Weekly Blog #71: Anthony Is Giving Away Something Else!

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  1. Rosalyn

    yes i would watch the webenar. I am just now reading your book. I have nothing set up. No money and don’t know how im going to follow through with your program(s) however i do enjoy your videos. Don’t know if you will get this don’t have a website don’t know how to tweet neither. Rosalyn

  2. Dwana

    Have Mercy, darlin’ I believe the results from the last webinar gave you the answer to that question. Of course I’ll be there… front row, center!!

  3. Steven Surace

    Anthony welcome back! Glad to hear you had a terrific vacation in Mexico. My family and I were away this week also. It’s important to get away, change your scenery and unwind. I’m refreshed and ready for a new month. Also, the picture is not exactly my taste, but I’m no art critic. It looks like it goes well in your living room.

  4. Ralph Velez

    THank you for keeping up with all that you do. I am reading your book right now and I must say it is somewhat involved. I am trying to make headway but I think I am trying to hard to understand…HELP…I would love to be able to 1) support my family in comfort and 2) be of the success stories in your publications …
    Answer… I really liked your webinar, I would attend to learn more. You are absolutly right about the selling thing. I did get intimidated by the price; kinda left out because I am able to purchase such items… your CPV program wuold be an awsome gift….(Had to try)…THanks Anthony

  5. Ralph Velez

    Answer… I really liked your webinar, I would attend to learn more. You are absolutly right about the selling thing. I did get intimidated by the price; kinda left out because I am NOT able to purchase such items… your CPV program would be an awsome gift….(Had to try right)…Thanks Anthony

  6. Laura Heigh

    Would love to watch another webinar that is going to help make an extra income and help me to be able to give back…..Excited!!!!

  7. Deb Herber


    The artwork is lovely….and each time you see it, it reminds you of your sister! Very nice!

    A webinar toward the end of August….just learning…no sales….
    Of COURSE I’ll be there…wouldn’t miss it! 🙂

    It was a ball….looking forward to the next one! 🙂

  8. Mark Arthur

    Oh, heck yeah. Count me in. Got a lot of good information from the last webinar. No such thing as too much information. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

  9. Goldrie

    Love Cabo! Hope I get the cute gifts! Yay, Absolutely, Positively 100% I will be there!! Please do the August Webinar! Your training on CPV marketing and email marketing, Free? For an Hour? Love It! I Commit to being there!
    Thanks Anthony!

  10. Jimmy Lam


    I would love for you to do another Webinar in August, I loved the 1st one so I would like to have you do another one. such great information and great vibe….
    Thank you

    Jimmy Lam

  11. Deborah J Blackburn

    I would attend the webathon…. how could anyone not! It’s free…. Thanks

  12. Sandy R. Doten

    You better believe I’ll attend! Love the learning/instruction with CPV Domination. Best investment I’ve made in a long time. Thanks, SandyD.

  13. John Yoder

    Hi Anthon
    I would love a webinar on those subjects. Certainly would attend.

  14. Millie Martin

    Good Morning Anthony, Enjoy your Blogg. Also enjoyed the webinar and looking forward to the next one. Have a great day. Cheers Millie

  15. Charlie McGregor

    Yes Anthony I would certainly attend your next webinar. Great information from the last webinar. Let us know when we can get signed up. Thanks for everything you do!

  16. Muriel Urban

    I would most definitely watch it to learn more about the emailing process. The CPV is a little spending for me since i am unemployed right now but i would love to learn more about your emailing.

    Also, the painting is beautiful and the 2 gifts are amazing.

  17. Robert (Bob) Gosford

    Yes I will be at webinar as I want to learn all I can about this business. Please Anthony I need help getting started. Am afraid to start and get it wrong. I have gone into the negative with bank acct joining and I want to be successfull like you so I can help peop[le like you are doing. Please help.

  18. Ida

    Hi Anthony!
    One other webinar?! that is a wonderful idea,and a huge help.
    I’m looking forward to it. God bless You!

  19. David Noe

    Yes, I would be interested in checking out your webinar in August

  20. Ernestine Emery

    YES Anthony – I could not get on the last one – Tried and I tried 30 minutes earlier and said for me to refresh page and when I did – Low and Behold I lost and tried several times to get back – no go. The palm tree would just make me
    homesick for Florida where I lived for several years.

    Thanks for all your help

  21. Merry Lou

    Yes we would attend another Webinar about CPV and E-mail. We look forward to coming to Madison in the next few weeks and the more information we get the better we will do.

  22. Dorothy Derr

    Hi Anthony – I really enjoy hearing from you. I first saw you on TV when you
    were promoting your program. I still come across your interview now and then.
    I really appreciate the fact that you keep in touch with us.
    I did order your program and have been trying to focus on learning as much
    as possible about Cost per Click or Pay Per Click Marketing. Have to start
    small right now.

    I will definitely attend your next webinar on CPV Marketing.

  23. Mavis Turner

    You bet your boots , I will be in the next webinar !!!!!!!! I think this is a wonderful thing for you to do especially since I missed the last one.

    You are definately one of my favorite people the whole world right now . I am a person that has to see things to bellieve and you have proven to me that you are one of the greatest person I have ever known!

    Thank you for being there!

  24. Jim brown

    hi Anthony,
    youre a very personable man and i do enjoy your webinars and weekly blogs, the personal touch, is so much appreciated, especially to newbies like me, who r trying to build a business with you.i’m not aable to buy a couple of the things and progarms and insrtuction that you’ve offered, but i still know your here to help me from whatver possition i’m in, in your business network. So, ty for that. it’s appreciated.

    Jim Brown

  25. Jessie Littlejohn

    OMG!!! I will be there with a positive tude ready to learn more.

  26. Ruth Taylor

    Yes I will attend. I like the idea of giving different things away…It is motivating.

  27. Margie Klasing

    Anthony I just want to say I am deep in notes and trying to learn everything there is about Affiliate Marketing and the new DirectCPV program. I haven’t made any money up to this point but as you put it “I’m stoked”. I know there are good things coming my way and with determination and a lot of hard work I will get to my goal. I have never done anything like this in my life so for me it’s the biggest challenge of my life. I currently spend about 8 – 10 hours on my computer researching and trying to understand this process. I look forward to working with you because I have HUGE DREAMS and I know I am the only one (with your help) who can fulfill them and I AM READY.!

  28. Alicia M. Smith


    Beautiful Painting!! I see so many different images in the Painting!

    I will Definitely attend the Webinar!!!!

    Thank you!!
    Alicia M. Smith

  29. Michelle Leith

    Yes I would attend the webinar. All the free training I can get and I like the CPV but it is a lot to learn and take in. The tree was cute and notebooks are always useful. I have several that I use to keep track of everything and take notes.

  30. Joshua

    A free webinar sounds awesome! I would attend.

    and great painting your sister is definitely talented.

  31. Phil Lully

    Very Cool Anthony,
    I don’t have a twitter acct. But do have Facebook and Linkedin…I always thought Linkedin was more for Business matters, so how come you don’t
    include the linkedin site??? I feel I should get some credit for it…I really not a fan of twitter….I do like my facebook and my linkedin !
    Hope your well and family too !
    Best wishes to you, Phil L.

  32. Mike

    Yes… The most important product you can provide is knowledge and when it is free it is priceless

  33. Faith Hayles

    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas. I would attend your free webinar in August, can’t wait to learn more.

  34. Jackie Sarmiento

    Yes, I never turn down training! I want to learn more about email marketing. I am working with Direct CPV and want to know how best to get more traffic to convert with this. Love the new tools to work with, talk about making life easier! Thanks

  35. Peggy Moore

    I watched the webinar…it’s a really exciting system. I have not one dime right now…investing in product for my website. I was hoping to win the $5,000.
    I learning all the Social Marketing and continuing trying to get more people to my website. I know working hard pays off. I would love to attend seminar in August. Hope to hear when!

  36. Cynthia Hernandez

    hope u enjoyed ur va ka. looked like u were having fun parasailing. really quiet when u are up there huh??

  37. Mary Garman

    I would watch a webinar on CPV – no sales pitches!
    I won’t Facebook or Twitter. I don’t feel its safe. And I don’t need to be bribed, I need the cash more. Between 3 of us, we can’t afford the $100 on Direct CPV. One of us is on disability, one is unemployed, and the 3rd is facing layoff. We were really hoping for something we could use. I hope you got a reality check from us peons.



  39. Kristian Hernandez

    Hi Anthony my name is kristian. I am very inspired by your success to have a better life and provide for your family, because thats all I want to do. My dad works from 9 in the morning to 9 every night and the only day off he has is sunday. For me to come out successful from hard work and having accepted the long road ahead of me with your affiliate marketing. I am ready to give it my all
    in my words……. challenge accepted

    P.S ill be there

  40. Lee Jerome

    I will attend…would also like you to address how a newbie can get approved by other CPA networks other than Wolf Storm…Your offer spy software does no good if you can’t get approved to the network that has the offer. Please don’t take this negatively. I want to be able to utilize all the tools that I paid for in my package and maximize the opportunities.


