What’s On Your Bucket List? Here’s Mine..

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I did a blog a week or so ago about “what motivates you” to be successful. I had massive response to that video blog with well over 100 comments letting us all know what “you” are motivated by. It was overall one of the best blogs I have put out in quite some time and it got me thinking about my bucket list. You know the things we really want out of our lives and hope to achieve someday (there was even a movie made about it…) ok ok so you get it. I figured it would be cool to share my bucket list with you and for you to post yours in the comments below. It’s always good to write down and visualize the things we want in life… that’s what I am doing right now.

Anthony Morrison’s Bucket List

1. To Start A Company That Reaches The INC 500 – Yea I know this probably isn’t everyone’s big goal in life, but it certainly is for me. I have started so many companies and had a ton of success, but I have never made it on this list. The requirements go far and beyond “just create a big successful company” so I am still shooting for it. I certainly want to achieve this sooner rather than later. Like I said money isn’t always our motivation for me I am motivated simply by the accomplishment of making it on this list. Wish me luck 🙂

2. To Take A Company Public – Yep another one of my goals that seems really crazy. This has been on my bucket list for years now and it hasn’t happened. Going public just requires so many different pieces to fit just perfectly. It’s certainly an accomplishment if you can pull it off, which is exactly why it’s on my list!

3. To Be In A Movie – I know this one sounds even crazier than the others huh? I just would love to be in a movie once in my lifetime. Not some big star role just something minor so I can say yeah I scratched that one off my bucket list. After all who doesn’t want to be in a movie? really…

4. Own A Baseball Team – I would love to own the Chicago Cubs, but honestly I will settle for any sports team at this point. I figure if I can’t play, can’t manage maybe I should own! I am good at business and that is kinda what’s required to be an owner right? Pretty far out there dream but if you don’t at least dream you can’t ever reach goals you never thought possible. So I am keeping this one on my list.

5. Cover of Entrepreneur Magazine – I’ve been trying forever to get on the cover of this magazine. I feel like I fit pretty well, but it’s not easy as you all know I am not the only person on planet earth that is successful, in fact many others have taught me things I obviously didn’t know. So again this is something I will continue to strive for in my career.

6. Travel The World – I would love to take some time off and just travel around the world. I have only left the country for Canada and Mexico and that was just recently. I travel, but normally I keep it within the US. I would love to visit places like Brazil, Argentina, Jamaica, and all of those islands in the Caribbean!

7. Get Married – Probably not something everyone is gonna be all inspired by right ? but my parents have had a very long relationship and taught myself and my brother and sister how marriage is really suppose to be. I hope that I can have exactly what they’ve had for 30+ years.

8. Own A House On The Beach – I love the beach (particularly the Gulf beaches) and I’ve always dreamed of owning a vacation house right on the beach. Somewhere in Destin, Fl or Clearwater, FL would be really nice. I can see myself waking up each day and working from the beach!

9. A Big Yacht – I would love one of those big Yacht’s you see these billionaire’s floating around on! How awesome would it be to just be able to hop on your boat and cruise on down to the Caribbean islands for the weekend? We can all dream right!

10. Have A Net Worth Of 100 Million – YEA I saved this for last for a good reason lol… but again we can all dream!

I’ve already accomplished quite a bit in my life and crossed a few things off that would otherwise still be on my list like…

1. Writing a book – I’ve now written 2 and loved every second of it!
2. Owning a Viper – Love Dodge Vipers and the first thing I did when I started making big money in affiliate marketing was buy 2 of them!
3. Owning a Lamborghini – I am a car nut. My family has always been a “car family” so I grew up loving cars… never dreamed I would own one, but now I do.
4. Home Owner – Was always on my list and as of August 2010 I crossed it off the list!
5. Be on TV – Been on for 2 years and love every minute of it. Just an accomplishment that I always wanted.

So what’s on your bucket list? If you haven’t figured out by now creating income streams from the Internet obviously helps you achieve what’s on your list either by giving you the free time or the money to make them happen. It sorta goes back to what motivates you? Things on your bucket list are probably right on up there with eliminate debt, retire, save for college etc…


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  1. Gopal Iyer

    Thanks for sharing your dreams. Dreams are good to have so that we will be motivated to achieve our goals. Without any dreams or aspirations, we will be nothing

  2. Tim Davidson

    Tim’s Bucket List:
    1. Make my first dollar online…
    2. Pay off my bills
    3. pay off friends and family
    4. Pay off houses
    5. Buy me and Deb new cars (CASH)
    6. Travel while working of course
    7. Make a Million Dollars
    8. Help less fortunate people get started in there own business
    9. A Yacht sounds good
    10. Get our Animal Rescue, Sanctuary up and running, creating more jobs.

  3. Cyndi Smith

    MY bucket list is to….

    get my teeth fixed so I can smile again.

    Have a car in my name that I don’t have to worry about the payments

    Be able to give to charities without wondering if maybe I just gave away my last chance for good life.

    to build a company that i can pass to my children if they want it .

    Give my kids and grand children a home with a solid foundation and a mother inlaw house in back so I can be close but not under foot.

    write a book

    Take my grand kids to disney world and stay in a hotel for a week.

    these may not be earth shattering but right now they are the only dreams I can afford….

  4. Tim Davidson

    This is an addition to my Bucket List…I have had many failures but, used them to my benifet, as a learnning experience, picked myself back up with help from Anthony, the live comunity, Deb, and friends. With all my mistakes I will prosper soon!

  5. Edward A, Love

    Iam trying to learn about your program & my stuff to become successful but im getting there but the big desire to becoming an affiliate isnt the money i hope to someday be making iam an ex-chef i was for 20 plus years nearing 50 now i dont want to be a chef. But its the peace im getting not stopping my day to go to work to put up with attitudes whether its mine or theyre.

  6. cassie

    My bucket list is simple:

    1)Find Love
    2)Get married
    3) Have Children
    4) Enjoy life

    On step one now – for the first time in 22 years – grew up with strict christian, controlling father he passed away four years ago so I learning to date instead of sneaking off at school events like I did years ago to meet boys. So much better but miss the cloak and dagger.

  7. Susan Bewsher

    Bucket List.

