1. Melinda Shelton

    I love to teach small lessons about life skills, from gardening to relationships. I would love do small videos and see what happens. I never thought of such a thing.I have so little time though, but I going to do it. keep you posted!!!

  2. Mulugheta Zelleke

    Hi Mr. Morris,

    The first time I see was at CNBC program interviewed by the program host(don’t remember host name).

    I was motivated by your enthusiasm,passion & confidence on the things that you do. I bought your books and video on Profits.

    I would like to join you and follow on things that you do. However, time becomes a big factor for me.

    So do you have any suggestion for me how I can overcome this time constrains and start making MONEY.


    Mulugheta Zelleke

  3. Denise Johnson

    Yes….I was contacted from Youtube and now use that as a way to advertise and post my links while making money through Youtube. Its a FUN way to generate traffic while meeting lots of great people who will subscribe to your videos. 🙂

    my Youtube name is: DJLadydrummer

    Thanks Anthony for always giving us practical ways to market that will fit any niche.

  4. Tammy Henderson

    This is great news, you tube is the best and so are you Anthony! This is next on my list of things to do today. I look forward to great success and have you to thank for it. You inspire me and my family. Thank You Anthony!

  5. Beth Rosenblatt

    I never thought of making videos on Youtube, but that does sound like a good idea. Any idea that I can make money will be helpful. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Kevin

    Hello Anthony
    That so cool I was telling some friends about making videos then I see your videos, that so cool .
    I have some really funny ideas i want to do and I would love to see how people would respond.So if you have any ideas how I can really get this going please email I would love your help.

  7. Rosalie Bullington

    I love the little tid bits you are giving. Helps to keep me motivated. Keep them coming!

  8. kenneth hennesy

    good Idea
    I did not know anyone could post on u tube I a electrician that would be good to teach and have people purchase that possible to sell there too

  9. allan april

    I have been following anthony morrison for over six months, and find his blogs and training very helpful. I had no idea that UTube would pay me commissions for a highly viewed up-loaded video !!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ANTHONY 🙂

  10. Johnothan Rears

    Thanks Anthony. This is something I had not thought about. I have not used Youtube much, though many in my family, friends, an business associates have. None have used what you suggest here that know of. Like you, I use most resources like youtube to provide quality content and never really use for other purpose. I may give this a try. I will in any case start using Youtube more, so thanks for the inspiration once again.

  11. Tim Davidson

    Hey GREAT IDEA Anthony, I had never thought of that. I did know alot of people were making money on you tube, but never thought of applying it to my website. Thanks again, you always modivate me or give me new ideas…

  12. Norman Stanback

    This is a great idea. I have been thinking how I can get a series of Math DVDs promoted before the end of the Fall semester of 2011. Now I can probably get this plan off the ground before the end of the summer!

  13. Steve White

    Great idea about using YouTube. I really appreciate all you do to encourage those of us who are trying to make a go of it with affiliate marketing and the tips you send out every week that are practical and doable. Thanks for caring and giving hope to many. Blessings!

  14. Jennifer Graham

    Wow thats awsome i never knew you could make money off youtube like that….Thank you for that tip I’ll be using it w/ videos of my son being himself lol..

  15. Shalini

    Anthony, This is a really great idea. Guess what coming up with a video is my plan for the weekend.

  16. Chris Hall

    Hey, this is funny bc my wife ordered your book and put it in her name instead of mine. This is something I might have to try. I’m not much on computers so this is a learning process for me. My wife is behind me over 100% and I’m praying everyday we can at least get out of debt and stop renting. Keeping fingers crossed. Thank you again Mr. Anthony.

  17. Sandra Jordan

    Hi Anthony,
    I never really thought of it, but great idea I should spend some more time
    looking into using YouTube lovely
    Piece! One Love

  18. Debbi Wright in AZ


    You never cease to amazing me with
    your knowledge! . . .

    Yes, this will be VERY helpful! . . .

    Can’t wait to see more . . .

    My Best,

    Debbi in AZ

  19. Larry Grimes

    Think this is very good hope to add to my skills if I can ever get help in starting Thanks for info

  20. Connie Blair

    This is a wonderful tip. Thanks, I just met a new friend a couple of days ago and would like to share him with the world. His name is Fluffie, look for the youtube video soon.

  21. Cheryl Sickler

    Thanks Anthony for the encouragement to video a blog of one of my niches and get it posted.
    Thanks again!

