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SEO Genius Course

SEO Genius Course

A Google search just now on “seo instruction” yielded 6,670,000 results. Expanding it to “seo” jumped it to a massive 880,000,000 results listings. So, let’s agree that there are a whole lot of people and companies out there, including some labeled as “gurus,” who are giving out instructions on Search Engine Optimization. How much of this is quality instruction? Who knows. And, SEO is a moving target as well. So, what’s a budding Internet marketer to do to get the best possible search engine positioning for your marketing websites and blogs? Just read a few billion pages! Or, check out what we’ve got to say.

A great many supposed “experts” on SEO do not work from a stated premise that we know is the basis for amazing SEO success. Simply stated: “The search engines want pretty much the same thing that you do.” Say what? OK, what do you want when you write a blog post about tent camping with affiliate links to tents or camp gear? You want a visitor to arrive at that post with an interest in tent camping and camp gear; it’s that simple. You know that if they do have an interest, you have some great content they’ll like, and some affiliate links that should get clicked often enough to generate some income for you.

OK, so how does that jibe with what the search engines want? They want searchers to love their engine and continue to use it so that they can sell ads on results pages. What makes sure that this happens? They want to provide results that the visitor appreciates because they did find content of interest, and maybe even an offer or product/service they decided to buy. You see, you both want just about identical results. So, if you work from that premise, there are certain everyday things you’ll learn from us that will become second nature in your web content publishing, and they’re things that you’ll be rewarded for doing.

No, we’re not naive, and we also know that there are certain techniques related to keywords, phrases, headline fonts, bullet points, bold, italics and more that all contribute to better rankings. How they all come together takes a little learning effort, but it too can become second nature and something you’ll start to do every time you publish content. We’re experts at this, and we’re sharing that expertise with our members and students who want to drive massive traffic to their websites and blogs.

We’re also on top of all of the social media and the newest trends. A whole new facet of SEO has been trending with the massive growth of social sites. New strategies and techniques for cross-posting of content and promotion of sites and blogs through social media are developing as we write this. Why waste your time trying to keep up when you can use it to create content for income? We’re here to keep up with changes and developments for you.

We’re also not afraid of jumping into less conventional SEO strategies, not black hat, but maybe a little on the gray side. Until the engines catch on and negate the benefits, we’re going to give you ways to take advantage that aren’t going to get you penalized, and they’ll increase your traffic considerably. Take our SEO Genius Course and learn the works.

SEO Genius

SEO Genius

Get the SEO Genius Course Now!

Get the SEO Genius Course Now!


  1. marjorie booze

    thanks i will read and get back with you if this will help my small business

  2. Dale Neff

    Merry Christmas all.
    I love this blog and if it isn’t right on than I woundn’t know where else to go.
    God Bless
    Dale Neff

  3. Ronald Bish

    Hello Anthony,,I read above messege and I agree with and believe in seo. I think it must become a large part of any marketers plan for success. After I get retired and get some things rearranged here,I would like to learn much more about seo. I have one question that is a little confusing to me,,When promoting an affiliate link via aweber,,is seo also of equal importance as it is for a website.? Happy Holiday Season to You and Yours. Ron

  4. Bob Howard

    Good article and well worth reading, but for now my task is to get starting with something before I worry about SEO.

  5. cesar cipres

    This is a reality find the rigth way w t expert s great great advisetp start follow thanks Anthony for this amazin real true advise ,still learning to be succes.happy Christmas you and family . Cipchamp

  6. charlie

    Thanks, Anthony for giving so much INFO out, making it
    easy to received. Again, Thanks for all that you do.
    ” GOD BLESS “.

  7. Don Warren

    Great info. I’m still doing PPC using Direct Linking so the SEO side of it doesn’t apply to me (at least I think it doesn’t).

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    Great post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am impressed! Extremely helpful info specially the last part 🙂 I deal with such information a lot. I used to be looking for this particular info for a very lengthy time. Thanks and best of luck.

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