    Be self sufficient
    Be able to afford the special type of food I have to eat.
    Be a safety net financially for my kids
    Be Debt free for the sake of my kids
    Travel and see USA and bring someone else I know that could not otherwise go
    Vist my brother in Key West.
    Have fun and learn how to play……………

  8. Sandra

    Anthony, this is quite a bit of mail. I want to answer soon as possible. However, I am off now to take a friend to dinner, with my husband, and need to prepare for that. Definitely I will respond but it may take a day or so. Not sure what your deadline is for a response!! Anyway, tomorrow is Mother’s Day and since I happen to be one, I intend to enjoy that and the fun it usually brings. You will definitely hear from me and I hope you remember your Mom tomorrow and give her lots of gifts, diamonds and gold, but most of all, lots of hugs and signs of appreciation for all she has done for you. I am sure she is a special Mom!

  9. Silvana

    1./ make and have in my checking account $250,000 by august 1st, 2011.
    2./ start and make happen the affiliate marketing business right away.
    3./ take my two kids to a one week vacation this summer.
    4./ sell my house by July 2011 and buy a new home with a large backyard and a pool and all the sapce that we need.
    5./ quit my current part time job.
    6./ buy a new car.

  10. Carl

    Great list Anthony…enjoyed reading it…and happy that you have accompl;ished what you have so far…still working on mine…I am a hitting and speed coach down by LSU where Theriot of the Cubs is from…I am prior military also so thanks for your words about our military…as for terrorism and Bin Laden, it’s all staged and the biggest propaganda smoke screen imagineable…he’s been dead since 2002 and most heads of state around the world have known for years…even our generals, Sec. of State Albright, White House officials have admitted it in the past…go to Alex Jones radio show on Youtube & watch all videos of Dr, Steve Pieczenik…will bring you up to speed…

  11. Angela Thomas

    Hi Anthony, you have quite a bucket list there … that everyone should definitely be working on, I do admire your accomplishments, may all your othe dreams be fulfilled to the last list on the bucket list to cross out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Angela Thomas

    * To travel all 50 states within the next 2-3 years.
    * Own a homebased business that’s for real Legit! And work when I get ready!!!!!!!!But makes real bucks 5-10 thousand dollars a month.
    *To own a homeless shelter, especially for domestic abused women
    *To be a contestant on the Price is Right.
    *To be the first to find a cure for cancer/aids/diabetes/sarcoidosis
    *Skydiving/ bungy jumping
    *To fly an airplane for one day/ or a jet
    *To hit the lottery so that my bucket list could have a big jump start!!!!!!!!!!
    *To own and rent out log cabin homes in the winter months.

  13. jean

    Anthony, thanks for sharing… on my bucket list are: Take my entire family on a really fun vacation; own my home again; write and publish a book; have an 8-figure net worth; create a charity that changes lives; and travel the world!

  14. Edward A, Love

    Well i had to Stop on my first comments but what i would probably do for my bucket list is #1 I would tithe #2 earn enough commissions that would put me at a certain $$ level that would make me Happy #3 get a second car #4 my fiance & I would buy acouple acres in the Ozark hills I would raise an Organic Garden,Oyster Mushrooms,raise honey bees & Evelyn could start her Daycare Dream #5 I guess have enough of what we like & want .

  15. Jim Apicella

    Write a novel
    Buy a nice vehicle
    Buy a nice home
    Spend lots of time cruising while running business
    Have a bit part in a movie based on my novel
    Having the novel on the top ten list
    Curing world hunger
    Ending terroism
    Giving the woman I love beautiful things she has deserved but I could never gave her.
    Good health for myself and the woman I love

  16. Misty Day, C.A.P.

    Hi Anthony,

    My bucket list includes the following:

    Go to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and see the cathedrals and countryside.

    Visit Switzerland and Norway.

    Have my own beautiful home with pine, spruce and fir trees on the property and a body of water nearby.

    Publish, distribute/sell my astrology book (It’s already written) and poetry book (it’s already self published).

    Publish, distribute and sell my deck of 78 fine art healing and divination cards (it’s already created).

    Come up with substantial venture capital for wise investments. Take over the family investments some day.

    Acquire a blue solar-hydrogen hybrid hatchback or SUV.

    Have surgery on my esophagus to get rid of the little hernia there.

    Acquire and often use an Oasis ionic foot bath to cleanse my blood of impurities and take a load off my overworked liver.

    I’m sure there are some more things but these are the highlights!



  17. Vicki Kirkpatrick

    My bucket list contains
    Be able to make enough income to be my own boss in a year or less

    Paying off my house so I can retire. #1 and I expect to realize that dream through affiliate marketing learned by your program.

    A new Jeep

    A vacation home in California (where I used to live)

  18. Denise Dickerson

    I have a bucket list too!!!! I wrote it years ago and 2 days I refined and made it specific; goal specific with definite steps to obtain my goals as well as timetables.
    #1: Debt free in 1 year; steps to take: apply 15-20% of take home pay to debt monthly; sell whatever I absolutely do not need; take a lunch every day and cut eating out to no more than once a month. Budget food and personal items to no more than 10% of monthly take home pay.

    #2: Millionaire in 2 years: steps to take: Make it “automatic” and pay myself first, initially 10% of take home pay monthly and go up to 20% in 6 months. Work the internet marketing system and put ALL earnings in a Roth IRA or mutual investment fund. Goal is to make an extra 1-2 thousand dollars a month

    #3: Buy a foreclosed home and pay off in 1 year. Renters do not become millionaires. Home foreclosure or a good “fixer upper” is what I’d love. Where did you ask?

    #4. Ranch or farm with a lake in front or near the ocean’; with lots of acreage Actually, the beaches in the UK looks and sounds so inviting.

    #5: I too want to travel: To all the continents in Africa; see Europe by railway, France, Greece, Italy, Germany. I want to visit the great landmarks of our century: The wall in Germany or Berlin, The Pyramids, China, Japan.

    #6: Give to charities that research childhood diseases: St Jude’s, The Down Syndrome Society, March of Dimes, Feed the Children, as well as charities that help animals, such as the Humane Society. Charities that help people in need: The American Red Cross, Disaster Relief, Runaway Teens, People with drug problems. Oh that list could go on forever!

    #7: I want to ride in a hot air balloon. Oh boy, I can’t wait

  19. Ronald Reudter

    I don’t want to be rich, I just want be have all the money I want ,and be able to go where I want, fish and hunt where I want.

  20. abigail Marie Collins

    Abigail’s Bucket List

    1. I want to obtain my B.S. in business administration, mangaement.
    2. Have a decent job so I am financially stable.
    3. Build another house on my dad’s property for myself.

