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I’ve talked quite a bit about Facebook Fan Pages in this blog.  Today, I’m going to teach you how to set one up.  Once your page is set up, you can scroll through the blog and find important information about how to use your Fan Page.

Let’s get started with setting the page up.  Go to Facebook and click on “Create a Page for a Celebrity, Band or Business.”

Now you have to choose the type of Fan Page you want to create. If you run your own business, you will choose “Local Business or Place.”  If you’re an affiliate marketer, you will select “Brand or Product.” The exception to this is for affiliate marketers who have created an LLC.  If you have actually formed a business, you can choose “Local Business or Place.”

Once you choose what type of page you have, you need to choose a category and name your page.    If I’m using my page to sell diet pills, I might name the page “Discount Diet Pills.”  On the other hand, if I have my own business, I will use my business name.

Then, you have to agree to the Facebook Pages Terms, and click “Get Started.”

Now you’ll have to sign in with an existing Facebook account, or create a new one.  If you already have an account, select “I already have a Facebook account” and enter your email address and password and click “Log in.”  if you don’t already have an account, you will need to input some information and create an account.

Once you sign in or set up your account, you will be taken to your Facebook page.  The first thing you need to do is upload an image.  Select a company logo or a picture that is related to the products you market.

Once you find the picture, click “Upload an Image,” and make your selection.

Then, click “Edit Info.”

From there, you will enter your company overview, about section, description, product list and more.  We will give you some great tips for optimizing this section in the next post.  For now though, enter your information and click “Save changes.”

Now you have a Facebook Fan Page.


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  1. Daniel Bailey

    I have a couple of small companies, but I never thought about putting them on a facebook page. Thanks for the suggestion. By the way I also have affiliate links on my sites. Thanks… Danny

  2. Cynthia Becker

    Setting up a fan page is a good idea, but I would like to set up CPV to create popup for this page to popup on web pages. It is my signup page for boogie text. What do I need to do?

  3. Bjarne Breilid

    Anthony, I admire your enthusiasm as well as your abilities, Now, if only I had some of your knowledge (abilities would be allright too) so that I might be able to start benefitting from my bumbling efforts and eventually become a successful business person – no, not like you, but at least I’d like to be able to bring in some supplementary income and maybe even be able to go back to Norway and look for some of your own relatives.

    Keep up your good work!
    Bjarne Breilid

  4. Ray Gonzalez

    Thanks, Anthony. I’m still looking for something rhar I can be passionate about so that I can get going. Just can’t seem to find anything.

  5. Dorothy Derr

    Thanks Anthony – This is very new to me. I still have to learn how to upload an image. I would certainly like to learn more about FaceBook Fan Pages.

  6. Tammy Henderson

    Hot Diggity, great info for us newbies. So easy to do! I definitely want to learn more about FB Fan Pages. Please tell me more! I am using all of your tips and making great progress. You help in so many ways!
    Thanks, Anthony

    Sincerely, Tammy Henderson

  7. Maggie

    Thank you, Anthony. I am fixing to set up my Fan Page. I do have an LLC so I will make it sorta like my Blog, and be looking forward to your help to get it really going. BTW I am really excited about the CPV Domination and so far in just three days I have collected over 2000 views. Now I’m hoping to get some revenue! Like Laura said, “failure is not an option!”.

  8. Donna Moore

    thank you for the info about a
    Facebook Fan Page. I have a Facebook Account but did not know how to utilize it for my business so spent very little time on it.

    I will definitely set up the Fan Page and look forward to more info about how to use it.

    I always look forward to your emails as your information is so helpful to me in trying to promote a new business.

    Thank you for your wisdom.
    Donna Moore

  9. Mark Soto

    I would like to learn much more about the face book Fan page! It will give me an opportunity to learn the in’s n outs. I appreciate the help,I know that there is so many things that are evolving on social sites. Thank You…

  10. Wayne

    I’ve set up my fan page, now I need to get the most out of it. Your tips are always right on. I’ll be watching for the next blog.

