makes it hard to see some of the whiteboard. The idea of adding visuals is wise. Most people are visual learners. Have a wonderful weekend.


  37. Chad

    Hey anthony its chad ive sent you emails before and you never get back to me. So i hope you get this one. The white board and the whole teach me thing, perfect, an awsome idea. However, i dont know if its the lighting or the marker color. Maybe try a darker marker like black. It may show up better on my end. Other then that its a great idea keep them comeing anthony.

  38. Shirley

    Like your white board. It does make things more visible. Look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next week!

  39. Dot

    I think this is a great idea. I am stuck right now and this will definitely help me move forward.

  40. Lelle


    I can’t wait for training. You are coming on clear via visual and audio.

    Thank you for taking the time to help/train newbies like me.

    Good Day,

  41. Ruth

    I like the whiteboard. We remember 10% of what we read or hear, 50% of what we see, and nearly 100% of what we do. When I write down what I see on the whiteboard, then implement it, I’ve got it. Thanks.

  42. Doug

    I LIKE what you are going to do. It is so much more helpful than sharing Cut, Past and Profit for the 2oth time.
    Looking forward to next week.

  43. Shirley York

    Love the white board really looking forward to the next coming blogs and you putting it to use :):):.

  44. Mabel

    I will be back next week.
    I like the whiteboard.
    Looking forward to learning.
    Thank You

  45. KK

    I like your inspiring remarks and I have been listening to them week after week and month after month. Many times they are repetitions, but still inspiring. Today I know what you are about to say by seeing the fist portion of the presentation……….Inspite of the inspiring message, I still could not venture to follow through your advices because I do not have the money even to start your program……..Do you have any solution to this problem????? . I am in debt and I do not have the fund to pull through each day…..All I dream about is to make some money to set up a SpeciaL Need Trust for my developmentally disabled son…so that his needs will be taken care of after my time…….

  46. Donna Lueth

    I am glad your starting with the white board. I can learn better
    with hearing and seeing what I am learning. Thanks Anthony.

  47. Pat Rebo


  48. Cyril

    Excellent idea. You are now catering for people who are visual learners. Keep on using at least two colours and occasionally the thicker pen. Does your whiteboard flip?

    You would really impress me getting your hands dirty with a chalk board.

  49. William Russell

    I was watching the CD that came in the mail yesterday and said to my wife, “Anthony needs a white board” and there it is. White boards are so much more useful than paper flip charts. Way to go.

  50. Vanessa G. Brown

    Enjoyed this week’s blog. I am a visual person and I love the idea of your “white” board…. It is very visible and I am looking forward to next week’s blog….

  51. Shannon

    Hey Anthony,

    I am absolutely excited about this. I can’t speak for the rest of the world but I get a lot more out of a white board presentation than I get out of a slide show.

    I use a white board in all my presentations and I get a much better response from it. It’s a concept that not a lot of people are using and it’s a shame. I guess it’s because most people are afraid to put there face on a video.

    Kudos to you man and I look forward to next weeks blog.


  52. Pilar

    I like your new board, but Ireally like the idea behind it, you’r right, visualizing work so much better, you can read somthing 3 or 4 times and not figure it out, this will work.

  53. janet sandkuhl

    I think it is a great idea your white board lessions. Like you said then we can write notes, or if we miss something ,we can replay again.
    My only suggestion is to Use darker color for writing for easier reading.

    Keep doing what you do it is excellent , you don’t just settle, you keep reinterventing new ideas , you always excited, and you don’t rush through it blog. Big help to me.

    We are one of your students , who want graduate, meet our goals and more

    Janet and keith Sandkuhl

  54. Elizabeth Walker

    Hi Anthony, I am looking forward to your teaching each week. I think the board is a great idea. Seeing how things is done is bettr than just hearing it.Thanks for caring about oour success.

  55. Elizabeth Walker

    Hi Anthony, I am looking forward to your teaching each week. I think the board is a great idea. Seeing how things is done is bettr than just hearing it.Thanks for caring about our success.

  56. Steven Surace

    Love your new method of training. I am able to see the board clearly and that helps with the understanding of the material (at least in my opinion.) Nice to see that you are constantly looking for ways to improve how you teach, for the betterment of your students.


  57. Bjarne Breilid

    You are on to something quite simple, but probably very effective, and I look forward to watchiung you disseminate useful information to us all with red and blue on white.

  58. Debra Rebetje

    Love your white board. Can see it very well. Look forward to learning more with this new visual……Thanx…….DR

  59. Susan Wilcox

    I like the white board idea as I am an audio/visual person. Therefore, I will be able to learn easier with both methods in place. I’m a newbie and feel a little overwhelmed most of the time, but believe this is a fantastic opportunity and am thrilled to be part of it! Thank you, Anthony.

