1. Timothy Falkenbury

    I have provided to you the website for St Vincents De paul.My family has been struggling for the last few months and have gradually gotten worse. We are unemployed, no vehicle, and no outside income. St Vincents De paul sent some monry to my landlord to allow us to stay here through the monch of December of 2012. They have also pledged $100.00 to my gas bill to keep the heat on. As well they are helping me to provide a christmas dinner and gifts to my children this year. I am in hopes to get a job soon to take better care of our family before we become homeless. However St Vincents has done so much for us. Would you kindly consider sending a donation to St Vincents so that they can continue to provice Christmas help for other families as they are doing for us. Thank you.

  2. David Chasteen

    Hey, I feel like animal rescue is also important also , so many are abused and put out it doesn’t seem fair to do that.Dogs especialy shouldn’t be treated bad.We have miniature Dachshunds adn they have been a joy because they have helped my wife after a heart attack.One of our males saved her life by warning me she was in trouble because she couldn’t yell for me.he new something was wrong .Thank you so much. I went to one of your seminars in Huntsville,Al but was laid off , still am and couldn’t borow money to get started in your program,manbe I will get a job soon and can.I am 57 and keep getting turned down for work.Usually I like to give to the needed bu not posible this year,been unemployed 18 months now.So it is great that you car for the needy like you do.

  3. Ken Stearns

    St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, is one of my favorite charities. If you have ever had the opportunity to visit this bastion of love and knowledge I guarantee you will never forget it. I can tell you firsthand to lose a child is one of the most devastating events than any parent can endure. God bless you, and Merry Christmas

  4. Beryl Kuo

    Mr. Morrison: I am happy to help you with your charity group by denote a little money. Could you please give me the account name and address to send the cheque to? Of course, I am only having a survival job now, so I may not be able to do much, but I am grateful that you have been giving me the advice on job searching. I am happy to be part of your charity event.

    Let me know how I can help and where to send the donation, and I will send cheque as soon as I can. Thanks!

  5. Rod Bayne

    We have helped the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for like over 10 years now.
    They appear to be very responcible with the money.
    They actually fund the people doing the work like guards at the park armed and with radios to stop the poachers.

    The WWF would be a great organization for you to get involved with.

  6. deborah fuller

    ST Judes hospital is for children with cancer who cant pay for the help they need. so each year I look for ways to help, pay for the cure or get treatment.

  7. jimmie goodman

    childrens canceris always sisters little girl died from cancer and we lost a 9 year old girl to likimea after 5 years of fighting itcolumbus childrens hospital did all they could and even helped us at that time. we didnt have money to help but they spent ove $100,000 to try and save her.i still see kids going throug this all the breaks my heart to see how much this happensand know the pain the parents and the kids go through.//

  8. darlene

    My son and his father play Santa in our community for very poor kids in our community. The Jersey Shore Police Department deliveries them on Christmas Eve morning.
    They have been doing it now for several years.
    We are from a small town in PA.
    If you would like to help, email and I will provide you with the details.
    Thanks so much,

  9. Ruth

    My favorite is House of Neighborly Services in Loveland, Colorado. The staff and many volunteers offer many different services and assistance to people in the community who are struggling. As well as assistance with dealing with various agencies and often overwhelming paperwork, they also distribute food, clothing, household items.
    Donations to HoN Services are not sold in a thrift store, but given to people based on need. They could always use help to get these services to more people who need it..

  10. Sue

    Hi Anthony,

    The first charity I think of is St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. They try to keep treatments affordable for all families in need, and I would love to help them continue to help children in need.

    Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

  11. Ken Curran

    Diabetes is one of the fastest speading diseases throughout the world. Diabetes research and education can help millions not suffer multitudes of companion affictions such as obesity, eye disease, heart disease and kidney failure. If you want to contribute to this cause it may not have visible recipients but could have long reaching effects.

  12. Tom Stowe

    I have minimum funds this Christmas. My son broke his neck and has been intensive care since Oct 3, 2012. He has a bone degenerate disease and compress spine. He has many different complications from the injuries. Had 5 different surgeries.
    We have been giving homeless people a place to stay and helped them to get theirs lives back together over the last 20 years. There have been many success stories, and the one I like the best is:
    One of my computer science students referred a homeless guy named Chuck.
    Chuck went thru a divorced, his wife got his car, house and business. When I met Chuck, he had just the clothes on his back. We gave him a place to stay, food and clothes. We found him a job where I worked part time. He met and married a nurse. They both eventually retired and moved to Michigan and lived happily ever after.
    A homeless man stopped by the other day and wanted to root thru my garbage can for recycle bottles and cans. I said no we recycle 100%.
    I had only $10 in my pocket and gave it to him along with food and drink.
    I like your charities: My super wife died of breast cancer after fighting it for 4 years.
    God bless you and have a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

  13. Diana saddler

    bridge of hope which feeds hungry and parent all around the world an here..also God people israel and children who needs help in israel’s.. thank you and i hope you chosen us. God Blessed…

  14. Bill Russell

    I contribute to the Hays County Food Bank and the Calvary Baptist Church Benevalence Fund here in San Marcos TX.

  15. Gladys

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for offering to donate to my favorite charity which is breast cancer. it does not matter which organization as long as it has something to do with breast cancer I am fine.
    God Blessed you and add more to what you already have.


  16. deborah flansburg is a radio station looking to change the world with different music. Tired of hiphop and rap music.

    Are we corrupting our kids with rap? We help independent artist. Get them exposure which helps employ them and get them work. While trying to change music back to music not Karaoke singers, with glitter and gold to offer our young.

  17. Cindy Tiede


  18. norma strobel

    Donate to Teen Challenge of Orange County

    and to the Special Olympics.

    norma jeanne



    IN THE U.S.




  20. jan kesler

    My favorite charity is the Salvation Army. This charity has one of the lowest administration cost so the money donated goes to the people in need

  21. nita

    oohh how nice you are…young, success,handsome and have goodheart.
    Anthony, u know what in Indonesia a lot of orphane place need your help.

    God Bless U always

  22. thaila serquina

    I just open your email and thank you for letting me listen.can i request for christmas gift from you whatever amount you can help me for this season because i’m not in good shape financially.Please help.Thanks in advance and May God Bless you always.Bye.

  23. kelvin jones

    i have not been able to get my website up and running, its been almost a year and i was about to just give up . But since I’m stuck at home all day because of an accident I figure if I’m at home i might as well give this a shot . But I just can’t get this website up and running i was supposed to have a person from your company call and walk me thru it but never received the call please see if there is anyone who can assist me to get started so i can become as successful as I can in the marketing field .

    Thank You,
    Kelvin L..Jones

  24. Patty Spelman

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to suggest a charity here in Las Vegas. Three Square food bank provides non-perishable goods to families in need, and there are many of them here. We were hit very hard by the economic crisis–highest foreclosure and unemployment rates, so many people need just basic food. Thanks for your consideration of this charity.

  25. mary amato

    respiratory disease My mother passed away last year from end stage emphysema. I do not know what the organization is called.

  26. Frank Clarko

    I would love to have you donate to my Church, as we help to support many missions/missionaries, and are very committed to spreading the Gospel within our community and beyond.
    Sunnybrook Alliance Church
    6401 Sunnybrook Blvd.
    Englewood, FL 34224
    [email protected]
    Rev. Ronald Raymer, Sr. Pastor
    cell# 941-468-0878

  27. Alan Olson

    There are so many out there that need help it is unbelievable! If you are lucky enough to travel around the world some – you begin to realize just what we have here in the US. That being said, there are lots of charities that little of the donated funds go to the needy.

    Altho I would prefer some changes in the overall program – Save The Children DOES offer real change in the lives of those it touches. There is always corruption involved in anything that deals with money. But about 90% of the donations go to programs – a good figure. They also offer plenty of options including farm animals, medical supplies, some matching govt funds, books for libraries, newborn care, business opportunities (like farm animals) and a whole lot more.

    Altho aimed at children – the organization also aims towards families – and isn’t that what we are all about?

    See you in 3 days in MS – can’t wait!


  28. Ray Turner

    Hey Anthony, well it would be great if you would donate to the mission work that God want’s me to do in Jamaica, to help out the poor, widow’s, children, and so many more, been trying to raise the funds now for 6 years and with the country in the shape it’s in has made it very hard to do, so I don’t know how much you want to give but $100,000. or more will be enough to get started, so if your willing then please get back to me as soon as you can, thank you and God bless you.


  29. Michael Herline

    Considering the storm on the east coast and the victims who are still hurting,
    I’d like to suggest donating to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Thank you and God Bless.

  30. Mike Ogwal

    Hi Anthony,
    I will be grateful if you will please consider donating to a Non-For-profit (501 (c3)) Charity organization called “Natural Health & Healing Institute” (NHHI). This charity group is located in Springfield, IL. Its mission is to fight “the Spread of Child Obesity and Food InSecurty Problems” currently prevalent in Low-income- population in Sangamon County, Springfield, Illinois. Child Obesity does not only affect the health of this kids in the areas of high blood pressure, diabetes, blood diseases etc, but it also affect their academic performance in class. NHHI is currently raising funds to build an education, intervention and demonstartion Center in Springfield, IL. Your kind donation of any amount will be very highly appreciated. You may reach NHHI by calling 217-615-8735 between 9am -5 pm Mon-Friday.



    Mike Ogwal

  31. Jasmine Wilson

    Tzu Chi USA is my choice for charity.

    Tzu Chi’s unique approach to disaster relief includes delivering cash aid and emergency relief supplies directly into the hands of disaster survivors. Wherever there is a disaster, Tzu Chi is ready to provide relief to all, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic status or religion. The guiding principles of Tzu Chi’s relief work are “gratitude, respect and love.”