  22. Howard Bickerdyke

    Good afternoon; Anthony, This is a great idea and I want to use it as soon as I can because if it makes money then thats for me. Many thanks

  23. Dalton Meyers

    Hi Anthony, I like this idea about tyou tube. i have a video of my kids and were playing horseshoes. Its a comedy. Im going to find it and post it. Thanks, Dalton, a Friend of Audra Hajj.

  24. David Caudill

    As usual….Bravo Anthony for bringing all of us another great chance for a new income stream.

    I know you have seen Cindys locks for love video on youtube.

    This only proofs that you do you care about your students and their success. Can’t wait for next weeks blog.

    Best regards from the desk of, David Caudill “We are DaCinMoney and we are working from home.”

  25. Frank Brown says

    Thanks for the info of the what happens when. That’s what we really need,the show.Also step by step techniques,looking over your shoulder of creating a squeeze page, landing page. You know, the how to. I know you have the videos on PPC, SEO, etc,but there’s still more. Let us know the how to do it of what you do. Ok, your video is GREAT.

  26. Jegajothy

    Good suggestion and idea which had never occurred to me on how to maximize you tube.

  27. Linda

    Sounds like a great idea, I have been wanting to do your program for some time now. I never seem to have the funds for the web hosting being unemployed right now. I hope you will offer your support program again so that hopefully I can get in on your suppor system and teachings. I have been following you for a few years now. I saw you when you were in the Orange Park area of Florida a few years ago. Thank you for the info you are kind enough to give for free. One day I hope to be part of your program don’t give up on me yet…

  28. Maggie Attaya

    Thanks. I am still studying all the lessons. Read both books, watch the tapes, making a list, getting ready to start. Very excited. Thank you so much.

  29. sheldon zucker

    thank Anthony, im still in the beginning stages of understanding all this stuff, vidios sounds like a wonderful idea i cant wait to get started love the blogs i know it will all come together. you are a awsome mentor, would like to meet you some day Sheldon

  30. Brian R Schwartz

    I am starting to get into the grove of things and I never thought of filming how I work with my hands on my niche. I know that the camcorder and tripod is around here somewhere.This could end up being a gold mine with something I do all year long.

  31. Joey Adamson

    Thanks for the advice on using Youtube videos to earn extra money. Had heard about it, but didn’t know how it worked. You give us a lot of practical tips. Keep it up! God Bless!

  32. BonitaJ

    Thanks Anthony. This is great and very timely for me! Wonderful advise, as usual.

  33. Basilio

    Wonderful tip! I had heard of YouTube paying for this, but I didn’t think it was that simple to make some money…..Thank$

  34. Karen

    I have been using YouTube for quite a while…& knew YouTube had something in place for paying people if their videos went over a certain amount but I just didn’t know exactly what it all entailed….Thank You for explaining it. so. simple! 🙂
    I absolutly plan on making a video & or adding one I already have…I will let you know how it goes!

    Thanks Again & have a nice weekend!

  35. bob slanina

    I have no way to make a video on computer , to put on U tube , but I am sure their are some of my friends that would love to get involved and share ,, like this information alot ,,, take care

  36. R. Rader

    Well I have the books for your system, but have not got it started. I need to figure out how to set up a web site. I am confused. I know it will work, I now work 12 hour days, I would rather work from home. I know it will be a good system, if only I can figure it out.

    Thank you

  37. Hawaii Unleashed

    Aloha Anthony
    I thought YOU TUBE to draw people back to my website was a great idea .
    Thanks again
    Buzz Whitehead

    Aloha Anthony

  38. Lowell K

    Wicked stuff Anthony! I’ve always known there is power in Video. But I don’t have the (cough)…BALLS to get up in front of a camera yet and do my thing. Once I do, I gonna start posting a nice collection of stuff. Thanks for the greenlight Anthony. Always a pleasure.

  39. Lona Collins

    THANKS ANTHONY, I really enjoy your weekly blogs, and this one helped me, with your down to earth approach. I can begin to implement this little tip & have fun just to see what happens! I am starting with baby steps, to build my confidence, and not Feel overwhelmed. Thanks for all your team support.

  40. thawk

    This is awesome information. Thank you so much. I never knew that youtube could be a source of income.

  41. Fred Thompson

    It is intresting that I just installed my web cam and I am wondering about diffrent ways I can utilize my cam. Thanks for getting the ball rolling.
    Fred T.

