1. Quentin Campbell

    This blog is all about helping ppl make money and become successful in there online buissness so I suggest that u call it ( Building a million dollar online buisness )

  2. LaVetta Boone

    1. Points 2 Ponder
    2. Our Sacred Pathway
    3. Mission 2 Success
    4. Revenue Growth

  3. Christy Kyrk

    Anthony, you are using your blog to bring value to people in different forms but its always a value, (thanks for that) ….and you blog weekly.
    To keep the new name short and meaningful, I suggest to name your weekly blog:
    Weekly Value or AM’s Weekly Value instead of Weekly Blog.
    That way people know instantly, that they will always get value from you in your blog.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  4. Christopher Scott

    It’s all about becoming successful on-line!
    Here is my suggestion!>> My Morrison Money Maker!!!! The 4 BIG M’s!!!
    Great idea,right? Just go ahead and put the $$$ in the mail !!!

  5. Marilyn Taylor

    I’m a new member and not very familiar with our organization, however, “The AM Money Hog’s Weekly Blog” sound like a great name.
    Thank you!!!

  6. Lenzino Croes

    I love the anthony helps people learn how to make money online using internet traffic on simple websites like facebook,twitter among others.that’s a great way to earn money online. keep going at that anthony great job.

  7. Kathleen Dyce

    Anthony, I think a great name for your weekly Blog would be “Anthony’s Answers” Because you answer a lot of questions for your followers and keep them very well informed as to what to do next. Thanks, Kathleen

    I’m still trying really hard to get something going here Anthony. Thanks for the encouragement. Kathleen

  8. Clarence

    I think a great name would be “Anthony Successful Marketing Blog”
    ASMB for short. Thanks for all the great information and can not wait to see you in San Antonio, Tx.

  9. Danny Fortes

    If it Anthony, I think if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it! If i want to win $100 bucks I will give you a name.

    Anthony Morrison’s Millionaire (or Million Dollar) Minutes! I think that works! 🙂

  10. Doris Gessner

    Anthony – Great idea. I have the perfect name for your blog that will attract others, say what it’s about and give credit where credit is due. It is:


    Doris Gessner

  11. Brennan Tillie

    Hi Anthonny:

    I think a good name for your weekly blog should be”Anthony’s Mindblowing Mentorship.”

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Brennan Tillie

  12. Michael Hays

    OK Anthony i’m going to do my best here to give you a name for your blog considering the fact that i’m right handed and right now i’m without the use of my right arm & hand because, i’ve had shoulder surgery. The name i’ve got in mind is: MASTERMIND FOCUS BLOG! I think that this is a fairly good name don’t you. Heck i’ll even bet you could probably come up with some idea’s to put in a book with a name like that, just name your book
    MASTERMIND FOCUS! Not bad for a one armed man hugh!

  13. Beth Smith-Hankins

    I would name this blog…..Morrison Marketing #___ or AM Marketing #___!!!
    “Weekly lessons on ‘How To’ make money by marketing on the Internet!”
    Still reading the books you sent. They explain marketing methods with step by step directions and are the answers I have been looking for!
    Thank you 🙂 Beth

  14. Nelson Charlton

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m new to your site and products….but I think your weekly blog is all about learning from your wisdom….so it should be called “Weekly Wisdom:”

    You can then add to that each week depending on the week’s subject matter…
    Example— “Weekly Wisdom:Joint Ventures” or “Weekly Wisdom:Staying Motivated”

    I’m looking forward to learning from you.
    Thank you,

  15. Melisa Borngesser

    The Golden Nugget to Success Blog
    The Make Money Blog
    Help Guide to Success Blog

  16. Richard

    Great work Anthony,

    Empowering the world
    Opportunity Network
    Golden Eggs
    Life Changer
    Sow and Reap
    Ultimate Knowledge
    Sound Advice
    Manna for today

  17. Doreen

    Out of our brain creases we came up with this so far:
    Morrison’s Moula School
    Morrison’s Moula Market
    Morrison’s Train Station

  18. Juliette

    Hi Anthony,

    Just completed training with Adrian last weekend, Adrian, LB and crew did an exceptional job! It was amazing and this week I’ve been working diligently on creating my first ad. This is my first weekly Blog…and judging from the comments and my limited experience with you and your crew…..sounds equally valuable.
    I suggest: Morrison Moments
    Thank you for all that you do,

  19. Lawrence Keller

    Hello Anthony: I Am A New Follower Of Your Business Online. The Blog Should Be Called “Tony`s Online Blog For People Helping People”. Thank You For Your Help And Time. Lawrence

  20. KAT

    You should call it Anthony’s Motivation Weekly.

    What ever you call it will be awesome news.

    Thank you,
    Kathleen Caulder

  21. Scott Duddles

    Here is a name for your weekly blog, ” Success Keys To Affiliate Marketing “

  22. Cass

    I think “blog” describes it perfectly! You just keep talking – sometimes there are good tips and ideas, sometimes motivation…but basically you have just been ‘staying in touch’ since I have joined.

    I would LOVE to have it be all about training and tips to succeed, but I haven’t seen that yet.

  23. Michelle Leith

    I have been doing Tellmans Hypnosis and he has us doing our Mastermind Dream Team part of that is to pick the 5 people/ millionares you would pick to be in your group. You are one of my 5 and your weekly blog could follow suit as “Mastermind Weekly Meeting”

  24. Angie Davis

    I am new to this as well but if I had to suggest the name of your weekly blog it would have to be something that an attention grabber.