  11. Rodney

    What’s the best way to draw more traffic to a band website such as Facebook/ect or the main website

  12. Rebecca Pond

    I belong to a non-profit womens group and have made a Fan Page. Now I would like to know how to link to it from my group page.

  13. Vicki

    Hi Anthony,
    I am wondering if you may have more than one fan page. I have two other business ventures in addition to looking forward to starting the affiliate marketing. How do I use a FB fan page for both avenues? Is that possible?

  14. Ed Bradley

    I have a Facebook account, but don’t use it much. Fan Book sound interesting, So I definitely want to learn more.

  15. Vicki

    Hi Anthony,
    I am definitely interested in learning as much as I can about maximizing my use of Facebook. I must confess I don’t totally understand how to use it and I see it as mostly a socializing thing at this time as I have a lot of family members on the wall of my page at this point. So I really do want to learn how to use this tool.

  16. Cathy Graul

    Forgive me. I have been trying to do what emails advise but I haven’t even received the book yet and I am lost. I do have a facebook page but I didn’t know even what info (category) to input for being an Affiliate Marketer as my product. Should I be waiting until I have read the book after it arrives for some of these request?
    I do want to know more about FACEBOOK & TWITTER to succeed.
    Thanks for any and all help.

  17. Sarah Ruddell

    Yes, I want to learn more about Facebook Fan Pages, as it will help promote my business and create sales!!

  18. Carolyn Heck-Derton


  19. Deborah Seelbach

    Learning never ends for as long as you live. If I think I’ve heard it all before, I will never not listen because chances are I will hear something I did not hear the first time round. YES.

  20. Janice Karber

    I need to learn anything you are willing to teach because I know nothing about it. I put facebook asmy website because I dont have one for any products yet. I need to set up one for that.

  21. James

    Hey Anthony, I always look forward to reading what you write about. Thanks a bunch.

  22. Theresa Duffey


    Sold my first Life Raft in July.Power Pay didn't know what to do with all that money,so they held it till I told them to increase my sale amount and…….Give me my money. The adventure begins

  23. Mary Kay C. Schaub

    I suppose it could be beneficial but…Do not have time to set up at this time!

  24. crystal steffler

    yes i would love to learn more about facebook fan pages and how to use facebook with affiliate marketing. i have been watching every blog possible and trying to learn everything i you know before i start so im not sure how to use twitter yet let alone for marketing but i am learning. i love learning and everyday its something new you have to offer. i love that about you and that what i think really seperates you from everyone else. thanks anthony! for everything. i have a really good feeling about this program and what youre teaching us.

  25. Georgie Nikolaidis

    Hi Anthony, yes I would definitely like to learn more about Facebook fan pages. The idea does sound useful for marketing.

  26. Bridget

    YES! I need to understand FanPage. I have a personal Facebook and a FanPage for my website. I kept hearing that you need 25 ‘fans’ before ….information is unclear. My fan page is coveredwagon and it isn’t easy to get to. I can get to my personal easier. Why is this? Friends are getting on my personal…but I don’t think very many people are connecting to the business one. Thank you for any and all your help.

  27. Jacquelyn Meyers

    I’m so glad I’ve gotten involved with you–I know I’m going to succeed!

  28. christensenJB

    You know , Every time I thought about this blog I said nope I don’t need this fan page ,… But on the other hand; you know what! this could be exactly what I need to get this off the ground so yes!! I want to learn more about facebook fan pages.

  29. Richard Schaft

    Will soon be up and running, This site will contain Tips, food and product to be use in your kitchen and on trips to cook and stay healthy.

  30. Harold Scott

    As a beginner I did what I thought was required and it’s at least a start. I’m sure there is lots of room for improvement or maybe a complete start over. Any comments , pro or con, will be gratefully received.