  21. John Brown

    I do not want to be rich. I just want to do anything that I would like to do, when I want to do it. take care of my family as needed. Go fishing, hunting, camping when I want to. Or for that matter just about anyrthing that I want to do. {Draemer}. This is my Fantacy. Could it come true? We’ll see!!

  22. John Brown

    I do not want to be rich. I just want to do anything that I would like to do, when I want to do it. take care of my family as needed. Go fishing, hunting, camping when I want to. Or for that matter just about anyrthing that I want to do. {Draemer}. This is my Fantacy. Could it come true? We’ll see!! I also would love to have a beautiful home in the mountains, in the N.C. area. The kind of truck an car that I would like to have. Pretty much anything that would want!!

  23. abigail Marie Collins

    Abigail’s Bucket list
    1. get my B.A. in business admin. management.
    2. become finacially stable
    3. Have another house built on my dad’s property.
    4. Travel the world see all the islands and crystal clear blue water.
    5. Be Content.

  24. Deborah Wade

    I would like to make at least 100,000 a year. Work from home and be my own boss. Be able to help my kids and grandkids. Own my own home . I want to see more of my grandkids and have enough money to buy them nice things. Most of all just have a very nice life.

  25. Barbara moore

    My Bucket list is getting my website up and running and finish my chemo and radiation because i have breast cancer and then i dont have to be sick ever day and for i can make some money to pay my bills and be able to get my medicine out on time and i am on 17 different medicine and i pray ever day when i will be able to get off it all.i am 47 year old and i do not have no money in my bank account now .and my bucket list is to be able to have a nice bank account and dont have to worry about money all the time and have money to pay off my home and get me a car and be debt free.i would be a happy lady and i no i am already bless and i am praying they my website start to do good and i would be able to get my 10 year old son a Tv and i starting another website for free for 90 with http://BM7603.tvtravelbiz.com you take so many trips Anthony this would be good for you and family and friends and you no you love to travel check it out for your self.and let me no what you think ok.

  26. Ramon

    master the information I have been studying for(seems)like forever.
    2. Provide the necessary support for my family and rebuild the family home.
    3. To build a online center that helps guide people with needed hands on materials and skills for special needs children and adults.
    4. Purchase a home /condo.

  27. Ramon

    Work to develop a Tutorial program for School Age Children in the inner City. In D.C.
    Travel through Asia for the adventure. Also return to East Africa for a visit.

  28. vickie

    I have been searching for a job at home for ever and a person that don’t trust alot!! I have struggeld all my life so far to have things, owned a exterior Home Improvement business.But do to the economy it whip my husband and i out so bad had to sell everything that we owned from the business plus personal things to survive the last year even lost my marriage after 21 year’s.So my dream’s! Is to get back on my feet because no job’s here in this state been trying for three months job’s are just very tight and scary here and would just luv to get back what i lost to alot of people it might of not been much but to me it was and send my son threw college we have to put that off as well.he should have gone last year.and of course a home i have no car so that would be nice.thank you for listening vickie!!

  29. Darryl & Mary Hanke

    Dear Anthony,

    My bucket list:
    1. Make first dollar online
    2. Get out of debt
    3. Save for daughter’s college
    4. Save for retirement
    5. Go up in a hot air balloon
    6. Quit day job and work only on business from home (Mary)
    7. Be able to have time for myself w/o feeling guilty (Mary)
    8. Help parent’s financially
    9. Go to Disney World

  30. Charlotte Sczepanski

    My Bucket list is:1 Get off Disibility2 Make enough money to pay off all my bills 3 Payback all the people I owe 4 Beable to be making enough money to bring my fiance’ home off the road. 5 Not have to want for anything and help first familiy 6 Help and give to charities of my choice 7 Give help to people to get them on there feet and help them to beable to make money and stabilize there selves 8 Travel at my own discretion 9 Get my daughter home from Afganistan. 10 Make the world a better place to Live thanks so Much for making people think

  31. gwendolyn ward

    pay off my jeep
    earn enough money to pay off joey joey truck
    start making money at the affiliate marketing
    have enough money to live on
    make 1,000.00per month by aug 2012

  32. jayma allen

    …get a tatoo
    …no financial burdens so life can be full of new exciting experiences and enjoyed with family and friends

  33. Robert

    Not in order of importance:

    Finding the true spirituality in life

    Finding and doing my dream job

    Living in my ideal place, a place which feels like home

    Losing weight and getting a six pack, possibly buffing up

    Recover from something as completely as I can, permanently

    Have a wife, and good consistent friends

    To laugh a lot more

    To have FUN

  34. Grace Burke

    Buy a nice family Home
    Help my children
    Help my church
    Go wherever i want

  35. Pat Mitchell

    1. Take my girlfriend to Vegas without a strict budget.
    2. And make enough to give to worthy charities, so I can say yes, instead of no.
    3. Own a race horse.
    4. Get my Dad some better health care.
    5. Tell the Conservator that spent my Dad’s money to *^&4#@!*&%, get a good attorney and send her to nice cell.

  36. Delaine Macku

    I would be very happy if I could accompolish this Program -Send E-mails and Make Money Work! and be able to do it over and over by my self.

    Something I could do at home and in due time contribute to help family and close friends, plus my own debt, and help the church with their wanderful youth program, ministries need help so people can feel self worth.

  37. lauraine

    hi Anthony how are you ; fine i hope here is my bucket list
    1 ;take my autistic son to california on vacation,
    2 make enought money to payoff my house
    3 get a new car retired the 10yrs old ones
    be able to pay y medical bills
    be able to gives some to charity no matter how big or small
    just to help people

  38. Jeff M.

    The nice thing about a bucket list is, it is always a work in progress. Here are some of the things on my list.
    1) Not owe anyone anything
    2) Visit all the national parks in the U.S.
    3) Create something of value that I can pass on to the next generation
    4) Write a book
    5) Have some of my work shown in an art gallery

    A little bit of what I have accomplished.
    I have been in a movie. It was shown on TV on a small local TV network.
    I have looked deep into the eyes of someone that loves me for who I am. I have been married to that person for 17 years. I have seen the Grand Canyon. I look forward to every day.

