5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

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Everyone can be an affiliate marketer. Not everyone can be a successful internet marketer. It takes a lot of work to generate sales. You can’t simply put up a page and expect to start making money. The good news is, with a few tips and a little work; you can be successful and make money from home.

Tip 1 – Size Up Your Merchants

You are only as good as the products you are trying to sell. The products you are selling at only as good as the merchants offering them. You have your choice from thousands of products. Take your time and make sure the merchant you are dealing with is reputable. It is not always the best practice to choose the products that offer the highest commission. Most affiliates choose products based on who pays the highest commissions. This is not always the best practice. When deciding on products, you need to look for merchants that have a good reputation and offer quality products. You also want to look at their sell through rate to find merchants whose products convert easily.

Tip 2 – Find Your Niche

Let’s face it; there are millions of products you can sell. In order to make a sale however, you need to get customers to your site. If you have a site that sells everything from acne cream to xylophone lessons, you will have a hard time getting visitors (and customers) to your site. When you choose a niche, you have a better opportunity to become an expert on your products. When you are perceived as an expert, customers will look to you for advice.
Choosing a niche does not mean that you will only sell one product. You can sell several products that are associated with your niche. For example, if you choose the weight loss niche, you can offer exercise plans, supplements and exercise equipment. Just make sure all of your products fall into your niche.

Tip 3 – Check Your Statistics Frequently

If you are going to be a successful Affiliate Marketer, you need to keep track of your statistics. You need to know if the products you are promoting are selling. Once again, you have unlimited products to choose from. Not every product will sell well. Check you affiliate site daily to see which products are selling. If a product is not performing well, do not be scared to switch products. Statistics are your roadmap to success. Watch it closely and let your business change directions when necessary.

Tip 4 – Use Original Content

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is posting duplicate content. Sure, you can find free content for your site from article sites. I do not recommend you use these articles. It is a quick and easy way to get content for your site, but you will be penalized. Search engines scan your site and look for duplicate content. If they find duplicate content on your site, they will move you down the search engine rankings. Additionally, you want to be an expert in your field. When people visit your site, they want original content, not articles that are floating on sites throughout the internet. If you do not have time to write original articles, hire a freelancer to write articles for you. This will ensure you have constantly updated content that is only found on your site.

Tip 5 – Change is a Good Thing

If your site is going to be found, you need to not only rank high on search engines, you need to keep a high ranking. In order to do this, you site needs to continuously evolve. Google searches your site weekly. If your site does not change, the spyders do not search your sight as often and you will drop in the rankings. Likewise, if you do not change your site frequently, visitors will become bored and stop visiting your site. You want to keep your readers interest. Making small changes will keep them coming back to see what is new. This can be as simple as changing articles or running specials. When you change the content on your site, you will keep the readers and the search engines coming back for more.
Succeeding in Affiliate marketing is not as simple as having a website. Anyone can have a web site. You need to work each day to make sure that your business evolves. Use these tips and you can achieve success in Affiliate Marketing.


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    Thank you Anthony, yes I am interested in any info you are willing to share with me, this was helpful but I am currently on page 84 of Advertising Profits From Home, this is info I will put to use in the near future hopefully.

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    Anthony, this blog post was helpful in that it helped me analyze activities I do when looking at different sites. If the content is too much, I don’t go back. I want an internet site to be easy to move around in and easy to find what I’m looking for. It it’s too complicated, I give up and won’t go back. Also, you reminded me that the content must be fresh – not something I can get elsewhere. Thanks so much for this blog. I really liked it.

  3. Hilda Marshall

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for not giving up on me. My website(s) are under construction and I am 50% through my PMI course. Your tips are very helpful and now that I am freed up to continue studying Affiliate Marketing, I am motivated to get a return on my investment

  4. Quinzetta Moses

    Again you have presented good information that is very helpful to me. I enjoy your blogs because I always learn something new each time. Like how important it will be for business if I gave my website a makeover periodically in order to keep the viewers interested and wanting to know what I will be doing next. Thank you and I look forward to seeing what you will be sharing on your next Blog.

  5. Bjarne Breilid

    Hi Anthony, Gradually I think I am learning, but I still need to learn some basics since I am starting out from far behind.

    You are certainly a competent and inspiring eacher, but starting from so far behind as I do, it will take a lot of mental exertion on my part to acquire the necessary skills. With your help and advice, maybe there is hope. Wish me luck!

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    Helping each other is one of the life most important principles. Actually I am learning this business so I can raise money to help children in the congo. Many children to bed hungry.

  9. Deb Galetta

    I am just begining the process of creating a webiste and all of the information that goes with it. My online mentor keeps steering me away from affiliate marketing and using a drop shipper. There are drop shippers that have affiliate programs as well, so why stay away from affiliate progarms?
    Your above tips are great! The more information I have, the more confident I feel about progressing in the prgram.
    Thank you!!

  10. Pam Wiegardt

    Anthony, I like these tips. I am new and need to learn as much as I can. I have ordered lots of your materials. I did that very skeptically, wondering if this was a scam. I have formed the opinion that you are the real deal and that you indeed do want your customers to succeed. Thanks!

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  13. Carol Amato

    Excellent post – I’m SO glad you said, “anyone can have a website…”

    It takes work every day! …. to be successful – I run into people all the time who think that just because they do the work of putting up a site, that they should be making money.

    Great food for thought, as always! 🙂

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    I am an avid scrapbooker, and make homemade cards, as well. I know alot about products in these areas because I also worked at a scrapbook store (until it closed not long ago). So, this will be my niche. There are all kinds of physical products as well as digital products out there that I would like to promote. I’m just hoping I can find enough that are doing well enough for me to put time into that particular niche.

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