  31. Karen

    I’m just starting my site and this is great advise and easy steps to start advertising my products. Thanks for the simplest steps. Sometimes we just need things broken down. Simple is always better!

  32. Karl Huber

    I don’t know much about face book or twitter and we are still reading your book. We have just set up our website and do not have a product yet. I think that I would feel more comfortable on setting up a Facebook Fan Page later on.


  33. Sheetal Chakravarty

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information to all of us. Yes indeed we would love to have an indepth knowledge about facebook fan pages and other social media. Keep up the good work and you are a great teacher !!!

  34. Shirley Lawrence

    Just the other day I started a fan page on my own but got confused and quit before I got done. So yes, I really do want to learn more about facebook fan pages! Thanks for all you do!

  35. Jeanette Woody


    Yes, I do want to learn more about Facebook Fan Pages –
    Yes, I will use more Facebook training as a way to learn and grow.

  36. Barbara Noecker

    Hi Anthony!

    Yes I want to learn more Facebook training!!!!!!! Thank you for all you do for us!

  37. Tricia

    Thank you for guiding me through setting up my FB page. I certainly want to learn more about FB fan pages…


  38. Stanley J. Beller

    Hello Anthony,

    I would like to know more about fan pages, because I am going to make one. I have been adding more and more friends to my facebook account. People do respond with a yes even if they do not know me. Thank you!!

  39. Patricia McLaughlin

    Yes…I want to learn more about Facebook Fan Pages, Anthony! Thanks!

    Patricia McLaughlin

  40. Maria Rodriguez

    I am willing and also going to learn each and every step from Anthony because it takes a good student to listed to their teacher and i want to be successful therefore it takes hard work and dedication but it takes perseverance to follow through and not give up

  41. Alan Fleischmann

    Anthony can you tell us newbies the affiliate networks with lots of pay per leads that are easy to join so we can offset the facebook ad fees. This way we can build up our facebook fan base faster and cheaper or even with a profit. The faster we build our fan base the more fans we can promote our commission paying ads too. Thanks AL

  42. Ronald Carpenter

    Yes I very much want to learn how to effectively use a Facebook Fan Page to promote my internet marketing business. Thanks for the information on how to set up the Fan Page.

  43. Larry Grimes Sr

    Dear Anthony,You seem to be the only person in the world or internet that believes in anyone no matter how much money they have or how dumb they appear so far you have not failed to answer every question or problem I have had. Please tell me how I can get a copy of this blog or whatever you call it and how I can do this with my facebook account.Thanks and have a good weekend I aim to succeed someway

  44. Alvina

    Someday when I get a good computer, instead of this tiny computer and a printer will help. Thanks for information on how to create a fan page.

  45. Patricia

    I have no idea how to do facebook and I do not tweet. I don’t know if twitter cost anything and have had no reason to open a twitter acct. until now.I have facebook only because my grand-daughter dances and it is the only way I can see her videos … other that that no clue what to do with facebook.

  46. Fred Pattison

    I would definitely like to hear more on Facebook training. Including what product you should put down to promote. I have no passions, but am a jack of all trades, out of necessity, master of none. I don’t have time to do the things I like very much, due to taking care of everyone else. What to choose as a niche or product? What do I name a website, (is that a landing page?), when the products I try to promote may change? I’m supposed to build a website either with software that I haven’t a clue as to what the terms of choices are geek to me. Or pay someone to build me a website when I haven
    ‘t a clue as to what to tell them I need. Anyone else have these troubles?

  47. Warren Shepherd

    DO YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FACEBOOK FAN PAGES??” Yes, I want to learn more about “Facebook fan pages. I am working to learn all I can and that is one of the items on my list.

  48. V. Brown

    Hello Anthony – I have had my fan page setup for a year now, but the only traffic I have is the few people I pushed out to from my personal facebook account. I would like to learn more about how to get more exposure and how to increase interest to get more fans.