  39. doublevmme


    10 Continue to study and grow my knowledge of the affiliate systems and online business and Grow my Mediation Practice to a base of 100k a yr.
    This would allow me to work from any portion of the country that God wants to use me in!
    9 Create and teach my children how to utilize these online business skills so they to have the option to work from home as they are studying throughout their high school and college years to develop income anywhere
    7 Travel back to Korea to visit the place where everything started for me. TRAVEL TO Africa-Cameroon, Belize, Egypt-Cairo, Greece-Athens, Peru-Lima, Brazil-Sao Paulo, Australia-Melbourne, Finland and Turkey.
    6 Continue to build and support 3rd world countries through knowledge, education and the awareness of a loving God and to provide hands on work with the people in those countries on a yearly basis is so rewarding!
    5 Write a book or two which will inspire people to move beyond wherever they are into a new lifestyle which includes but is not limited to the joy, peace, hope, happiness and all of the freedoms found here in Gods world.
    4 Start my own onine greeting card company for those who are in sobriety
    3 Pay off my now home by 40 and my retirement home by 50!!
    2 Buy a grand piano and record a CD with my daughter
    1 Buy a Harley….just for me

    Things I’ve Crossed off my bucket list already!

    1. Completed College and Training for Mediation
    2. Started Mediation Services and have 25 plus settlement agreements successfully written in 7 different categories.
    3. Bought foreclosure property and have been updating it inside.
    4. Sang on TV in the United States. Scary at first but now not a problem.
    5. Spoke and sang on TV in another language and in a different country! wohoo that was a great time thanks to the above experience not even really nervous! My interpreter was a friend of mine so that helped as well.
    6. Sponsored a food, clothing and blanket drive for the people of Honduras. Together we collected, shipped and distributed over 40,000 pounds of food, clothing and blankets to the people who live in the mountains there.
    7. Spoke and brought God’s word into a prison on an Island and started an AA meeting in another country just this past year.
    8. Been to Puerto Rico-San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, Santa Ana, Honduras, Roatan, California, Florida.
    9. Bought a horse off the track.
    10 Been to Sturgis…a few times…and am enjoying my life! thanks

  40. velma hall

    My bucket list isn’t spectacular but would be nice to have; 1. Pay off all my debts 2.Buy a new carpet for our little Church 3. Buy my own home 4. And have enough money to take a really nice vacation , I have been on 1 two week vacation in my life and i’m 82 . 5. Have a 6 figure income in my account balance. I did enjoy reading your Bucket list Anthony I hope u do read mine, I want to be an affiliate for the rest of my life. Thanks Anthony for being a good motivator and teacher.

  41. Andy Cox

    Not sure my first one went through
    bucket list
    1-make money (any money) on the internet
    2-pay for a car and truck with out a loan
    3-take my wife on her dream vacation “Tahiti”
    4-take my kids on a wonderful vacation
    5-be credit card debt free
    6-pay off my home
    7-be a big part of helping Manti Utah get a nice baseball softball complex
    8-help my financially troubled family
    9-sell my current business
    10-live off of what I make on the internet

  42. Carol Stallworth

    1 . To Become as successful as you in this .Yes I can see you on the cover of Enterprenur Magazine . 2. To Become one of your partners . 3. To own my own home with lots of land and it’s own fishing pound . 4. To own a few vacation homes. 5. I’d like to make enough money to travel and meet pepole from other parts of the world and not just read about it 6. I’d like to one day open a Tech / Trade school for inner city youths and others that are disadvantaged in such areras . This is a little long range but is do able ! 7.To get remarried someday I’m a widow but had 23 loveing years togather .

  43. Doreen

    Hi Anthony,
    This is a great post! I loved the movie the “Bucket List” and I think it’s important for everyone to have one. Really enjoyed reading your list. Here’s mine…
    1. Have a successful Home Based Business as an online marketer.
    2. Replace my current income and medical coverage expense in order to stay home within 6 months.
    3. Travel to France, Italy, Spain and stay in a Villa in the heart of each destination for a month each.
    4. Be debt free in 5 years including home.
    5. Buy my dream home
    6. Buy a lot of land where I can build/open a beautiful center for dogs. This center will also have a state of the art Veterinary facility/hospital, that would treat any pet in need of care teaming with the Human Society, SPCA, etc. The center would be a total compound that would include a rescue center, adoption, psychology & training center, exercise area with the best equipment, etc.
    7. Purchase a large historic building in the downtown area of Fort Worth. Restore the building and separate into apartments. These apartments would house the homeless in Fort Worth. The building would also have a crisis center to help them obtain work, assist in obtaining financial assistance, etc.
    8. Buy a vacation home on a beautiful beach.
    9. Send my parents for the vacation of their dreams any where in the world.

  44. David Molina

    My bucket list is mostly short term, and simple.
    1. Get my online business to start seeing some sort of progress. ( I am in about 8 months now)
    2. Get to making at least $500.00 a month (actually anything at all first)
    3. Pay off the $$$ I invested for the support team for Internet Marketing.
    4. Pay off other debt from the past.
    5. Finish my basement and landscaping.
    6. Buy a decent truck for work.
    7. Buy my wife the car of her dreams.
    8. Work on a retirement plan.
    9. Be able to have my construction business financially stable (thanks to my online marketing business, I really want to build spec homes)
    10. Some day build the house of our dreams with my own two hands, but have it payed off.

  45. Arlene

    My Bucket List:
    (Not in order of it’s priority to me.)
    *Pay off my house
    *Become totally debt free
    * Buy either a new CRV or some type of hybrid model car
    *I have travel the entire USA, Mexico and 80% of Carribean, 2x to Africa and a few european countries- now I want to explore South America, more of Europe and Asia and return to Africa
    * Have a yearly 6 figure income
    *Finance and buy my church its own buildings and grounds
    *Create 2 homeless shelters (one for men & one for women and children)
    *Write several books

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to bring voice to my thoughts.

  46. Mary

    my bucket list:
    1. be healthier by eating right and walking
    2. get out of debt b/c I am making money online
    3. have enough money to live comfortably without the worry, worry, worry
    b/c I am making money online
    4. be able to travel and take famil members along b/c I am making money
    5. grow old happy and healthy

  47. Al Battista

    Do all in my power to elect the best qualified person to fix our country in 2012. I believe that will be Mitt Romney.

    Get one of my Internet projects to be successful.

    Sit in as a guest host for Rush Limbaugh.

    To have a million dollars to fund my below prayer.