  32. Roxanne Scott

    Homeless people any shelter But not only these people but find out from churches of people who are in need that live in apartment or home that needs food Gas for their car to get to a hospital appointment or maybe they need their car fix or help on their heating bill or some thing fixed in their home. Their are a lot of people in need . Some one need to help the people who don’t ask for help but truly need the help. Most of the cancer and burn and breast organizations have people working for them to make money money for them. This time do some thing for those people who really need the help. I know if I had the money, this is what I would do.

  33. Andrea Yasklw

    Charities I like;

    1. 700 CLUB

    2. RED CROSS


  34. Evelyn Davis

    Mike Howard, 268 Santa Lane Wallins Creek, Ky. 40873 Mike plays Santa every year to the children of this area of Harlan Co., Ky. from donations. I would truly appreciate your giving to him and his efforts to bless these chilren at this time of year. This is my hometown and my family lived and worked there for years in the coal mines and after the industry closed down, many were left in poverty. I truly wish I could give from my own pocket Anthony, but I appreciate your generosity and caring heart. Maybe soon I can if I can ever get an internet business going. You are one of a kind and May God bless You and Yours this Wonderful Holiday Season

  35. Crystal Naldi

    I like the Children with Angel Trees. Not every child in the world has a good Adult around to help and protect them; I’m a big sister, so I love to help kids younger than me, because when grown ups can’t help anymore, we kids need to look out for each other.

  36. James Ivy

    Wow thanks Anthony thats the right way to go with giving back to others because I think people gets caught up about whats in it for themselves and forget about those that are less fortunate. However I’m apart of an church body that in need of an new place to worship. It named Core Kondition Ministry headed by and foundered by Minister Kevin Taylor in which am very passinate about We believe that the essentially man is made in God’s image, as the bible states God is spirit We focus on developing the Core (Spiritual) Kondition of a person first!

  37. Haydee Jaramillo

    Andromeda Transcultural Health is an non-profit organization , located at Washington DC, which help to the community with services for patients at HIV/AIDS and people with Mental health disorders. You can see in the web side, which services it give and more information about

  38. Terri Yoshinaga

    Hi Anthony,
    Would you consider donating to:
    Jerusalem Prayer Team ([email protected])
    I thank you and praise you for the good work you are doing and feel we need to bless God’s children at such a time as this. Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family.

  39. Jeanne Mausure

    Anthony, I have donated to St Judes for a few years on a monthly basis. I don’t have a lot but I feel so bad for these little cherubs that suffer from so much cancer and how their parents can handle it so bravely!!! They all have so much courage and optimism!!! Jeanne

  40. Andrew Chen

    Hi Anthony,

    Charity International is a great organization that’s helping homeless children and families not only in countries like India and Indonesia, but also here in the U.S. The organization is also currently collecting monetary donations for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Though it’s a Christian organization, they help people of all faiths and nationalities.

  41. Rudy Hiebert

    You are blessed for this creative initiative. Our charities that receive our donations include Columbia Bible College ( ; and (Britush Columbia Mennonite Brethren Churches)
    CRA was questioning our donation amounts because they totaled more than the usual amounts for our level of income.

  42. Denise Arnold

    Please please please donate to this great Non-for-profit Breast Cancer 501C org.

    They help people who are going through the treatments with various healing programs, consultation and much more to make this horrible process a little more bearable.

    They could really use the donation to start helping even more people.

    So please do consider a donation for a small but growing great organization. I don’t have money so I donate time.

    Here’s the link directly to thier services page:

    thanks 🙂

  43. charles butler

    you can donate to the american kideny fund i have been needing a kideny
    for about 5 years now i am awaiting a transplant,hopefuly i will get one soon
    charles butler

  44. Jael Jennings

    The charity dear to my heart is United Palace of Cultural Arts. It is designed to embrace youth in positively transform their journey through life by way of the arts, but from all cultures. It is in it’s Genesis Stage. I learned of you from Mark Victor Hansen, but I heard his testimony once about how Rev, Ike inspired him in the success that he achieved through his teaching. The building that will be housing this program was founded by Rev. Ike he has transitioned but his son has a vision to embrace disadvantaged youth and assist them in positive life transformation through the arts. Hear is a link to see the launch of this program. It inspired me to start writing a check that will be reoccurring every month. If it inspires you the same way Anthony I hold a place that you will do the same. Blessings to you and all who are dear to you. Enjoy life, ON PURPOSE! JAEL Mike Fietelson Program Director 212.568.6702

  45. stephen hamilton


  46. Linda Altieri

    I am recommending Genesis Center for Professional Services, Inc.

    A Christian based, non-profit organization providing services to those affected by the following issues:

    Substance Abuse
    Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence
    Victims of Human Trafficking and the Sex Trade Industry
    Chronic Homelessness Due to Substance Abuse

    NO ONE is ever turned away due to their inability to pay.

  47. frank kingman

    Hi Anthony, Your appeal in this video really touches my heart. Adrian mentioned in the three day training I attended recently in Denver that he maintains a website for a pet rescue in your area and also mentioned that he does so as a result of your mother advocating this type actvity to give back. Its obvious that your family has a real heart for helping others. I belive it is a God thing that I have become associated with your organization/family and look foreward to being a part of all this in the future. I volunteer two days a week doing carpentry/woodworking projects for the Ponderosa Baptist Retreat & Conference Center near where I live here in Colorado Springs, CO. They have a beautiful property and facilities in the Black Forest area at the foot of the Rampart Range of the Rocky Mountains near Pikes Peak where they host many “Camp” type activities year round all with the mission to bring many more young people and adults to the Lord. They are in the middle of a capital improvement fundraising campaign to replace and upgrade some of the aging facilities at the Center. This obviously is near to my heart and welcome any opportunity to facilitate contributions to their ministry. I appreciate the opportunity to offer this up as a place for you to consider contributing some charitable contribution.
    Thank You Much, God Bless, and may you and all your family have a blessed Christmas season.

  48. William Usina

    B.E.A.M in Jax ,Fl gives food to those who have none. and also help them find work and offer other services,

    My daughter is a person in need,her husband Chris has been out of work for a year,they have two childern in school.I would help and I do what I can,but I am on disabilty SS,had four back operations.I am not asking for help,only for them,there good people,dont do drugs and are not the way Emily is having heart surgery on the 5 of dec 2012.theres alot more about them but to long.

    its nice to get a toy for christmas,but a warm is good too.

  49. Joyce Knake

    This is very good Anthony.
    One of our favorites is Camp Courageous of Iowa but I think that you can contribute to This organization has a camp where handicapped children and adults can go for a week and have fun doing things like normal people do. It is completely funded by private donations and our camp is run by Charlie Becker in Monticello Iowa. The participants are both physically and mentally challenged and are helped by college students through out the summer, during their weeks stay.
    When someone we know dies, instead of flowers, we send a donation to Camp Courageous. And they acknowledge to the family that a donation has been made in the persons honor.
    Another one that we know of is called Angel Flight where the person in need of hospitalization and medical treatment is flown to a hospital
    Both very good causes..


    Yes, please donate to my association…i hope you meant it. the account is at chase bank.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  51. Mike Muraca

    In addition to the three causes you have chosen, which I also support through ‘toys for tots’ and Shriner functions and donating and wearing a breast cancer bracelet I also donate to the Saint Jude Children hospital throughout the year. With that being said I recommend that Saint Jude be added to your list.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours,

    Mike Muraca

  52. Kelly McRae

    Hi Anthony
    I have been involved with Compassion Canada for the last five years or so sponsoring children overseas. I have met the CEO a very good man and not overpaid as we see in many “charity organizations”.

    Compassion Canada sponsors these children right through University! Not until they are just 18 yrs or their communities are deemed not in need.


  53. NicolegDaniel

    !Thanks Anthony! Great Idea: Give to “Girls Inc.” Dallas, Texas
    And look at their program, you might have some input for the $$$ spent& your mom might have great opinions about it also.
    Happy Blessings,
    Nicole G. Daniel skype: nicole.g.daniel in Cedar Hill Texas 75104

  54. michael shuttlesworth

    Thanks so much for your giving attitude. It is awesome that those who have been fortunate can give back!
    If I was to choose one I would say give to the “Blair E. Batson” childrens hospital. Children are a special gift and having to see those young souls suffer just breaks my heart.
    Thanks Anthony!

  55. Nobuko Karr

    Dear Anthony,

    I love your today’s video and asking me for different organization to donate your generous money!

    Here are the list of organization that I wish for you to donate your love and money as follow.

    St.Vincent Catholic Charities(provide meals for orphans)
    address:2800 W.Willow Lansing, MI 48917

    Homeless Shelters
    Gateway Comm Service
    address:Northwind Dr, E.Lansing,MI TEL:517-354000

    Hannah’s House Inc.
    address:625 N.Walnut St, Lansing,MI TEL:517-4825858

    Eve’s House Lansing,MI tel;517-372-5976

    Women’s Opportunity House tel:517-886-1686
    address:3715 Delta RV dr, Lansing,MI

    Volunteers of America tel:517-4844414
    address430 N.Lanch, Lansing,MI

    Also our bible study group has been donate local Perry High School teens (there are 46 homeless children) donate anythings people’s donation.

    St.Mary’s (Morris, MI) Christmas tree gifts those who are unable to buy gift for their children we do buy gift for their children every year.
    address:509 N.Main ST, Morris, MI 48857

    Looking Glass Community Services
    address:12700 Colby Lake Rd Laingsburg,MI 48848

    Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa
    address:335 East, 145th ST, Bronx,NY 10451
    They continue to work for children’s of poor poverty we donate our money each year!

    I hope you will pick one of our list and give them your generous donation and give them a Very Merry Christmas!

    Anthony, I love you for what you do for others!

