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Well the time has come to show everyone the winner of our first webinar contest. I want to thank each one of you for making this webinar a HUGE success. We ended up with over 15,000 people logging on and watching our hour and a half session on CPV domination and how to basically get traffic for about a penny. It was a great webinar and so far the reactions that I am seeing are immensely positive! So than you all for attending, staying engaged and of course making it a huge success.

As you know I promised to give away $5,000 and my iPad to someone who watched the webinar (and all the videos leading up to it) just as my way of “ethically bribing” you to get on and get educated. It was pretty late when I selected the winner because as you all know I was dealing with our servers crashing and basically total destruction for the night. My Facebook was blowing up with people angry they couldn’t get on and at one point I had 853 emails come in within literally just minutes. YES THAT IS EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE EMAILS IN JUST MINUTES…. It was truly crazy…. I do apologize for the servers crashing and I can assure you that next time (see below) we will be prepared and it will not happen again!

Anyway I selected Cynthia Becker (randomly of course) as the winner of my iPad and $5,000 and I flew out to Washington state to hand deliver the money as well as my iPad to her personally. Here are some pictures below:

I must say that I COMPLETELY ENJOYED meeting Cynthia and hearing her story and just kinda finding out why she choose to attend my webinar in the first place. The ironic thing is she actually doesn’t even own my book! She literally found me through “social media” and that little “LIKE” button I always encourage you to click at the end of my blogs or videos. Just shows you that social media can really go a long way in building your following AND helping to change peoples lives.  So once again thank you to everyone and CONGRATS to Cynthia (she’s already becoming an ipad guru).

Now for the REALLY BIG NEWS…..

I would love you to answer the question below… as you can see I am ethically bribing you once again to answer the question and spread it on social media…


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**NOTEYOU MUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO WIN … you have to complete all 4 steps to be entered to win the $50 so make sure you do it all… it only takes seconds. And I really want to know is will you use failure as a way to learn and grow? If so tell everyone here now. Put it in writing and stick to it!


  1. Bev smith

    Yes I would. As for Failure- it can be the best teacher we have in ourslves

  2. Kristen

    So here is the deal I would so love to go to a seminar where the seminar was the seminar and not a sales pitch, now I have no problem with people having back room sales, that’s awesome. And I am all in for what you are asking me if I would like to attend.
    I left this comment it’s number 1
    I tweeted this and I have FB Liked it, on my count that’s 3 steps?
    What’s the 4th?
    Just re read the note and
    I always use what is dubbed failure as a teaching tool for me and others. However in my home failure is the only “F” word not allowed LOL

  3. Patti Houston

    I would definitely attend another webinar in August dedicated to Marketing with CPV… I was unable to attend the last one due to a death in the family. My brother-n-law passed away in July and it’s still really hard dealing w/it and I’m tryin to help and be here for my sister.

  4. Lynnda

    Just received a call from PMI and realized there is more to the CPV Domination course than just the training on the website. Looking forward to getting the CDs and Video training! Thanks for the follow-up.

  5. John Yoder

    I would certainly attend another training webinar.
    Thanks for all you do!

  6. Mary Erskine

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes I think you should have one. I would be there. I did have some problems with the webinar you had but, I finally got on which I was grateful. It would be awesome cause you give so much back to all of us.

    Take Care,

  7. Marsi Haney

    I would love to attend another webinar. Not only are they informative, but they are also motivational. As my only “supervisor” I find it up lifting to hear the positive reinforcement and success stories to keep me going on the slow days, weeks, months…

  8. Ralph Velez

    Anthony..I must say, your book keeps me interested big time. I still havent made my first dollar but that will be in time. Im kinda slow at these things. I’ll tell you what, I would love 50 dollars sure, however, if there were an alternative I wouldnt mind the hidden millionaire or automatice profits book….(Does not hurt to ask right)….

  9. Laura Heigh

    Failure is no longer an option…Making this happen is the only answer there is…..I want to be able to give and that is something that this world has forgotten how to do ….Give back !!!!!

  10. Laura Heigh

    Failure is no longer an option…Making this happen is the only answer there is…I want to be able to give, that is something this nation and this world has forgotten how to do…..Give Back!!!

  11. Robert (Bob) Gosford

    Of course I will be there. I want to succeed at this so I can help others too. Have failed at a few things but it gives me strength to pursue more ways to succeed.

  12. Sharon Walton

    Yes most definitely I would like to attend to the next webinar August in marketing.

  13. Sharon Walton

    What is the following steps in participating to win the $50?

  14. Yvonne Gray

    Anthony I tried to tweet you, but I was blocked as spam. Not sure why!
    Twitter sent me an explanation, still do not understand why.

    I completed your videos online and am halfway through your book “Adv. Prof. from Hm”. All have been helpful, but overwhelming. Hoping to understand more as time goes on.

    Very interested in the Aug. webinar,

  15. Miltonetta Atwater

    Yes, I would like to attend another webinar in August. Any encouragement and additional learning techinques is greatly appreciated. Still new at this but anxious to learn.

  16. verlene maye

    I gave about $300 to get going in this to make money months ago but haven’t made a penny.I’m not happy!

    Verlen Kay Maye

  17. Diane Mayotte

    Of course I would love to attend another webinar! I always learn
    much from you Anthony.

    Thanks, Diane

  18. kathy Brown

    Very interested in attending any seminar or webinar you advertise.
    Thanks for the invite.

  19. Nicole Daniel

    YES, YES, YES I WILL ANTHONY !!! I Want You to do a webinar on CPV & EMAIL MARKETING ! I NEED this training. So, I absolutely commit to being online… I think that’s a fantastic gift,, the gift of training and exposure.
    Thank you so much!
    Nicole Daniel [email protected] or [email protected]

  20. wakeelah caldwell

    i would attend another marketing with cpv and email marketing seminar in August.. non sales, of course. I actually purchased cpv domination since it made sense. However, would just like to take speak and get questions answered at this point.

  21. Edgar Soler

    of course i will attend, the information you give is great for me and others,

  22. Ryan

    I would attend another webinar in august dedicated to marketing with cpv as well as email marketing.

  23. David Pickett

    I would most certainly attend your webinar as the info for me is quite valuable and I am needing to become more educated on the information that will assist me in my endeavor to become successful online.

  24. Stanley J. Beller

    I will attend the webinar in August, because I want to use the CPV method of advertising and I have email so I want to learn to use it to my advantage in growing my income.

  25. luigi

    thank you for all your information.Ijust got started and very motivated.I havent even recieved your package yet.I cant wait to make my first dollar..

  26. nanci m pritchard

    Yes, failure or not, I would plan to watch another webinar; b/c I like your voice and your brother’s. They go slow enough I can take notes and continue to learn; I’ve very olde (just turned 60 2 days ago) and I really want to succeed at this b/c I’ve burned thru all my life long savings and really want to b/c debt free; sorry for all the texting initials or whatever you call them; I don’t text; I don’t even have a cell phone, but I have my trusty 10-year olde computer and I’m plugging along. Hope to meet you some day, once I can travel with my granddaughters…..see ya

  27. Cynthia Becker

    Webinars are most useful to me right now. I’ve done some with Judi Perkins who is a consultant in the field of getting employment. I have one coming up on Thursday, the 4th. Anything I can learn to help my own cause right now is most welcome! And, thank you, Anthony for your kind comments! I enjoyed meeting you also. And, yes, I am most proficient using the iPad now! I can even use air print! 🙂 keep those webinars coming!