    “Dear Heavenly Father, Lord and King of all, daily I will make the image of bringing 1,000 people or more into the Pay It Forward program, with each also developing 1,000 people or more. Once 1,000,000 people or more are included in developing a wealthy life style, helping their families and their countries ( because the more wealthy each family is, will insure their countries have enough money to operate). Once we have a million people that have increased their wealth, each one will vow to take one poor family a year and help them become wealthy also. With millions of people following the Principles of the Laws of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, Laws of Growth and Laws of Abundance the world will know more peace and prosperity for all!

    Even though I am already 66 years old, I am only recently becoming aware of all of these laws that could have made me wealthy if I learned them years ago. So, I have the way before me to become wealthy so I can help millions of others!

    “I have the earnest desire and confident expectation to demand of myself persistent and continuous action with GDI web sites, sales of the Big Dog Secrets book and e-bay sales.
    (Other programs to work are PrePaid Legal, Cell phones and MPBToday). I rapidly attract all of the necessary material to reach the first 1,000 people or more. I know it is already there in the Universal Mind, of which we are all part of. This will be done with the knowledge that it benefits all concerned: our families , our nations and ultimately everyone on earth!

    “I will recite this prayer at least once per day until the attainment of 1,000,000 or more Pay It Forwarders are helping at least one family or more each year to also attain the abundance that is available to all on earth.

    “I am sorry for any time I have interfered with this outworking, and ask You for forgiveness for any error I have ever made in life! I love You and thank You for Your forgiveness and Your forgiving heart! I love You most gracious and eternal Father and thank You for the vision, ability, wisdom and knowledge to attain this worthwhile goal!”

    The above prayer will help me reach success in building the largest, most profitable, highest retention organization ever built in the history of Network marketing. I am doing this easily and consistently through helping other with education and teamwork.

    Get my wife the house of her dreams.

    To help my two sons to realize and use to the utmost, their potential.

    The Battista’s
    We thank God for the Blessings we have; and the blessings we are receiving!
    We thank God, for everything!

  48. Tom McSwiggan

    the key points of my bucket list are as follows >>>>
    1.) learn quickly how to make money on the Internet so that I can get myself out of a “deep” financial hole.
    2.) get my debt resolved with the IRS and don’t procrastianet again
    3.) re-structure my home mortgage
    4.) become debt-free on credit cards and the like
    5.) establish a trust fund
    6.) provide more financial help to 5 American Indian schools in
    So.Dakota, Montana & New Mexico
    I really NEED your help on this Internet project so that I can accomplish all of the above. Thank you.

  49. Richard Olobatuyi

    My bucket list includes:

    1. To actually make home business work for me
    2. To pay all my bills and debts off
    3. To promote the kingdom of God almighty
    4. To help my family members get out of poverty
    5. To live in a the home of my dream
    6. To travel around the world
    7. To assist and promote Christian missionaries aroud the world
    8. To be one the best corporate in Africa

  50. John_JWA

    My Bucket list is to have my own home business, country home on the beach, get all the the train aids I can get to be successful, help others be successful, Take care of my family, have my own small plane. There is more.
    Just a Note Anthony I was a by stander in the mini series Moven On in Seaside Oregon where they film a scene.

  51. margaret sitar

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I would love to make good money with my business and have all the nice things like a new house and car. i would also like to pay off bills and help my kids and family .of course I would love to travel and get off welfare and be my own boss. from that I would be able to say I achieved something .thanks anythony you are changing lives as well as your own and I wish everyone success!

  52. Joe Griffith

    1. To borrow enough money to build and launch my affiliate Marketing web site.
    2.To make enough money to pay monthly bills to start.
    3.To be able to pay for our grandson’s colledge as he enters in September of this year.
    4. To pay off the mortgage of our home.
    5. If it be in the will of God, and I believe it is, I would like to have a business where I can help all people who needs help.Then I would be truely happy!

  53. Pete

    Making 10,000 a month
    Pay my house off
    Buy A place in Jackson hole wyoming
    Travel to all the sporting events I want to watch
    To have a yacht in the mediteranian
    Have a houseboat in the san Diego marina

  54. Janith Schwarz

    Hi Anthony
    May 8, 2011 at 10:45 am

    1.I want to have earned $150,000 by July 22 2011 to put in the bank
    2 Be able to pay off my 2 cars within the next 6 months
    3 Get my house out of foreclosure
    4 Earn enough to pay cash for a new house with a pool
    5 Have my teeth fixed
    6 Purchase a new wheelchair and hospital bed for my husband
    7 Have enough money to assist my 5 grown children and their families
    8 Look forward to the day I am successful, and stand up and thank you for helping me with this business

  55. don hellriegel

    bucket list
    to make enough money to :
    pay off my house so i can retire
    pay cash for a car
    pay off childrens houses.
    be able to take a vacation
    be able to help some one else become wealthy

  56. Keith

    1 pay our bills off
    2 Take my wife on a trip without worrying what bills we are not going to pay to go
    3 Help our children pay their school loads off
    4 Be able owe our home and go team roping when we want to
    5 Be able to retire and go on a mission for the LDS church
    6 Be a better person
    7 Be able to be better with our money because our want are never satisfied
    Thanks for all the help this has got me thinking. I do hope to get an on line business go and understand how to work it.

  57. cesar cipres

    ok,alwaysi,remember the young kid has been saling candies w their friends on the buses(my country) that let m feel w confident i try to be a better persone bfr i never mention this but it let m be more human been and straight on the goals i hve,is gn b easy for m go back sale cars,i love doinng that,but i dnt want to work more weekend, everything i get i enjoy w my kids,at this time i try to learn in t right way to do the affilite system no easy i dnt n too much abt computers bt i think i still dng good,im starting from cero,i like that,this is the way i can know if i dng well or not,but i think i could do it,i like to read a lot,one of my dreams was learn hv to fly a airplane god put somebody in my life gv me a handbook abt airplanes,bcs when i talking to him he start talking abt airplane he is pilot i start talking abt little thing i know,and him got interested on that then he gv m a certificate to fly a cesna,few weeks later, i was flying t cesna w instructor,he told m i was dng well,was sooo exited abt that,is different feelings i say until i learn really well,i learn more abt airplanes reading my book,anyway ,im still reading bcs,i love read books,this let me know something im interested,see god always put people in front us,now i thing god put ANTHONY in my life a young guy w infinite knowledge the only thing i need to hv pattient w my learning, im try my best,like i said i starting from cero,then i did some thing abt my bucket list now,i need to bring back this, my new list –
    – still w my phylosophy ,- Be healthy,happy,enjoy no matter what, – try to master affilite system,-my own house, – still running, – finish my 10 marathon, – enjoy jumping from the airplane means sky diving by my self, – still running on griffit park observatory in LA from t bottom to t top looking la from t top wonderfull view, still playing soccer, – find my muscle car chevy 50’s,apache truck, -know t president of united state of america,-This is not t last one but t first one Know this amazing guy ANTHONY MORRISON , and from the bottom of my heart god bless you, my friend the best for you and your family. :)=];;< 🙂

  58. Danny

    Bucket List:
    1. Be me, not what someone wants me to be.
    2. Start a successful charity in India
    3. Be free to go where I need to go when I need to go.
    4. Be able to give generously to my family and friends.
    5. Sail the Great Lakes with some good buddies.