  60. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, yes thanks for making it more easy to understand and see it on the white board. Only a professional would think of these methods! Great work Anthony! GOD BLESS .

  61. Jim K

    Like the white board and the weekly blogs.
    Will be looking forward to your blog next week.

  62. steve

    Thanks for brainstorming new training ideas/methods of delivery on your vacation time. Great stuff I like the idea of teaching us on the whiteboard.

  63. leslie

    Anthony you are amazing. I have been in many programs but you are so sincere and really want to help your students become financially independent may God bless you. Your white board is just fine so you on the net blog. Ready for knowledge.

  64. Jordan

    I think this is a great way to train, I can see everything on the board. this is good.

  65. Ron

    The whiteboard is a great addition to your teaching methods. Frequently when I am watching your videos, I want to write something down, but I don’t catch the exact wording. Now, I can just read it in the board and write it down correctly. Thanks


  66. Bess

    white boards are a good idea I am a college student so I am very familiar with them I hope to take a lot of notes

  67. John Haynes

    I like the idea – the blue ink was a little light in some spots, but i could still see it okay. Perhaps try black or green. As always, thank you for all you do for us! πŸ™‚

  68. Toni Rowe

    Any suggestions for improving my/our site are most welcome!
    I/we love your white board presentation. It’s clear, easy to read (older eyes do have a problem!), and easy to copy instead of trying to take notes while you’re off onto another subject. Thank you.

  69. Jay Doty

    Looking forward to making more $$ any and all training and tips are much needed and appreciated. I always look forward to your blogs

  70. Barry Bescos

    Thank you Anthony,I thought just being able to see you on video was Great because of a birth challenge of dyslexia and attention deficit. I tend to learn much better being able to hear and see rather than just by reading. But now you have gone one step above and beyond from just Great to as my son says totally Awesome !

    By writing down important facts, drawings, statistics etc, and whatever else you will teach us on your white board in our future Blogs I believe it should help and aid your students on their learning curves. To see a picture I believe has been said, is worth a thousand words . For me in past years personally, it has been a truth. Some how, it helps to stick and hold on to the information in my mind, in a more vivid and lasting way. Mahalo !

  71. Tom Cory

    Really like the whiteboard idea. Seeing things written down so we can take notes is a GREAT idea. I’m really happy to be a part of this.

  72. Joyce Knake

    We’re always bombarded with all kinds of offers so it’s nice to get free information.
    My tip to everyone is when people start to try to sell you something, run it by your coach first. Don’t get burned.
    Ask Anthony, I’m sure he would tell you if a deal was good or not.
    He’s helped a lot of people.
    I enjoy the weekly blog. We need to net work more and help each other.

  73. lorne

    Hi Tony, love the white page, would please write with Black marker, I can see better,black on white. thank you, newbe,bad eye site,old age.

  74. Bennie Baucham

    Looks good to me, but would like to have some videos on your seminars.


  75. Eddie

    I have a Free Web Site set up, I’m trying to figure out how to make money with it. Is there any suggestions you can make for me . I truly would like for this to take off in a good way. Your white board seems to be a good idea for me.

  76. Desmond

    Brilliant Idea Anthony! I am always looking forward to your great training opportunities and information updates. I will be tuning in..

  77. Don

    Learning and Evolving is the Key to Success. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise.

  78. Beverley Gallimore


    I look forward to learning from you on a continuing basis–not that I don’t learn now, but sharing information in a more targeted way will be valuable for all of us who are novices.

    Thanks for your efforts and I am sharing your availability with others.

    Beverley Gallimore

  79. Tristan Johnson

    That white boad is a good idea Anthony. I hope its will
    work for us and you?
    Keep it up man, love your blog man.
    And I’ll be back next weeks, I can’t wait to see more information
    on the white boad. Have a good weekend, and
    enjoy yhe Super Bowl 46, GO GIANTS


  80. Audrey Kroll

    As always, is is great hearing all the wonderful advice you kindly share with us. Readinbg your book, is what insppired me to atempt Affiliate Internet Marketing. Audrey Kroll

  81. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – The white board is great – Can see real well.
    I purchased Fast Cash Commissions but not able to take you up on the coaching program right now. Also signed up with ClickBank and want to promote the Abs Program which they have listed and is also listed on our Affiliate Marketing website. I got to the point where I click the Promote Button and the other info pops up. I have been trying to follow the intructions step by step but am very confused. I know a domain is needed for each product promoted through ClickBank. I’ve decided to sign up with Host Zilla. Should I take care of this first before trying to promote any products?