  28. Charles Gorman

    As all of my freinds know I am no computer guru , so I run into al lot of failures & yes I do learn from most of them ,no matter how time consuming .

  29. Faye Williams-Smith

    Yes, I would love to attend another webinar. I have purchased the CPV and the training course. I have not used it yet because I don’t have the money as of yet but I am learning invaluable information. Thank you so much.

  30. Jerald

    I did not get to attend the last one but am looking forward to your next one.

  31. Ruby S.

    Of course i would attend! I can’t afford to give up! Our finances just seem to keep getting worse and I’m just taking a break so that I can come back with a fresh perspective!

  32. Jack Connell

    Yes, Anthony, I would love to have you do the live training.

  33. kenneth brant

    Yes. I have been to your seminar and read you emails, your brothers’ too. I have information overload right now but am working on it. Yws I will be there.

  34. Debra Crumpton

    Yes, I would attend another webniar. I think you should have one every month, for the new comers.
    Plus, if you could just stick to educational talk, without the stories. I want to learn how to be successful at internet marketing, I’ve been unemployed since Novemeber 2010. I’ve had 4 deaths in my family including my father,this is all after I bought the program. So, my money is done, but I’m trying to make it work.
    So,I need all the help I can get.

  35. Frank Hernandez Sr

    yes i would like it, i don’t mind listening to successful people, maybe, just maybe something you say might touch my button. but most of all it might be one day i will come in to money and at that time i will get educated by you or someone like you. thank you for your help.
    your the greatest.

  36. Valerie Parker

    I love the information. Well like to see another webnar of training.

  37. Carol Barton

    Failure is one of the best learning tools one has in business.



  39. James Trageser aka jtrag


    Especially since CPV and EMAIL Marketing are probably one of my biggest set-backs for right now. I’m getting there, but WOW, I’ve been learning SEO and Internet Marketing for years and it’s like you can never stop learning LOL. It’s an ongoing learning/working process since it changes so frequently such as Google’s recent Algorithm Changes which ended up hurting a lot of sites that were NOT properly SEO Optimized. Funny thing is, not a single one of my sites dropped in rank and in fact, some actually when to #1 on Google. Unfortunately these aren’t Keywords/Keyword Phrases that I’m making any money from because for example, the one is my Brother’s (He’s the Lead Singer “David Trageser”) Band Website:

    Which ranks on numerous spots of the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on Google out of about 80,000,000 sites that show up for the keyword phrase “Dream Device”.

    I literally got them on the front page of Google within 3 days of them having me SEO Optimize and Promote their domain. Before I did, I couldn’t even find their site or anything on Google as it was crowded with around 70-80 Million different pages showing up for “Dream Device”.

    Now they’re all over the first page of results on Google for the search term “Dream Device” Go ahead and check for yourself. Just go to and Search for “Dream Device” and you will definitely see what I’m talking about.

    Out of alll those results, it took me less than 3 days to get them there (Right on the First Page of the Search Results for “Dream Device”), and they sat there even after Google’s recent Algorithm changes so I must be doing something right. Especially since that’s only one example of a few I have (the others I will not disclose due to privacy of my clients).

    I’m hoping once I get a chance to really get a grasp on this Internet/Affiliate Marketing stuff (which I now have a much better understanding of thanks to you Anthony!), that I will actually be able to do the same thing with virtually any Keyword/Keyword Phrase I need to. Even some of the more competetive ones.

    Not only could I use the $50 from this Week’s Contest, I sincerely would love to attend another Webinar with you ASAP so you can count me in for the Webinar in August for sure! Even if you do try to sell something/throw in a little sales pitch here and there, I don’t mind at all because you still discuss and cover so much extremely useful information during the Webinars which is mostly why I’m there. To learn. Of course I’d expect some type of a sales pitch somewhere in the Next Webinar (We’re all here for the same thing… To make money. Correct?)

    For you to offer a Webinar just to help us without even trying to sell/pitch anything for your own benefit is what seperates you from a LOT if not most of the Wealthy People I’ve ever met.

    Nearly everyone who reaches success/wealth such as you have tends to forget what it was like living Paycheck to Paycheck (If any checks at all).

    They don’t seem to care to help others in need and sometimes they instead look at others like they’re a lesser person than them because of their “Financial Status”, and usually won’t give that person the Time of Day let alone do the things you do.

    You are a true inspiration to me Anthony and we have a LOT in common. I truely and sincerly believe that you want to help others just like you say you want to, and YOU ARE NOT A SCAM ARTIST or RIPOFF at all!

    I suppose that even though I don’t know you that well, I can believe that you truely are who/what you say you are and want to help others because I am the same exact way and would be doing the exact same things you’re trying to do for other’s (so what if you make a little pocket change along the way charging for a book here and there). If you ask me, you could charge more and give even less like the majority of the so called “Gurus” out there and people will still come back.

    I see it happen all the time at WarriorForum when people buy some BS Product/WSO from someone and then a month later that person puts another Product/WSO up for sale and the same people are buying that too.

    I think it’s because a LOT of so called “Gurus” and Entrepreneurs out there will up-talk their system/product/wso/etc. so much that they are literally on the borderline of lying to/misleading people about it and get everyone so excited about it that virtually everyone who sees it buys it, only to find out it’s old, outdated info that no longer works/applies, very vague/poorly written, etc. and what really gets me is the fact that they continue to do it and waste their money.

    In all honesty, I would rather spend my money on your Mentoring, Books, Etc. than ever buy any of the rest of that junk out there. For one, I truely trust you and that you do want to help peole like you say you do. For two, I ordered your “Advertising Profits from Home” and there is NO WAY that you shouldn’t make money if you truely read, COMPREHEND, and follow through with things the way your books say to. I have thoroughly reviewed your “Advertising Profits from Home” and “The Hidden Millionaire” and both are great books FULL of USEFUL Knowledge and you are such a great guy with a great personality that you are literally an inspiration to people like me and I’m sure you are to others as well.

    I couldn’t thank you enough for what you have already taught me. I had all of the pieces there, but you really helped me to put them together and now I’m finally starting to get it all going and have actually made some money from Adsense (Only around $120) so far or so and I got commission from Amazon from someone buying a Kindle and some books and a carrying case through my simple WordPress Blog I setup which I haven’t even SEO Optimized/Promoted yet. Some of my domains get over 1000 Uniques/Month just sitting there with nothing on them. It’s time I put everything I’ve learned to good use and thanks to you Anthony, I’m finally able to and dont have a doubt in my mind about my success and dream to succeed and help others do the same!

    Thanks again for everything Anthony! You’re the best man! You really are 🙂

    I truely, whole-heartedly, absolutely believe you are the person you say you are and not some scam artist that’s going to leave us stranded once you make your money off of your programs and they’re no longer selling.

    I really believe that you would not only keep these forums active and join the discussion on here from time-to-time… You will also find other great ways to make money on the Internet as things change (which they do very rapidly) and share them with us. I’m comfortable knowing that even if you did charge a fee for the information you share freely with us, that my money wouldn’t go to waste either way…

    You truely are a Great Person Anthony 😉

    Keep it up! You are an inspiration to me and I only wish I had the money to pay you to teach me even a fraction of what you know or give me access to a fraction of the tools/resources you use. I could then and definitely WOULD SUCCEED and then help others do the same. I have not a single doubt about it in my mind.