    Lee Jerome

  41. Bebe

    I am so excited about a CPV webinar. I purchased your CPV Dominator and I have to say it the greatest and easiest money making tool I have ever seen. I’ve purchase alot of programs on the internet that where just a letdown. Searching for URL’s would normal takes hours and hours now takes minutes. I can always use more info. I’ve always used PPC which is very expensive. I never learned how to use URL’s, it was always keywords. Thank so much for this info.

  42. tomi

    Love the picture..she did a great job

    My husband and I will attend your webinar in August.
    Any training we can get is welcomed.


  43. Larissa Carter

    I have had my life on hold for the past 6 months. I have not watched the DVD yet or read your book. I hope the webinar will knock me into fast gear!

  44. Ethel

    awesome. I ordered the book. Excited to get the cds and website.
    your future millionaire student!!!!

  45. Lisa

    Absolutely I would attend a second webinar! You look so rested & your energy level is back. I’m glad you had a restful vacation. Now let’s make some money ; )

  46. Jeremiah K Afong

    I will attend the webinar. Some how, some way, time delay your webinar, so I can watch it.. There is a time difference between Hawaii and where ever you are.

  47. Greg

    Hi Anthony,
    Webinar: Yes! Also, about the palm tree… I will definitely be thinking of you every time I dust it. Just kidding. It is a stimulus, a reminder of positive reenfofcement; a response trigger to the question of, “what am I looking to accomplish?”

  48. Paul Piechowski

    Hi, Anthony, I have to say the paint your sister gave you is quite intersting, I wonder what her motivation was. As to the webinar it sounds like its a good thing if you can stay seated at the computer for an hour. I get ansy when listening to people talk, especially when it’s hard to figure out what the heck they are really saying. I purchased your program in December and still have not started it. Why I am clueless. I am very hard to motivate, and I think its because I hate pushy people. Not that your pushy, but I have had lots of people have me try things that don’t do as promised. Maybe I am to gunshy.

    I am more of a meat and potatoes guy than one to listen to long drawn out speeches as you lose what the beginning of the speech was before you get to the point of the speech. I had this same problem while going to church as a young boy. I did not care to be hounded, hear the pulpit being pounded as they try to get there point across and I would laps off into lala land. I tried to view the first webinar after the resent info. But too much talk and nothing about what were going to talk about so I could try to stay focused. after a few minutes I lost interest and left the site. As soon as I can get a better second computer I may try this program. Possibly may see your next webinar.

  49. Pam

    1st…the artwork is so very awesome!!! I love that type of art. Yes…I would definitely attend another webinar!

  50. Fred E. Thompson Jr.

    I would certainly love to increase my knowledge level concerning my business. Is this going to be in a form I can take on line? I am the primary caregiver for my spouse and for me to be away from home for even a day is impossible. please Email yea or na.
    Fred & Hyunsou

  51. Ralph DeLano

    Yes I would watch the webinar. I’m new and looking for all the info I can get.
    Don’t have a facebook or twitter account.

  52. Christine Jackson

    Good Day: Anthony,
    I just want to let you know that I’m so very happy for you, because you found your gift in life! And you can tell that your loving what you do!
    There is no better feeling in the world then: Getting Up Out Of Bed, And do what you love for work.
    I use to have that feeling once upon a time and nothing beats it!. Then to be paid on top of everything. It is the GREATEST FEELING in the whole WORLD!
    So Anthony? I do believe you are a great teacher. So, you go ahead and do another webinar. Only I would Say: “This time you should be prepared for double the amount of people dropping in then the last “Webinar”.

    Talk to you soon!

    Christine Jackson

  53. maria biemer

    Sorry I missed the last one, but I’m still interested in knowing more. Yes, please do have another

  54. Valerie Parker

    I loved the webnar and would like to attend another one.
    One thing I work swing shift hours and I am usually at work during the webnar. I just happen to be off the night of the last one. Is there some way I could still see the webnars. A replay or something. I do not want to miss it.

  55. Paul Thomas

    Hi Anthony, I expressed an interest in email marketing to Kim when she was calling me weekly, but nothing ever came of it. I would like to learn about email marketing and would look foreward to a webinar teaching about it.

  56. Melody Noland

    Of course I would watch any blog, webinar, video, etc. that you do. I welcome the opportunity to learn!

  57. Brook Shawver

    My answer is Yes, I would attend. Hopefully I will get on this time!

  58. Sharon Davis

    Hi Anthony,
    I would definitely attend another webinar. The last one was fantastic! You do more free training than anyone else I have ever heard of. I can’t thank you enough. After the last webinar, I feel as though I am on my way.

  59. Tammy Henderson

    Hi Anthony,
    I will be there for your Webinar anytime, anyplace! A Training Webinar will be awesome! I will let all my friends and family know.
    I love the painting, your sister is very talented!
    Thanks Anthony

  60. Judy

    It is agreat idea to repeat the webinar. Ill be there Ill might learn more about ppv.Please tell me about the date.Thank you

  61. Louis Barralon


    Yes I will be happy to attend this seminar with you , is always pleasure
    to listen your speech. Because you have alwais gou advise to give us.
    Very truly yours


  62. michael schloskey

    Age is sneaking up on me and I have no money. Please help me to start earning money, then I’ll be able to invest in the things or tools that I know will make me successful wjth your programs. Thank you. I’m so bad at this I just tried the retweet and face book clicks you asked for in your video and I failed. You might say I’m clueless with my one finger typing.

  63. Bob Taylor

    Yes, I will attend.
    The gifts are cool but, your sisters painting is great. I’ll take a copy of it.

  64. MajorT.

    It would be great to have the opportunity to attend this webinar, yes I will attend.

  65. john cox

    Yes I’ll be there, been having computer problems, so lost last webinar. Nice to hear you say no software attached this time, since money is tight now. I’ve been learning a lot and feel almost ready to go!

  66. jacklin reese

    please do..don’t know if I can attend because of the very stressful job I do..i’l be praying for you..hope to make it though..i’m thankful for such a person as you..

  67. Jessica Ruiz

    Hello Anthony- Yes I would attend your webinar. Im involved in your system (Its under [email protected]) and am starting on publishing articles- can’t wait to make my internet career profitable! Thank you for everything you teach us

  68. Deborah Waltemeyer

    Anthony, I really enjoy watching your videos,and listening to your webinar they are very helpful. Iam in the process of getting my website set up,cant wait to get started using your programs.I would love to see another webinar,Ilooked at a lot of work from home programs before seeing yours on tv and once i saw it, there was no doubt,this was the real thing,you were very honest about all the imformation you discussed. I HOPE TO SOMEDAY GET TO MEET YOU IN PERSON AND THANK YOU. I will be one of your top marketers in the near future thanks to all your imformation and coaching.Thank You! Deb

  69. Nena kim

    Aloha from Hawaii, I missed your first webinar because of problem with my iPad but I will attend the next one, thank you .

    Much Mahalo
    Nena Kim

  70. Roger Radonski

    hi anthony i will sure be very excited to watch another webnair i learned at lotfrom the last one the only thing i dont have 997.00 dollars to buy the program. that is why iam trying to make some money on line thanks roger

  71. Elizabeth Walker

    Yes, I would attend the webinar.I love your training although I am not doing anything right now.I am still trying to learn all I can.

  72. David


    I would attend the proposed training webinar. From what I have seen, you are the only person out there selling web based tools who is willing to give free training without selling something else.


  73. John Chenow

    The webinar would be a great thing for those who could not afford or did not get your software in time. I was one who would like to afford it but can’t at this time. Any additional training would be good.


    John Chenow

  74. Bevlyn Prestwood

    Yes i would attend if you do another webinar in august.I think it would really be helpfull to all of us that are trying to learn so much about this.Thank you for all that you do to teach me the right way. I have already messed up trying to get my domain names on,but will call support today for help.Thank you again for everything.

  75. Deanna Martin

    yes, i loved your last one. only wish i could afford.more training. have been working on your material since your brother’s seminar in tampa. thanks for
    everything. hope to be start getting success soon.

  76. Kelrick Joseph

    I am just reading the book now, so nothing has started et on my end, as I had to really think on whether this is for me. However, have been inspired by what I have read in the book, since I have one major goal to accomplish… I will attend the webinar!!!

  77. Charlene

    You are addicting, I have not made a penny yet online but there is something about your spirit that keeps me hoping and believing in you so yes I will attend another webinar. I need to master this concept because I am a widow, 66 years old and facing a lot of financial issues without my spouse and the fear of the govt. taking away some if not all of our social security is very stressful and I am not alone in this fight. I would love to master this technique and teach it to others. You talk about a blessing in paying it forward, just think of the seniors whose lives could actually be extended because they will not have the stress and worry about how they will buy their medicine and still keep a roof over their head.