    Thank you from my bottom of my heart and May God Bless You and your family abundantly!
    Nobuko Karr

  56. Patricia Duvall

    I would suggest, “MCREST”. I work at Mcrest (Macomb County Revolving Emergency Shelter Team), and we help the homeless. We provide shelter for 60 men, women and children for 90 days. During thier stay we assist them in getting some form of income and hopefully a home/apt thru another county program. We assist them with medical and dental, clothing, food, furnature, personal care items and emotional/mental support and life goals. We are strictly non-profit and rely on fundraisers, grants and donations to fund the program. All clothing and personal items are donated by people who would like to help out. We have staff, interns and volunteers that work in the office and on site with the clients.
    We really do need more money for this winter, funds have been low and grants are getting harder to obtain.
    Thank you
    a member, Patricia Duvall

  57. pauline normington

    well let me tell you true sto i wry about me when i was young my dad and
    mom coul t afford both both christmas and my birthday my father worked
    very hard as a nechanic and station manager so as a rusult my birthday took priroty, my dad would decorite the tree and the house
    for my birthday we would have cake on the 3rd of decemebr and on christmas.
    i would presents as i grewup i was sopposed to un stand that my siblings
    got the presents and out i was soppsed let this go by with out saying a
    word. i keep everything inside not to hurt sisters and brothers it wa hard
    to do but did it, all i get is decoration and my tree and still nothing under the tree we had ten childeranin our ourhaome . it was always placeed my sisters and brother before myself . i aways had to work hard for ANYTHING i got i never got a hanndout so the morel of this story treaure
    your christmas while can i am 60 years old and do the ame thing
    god bless everyone and have a happy holliday
    and have a safe one pauline normington

  58. Bill Koehler

    I have a passion for community outreach in my community. Our church hosts a few community support programs. One program is in which we give school supplies to the children in the community of Biggs, CA. This last year with the financial assistance of a local business we gave out 150 backbacks to children going into the new school year.
    We also provided notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers,crayons and other schools suply items. The extra supplies were given to the school to provide for other children in need.
    Next year I would like to be able to provide free haircuts as well as distribute shcool supplies.
    We also do this before school starts we pay for the community to use the community pool give out free hot dogs food items that can be used in school lunches.
    I hope to raise $2000.00 for next years event.

  59. Charles Moore

    The Salvation Army does more to feed, clothe, shelter, and assist more people than do most charities. Their efforts are at the local level in your city.

  60. Pearle Pearson

    Charities to whom I normally make donations:

    American Heart Fund (in memory of my beloved husband,J W)
    cancer research (in memory of my dear sister and 2 brothers)

    Pearle M Pearson

  61. Eloina C.

    Hi Anthony, it is nice to hear that you help the charity places. One charity that I think I would like to help is ” The Arthritis foundation”. In this country many people suffer from arthritis, many people goes on disability because of that disease, so for me is “The arthritis foundation”. Thanks Anthony, and take care.

  62. Abigail Forrest

    I think this is a great thing to do. I give alot of my time and not enough money as I’d like to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This Saturday (as we do every year) in Plymouth MA we have a Holiday Party for those who have the disease and their families. We give them dinner and gifts and Santa comes and talks to each child. The fire department brings the fire truck which they all love. It’s a local thing and a national thing to raise funds and awareness for research for treatments for this nasty disease and ALS. Interacting with the kids and adults has made me much more aware of the difficulty they have just living day to day. It also shows me their unbeliveable courage!

  63. Accounting Perspectives


    A vital charity for our times is involved in combating human trafficking. There are more people in slavery today ever before in history. It’s a horrible tragedy that needs to be defeated.

    R. Chittenden

  64. Kelly McRae

    I have done this for many years and this is the only organization I have worked with that promotes knowing the child for life. At times I have ended up losing touch with a child that was very dear to me, but not with Compassion Canada (I am sure they have Compassion in the States also) I will know my kids for life and I will be able to watch their successes and their hardships. I am very grateful to this organization for this opportunity to know these wonderful little people for life!

    This is also a Christian organization but I have the privilege of sponsoring children from all faiths, loving and learning about them.

    This Is A Financially Responsible, Loving, Well Run Organization That You Can Be Sure Your Donation Will Go A Long Way In The Goal Of Helping Others!

    Kelly McRae

  65. M.A. Allen

    Navajo Indians need wood or coal stoves & food baskets. You could let others know. The last 30 yrs now the Southwest Indian Foundation have made Christmas a priority. Every year they reach out to some of these lonely families on the neighboring reservatios and bring a litt bit of Christmas to their door. Each year they deliver thousands of Christmas Food Baskets & install the stoves that are donated. Look at their web sight. Look at this website address if you would like to know more.

  66. Heidemarie Rowe

    Great idea! Two of my favorite charities are Samaritan’s Purse, which also has an great outreach for children with the Christmas shoe box projects. Another one is perhaps not so well known. It provides gifts for the children of prisoners. The donations go to Prison Fellowship (founder Chuck Colston.)
    There are so many great causes and I am very thankful to see that you are involved. I know that God blesses you because you do not forget those who are needy and are blessed by your kindness.

  67. Willie Lett

    Hey Anthony I think that the breast cancer is a good society to invest in because my mother died from breast cancer and my X wife the mother of my daugther had one of her breast removed because of breast cancer. So I think that will be a very good causes.

  68. Pamela Conner

    My first choice is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because they’re the only one I know for a certainty takes no money for admin. They even have a general authority from the church travel to the foreign countries where food is given to make sure the people receive it instead of the governments.

    My second choice is Shriners. My grandson was 3 months premature and was born with his leg missing from just below his knee. He’s nine years old now and has been very small all his live. About a year ago, Shriners put him on growth hormone. He is now growing rapidly. They have made sure his prosthetic has been replaced whenever he grew out of it, even now when it is so hard to keep up with his growth. They also pay for his growth hormone treatments.

  69. Suzanne Kelley

    The one chairty that is important to me is Domestic Violence against women.

  70. su duffy

    I need you to help me out to achieve my dreams and business.
    I used to owned a jewelry shop in 3years and failed. I make my jewelry and I am very artistic. But don’t have any money to buy stones or supplies.
    I need a second chance in my life from someone who has merciful heart.

  71. Mike Mikesell, CPL

    make a wish foundation / kids, mainly that are dieing and have a wish to do something before they do

  72. Marilyn Fisher

    I am working with Sunbeam Family Services (Senior Shelter). They are the only shelter in the state of Oklahoma for Homeless Seniors. They are in need of sweat suits for both male and females, sizes Lg. thru 3x, coats same sizes, hats, gloves and tube type socks. You can talk to Corretha Viney at 405-528-7721 and ask for Corretha.

    Thank you,


    Anthony, Most people forget about an important area. As I’m disabled Vetern myself I see this and evan though I live on a small income from the VA I try to help when I can my Brothers and Americas protecters. We also need saporters to help shack up Congrase to put an end to the wastfull admistrasion spending that taks from our medical.

    August Rekar

  74. Abe Doliente

    I belong to the Knights of Columbus. I am one of the officers (State Treasurer) of the California State Council. I am also a Board Member of the California Foundation for Mental Retardation, Inc, This is non-profit 201 (C) 3 organization to help people with mental disabilities.This year marks the 25th year of this corporation. Our goal this year is to reach $1,000,000 in fund raising. Last year, we raise about $750,000. On behalf of the Foundation, is it possible for you to donate some amount in order for us to reach our goal?

    I thank you so much.

    Abe Doliente

  75. rebecca weagley

    My favorite charities are my church ( Berean Baptist Kalamazoo, MI),
    Rural Bible Mission Alamo, MI, and world Venture Littleton, Colorado. 1988-1990 I worked at one of their mission hospitals L’Hopital Baptiste Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa) The hospital is nothing like ours. It is very old and with limited supplies and equipment. (Often our Rejects) The hospital. treats the people even if they can’t pay. Also, over 1/2 of the girls don’t go to school because there families are too poor. If you think you have limited opportunities with only a high school education, what if you have no formal schooling? My Christmas request is for you to donate to one of my charities. Thank you. Rebecca

  76. Kathy Mc

    Dear Anthony,

    I believe in “Samaritan’s Purse” (Franklin Graham ministry) an all-around charity that goes into disaster areas like Hurricane Sandy, Hati, Africa etc and they feed, clothe and provide medical care.

    Also, the American Red Cross. They have been attending the displaced New Yorkers who are suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

    Thank you,
    Kathy McCauley

  77. Connie

    An organization that is near to my heart is:
    The National Hook-Up of Black Women Inc. a non-profit 501c3 organization that work to improve the quality of life for women and their families.
    The National website is,
    our reading literacy program is the one I wish you would consider for contribution.

  78. Yevonne

    Alzheimer Disease is something that has touched our family. I have an older sister that I stay with now during the day, because she can not be left alone anymore. Another one that is very dear is . They fly veterans to DC free of charge. They might be older and or disabled and never have the funds to see the Veterans Memorial Wall. They work off sponsors. My dad spent over 30 years in the Air Force. Thank you for everything you do for all of us!

  79. Norm

    Anthony… Please donate to our start-up water charity working to save kids from killer water! We focus on underserved kids where wells may never exist and where there is recurring water contamination through monsoonal rains or flooding. No one else is doing this. Please think about an ongoing relationship. Let me know if you have questions! Thanks much, Norm

  80. Mary Helen Rockwell

    11/30/2012 The are so many men and WOMEN hurt in combat that need help with their treaments. This time of the year it would be greart if we could help out some of them by buying presents for their families.

    I don’t know how many you can help out this why Anthony, but it would be great if you could help out some families with single parents. This is my way of saying thank you for protecting our country so that I can continue to have my freedom.
    Mary Helen Rockwell

  81. jeff

    the local salvation army helps alot of people who are in need in vicennes indiana.they help people who are low income that cant afford to pay there electricity and they provide food for people who cant afford it or dont have any.they have helped me from time to time and its very crucial to our socity.they do other programs for kids as well adults.they run on donations cause the goverment has cut there budget to what the salvation army can do.tis an awesome program and very dear to my heart .