  49. Sharon Davidson

    This is great! I know nothing about how to maneuver on Facebook, so I’m very uncomfortable when I try to use it. So I don’t. Every littlev pieceof advice or tidbit I can get is much appreciated

  50. Ligaya Valonzo

    Thanks a million Anthony for sharing, your patience is greatly appreciated. I will set this up tomorrow, promise. I just came home from my hospital job.

  51. Carol

    Thanks for the tip Anthony, and yes I would be very interested in learning more on Facebook Fan Pages. I will be setting up my Fan page right away.

  52. Winnifred

    I am a striving affiliate in your business, now reading one of your books, has been on a number of your calls,made money in your affiliate business but had to discontinue for the lack of funds but I am ready to put the pedal to the metal work very hard at this because I was paid once.

  53. Charlie McGregor

    Hello Anthony, Charlie here again. I would really benefit from the instructions I know you could share on learning more about how to do a FaceBook fan page. I can’t wait to receive additional trainings from you. Thanks for everything you do Anthony!

  54. Steven Surace

    Love to learn more about Facebook Fan page. I have one setup, but would love to know how to get additional traffic from others that are not my friends on Facebook. Thanks!

  55. Alisa Hill

    I have 6 Fan pages created for my company and clients. I would like to know how to create more traffic to those pages and increase the fan base. If you run ADs on that page more than likely they are competitive. I have used competitive filters and more. I do some business people increase their CPC without spending money that we haven’t earned? From that old adage “You have to spend money to make money” stinks because in this day and age with such comptetive technology we can’t afford to spend as much for the exposure of the ADs we need to populate for a successful campaign.

  56. Dan B

    Yes, more more more info please. What V. Brown says how to get more exposure & how to increase interest to get more fans. Thank you

  57. Allen Blankenship

    Yes Anthony, I’m hungry for more knowledge to advertise my own business along with the other products I wish to affiliate with. A year ago I was in a mess but I’ve climbed out of the jobless, homeless mess I was in. My dream has been and is a secure future in affiliate marketing.

  58. Shecara

    Thanks, Facebook Fan page information is helpful and of course I would like to learn more!

  59. Marilyn E. Lavins

    Thanks for your email. I do not have a website, but I definitely should have
    one because I am an artist and have so many wonderful images of my work.
    Perhaps Facebook could help me show all the work that I have created.
    Hope to hear from you. Best Wishes, Marilyn Lavins

  60. E. Lizano

    Hi Anthony, I”ve joined the Success Academy and my coach has me on a step by step regiment learning the business. I haven’t gotten to facebook advertising just yet but I would still love to hear and learn more about it.

  61. Harriet

    Thank you for this valuable information. I have follow your instructions and look forward to the next email.

  62. Coocoo Dove

    Thank you Anthony for this blog, step by step on how to setup something really helps me a lot.

  63. Silvana

    Yes I would love to learn more about Facebook Fan Pages. I am following instructions slowly but surely.

  64. Susan Liston-Nordeen

    They say if you stop learning your dead and I’m not dead. I am always looking for more information. And what every you can teach me the better I will be. Thanks!

  65. Anni

    I need to learn even more about Fan Pages and link it to promote more products.

  66. Vicky Baul

    Thank you so much Anthony. Your passion and enthusiasm are really contagious!! God bless you and more power to you!



  68. Mary Ellen Elmore

    I really do want to learn more about FB fan pages. I have 2 already and will be setting one (or more) up for my Affiliate Marketing.

    I will be using Anthony’s tips for all of them.

  69. Elizabeth Vidal

    Yes, please … I want to learn more about Facebook Fan Pages!

  70. eric bradley


  71. Ronald Crotwell

    Anthony, thanks for the information on setting up a fan page on facebook. I tried and it looks sick. I will use this new information and try again.