    If only I could sit down with you for a few hours so you could show me how it’s done (right there in person), I would pick up on it right away and be putting up so many sites/affiliate products running successful campaigns on a daily basis that it would build me a steady income within months/the first year that I will be able to comfortably support my family with.

    No need to worry though. You won’t find a single drip of Complacency in me because I always strive to do better, get more, and do more wether I already have everything I need or not. It’s just the way my brain works. I virtually look at everything like “hmm… how could I potentially make a profit with that?” or “How can I turn that into a business? running through my mind.

    I suppose you can say I definitely have the Entrepreneur’s Though Process down. I’m a natural at it and didn’t even realize it till I read your books. I then realized that is what was missing my whole life. I’ve been wasting my time working for other people when I could and should have already been running a successful business / making a comfortable living from the internet or working for myself.

    I realized that I’ve been an Entrepreneur my entire life (as long as I can remember) and somwhere along the line I failed to realize it and didn’t until I read your books and attended your Webinar and Watched You on your Infomercial or whatever it is.

    You not only Inspired me, you helped me to see my “True Callling”… which is being a Successful Entrepreneur/Internet Marketer and living a very happy/fullfilling life while helping others to do the same.

    I couldn’t thank you enough for what you have already done and if by some chance I happen to pop out to be one of the winners to your Seminar from the Webinar Contest it would be a miracle/true blessing.

    This is my only option at making money to help support my family with my back injured the way it is and therefore; failure is NOT an option for me. No matter how many times things don’t go as expected/go wrong, I would never give up because I never have. It’s just not me. Honestly, when I want to do something bad enough and know I can do it. I NEVER STOP UNTIL I GET IT. I just learn from my mistakes, and keep on trying till I fnally get it.

    I’ve been learning and trying for some time now and I feel that I’m not too far away from succeeding or at least start making a regular, dependable income online. Otherwise, I may have to retire at 31 years old due to restrictions I’m on from being rear-ended by that School Bus a few years back. I’m not giving up that easy though. I have the NEED TO SUCCEED ! LOL 🙂

    I Wish you all the best to you and your family iin all that you do Anthony!

    Take care and thank you again for everything!

    Have a good one!

    Best Regards,

    James Trageser (jtrag)

  40. amanda benedetti

    yes of course i would attend. i love all of ur videos n helpful tips.

  41. wayne

    Yes i would and i want to know the real deal on making money thru your course. I hope to win. see you there.

  42. M Dolores Harper Morgan

    I can’t wait to see the next Webinar. It’s going to be so much fun to watch it. I love these things so much. Dolores

  43. Donald

    Sorry Anthony,,, Disabled and on fixed income. Way to rich for my blood and pocket. Thanks anyway. I believe in you and laud you for all the good things you and brother have done and continue to do.

  44. Mickie Abrahamson

    I would love to watch the webinars anytime, I want all the information I can get and Anthony has that. I’m a procratinator and I don’t want to be anymore so I’m hoping with the Webinars it will help me get unstuck!

  45. Pierre Mocombe

    It was a pleasure to attend your Webminar two weeks ago. Although, I logged in way before time, I was not able to see it live. I did not despair, since you made it available the next day when I logged into my E-mail. I am looking forward to attend the Webminar in August ( dedicated to Marketing with CPV as well as Email Marketing ). I learned a lot from that Webinar and can’t wait to start making money utilizing the method shown. The CPV software does make it look so easy.

  46. Dottie

    I am very interested in attending a webinar in August, dedicated to marketing with CPV and email marketing. I look forward to further details from Anthony. The price is my favorite, FREE!

  47. Jason Wilbourn

    Failure– If Thomas Edison would have stopped trying to make the light bulb after his first attempt, it could have been years before someone else made it work. Edison, tried hundreds of applications to make the light work and finally, we have light bulbs. To me failure is a process of elimination as to what works and what doesn’t. One more trial and error = one more new idea to go forward with. To those of you who have tried and failed, look at the light bulbs in your house, look at your application, revise and try again. Failure is the key to success. Jason Wilbourn

  48. Joyce Kerr

    Yes, I would attend another webinar on cpv and email marketing.

  49. Teresa Hamilton

    when do I get my website? I ordered your books and free www yesterday?
    thank you

  50. Gloria Thompson

    Absolutely. I am so excited to get started. I am just now reading your books and trying to figure it out..

  51. Gloria Thompson

    What you do for people is GREAT. I would love to attend one of your live seminars. Do you Plan to do any around Panama City, Florida?

  52. Diane Hestness

    I would attend but there was someone trying to sell us something on the videos leading up to the webinar which I think was wrong to do.

  53. william mcginnis

    Why do we fall to learn to pick ourselves up, Thomas Edison quoted I never made a mistake I found 10000 ways for something not to work he also quoted it takes 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent persperation I gather from this that anything worth having is done by hard work if he would have given up the first time where would we be now I have made many mistakes in life and it has made me stronger what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger

  54. Christine Treleven

    I would attend because I want to learn how to do this, but my internet service will not let me log-in. My speed is not fast enough. I am working on this. Also I cannot afford to put any money into anything at this time, so if it requires money, I can’t even do it…Thanks for keeping me on the list, I keep trying to listen to what you send, but it will not upload…Sorry..

  55. Ginger Golden

    Yes, I would like to learn more about how to use CPV. I just purchased it and I am “hitting the wall” financially. SS dropped me to $606.00 a month at the end of July and they are “thinking” about making me pay back their “overpayment”(?) for the past year. I had 30 years of paying SS, but they went back and discounted 3 of those years because “you did not make substanial enough earnings in those 3 years according to congresses bill which which was paassed a few years ago.”. I did not make that much in Batesville, Mississippi at that time, but, I lived on that amount. They have been telling me for the last 15 years that I was “invested” in socail security and would get a full retirement check when I retired. I have got to get CPV up and running at it’s best. I took money being set aside for burial to purchase the CPV and I need to “hit the ground running”. Any training I can get on it will be a God-sent.
    Thanks, gg

  56. william mcginnis

    I think that its awesome that someone cares enough to help others succeed in realizing their dreams

  57. Pollie Witherspoon

    YES, I would like very much to attend another Webinar in August and September too. See you in the next Blog, by the way I did like your sister’s picture. Pollie

  58. Miguel Ochoa

    yes failuer is a great way to learn. It teaches you that one way won’t always be the correct way. Even though it does suck that you fail it doesn’t make it the end of the world. People have to keep pushing forward to improve whatever they are trying. Be it something simple like riding a bike or something a little more complex like trying to figure out huge math equations. I am slowly learning this myself but going down a road slowly is always better than not moving or even going backwards

  59. Bertha

    I have been very busy, but I wil try and attend this time, so I can have a chance to win 50.000, cause that would really help me and I am not much of a computer wiz but I will try.Also I do have one of your books, I just havn’t read it yet, but will give it a shot, cause I will be taking 2 weeks off the job.

  60. Luz

    yes I would get on your webinars as long as youi do them and invite me.

  61. Harry Baird

    I really DID enjoy the presentation you made, HOWEVER, I am still trying to get my first dollar bill from the internet. I didn’t like having an offer for me to buy something else. I believe others have mentioned this same thing. Thanks for trying.


  62. Judith Doll LoBello

    Dear Anthony,

    HELP Have tried listening to the videos, but during the presentation, the voice becomes all garbled, in addition, the screen messages don’t line up with what is being taught. The longer the video, the more garbled the message. Have sent three messages to you. Desperate to make some money asap. Please have someone reply – willing to do what ever it takes


  63. Harry Baird

    I really DID enjoy the presentation you made, HOWEVER, I am still trying to get my first dollar bill from the internet. I didn’t like having an offer for me to buy something else. I believe others have mentioned this same thing. Thanks for trying. I would be happy to attend ANY of your webinars.