    Would you be able to go through this information about Clickbank, Hosting and Domains on one of your training blogs. I know this info is given on the Fast Cash Commissions website but I still do not understand it.

    Thanks for all your help.

  82. Jeff Callen

    Love the whiter board. Now class can start. Helpfull hint use chisel point markers and use the broad edge to make your writing more visible,

  83. Claudia Corr

    I love your new method of training. I think is great to work on a white board. Fast Cash Commisions looks simple and very effective method to make money. I like to be your new student. I feel again like, I am back in my old classroom in college. Thanks Anthony again for this opportunity . l will put all my effort on it . I want to be very successfull.

  84. Julie Gimbel

    Hi Anthony,

    The white board maybe white now, but i am sure you will fill this with inspiring information which can only bring more to the table…!!!!
    Just like you said … when you visualize, it can happen.I am positive that you will make thing’s happen right on that board for all to see.

    Thank you, for your expertize.!

    Julie Gimbel

  85. Milena

    i like the idea of the white board. u can see the writing, but not PERFECT. there are some things that u dont see well. the marker sometimes doesnt write the full line and is kinda transparent, and theres when we cant see ALL the writing properly. it could be the light reflection too.

  86. Ligaya Valonzo

    I think your “white board” training will be a great way of learning. I will be looking forward for your weekly blog. Thank you Anthony for your hard work and dedications, you are such a wonderful person, God bless you for what you are doing to help us.

  87. tom lance

    Mr. “Z” of face book fame, while at Harvard, used a white board…it was 8 feet
    long. ‘m assuming he still uses it, or some form of such an analysis/tracking

    Life is a do it yourself project.

  88. Jack

    Hi Anthony,
    Its been a while since I last seen one of your blog videos. I bought and started with your program like a year ago but got deployed and never had a chance to continue. Well, now that I just got back from Afghanistan, I got at least two years now to engage and continue where I left off. Thanks again brother and God bless!

    P.S: Liked the white board training method. Legit and realistic!

  89. Sher

    Hi Anthony, sounds good, I need all the help I can get. I really need the

    motivation. Thank you for all your help.

  90. Dave Moore

    Ok. I will be here to listen and learn. πŸ™‚ The white board looks great.

  91. Kent Olsson S

    I think this tool will work out very well in this education, as it always have done in the most collages.
    I like to thank yuo for the great job yuo have preformed to do this visuable for us students.

  92. Raoul Marchando

    I am looking forward to seeing this training and possible using it. Thank you…

  93. Sandra P. Hildreth

    Anthony: I love the white board and think this is a very thoughtful move on your part to help your students. I look forward to continuing my Internet education via the white board. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.


  94. Sandra P. Hildreth

    Anthony, I love the white board and think this is a very thoughtful move on your part to help your students. I look forward to continuing my Internet education via the white board. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.


  95. SIosia

    just loving your great work… keep it up Anthony; hope I would learn more & start making money sometime soon…….

  96. George Hilliard


  97. Susan

    Just checked you out for the first time!!!! I’ll be back later to see how the board actually works but I think the concept is good. Thanks for constantly thinking of us!!!!!

  98. Rosemarie Delfel

    Hi, Anthony! Using the whiteboard as a visual teaching aid is an excellent idea! Thanks, and looking forward to next week’s blog. Have a great weekend.

  99. Joe Leon guerrero


  100. Erin Norris

    I think it is a great idea. i am a hands on learner and this will help me make more profit.

  101. Erik Winje

    Hi Anthony!
    I am new at this and I look forward to learn.
    And I am teachable.
    Erik Winje

  102. jan kesler

    The white board re-enforces my note taking; if I don’t hear things or miss some note taking I can refer to white board

  103. Dr Tom Pyle

    I’m brand new at this (first week). I’m still trying to figure out how you’re turning a profit out of this.

  104. Travis Crudup

    Great Idea. Looking forward to the training sessions. Wish you continued success. May god always provide a blessing for you.

  105. Mady Buddington

    Thanks for your constant effort to improve communication! It’s key to everything.

  106. dr steve smith

    white board, good idea…used something similar back in the early 90’s to learn all the gobs of info we had to learn to become doctors of chiro….thanks again…doc

  107. Dorma Dawes

    White board is a good idea. Looking forward to next meeting and hope to learn more with the new visual board!

  108. Lew Jenkins

    Hi Anthony, Really like your white board. It’s a great instructional tool. The government, both military and civil service, use it to get a lot of information out quickly. Basically “Tell’em what you’re going to tell them, Tell’em, Tell’em what you told them” Outline on the white board. Looking foreward to your blogs.