  82. josejservin

    hi annthony i always donate to a different charities.
    at this time of the year i will donate to SmileTrain.
    Washington DC 20090-6208

  83. Lina del Roble

    If you would like to donate to a worthy non-profit, there are 2 organizations I would like to recommend. MECA (Middle East Children’s Alliance in Berkeley, CA) and KIVA.

    They both do amazing work to help people in desperate situations due to poverty, war, displacement and a lack of essential resources.

    Thanks for your consideration,


  84. Gertrude Rasor

    My favorite charity is the Salvation Army. The money is all used to benefit needy families with clothing and food. The head of this organization receives a very minimal salary and not the millions of dollars that other organizations pay their officers.

    Thank you for considering a donation to the Salvation Army and may God bless you for your charitable endeavors.


    Dear Mr Morrison
    I am the founder of YOUNG INSPIRING LEADER GROUP,is a start up foundation of MD-HS female atheletes cheer leader-dance volley ball and basket ball girls that are age 13-22yrs old.

    Through organization these girls will connect to girls in other countries and they will develope Inovation-Technology-higher education-leadership in their communityl-charity,one of our charity is miss a lunch supply a village for a month-with food and every day living supplies.We are looking at our organzation of having 3.2 million girls in our first year.We are looking for sucessful business people to partner with us in this organizationWe are asking for you to look at our organization in the future.

    Please contact us if you are interested for more details.


    [email protected]

  86. Peggy Selden

    Thankyou Anthony for this opportunity!
    Your Local CERT (Community Emergenct Response Team) could use the support for making up Disaster Preparedness Kits for families that may not be able to have the RIGHT STUFF! Seniors involved in the MEALS ON WHEELS may need a Disaster Kit prepared for them.
    This is near and dear to my heart having tried unsuccessfully for the past two years to get support for families in our area that receive a Christmas Food Basket- they may need a Survival First Aid Kit for the home- alternative lighting for poweroutage- 72 hour emergency meal supply to use only in case of an emergency.


  87. Eric Daniel

    Yes, Anthony I certainly appreciate your generosity indeed and will always want to be one of your guys in this internet marketing business. You can donate to my name as like this: Eric Daniel, 2300 Global Forum Blvd, Apt 232, Atlanta GA 30340. Phone is 678-521-4066. I understand that you realize the financial difficulty I’m going through now with my family, and barely make ends meet. I promised that God in the heaven will continue to bless the cheerful giver abundantly, and especially in time like this. My family and I will always love you and may Jehovah God the almighty bless us as we contunue with life endavors. Thanks, sincerely with best regards.

  88. Mike Johnson

    Hi Anthony, I have a charity that is very dear to my heart. It’s an organization that helps children with a terrible disease called epidermolysis bullosa. It’s a rare genetic skin disease where the slightest friction to the skin could make it fall off. There is no cure for this disease. The only treatment is daily wound care and bandaging. My Grandson was born with this disease. He was 2 1/2 months old when he contacted staff disease from his wounds. The Doctors at Childrens Hospital did not have enough information on the disease, and did not know what to do. He would be 6 1/2 yrs old today. The name of the organization is and every donation is used for research and wound care. Thank-you Mike Johnson

  89. Eric von Schwedler

    My Godfather shared some wisdom in my inquiry about choosing a charity

    Good charities pay a maximum of 20% for administrative costs. Find out!

    He has personally preferred donating to Catholic charities and seminaries

    He also personally has given 5% of his income to charity always (1-10%!)

  90. Rita

    Hi Anthony, Giving back is a year round activity here with our church ministries. My granddaughter & I crochet hats & scarves for cancer patients & premi babies. Through The Ladies Auxiliary of The Knights of Columbus we work in various fundraisers for as many causes. However during the Christmas season we adopt at least 3 children from our church Angel tree & fulfill their Christmas wish. Thank you for reminding your readers to help others less fortunate.

  91. Jennifer Justice

    Any place you donate to will be wonderful as I do my part in my community to do what I can to help others. I did how ever lose my job at the end of Oct. not sure how I’m going to get through the holidays myself so maybe you might want to either help me with getting my web site I baught from you off the ground as I baught the book and don’t have the $ to do anything with it . My 5 yr old son who is Autistic really wants a laptop of his own to write his short stories which he loves to do . He is very smart and can navigate the internet, can read, is at a 3rd grade math level and reads at a 2nd grade level. Since he started to talk with the help of speech therapists at almost 3 he has said he is going to be a Dr. So if a laptop for Christmas will help him learn more I’de like to reguest my son be on your mind so he can do what he loves to do best which is learn. Thank you, my # is 517-465-7007

  92. Marquita Jenkins

    Georgia Speaks, Inc. needs your help we will be accepting donations for “Georgia Gives Day”. December 6th, 2012, and has already begun. So please follow the link below and give what you can to help jump-start a wonderful year full of career development, arts, social awareness, education, substance abuse awareness and behavioral health workshops for youth in our community. There is no amount too small!Here’s the link: check us out

  93. Wiliam Rice

    We donate to a couple of missionaries. One in southern Mexico, and the other in northern Thailand.
    We also support an Orphange in Africa. A young pastor that says he is training up his war torn nation’s future leaders.
    We do this year round, Anthony and Adrian, thanks for the extra at the time when people do think about giving.
    William & Jane Rice

  94. Cindi Allen

    My favorite charity is Smile Train, and I would love to get the word out to help them. It’s an organization that arranges cleft palate operations to third world countries, where children are shunned, and humiliated, cannot attend school, or even be seen in public. They have no chance at a normal life, because their parents don’t have the means to pay for this simple operation that can literally change their lives. This organization is comprised of volunteer doctors and nurses, who go and perform these operations on their own time. Without this simple operation, they live a miserable existance their entire lives, with it, they can be normal, be accepted, and thrive like any other child. Please consider this charity when giving.


    Morning Anthony
    All the above charities are deserving. My request are for HELP HOSPITALIZED VETERANS, out of Washington D.C. and the DISABLED VETERANS NATIONAL FOUNDATIONS also out of Washington
    As a vet myself, they need our help when they come home and anything they need should be provided to them. Most sacrifice a lot, more then we know so we should give back to them .

    God will always reward who give, Money is just paper but helping a soul is much more then paper.
    God Bless
    Rick Rodino

  96. Nichole Ebling

    Hello Anthony,
    We would greatly appreciate any donation that is placed upon your heart to donate! I can personally promise you, all donations go directly to help cancer patients and their family members whom help, or over see with the care of each patient!
    It is over whelming for them to get through treatments, let alone having to worry about day to day needs such as utility bills, food or housing expenses! We at the foundation have personally gone through this burden first hand, as our foundation is named after our beloved family member in honor of her memory who went through such worries all the while going through her own ordeal and battle with cancer. This is very near and dear to our hearts and we understand from a personal view and experience. So we thank you in advance for your support!
    Sincerely with kindest regards,
    Nichole Ebling, President of the KMNF, Inc.

  97. dwight gomez

    National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (NCADD)
    Dedicated to fighting the Nation’s #1 health problem–alcoholism, drug addiction and the devastating consequences of alcohol and other drugs on individuals, families and communities.
    Telephone: 212-269-7797

  98. Sam

    Great to hear about your generousity. I like to donate to a church in a deprived community in Ghana (Africa): The Ashongman Presby Church. Can you join me this year? Would be greatly appreciated.


  99. Lois

    Dear Anthony,
    In response to your question of a donation, I would like you to donate this Christmas to the Christian Applachian Project. It is an organization for the people of Applachia in the United States that need the donation. They need money for food, housing, heat, clean water supplies, etc.. I usually donate to them all during the year as well as many other organiztions such as World Vision and St Jude’s Hospital, etc.
    Whatever you can donate will be much appreciated by them and myself. Thank you for your unselfishness during this holiday season. May I wish you a very healthy, happy and blessed Christmas Season and also for the New Year too. There should be more people around like you. May God richly bless you, your family and your business so you can continue to help others who are not so fortunate. Thank You for this opportunity….Lois M. Staten Island, NY

  100. Alicia Simpkins

    The charity that needs me the most is the children of appalachia. They cannot afford much. I donate to this charity two or three times a year.

  101. Lon Townsend

    If I could like you I would give to the children, One of the places is St. Jude Hospital.
    When I get my Internet Business going my goal is to start a foundation for the children in the Philippines. When I visited my wife’s family on the Island of Cebu on our 7th Annv. I did not see any playground equipment any where at all, So the foundation is for building playgrounds for the children.

    But at this time I am going no where with any kind of internet business any I have spent more than I wanted to. I have ran out of unemployment and the only funds coming in is from my wife work which that care of all the bills, but the house payment. I am 61yr old and I have been praying for help but so far there is none and Christmas there may not be a Christmas this year

    Your Truly

    Lon Townsend business e-mail

  102. Sue Forrest

    City of Hope in Southern California. They were one of the very first to treat patients with as much dignity as possible. Everyone is up and about to the degree they feel like doing. Family is housed on site who have a child in treatment. This was long before McDonlad house which also is a great idea. The first time I went there to visit the first patient I met had a plastic tube with blood running through replacing his jugglar vein in the neck. He was a happy adult pulling his IV pole and other things along. Children are schooled while in treatment and they take many patients who can not afford treatment. They specialize in Cancer and other very serious deseases.Thank you for giving! Sue Forrest

  103. Lewis Skinner

    My charity it the USO. It is a place for our servicemen and women to go and relax. They can dance, drink and play games and just have fun. When I was in the service,I was greatful for the USO .

  104. lynn barry

    I would donate to Lymphoma or any cancer charity, and always to ASPCA
    as well as any green-based environmental organization. You have looks too!! that’s Great!!