  78. Sharon Volkman

    Hi! Anthony The webinar sounds great. I’ll be there. Your sister’s artwork is quite an idea, very nice. I enjoy hearing you speak and I love learning. That really is a plus, all that knowledge without spending money. Those are interesting gifts that include fun dreams. I like them.

  79. Maria

    Yes, I will attend. I don’t have a website yet, but hope to have one soon.

  80. Barbara Wasser


    First off have to tell you that your sister’s painting is absolutely fantabulous, no offense but it was the first thing I saw when you started the video! Would certainly attend your next Webinar and looking forward to it with promise and thanks.


  81. Stephanie Neogra

    Hi Anthony,

    I saw your last webinar and purchased the program but I still don’t know what I’m doing. People have called me asking me if I would like to have one on one training and although I would love to I just cant afford it. So the answer to your question is a defiant yes. I really need the help.

    Hope to see you soon

  82. kara steck

    Hey Anthony!

    Missed the first webinar, but am anxiously looking forward to the next one! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  83. Phyllis Wilson

    Yes I would watch. I am in the process of getting my website going and need all the help I can get. I welcome your insight.

  84. Carol Amato

    After the first one, of COURSE I will attend another webinar, but…. I wish you WOULD sell something else because CPV Domination is awesome so wondering what else you have up your sleeve. lol

    Thanks for everything. 🙂

  85. Mickie Abrahamson

    There isn’t any question or doubt it would be a YES, YES, YES!

  86. Alejandro Alvarez

    Anthony I attended a 3 day training with your brother Adrain and have just started my level one Quick Start Affiliate membership. I am a bummed that I could not purchase the CPV dominator program but I am fortunate to have the Social Ads Pro software. I would

  87. Christensen JB

    Awesome painting by the way , sis is very artistic and gifted . If you have another webinar I most certainly will attend; Leaning towards the E-mail though ..

    For the help.


  88. Alejandro Alvarez

    I would do whatever it takes to go to any of Anthony or Adrian Morrison’s training’s or programs. Find a way and stop making excuses for your success!

  89. Madeline

    Hello, Anthony

    YES, YES, YES!!!!!! I would be there with bells on. Of course I will keep the bells quite. I am almost through the videos, I have learned so much. I am beginning to realize; I CAN DO THIS!
    I love your painting. There is a lady in Knoxville, TN that paints like that; it is amazing what she turns out.
    Thank you so much,
    God Bless you,

  90. Zach Branson

    I would absolutely attend the webinar!! The last webinar was very informative. Still waiting for the other 3 scholarships you are giving away. What’s up with that?

  91. mina

    Definitely; i would attend because i haven’t attended your last webinar due to my vacation. I even did not able to read all the books i ordered because my sister who is a businesswoman ask it from me as a gift. Can you possibly send me again the books for free? If that’s okay.Thank you in advance.

  92. Carol Pemberton

    I am really looking forward to the webinar in August. Due to circumstances beyond my control I haven’t been able to be too active, but now my situation has changed and I am raring to go. Thank you for being so inspiring.

  93. Charles L. [Lew] Jenkins

    Hi Anthony,
    Even though I got bumped off the last webinar, I got a copy real fast. So, yes I will attend. Your blogs and the webinar are great. I really learn a lot.

    Thanks for all your help.
    Lew Jenkins

  94. AmyDay

    I am just now wading through the emails and connecting with your various social media outlets. I would definitely like to participate in a webinar in August.

  95. Judith

    yeahh.. I learned a lot last night willing to attend the next one…

  96. James Shacklock

    Just starting out with your program. I have read and reviewed a lot of the materials already. Would like to see a 30 day written plan that gives you step by step daily activities to accomplish.

    Looking forward to attending next weeks webinar!
    See you there!

  97. Maria L. Fay

    This is great, Anthony. I am desperate for an “only instruction” webinar, especially on “e-mail” marketing. This is a dream come true. August 11 is my B’day and this will be a very special gift to me. Re: your painting is simply fabulous. It is tasteful, modern and at the same time I can see exactly what it says. Wonderful and congrats to your sister. Hope to hear from you soon regarding date of the Webinar. God bless!

  98. Sun Morton

    Like money in the bank when it comes to being at your webinar. I hope you find the time to make another one.

  99. Dana Whaley

    Certainly would attend the Webinar…always looking to learn.

  100. Jose

    LET’S DO THIS!! Loved the first one, I’ll definitely attend the 2nd!! Let us know the date soon to schedule it in!

  101. Brian Schwartz

    I believe that webinars are the newest way of teaching. I’m teachable and open minded about new marketing techniques for the masses.

  102. Jeff Shiver

    Yes I would attend but I could only attend on Wed. Thurs. or Fri.nights I have to work Mon. & Tues. night. Im just getting into your book now but I know after all is aplied on my part its going top be ausume.Thanks for the help

  103. Bart Drury

    Yes, a late August Webinar would be awsome, and, I will definately attend. As I am also an artist, (collage and acrylics), your sister did a nice piece you should be very proud of. My family always liked to have my charcoal portraits done of them, which brought me great pleasure in giving them. One cousin still has a drawing I did of her above the fireplace in her living room. Keep up the correspondence please-keeps me going. I will tweet you as well. All the best Anthony, Bart Drury

  104. Toyonnie Woodley

    Yes i would be delighted to attend your webinar Anthony. Thank you Anthony for continuing to reach out to every one who is seeking a way to earn extra income for their family’s in this tough economy today. I feel truly blessed to have such a awesome financial mentor like you.

  105. Paula McColm

    Yes, I would very much like to attend the Webinar. Thank you!

  106. Amador Cruz


    Hope you’re well.I’ll definitely attend the next webinar.The CPV domination is an excellent tool,good job man.
    Thanks for your time my friend and God bless you more.

  107. Pamela Birmingham

    Hi! Just got on board yesterday, I have a website but have no
    knowledge of marketing, networking, tweeting, blogging, or much of anything on the computor. I am a big fan of learning so a webinar sounds great! Thanks, Pamela

  108. Rudolf

    I would love a webinar on those subjects. Certainly would attend

  109. Jeff Shiver

    Yes I would attend, but I can only attend Wed.-Fri. nights I have to work Sat.-Tues. If you could make in that time frame I would be there.Im just getting into your book but once I apply all the info. you offer it will be ausume. Thanks for the help

  110. robert comberger

    Yes’I would attend the webinar,thanks.Robert Comberger

  111. Carol Friesen

    I did get in on the 1st Webinar…I was doing a prep kit for a colonoscopy the next day…..I purchased the plan but was in and out of the room because of the prep…..I took many notes, but did miss a little because of the B. R. visits……I didn’t want to miss anything….Wierd! I Like the Palm Tree
    Carol Friesen, in CA

  112. Rahimah Sultan

    Yes, Anthony. I would attend, especially since it’s free and nothing is going to be sold, and I’ll learn something that can help me start making some of money online. IT’S NOT ABOUT PRIZES FOR ME. I’m like so many others whom want to make money and have no money left for monthly purchases. I’m all tapped out from things that did not work and that required more and more money to try to make them work. I know you have to spend money on any type of business, but with so many dead ends and ending up with empty pockets, I’m really very, very skeptical at this point. Some of us are on fixed incomes… guess you get the picture.. been burned too many times….

  113. Kathy Brown

    Since I enjoyed the last webinar so much, there is no doubt I will attend. Great Information!!!

  114. Mary McDonald

    Yes, I would absolutely attend the webinar, even if there were no prizes.

  115. Marko Letica

    YES! Free training?! Absolutely!
    Looking forward to it!!!
    Thank you,


  116. Dianne Hauser

    Yes I will definitely watch the webinar. I am working with PMI to get a website going and learn all I can.

  117. Barbara Noecker

    Hi Anthony!

    Yes I would love to attend the webinar! Thanks for the offer!

  118. Hawley

    I’m sure gonna attend the next seminar. That was some great info. Thank you so much for everything. Until next time.

  119. Ricky

    I will attend the training webinar. Thanks for all the inspiration but having working capital is a major problem for me right now. Keep praying for us all….Thanks hope to meet you in person someday.

  120. Yeng Lee

    Are you kidding me Anthony?!! The last webinar was totally awesome! Any learning tool or webinar you put out that will help us in someway, I will always be there! I am totally committed to online success.. You’ve giving so many reasons for me to wanted to be successful.. I will see you there in the next webinar..


  121. Joseph


    I really appreciated the Webinar. I’ve learned a lot about the CPV. One and half cent per click is really encouraging. But unfortunately, I can’t buy the software yet, even with the current payment plan, because I’m broke. I hope that I will get a chance in the future to have it if you are overgenerous enough to help also the broke members.

    I will be part of your next Webinar in August for SURE.

  122. Beverly Klahn

    yes I will definitely attend the webinar. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  123. Byrd

    Hi Anthony, yes i would attend your webinar for training. Have a blessed day.