  64. Karen Smotherman

    I would like to view another webinar, but would like to hear more about how to market a website selling a specific product/products. Thanks!

  65. Tim Davidson

    Yes Anthonty, I would attend a webinar in august on your CPV Program. I just wish I could have had enough money to buy the program. I think another webinar would be great training…Who were the other three that were going to attend training in your office? You never told us who they were. Anyway thanks for everything, you’ve been great.

  66. Penny

    For sure. I was signed up to attend seminar at Suncoast in Las Vegas on 7/6, but something came up where I could not attend. I will definitely try to attend your next one. I am interested in learning anything that is free. I am not able to put down all the money that is or will be required at some point and am definitely interested in winning money.

  67. Stacie Kenemore

    I would definately attend this up-coming webinar in August because I have been eager to attend anything and everything to give me ideas and help with my business that I am working on right now. The ideas that I have been getting are ones that I am putting to great use and I just hope that everything works out like I think it will. I love what I am doing, and I am waiting to see the rewards of all my hard work. Thank you Anthony for teaching us these strategies and I look forward to learning much more from you in the next few years.

  68. mary ann

    Always your first website or if you get lucky it seems nothing is never going to happen. I found out the one that endurance to the end and never quit will eventually succeed.

  69. Sylvia

    I have done everything I can to get this going and nothing is working for me. I finally lost my book on the train to work and I still have the other materials but it’s been very frustrating for me. I recentlt checked my website and could not get access to it. I would please love to access my website and do need your help to do this.


  70. Ron Hardisty

    Yes.Would be most interesting and educational for all who listens to the

  71. Kaye Hutton

    Using failure as a way to grow is a natural part of life’s plan. I have and will continue to use failure as a way to grow.
    I definitely will attend any webinar that you present. I learned a lot from your last one and I need all the education I can get..

  72. Hope Hutchinson

    Yes…I enjoyed the last Webinar, I will certainly attend the upcoming one in Aug. I’ve tried several programs in the past where I had no success, but I’m not giving up!!! I know that success is just around the corner, because “darkness always comes before the light”.


  73. Mary E Monk

    My web site is not yet live, but I am working on it. I was really hoping I would win the training you were going to give away. YES, I would attend another webinar. I haven’t yet gone into the program I purchased from you at the Webinar. I am a slow mover.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Mary Monk

  74. Hope Hutchinson

    Yes…I enjoyed the last Webinar, I will certainly attend the upcoming one in Aug. I’ve tried several programs in the past where I had no success, but I’m not giving up!!! I know that success is just around the corner, because “darkness always comes before the light”.

    Oops…forgot to put my Website

  75. Cathy

    Of course I would watch this next seminar especially if is’t free, with nothing to buy afterwards. When things are offered for sale for futher education after a webinar of course I want to purchase the info. because I want to keep on top of thing that Anthony puts out there to help with our business.

  76. Eric Lizano

    Hello, while I’m still a newbee to affiliate marketing I did attend the CPV Domination webinar and found it to be very helpful and condusive with my busy life. I have a beautiful wife and two young children that keep me on the go. While I still do have a corporate full time job tht is sometimes hard to pull away from I am very excited about the opportunity to start my own business. Having webinars and coaches to help me tackle the learning curve and manage the barriers associated with starting an online business is more than I can ask for. The webinar format does work well for me. So I do look forward to more webinar trainings from Anthony and his team.

    Eric L
    San Diego

  77. Mark Timmerman

    Dude I watched Your video on one of your Late night infromercials , I myself was impressed by your rhetoric as of why i am really not sure since i personally have not read the text I ordered, in which very shortly I shall ! Continue the charisma my friend-

  78. Richard E. Vandevander

    Congratulations Cyntha Becker, Good Luck and God Bless. Anthony well you hit a Grand Slam this time. I cannot wait till your next blog, stay well.


  79. Coocoo Dove

    I think that I forgot to include the web site for my vacation condo for rent in my comment, here it goes:
    And just to clarify, YES I will attent your next webinar, I am eager to learn beyond the 3 day seminar that we had in Salt Lake City. It was fan and very educational. I am going to succeed in affiliate marketing.

  80. David Kaup

    Hello Anthony!
    I attended you 1st webinar and of course I would attend your second and all future webinars. I love to learn new things and stay updated with Marketing.
    I have to use failure as a way to improve the the system that I use and only grow and advance from it.

    Thanks Anthony,


  81. roy

    Yes i wood like another Webinar in August 2011.
    YES I will use failure as a way to learn and grow,failure is in the path of

  82. Barbara McClellan

    Yes, I will attend the August webinar — yes, I’ve “Liked” you on facebook – yes, I need to win any and all free gifts… but I will not tweet. selah >:(

  83. Kathy Cumpton

    yes I would be interesting in a webinar in August. My computer crashed and had to have it fixed yesterday so hopefully it will work better.

  84. Laurel L

    Thanks for identifying Cynthia. Glad to see who the winner was. Keep the webinar’s coming…

  85. rhonda

    yes i would definitely watch another web site any you put i m interested in
    Rhonda N


    Three months ago, I was watching the Anthony Morrison show on TV. I didn’t pay much attention to it. For a second time last month, I decided to listen to his messages, huh, I am glad I did. Even I don’t make any money yet, but I have seen my expectations of getting successful future (debt free). I already bought the book and they give me a free Website, including free training videos, I feel the big bucks coming my way soon,. I hope I can come here again and tell my story of where I will be in a few months, hmmm yep. I will.

  87. donna

    You do fail until you succeed. I don’t feel that I have failed just because I have not made any money yet.I have been learning and I know I will suceed.

  88. Marcia Lecheler

    Yes Anthony, I will watch another Webinar on the CPV domination. The first one was quite interesting and very informative. I would eventually like to purchase the software when you increase your server capacity. I was not able to purchase when I watched the Webinar due to severve financial crisis. But I believe it works and want to know more.

  89. marie mincy

    I would love another webinnair to learn more about cpv marketing I need all the help I can get

  90. Marilyn Lavins

    No website, however, I am an artist so I hope to get a website some day.
    I recently returned from San Francisco to visit my daughter and cat sit and
    house sit for her. Also, in June I was invited to join a few artists in Rhode
    Island for painting landscapes, etc. Best Wishes to you. Marilyn

  91. Albert Shinn

    Yes I would!!

  92. Dorothy

    I look forward to the next webinar. I’ll try to log on really early so that I can be one of the lucky ones!

  93. Deborah Perkins

    I wish I had attended the first seminar. I realize now I should have taken you more seriuosly, but I had tried other things and was just dissapointed with the results, loosing money and time. I will try my best to read all the emails and watch the videos you post. I am in an Online College at this time, and it is very difficult to do everything I have to do in a day. I also breed cockatiels and handfeeding, changing nestboxes, cages, feeding, giving clean water, taking care of my two teenagers, my 3 1/2 yr. old grandson 4 days a week, 8 hours each day, and not to mention just every day cleaning, cooking, well….you get the point!! I have an email inbox that is almost full and it is nagging at me constantly to go through them, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. I would like another day, at least, added to the seven days of the week!! I will take my laptop to the laundromat with me and read my emails there if I have too! So I will try my very best to watch your videos and read the emails you send me!!