    1. Minus to Millions Weekly Blog
    2. Money in the AM Weekly Blog
    3. Money Me, Money You Weekly Blog
    4. AM-way Weekly Blog

  25. Allyson Griffin

    1) Belief Motivation Action! Bam! It’s What’s For Dinner! Come Feast! (#100)

    2) Booming Business Blog (#100)

    3) Action Motivation! Anthony Morrison Weekly! (#100)

    4) Successful Strategies Summit (#100)

    5) Champions Corner (Blog #100)

  26. Rhonda

    Hi Anthony:

    Still reading your books and learning from them and the webinars.

    My suggestion: white board tips for success

  27. Jerry Baltazar

    This weekly blog should be called”Anthonys Weekly Positive Encouragement Blog.

  28. Ron Meyer

    Anthony, with your words of wisdom how about

  29. Nomie

    Call it the -“Super Secrete’
    -“Mega Social”
    – Smart Share”
    – “Do it right”

  30. Charles McGregor

    Hello again Anthony! Charlie here with a suggestion for the name of the weekly blog…Anthony Morrison’s blueprint for YOUR Financial Freedom, Happiness, and Success. These are all certainly results of the trainings that you have provided with the blog each week. By using the methods you teach, the books you have written, and the actual training you do on a personal level anyone with a desire to have all of these things. You have done such a great job at taking the necessary tasks and showing us exactly what to do. You take the time to motivate us with your compassion while giving the latest, most up to date, cutting edge techniques and methods to achieve all these things. Thanks again for your time, your commitment, and the devotion you have to help us all be a little better in our lives which in time helps us to help othes too. Have a “better than great” day!

  31. faith

    Hi Anthony, I really believe in this, I’m just at a brick wall. I haven’t made any money yet. But I think you should call it “success to you” or “How to be a millionaire.” or “Sucessful Millionaire” or “To the Good Life”.:-)

  32. janes parson

    I’m brand new to your course.With just the poking around I’ve done so far I like you .That’s saying something for me.Keep up the good work.I think you should name your blog To Have and To Hold,that’s what we all want to do with the profits and the knowledge anyway

  33. Kathy

    Hi Anthony,

    1. Learn Millionaire Tactics With Anthony Morrison
    2. Anthony Morrison Shares Millionaire Wisdom
    3. Anthony Morrison Millionaire Motivater

  34. Petrena Blake

    Hi. Anthony,

    I think you could use one of these names.
    Successful Blogs, Business blogs years to come, Anthony’s business blogs,
    Never Ending Blogs, Your Online Business Blogs, Blogs Of Todays Business world.

  35. Judith

    Hi Anthony:

    I am still waiting for your book. Can’t contain my excitement to learn from you. YOU are a very generous person: sharing your talent and your time to help others. God bless you!!!

    I think the name of your blog should be: The WINNING Blog.

  36. Judith

    Hi Anthony:

    I am still waiting for your book. Can’t contain my excitement to learn from you. YOU are a very generous person: sharing your talent and your time to help others. God bless you!!!

    I think the name of your blog should be: The “What Works” Blog.

  37. Eddie O'Reilly

    The blog is about making serious money and/or finally getting paid from an online business or implemented idea from your online Blog. My recommendation for a Blog Name is “MORRISON’S BREAK ON THROUGH BLOG”

  38. Cris Castrence


    Still learning the business. My suggestion is to name it “AM Gold Blogs”

  39. Veronica

    “Millionaire Tips & Trick”

    “LES! Learn, Empower, and Succeed” (LES, would make some think of payday, like military wives and such)

    “Just Try It”

  40. Mike Wright

    Anthony’s “CREATIVE DREAM CONCEPTS” OH ya and by the way I’ll sell you the Domain Name Cheap lol Keep “fighting the good fight” man You are doing some awsome work to help people Thanks

  41. Steven Surace

    Hey Anthony,

    You give such good information on these blogs, that I feel an appropriate name would be “AM Weekly Mini Course.”

    The information that you deliver each week is so compact and complete, that it could actually be a mini course.

    Good Luck with your name search!

  42. Daniel Bradend

    Anthony Morrison, WHITEBOARD PROVEN SUCCESS TIPS IN MARKETING. Title should be short and to the point. Everyone out there no one else is doing this

  43. Heidemarie Rowe

    Hi, Anthony,

    I actually have several suggestions for your blog, but I think you only want one at this time. So my top choice is

  44. Marie Gertz

    Hi Anthony! I just join up with you and I think your the best. I think your blog should be named Anthony’s easy learn & earn blog.

  45. Pat Rebo

    Anthony, every week you meet with us so you can pass on information that will help us to become successful. So each week is a new adventure to help us reach our gole to become successful .When we succeed, you also succeed, so,how about ( OUR WEEKLY VENTURE T0 SUCCESS # ) or ( WEEKLY VENTURE TO SUCCESS # ) Wish you the best in choosing Anthony.. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND Your Friend Pat

  46. Cathy

    Hi there, Anthony;

    Here are a couple of ideas for your new blog name;

    Morrison’s Weekly
    More Morrison Money Blog
    “Anthony’s Advice Blog
    Anthony’s Weekly
    Blog on Millionaires

  47. David Dion

    Anthony, due to my current employer i am unable to have a facebook or twitter account. Sorry I can’t like or tweet. Hope I’m still in the running for the $100 though. My suggestion for the blog is “Weekly Whiteboard Wisdom” Thanks!!

  48. Charles Webb

    “The Morrison Internet Academy sponsors weekly training sessions on how to use this remarkable tool to gain financial independence”.
    Maybe, when you coach me up I’ll change the name to The Webb Internet Academy! Just kidding, it’s all yours. I used to do this for a living back in New York corporate days.


    P.S. I’m making a good living now in internet networking but I am very interested in some diversity because of the idiots ruining our economy.