  105. Sue Forrest

    © 2012 City of Hope
    1500 East Duarte Road
    Duarte, CA 91010 When I looked up the address of City of Hope I noticed 3M will double all donations until Dec. 31. There was a limit, not sure how much, but it was on the home page under donations.
    I sent a comment before, a few minutes ago, but I didn’t know the address, just Southern California, but that did reach it through Google.
    Thank you again for giving to many,
    Sue Forrest

  106. colleen

    Ithink you should donate to either heart, or make a wish founation, red cross. i am so glad that you give to others. It helps others and I am sure it makes you feel good. I know whenever I help others or give to others I always feel so wonderful knowing I have helped others out. Oh another you can give to is New Jersey where they had Hurricane Sandy so they need food, and help with re-building. Good-Luck with choosing!

  107. eddie strickland

    Hi Anthony, How cool! I wish I would have known you in the beginning, So much time has gone by I`m starting to feel old. Not because of time itself but because every day I yearn to help people and don`t have any money to even take care of myself, let alone help anybody else. But about ten years ago I heard of Oregon dialysis. They have a program that if you collect pull tabs off of pop cans, beer cans, any pull tab, then recycle them for the money it goes towards helping needy folks with kidney problems. The money goes directly to the individual needs of the person that has been debilitated from this disease. Everything from transportation to their dialysis and medical issues to helping with prescriptions, whatever the individual need is. So I went to the Eagles club in Springfield, Or. and got them to start collecting pull tabs from all of their pop and beer cans that people buy there. Then asked for every one to expand and start getting everybody they know to save their tabs and turn them in to the Eagles club. So this has been going on now for ten years on auto pilot. Because of your blog Anthony, I called and found the the person responsible for this charity. I talked with her for over an hour. She is incredible, she cares so much for this program but is not getting enough help to take it further. I am meeting with her for lunch when she returns from a trip after the 22nd. We are going to get busy to revitalize the program. It is only in Eugene, Springfield and Albany. When I heard this I absolutely was floored. Why only three cities. How come this isn`t all across the country? Something has to be done immediately! So I am going to help to get this everywhere. I pray every day that I get millions of dollars so I can help people. I`ve been waiting for the money so I could do something and every day a little of my soul gets torn away because I am helpless. But finding Joan at the center and her needing my help, I will do everything I can do being poor myself. This is one way to help with the suffering of our extended family. The organization is:
    Oregon Dialysis Services, Fresenius Medical Care. 304 “Q” st. Springfield, Or. 97477. #541-741-8005. ask for Joan, she is incredible, just to call her and hear her passion and excitement for the cause will give you inspiration knowing that we are out there. People that care like you do! I love you Anthony. I know there are a million charities in our country alone and I know that it is impossible to reach everybody in need. But watching your blog at least inspired me to find the creator of this program, and I am now going to actually meet with her to drive this program forward. If this program could get in every town it will literally save thousands of lives. Ya-hoo!

  108. Dorothy

    Hi Anthony

    One of my favorite is ST. Jude Hospital and the other is Feed the Children. If one of these are chosen that would be wonderful Any Charity that is chosen helping others will be helpful. May God Bless You for going this extra mile.


  109. Leonard Perez

    Ronald MacDonald houses–when people run out of money these houses allow people to stay while their child is being treated with a terminal or potentially terminal illness. When our oldest was diagnosed with cancer we were glad to have them. Also, breast cancer is another, my sister is being teated for this. You have a wonderful day, Leonard

  110. Wanda L. Elkins

    I lost my Mother 3 years & 2 months ago to Dementia. It is a terrible disease for which they have yet to find a cure. It is especially difficult for the family (caregiver). I had to quit my job early & since my Mother did not have a lot of money, I used some of my own retirement money. I don’t regret helping her & giving her what she needed; however, it has now made my retirement not quite as comfortable as my husband & I had intended. If you can find it in your heart, I think the Alzheimer’s Association needs all the help they can get to find a cure for this terrible disease which has affected many families. Thank you for your consideration.

  111. Dorothy

    Wonderful Anthony

    I’m so glad you are going the extra mile in helping with charity. Yes there are so many to choose from. My favorite is Feed the Children and Saint Jude Hospital.

    God Bless You For Giving.

    Dorothy Marr

  112. JESSE

    HEY TONY, you can donate to this organization called ” Fundacion Transformando Para-Una-Vida Nueva” it’s in Guatemala supporting 300+ orphans in great need of a blessings!

  113. Nichole Ebling

    Hello Anthony,
    We would greatly appreciate any donation that is placed on your heart to donate!
    I can personally promise you, all donations go directly to help cancer patients and their family members that over see their care. As you can imagine, it is over whelming for them to get through treatments, let alone having to worry about day to day needs such as paying utility bills, food and housing expenses!
    We at this foundation know first hand the burden this can cause as our beloved family member who bares the name of this foundation went through her own personable battle with cancer, all the while having her own day to day living expenses to worry about!
    When one is in the fight for their life, the last thing they need is to worry about is keeping the lights-on, food on the table or to be able to keep their home
    We you in advance for your support.
    With kindest regards,
    Nichole Ebling, President, KMNF,

  114. Melinda Grant

    I am impressed with what Heidi Baker Ministry is doing in Mozambique, Africa. They deserve our help.

    My husband and I are leading a Jail Ministry. We give out bibles to the inmates.

  115. Tina Evans

    You have covered most of my favorite charities. But I have a question for you. I am a widow with two handicapped adult children living with me. We are really strapped for cash this year and as it looks now, unless someone will help we will not have a Christmas. Do you ever help an individual? I don’t mind if you want to do a background check or whatever to prove we are real but I promise you we are real and we are in need. We live in Michigan and do not have boots or coats for the winter. Please help if you can. Thank you so much Anthony.

    Tina Evans

  116. Luis A. Deleza

    Hello Professor Anthony, this is the reason why everything you do for all of your students is always positive. Anthony I always give to this organization every year,”FOOD FOR THE POOR”, INC. they provide food & shelter and also match your dollar for dollar contribution you make. I only give a small amount right now, but when I start making money as an Affiliate Marketer I will be able to contribute even more. Thanks to you Anthony. May OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to BLESS you and your family & friends. Your Student –Luis A. Deleza

  117. Colive

    Hi I would like you to donate in my name. that sounds great. I received your email. I am from Belize City. I would like to donate to the less fortunate/ Poor here in Belize. I am also very interested in earning money online. I am interested in the one on one coaching or at the very least a method of how to earn money that will work for me. My mom is confined to a wheel chair. I am the main bread winner and I have three other dependents that i assist. I am also trying to save money to help my mom with medical attention. Please help me. I am also interested in going back to school to earn a law degree. If there is any way you can help Mr. Anthony Morrison, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  118. William Moore

    I would like to see a donation to St. Jude’s Children Hospital. I was
    fortunate enough to have a daughter and son that were healthy, and still
    are. There are a lot of families that are not as fortunate. It would be nice to
    see as many as possible, go christmas shopping.
    Happy Holiday,

  119. Brian Miller

    I give to the Ronald McDonald House. They give 100% to help out families that need help. These people have fallen on hard times for various reasons. Tornado, Huricanes, loss of jobs, loss of spouse, loss of parent or parents, abandoned. It really covers the wide range of issues. Some, like you mentioned. Everyone I have ever met that works for this organization is extremely greatful. I have seen many organizations but none more caring about people and their situations than this. Thanks, Brian.

  120. Sylvia Kalua

    Your $500 can become $3,500. because ADRA has matching grants which will make each dollar become 7 dollars.
    They help all over the world.

  121. John Antaya

    The one charity that I’ve always cherished and have even run events for in the past to raise funds is “Special Olympics” for the handi-capped children. I realize that this is only one of many great organizations for children but this is one that I hold close to my heart.

    Thank You



  123. Brian Caton

    Hi Anthony, Once again very glad to check out your emails as they keep coming. As per your request for Ideas of which charities tro donate to, her is my suggestion.
    Donate to the Colchester Lions Club in Colchester Connecticut of which I am a member of. If you are not familiar with the Lions, simply put, EYES. The original purpose of the Lions was to raise money to research and one day prevent Blindness. Since then we’ve added many other areas in the community to assist with such as Funding Guide Dogs for the blind, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Scolarships, SOup Kitchens, and on and on. If you decide to donate to us and help us out in our venture, pleased do not hesitate to email with who and where to send it to. Thank you once again for all your doing.

    Brian Caton.

  124. Dennis Knight

    My Son is a Type 1 Diabetic (THE SILENT KILLER ) he has to take insulin to survive? His Pancreas do not produce insulin. This is My Charity that I donate to is The American Diabetes Association ( ADA ). It hard I am still trying to get setup for your classes and programs to make the money that you talk about on your video. But it is hard, jobs are not plentiful. But I will appreciate it if you could help me get started and donate to my favorite charity.

    Thank you
    God Bless you

  125. Bruce Bell

    Hi Anthony:

    One of my favorite charities is Feed The Children in Oklahoma City,

  126. Rose

    How about the church I belong to. It is a small church and we give the first 10% of all tithing to a local food pantry. Then we pay the running of the church. In the last two months we have started paying a very small amount being paid to the pastor. The other thing is the building we are in is an old church building that has been left empty for many years. We have some members volenteering to fix it up. So if you could think this would be something you would like to get interested in I would appreciate it. We also take up money to help families in need. We have picked two families this year that we will buy Christmas for and donate food. We are also collecting blankets and toiletry items for the food pantry because they have food but not some of the other essentials that people need. A little more about my church we are about 25 to 30 members. We have been only a church for about 2 years. We are a non-denomination mainly because of the way the denominational churches are getting away from the bible. The pastor is my brother-n-law. Who was licened as a local Methodist Pastor not just a person who decided to become a pastor. He just did not like the way the Methodist did the polotics. I also was a member of the Methodist church and did not agree with what was going on after 40+ years as a member. So I support my brother-n-law and would appreciate any support you could give.