  72. Jaroslav Caletka

    Hi there. I am one of the “OLD GUYS”, because I haven’t evenhad a face book account and never wanted to go on it, but it has to change now…I need to learn it and that is it!!! No excuses. It takes me for ever to do anything, but the most inportant is I am IN!!! Who said “You can not teach old dog new tricks?” hahaha Good luck to you all…and see you on battlefield….jaroslav

  73. Judith Doll LoBello

    Dear, Dear, Anthony:

    So delighted to hear from you. I’m pretty sure I have a facebook page, will double check. My main concern is the webinars – having trouble understanding as the message does not line up with what you are saying and eventually everything being said is garbled. Have listened to other video’s and no problem. Have sent many emails regarding this problem, no answer.
    REALLY need to earn some extra money.


  74. Cynthia Batton

    Anthony, Yes, I want to learn more. I’ve created a page but am stuck on the banner and LIKE button. Maybe I need to create this under different software and apply? I may be missing the obvious. Help!

  75. Savannah

    I am going to try to set up my fan page. I will be look for information about fan page. I have a facebook account but don’t visit it often. Thanks.

  76. Shirley J Campbell

    I would definately like to learn more about facebook pages.

  77. Rose

    Hi Anthony! I’m going to try facebook ad’s hope I do it right. I think it’s a great way of advertising on facebook so I’m excited to try it out.

  78. Madeline

    I love this learning process. I have learned more the last few weeks, about the computer, than in the past three years. I am not ready for my Facebook page yet; I am working on it.
    Thank you for all your information. Yes, I would like to learn more.

    Thans, Madeline

  79. Karen Delgado

    Wow what great info. I really need to go back to my original purchase with you to get my affiliate marketing going. (I was in a car accident soo ofter the prchase & didn’t get it going. I will be calling Cust. serv. for help!! CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT GOING!!

  80. JeanKUSA

    Yes I would like to learn more about creating my own Facebook Fan Page

  81. Laura McCullough

    YES! I want to learn more about Facebook Fan Pages AND will use further training to grow in my learning and use of this! I tried to set up a FB Fan Page, and got stuck on the picture upload. There are “banners” from the product I want to advertise, but also warnings about using images I don’t own… I need that further training already!

  82. Trena Puentes

    Thank you Anthony! I’m processing through the online homework. I will setup a Fan Page.

  83. Jill Carpenter

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and helping me get social-mediazed. Its the push I needed or am challeneged to complete. I also just updated my facebook, joined Google and UTube. Whew!

  84. Debi Schwartz

    I’m anxious to get started with Facebook Fan pages. Thanks for the tips.

  85. andrea

    YES!!! I sure want to learn more about facebook!!! I am ready to do this! 🙂

  86. Connie Johnson-Kline

    I do want to learn as much as I can about Facebook. Thanks for your E-Mail.

  87. Jen J

    Yes!I would love to learn more about Facebook Fan Page. Thank you for the great information already, I am getting on this tonight, and I cannot wait to see the second part of this tip.
    Thanks again!

  88. Rebecca Knutson

    Yes. I would like to learn more about facebook fanpages. I know there is much to learn about them, and I am ready to learn!

  89. Alisa

    I have set-up my fan page on Facebook now I need to learn what to do with it. Thank you.

  90. Rebecca

    I set up my Fan page last week! Thanks for showing me how. I want to learn more about how to do things on Facebook.

  91. Celeste

    I would love to learn more about the Facebook Fan page. You gave me an option I never realized was there. Thank you. I still have sooo much more to learn.

  92. Kellylynn Vercher

    Hey ,Anthony, thanks for this info. I am interested in learning more about the Face fans page and hope to hear from you soon.

  93. Mary Linda Guernsey

    Hi Antrhony,
    I set up my fanbook page on Facebook and now I’m ready for the next step to notify my friends. I would love to knoiw exactly how to do that and any other tips you have for me!!

  94. xristina

    yes anthony i want to learn more on fb fan pages PLEASE !
    i just did one lets cross our fingers!