  124. Jackie Bugg

    Yes, I will look forward to attending your next Webinar. Thanks, Jackie

  125. susan brown

    yes i would like to be on the webinar. I don’t have the money to start this right away either but i am learning all i can so asap i will know what to do. thanks

  126. Jonathan Gonzalez

    For sure i will be watching the webinar. theres usefull information about CPV that i like.

  127. Gerald king

    Yes I would be with you if you another one for sure,I have been reading your book and am about half way through it now.sure will be glade when I am all the way through it and sure will be glade when it starts to pay off for me. I sure would watch your webinar and will be looking forward to it. Thank you for all the help so for.Gerald king. Have a great day Gerald king. The gifts you pick on your vacation is nice.

  128. Samuel Yeh

    Hey Anthony,

    I’d love to watch another webinar on CPV marketing!

    I tried out the CPV marketing technique that you introduced on your first webinar, and I earned MY FIRST DOLLAR ONLINE!

    Thanks Anthony.

    Samuel Yeh

  129. Bryan Barbalace

    It would be great if the webinar was viewable on the iPad, but I will find a desktop and attend.

  130. Diedre Lingenfelter

    Hi, Anthony. Thank you for the webinars. I enjoyed watching your webinar and like your method of training. I definitely would watch your next webinar(s). Thank you for being willing to share and to prepare them for us to watch/attend.

  131. Donna Moore

    I will certainly attend another webinar. Your information is always very helpful. Wish I had been able to afford the offer on the last webinar.

    God Bless you for offering a free webinar again.

    Donna Moore

  132. Tyrone Johnson

    Yes Anthony i would love to attend the webinar in august.I hope by then I wil have made some money .By the way your brother is an excellent teacher/ Thanks for all that you do.

  133. Valerie Darlington

    Yes, I would definitely attend. The last webinar was great, but the cost was prohibitive.

  134. Pollie Witherspoon

    Hi Anthony, Yes I would be excited to learn more in the
    Webinar. You know I’m in training,
    so any education will help. The two gifts are very special. See you in the next Blog. Thank You for every thing. Pollie

  135. Angela DeYoung

    I am in!

    This is pretty exciting! As far as your sisters painting you need to put it in a really beefy frame to give it weight,depth and contrast from the yellow wall and the layering of brick wall behind you. (Framing it would be a great way to honor her work)

    I can’t help but suggest it is my business.


    Angela DeYoung
    Interior Designer

  136. ann gwen

    I just want you know that I apologize for not opening my emails that you sent to me. I’m having finanical problems at the moment, so continue to educate me on
    advertising and tools

  137. Brenda

    Yes, the most recent webinar was exciting, so look forward to the next one in August too. Hope to supplement my future retirement with all the information I am learning. I am still paying off the last internet dilly I purchased, so have not been able to actually start up a internet business until its paid in full. I like the CPV software , you make it look so easy.

  138. kat

    That would be awesome! Anthony for you to have another webinar and yes I would watch it….unfortunate I was not able to purchase the item in the other webinar. But looking forward in learning something new if you do decide to have another webinar…you is a great teacher…thanks
    ps: the painting was awesome! Would love to win the gifts has well.

  139. Diana Hambrook

    I did watch the last webinar and would like to attend another one. I am about half way through your book and anxious to get my business moving.

  140. Carol Zawalich

    Yes, a late August webinar would be really great to have for more training.

  141. Cindy Thomas

    Thoroughly enjoyed your 1st webinar!
    Very insightful and has my mind thinking!
    Yes, I would attend the next webinar if you produce it. 🙂

  142. Rick LeVasseur

    I signed on over a year and a half ago, I liked what I saw and I beleived I could make a lot of money
    with this program. unfortunately I found myself with less and less time as my job’s responsibilities
    grew. Well, I’ve had it! I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get this done! Thank you for being out there sharing this opportunity.

    P.S. I will be attending you next Webinar.

  143. Everett Arnett

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, Sounds good to me I can use the help.

  144. Jen Key

    wow, just ordered the book and trying to get on track as quickly as possible. actually feeling overwhelmed but i am rolling with it. blessings, jen

  145. April Langford

    I will be watching and learning, can’t wait. Cool stuff your giving away too.

  146. Joy B.

    Even though I had a lot of trouble hearing the webinar,( listened to it 3 or 4 times) I learned from it. However I have no money to buy the CPV Dominator, even though it would be a great tool to have. Yes, I would like a second one.

  147. greg brower

    yes anthony i will most definitely attend the webinar i got in and guidance will be a plus

  148. Jen Key

    oh, i would definitely attend the webinar. i want to get as much help as possible. thanks. blessings, jen

  149. Pat P

    hi Anthony – yes! I would attend the webinar – it was very helpful. nice artwork – she did great picking it out – looking forward to attending training in Utah next weekend. – Pat in Texas

  150. Lisa Kreul


  151. sharon

    You go Anthony, I like listening to your webinar, very interesting.. I just wish I could figure out to make enough money to retire at the end of the year… I have had dreams of the site I would have and the amount of money it would bring me… Can’t wait…

  152. Sharon Howell

    Anthony, your information is so helpful. A webinar that you do would be awesome 🙂 Thank you soooo much for helping us. With limited money I get what I can at the time. Sincerely, Sharon

  153. cecilia

    Hi ! Anthony I don;t have a website yet . I’m still reading your book and
    trying to understand your instruction on what to do about being on the internet and selling, but I believe that as soon as i finished reading it I can
    digest or understand the CPV , PPC and other things to learn so I can make money , because these days its hard to make both ends meet. Thanks Anthony . I call you as soon as I’m almost done reading the book.

  154. Kathryn Mann

    Hi Anthony,
    Glad you had such a nice vacation. I watch your blog every week, and am still trying to get this thing up and going. Not having much luck though. If I had all the extra income to buy all of the things you offer, I probably wouldn’t need your program. My paycheck doesn’t even get me from week to week sometimes. There is no extra. Wish there was, but there isn’t.
    As for the webinar in August, just let me know when, and I will be there.
    Have a great weekend.

  155. Fatima

    Yes, I’m very interested. I will listen to your webinar. Just provide the details. Thanks!

  156. Steve T.

    Just trying to get started here, but really hopefull things will work out.
    Continue the insporation, It’s helpfull,
    Steve T.

  157. Verdean Baumgartner

    I just watched your e-mail video, and I was impressed with you and your spirit. I bought your book a while back, but due to circumstances with illness and etc, I am just now finding a little time to read it. You have called me a few times about getting started. I hope you won’t give up on me, because I really do need to make some money. All the comments I read makes me believe your teaching is something special. I was not aware of the webinar you did last, but YES…I look forward to watching if you do one in August. By the way, I hope your sister is showing her art work to the public. It is much better than I’ve seen at art shows I’ve attended in the past….GREAT!!!

  158. Annette Anderson

    Loved the Webinar, great information about CPV advertising for a penny and a half. It’s too bad that I can’t come up with the money to purchase it. I clearly see the value that the software has and I’m glad you are limiting the purchase to 1000 persons. Otherwise it would turn into a war like all other things with everyone trying to “outdo” the other guy who very well could be a mutual student of yours. I personally would love to see more training if you do another webinar in August. But I will be away at the end of August and will not be back until September. But I will watch it when I get back. I’m a senior on a fixed income so my funds are very limited and I must count the cost of everything. I read your first book and enjoyed it. I guess you’re not like all the rest of the greedy out there. Much appreciation, Annette

  159. Karin Carlson

    Absolutely!!! I was really excited over the last one, just couldn’t afford to purchase anything at this time. Thank you for taking so much time out of your life to help others you are truely a gift!!

    ~ Karin C.

  160. Verdean Baumgartner

    Forgive me Anthony…I forgot to mention the gifts you are offering when I sent my comment a few minutes ago. Want you to know I would love to receive either one of them, but especially the little tree. 🙂

  161. Karin Carlson

    Absolutely Yes!!!!
    Thank you for putting so much time and effort into helping myself and others, you are a gift, for all of us!!!!

    ~ Karin C.

  162. Diana

    Yes, Anthony , I would greatly appreciated if you give a free Webinar in August. It is really hard for me because I am not familiar with computers. Also, if you would have a free Webinar that would explain emails, facebook, twitter and Direct CPV Dominator that would really be awesome.

  163. Cathy

    Would definately attend new webinar.
    I guess I’ll need to open a twitter account to keep up with you.
    Thanks for your continued inspirations!

  164. Diana

    Yes, Anthony I would attend the free Webinar in August. It would really be awesome also educate me on facebook, twitter, and yes Direct CPV Dominator is the greatest advertising tool

  165. D Delaney

    I would love to attend another webinar…looking forward to learning more from your success.

  166. Lorimae Woods

    I’m still being assisted by your PMI team member to get contacts & eventually assist me with my website. Everything seems to be moving forward (big smile). I will definitely watch your webinar. The last one gave me a lot of valuable information. Thank you for all your time and hard work you provide to help us become successful. I love the Cabo gifts! They are very cool. By the way, the artwork from your sister is beautiful!