  49. Graciela

    Hi Anthony! I love the idea of Blog number and the titlle of the main topic on every blog. 🙂 Weekly blog # 100 Best suggested campaings for the month? week? season?
    As you said it is about empowering us, so I think it well make it more helpful for us, so we can recall or search for the blog # or tittle. Thanks! Hope that helps. Graciela

  50. la tricia thomas

    Hi Anthony

    I appreciate the weekly blogs there very informative. You should name it

    AM weekly inspiration. Also, how many people have become successful off of your program?

    La Tricia

  51. Rachel


    Since all discussions on your weekly blog pertain to making Money on the Web, and you are primarly googled under your “Fast Cash Commissions” online business software. I coined the Key Words and came up with a catchy phrase that reflects the essence of your weekly blog.

    !!!!!! Weekly WebBiz Wisdom from Fast Cash Commissions !!!!!!

    Which could later be abberviated as WWWbiz from FCC

    I hope you find this Useful & Meaningful,

    Good luck,


  52. Jennifer

    Or. . .
    Thursdays with Anthony #100 (depending of course that each blog will be on that weekday, it will help your followers remember which day to be sure to tune :o) in! )

  53. james holiday

    I would simply call it “MMM”…..Morrison’s Marketing Magic”.

    I am not computer savvy at all but Mr Morrison your Techniques are just like magic. Thank You so much Sir!

  54. vickie flaherty

    I do like the short and sweet so I would have to say “AM Learning 101 tip#” or Success tips 101#

  55. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I think a good name for the blog would be Weekly Success Strategies. We all have to learn how to become successful in our business.

  56. Elizabeth Jerdon

    Anthony’s Blog to Easy proven Money Success and Profitability in a Golden Nutshell

  57. Sandra Alomar

    Antony’s Profits From Home 101
    Antony’s Profits From Home
    Creating Profits from Home 101
    Profits From Home Strategies 101
    Successful Profits from Home Tips

    Using something that identifies you in the internet (such as the main purpose or reasoning behind your books) will generate more hits on your blogs; other than us re-tweeting or like in FB. Also others that are searching your name as well as how to generate profits from home will have an opportunity to see what you and your product are all about before buying it. Thanks for the opportunity! I register for your training in the area. Looking forward to it.

  58. Rich Bergold

    “The Conversion Clique” – play on words with click
    “The Conversion Click”
    “The AM Clique”
    “The AM Click”
    “The Cash Clique”
    “The Cash Click”
    “The Cash Blog”

  59. James Magee

    Hi Anthony,

    I like the name, “The Weekly Blog”.

    I watch it every week.

    James Magee

  60. J. Lawrence

    why not just call it what it is “OUR WEEKLY BLOG” or ” YOUR WEEKLY BLOG ”

    IF NOT : A&M WEEKLY BLOG stands for
    ( Anthony / Marketing )

  61. Joyce Knake

    Oh my gosh, there are so many. John said Winner’s Corner. Some how I don’t like the sound of “Corner” It sounds like I’m backed into some where and there is no way out. I would prefer Winner’s Circle. A circle is never ending and new knowledge is always coming in adding new people, links etc.
    You could add your name also, Anthony’s Winner’s Circle, a guide to internet marketing.
    I also liked Pearls of Wisdom.

  62. Martie Rader

    I suggest “Anthony’s Weekly Wisdom for Ethical Entreprenuers”, or “Anthony’s Support for Success”, or “Morrison’s Mission to Master Success”
    As you can see I like alliteration; I believe alliteration is helpful in cementing ideas in the brain. Also, so many IMs/programs have kitschy names, trying too hard to be original and ending up sounding silly. You come across as being very honest and serious about what you teach as well as those of us whom you teach. I believe that should be reflected in your name. I’m looking forward to seeing what you pick. Sincerely, Martie Rader

  63. .Dorothy Marr

    I believe “Weekly Impowerment #—“. You are helping us to grow with knowledge, and teaching financial awarness. Impower us more.

  64. Nancy

    Anthony Morrison Blog “Motivation For Success”

    (His Blogs are the Greatest Tools for Marketing 2012)
    This is my Comment!
    Thank you for your wonderful Motivation!

  65. John Bennett

    Weekly “Blasted income Blog” Ya buddy, just give the hundred to my PMI coaches and apply it to my future success! CAGD! MEOW!

  66. Lydia

    I liked your Blog #97.
    I think you should name your weekly blog “Learn how to NOT waste your $” or “Tired of wasting your $, learn from the BEST”.

  67. Wellington M Cabal

    I remember during our 3 day seminar Adrian mentioned that you and him were excited watching your computers click when you were starting this business. I think You should call it
    “Click your way to riches with Anthony Morrison’s techniques.”

  68. Susan Smith

    Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for all your help and support. You are always wanting to help those who need you even if it is only a few minutes a week. I think you should call your blog: Morrison Minutes: PPC or Joint Ventures, Social Networking and so on.

    Again thank you for taking time out of your day to make sure our dreams come true.

  69. lorne

    Hi Tony, Thanks you for new white board, can see clearly now. the glear is gone, suggestion for blog name, -weekly hh100-(honest help100) It reflex your honesty in helpping us.

  70. Greg Gude

    I think your blog should be called “AM Internet Insight’ or “AM Insight” or “AM Perspective” since you always have a new and fresh perspective look at how things are working today on the Internet.