  95. Inez

    I see you on my facebook that I set up for family and friends, is this fan on facebook different? and when I get my business set up which facebook page do I use? I have sign up on tweeter,text,community,free audio, all I use and read is the email . I need to traine my mind to go to the other sites to communicate with you and others. goodnight Mr.A.M.

  96. Jacqueline

    Hi !! I am new to this and want to learn more about Facebook Fan Pages. Thanks so much for taking time out to put this together for us. If this is your version of Facebook Fan Pages for Dummies I love it.
    Thanks Again and Good-Nite.

  97. Laura

    I would like to learn more about FB fan page. But do you need a website to become a Fan on Facebook?

  98. jeff

    I’ve been on FB for a while now – but, was unaware of the Fan Page….Do fill us in on it’s capabilities and effectiveness.

  99. Deborah WALTEMEYER

    I am waiting for my website to go live,but would love to learn more on facebook fan page.Thanks once again Anthony. Deb

  100. Tawana

    I would like to learn more about facebook fan pages. I’ve heard it is a great way to increase traffic.

  101. Nancy

    I would love to learn more about Facebook Fan pages specifically, how to generate more traffic.

  102. Cathy

    Anthony, I have a facebook page set up, butI would like to learn more about Facebook fan pages – especially how to increase fans and direct them to my blogs and website.

  103. Joseph

    Hi Anthony, I have heard that you can generate more traffic with the
    fan page idea. I would like to learn about the facebook consept.
    Especially how to increase fans.

  104. Mattie McGowan

    I would like to learn more about the fan page. I already have a facebook account.
    Thanks Anthony

  105. Linda

    Thanks to you Anthony, I finally was able to advertise my affiliate site on Facebook, even if it was in the comment section, I did it. Never had a clue on how to do it before. I still need a little tweeking to make it better and I can work on it some more but at least it’s there. Love your tips, it helps a lot.
    Please more info on Facebook Fan Pages.

  106. carlene leovao

    I sure would like to learn more about face book, I ‘m so still in the stone age and would need all the help about Facebook, but I’m a quick learner and ready and willing.

    Mahalo, Car

  107. Nathalia

    I dont have any produt or business to advertise at all… what can i advertise then??? I have facebook.

  108. Mae Blair

    I would like to learn more about facebook and fan pages. Thanks for all of your training.

  109. Sharon L. Volkman

    Very interesting! You are making it all the easier for us to learn. I like having all the pictures to look at and will sure “pay attention”. Thank you, Anthony

  110. FRANCI

    Hello everyone!,,,I have a few fan pages set up…I know they need work before they can yes I am looking for more help with the fan pages! GRAZIE!….and thank you Anthony. YOU ROCK! *_*

  111. Shelagh D.

    I am a member of your live communityand your newsletter, I liked your post and I tried to tweet but I am having trouble getting the right login info.I thinks it’s great your putting these instructions on your blog. I have been trying to get everything on my fb page working like it should but I am having problems with uploading a cover pic. thank you very much.


    Your program & offers are amazing,I mean it man,you are incredible! I went from knowing nothing at all about a website or home business,& now my website has jumped over 15,000,000 rank`s,I am not selling anything (yet) but I have went from having nothing to providing for people the information I sought for and never found,Keep up the incredible work my friend,You are doing great things!

  113. Andrea

    Yes! More info about Facebook fan pages please! Wanting to get this online income going! 🙂

  114. James

    Anthony, I use the computer to read the news & watch the market. I have a small business, rental property (one house), the rent is just making the mortgage payment. Looking for a way to make aditional income, I have no product to sell! Is there a way Facebook can help me?

  115. A. Howard Smith

    Wow Anthony, You really have a good following…goes to show the value that you present to all that come here. Sure I would like to participate in your Facebook Fan pages blog , I need the info it is the main thing standing between me and my goals. Thank you for your kindness.

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