  167. Ginny Atkinson

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation. Yes, I would attend the webinar. Training is always a valuable tool. You can never receive too much training. Thanks for all your hard work.

  168. Ileen French

    I am just geting my feet wet been ill so any ideas and free info
    is always welcome.
    God Bless

  169. Al Fleischmann

    Anthony I will attend your webinar if you promise to teach us how to get accepted into different affiliate networks when we are beginners and give us examples of thinking outside the box when selecting keywords . Thanks AL

  170. Gloria Thompson

    Hey Anthony, Yes I would love to attend your webiner. I have not gotten started yet. I am reading your books and I cannot afford to do all the things you offer but I am very interested and hope I will be getting started after I finish reading your books. There is alot I still do not understand and hopefully will learn through your books. Thanks.

  171. Mariah

    I would definitely be interested in attending the webinar, I’m 16 and working with my grandfather to advertise and sell his products online. However, all I know about internet marketing is what I’ve read on google so the webinar could be really beneficial to me. Your gifts are cute and the important thing about anything you give away is that it will remind that person of everything you have taught them every time they see it. It is also an inspiration being reminded that if we work hard and with enough knowledge we can one day be as successful as you are.

  172. Myrna Henderson

    Yes I would be interested in attending the upcoming webinar. Sorry I missed the last one.

  173. John Proulx

    I Would Love to Attend The Next Webinar . Being a member of GVO I Know
    How Webinar Systems Can Crash no Worries mate .

    Do not Tweet Ever but Like face Book So I Will Send you my Like 😉

    Just Saw You New Infomercial on Your new Book Will have to wait till
    After the 1st to Pick it Up BUT I AM EAGER To read it .

    I have One Complaint I keep Getting Calls From the Success team For Initial Interview and I tell them up Front that My Phone Drops Calls in the middle and Please call Back ( They Never Do it is Always Someone new and I have to go thru Everything All Over Again ? 🙁 )

    Love Your Concepts Just Wish I Could get The Proper Support . I Need
    Time Payments Of less than 150 a Month For the Training they are tring to Offer . Can You Help .

    Sincerely You Are Cool

    John Proulx the Timetravler

  174. Inez

    I was lucky to catch your webinar. I Am now on my third kit my hands are full wright now , I still watch whatever you put on my e-mail address. have a great weekend.

  175. Eduardo Alvarez

    Yes, Anthony I will definitely watch your next webinar. I was fortunate to be able to buy the CPV Domination and I am still in the initial training videos. I am patient and will study as much as I can and hope to very soon launch my first offer using CPV. Thank you.

  176. james shears

    yes i will do that iwould being on see you then i have more thing inever could that welsite that you gave everybody icould not get it would you send it to me again please iwould glase if you do please i want to get started i be looking i will be on the blog too

  177. Edmond Pyritz

    can not wiat for the new webinar please keep me posted the last one was great

  178. Hilda Hill

    Yes, I will watch the webinar. I’m new and just getting started. I need all the help I can possibly get to be successful. I am confident that it can be done!

  179. Ron Adkison

    Yes I will be there. Big weekend of work, I will have affilliate offers available using cpv by Sunday. Will also have website built that will have traffic through cpv.
    Thanks Anthony

  180. Kathleen Beller

    Awesome painting! I wish I could go on vacation, but maybe next year. I will attend the CPV webinar in August, because I want to start using it very soon.

  181. May Valentine

    I work crazy hours at my job in a casino. Yes I would watch the webinar training if I was home by then. The gifts are a sweet jester how kind of you to share. Your sister is very talented. I too love wall art and the one she made for you is beautiful. I just set up a facebook account with hopes of building my businesses. I also just signed up for your newsletter. Great Blog. (I’m new to this also).Ole school but willing to be educated!

  182. Linda Guarino

    Yes, yes I will be there no doubt. Just tell me the time, website & access codes I will definitely be there. I have been listening and watching for some time now. Thank you for being willing to extend all the help you do. Linda G

  183. Keith Dansie

    Yes I would like to know more about CVP and how to use it. I havn’t been able to get into it yet.

  184. julius martin

    well Anthony about that picture on the wall . i don’t know much about art. but i think i like it . i would like to to have it. and yes in august i will and would watck your webinar.

  185. Eric Cuevas

    Anthony, The artwork is pretty awesome i love the colors used in it and the overall look. I would absolutley attend the webinar, no doubt in my mind. I wasnt able to purchase cpv domination but this webinar should be a giant leap in everyone’s cpv marketing skills aswell as the e-mail portion. Thanks for all you help Anthony, you’re the BEST! 🙂


  186. steve

    i will be there with bells on my feet and pen in hand pad in lap. vina and i are stoked had over 400 views today not sure if we had any conversions yet today i do know we had are first one yesterday woohoo. pss AS FOR ME AND VINA WE BELIEVE

  187. Dan B

    Just try to keep me away, the only way I won’t attend is if the server not only crashes but it would have to burn as well…lol
    That’s a yes I will be there.

  188. sandra martinez

    Oh yes I’d love for you to have another webinar can’t wait.I thank we all could use as much info and training that we can get from you I’m excited and I’ll be watching for it. THANKS Anthony

  189. Ethel Packer

    Anthony, I surely will be present for next webinar. I had a terrible time with other one . So many people, If another one I will try to be early.I really need to learn because I am in a bad way financially. Lost money on stock market.

  190. Janelle Murphy-Burkett

    Yes, I definately would watch a seminar like that. I always learn something new from you each time. Thank you for sharing with us! By the way, my 7 yr old told me he likes that notebook from Cabo. He and his 3 yr old brother watched the video blog with me. 🙂 May God continue to bless you and yours!

    Janelle Murphy-Burkett

  191. C E Krause

    I’ve been very busy since I purchased your books, so I haven’t read them yet and I’m way behind on your emails. I don’t twitter or tweet. [I clicked “retweet” for you!] I have a FaceBook account, but I loathe using it for reasons of privacy. [I “liked” it for you.] I don’t blog or have a website. I don’t have an i-phone or i-pad or i-anything. I don’t skype or use an online-phone. I don’t even text message! I wonder if you read these Comments? I wonder how you could have had 15,000 people on your last webinar? As for me, I wasn’t technologically able to get on it – it wouldn’t come up on my screen. YES, I would get on your webinar #2 for FREE in August.

  192. Gregory Mack

    I think it is funny that you have to ask if people are going to watch your next webinar:) Anyone who is dedicated to succeed with an online income and has been introduced to you, is going to attend. This I can promise you, Anthony:)

  193. Wanda

    YES I will be there…..with the other 15,000 or so…..only reason not to be would be it something unforseen and out of my control were to happen (some have been happening….hope the bad things stop and good things take over….) I will always be there for training….always helpful……Thanks for all of it!

  194. Charles Codding

    Yes I would attend a 2nd webinar. The first one was great!

  195. Deborah Perkins

    I have no money and am currently taking Online College Courses to get a Degree in Web Design, so I have been so busy that I never have time to read your books and email, but that doesn’t mean I am not interested in them. I wish I had more time to do both!! I would love to attend the August Webinar if I have time!!

  196. lamont

    yes i would attend, i am going to be one of your most participatig clients!

  197. amanda benedetti

    of course i will attend. i love ur videos. ur tips n advice help so much. i love all of ur programs just dont have any money to buy them. also i love that art work ur sister did for u. its great.

  198. Marlene Garcia

    Anthony You coild count with me for your next webminar just send me and e-mail with the date and time.
    I just receiced your package today and going to start right away I also I joint your webminar yesterday for the CPV Domination software and is great I purchase the software and I can wait to start .

    Thank you

    Marlene Garcia

  199. Abdulgeni

    I love your job. anyone does want be the first place like you,any way I was watching all the lesson about the webinar, i really love it and i want to understand your effort in my everday life.
    I love the christmas gift that from your sister i think that tell and show that the both of you had the common and the same background in your past life. Morrison the way you presentation it make to miss check my email.

  200. S. Evans

    Hi Anthony,
    your webinar was just awsome and very exciting, really trying to focus on the program, and would be really interested in seeing another one so yes i would deffinitly participate, keep up the great work really appreciate you sharing all this knowledge with us


  201. teshoma

    yes, I will attend the webnar. i haven’t finished reading the materials yet, but will be done soon.
    cannot wait for webnar.

  202. Charles Karafotas

    I sure would attend any seminar that you would have. I was lucky enough to get your CPV package and could still use some help with it. I would also like to do some e-mail marketing so it would be very interesting to me.

    You do not need to Sell anything at them ALL of the other guys take hours of your time and then will only sell 15 copies of their very exclusive software. What a WASTE of time for the other 1,485 people on the line.

