3 Twitter Mistakes You Are Probably Making

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Most busiess owners and affiliate marketers handle Twitter with kid gloves.  They aren’t quite sure how the microblogging site works, so they make mistakes out of fear and confusion.  I’m giong to go over some of the common Twitter mistakes so you can begin to get more out of the site.

Mistake #1 – Missuse of Hashtags

Hashtags are used to file posts into categories.  For instance, if you posted a Tweet about internet marketing, you could write:

Use anchor text in your articles #internet marketing

This would show people that the tweet falls into the internet marketing category.

Hashtags are a great feature, but most new Twitter users misuse them.  They either overuse them or underuse them.  Use hashtags from time to time, but don’t include a hashtag in every post.  If you do that, your readers will start to tune them out.

Mistake #2 – Overselling in Tweets

Twitter is a great tool for businesses, but business owners should never shove products down people’s throats.  Instead of creating tweets that say “buy this product,” write blog posts that mentions products, along with other important information.  Tweet a link to the blog post.  Your followers will feel like they are receiving something of value, and you won’t look like you’re spamming anyone.

Mistake #3 – Having One Sided Conversations

When used correctly, you can use Twitter to engage your followers and encourage conversations.  Use retweets and mentions, and ask your followers questions All of these things will keep your readers interested and enaged, so they will take the time to read your tweets when they show up in their feeds.

The fewer mistakes you make, the happier your followers will be.  The happier your followers are, the more products they will purchase from you.


  1. linda brown

    I am trying to learn more about this twitter, i have an account and have a few followers now, that i never had in a few years..i never took the time to get to understand it. Re-tweets? What is that?? just tweet and do it again? or??lol….

  2. Shirley York

    Anthony that is some very good information things I would never think to do.
    Thanks and keep the tidbits of info coming I appreciate every little thing I can get to help me with my online marketing.

  3. abaz

    Hi Anthony. Thanks about your wise advises for twitter. I am a new affiliate and i don’t know many things about twitter. Your internet marketing is great!!!
    Thanks again

  4. sandra

    Thank you for the reminder, of course we are more into face book, I will of to push on through.

  5. Harold Gray

    I don,t know much about any thing on the computer I am trying to learn to make money as a affiliate on click bank all info needed thank you

  6. Jude

    Wow these are great information that we should not miss to know. I will definetely be aware of this.Thanks a lot!

  7. Kimberly Munday


    Oh, now I know what twitter is for other than for irritating show biz stuff. I feel like a candle, no a light bulb has gone off over my head! Thank you, sir

  8. Bernice J Adams

    I am so new to Twitter I need alot of advise on how to use, so thank you for this and keep them coming

  9. Stephen Morgan

    Great information Anthony. I enjoy and appreciate all the information you have given me and believe me I will indeed use this information. Thank You.

  10. Steven Surace

    Great advice! Hashtags are something I never heard of and questions I never ask. I basically post my blog (which is not selling) and my blog link. I will need to look into these Hashtags and leave a question at the end of my post.

    Thanks for these helpful tips!

  11. Tammy Campeau

    Hi Anthony,
    I am not familiar with “hashtags”. I need more help with this twittering to gain profits.

  12. Nelda Percival -Why-AIM.com

    Thank you, that makes since.
    LOL between PMI classes, your webinars, AWeber Webinars the blogs when do you have time to Tweet? send your blog messages to be tweeted…
    I don’t even know if I’m using the right lingo…

  13. Joyce Knake

    It’s always nice to get tips and hints about how to do things. I write everything down because it’s hard to remember everything and when I write it down, it seems to give it a little glue to connect to my brain. I had a teacher once that said ” A person has to hear something 7 times before it actually sticks and they learn it.” So don’t be upset with people that tell you something over and over again, they’re just trying to help you learn it. Unless ,of course, it’s your spouse. My husband says “then it’s nagging”.

  14. Robert Sugden


    I am very impressed with Fast Cash Commissions. I have followed your tutorial on using Twitter and used the template resopnses. However I have been suspended by Twitter. Have you ever had this problem? I had only sent out 14 tweets before I was stopped. If we use the virtul assistant we are supposed to do this for a prolonged time. How do you do it and not get suspended?



  15. jason

    i drive traffic to my website, but i cant get ppl to signup or buy, i dont understand what ad text really mean.

  16. Janis Searcey


    You are right about not using anchor text correctly. In fact, I don’t even know about them and use twitter. Could you please explain the # sign so a twitter dummy understands them.

    Thank you

  17. Carol

    Great ideas, but what are hash tags? I know that is a dumb question but I do not know the answer.
    Anthony you are brilliant and so young.

  18. Evelyn

    At the moment, we are trying to come up with a Business Name.
    My husband and have printed the workbook and plan to finish it
    today. Hopefully, will register our business name tomorrow..
    I am unable to get the blogs. Will have to call technician, I supppose.

  19. Maria

    I’m attending your workshop @ the Escondido Arts Center I know you probably won’t be there but I sure would like to meet you in person. I’m 63 years old and have been busy being married. Now, I’m on my own made an offer on a property and now I need funding. Wish me luck!