  71. Arianny Rodriguez

    Mecca (stands for Marketing expertise of colossal caliber by Anthony)
    Anthony’s Treasure Island
    Anthony’s Assets
    Morrison Money Weekly
    Anthony’s Rich Resources
    Anthony’s Marketing Roll

  72. Patrick Miller

    How about “The Weekly Wizard” (subtitled “Tony’s Tips for Success”)

  73. D. Entchev

    I have two suggestions for you, Anthony:


  74. Robert Aycock

    “Anthony Morrison’s e’Cormmerce Business Enhancement Tips” Your advice “wisdom” Blog, helps across the board. New startup (ers) me, business that are flrushing and those which are flrushing but desire desire to achive platinum successs.

  75. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Anthony, thanks for keeping our brains in thinking about success and involved in this business. A true teacher! Here is my suggestion for the title of this blog. “OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESS”WEEKLY BLOG #
    GOD BLESS!– Luis A. Deleza

  76. D.Entchev

    I have two suggestions for you, Anthony:

  77. Jess

    How about one of these:

    Morrison’s Mega-tips
    The Morrison Online Money-Minute
    Anthony’s Secret Sauce – Drop #100, 102, 103,….
    Sen-say Morrison’s path to Financial Freedom – Foot step #100, 102, 103,….

    My personal favorite:
    Coach-Talk with Anthony – Huddle #100, 102, 103,….

  78. Melissa Jacquez

    It looks like you’ve done a great job making this look much cleaner and interactive! KUDOS! I’m not good at naming things but I’ll bite. I think it should be a slogan or a motto like ‘Your Journey Starts Here’ or this is Anthony Morrison signing of from ‘ work smart, not hard’. Kind of a Captain Kirk feel but you get the idea. Keep up the good work captain!

  79. Robert Aycock

    Anthony, prehaps once I have learned the rules .of publishing on facebook I will get a reply posted.

  80. Marifat Turaeva

    Your purpose of doing these blogs tp teach people to make millions online like you do. Everybody listens to your blogs and learns to make millions. Like people go to school and learn new skills. So I would say it is “MORRISON’S ONLINE MILLIONAIRESS SCHOOL”.

  81. Kate

    Anthony, thanks for your being there!
    My Idea ? ” Giving back weekly”, and if you like subtitles –
    ” encouragement,inspiration tips and ideas”

  82. Glenn T Russell

    One or more of these should garner at least some interest:

    2) “EXPONENTIABLOG”; and

  83. tenzin

    hey Anthony,
    weekly name should “entering to ocean of net business ” or “opening mind to net business”or “fishing sharks of net business” “be rich with me”

  84. Donna Beck

    Anthony Anthony Anthony, Enjoy your Wkly Blogs with all the tidbits of information you share. My suggestion for the new name:
    “AM’s Affiliate Tidbits Blog”
    starting with Blog 100 and into the successful future.
    I’m doing Direct CPV, trying different promotions at 0.015 per view to many URLs on the web for the promotion(s) I run. No commissions as yet.
    Cheers, Donna

  85. DEREK

    Hey Anthony, I would obviously use something that is easy to remember (a single word), try to capture what you do (in 1 word), include your name (Distinction of YOUR Work) !!! Prob. by placing a letter (word), in front of or behind ,Your Initials – – – ie; “SAMM” – STRATEGIC ANTHONY MORRISON METHOD, SIMPLE ANTHONY MORRISON METHOD … “B’AMM” – BEGGINING’s W/ ANTHONY MORRISON METHOD … “RAMM” – REAL, ANTHONY MORRISON MATERIAL … OR Switch end’s on Your Initial’s – – – ie ; “AMP” – ANTHONY MORRISON ( Procedure, Plan, Projection ), ETC., ETC., ETC. !!! I understand that this is prob. way to vague to be considered as an entry, but that’s cool, the Important thing, is Generating YOUR work to the PEOPLE (although a $100 sure would be nice dude) !!! 🙂 ” DEREK “

  86. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Anthony!

    Here are a few suggestions for your blog name:
    1. Anthony’s Tips for Success, or just Tips for Success
    2. Anthony’s Golden Nuggets
    3. Golden Nuggets for Success
    4. Weekly Nuggets from Anthony
    5. The AM Nugget

    Looks like there are lots of other suggestions people have offered. I hope someone comes up with one you like.

    Thanks again f0or all you do to help us be successful.

  87. Dale Neff

    B.A.M. It’s All For You . Blog Anthony Morrison’s It’s All For You
    You have a lot to chose. It looks like a combonation of several will get it.
    God Bless! Dale

  88. Michael Harrison

    I suggest you call the weekly blog “Making a Difference Weekly”; cause I believe your time and efforts as well as the weekly blog enables us to make a difference whether in our own lives, lives of our loved ones, or lives in the community shared with others. Stimulating our minds into action is a major component of the weekly blogs. Action leads to doing something different this week than last. Therefore, I suggest “Making a Difference Weekly” be selected for your weekly blog posting. Have a great day everyone…make a difference today and always…

  89. Lorie

    I like keeping the numbers – it helps organize things. The blog always has good and valuable “stuff” that help us. How about The Good Stuff – Helping you Build your Business one tip at a time

  90. rebecca cabeen

    i think it should be anthony is helping people to be successful on making money on line

  91. Brenda Conlee

    Coming from a city that is full of extra special things, I think a great name would be “Anthony’s Lagniappe”. And for those who aren’t familiar with that name, it means “something extra”.

  92. Plamen

    Thanks for all you’re doing here! For headline of your weekly blogs I propose “Anthony’s im lighthouse” (with a little white icon as well).
    Keep on doing that – it’s highest worth!

  93. Ed Jones

    Hi Anthony, THE WINNERS EDGE, sounds like the the only possible name th at describes what the Blog is about to me. Thanks .

  94. Sandra Williford

    I think it should be “Anthony’s Weekly Winners Tips” or “Weekly Winning Tips” (although I’m not winning yet.) Thanks for all your help.