  203. Sheila

    Yes Anthony, I am in the process of reading your books I attended the first webanir and have not made my first dollar yet and still trying to grasp all that you are teaching but it is slow going. I was not able to puchase your program at the webanair but would like to make some extra money to make life easier for my family. The dream of quiting my job is one that I would like to come true. So to make a long story short (tooooo late haha) Yes Yes Yes I will be there with bells on

  204. Sharon

    Hello, Anthony thanks for continue to send me emails concerning your business. I will venture to say this looks like a very profitable business, and I would like very much to be a part of this. Your last and first webinar is what I believe I’m been looking for CPR Dominator. Sadly for me life has thrown me a few curves unemployed daughter with children whom has exalted my savings which was not a lot to start with but please continue to send me emails and will try to save the money up to purchase your cpr dominate software. thanks

  205. Clara Leake

    Yes, I would most definately attend the webinar on CPV and Email Marketing. Your painting is expressive. I like it very much

  206. David Caudill

    Hello Anthony,
    Just wanted to say ” of course I will attend.” I have hung on your every woed in the webinars, your books and really anything I can find of yours. You know by now I have been faithful for well over a year now and I know that you are one of the best out there.
    I think the gifts you give away are really great, but the ultimate gift( besides your wisdom and experience) would be a couple of tickets to one of the Affiliate Summits. Now we’re talking.
    Just some food for thought…
    To Your Success From the Desk of,

    David Caudill ” We are DaCinMoney and we are successfully working from home.”

  207. Brian Saylor

    Anthony. Love the colors in the artwork by your sister. Nice to have family who thinks about you and cares about you. Yes I would certainly attend another Webinar.

  208. Richard

    Yes I would attend. I am curious. Im the biggest skeptic out there. I just recently saw the show on tv the other night and it did catch my eye but alot does. So yes I want to know more. I don’t have the book as of yet but I will certainly get it when I can.

  209. Carol Isenhower

    Hi Andy, Yes I would like to see a webinar in August. The palm tree reminds of when I was in the Philippines. I had a awesome time there!!! I have a sister-in-law that is an artist so I can appreciate your sister’s art. Have an awesome weekend!!!

  210. Cashville

    Hi Anthony I do have CPV and waiting to get started but to make money you need money and I spent it all on CPV. So yes I will be on the naxt webinar to get schooled on more information you have for us… Stay Blessed!

  211. Joseph

    I will CERTAINLY attend the August Webinar. I like the artwork that your sister did. Very nice.

  212. David Mason

    Hi Anthony Morrison,
    Yes I would log in for your webinar. Just have to know what time and date. Thank you.
    Freedom Living
    Dave Mason

  213. Patricia

    Yes I would love to learn more but I hope I can afford to buy and get a chance to buy the CPV software someday. I bought your book Hidden Millionaire and just finished reading it. The book is very inspiring! I didn’t get my free website though and I am severely bummed about that! I do believe in Internet entrepreneurship. Sorry I do not know anything about tweeting or twitter yet. So far I have not had interest or reason to use it.

  214. Pamela Moore

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I would watch & learn from you on the webinar! What a great idea & how giving of you to do that for all of us out here! I have to say that after reading your book, you are truly one of a handful of people out there with a good, genuine concern for helping others! I am very impressed with your book and esp how much you put into family life. It’s a breath of fresh air! I thank you & am working on saving the money to have your team work directly w/ me! Oh, and I love the art work! 😉

  215. Bev

    Yes, thank you- I can only afford free training. My husband has been disabled for 16 years, I haven’t been able to work- due to injury- for 2 years- and we are losing everything that we spent 26 years together building. 4 children are doing without and the roof will be gone soon- so buying anything besides food isn’t an option now

  216. Lily

    Are you kidding? Miss a Webinar you are offering???? Never happen!
    I’ll be there, with bells on… (and balloons, whistles, flags waving, noise makers)
    I’ll be the one leading the parade.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge with us. You’re the greatest.

  217. Leah Wyeth

    Yes Anthony, I will gladly sign up for your webinar. I have complete faith in your system, or else I wouldnt have invested up to 25 grand at this point. I follow all of your teachings, and the advice from your team. I know that one day soon (hopefully) I will make my first dollar from following your program! I was hoping it would have happened sooner, but as long as it does happen, Im ok with it! Thank-you!

  218. Scottlinda

    Hi anthony,
    I was at the your webinar, it was great and don’t really have the money to purchase it even the payment plan is to steep for me so i have to wait till i get money saved up to buy it to get started hope to start soon to make the extra money so i can fix up my home.

  219. Sara

    Yes, I would attend the webinar. By the way, the painting from your sister is beautiful. She is really talented!

  220. Susan

    I would definitily attend another webinar. I always look forward to a new training experience and have gotten so much helpful advise from the last one. I am almost finished with the your book and ready to start building my future.

  221. kenneth hennesy

    yes anthony I would love to attend a webiniar as was not able to get in on last one as was not up at time when i tried to get in
    I am hoping this will be beneficial to me and I can learn some techniques from you to making my on line business get off the ground floor
    hope to see ya soon on next blog

  222. Vickie Norris

    Hi Anthony! Yes, please do another webinar on how to use the internet to create your own business. I would enjoy the opportunity to learn more.

  223. kenneth kirwan

    Hey Anthony,
    I will definately attend,I missed the last one cause i was out of town.

  224. Michael

    Yes, I would attend. It gives us all an opportunity to develop skills, get excited and overcome doubts. Looking forward to the next webinar.
    Have a great and wonderful day.

  225. Lise McGregor

    Anthony…I’ll follow you anywhere and I’m not even a groupie. I look forward to your next webinar.

    Have fun in Cabo!
    Lise McGregor

  226. Jacqueline Moody

    Yes. I will watch the webinar in August. Thanks, Jacqueline Moody

  227. Alisi

    Anthoney That’s great I really want to attend your free webinal the company I work close I’m looking to work at home.

  228. Lowell Klassen

    Hey Anthony,

    Always enjoy watching your videos, and hearing about your trips that your able to take because of your success’s. I want to be able to do that too! I will absolutely be in attendance to your training webinar, which I hope you’ll have! Take care and God Bless!

  229. debra antoni

    Another great reason to get my site up and running. I am reading your book and trying to get a better understanding of where I need to be so I am in hopes of getting there soon. Thanks for all your words of encouragement. It means alot to me. Thanks Anthony.
    Debra Antoni

  230. Susan

    Loved the last webinar and would not miss the next one. Glad you figured out how to get more viewers,

  231. D.Patton

    Anthony, I was one of the many who was bumped off of the 7/14 webinar. I was very disappointed. I am happy to hear that there will be another opportunity to attend one. I will definitely be there! Knowledge Is Power!!!!!!! DP

  232. Ramone

    Yes, I’d attend the webinar. I just joined into your Community and tried to open a twitter account but was unsuccessful.

  233. Elaine

    I would like to view your webinar. Hopefully it will be between 5:00 and 6:30 Nevada time since I teach school during the day.

    Your book is very positive.

  234. Ruby S.

    Of course I would attend! Oh by the way, I think your sister is very talented. I really like that painting! You should give away one of her paintings next 😀

  235. Maria Rodriguez

    Yes, Anthony I would love attenten to the webinar in August, because I belive in you

  236. Marge R

    Yes I would attend. The material was interesting from the last one.

  237. virginia

    yes i will attend the new webinar, still trying to get this thing started. and i do like the painting, hahah

  238. Iciphene Hardy

    Yes, I will be on your next webiner in August, if you have one. I want to learn every thing that I can so I can be successful on the internet and retire from my job. I purchased the CPV Domination software and I am learning how to use it. Thank you for providing us with the tools we need to be successful. I started out not knowing anything about internet marketing but thanks to you I am learning more every day.

  239. Diana Munoz

    I’ve seen your commercials and I’ve actually had your book and DVD’s for a couple of months. After listening again last night to a advertisment from you on TV I decided to break it open and get started to see if its something that will take me somewhere I’d never been! I’ve set up my acct with my Domain name, I’ve never done something like this so here I go as I pray Lord let this be a door opened by You for me from this young man! I’ve never bloged or Tweeted, yes I do text and email are the most I do.

  240. M Dolores Harper Morgan

    I would love to win anything. I stil can’t see your first Webinar it never worked. But I will try to see your next one.

  241. eddie posey

    Hi Anthony,
    The CPV Domination Course ROCKS!!!!!!! its the best investment ive ever made I cant wait for u to do another webinar.


  242. Mikel Montgomery

    Yes, I would attend you webanar. I am looking forward to learing more from you

  243. M.C.

    Yes, I will attend your next webinar. I hope you can give at least one week advance notice to plan for the date and time.
    I own a few domain names but no web site yet.

  244. Ipe Da Silva

    Yes, I’ll be there for sure. I loved paticipating in the webinar conference and I bought the CPV DOMINATION COURSE. I’m still looking at every single thing, but soon I will start to make money.

  245. Coocoo Dove

    No web site. Yes I will attend, I am willing and ready to learn more.