  127. Mara Byrd

    My 2 daughters Marissa and Michaela Byrd plan to go on a Northern Ireland missions trip through their college. They are working with a program called Project 32, which focuses on reaching the youth of Northern Ireland. They will need $5000. Marissa and Michaela are wonderful young ladies. My husband and I are so proud of them. Because we pay for their private tuition there is no extra $. For more information about the ICE trip you can check out

    Thank you for considering this donation. Merry Christmas Mara Byrd

  128. Nanette Baird

    Non Profit Organizations
    1.) Make-A-Wish, the Greater L.A. Area Chapter
    Helps the youngest, most innocent victims of cancer to live a fulfilling life.
    2.) Neigh Savers
    Saves abused, neglected race horses on the auction floor from the slaughter houses
    3.) 700 Club
    Helps with assistance for wayward adolescence who would be prey for abuse.

  129. Bob Howard

    Anthony, How about the children on the New Jersey shore and the area in New Youk (Brooklyn and Staten Island) who are victoms of the super sotrm that hit that area doing so much damage.

  130. Phylis Bird

    Hi. Thank you for doing the donations. Saint Jude is a childrens hospital that helps the kids and does research for cures. I know they would appreciate donations.

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
    501 St. Jude Place
    Memphis, TN 38105

  131. lina

    Please donate to Global Adoption, Counseling, cultural Resources, Inc.,

    3620B, Creel Ct Lexington KY 40517
    [email protected]

    Donation towards the adoption fund would help families who want to provide a permanent home for an orphan where they need some help with the adoption expenses.

  132. Bryan Zervas

    What about giving to people such as a Family like mine. Who has No insurance and can’t get it, Also medical bills that are virtually impossible to pay. This is a very important thing in peoples lives. My wife had a bill of over 1/2 a million dollars or more with her brain aneurisms when it burst and also had another one that had to be fixed while in the hospital. We had no help at the time and she had insurance which didnt pay for all of it. Then 1 month after she returned home she had to be watched by our two daughters. Two weeks later I went into the hospital with atrial flutter. I had to drive myself because my wife wasn’t allowed to drive. My wife slept on the floor So I could try and keep a watch on her. This was with another gentleman in the same room. Nurses said she had to leave. I told them there was know way. She gets lost very easy and has to stay right with me. They were nice enough to let her stay next to the wall and my room. At the time I had know insurance and couldn’t get any. My work doesn’t offer insurance. And I couldn’t get any help know where. I’ve had surgery 3 or 4 times to try and fix it. So now I really have hospital bills. Still can’t get Insurance!

  133. Semi Paul Saulo

    If it is all possible I would like for you to donate to this ministry that I have been volunteering my time with it is called the: Freedom In Chirst Inc it is a ministry that provides counseling to prisoner and their families.

    And they do clothing give away and foods drives for homeless and poor families in the Tri-Counties area in Oregon.


    Office: 503-891-6459
    Fax: 503-256-2193
    Cell: 503-936-8431

  134. Bob Weierbach

    We support the Angel Tree every year here in Virginia. My daughter’s Chapel at High Point University, in NC, also supports the Angel Tree. I also support the Salvation Army locally so that they can provide assistance to people at this time of year.
    Another organization that I support is Partners in Health. They provide health care to people really in need in a number if different countries, through local resources in country. They take on difficult projects in difficult settings and make it work.
    Their big project now is building a teaching hospital in Haiti.
    Thanks for all that you give back.

  135. Apostle Rev. Dr. Cynthia Garnett

    Behold Intl Ministries, Inc. which operates the ETH Toy, Food, Clothing Resource Bank ministry are a very worthy charity and WE DO NEED DONATIONS as this time and every month!. We feed and clothe between 800 – 1,000 seniors, families and individuals domestically in the Washington metro area. We also have 3 international branches: 2 village schools and 1 orphan’s home along with our ETH Farmland program located in East & West Africa and Pakistan. There we need funds to build our first bldg., buy shoes and clothes for our children, school supplies and we need you to partner with us for the support of our teachers! You can donate easily online through Paypal @ [email protected] or by sending your donations to:
    Behold Intl Ministries
    P.O. BOX 1323
    CLINTON, MD 20735

    Thank you and God Bless!

  136. Bill Douglas

    God Bless You Anthony! One of the best that I can reference would be the Salvation Army. They are a pillar in every community. Especially at this time of year.
    Having at one time been an active Shriner I was exposed to the Shrine Hospital Burn Centers. Any child that is treated by the Shriners does not have to pay one penny for treatment. Thank you for thinking of people in need.

    Bill D

  137. Anna Varnell

    Hi Anthony ~ Thanks for this suggestion. This may sound a little odd a request but it is something I have been noticing the past few years. The UCSD free dental clinic in San Diego CA. has really gone down hill from what it use to provide for the homeless and low income people. It now only offers extration of teeth. It use to offer that as well as; fillings, crowns and other necessary dental care. The poor have never had really goood dental care but this clinic at one time offered quality proffessional dentists (all volunteers) to do quality dental services ~ but no more. My guess is that the funding has dried up and is now just able to offer the least. The poor have no resources in San Diego that I have found. Please whatever you or anyone else feels that they might contrubite to the less advantaged may make a difference in the lives of others. Thanks for any cotrubtions, Anna

  138. Bert Schardt

    I have had my ID stolen. I am hoping to save money for your program. I also have a small business in need of funding. The thief took all of my liquid assets. I do not need a charity donation, I need a loan. How about it?

  139. Nancy Evans

    The ons i would donate to would be St. Judes hospitel and the Ronild Mc. Donuld House, They both help a lot of adults and Children. I would pick them to help if i had the money.

  140. Don Fass

    The email from you said we could suggest a charity or non=profit to donate to…cannot find any place to do that OR contact you. PLEASE ADVISE

  141. FRANCI

    Hello Anthony,
    WOW….where do I start with this one. My first thoughts go to the (American Cancer Society), since my family has been affected by this disease. I lost my dad to colon cancer at age 44. My sister just survived ovarian cancer. Now, in my case, (The Arthritis Foundation)” is the largest national nonprofit organization solely dedicated to the prevention, control and cure of arthritis, the leading cause of disability in the United States.” I suffer daily because of this horrible disease and have to take medicines that are hard on me. I really do WISH there was a cure for this as it has impacted my life in ways beyond imagination. I would also like to see a cure for HIV/AIDS…“I’m so proud of everything the (Elton John AIDS Foundation) has accomplished over the past 20 years. We’ve raised over $275 million to support grassroots, community-based organizations providing HIV prevention, treatment, and care services and helping to eradicate AIDS-related discrimination in 55 countries around the world,” Sir Elton John stated during a pre-match VIP reception. I also think ANYTHING to do with children this time of year goes without saying. God Bless Anthony. Franci *-*

  142. Daya

    I contribute to Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. Others are Red Cross, American Diabetes association, American Heart association.

  143. Patricia D. Patrick

    Hi Anthony,

    I live near a military base called Fort Gordon, it’s in Georgia.
    Many of our soldiers returning from deployment are mentally and or physically altered permanently!!!
    To often the VA hospital is limited in what they can do because of funding…
    These soldiers put their lives in harms way to protect their country and keep us safe to enjoy the freedoms we have.

    Not only do the soldiers suffer, but their spouses and children suffer as well. The adjustment is very difficult they are not same as before.
    Many are unemployable and struggle financially as a result of this.

    Anthony, this charity will make a difference,it can help relieve some of pressures and help these families together!!
    I hope you will choice this one.


  144. Sonya Dunston


    Thank you so much for making this opportunity available. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated.

    Like you, I believe in giving to others, and I am grateful to be a consistent tither and giver. Accordingly, I tithe and sow into my local church, several nationwide ministries, and some other charitable organizations.

    Here is one of my most passionate causes:

    The Church Triumphant’s Children and Youth Ministries – Based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, The Church Triumphant (TCT) provides transportation, snacks, treats, study materials, awards, and special programs for the children and youth of our church as well as the greater Jackson community. For many years, parents, other members, and friends have funded the SonShine Nursery Ministry (for babies ages 0-2), the Children’s Ministry (for children ages 3-5), as well as the N-Credible Youth Ministry (for youth ages 6-17). However, a large portion of the church members are middle-to-lower income families who don’t have the discretionary income to fully fund these ministries. As a result, a lot of the outreach services are either not being offered at all or they are only being offered on a limited basis.

    Anthony, please prayerfully consider donating to these important ministries. For more information about The Church Triumphant and these Children and Youth Ministries, please visit, or come by to see us at TCT whenever you are in town. We would love to see you at any of our Sunday Services on Sundays at 10:00 AM or at any of our Tuesday Evening Services on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.

    Again, I truly appreciate the opportunity to connect with you on this level. It is a blessing to know that you are sowing into so many great and worthy causes as well.


    Sonya Dunston

  145. Carla N De Petris

    Is a great thing that you are doing Children are the most needing, I support Operation Smile because there are so many unfortunare children that they are born with defect and theyr life could be so miserable without the generosity of American Doctor and Nurses that help them to become normal. Thank you

  146. Faline Connelly

    I like many charities involving animals and children. This is the time of the year for children, so I would want to donate to one of those. Perhaps St. Jude’s hospital, or a local shelter where you are.

  147. Ronald Towson

    I have been on dialisys for three months and have been dealing with the policystic Kidney Disease Foundation-so that would be my charity.

  148. Denny Calderon

    Paco Agency is a non-profit organization located in Jersey City, New Jersey, helping the Spanish community.