  95. Ken Tomlin

    Every week is valuable to the investor so they win each they watch the blog.How about W.I.N.(Weekly Investor Network).

  96. Robert Faucette

    Since the web blog is to help people to be sucessful. Call it “Follow Me Weekly”. It is simple and to be sucessful you have to follow what is being presented and learn each week. You can add the blog number at the end to track each weekly presentation.

  97. Dana Larew

    AU: A nthony U pdate

    AU: Hey You!
    AU: Gold symbol on elemental chart
    Winning combination!!

  98. Ken Tomlin

    Every week is valuable to the investor so they win each week.How about the name:W.I.N. (Weekly Investor Network).

  99. frank senner

    hi anthony,
    i think a good name would be.the weekly empowerment blog.the information
    you provide has empowered me.

  100. Doreen Munoz

    Hi Anthony,
    Always love your weekly blog and have learned alot! I think you should call your blog “The Income Motivator”. Aside from learning techniques on your blog for creating wealth with the Internet, it has been a big motivator for me in my business. You always create motivation and a positive environment. Thank you for all the information you give freely every single week!

  101. BruceBuddy

    Blog sounds like it is generic. Post’s sound mundane. So, lets get really creative, change the whole atmosphere, we all know that it is all about Anthony Morrison’s Blog, so step out of the “box”.

    Dream’s Come True # 001
    You Might Be a Millionaire If : #006
    Hey! Its My Sister’s Idea : # 003

    God’s Blessings In Everything That “WE” Do.

  102. Terri

    I think you should call it- Helping you succeed online or Helping you with the millionaire fomula

  103. Ivy Rice

    I know it has already been suggested several times but it was the first thing that came into my mind before I began looking and the responses. I, too, am in favor of “Anthony’s Answers”

  104. Robin Southwick Burton

    The Owl’s Nest, since the owl is generally a symbol of wisdom & the nest is the learning center for the bird. =) Yep, I like it!

  105. John Haynes

    I’m going a different direction … I suggest ‘Blogathon!’
    Sorry but I’m not set up on facebook or twitter yet … someday soon.

  106. Nieves López de Heredia S.

    The Blog for a best quality of live

    or Blog The one who knows better than all

    Please excuse my english.

  107. Billi G.

    Anthony :

    You can choose one of the following that you prefer.

    ” Wisdom of a Millionaire Online ”

    ” Knowledge for Big Income & Success”

    Billi G.
    Billi G.

    Billi G.

  108. Mikie Taylor

    I havent made a dime online and it seems to me that I bought into a place to spend more money which I dont have.. Im a student with no extra income to buy another program on top of what I already have here

  109. Billi G.


    Here are some for you to choose from:

    ” Wisdom of a Successful Millionaire Online ”

    ” Knowledge for Big Income & Success ”

    From: Billi G.

  110. William Ghattas

    It’s agreat idea to share with your students
    I suggest “Road to Freedom”

  111. Paul Van Steeter

    Anthony, I used to work for W.Clement Stone. His books, “Success Through a PMA & The Succes System That Never Fails” both contain a theme, for your weekly blogs., Which is, “Anthonys PMI Blog” this stands for Preparation,Motivation, Inspiration” These three ingredients are a huge factor in success.

  112. Leticia Villanueva

    My name for your blog is: Anthony Morrison’s Millionaire Missive, since you are writing about you and furure millionares.

  113. James Ivy

    Hi Anthony I’m passionate about listening to your blog when ever I can and sense this is an online business I think you should call it: Here it is” Cyber blogging Marketing!”

  114. Jim

    you can’t go wrong with my weekly blog
    just follow along and learn something new
    my tips and tricks to help you along the way
    so this is why you can’t go wrong with my weekly blog

  115. Bessie Johnson

    Hi Anthony,
    I have a nephew who has gone on to glory named Anthony, which is one inspiration in my trying your book. I just ordered about a week ago and am awaiting it’s arrival. So, just from reading your website and some of the comments, here’s a thought or two from me; how about:

    1. Anthony’s Awesome Advice #100
    2. Anthony’s Amazing Assurance #100
    3. Anthony’s Advancements #100
    4. Advancing with Anthony #100
    5. Achieving with Anthony #100
    6. Anthony Actualizes #100
    7. Anthony’s Ambrosia #100

    So, what do you think?

  116. Melissa Cue

    “Weekly Blog For Huge Success #100”

    You really should name it “Your Welcome…..” but, we all know you are too modest for that. Thank you for sharing your brain power!!! I Really Really Appreciate it. Thanks to your team too!!!!

  117. will williams


  118. Leticia Villanueva

    Thanks for the weekly blogs. I have suggested Anthony Morrison Millionaire Missives. It has a nice ring to it.

  119. Freddy Espinoza

    24/7 AM weekly blog
    Weekly Success
    AM Success Tips weekly blog
    Online weekly Success Tips
    AM to PM weekly blog
    Momentum online tips weekly blog
    Can’t Stop Won’t Stop weekly blog
    Say What Weekly online tips
    The Weekly Keys To Success Online blog

  120. Montse

    I would sugest “Learn how to win at home”, but as I’m not an English speaker I’m not sure if it’s a proper gramma¡
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  121. martha shelton

    thank you anthony for this opportunity to help others. i am starting slow but plan to change my life in 2012. so my suggestions for the weekly blog are


  122. Jim Williams

    Mr. Morrison,

    1. Topic for future training Blog
    ” The First Baby Steps for beginning your FIRST Campaign.”

    2. Name for your Blog
    ” Anthony’s IM Academy”

    Best wishes for you and your family,

    Jim Williams

  123. DEntchev

    My suggestions are two:
    MENTOR WHITEBOARD. Very simple!