  59. James Parker

    I would like to start an online bussiness , pay off all bills , go on vacation when i wat to. be very sucessful , I would like to work at home and enjoy my freedom. James Parker

  60. Jon

    Hi Anthony. Your bucket list is inspiring to say the least.

    Here’s mine:
    1) To start making money sooner rather than later.
    2) To make enough so I don’t have to work at a regular job.
    3) To be able to save $2,500 by August 2011.
    4) Make money using Twitter.
    5) Make money using Facebook.
    6) Gain the ability to earn money from free traffic sources.
    7) To live a healthier life.

  61. dr. Sharon Johnson

    This is great! Anthony, thanks!
    My Bucket List: (in no particular order–but all instantly!)

    -The best health possible.
    -Abundant personal resources to support independent living and my creative outlets–writing, art, painting.
    -Traveling with my family and friends–without stressing over finances, how long, where..just pure enjoyment and camaraderie.
    -Build my circular dream home with trees and water views–a great conversation pit, art studio, guest facilities, chef’s kitchen, and a SOA office with bells, whistles, and a huge story board for my books.
    -Finances to support repose and introspection and fulfilling my higher-best self’s passion.
    -Loving and sharing with my children and grandchildren and providing additional security to their lives and dreams.
    -Tithing my 10% to honor’s God’s many blessings in my life
    -Actually retiring in a meaningful, and secure manner
    -Finding a sweet and sincere gentleman friend–or partner
    -Supporting charitable functions and projects–encouraging others to look for the ‘sunny side of happiness’
    -and, unlimited Orange Roughy, Swordfish, salads, fish tacos, and Vietnamese and Thai dinners–oh, and Pizza and Tuscany Bread.
    -World Peace
    –Yep, that’ll about do it… oh, and lots of smiles and laughter..
    hugs to you dreamers–one and all.

  62. perry wayne allen

    well i have already scratched one off that i didn’t even know i wanted. not long ago i became a who’s who in the world not only once but twice first Stanford then Madison and at the moment i have been nominated to Cambridge who’s who and also Princeton who’s who. so then i thought i should go for all the ivory leagues. the hard part is you have to be nominated by a who’s who of what ever registry you wold like to be a who’s who on. another thing I’d like to scratch off my bucket list would be to make it to the freezer JUST ONCE without spilling any water from the ice cube tray.one more would be the noble peace prize. crazy thing is i have wanted that since i was about nine. it’s true ask my mom.and last but not least to own and race a NASCAR.

  63. Evelyn Beckles

    I would like to see my new business from your organization become profitable.
    .Retire from my present job by September 2011
    Make my first dollar online
    Own my home near the beach
    Travel the world
    Write a book.
    Payoff all my bills by December 2011
    Own A vacation home in Barbados
    Able to speak Spanish by December 2011
    Have my vision chart patented
    Lose fifty (50) pounds by December 2011
    Own A personal website
    Donate two (2) cardiac beds to the hospital in Barbados
    I would like to work at from home and live A life of freedom, enjoying all what life has to offer.
    To be able to help A couple of my poor relatives children through college.

  64. Roy Rodriguez

    1. Finish College – Get a Doctorate’s degree for family physician
    2. Pay off my Car
    3. Buy a house
    4. Pay off all of my debt, Student loans, credit cards, and some other bills
    5. Help my mom with her bill
    6. Hope this is real and not get scammed.
    7. Become a millionaire

  65. rod

    OK bucket list OK for this I really haven’t put one together yet but it would probably go something like this
    1.Pay off student loan
    2. Pay off my bills
    3. Pay off my car
    4. Make my first dollars online
    5. pay off friends and family
    6. Travel while working
    7. Make a Million Dollars
    8. Help people get started in there own business
    9.Pay for my daughter’s collage
    10.I too like cars but a different breed hot rods.
    I my add to this as time goes on.

  66. Nichole

    1. Owning my own business
    2. Having one more child
    3.Retiring at an early age
    4.Showing my daughter how to become financially independant
    5.Travelling the 50 states
    6.Own a house on the water
    7.Owning a nice big boat
    8.Owning a big truck, nice car and buying my husband a Ducati

  67. Tamberli Woolsey

    I would like to be rich! That is not the most important however.
    1.I would like to be able to retire my husband early.
    2.Spend the last few years that my kids are in school at home with them.
    3.Wake up, have coffee on my deck next to a lake and take my dog for a run.
    4.Pay for my kids college.
    5.Open up a orphanage or at least have something to do with one.
    6.Just be financially stable.
    7.Help change the way health insurance is ran.
    Thanks fkor keeping me motivated Anthony! You are truely an inspiration.

  68. amy

    #1: Make a million before I’m 50! (5 years to go!)
    #2: Pay off student loans.
    #3: Do right for my kids.
    #4: Be happy in my life.

  69. lesia

    i have always been taught to be thankful for what i have,but as the economy fell so did i ,my dream is to make enough money to support my son.i continue to pray everyday and learn as much as i can.when i get to that point in my life i will make sure that i share with every person that i know.

  70. Josie M

    Great list Anthony
    I would love to get my business rolling and make some money I want to make at least $5K a month with that I would feel good able to pay my bills and have $$ to spent on whatever.