  149. Linda Wells

    At this time of the year, my heart always goes out the the homeless people. I live up in the Kenosha, Wi and Waukegan, Il area. We can have some pretty bad winters. Last year was one our best but that can change this year. If you would consider donating to a homeless selter in that area would be such a blessing for those people. It has alway been a desire of mine to open one up, but finances has not made it so. That’s one of the reasons I have always searched for ways to become financially secure. Hopefully one day I can see that dream come true. I also heard you mention that to are in Mississippi, I guessed I missed that before or didn’t pay much attention to that fact. I say this because I happen to be in McComb, Mississippi in a motel writing this email. My father had a stroke and I’m here to help with his recovery. Being here, I have seen that there are many people here in proverty and food is very expensive. Maybe if you could considering providing Christmas dinner to some people and maybe some toys to their children,that would be great also. I myself won’t be able to, scraping up every penny I get, trying to stay here for my dad, but if you can do anything I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for being a great example of giving back. That is what God wants us to do! You and your family be blessed this holiday season.

  150. Ellen Campbell

    by being poor, I would look at each county welfare cases, to find the most needed families. and suprise the family and childrens : shopping sphree, and food to eat for christmas. pick 1 family from each county in the state. or what evea you can afford.

  151. Vicki Goble

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a charity worthy of donations.
    It was started by Danny Thomas with the slogan of no child being turned away for lack of payment. They are listed at http://www.Charity as Al-Sac St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. One of their numerous websites is They are searching for cures of catastrophic childhood diseases worldwide including aids and cancer. Please take time to check them out.

  152. Vicki Goble

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a charity worthy of donations.
    It was started by Danny Thomas with the slogan of no child being turned away for lack of payment. They are listed at as Al-Sac St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. One of their numerous websites is They are searching for cures of catastrophic childhood diseases worldwide including aids and cancer. Please take time to check them out.

  153. Vickie Whitfield

    Rose of Sharon located in Huntsville,Al.

    This place is for the homeless people.. I have volunteered to help at this place. Sharon the one that owns this it was her hearts desire to help the homeless.. She has had her struggles to keep this open but by the help from the Lord the doors are still open..
    She has had a heart attack several months back and now she is having more health issues.. I highly recommed to donate to this i know she will deeply appreciate it!! Plus she is a minister of God..

    Thank you

  154. Darletta Tabb

    I believe a donation should be made to Angels’ Arm in St. Louis, MO. This agency helps with sibling group foster children. The children are really treated like they are part of the family by doing chores, eating together, going on outtings, being helped with their homework, solving problems together, living and laughing together. Angels’ Arm has several homes that are ran by couples to create a family atmosphere of how a family should be structured and nurished. I believe they will continue to help those who need a forever home, but in the meantime, they have forever family foster homes who show much love.

    Angel’s Arm 1445 S. 18th Street, Unit 105 St. Louis, MO 63104
    Phone: (314) 771-5868
    Fax: (314) 771-5152

  155. Thomas Petosa

    Hi Anthony,it’s nice to hear when others care!
    anyway there are (5)five charity i support about four times a year or quaterly. But the one’s that my heart goe’s out to are these three (3).

    #1)the childrens cancer fund of America
    #2)the childrens miracle work shop
    #3)the homeless American veterans
    I aimost forgot this one!
    #4)The Humane Society of The United States
    well these are some of sites Linda & I send to,happy holidays to you and yours!
    Sincere Regards
    Thomas & Linda Petosa

  156. Arvella

    I love your choices…all of them are worthwhile. Another I can think of is Wounded Warriors. I can’t imagine serving this country, coming home so badly wounded as some of them are and not getting the care that is so desperately needed.

  157. nancy bills

    I would like to suggest that we donate some money to my local American Red Cross in Marshall County at Lewisburg TN. We all know whenever disaster comes the Red Cross is there to help anyone anywhere in this United States Anthony thank you for the nice thing your are doing If it were not for the grace of God it could be us needing help Thanks Nancy Bills

  158. Sandy

    I feel that ST Jude would be an awesome charity as they are trying to cure diseases and never ask for money or turn anyone away. God Bless Danny Thomas for starting this hospital.



  159. janine sherman

    I like you to give to retrevers and friends of southern ca. In temecula ca.
    I am their live on site foster mother to a lot of small dogs. Like today received 9 doxie dogs from breeded. All males legs stain with poop and pee from standing in a small cage. Never had a toy before, sometimed never touch the ground before.
    I give a bath, socialites them, teach them that not all humans are bad. I give them their first toy.

  160. Bobbye McBain

    I am my favorite charity really, But if I could I would love to be able to donate to make a wish. Those wonderful childrean deserve what ever they need and want.Gods childrean. Think about the first one, but I hope you give to the second one. God bless you and yours Bobbye

  161. Claudia

    Hi Anthony:

    I think that we can invest on Childrens . They are the future in this country and deserve to star better life and more chances to live healthy. “The Angel Tree & The Burn Center”
    Yhanks for show us your kindness. Gob Bless You


  162. Vernon Teichroew

    I have a number of Charities that I donate to each and every month and year. 1. The Salvation Army, they help the needy and in disaster areas. 2. The MN Lions Vision Foundation – They provide for eye care and research for everyone – child thru adult. 3. The Diabetes Foundation – they are working in the research for a cure of diabetes. 4. A local organization – CAN-Do-Canines – they raise and train dogs to help the disabled, whether they are children or adult, free of charge. The types of disabilities are from autusm to diabetic problems, etc. These are only a few, but are always in need. The Salvation Army currently is doing Bell Ringing to raise funds for their programs. I will be have helped and have several more days scheduled here in South Minneapolis, MN. Thanks for your help Vern

  163. Diane Jones

    The Angel Tree in Paducah,KY., my own kids, Brittany & Shawn Jones are on the angel tree at the salvation army on Irvin Cobb in Paducah,KY and Toys 4 Tots in Paducah,KY.My husband just got laid off Tues.Thank You & GOD Bless.

  164. ray

    If I had money to leave to charity ,it would be for Hollis Center Baptist church(04042). Hopefully when I staart to generate an income I” be able to give more than 10%

  165. Maxine Parker

    My church has been praying for me to get financial help with my rent and said I needed to swallow my pride and ask for help, so I want to take this opportunity. I am currently working 18 hours a week at minimum wage so I don’t have enough to pay my rent. I am behind in my rent so withlate charges and an eviction notice I currently owe $2600.00. I have always been the one to give to others of my money or time or one to pray so its awkward for me but I am trusting God that somehow I will get help and then I can really focus on affiliate marketing with a clear head. Thank you Anthony and God bless you! My rent is ?80 a month.

  166. Joyce Pettit

    Logoi. A charity that buys pigs for needy people . The home base is in Miami,Florira . You can find them on line.
    I am glad to finally be able to contact you. I had a stroke Aug 20th . I. Was able to listen to your webinar but I still do not understand how to generate a mailing lisit!??But I a,m somewhat limited now anyway.

  167. Simon Clegg

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m hoping you can help me to help a friend of mine who’s 23 year old daughter was involved in a very serious quad bike accident LAST December whilst travelling for a year around Australia taking photographs – which has left her in a coma.

    A fundraising campaign was initially set up to raise £25,000 to fly her back home and pay for on-going medical care, but the insurance company won’t cover her for the accident – so the campaign target has now had to be quadrupled to £100,000+. So far nearly £25,000 has been raised, plus a further £3,900+ from Giftaid.

    As you can see this is now a huge task – beyond just family and friends, so I’m calling on my ‘Circle Of Influence’ in the hope of boosting the amount raised considerably. With your generous help, and that of anyone you may also know, I’m sure we can make a huge difference. As you’re in business, any donations are tax deductable – so Win:Win :o)

    I don’t expect you to take my word for it, although I hope you will, but the full story (original newspaper article) is below along with the link to the fundraising page. The fundraising page contains updates of Holly’s progress and the full list of donations and heartfelt messages of support :o)

    Help Holly home after horrific quad bike accident :o(

    Full Story –
    Donations Needed –

    Please take a minute to think how you would feel if it was one of your loved ones lying in a coma needing help instead :o(

    ANY help will be very gratefully received by Holly and her worried parents, Chris & Elaine.

    Many thanks,

  168. Alexandra Guano

    It is six churches around my area every year help a poor families to give some toys and presents in this Holiday Season

  169. Ellen

    Hi Anthony. I’m very impressed about about the way you handle your business and don’t forget those in need. My husband and I have a radio ministry that is going on 19 years now. We are a totally listener supported program and no one is making an income. We are here for our listeners of any faith bringing forth the message of faith, hope and Love. The program runs 1 hour 5 days week in the evening. It’s called “Selah” which means to pause and think. My husband gives devotional thoughts, plays Christian music and we take prayer requests. We freely give out literature, cd’s and Bible studies to all who ask. The program is heard in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine as well as the internet. This year it’s been very hard to keep things going because of the economic situation. Website is if you want to see it. Christmas is about the Hope of the world and if there was no God, there wouldn’t be any hope. I thought it would be a good thing to help support this message to those in need. God bless. We are a charitable non-profit ministry 501 3C

  170. Kristina Phelps

    Less fortunte children. Those beaten, battered and abused. My heart pours out for them. I pray for them every night.

  171. David McHaffey

    I recommend the Salvation Army. This organization has the lowest overhead of any charitable organization. Almost 98% of the donations go toward helping those in need. The heads of the Red Cross and United Way, for example each receive approximately $1million/year salaries.

  172. David Cooper

    Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Ashville, NC

    Our Ride for Kids will be in April, 14, 2013 in South Florida. I have also been on the Task Force in Marysville, Ohio for the past 12 years in July each year.

    Louisiana on May 19, 2013 is probably the closest ride to you in Mississippi.

    This is one of the best groups I have ever worked to fund raise for.

    Please, please, please check out their website and make a donation.

    In the past I have always matched whatever funds I could raise from other donors and friends for this very worthy cause.