  124. Kim Windfeather

    How about an acronym: A.I.M.S (Anthony’s Internet Marketing Support) or you can go with A.I.M.S.S (Anthony’s Internet Marketing Support System).

    Then, you could have some kind of slogan with the word “AIM” in it. Like “AIM high towards your goals.” Or, “AIM for success in your life.” There’s a ton of slogan’s you could use with this idea.

  125. Jackie S.

    Hi, Anthony. There are so many good suggestions here already, but since you are all about helping people achieve success, how about “Weekly Success Tip.” For Example, “Weekly Success Tip #97.” Keep up the great work.

  126. Tammy Pratt

    Hello. I am just starting out with your program and haven’t even begun to get threw everything yet but came across this and as a newbe and from watching what I have of your program and the videos you do personally, a good simple name would be: Anthony’s weekly advice or weekly tips or weekly road to success ect …. Either way you look at it, its your weekly blog to help and keep all updated! I can’t wait to get more into this. So far I am enjoying learning and for once feel good about trying something like this out! I look forward to learning more! Thank you, Tammy

  127. Maria Morris

    Anthony, I believe we all know that making money online is not one of those things where you say It’s too good to be true, but a reality and the more we work as a team to build that success of making the money online, the more we can as a team, make that dream become a reality. Remember, with every failure there is success. With our team we can continue to share the success. Weekly blog: It is time to team up and grow strong with Anothony Morrison by taking those small steps to financial freedom and make it your time to make the money, you deserve, and make it a reality. I hope this helps there are alot of great ones out there. Thank You, Maria Morris

  128. scott stembridge

    Hi Anthony,

    Consider, “Path to Success” or “Knowledge for Success”

  129. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Hello Anthony
    I think the perfect name would be the weekly ” BRAIN STORM” My reasoning behind this is you invite us to give our imput to help us help you on what we think and what we need. I hope this helps.

  130. Carolyn Jones

    “The Weekly Trainer” it’s like training for your brain, or “The Weekly Note Pad” it’s like one big note pad.

  131. Kris Johnsen

    Hi this is realy an awesome program you have here Anthony. I’m new and very anxious to get started. My 1st coach, mentor will be calling me this Thursday I can”t wait…. My Suggestion for your Weekly Blod is…
    Build a Better Future. I hope you choose me…..Thanks and looking forward to working with your staff.
    Kristina K Johnsen
    Lakeland, Florida

  132. Jack (Alaska Jack)


    There are alot of skeptics out there, so I think you should name your Blog:
    Now you see, that everyone can weigh the content(s), tips and training in their own mind and become a believer, having weighed the facts and posibilities for their own realistic understanding.

    Alaska Jack

  133. John Poindexter

    Seven Suggestions:

    1. Aim to Win
    2. The Champions’ Forum
    3. Lend Me Your Ear
    4. The Power of Knowledge
    5. Sailing For Success–Come Aboard!
    6. To Your Success!
    7. Seize The Moment!!

  134. Jes Olvera

    You should name it, MY MENTOR’S BLOG, this way you can talk about anything you like or whatever you think we need to learn.

  135. Wanda

    Keep a numbers….helps me know I didn’t miss any helpful bits
    Name? could stay as is….or .Morrison’s Morsels

  136. nita nurtjiptasari

    name must be fantastic words, courious to know and encourage to start people, how about:

    MISSION POSSIBLE Tips , with background you n yours staff (ladies), with gun change with laptop or other gadget


  137. C L Morrell

    First Anthony, I would like to say thank you for all the knowledge that you share with each and everyone of us, on how to become successful and how to achieve their goals. Secondly, thank you for all of your dedicated time spent in doing what you do for others.
    Thanks to you, this is my very first blog being forwarded! My comment for your weekly Blog would be”AM Blog Connection”

  138. Pamela Miller

    Hi there, Anthony! I love your weekly blogs! How about “Anthony’s Weekly Words of Wisdom” for a new name? Or “My Weekly Time With Anthony”? Keep up the GREAT work and teaching!

  139. Beverly Klahn

    I would suggest “The Weekly Edge”, for – every-day-a-good-example-!!!!
    Hope this finds you well.

  140. Julie Gimbel

    Hi Anthony,

    Just a few ideas i came up with for you.


    Hope you like these as i think they sound good to the point.

    Julie Gimbel

  141. Julie Gimbel

    I also think it sounds good this way too…


    Either way these still sound great.

    Julie Gimbel

  142. Burk Edwards

    I think that because of all the wisdom you pass forward, though we may not use all of the wisdom we receive thru reading your blogs, we do, however, consider it,….. I think the blog should simply be called

    “Anthony speaks……”

    ‘Cause we listen!

  143. Laura Baker

    Since everything that you do and say on your weekly blog is geared at helping people be successful online marketing then call your blog ” AM’S
    Successful Online Marketing Tips.”

  144. Floyd Black

    I say we have fun .Why not use the right bait to catch BIG FISH.So lets ride the wave with Anthony.Use the right gear to CATCH BIG FISH ONLINE.

  145. Nancy A.

    This needs to be:

    1) Missions on the GO!
    2) Misson of the Week !
    3) Anthony’s Investment in All Of Us
    4) Weekly Goals & Improvements

  146. Robert Banda

    There are different ways that you could do this, but I believe that the name should be something that will give people a view of the help that you have given thus the name should be the Motivator

  147. veronica dorrall

    Will someone please tell me what the secret to this internet money making idea is all about. I’ve read the books and the only thing I understand is that you are to set up a web address. Then what?

  148. Curtis E. Lawson


    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this event.