  42. rick

    very interesting,,,,thank you, My daughter and her friends have had me post videos for them before. I have never noticed the button or known what it was for…..Thank you Anthomy

  43. Beth Dublinski

    Anthony, this gave me a great idea on how to make money on You Tube using my teaching expertise. But I have a lot of questions because what I am thinking about would be a series. How can I get in contact with you or Adrian to help me with this process. I purchased your training program in CO.

  44. Ron

    Great information about You Tube Anthony….I will be retiring from my job this year and I plan to use your “Advertising Profits From Home” course to make some extra cash for my household….Thanks for the books and videos you sent me and I am anxious to get started.

  45. James c. Venden

    I can see how this type of marketing can be a huge success, but then again you would not be saying it if it wasn’t so. You are a great source of info. for my daughter and I. I’m trying to get her involved in my e-commerce business, and your info is keeping her interested and always thinking of new ways to put what your saying to use in our business. Thanks again, You not only are helping the business, you are helping my daughter and I with our relationship. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, hopefully your experience will help us get above water.

  46. Julius Martin

    Hello Anthony i Have purchased and read your book end to end. but like 1/2 of the world out of work. i am one of them. i can only advertise free ads at this time. i want to do as your book say but i can not wright now do to no money so i have to go whit Free ads wright now. thank you.

  47. Naomi Haman

    Anthony, you are awsome!!!
    It’s so funny because some people say that they are not a people person and better with computer communication but, I am the opposite. I have always been better talking face to face, talking to the person on the phone, hearing there voice. More then communicating on the computer. I have alot of knowledge about computers and use it alot, but have never been one to communicate on line, such as chat rooms, Facebook, etc.. The one thing I do have is the determination, drive, open and willing to learn, expand new things outside my comfort zone.
    Watching your Weekly Blog’s and learning step by step about my e-commerce business and all entailed just gets me more and more excited.You have a way of putting things that is so inspiring, motivating, and touching! You really care and think of everything!
    That’s a great idea about posting a YouTube video! I know for me, you always give the right word at the perfect time! When I start making money, I will definetly make a video. You are filled with wonderful idea’s & encouragement! Thank you so much!

  48. Jerry Richter

    Your video on YouTube sounds like a wonderful idea that can open the eworld to lots of possibilities and revenue.
    Thank you, Anthony

  49. Rick Taylor

    Very interesting. I am just starting and absolutely know nothing about Affiliate Marketing, etc. But I hope to learn, and from what I have seen, you make it very easy and comfortable to learn from you. Thank you. Anxiously looking forward to the future.

  50. Patricia

    Fantastic information – You give some real good and useful info.

    Lady P

  51. David Molina

    I just tried to use this method. I just posted a funny video that we made about a NOT Blendtec Blender. . I guess I’ll have to wait to see if it picks up a lot of views in order to start the revenue share!! Great Idea, thanks for sharing.

  52. Terry Newell

    Thank you Anthony, I love your YouTube video idea. There are several ways I can see that working for me. You are so brilliant. You convey ideas clearly and share knowledge with the enthusiasm of a born leader. I saw your infomercial on internet marketing and immediately bought your book. I loved the book so I signed up and attended Adrians Dallas seminar back in November. He told a few “ADD stories” and, having ADD myself, I could totally relate. But after the seminar I hit a snag. I had taken in so much information in such a short period of time, I was overwhelmed and totally discouraged. I’ve been reading your emails, doing the conference calls, etc.– I still want to do the internet mktg. I’ve devoted alot of time and effort to making it work. However, the YouTube video idea could work and provide some much-needed enthusiasm for me to work on and figure out what it is I’ve been doing wrong on the internet mktg. I just wish it was a little easier for me sometimes. Never say die!

  53. Michael

    Your video information was very informative as usual, but I would like to know if there are any cost involved in setting up a facebook fan page? Also is there cost in setting up a utube page with comment entries and request for email address and name to summit a comment?

  54. Larry Grimes

    I enjoyed the information maybe even though I am slow I will gain from it. Thanks Anthony

  55. steve

    I have found that to be very interesting and useful. I had enjoyed the information. I might try that later.