  246. John Gibason

    Wasn’t sure which website to place in the space above. The site I have through you ishttp://www.jgibason.shopfast.us.. I look forward to your next webinar, I just hope I can work out the funding for whatever you have in mind this time. I’m just at the beginning and the free ads a difficult to start up. John

  247. carol durst

    Yes, I would attend. Just signed up for cpv mkt on line, the $997 course. Am excited to get started, need to read your book first. I should have signed up for help in setting up. Figure after I’m a little more knowledgeable will call you and ask for help at that time or see about the one on one offer to help set up with your new software.

  248. Barbara McClellan

    Another webinar in August? Yes, please! It already promises to be the highlight of my month!! Especially welcome if you won’t be selling anything — I cannot afford any more outlay until I finally get some income, as much as I wish I could.

    Another issue – I have promised myself faithfully that facebook is it for me… I do not and will not Tweet. Ever. So does that shut me out from ever winning one of your prizes? (e.g., I really like that little Cabo palm tree, but…… )

  249. Kathleen Magill

    Yes Anthony I would attend your new webinar. I love to learn new things.

  250. Laura

    Yes I liked your palm tree and little notebook. I don’t have a Facebook acct or a twitter acct. So this is how I’m re-tweet and Facebook the manual way.

    Yes I would attend your Webinar in Aug. I’m one that didn’t get to listen to the Webinar.

    Laura Baker

  251. Charles Gattoni

    Yes, I would like to attend the webinar. I am new to your program and want to give it my full attension.

  252. Sharon Smith

    Hi, Anthony
    Missed the first one but will watch the next one. Bought the book “Advertising Profits From Home” last year. Tried, ran out of money, but never made a dime. Desperately need help to get on track.


  253. Geri

    I most definitely would be sitting at my computer for the webinar, especially , if you are giving training on CPV Domination. Really love CPV!!! I know I can do more with it, so am anxious to learn.

    Sincerely, Geri

  254. Lisa Fanney

    Yes, Anthony I would love to attend I did not get a chance to attend the last one I would love to win your gifts and they are great motivators I am just ready to start this journey.

  255. Susan Gavin


    No sales? Just useful info? I’m in. Anytime, Anyplace.
    I will even get my husband to join me.

    Thanks for the last webinar. I know it was mostly a sales pitch but you seem genuinely interested in how things will help people. Can’t fault you for making a buck.

    Besides, there was actually some very good advice. You just had to listen with an open mind.

    Couldn’t afford the software but plan on it when possible. Hope you have servers to handle more volume. (as well as software.)

    I am currently in the Success Academy for internet and Affiliate Marketing.

    Have a better day.

    Sue Gavin
    [email protected]

  256. Pierre Mocombe

    Good day: Mr. A. Morrison
    I will attend your Webminar on August 17, 2011. I was online for the last one at least thirty five minutes early but unfortunately, I was not able to see the live Webminar but was able to see it the very next day from the Email you sent. I am looking forward to learn from this upcoming Webminar.

    I cannot wait.


    Pierre Mocombe

  257. LeRoy W. Shepard

    Absolutely YES! I’m just getting started with Direct CPV, and as member of CPV Domination I am very pleased with the response I received from Wallace supporting the system. I look forward to any future tips you broadcast via webinar.

  258. Pierre Mocombe

    Mr. A. Morrison:
    I will not miss the free Webminar on August 17, 2011.

  259. Michelle


    Will watch your webinar. It will be my first and I am waiting for your books.
    Need success, have 3 children, one in college, one going to college next summer and another one in 4 years. Help….
    I will try this week to upload the website that was offered.

  260. Janice Karber

    yes I would watch another webinar. Havent read book yet but plan on doing that tomorrow. Hopelly I will be able to get this going. We will see.

  261. Kitty Elliott

    I would defenetly watch the webanar.I enjoy all the knoweledge I can get a hold of. I enjoyed your webanar on cpv even though I could not afford it. I apprecicate all the help you provide. Thank You Ms Kitty

  262. BJ

    Of course I will attend the next webinar! Couldn’t buy the CPV program this time but–who knows!

  263. Bill Stidd

    I missed the last one but I think you made it possible to watch it after the fact. So I plan on doing that first. But yes I would like to be at the next Webinar. Right now I’m still not sure what this is?

  264. Bill Stidd

    Yes I would attend the next webinar. I’m actually still not sure what this is all about other than some sort of marketing on the internet.

  265. David Ngira

    The Webinar was inspiring. We need more educative Webinar to keep us engaged.


  266. Karen Delgado


    I love the painting! It looks like it’s you & your sister going off in your own directions yet remaining connected. That’s how it should be between a brother & sister! My three daughters & their brother live all over form Arizona to Ohio & Florida & yet they talk ot text almost daily.

    I definately will attend the next webinar!! I am still trying to figure out how do do things & all your information helps!! I was one of those early arrivals and had signed on almost an hour early & watched the clock countdown. I really got excited aqs the clock ticked the final seconds. A page popped up for me to put my name on it & before I could everything went blank. I guess that’s when it crashed. :o) Although I kept retrying I couldn’t get in. Imagine my surprize & excitement once more when I go your text & email to retry as we should get on now & of course I was finally able to! :o)

    I also am proud of the way you help other not just your students, like that family that had been in the disaster. I have a special project that I want to do once I am successful too. :o) They say it’s not the amount of money you make that counts but how many people you help along the way. That being said I know that God has a special place for you one day as you have helped so many incuding your students!! :o) Can’t wait to learn more at the next seminar!! :o)

  267. Michael Davis

    I tried to make the last one and didn’t make it. Yes to info from my mentor,Anthony,in Aug. Thank you for keeping me in your loop. Hard to get on- line,but I will make every effort to be there!

    Staying positive,
    Michael Davis

  268. Ben Utasee

    I am brand new for this and I am looking forward to attend webinar in Aug I start reading the “APFH” today.

    Thank you

  269. Kyle Kendra

    Yes, I will attend. I agree with Ralph Velez. Having a hard time understanding some of the techniques and have no money to invest in CPC marketing at this time. Facebook doesn’t charge anything so I tried a few offers on that but had no response. Never give up, never surrender.

  270. Michael Barnes

    Yes, I will be happy to attend the webinar. I have Facebook but I’m not on Twitter, so I can’t “retweet” this messsage. Thanks, Anthony. Michael B.

  271. Marilyn Kepler

    Hello Anthony, Yes, I would eagerly await the webinar. I purchased the cpv software, am moving forward and setting up my first campaign, should have it running tomorrow and look forward to the benefits of learning more and more and becoming successful.

    Thank you so much for all you are doing and God Bless You.

    Please send all my emails to my [email protected].

  272. Ben

    I would qttend–education is a must in todays world and other opinions and ideas are what make us grow. Thankyou for the webinar. Ben RNPI

  273. Josie M

    Hi Anthony
    Really enjoyed the webinar when I finally got on,and would love for you to do another CPV segment.Cannot get enough info always learning new things in this crazy online world. Thanks again

  274. steve f

    yes i will be thir in aug just let me know when go a little slower this time

  275. Lueroyce

    I will most definetly attend the webinar in August! The last webinar was so informative, I can hardly wait to what is in store to learn in August!!

  276. Priscilla

    Hi Anthony, yes, absolutely I will attend your webinar in August. I recently got Advertising Profits from Home and am interested in learning all I can about affiliate marketing. Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned with others!

  277. Huynh An

    Aloha dude! This is my last attempt at trying to make some money, to pay my way to college. I need all the help I can get! Out of the 20,000 or so members you have, I believe that I have been through the most money making scams. I just really hope this works out.

  278. Linda Cress

    I like the idea of the webinar. I know nothing about emailings or twitter and would love to learn any thing that you can teach me. I think that would be awesome. I thank you for your generosity of all of the gifts that you offer to everybody.
    God Bless.

  279. Janet Burke

    Hi Anthony…. Yes!! I would love you to put together another webinar. Your first one was great. I could not afford the CPV offer and was disappointed. To know you will be doing a session that will not be about something we have to buy will help alot of people. I think if people can’t afford what your selling, and know that every e mail is about something you have to buy, it is a turn off and they will eventually give up. I have just gotten started with your program. It is a bit overwhelming where to start. I am reading your book first, and will go on from there.Thank you for sharing your story and life with us….. I will be a good student!!!!!!!

  280. Doris Taylor

    Love your sisters painting. I enjoyed the first webinar will be there for the second one. I’m not making money yet but I refuse to give up.

  281. Nnamdi Ojogbo

    Hi Anthony,
    Yes, I will be on the webinar to get some of what u know, if not all. The last webinar was a great one and i know the next one will be better and i cant also wait for the 5th of August to get here so i can see you in Houston Texas. See you soon in Houston and on the webinar.

  282. Jen Johnson

    Yes I will definitely attend your upcoming webinar in August; I am just hoping I will be able to attend the actual live webinar, as opposed to having to watch the archive due to working. Either way I will be watching it, but I am hoping it is after 6PM EST.
    Thanks for the motivation as always!
    Jen Johnson

  283. Laurie T

    Absolutely would attend. I just started reading your book yesterday and I am so excited about this opportunity and want to learn more and more! Thanks!!