  71. Jane R

    Wow where do I begin…. sigh…ok.. With God’s vision all is possible…
    1. Visit Hawaii love the beach!
    2. Visit Australia!! love those Koala bears!!
    3. Retire in 5 years with a successful business
    4. Live totally debt free
    5. Help others not as fortunate

  72. Rudy

    Hi Anthony,
    I really liked your bucket list you seemed to have everything in order and I’m sure you will accomplish your dreams.
    My bucket list: 1) Have financial freedom, 2) Be Debt free, 3) Have a positive cash flow, 4)Buy a house on the water, 5) Travel the world, 6) I also would like to be in a movie, 7) I want to Sky Dive n Scuba dive all over the world,8) Be able to buy what ever I want in cash, 9) Own my own business, 10) Be able to show others how to do the same more for my family and friends.

  73. Rosalie

    Thanks for sharing Anthony.

    My bucket list: To be successful on the internet so that my husband and
    I can have enough money not to worry about paying the monthly living ex-
    penses and to spend time with our extended family. People are a precious gift and we would like to pay forward so they can also be enjoying the same
    peace of mind that we will have.

  74. paula

    Financial peace
    kids through college
    start my own business
    have a date with my husband that doesn’t live with us
    being able to help the community
    show my kids a better and stress free lifestyle

    I would just love to relax a little without stress and enjoy life. Be a helper hands up not out

  75. Joey Adamson

    Anthony, you are very inspirational in what you say and how you say it. It is easy to see your passion for what you do and that you want to give back, because of what was given to you.

    Your bucket list is not surprising. It actually seems to go hand in hand with your background, achievement of the goals you’ve been setting and achieving all along.

    What you did is stepped out on faith motivated by a tough situation, a love for your family, and a desire to help others. I have had some major things that have shaken my life as well, and I want to be a blessing to my family, and others as well.

    You are actually reaping what you have been sowing all along the way. I believe you will succeed in obtaining your bucket list. You are motivated by overcome everything, and that is walking by faith. Faith works by love so your love for family and others caused your faith to come alive.

    Now you are inspiring others to do the same. Thanks for the opportunity, that you have given us, and others that follow.

    Here is my bucket list.
    1. Time Freedom
    2. Financial Freedom
    3. Be able to give freely whenever I wish with no $ limit
    4. Be Successful in business and help others duplicate that success
    5. Travel with my wife and do mission work and fund others to do the same
    6. An old goal of being a billionaire, far fetched, never the less a long time goal
    7, Write and sing songs that inspire others around the world

  76. Fred Thompson

    Anthony this is a great thing to suggest.
    My top 3 out of many
    {3} SUCESSFUL IN BUSINESS , This comes with hard work!

  77. Robert Fulgham


    My purpose in life is to mentor and to father young men to be the men that God created them to be. I believe your father modeled and is modeling to you what I want to model to young men that weren’t as blessed you. Thank you for being transparent and for sharing as you do.

    My buck list:

    1. See my vision for mentoring young men come to fruition. This involves many buildings on thousands of acres of land and young men being matched with husband/wife families sharing the same interests as the young men. The “ranch” is self-sufficient because everyone works together. The young men can be those needing a second chance, those growing up without a physical father, or those needing to experience the love, guidance and support of a “father”. I’m doing this now on a small scale at my home; it’s my motivation to build sources of income that free me to be available for the young men when they need me and not when it’s convenient for me.

    Once my purpose is fulfilled, I’d really enjoy the following:
    2. Visit England and the family castle.
    3. Write and publish a book to share what I’ve learned about young men so others can duplicate my efforts; profits would go to the “ranch”.
    4. Sing (record) a duet with a well-known artist (I have several in mind).
    5. Get married (this can happen at any time…and I’d be okay!)

  78. judy mcnelly

    Hi-thanks for examples of making bucket list-inspiring! With God’s hellp I want to: pay off the cost of this course, have a steady income to augment our quickly dwindling retirement account, be able to help others when opportunity arises. We have already met goals of homes ownership, travel, debt-free living, etc. thanks again,j

  79. Dora Bradford

    I would love to never have to worry about how much money is in my checking account. Be completely debt free. Buy a nice modest house for my mom.
    Pay for my kids’ college expenses. Travel to some nice places outside the US. Build my own charity clinic to help others improve their health. Have a very successful internet business.

  80. Jennifer Salinas

    Great Bucket list Funny, I was just talking of start writing my buckets list up. to summarize, to be debt free, travel, dance in the rain, and get plenty of laugh lines, and love like there’s no tommarrow;)

  81. Naomi Haman

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing your bucket list. I loved it. We should all never give up on our dreams no matter how old we are. This is my bucket list

    1) Support my daughter in everyway
    2) Pay off all my debt
    3) Pay off family and help family and close friends with debt
    4) Go back to school, with no added debt
    5)Buy my own log cabin house, living in the mountains of CO
    6) Have a full college fund for my daughter and built up savings account for her
    7)Start a Center to help others with education, housing, health care, Human Trafficing, getting people off the street and help with skills, abused victums, share the Word of God, etc.
    8) Travel the world and experiance differant cultures and to be able to help[ where there is a need

  82. Mavis S

    Hi Anthony,

    I never thought of a Bucket List, but this is great motivation.

    1. I would like to be able to master my affiliate marketing so I could work from home and become debt free.
    2. To be a tither and give to help take care of old and homeless jews.
    3. To have a comfortable home paid for, landscape and a new escalde.
    4. Be able to take a vacation whenever I want and money not be a problem.
    5. Be able to afford healthcare for myself and family.
    6. To help my children financially and educate my grandchildren.
    7. To have a stress free life.

  83. Jorge

    I really would like to travel around the world and enjoy other cultures and people!!


    1) I intend to do my best to learn and work through this program.
    2) I want to raise my children well, in a manner that I am a motivator and not end up being enabler.
    3) I want to learn to play an instrument, either a guitar or piano.
    4) I want to be a blessing to everyone I come in contact with, to display the love of Christ.
    5) I want to acheive and maintain a healthy happy marriage(newlywed, so we are just starting the process.
    6) I want to publish a book of poetry.
    7) I want to publish and perform christian songs. I am particularly interested in the teens.
    8) I want to pay cash for my new two story, seven bedroom luxurious mansion.
    9) There are many other but first and foremost, I want to forever please my Father in heaven.

  85. Margaret Okubo

    Excellent advice. I inmtend to follow your example. A bucket list is a great idea. Thanks.