  94. Clara Leake

    Congratulations to Cynthia. Wish it could have been me. Yes I would attend another webinar. I just pray for some financial prosperity very soon. God in Heaven knows I could use it since I’m recuperating from cervical spine surgery.

  95. Marilyn Reeves

    Yes, I would attend another webinar. If it is on Thursday, friday or saturday. Unfortunately they are the only days I have off. I love learning about internet marketing and attended the live training that was in Las Vegas last month. It was so informative. Looking forward to more and getting my affiliate business up and running. Thanks for sharing all your information on how you accomplished all you did. Congrats to Cynthia

  96. Imogene

    I would listen and watch again, I am really low on money now but I hope I can save, so I can take the course soon.

  97. Jennifer Anderson

    Yes, I definitely will attend the next seminar. I want to learn, learn, learn!!

  98. Melissa Wille

    I will let failure be my teacher–the way it should be!!!! You have to fail to learn what doesn’t work and get closer to what does work. Look at Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln. Both did not at first succeed, but used failures as a stepping stone to the next level. Good teachers to emulate!

  99. Russell Duarte

    I am so willing to get involved knowing more of this business. It’s to good to be true and I am a skeptic about, so many thing that is out on the inter net but at this moment I want to learn how to make money on the computer since i am on the computer every day learning and trying ways to live longer but when i was watching TV last evening I was watching Anthony Morrison tell all the viewers how he made money and now he is teaching others how he became debt free. Right on Anthony I would like to learn from you if its all possible. I am a slow learner but I know how to move people by my warm heart and sincerity. Aloha Russell from Hawaii

  100. clydia davis


  101. Marie

    Hi Anthony, I purchased your book last year, and have read it cover to cover, but I have to say that I didn’t get the 1,2,3 easy steps process. I hope I still have the free website that I received when I purchased your book, because I plan to attend your seminar in houston on Sat. Aug 6, with the hopes of getting a good understanding of how to get started so that I can earn some extra money. I am not a dumb person, but I did get a good understanding from the book. That is why I haven’t started. I am very glad to have a seminar coming here next week.

    I would attend webinars but they would have to be on Saturdays, because I work a lot of overtime at my job and I only turn my home computer on on the weekends.

  102. laura

    Way to go Cynthia !!! Wish it was me !!!Hope you all the success you need to acomplish your goals !!!

  103. ceclia

    Yes, Anthony I will attend the August webinar. I attended the first one,but
    I was not able to finished it “cause my computer doesn;t response when I keep on clicking. Thanks Anthony

  104. Jen Johnson


  105. clydia davis

    No i will not use failure as a way to grow i will use all the tools from Anthony morrison and aaron. They have unselfishly shared with us valuable information that can help us not even face what he and he and his family encountered & i would sow into you guys introduce! YES i would watch excitingly another webinar!

  106. Debra

    When I got the book I thought it would be easy to make money. To me and my husband it is difficult and he is pretty smart. I need to make money as soon as possible.

  107. S. Lynn Harris

    Hi Anthony,

    I wish I could speak to you personally. If you are willing to do this, please send me a personal e mail with your contact information. I have a unique idea for you which would help millions. Please get in touch. I loved your webinar but wish that I had better speakers for my computer.

  108. Barbara

    I attended the 3 day seminar with Adrian in Las Vegas. (Terrific speaker) I was totally amazed at all the information available to make money in this program. I am older so appreciate all that you do by sharing your information and repeating when some of us need it a second time around. I am working to apply all that I learned. Thank you for a future webinar. I plan to attend.

  109. Debra

    I can’t even get a website started. Maybe it was a waste of money to order the book. I am getting frustrated that I can’t get this thing working. What do I do now?

  110. Cindy K Brown

    Anthony, of COURSE I would love another learning webinar. As for “failure”, there is no such thing as failure. It is a “learning opportunity”! I don’t have twitter yet,but FB is a go!

  111. Andrea


    I would love to attend a seminar. The only problem is, I have been trying to get this going since October. I have been in Management, Sales and Customer Service my whole life…..I became disabled and unable to work away from the home around 1999.

    I know PEOPLE. I mean I read people well. Have always exceled in sales and closing. I am an intelligent women as is my husband (only he is a man).

    I have watched infomercial after infomercial. CHEESEY!!!! YOU ON THE OTHER HAND gave me hope. I’m just stuck and don’t know where to go from here. I’ve had my book since around mid October. I have never given up faith on you however. There is something very rare, and seemingly very honest about you. I have felt that way from day one and still do. Even though I have only made about $2.20.

    I was so thrilled about the webinar, until after sitting here waiting and listining all that time, only to find out I only needed a mere $997.00 Which believe me, if I were making money, I would have NO problem spending.

    We can barely keep the utilities on and have food for the 2 of us for the month. Sometimes we don’t. I not on the pity pot, this is very embarrasing for me to say, but I’m just calling a spade a spade.

    I have been blessed in many ways. I just feel like I am circling the drain right now.

    We are originally from Denver, CO. Would LOVE to make some good money with your system, and get the Hell outta dodge.

    I STILL have the faith. I’m just at a loss….
    Andrea Burton

  112. Ani

    Hi Anthony, I will attend the next webinar since I learned and got so exciting attending the last one. How can I market my webs and know if I’m making money, can you show me?

  113. Laura McCullough

    Yes, I definitely would attend another of your webinars, trusting the technical bugs have been terminix’ed. Because I still could not afford your CPV program, I would be looking forward to the email part.
    And yes, failure can be hard to take, but it is an excellent teacher and I will use it as such.

  114. Steven Surace


    I will definitely be at the next webinar. You couldn’t have enough of them. Looking forward for more cutting edge information.


  115. Dorothy Miller

    I definitely would like anther chance with another webinar. I won’t miss out on this one. I am ready to start making money and getting out of debt.

  116. maryland manning

    well anthony i did enjoyed the last webinar but u know i just cant’ afford your soft ware but anthony i know u sincere in what u say i would purchase every thing u have if i had the money
    but i will purchase your book that a start for me but i promise u i will do my best to make this work i want to be success one day and i know u can do anything if u try hard noting not giving to u easy and i am not a expert on the computer but i will try and i will be sending u video of me one day how i did maryland manning from greenwood louisiana

  117. Virginia L. Shuck

    I love the pictures, I just hope that it will be us standing next to you some time soon before the end of 2011* Tina Deter and her son my 6yr. 0ld grandson Branden Love you and Us for wanting change our lives, to give that little boy a better life, than we had growing up* I wish You could help us to make wish of come true I Loves to listen to Tim Mcgraw Music and we missed the concert and we would love it if you could find out where in ca hes going to be next and pay for us to have tickets for 4 3 adults and a 6 yr. 0ld child, I wish we had the best tickets in house not to close but not to far from the stage* that’s a dream I’d like see come to pass for My Daughter Son, my granson that loves Anthony Morrison, I want that to come true help please* E/mail Tina Deter and Virginia L. Shuck at: [email protected] thanks* come on rock our world Please*!!!!

  118. maria mix

    my failure yes I not know it read some it just why u not wanted put online
    voice is word in video with captial none tht. i know u have good giving to her chinyta wow . m.mix.deaf

  119. iris galloway

    Thanks Anthony for the first webinar. Congratulations to Cynthia for being the winner. That is great!! I would attend another webinar in August also. Very informant. Thanks Anthony and also to your brother.