  56. Tere Joyce

    Thank you for the information. It is very timely too, as I have recently started a youtube channel that is connected to my blog, and Internet radio show:-)

  57. Kamal Conner

    I manufacture a 100% Organic skin care product called, CoCoShea Skin Products. I am just starting to launch my business. Yesterday, I was online looking at different marketing websites. The cost was way out there for what I was willing to pay. Building the site myself, I felt would require way to much time (not knowing a thing about building marketing websites, though I did the CoCoShea site myself).
    Then bingo, I turn on the TV this morning and caught the tail end of your program. After listening to what you had to say, I felt your honesty, If one listens to the voice within, allowing that voice to guide you, you always land on your feet. Without personally knowing you, I know you are someone who has a passion for helping people, I sense this in your spirit.
    I would like your help, in guiding me, to reach my goals, for my business to be successful, so that, I like you, can help others be successful in reaching their dreams.
    Keep up the good work, the world needs more people like you,
    Stone Mountain, Georgia

  58. Marty L.

    Hi Anthony-

    Good advice. Video is definitely the way to go. In trying to promote (for the finest egyptian cotton bedding 🙂 I think video will be very effective.

    If you can make good videos, you can get so many “impressions” it can’t help but to increase your exposure.

    Thanks for the tips!!

  59. Katie Figueroa

    THanks, Anthony. I will definitely try posting a video in the future on You tube. You ROCK!

  60. JJ

    This sounds great and i will use it. I already have 2 video’s posted, but i cant’ find the button/tab you were talking about??? Can anyone point me in the right direction??? Thanks

  61. Ethel Packer

    Anthony, I do not know how to use You Tube. How do I begin?
    Ethel Packer

  62. Stewart


    Thank you for your short training sessions. My wife feels that her job will be eliminated soon and she’s fearful of what will come next…but, you’ve given me an idea! She has skills she doesn’t know how to market. I think I now know how we’re going to market them! Thanks for your wisdom!

  63. Sarika Clark

    Hi Anthony,

    This information was really helpful. I watch You Tube all the time. I didn’t know that you could get paid for it.


  64. Philip

    I don’t know the first thing about doing a video and putting it on YouTube. If I did, I would try it. I new to all of this and have a lot to learn to do any of the things that are in your book. I will probably need tutoring. Thanks Anthony for all the info of how to make money online. The problem I have is how does a person do what you are suggesting if they don’t know how to di it? I would love to do a lot of the things you suggest but don’t know how to get them done.

  65. Diana & Frank Banres

    Hello Anthony
    As always your weekly blogs are very informational and We have been saving these email of your blog for future review. So keep up the good work and thank you for all your good tips. We will be watching !

  66. Michael

    Hello Anthony,
    I’ve often wondered how to make money through the Internet, but I was not willing to invest thousands of dollars to all the “guru’s” who advertise yet continue to hit me up with more supplies costing more money.

    I find your blogs helpful and I am willing to step out and start trying your methods. I am waiting on your book to read and reference.

    Currently I am a partner with credit card processing companies, however with the current outlook on this profession dealing with Congress and the Durbin Admendment, I am venturing into other options.

    I want to be able to work from my home 100% and be financially able to provide for my wife and grandchildren.

  67. Vonetta

    I thank you for this infomation. I am a very good listener, and a problem solver. I have been proven to help anyone solve any issue as long as they are able to look beyound the issue at hand. I have taken two years of college for child psychology, mix with my expericene of servering and giving to others. I am thinking of a way o advertise myself on you tube and getting others to understand I can help. thank you.

  68. Rhonda

    Dear Anthony, you have brightened my day. The tips you give are so awesome in ways to start making money. I am going to do this utube video money making system that I had no idea that utube paid money. Thank you so much for all your instructions and help to get started. You are a blessing to me and my family. I wish I had the money for you marketing system and trying to raise the money because I truly believe that would get me off to a great fast start in my business. Thanks again and God bless you! Have a Wonderful weekend as I will with the hope and courage you have given me..

  69. Aaron

    need help with a website but yes this was definitely helpful Anthony gives me a way to make up the book money 🙂

  70. Eduardo Alvarez

    Hi Anthony, great idea!! I love to cook and I love the Lord Jesus! I will start posting videos about me cooking and also some about insights that I have about God.
    Thank you,

  71. Vicki

    Great Tip Anthony! I will try this right away! You are awesome dude!

    Thanks! Vicki ; )

  72. Alex

    You really made me post some videos on Youtube. I will give it a try and tell you the results from this nice information. Thank You

  73. Lonnie Davis

    I have been gone for a few years. I see you are still sharing and helping others. I looked you up and someone dissed you saying your stuff doesn’t work. Well, I never expected you to come over to my house and do the work for me. What is wrong with people, honestly, stuff in = stuff out.
    Enough. Good to finally see you again Anthony. If you actually read this, I would be surprised, but if you see this, will you let me know? Thanks for the hard work buddy.

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