    My Bucket List
    1. To make enough money to help those in need.by donating to charitable organizations.
    2. Provide for my grandchildren’s college education.
    3. Build a home to accomodate my children with their families, to keep us together,
    4.To build a workshop and shelter, for the homeless and jobless, where they can learn a trade to help themselves and others.
    5.To publish my inspirational books and sell at least millions of copies to help others deal with everyday trials and tribulations.
    6. To put my mind at peace knowing that I manged to bring joy to others..

  86. Leslie Trujillo

    Hi Anthony,
    I so know I missed this deadline but I still want my two cents in here!
    I have let myself get down recently. I’ve tried many work from home things for so many selfish, not so unselfish and somewhat desperate reasons and have gotten nowhere! But I have had my pity party and am even more determined to try try again. I have to for my bucket list, for my daughter, and for my self! So here goes:

    Quit my job ( I’m so tired of working for “the man” or any one else that tells me how much I can make and how much time I have to spend doing it.)

    Attain financial freedom ( my version of this is pay the bills, put a little somthing in savings and still buy what I want at the grocery store,and maybe a new pair of shoes for me and the family. 🙂

    Fix up my house ( I bought my first house in April 2010 but it is quite old and in need of numerous repairs and one day I’d like to make it beautiful again.)

    Help others ( I think this goes without saying but I would really like to not just give to charity but have means to really make a difference in the world. Make it better for someone or some animals)

    Invent something new, really usefull and make it a success!

    Write a book that will change my life along with someone else’s.

    Marry the man I love and see my daughter live a successfull life.

    Leave this world knowing I made the most of the precious life God gave me.

    And last but not least, make Anthony Morrison’s program the be the catalyst to carry me through the rest of my bucket list.

  87. Ruby

    Love reading these btw!
    Aside from wanting my hubby home more often (he has 3 jobs) mine includes financial freedom…our own home…taking my family to discover our diversely intertwined roots in Puerto Rico, Spain, and Scotland…among others!

  88. Thomas Gene Vickery

    Hello There Anthony, My Bucket list is Very Long, but heres a few. I wood love to make more than just a few dollars online. And also quit working for a dead end job. I wood like to be able to pay bills on time and then pay all of them off. I am still doing all this for my grandaughter, but also I wood like to help eithers to do the same. This week I had a posting on facebook, it was for a event. That I was going to have at my home, you may have seen it. It was called My HomeBase Business ( without all of the BS ). No one called me and no one showed up. But im not going to give up. I will be doing it again. Thanks again Anthony!

  89. goldie edwards

    Tim’s Bucket List:
    1. Make my first dollar online…
    2. Pay off my bills
    3. Help alot of people get started in there own business
    4. Pay off my house & my moms house
    5. Buy me a new car
    6. Travel
    7. Make as much money as i want
    8. help the church!

  90. Jennifer Nelson

    I’m just getting started on the program and Lovin’ it! 🙂 Here is my Bucket List:

    To live by Faith in everything I do
    Strengthen my relationship with God and share Him with others
    To work from home, so that I can spend more time lovin’ on my 2 little boys
    To have a good relationship with my boys and to teach them good values and educate them
    To Give back to God what is His and make a difference in the world- being directly involved with different charities
    To live below my means, but still have a college fund for my boys and save for retirement
    Dreamin’ Big: To write a novel, win a Nobel Prize,
    Finish my private pilot’s license, get instructor certified and get my commercial license
    Start a Christian Flight School to help fly missionaries around the world and help import necessities to other countries in need
    Find someone who will love my little boys as their own and share similar values, maybe even get married again…maybe. If it is God’s will.

  91. Joe Hogan

    Lists are made for good reasons. I don’t have a “specific” list, but rather a specific circumstance…. I want to be financially free! That means something different to everyone but here’s what it means to me; I don’t want to owe anybody a single penny. All of my debts would be paid in full. And I want to be in a position where I can walk through life inconspicuously and help those who really need help. I want to see who is working hard to help themselves and just can’t get a leg up on life. Help someone anonymously , not for my benefit, but because they would be to proud to take it from someone face to face. I like those type of people on TV who get their broken down houses demolished and rebuilt.

  92. Michael Eakes

    Thanks for sharing. You have some really big dreams. It is great hearing your Bucket List. Cliff climbing is something I would like to do. Go back to school. Financial Independence.
    I am just getting started withe the program and am very excited. There are several other good bucket list entries on here. Keep up the great motivation. I know for one I need it to get started and overcoming the fear of going online.

  93. James Moore

    Im from northern ireland so people with big dreams dont usually get far because of the lack of help to do so here and the fact that most people here
    just cant see past the 9-5 job.

    Im only starting out and im so passionate about internet marketing I know I
    will do well. ( fingers crossed )

    So here goes:

    1. Have a successfull business
    2. Earn £500 a week atleast
    3. Provide a better life for my family
    4. Buy a house for me and my girlfriend
    5. Have £100,000 in my bank account by age 35 ( im 27 now )

    Not alot to ask. lol

  94. Charlotte Jenks

    1. Need to learn this busiiness to keep me young
    2. Have to keep my mind occupied to earn more money since I can no longer work
    3. My voice has not returned since my throat surgery and I can only communicate online.
    4. Want to get out of debit without going further in debit
    5. Would like to be able to go out with my friends and not feel guilty
    6. Provide more money to help others
    7. Thank the Good Lord for what I do have

  95. Constance

    Bucket List I’m having problems with my computer. 1. make more income. 2. I want to make a better life for myself. 3. My bigest dream is to become a writer. Earn enough money to pay my bills I am short of this goul. 4. Live a peaceful life without being stressed all the time. 5. I would like a new car which I can not afford on my income. 6. I would like to get in a position like you Anthony so I could help others too. 7. I want to start telling about my life because I believe by revealing the truth others will see that is hope. I earned a 340 point gpa because I told the students at Kaplan University about my first job . I worked there for 24 years. Its about what you gain by helping others. 8. Unfortunantly I quite that job after 24 years it’s about sacrifice. I not only made enough money to take care of myself I also carried the people around me through their trials and tribulations. 9. It’s about facing the truth and becoming stronger in the face of adversity. I have been through a lot but I have learned from my failure. After all failure is success turn into success.

  96. Gavin

    I have my own bucket list which i created
    1 make more money than my normal wage
    2 buy a new car
    3 buy a new home for my boys and myself
    4 have an overseas holiday or a resort holiday
    5 donate some money to an organization call CANTEEN which help kids with cancer to take them on trips and a weekend away
    6 tell my boss that i am not anymore required to be here

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