  109. Jackie and Bob

    This sounds good – we are looking forward to any and all extra training – so new to all of this. B&J

  110. Cecilia

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for selecting the whiteboard. Using a visual teaching instrument has always helped me. Thank you for continuing to strive to look for ways to motivate and give us that boost that we need.

  111. Sandy Doten

    i like the idea of using the whiteboard for training. It will be a strong teaching tool.

  112. Edward J Zisk

    Anthony This is a great idea and I look forward to be internet educated. Thank you for doing this training. I will be with you all the way, Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  113. Ivy Rice

    Looking forward to future training with the white board. Is there a place where we can review past blogs in indexed order?
    Ivy Rice

  114. Vinh Le

    I am glad to join this program again next week ! Thanks for caring our success !

  115. Nelson Camacho

    Hay Anthony…Love the new idea of the white board… honestly I haven’t been that much engaged in this process.. Ran into some ruff patch.. But I’m not a quitter!!! I do like this business very much and hopefully I can emulate you and help others along the way….Keep up the good work buddy!!!! Your awesome!!!!

  116. Teresa Jones

    I like the white board and plan to be here next week. I just started so I’m very excited.

  117. Robert Esc

    Terrific idea . . . use a wider tip marker if possible. Looking forward to your upcoming lessons!! Thankyou for your concern in ensuring our success.

  118. Tristan Johnson

    Anthony I think its going to be great and FANTASTIC my friend.
    I can’t wait for next week blog to come out.
    Have a good weekend man.
    Thanks Tristan J.

  119. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    i think the white board is a great idea.i can see it well.

    thank you!

  120. Theodore Seavy

    The white bord is an improvement.Look forward to more training. On the twitter class you said that http cut out the ads but I didn’t find that to be the case.

  121. Claudia

    I love your white board… what about an interactive computer animation at the same time ?

  122. Dean Ewalt

    If you get the EXPENSIVE White Board, you can fill it, PUSH a button that PRINTS what you wrote, then ATTACH it to the BLOG.

    Your Personal Geek

  123. Dale Haynes

    Demos – always the better way for us to see and learn. Training and visualizing to give confidence. I know you will encourage growth in understanding and increased ROI.

  124. Kathleen Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I have watched your brother, Adrian, teach for two days and he does a
    very good job. I am feeling very excited about being a Affiliate Marketer
    in your company. I am becoming much more confidant about being able
    to earn good money doing this. One more day in Ontario. Next week I will
    be able to begin at last. Thank you for coming to California. Kathleen Beller

  125. Steve T.

    As always sounds wonderful. Good full traing is #1,& excellant. Just remember the K.I.S.S.rule & you will be just fine. Keep It Simple Stupid. People can understand very duplicatable.

  126. Melissa Cue

    Thank you for making everything easy as pie to follow!!! A lot of hard work I feel really excited to throw myself into!!! Here comes my EPIC adventure!!!

  127. Lauri Hillebrand

    Great idea – white boards help explain concepts, methods, and the like. I look forward to your next blog!

  128. Stephanie Brown

    Ready and willing to learn the in’s and out’s of this work. White board, notetaking, sets fine with learning. Thank-you

  129. Jessie Littlejohn

    Hi Anthony,
    YEA!for the white board. I am going to be out of touch from the middle of
    February until the end of February. Moving to another State. Hopefully it willnot take long to get internet access setup again. My wireless connection is too slow.

  130. Janet Johnson1

    I like the idea of a white board and can see it very well. I think it is always easier to understand if you can actually see what you are talking about. I’m new to the program and I’m expecting great things.

  131. Jackie S.

    Anthony, this sounds great. I am looking forward to your instruction and insights!

  132. Wendy McCoy

    Love the white board Anthony! See ya on next weeks blog! πŸ™‚

  133. Doreen Munoz

    I love the white board concept. It will make it really easy for me to follow you and take notes at the same time. Thank you so much Anthony for all the information you share, it’s so appreciated!

  134. Brian Kralik

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    find out how you learn the best, and apply that to your learning on the weekly blogs etc. Sometimes I think people give up because they have a different learning style. Remember, Never, Never, Never Give Up (I believe Winston Churchill is the author of that saying. All the Best!


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  166. Heidemarie Rowe

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    Personally, I don’t need to be encouraged. I need the time to study, memorize and review.
    I’m learning much more from the printed downloads of your blogs than from your videos. One gets fired up from your videos but to be honest the study and learning comes (to me) from a printed version.

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