  120. LeRoy W. Shepard

    Absolutely YES! I’m just getting started with Direct CPV, and as member of CPV Domination I am very pleased with the response I received from Wallace supporting the system. I look forward to any future tips you broadcast via webinar.

  121. Jan

    Yes most times failure is the best way to learn. I would love to learn more about he cpv which I purchased recently. I can’t wait to start learning, work for myself, and help others.

  122. Vonda Zimmerman

    I would definately watch another webinar…
    Thanks Anthony

  123. Brian

    Yes I would attend another Webinar. The information was extremely helpful from the last Webinar.

  124. Elisabeth Treacy

    Yes, thank you – but I don’t do Facebook. Is it a requirement?

  125. rosemarie

    Would like to attend the next webinar. Couldn’t get on the last due to techinical trouble.

  126. Alex Christie

    New member and I am a slow learner so I need all the help I can get I am 100% disabled veteran, wounded twice in Vietnam and am being treated for PTSD. Like I said I am a slow learner but I absolutely must make this work for me and will be al eyes and ears at the next webinar!

  127. sheri


    i would go 2 yours or any webinar that is going 2 teach me. the only thing is
    it had 2 b free. i honestly want my brain 2 b shaked/rarttled/rolled. not my hands 2 say gimme.gimme. so i can say thank u or who.

  128. Sharon Volkman

    I certainly will attend your webinar in August. Free learning is just right for me. Each failure is a step closer to success. I am using failures as a way to win. Thank you, Anthony

  129. Donna Peay

    Yes i would love to attend your next seminar I love getting information to help me become successful and I do learn from my failures after all the key to success is failure.

  130. Diane (eeldi) Lee

    Definitely, I would love another webinar. The last one was very informative and I learned alot.

  131. Rhonda Michelle Rawlins

    Failure is not perceived by my person as “failure” Failure is the opportunity the “silverlining” we must always be aware of to achieve success our goals. Networking, developing others is true success. Never forget and always strive to bring like same spirits with you true success. I will attend a webinar in August 2011 to jump start my E-Commerce business learning marketing methods as CPV and Email I am certain will be invaluable to my business and others I had your book it was stolen from me. I have just overcome circumstances in which my foundation was not adaquate to focus and move forward with my E-Commerce business I have just moved into a brand new apartment brand new I now have a foundation to build on I look forward to starting the business with the materials I do have and I will attend your August webinar Anthony. Thank-you, Rhonda Michelle Rawlins

  132. Michael Edes

    Yes I would attend another webinar, Thank You for taking the time to teach
    everyone who get on to learn!

  133. Burt Anderson

    Hi Anthony……….
    I follow your EVERY move and never cease to be in awe! I can’t turn on my TV without seeing your handsome face. The books are great (except for some proofing errors…but I’m a picky old fart).
    How are your folks?
    When are you and yours going to visit Anderson Ranch? Another Radisson Tucson seminar in the works?
    Don’t burn out. Been there done that. Things are great here. Enjoy Cabo.

  134. Susan Davis

    Yes, I would attend. I need all the education I can get. Look forward to it.

  135. Junetha McRae

    I also wanted to inform you that I too DO NOT own your book or any of your media that requires money to access or own other than one SINGLE cd that I actually found at the GOODWILL THRIFT STORE in my hometown, by sheer LUCK!! So I guess I must admit I DID FINALLY have (EXACTLY) $1.06 on the right day, at the right time, and at the right place, added to the countless, sleepless nights I layed awake and watched the exact SAME infomercial of yours over and over again, (as if the were all different lessons) promising to my self, one day I WILL have enough money to purchase all of your work materials and make it through this life I have now and make to the top to thank you for sharing it all with me. SO THANKS AGAIN EVEN THOUGH I AM JUST STARTING MY CLIMB, I’LL SEE YOU SOON ENOUGH AT THE TOP!!! ” NOTHING BEATS A FAILURE BUT A TRY!!!!!” JUNETHA MCRAE, ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2 B

  136. Bonnie Richardson

    Yes I will be there with bells on…Always ready to pick brains and find out what is better….Also I am doing CPV marketing and It is boosting my ranking and traffic…thanks for all the info anthony it was great…

  137. Valarie Hammond

    I just joined and that webinar what i first i had attended its was exciting and i was attonished and even how fast you and your team worked to fix the server crashing to get us all back up and online with you. I purchased cpv domination. My father and i are closing one door where we felt like failures and because my dad took iniative and bought your book here we are closing one door on our current business to open another with you and your success team. I am excited about the next webinar, I HAVE BEEN WONDERING WHEN THE NEXT will be YOU can definiatly count on me as i already have alot to work hard for and all the education and teachings makes me eager for the next cant wait SEE YOU THERE!!! Thank you SO MUCH for this opportunity!!!!!

  138. cathy

    Failure is a frame of mind. For even a *cough* failure is a success if you learned anything from it. Without failure success will never happen.
    TRAFFIC TRAFFIC TRAFFIC a businesses worst bane. How to get this LIST everyone talks about that is needed. Yes I would go to another webnar, even with the sales pitch I learned something useful.

  139. B J King

    I would certainly like to attend the next webinar. I learned so much in the first one and look forward to becoming more educated. Thanks for the great training you are providing. It shows that you care. May God bless you.

  140. Carol Pemberton

    Yes, I am excited to be a part of this upcoming webinar. I love to learn.

  141. KEN BOONE


  142. Judy D

    Yes, I would plan on another webinar and would love to learn how to really get this going so I can build up some income! I really do believe this could work, but won’t go into debt before I understand how to even start – step by step from the beginning – website, etc. I already purchased the book that made it sound so easy, but I’m not a techy kind of person and will need full instructions. Thanks!

  143. margaret sitar

    If there is another webinar I will definitly be there. The course is priceless but im saving to buy it if it becomes available.I live and breathe everything about all the training and everything anthony stands for! I CANT WAIT TO SOMEDAY BLOG MY SUCCESS AND I WILL SHARE IT WITH OTHERS!

  144. richard grunert

    Definitely will shut out last time
    Failure is just proving you are one step closer to your intended goal

  145. Lueroyce

    Thank you for having an other webinar!! I gleened so much “free” infor from the last webinar, I can hardly wait to find out what August will bring!! Thanks again!

  146. marie fofanah-conteh

    As most of us know that “no gain without pain”, the same applies here,we learn from our mistakes. To answer to your question, yes, I would love to learn how to make extra income from your program and products, but please KISS (keep it short and simple), and hopefully, I don’t have to empty my bank account before I start seeing result (making profits.).

  147. Sheila

    Anthony Hi,

    Yes I would love to watch and learn more. I have not started my business so of course I have not earned that first dollar. I am in the process of reading your books but life gets in the way. I want to get this started and follow thru to do all of the things I have told my 15 year old daughter we would try to do for her but have been unable to complete. She wrote 2 childrens stories when she was in the 6th grade she is now in the 10th and we have tried to come up with the money to have them published but other things continue to come up that keeps up from getting them published with this business I am complete that dream of her becoming a published writer…..How exciting would that be for our family!!!!! So again YES I would love another webinar to help me get this off the ground. Thanks again for all you do to help people like me!!!!!