  20. Mavis Turner

    Sorry Anthony, I never even get on twitter because I really know nothing about it.
    I really have gotten off on the wrong foot on this whole marketing episode. sorry……

  21. Trevor Bailey

    Anthony , I thank you for all your teaching , and all the information you share with me , watch me from now ? I am ready .

  22. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    Anthony you are totally correct, I have been not been using Twitter to to my advantage. You are also correct in that I do not know all the game rules concerning how far is too much. I shall pay more attention not only to Twitter, but Facebook also. I missed the last seminar due to medical reasons however I did watch it at a later date. Don’t think I am quitting just very slow right now.

  23. Joseph B

    I thank you for this entry about the 3 Twitter mistakes. They are really informative. I will apply your advices in my posts as soon as possible so that I can profit from them. Thanks for sharing with me.
    Joseph B

  24. Angie

    Hello Anthony Morrison,

    I have my website, but don’t know which site to advertising on, or where to begin. If you advertise, like on tweeter, or facebook, do you answer each person back. Where do you advertise everyday, I have the time, but don’t have a clue where to begin.



  25. Marsha Roth

    Thankyou for the info about twitter I have not gotten into twitter yet but I plan on it. I am still working on one thing at a time and hoping to under stand it all eventually. Thankyou so much

  26. edward

    wow i did not know that i think one of the tree things mention here I’am doing I need to go back and check thank you for the information

  27. Ravi

    Anthony, Thanks for the tips. I haven’t started my twitter account yet but when I do I will remember your advice.

  28. zora

    Hey anthony,

    Great stuff im new to Twitter can you explain (retweets and mentions) and in your example above was the @disney and @tbs afilliate links to offers.


  29. Sue Duenser

    Thanks for the Twitter Tips- I’m a newbie and am afraid of Twitter at this time but since I enrolled in your mentoring program I expect to get instruction on it and get going with something fairly soon.

  30. bridget alliston

    look i havent had much time to get involved in this i havent even received your discs yet, i am trying to read your numerous emails so i can catch up i hope, i will see where i need to go from there.

  31. James Sliney

    Anthony, I really appreciate these tips on using Twitter, because they presented in the form of a clear summary. I have been using Twitter for a couple of years, but your tips have opened my eyes to some important points about how to use Twitter correctly.

  32. russell morris

    this is great been trying to get y company to do this!!! thanks for writing about this

  33. jon breitenkamp

    whats going on Anthony!! Hey i love the info u give on all these ways of marketing . im working on getting a twitter account. So when i do ill make sure i dont make these mistakes, Thanks brother for looking out for all of us.

  34. Joseph

    You are so right! I have no idea how twitter really works. Like Hashtags for example I did not even know what they were let alone what they are called.

    These are all great tidbits of information on how to use twitter.

    Thanks, Joseph

  35. Christopher Ryan Morrison

    So, Anthony in your personal opinion do you find it necessary to market your products on one specific site, such as facebook or twitter, or to spread the advertisements between the two, and either way how do you know that your message is reaching the target audience and not just a waste of your time, and quite possibly your money if you’re advertising through any form of media other than social networking?

  36. Craig Hawkins

    Just watched the video about hash tags at the Twitter help center… and this is what I got from it: Hash Tags (#affiliation) are keywords within a tweet that have the hash (#) or pound (£) sign in front of them. Once you create a hash tag… you’ll notice a change in color of the link… the hash tag acts as a search for that particular term… Its a way for Twitterers to gather all the terms on a particular subject. If everyone is using the same hash tag… it is an easy way to search for terms on that subject… if you want to find those terms, then you just click the hash tag. To sum up… hash tags act as a flag… which puts all of the hashed articles on a particular term, all in one place.

  37. Terry

    I attended you seminar last year & I try to read all your emails. Thanks for the info about twitter – hashtags – I’m sure it will prove useful if I ever figure out how to use twitter, facebook, etc. I know I can do this – but am I the only one who finds learning affiliate marketing overwhelming – I have all this information but haven’t figured out how to connect all the dots yet. Also, I know it can be done with little or no funds but having funds available would make it so much easier to just leap and learn by trial & error. I’m not looking to get rich – just earn some money. Have you heard anything about Google Plus? They were talking about it being a good thing this morning on GMA. Thanks for your continued support.

  38. Linda

    Hello Anthony,
    Happy Holidays all- and safe holidays too. Been reading my books alot lately, have acted on the twitterfeed-to twitter. As well as SocialOomph.com and got a Google + business site up called “Linda’s Internet Business”. Am tracking and putting into action the lessons I’m reading, although I think I need to re do my Face book account, mines personal and I need a business account. Well that’s all for now, happy traveling 🙂

  39. Linda

    Hi just working on adding another Twitter account today so I can get more followers. And to use twollow next. I’m staying home for New Years the crowds get to me, any hoo. Take care- Peace for the New Year 2012.

  40. Marcia Brown

    Thanks for another great article. I especially liked the reminder to ask questions of your followers to keep them interested and engaged. I am fairly new to the Twitter thing, so the article really helped me. Thanks, again, for all you do to help us be a success!

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