    You experienced success that you would have others experience. You have followed paths that lead to success. To be successful one should follow the paths that have resulted in success. Your training would provide the proper knowledge, attitude and thoughts to become successful. I think the name should be “AM (as in Anthony Morrison’s) Path to Success” or “AM (as in morning or daily) Path to Success.”

  149. Russell Brandt

    Hi Anthony, THANK YOU! I just received your book, and I haven’t made my first dollar…yet, but I am sure I will soon.
    Everything appears to be presented at the correct level to LEARN,
    SPELLED out for us, and easy to follow.
    The white board is a great idea, easier to see.
    The weekly blog should be one of the following
    “Anthony’s Thursday Insights #???”
    “Anthony’s Weekly Success Session #???”
    The think it should be numbered each week for tracking/review.
    Thanks again

  150. sandor

    hello Toni,

    since we have 52 weeks a year, I call the weeks by number
    this week is the 07 ( in austria we call it KW 07 Kalender Week )
    now if we got the number, which indicate the time we have to pep it up a bit
    for instance
    TRUE TIME 07
    TONI´S TIME 07
    TAKE 07
    or simple WB 07 ( weekly blog )

    all the best to all


  151. Sylvia Pardue

    As you can see, I’m a bit behind in this whole thing, even with the success academy. I nearly always look at things that say “don”t miss this!”
    Don’t miss this blog?

  152. Jordan Frazier

    1. Anthony’s Winner’s Circle
    2. Anthony’s Weekly Tips
    3. Anthony’s Weekly Winner’s Tips

  153. Elouise Cunningham




  154. Elias Nkerbu

    Thank you for your great encouragement in leading us succeed in the business. We appreciate you.
    I suggest that the name should be: AM Inspirational Spot or AM Empowerment Spot.

  155. baz

    Hi Anthony,

    Enjoy your very informative information about internet marketing and other
    helpful tips. Your weekly presentations should be called. Our Weekly C



    Anthony,I am a new new starter,scared but willing to learn the new method of making money ,i am not smart with my computer,but i am working hard to learn,your people are great at helping,and you are a great motivator and teacher,thankyou .Ithink the name for your blog-ANTHONIES WHITE BOARD-PASS TO SUCCESS

  157. tonya morgan

    How about Anthony’s Plan of the Week No.101 or Anthony’s Tip of the Week No.101 because thats what your blogs are all about they are your tips and plans you want to share with all of us.

  158. Adrian Mulloy

    Here are a couple of ideas:

    Complete Success
    Anthony’s Words of Wisdom
    Mind of Morrison
    Shedding Light w/ Anthony Morrison
    Inspiration Weekly

  159. Chelby McCabe

    I personally am new to your software i cant wait to use it.

    “Down in the Slums, Change the Cause.” -Anthony Morrison

  160. Sarah Towfigh

    I, Sarah G. Towfigh! My Email Being: [email protected] Would Name The Weekly Blog: Get On Board At USA Members Of Milliare Success With Anthony Morrison. Anthony Morrison! You Are One Of A Kind And Have A Way With Word’s. I Wish You The Best In All Your Susccess. Sincerely, Sarah G. Towfigh!

  161. Margaret Wheeler

    I think the name of your blog should be “Anthony’s Positive Inspirations for Others”. You have shown the determination, desire and what hard work can do when you allow yourself to dream and hope for your future and the future of others. You reinforce this every day when you show others how to make money on the internet and how to interact with others. As you already said, “successful people take action.” We should not expect to become a millionaire overnight without having to work for it.No one especially me thinks that. You must plan for it and learn all you can on the way because without knowledge, you will never achieve your goals. But always remember too-YOU NEVER, EVER GIVE UP. Persistence is the name of the game along with the hard work that you do on a daily basis no matter what you give up to get it done.

  162. Sherry Womack

    Just getting started as of yesterday. However, I would suggest “Limitless Possibilities” as a name choice, After all, tha is what we are all aiming towards, don’t you think?

  163. Neal Graham

    Hi Anthony:

    Here is my suggestion: “Anthony’s Cybernetics” You have mastered “the art of steering” which is what cybernetics is about — having a goal and taking action to achieve that goal.

    PS: I am 50% into your course and I love it!!!


  164. gary johnson

    how about Anthony Morrison weekly help to your dreams. or weekly help to your dreams

  165. Tim Willingham

    Hi Anthony,
    Since your blog is a weekly blog about teaching your followers how to find success in online marketing you should call it “100 Keys To Success”. The number represents how many weekly blogs, “keys to success” you have given to your followers and would change (101, 102, 103, etc.) with each weekly blog.

  166. Sten Robert Netteberg

    Hi There,
    What about; The weekly prog(ressive)-blog.
    Thats what it’s all about isn’t it? To help People make progress in their effort for success!

  167. Dona Hannon

    MAKING MONEY MAGICALLY…WITH ANTHONY MORRISON! That’s is hope and with your help it’s more than possible!

  168. Mary Brown

    Hi, Anthony,

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into giving us the best training you can provide. My suggestion for your weekly blog is simply The Best From Anthony, or Anthony’s Best. What you provide each week is definitely the best! Thank you again.

  169. Rhonda Davis

    They all sound good so far, especially the one…”AM Motivator” by # 77.
    You are a great mentor, and you know how to motivate us!!
    Thank you Anthony and your TEAM!

  170. Chris Vasapolli

    Four quick ideas right off the top, Blog Blitz, Blog Beast, Blog-O-Mania, Blog-4-Bucks. Good luck to me !

  171. Judith26

    Hi Anthony I`m new to all of this but my suggestion on the name obe The Beginning to an End. You`ve already begun and eventually it will end. But that`s my way of summonsing up what you want.