  284. Bill Callahan


    Attended your last Webinar and thought it was great. Gave me a lot of new information. Yes, I would attend the webinar in August. PLEASE NOTIFY ME.

  285. Beatrix Dunford


    I am finding out..life begins at 85. I love everything you offer to help us

    all. I just know it has taken you a great deal of time and effort to put it

    all together. I will try very hard to get in on the next big meeting that

    is planned for the end of August…. Thank you so much.

  286. Lisa Jones

    I would definitely attend the webinar in August on CPV and email marketing. I look forward to it. By the way, I loved your sister’s painting and it’s a piece of original artwork that I would love to have in my home.

  287. Kathy Brogli

    It’s a yes for me….I love your books, very informative…can’t buy anything yet…..your sister’s painting is awesome..it reminds me of some work my 21 year old son does. Keep up the good work….remember, the more people you help, the more you are blessed.

  288. Vicki Kirkpatrick

    I am happy to hear you are thinking of doing a new webinar. The last one was very helpful and I always need more training and new perspective on things. Thanks Anthony.

  289. Dan Russo

    Hi Anthony! Your sister’s work reminds me of Miro, which I always liked. I agree with you that great success is made up of small successes done well. The biggest room in the universe is the room for improvement. One improvement leads to another. So, I agree that baby steps is the way to go. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch. Yard by yard, it’s too hard.
    The palm tree reminds me of the Bonzai tree in the Karate Kid. See you later.

    DanieL_A Russo

  290. Mariama Gasama

    Yes, Anthony, I would love to increase my knowledge level regarding my business and would attend the next webinar.

    Thanks again for your time.


  291. LeAnne


    First of all I love the painting – she did a great job on it. I would love to attend the webinar. Thanks for all the great info you have provided so far.

    Thanks & Regards!

    LeAnne Garrett

  292. Kathy Cawley

    I will be at the next webcast, only saw part of the last one. Are you ever coming back to Yakima, Wa. I was signed up for the seminar, but couldn’t go at the last minute, had to babysit grandkids. I was really disappointed that I had to miss it.

  293. Maggie

    I will definitely be there for the next Webinar. Thank you so much for persisting and making the CPV software affordable for me. I downloaded it this morning and created a campaign. I now plan to put all my existed affiliate links on, and then look for others. I am praying for some quick results on the first one.

  294. Dennis Wilhelm

    I will absolutely attend your webinar… looking forward to it!

  295. Aaron Johnson

    Hello Anthony.

    I’m kind of in the same boat as Rosalyn your #1 responder to this blog. I did purchase your books they are really great. I don’t have the Money to support my website or start a campaign right know. I know this will work, the only thing holding me back is the cash flow. If you don’t have it you can’t use it. I do have a goal though and it is to make my first “Dollar” before my Wedding Anniversary on August 16th I will have to make the sacrifice somewhere.

    Thanks for the help and support,

    Aaron Sr.

  296. Maurice

    Yes I would attend the webinar. I got an email TODAY about a webinar you would be doing that had July 14th as the day of the webinar.

  297. Micki Reynolds

    I would definitely watch the we inarticulate. It’s a bounty of information if it’s anything like this one! I look forward to watching it. I’ll be the 1st to say “Sign Me up”! Thank U for being someone I can understand on
    My level, even. I’ll be there with bells on. So they say in the south! Thanks again.

  298. Shirley Miller-Gore

    I will do my best to attend. Computer and I do not get along, nor do I really understand it. So afraid of picking up bugs, that could wipe out my computer. I will try to attend. No cash at this time, lost to much on home bussiness account.

  299. Birdie Avant

    Yes, I will attend. Love the blogs. The palmtree or the notebook would fit rght into my work space.

  300. Shawn Hensley

    The painting is a nice one to look at, looks as if two people are daning around the sun, but I could be mis-interperting.

    To answer your question, yeah I would attend a free webenar as I am trying to learn. Still enjoyed your books & videos, but sadly couldn’t opt-in for personal coaching. I tried coming to the last webenar, I guess the one your speaking about crashed, but closed out because I thought it was problems with my computer.

    Many blessings to you. You seem to be a kind spirit.



  302. Henry Jones

    I watched the repeat of your last webinar. I waited 45 minutes and it was quite late on the east coast. Waiting for info on next webinar. Will be there. Thanks

  303. Dick Loeffler

    I just watched your weekly video about your trip to Cabo and the free Palm Tree and Notebook gifts. Yes, I would watch your free WEBNAR in August about training for online marketing. Dick Loeffler [email protected]

  304. Marina Litvinchuk

    Dear Anthony,

    You are such a great speaker ! I’ve enjoyed each and every second of your 5-minutes speech and, YES, I absolutely would attend your webinar in August. I admire people like you who devote their time and efforts to the others to make them reach their goals and become successful, especially, at this difficult time in the country when millions are jobless and desperately lost and drowned in so many debts.

    Thank you very much for all you do for ordinary people like me !

    Sincerely, Marina

  305. Sheila Cherubin

    Great seminar and can’t wait for the class next weekend. I just pray that I will be able to figure out all of the steps to make this work for us. Good job Anthony.

  306. Craig Oestreich

    Welcome back. The palm tree looks good! I am building my first site this week. I would very much like to use the CPV tool, but that is in the process of having the site together.

    For the August webinar – YES, I WOULD ATTEND!!!.

    I would also like to thank you for the ability to obtain the CPV tool with the payment plan. I am still on a tight budget and I recognized your concern for us to succeed! You have given me more hope then all the schooling I have taken in my life because you have shown then care in your people. Thank you again.



    Hey Anthonyyes I will attend, just to learn more about marketing and the more ways to market

  308. Henry Bohenstengel

    I would attend another webinar if you were to put one on. I purchased your program from TV and also purchased your how to put it all together book set. I am waiting for them to arrive.

  309. Richard & Ruth

    YES!!! I Want to Attend!! Thank You!!! The Painting is Beautiful ! Complements to your Sister>>!!


    I will attend as usual; and by the way, it’s free , I keep an eye on my news letter from Anthony M to know exactly when and what time the Webinar will be… so there!

  311. tyrone

    Anthony! yes i will be there because i’am starting to truse what you say point plank.

  312. Norm Hansen

    I enjoyed the webinar last week, and look forward to more in the future.

  313. Jess Haukoos

    I would love to attend the next webinar…I had a conflict with attending the last one and regret missing that session! Please hold another and if possible, can you put it on a couple different times for those that have time conflicts with other aspects of their life so everyone has a chance to learn? Thanks so much!

  314. Jennifer Anderson

    Yes, Anthony, I would definitely attend your webinar in August and look forward to it. So thoughtful of you to give away prizes and gifts to your following……….Thank you!

  315. Steve S

    Will attend Webinar in August if before August 25th – I will be out of town from the 25th until September 2nd.

  316. Juanita

    Yes, I will attend, last Webinar was interesting but don’t have the money to buy, did take alot of notes and thank you! Enjoy your blogs!

    Gid Bless,

  317. Juanita

    Yes, I will attend, last Webinar was interesting but don’t have the money to buy, did take alot of notes and thank you! Enjoy your blogs!

    God Bless,

  318. ML German

    Yes I would like to attend
    Your sisters’s art work reminds me of people connecting around the world!
    I am sure every one that views it sees something different.
    MaryLou german

  319. Ken & Joy Ganger

    Yes, Anthony, I would attend another Webinar in August. I did have trouble getting on, but with persistence, I got on. You kept sending me emails saying that I hadn’t watched it, but there seemed to be no way to let you know this. I was disappointed that my name would not have gotten in the drawing if you didn’t know I had watched the videos & Webinar.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Joy Ganger

  320. Jesse

    YES!!! Would love to attend your webinar. Missed the last one so I am stoked you may do another.
    Thanks for all that you do for us.

  321. David Smith

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes I would like to attend your next webinar,I have purchased your book and at this point have no clue how to make this work.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Smith

  322. Patricia McLaughlin

    Hi, Anthony!

    I will DEFINITELY attend your next webinar…thanks for the opportunity to have more training from you!

  323. Connie Thede

    Yes I would attend. Haven’t had a chance to get going yet but hope to by the first part of September.

  324. Ramon

    Anthony I got caught in the loop; no less than fifty emails about the crash. When you decide to have another Webinar I will surely be listening to everything being shared. I’m about learning.
    One other thought though, August is the summer back to school month and some of us have little ones…. follow me.

  325. Nanci Gissler

    Yes Anthony, I”ll be at any webinar you host. My husband and I got the CPV Domination program and are thrilled at the tools it has — surely will make life easier as we go about putting together new campaigns. We put together 2 and are waiting for DirectCPV to approve them. Thanks for all you and Adrian do in helping us!