  148. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    My Congradulations to the winners of the webinar, YES I will attend each and every one as the old saying goes “it isn’t weather you win or lose it is how you play the game. My very best to all my fellow affiliates and I’ll see you in the funny papers .
    Fred& Hyunsou

  149. Eve Estes

    Yes, I WOULD ATTEND ANOTHER WEBINAR IN AUGUST DEDICATED TO MARKETING WITH CPV AS WELL AS EMAIL MARKETING. COMPLETELY FREE WITH NOTHING FOR SALE!!!” and Failure is the best teacher. . It’s incentive to tray harder and the beginning of worldly wisdom. So let’s go and let’s get better.

  150. Tenesha Bradford

    I would definitely attend another webinar. It was very informative some of the best marketing tips I’ve ever heard. The price you offered for the software was reasonable with all that you were including. I just wasn’t in the position to purchase it. I was amazed at what I learned about CPV Marketing. If the opportunity come again hopefully I will be in a better position to move forward.

  151. Madeline

    YES,YES,YES!!! I will attend another webinar.Thank you so much for all the incredible help. I have already learned so much. I love doing this and can’t wait till I’m getting money. I had a hard time getting into the webinar, (because of the crash), I didn’t know it had crashed and I thought I would lose out; but it came on and I watched and actually purchased the program! WHEW!
    Thanks, Madeline

  152. rosaria

    yes i will attend another. just because i learn alot, and i`m so excited to learn more. You see i lost my job 1 year ago and i can`t find another job i hva my gas and water turn of the only thing i pay is my mortegage and right now i a`m so afraid to lose my house when ssc. stops i need all the help. thank you so much for doing this for all of us. because i and the rest of AMERICA is hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Jaroslav Caletka

    Yes, Anthony, I will definitely attend webinar, because more info and more way to get started will put me closer to my goal- to become financialy independent. I am 56 and worked to death too many times…..lets enjoy life…I have failed in the past, and it is definitely usefull way to get things going in the right directions….What doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger!!!! Thanks Anthony!!

  154. Sue McGee

    Missed the last — would like to hear the next in August. Please let me know the dates. I haven’t really gotten the affiliate program off the ground yet, and I want to do so.

  155. Goldrie


    Of Course I will attend! Just need the when and where! Always have and always will learn from mistakes (failures), just refuse to call them ‘failures’, as if you are learning from it….it isn’t a failure, but a learning experience! So, step 4? You’ve been tweeted, liked, and now responded *^_^*G There’s only 3 steps listed LOL!

  156. Janet Burke

    Yes, I will be there!!! The key for me, since I am just starting out with you, is the webinar, without having to buy anything. I need to get to the, understanding the system point, so I can move forward. Thank you.

  157. Patty

    yes I would attend your webinar in August………failure? if you don’t succeed try and try again is the motto i’d like to follow…….

  158. I Joseph

    I would like to attend the next webinar. The last one I had a very long hard day.And it started late,and I slept part of the program.I am sorry.

  159. Ruth Santos

    Of course I would attend another seminar in August. Just tell me the date, and I’ll be there. It will be free, as you said..nothing for sale. Thank you so much for offering to help us. I’ve tred about everything, and some say I should give up, but I’m still plugging along, trying and hoping this is the right one to work.

  160. Paulette Riggle

    Yes, I would attend another webinar. I am watching the training videos on cpv domination. Everything is new, its going slow for me, would really like additional info.

  161. Shirley

    Yes I would like to attend another Webinar with nothing to sell. I bought the course and now am trying to get set up. I do need some more instruction for free as I have spent more than enough to get started and have not made the first dollar YET!!
    I am trying to get through some failure at the moment and I feel that it will be a good teacher.

  162. Linda Cress

    I would definately attend the webinar again. I am very interestyed in learning about email and twitter I don’t know about either yet. Thanks for all that you do for everybody. God Bless you.

  163. Annette

    Anthony – just got my Special Delivery kit on Advertising Profits from Home. Anxious to learn how to be successful and dedicated. I value how you started and how your family and friends are important to you. In addition to giving back like you did for Cynthia Becker. Furthermore, I am interested in the WEBINAR IN AUGUST DEDICATED TO MARKETING WITH CPV AS WELL AS EMAIL MARKETING. I have faith that you and your team will help me succeed in this business. Looking forward to our journey together and to add value to the growth of our business. Thank you very much!

  164. Elisabeth Treacy

    Yes, thank you, but I don’t do Facebook. Is that a problem?

  165. Sheetal Chakravarty

    As I just joined your network, missed the 1st one but certainly will be there for the next one. Completed all the steps. You are doing a wonderful job, thanks for being there for all of us!

  166. steven harris

    Anthony, I was able to a ttend one of your seminars and the webinar, but unfortunately I could not buy get the money to buy your software pakge or attend your 3-day class.
    As to “failure”, it is just a part of the process in success. Most millionaires admit that they failed a 1000 times before they found true success. Real failure is never having the confidence to try.

  167. Fred Walters

    I would like to have to see a new Webinar.It has taken me a while to purchase a new website. Perhaps you can give me some insight.

    Thank you,
    Fred Walters

  168. Nancy Smith

    I first saw you on an infomercial when I was off sick from work. I decided this would be an interesting thing to do when I retire in 2 years. My house is paid off and my car will be paid off and I will be completely debt free. However, with nothing to do at that point. I’ved worked since I was 14 years old and will need to find something to make me feel vital and needed in this world!! I have always done volunteer work through the years and will continue. I have bought your book and will continue to refer to this basic concept and I love the idea of you having continued motivation, adaptations evolving from your original premiss, webinars to keep up with the” latest and greatest” and continuous interaction with your comrads.
    You have figured out that being a constant in the equasion is the secret to the never ending pipeline to sucess for you and others to achieve sucess and reach goals set for ourselves.
    I like your tenacity in constanty educating through re-visiting the basics and building a good foundation to grow ideas for the future.
    I’m on your side Anthony!
    Please plan your next webinar for August and many thanks for your continued support.

  169. Kathy L. Brogli

    I will certainly attend another webinar…good save by the way..having it available for the next few days for those of us who thought we had done something wrong and missed it!

  170. jenny dietz

    A: yes I would attend a 2nd webinar….
    I can and do learn from failure, but like Judy D (posted 9:36am 7/31), I am not ready go into debt or to invest in CV dominion until I understand better how it all works…I would like to suggest an even LOWER price for the CV dominion software-after I understand how to use it — well enough to make a profit! Still intrigued…

  171. Dina

    I will love to attend the next webinar. will see. Congrats Cynthia. God continue to bless u Anthony

  172. Jacqueline Moody

    Falure is not an option. However, when you fail at something, you learn how to get up and try even harder when you get up. I will attend the next webinar because I need money now.

  173. Kevin Laffoon

    Yes, I would attend another webinar. They’re very informative. I can see how the CPV Domination is really beneficial but I’m not up to speed yet on using something like that effectively to pay what the asking price is.

  174. Jacqu1e

    I would absolutely attend another webinar by you. I find them full of information and look forward to being educated by one who has succeeded.

  175. Renee Burden

    Yes, I would attend. I finally got on the last one and it was so informative. Still have yet to make my first dollar, but will get there. More information is always appreciated. Through knowledge, we learn.

  176. Anna Daniels

    I do have your books don’t understand everything But I would attend a webinar my boys want to see this work out and so do I.

  177. Rose Teed

    Hello, I am still just trying to get started. I just don’t seem to find the time but I am trying. I wanted so much to see the last seminar but was unable to. I have every intention of seeing the next one and look forward to it. I have been doing alot of research on Anthony Morrison and watching blogs. I find that although there are mixed reviews most people that have actually read his books and put the formulas to work actually make money. Those that leave negative reviews have never actually tried to use his formuals. So I do truly believe you should put his book and seminars to work for you. Then come back and give us your review.