  172. Linda Friedberg

    Just started training and a little late watching this blog, which I enjoyed tremendously, as I have with all your blogs. I like the name “Weekly Mentoring with Anthony’s Blogs”. You put things out that are so simply straight forward and easily understood by all. Thanks again for sharing!

  173. Chris Vasapolli

    How about Beefcake Blog cause of them bulging biceps you show off every week. LOL.

  174. Marianne England

    Hi; your weekly blog should be named:


  175. gevonna johnson

    Kingdom principals. Too many money making name kingdom principal come from God. Really deliver Gods wisdom and the name shall fit God word is bound to wisdon it will never fail.

  176. Eddie Darling


  177. Daniel D Magniza Jr

    Anthony and Adrian
    You tirelessly give all your efforts to educate us and wholeheartedly spend the time to mentor us. Really appreciate it and keep the good work.

    Weekly Blog: THE INFO FORUM
    Get hooked.
    “Knowledge is power”

  178. Adrian

    I’m new. I want to learning and patience. I watch in your mind’s eye I quote for you, Anthony’s Seminar Marketing.

  179. Glen Foster

    I know nothing is free, but, can you tell me what is needed to make money with your program?, I tried for several months and did not
    earn not one penny.
    I do not mind paying for tutorial as I already did with your company,
    however, they did not help me to obtain any return on my investment.
    Can you explain why.

    Glen Foster

  180. Char-Lette

    I like the Anthony Answers as well, or shorten it with: AMA # (Anthony Morrison Answers number(number it will be, for reference)

  181. Debra Rebetje

    Dear Anthony:

    There are so many ways to go.

    For instance the weekly blog could indicate a word or two about the general content so that on the e-mail list you could zero in on the blog you wanted to review (ie. “Click Bank Blog” #…) or (“Mobile Traffic Blog” #…)…or…

    a plain name such as, Morrison’s Mind Molder, Access to Anthony, B.L.O.G. (Blog Link from Our Guru), or Morrison’s Message #… I’m sure I could think of more but you’ve got the idea.

    If you like my idea let me know or help me fine tune it.


  182. Morena Engelking

    Hi Anthony ,

    I think you should pick me as the winner and call your blog this:

    “Champions for life workshop”

    I think it is appropriate and eventually with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears we will all be successful in life for good in this endeavor and become “Champions for life”… That is my suggestion to you!

    Morena Engelking

  183. Keith Graham

    Anthony, All your blogs are fantastic and demonstrates your commitment to helping others.

    My suggestion for your Weekly Blog should be Anthony’s Weekly Mana

    (Mana – It has commonly been interpreted as “the stuff of which magic is formed”)

  184. Don Wood

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m new here but I think “Motivation for Success” would be a great title.
    Have a great day!

  185. Budd

    Anthony’s weekly blog number (This way it identifies it as coming from you
    and the number allows the reader to numerically read, collect or log your blogs in a sensible manner.)

  186. Christie Horton

    I think your blog should be called ” A Million” because that is the goal one day we all hope to become wealthy with the mentiorship we have learned by you!

  187. Rhenea Cupper

    “Morrison’s Mind Mine” because we get the gold nuggets you come up with for us.

  188. Jackie Miller

    Anthony’s Best Learn as you Earn Blogs,
    Earn as you Learn the Anthony Way,
    Anthony’s weekly Blog for Success,

  189. Billy Bremer

    Anthony’s Awesome Adventure … Tales from the Internet Frontier … “Boldly going where no man’s gone before” …

  190. Glenn T Russell

    Already clicked the “LIKE” and “RE-TWEETS” with an earlier submission, but thought of a new one; since you made such a “TO DO” about your whiteboard, how about “WHITEBOARD WIZARD?”

  191. teronia johnson

    Feb – 13th 2012
    well here it gose

    Anthamorrison Entrepreneual Weely Blog.

    A.E. Weekly Blog.

  192. Nelson

    Hello Anthony,
    I think your mission is great. Try one of these:
    The Morrison Mission;
    Weekly Morrison Millions;
    The Weekly Morrison Method;
    Weekly 3M (Morrison Marketing Method)

    All the Best

  193. Lorreigne Yao

    I think of some Names: 1) AM Words to Million $$$, 2) AM Words of $$$ Wisdom, 3) Words to Million $$$ Destination 4) Words 2 Go By For $$$…

  194. Paul N. Beah

    Hi, Anthony,
    Paul here.
    I regret very much for not being active over a protractive period of time, which was due to some unescapable circumstances. Even so I, once in a while, read and viewed your correspondances and videos sent me, just to rejuvenate my interest.
    But if I should suggest a title for your weekly blog, I would call it a weekly tete-a-tete on ‘LESSONS REVIEW AND IMPROVEMENT’,since such title reflects what is covered in the blogs and what viewers want included for their best understanding of the topic(s) under discussion.

  195. Victoriana Martel

    Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for not giving up on me. I am very new to this, and I have a lot to catch up. I do not know what to fill with the Website. I do not have website under your name. I am totally lost here. My opinion to give a blog name would be something like this,

    “Discover Anthony’s Secret To Wealth!”
    (Winners pursue, losers don’t)

    Victoriana Martel

  196. Heather L

    I saw the blog and I have been seeing alot of the same names

    Here’s Your Weekly Blog By Anthony Morrison
    B. B .A .M

  197. Dan McArdle

    I’m new to this, just completed the first lesson.
    ” Internet Harvester ” If that is too farmy for you I’ll have more ideas as I get deeper into this program. So good luke on choosing a bloog name as I see some good ones here.

  198. Guancheng Yu

    I would name it:
    1. weekly success news
    2. new news 2 success
    3. news 4 success