    Comment: Yes I would be very happy for any other webminar at any time in the future…Thanks for offering another webminar in August/2011 dedicated to marketing with CPV software as well as email marketing COMPLETELY FREE WITH NOTHING FOR SALE!!!”
    Ones fail could be just a matter od circunstances. Focuses and don’t give up for anything.

  179. BEATRiz

    Comment: Yes I would be very happy for any other webminar at any time in the future…Thanks for offering another webminar in August/2011 dedicated to marketing with CPV software as well as email marketing COMPLETELY FREE WITH NOTHING FOR SALE!!!”
    Ones fail could be just a matter od circunstances. Focuses and don’t give up for anything.

  180. Jill Carpenter

    I left a message somewhere in Twittersville that I am looking forward to your next webinar. I just joined the day after the first one and was disappointed I missed it. Yes, I’ll be there. Am hungry for knowledge.

  181. Jill Carpenter

    I really need this webinar! Getting around Twitter and everything is mind-reeling. Please oh please.

  182. Angela

    I would love to attend another webinar, I just wish that I could afford to buy your software, I am sure I could make money using it. Trying to make money without the right tools is just totally impossible, but I would love to hear about how to make money with e-mail. I bought your book over a year ago and have yet to make my first dollar and I lost my job over a year ago as well, so it would really be nice to make that first dollar and then some. I have enrolled in college but it will take me 2 yrs to get a degree, then a job in my preferred field before I will ever make any money there and I need money now I have a son to take care of. thanks for all the advice and tips that you give us.

  183. Delwyn X. Campbell

    I will attend the webinar because you are presenting information that I need in order to succeed. That was the reason that I bought your book, so I need to do the follow-up if I am to have any hope of success, right?

  184. Anthony Morgan

    OK Giving this kid a try. I am fixing PC’s part time, investing in real estate part time and giving this kid a try. If it works on this stuff on the web-$39.00 books,cd’s and clips, I will take advantage. If not I work fulltime.
    And some other choice words

  185. Judith

    Absolutely,I will difinitely attend your webinar,last week I was late watchin’ it but I really enjoyed it.I just dint have th $997 amount of money to invest it but I’m going to try the other one…maybe I could save enough money to invest in the near future..Thank You..for the info..

  186. Ruby

    Yes, I would also attend another webinar in August. I am also putting it in writing and sticking to it: That I will you use failure as a way to learn and grow.

  187. Marie

    Sure , I will attend . It will bring me more knowledge, key for success.


  188. Theodore Powell

    I will attend your next webinar,but I don’t have the money now I’am on fix income.

  189. Luz Hernandez

    yes i will attend could not make it to the last one but will make to the next

  190. Charlene Lukkasson

    Cynthia won the ipad and 5,000. Who won the prize I wanted most?! The MENTORING? I’ll be at your next webinar for sure. Leaning a lot from your CPV domination, thanks.

  191. John


  192. Reba Benn.

    Anthony, Would like to hear or see another webinar in August on c p v and e mail marketing.I missed the last few lines on the last one because of the computer but i heard all the rest and loved it all until you gave the price and i was immediately sobered up from the high you had me on.I am on a very low income so even with payments i cant get it.I want to listen anyway as this would be easier than the c p c etc.

  193. Richard

    I don’t know what a webinar is but if I can get more information on how to do this stuff that would be great. I’m not much of a tweeker person.

  194. Micki Reynolds

    Yes I look forward 2 the next webinar. This one was great, I just hate I can’t afford the $900 +$’s 2 get the rest of the program I feel like would b an asset 2 help me make this really work 4 me. I’m kinda confused still and I know I could explode this business with the extra knowledge. Maybe sometime n the future I can afford to get this…if it’s offered ever again!! PLUS ..I just found. Out I received a call from “ANTHONY” himself the other day, only my friend 4GOT TO TELL ME TILL JUST NOW!!! so if U get this message “ANTHONY” PLEASE CALL BACK!! I promise no one will answer my phone but ME n the future. Thanks 4 listening and 4 U sharing your knowledge with Me. Hope 2 receive more n the future! Always, Micki

  195. Kathryn

    Hi Anthony,

    I have read your book and find it intriguing, at present I do not have the required funds to invest. I would attend Webinar in August dedicated to marketing with CPV and email marketing.

  196. Sarah Ruddell

    Yes, I will attend, I love your webinars. Failure teaches us to rethink and do it right the next time.

  197. Jeanette Woody

    Yes I use failure as a way to learn and grow. One cannot succeed without failure. Without failure we wouldn’t know what success truly is.
    I am looking forward to attending your next webinar.

  198. Constance Archer

    I will join your webinar in August. I was there the last one but I had a problem getting into the webinar and unlike college online I didn’t have a technical crew working with me. You know falure is success turned inside out.I was in college online trying to become a technical writer. It wasn’t a total loss I learned a lot.

  199. Tina

    1. Yes, I am coming to the next Webinar in August.
    2. I have opened a tweet account and tweeted your message,
    3. I have liked the above comment on facebook.
    4. Failure is the ultimate teaching tool … without first knowing failure… one cannot appreciate success .

    OK, Now show me the money … $$$

  200. George Stojanovich

    You and your brother, Adrian, are the greatest. I love the mental attitude you both have about giving back. Your programs are awesome. I will attend your August seminar.

  201. James McDonald

    I tried to meet you while you were here in Las Vegas,Nevada a few months ago, but no response. I would like to stay tuned and learn more from you. You talk as though you have a vested interest in all of us,other than it just being your business, and it’s appreciated greatly. Mac

  202. Noemi Oevermann

    Yes I would attend another webinar with you Anthony Morrison. I get more information from webinar

  203. James Barstow

    This contest maybe outdated. However, Yes to CPV webinar again. Yes to email marketing webinar. YES To Mobile Marketing! Failing is an Experience. As long as you learn and keep on trying you loose nothing. (Knowledge is Information x Experience)

  204. Selma Rodriguez

    Thanks God for sending some one real that are willing to help others in their path to Success without asking for nothing but educate our self giving us the knowledge that he obtain by him self. Yes Anthony i believe everyone wants more from you! We need it!

  205. brenda

    yes i would attend but failure now if you fail at something try try again as practice makes perfect its like riding a bike-you fail at first but youpractice after falling andeventually you learnit

  206. Patricia Anderson

    Anthony, I realize this was a blog post from your previous webinar. Just wanted to thank you for last nights webinar. Found it very informational. Am looking forward to using the fast cash commision and hoping it helps to learning the network marketing. Me becoming successful is a true reflection of your teachings. Thank you again for your willingness to help others.

  207. Julie

    As a newbie of 2 days still in discovery mode the excitement keeps growing by the minute as it dawns on me the resources of this membership. Mr Morrison is a marketing master and a master of communication. He’s is quite possibly the miracle i’v been looking for. So excited. So broke to be starting a business but i’ll find a way and spare no expenses because I want to be obscenely rich and I will starve to get it. I believe iv found the business worth starting that diet for 🙂

  208. Dimitar

    Yes i would,I am a newcomer,i haven’t idea of internet marketing or etc,but i can say that this method,and way of learning is very atractive interactive,And with respect ,i want to learn something about this.Thank you for the interactive chance.

  209. Software Development

    Appreciating the dedication you put into your site and detailed information you present.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same
    out of date rehashed information. Excellent
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