    Sincerely, Dave Cooper 614.735.7410

  173. theresa

    Hi Anthony you are the best my mom passed away of cancer 10 years wow I miss her so much I lost my best friend that day not just my mom. My choice would be for kids who have cancer I dont of one charity for kids with cancer but anything for the kids is true especially now during the holidays. Here in my community we my mom was going is White Memorial Hositpal in los angeles it was donated by Oscar De Lahoya in memory of his mom. My mom was so speical she was a people person always greeting and giving. One time we at the bus stop waiting for the bus a man came up to us and my mom if she a dollar he was homeless, my mom being the person that she so giving gave him our last five dollars. I said mom, she looked at and said we have food at home. I looked at her and yes we do mom, and as my mom looked on the floor there was a twenty dollar bill. The lord always gives double if not triple back when you are giving from the heart. I love you mom. Anthony THANK YOU FOR SAHRING EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH US. your friend Theresa

  174. Jean Hill

    Please donate to the International Federation of Christians and Jews. It helps the suffering Jewish people in Israel as well as other parts of the world.

  175. Edgar R. Lyle II

    American Friends Service Committee
    1501 Cherry Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19102-1403

    Hawai’i Peace and Justice
    2426 O’ahu Avenue
    Honolulu, HI 96822


  176. cesar nazaire

    Hi Anthony, I would like you to give to ST JUDE HOSPITAL a very important place for kids with all types of cancer and thank you in advance for your help. May GOD bless you.

  177. J R Eric Edwards

    We are acutely aware of the impact the storm has had on these students and their families. It has wreaked havoc on their world on the most basic levels, severely damaging — and, in some cases, destroying — their homes, straining their finances, disrupting their day-to-day lives and threatening their ability to continue their education.

    In response, LIU has created the Superstorm Sandy Scholarship Fund to assist students who are experiencing storm-related hardships. The goal is to ease some of the financial burden on those who’ve been hit the hardest, enabling them to continue their studies despite the significant obstacles they face.

    Help us help them to take a step toward normalcy. Please make a gift to support these students. Visit and choose “Superstorm Sandy Scholarship Fund” from the drop-down menu. Your gift can make the difference between a dream fulfilled and a dream deferred.

    Jubenys Martinez
    Student Caller – LIU

    Annual Fund Office |Lorber Hall Room 300
    720 Northern Blvd | Brookville, NY 11548
    (516) 299-3972 | [email protected]

    To be removed from this recipient list, please visit our unsubscribe site.

  178. Craig Upton

    Magnolia Speech School in Clinton, MS. They have a lot of kids coming to this school from all over the state. I have a couple of nephews that have gone through this school with a hearing impairment. This is my charity of choice. This school has to raise funds to operate.

  179. Nieves López de Heredia S.

    Here in Chile today beging the TELETON, triying to have more money for treat many children and yung who has malformation in they bodies, You know Don Francisco, he all the years do this TELETON, but the next year he canot do

  180. Christy Edward

    Please donate to the ‘Christian Appalachian Project’, they provide shelter and food for the destitute in the Appalachians. It will be a tremendous show of generosity on your part towards the less well off. I appreciate your thought very much indeed.

  181. laura wright

    Grace center church is an instition in the inner city of st. Louis, mo. Pastor Dean Rocha heads a group of young people and preaches entreprenuralship. Many of these young people are of an impoveriished back ground. A donation will help these students pay for things like the cost of setting up websites, getting advice on how to write a business plan etc. We hope this group will be successful to change minds and give hope to those who don”t have exposure to positive thinking or someone who cares to lead them to do things which will make a difference.

  182. Jei Azali

    Unfortunately I am not in a position to donate gifts of any sort. But were, I able, I would donate to children in need, no matter where they may be. Please do not donate in my name. I am afraid IRS might to attempt to claim that gift as payment of back taxes that they have claimed and assigned to me.

    Your offer is appreciated, but I am sure the children would be the better beneficiaries and more likely to benefit with such donation being in the name of a more qualified donor.

  183. Ethel Maharg

    The organization I would like to donate to is ACLJ. American Center for Law and Justice. I know it doesn’t sound Christmassy but these people fight for our freedoms daily, and according to my bible that is why Christ came; to set us free.
    Thank you,
    Ethel Maharg

  184. Rodger L.Parker

    The burn center is good with me , I am a firefighter in Wawbeek Alabama near Atmore and I know about people being burned in cars and houses and on the job, Any local burn center is in need of money , Lots of it, They can be in pain and health problems for years, These centers do a great job with kids and adults.
    Thanks Rodger Parker

  185. Sharon Brown

    My charity is Autism. My son is autistic with ADHD these children are very special and have BIG hearts,also the children with Downs are also. I love these children and they make my day when I’m with them. You will be moved by what they can do. Thank You.

  186. Denise A Espinosa

    the site that gets my attention the most is the ASPCA. I have 5 dogs and 3 cats and I love them so much and when I see any animal or pet mistreated it just breaks my heart, this is why I would like to nominate this organization

  187. Raoul Marchando

    Hi Anthony, I would greatly appreciate your adding to your donations list North Common Ministries. Please let me know what documents you need for your donations, Toys, money, other. Please contact me via email or phone for details that you will need.

  188. Emile Cambron

    Hi Anthony& family .Well if I had the means to help peoples I help where …you could see a domino effect.Since you ask Anthony check this one on
    “you tube” Self Taught African Teen Wows M.I.T.In the hope that you find it
    inspiring.{love to ear some feed back}…

    Best Wished to you & love one Warm, Happy, Merry Christmas & New Years


  189. Make A Wish Foundation - San Diego

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for this opportunity and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and contribution. My daughter Shea was diagnosed with Leukemia on her 10th birthday and the Make a wish Foundation representatives came to the hospital and granted her a wish. She wanted to take her family to the Disney cruise and this past August she fulfilled her wish. It was such a tender moment to see her so happy and excited. She’s still going through chemo until next April, but it was a happy time in her life. Our family and some friends did a 5 mile walk for her and donated $2000 to them this past June. That will be great if you can do that. It’s a wonderful program for the children just to ease their minds for a change. Thank you again. Frieda Palu.

  190. Paul & Kathy Dietz

    Please give to the People’s City Misson in Lincoln, NE. THey help those who need food, a place to stay or shelter plus a free medical clinic. THey do an awesome work in LIncoln, NE.

    Thank you for considering them! Kathy Dietz

  191. Lou Claxton

    New Mexico Christian Children’s Home to help with cost of new cottage.My husband and I worked there for10 1/2 years.These kids have been deserted
    by their families for one reason or another.It will help so much!!!Happy Holiday to you and your family.Families are so, so important!!!!

  192. Fernando

    OK Anthony I see you have a big heart but I’m not a person the gets in
    boll with those places. I know here in Houston there are some
    hospital the help children’s but I don’t even know there names.

  193. Francois Brown

    I started purchasing and following your products not because of your engaging sales pitch but because of the rare omnipotent sincerity in your voice that I haven’t yet experienced elsewhere on the net or in business. So far its been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

    Because of this I am compelled to participate in this weeks success connection and sincerely tell you about an organization that has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations, but because of its awesome staff, has survived throughout the years and is growing stronger providing much needed resourceful help to the community.

    When I was younger I helped Art Starts orchestrate after school music programs and have personally witnessed this Toronto based organization completely change the lives of hundreds of children in many low-income or “ghetto” communities including mine, through arts and culture.

    So please take the time to review Art Starts for consideration and thanks again for the opportunity.

    Best Regards,

    Francois Brown

  194. Ofilia Martinez

    Yes, my charity is myself and my family, which are in drier need of a home and debt relief after loosing our home in 2006. The loss of our house, my husband getting physically disabled, and losing my job after serving and giving of myself for over 34 years. Financially still no able to get into our own home again, but still praying and believing.

  195. Clyde Williams

    Congratulations Anthony on your giving to various good causes. For once
    I can say I am genuinely proud of you. Clyde Williams

  196. teddy garbutt

    Dear Anthony, It is good to know that there are still good people like you around who still cares.
    Your donation would make the difference between life and death for a lot of Children I know here in Guatemala. So I want you to know that your donation is not meerly a stroke of good faith to them that would help provide a good meal to help sustain their mal-nutrioned bodies.
    I know some who are suffering from severe disease with no assistance to help them get the treatment to cure themselves. It breks my heart there is nothing I can do to give them the assistance they need to make it over the hurdlef of starvation and even death. But your assistance can give them life and a chance to know happiness.
    It would make me happy too for you to become their Knight in Shining Armour. God Bless, Ted

  197. C L Morrell

    Mr. Morrison, First I would like to say thank you for having the heart to give to a needed cause as Charity for there are so many needs out there, may God blessings forever be upon you!!! I am a Pastor Wife our church membership is very small about 60+ members, our church is going through some finance difficult because some of our members are not able to tithe as they should because of hard times, my Pastor had to fine other employment to make ends meet at the church and home, we know that God has place him in the community where our church is located, we do go out to reach others that are in our community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and have other great plans for others and the community. I don’t know if you give to churches as a chairty donation but if God lay upon your heart to do so it would truly be a blessing for our church. My church name is Trinity Independent Baptist Church, we are located at 7604 South Osborne Road, Upper Marlboro, MD. 20772. May you have a lovely and blessed year!!!!!

  198. Theresa Ballard

    Dear Mr. Morrison,

    I recently sent out over 125 letters to the rich famious and wealthy, asking for a 30.00 donation to the C.C.F.A as I was trying to raise money for them and to be able to participate in the marathon that is on Dec. 2nd, this Sunday.

    I have never been so insulted in y life by the response I got from these people, most choose not to even acknowledge my letter, but someone actually told me that they could not donate to me even 30,00 because they donate to the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation only, now I am sorry that Mr. gates could not afford to have Mr. Buffet donate 30.00 to my cause but that is what the letter I recieved from him said and I even got 2 copies of this letter. I was trying to raise 3k dollars for the Chrons & Colitis Foundation of America, and to be able to be able to do the marathon that is what was required to do so.

    Well if you would like a cause to donate to this is who I would ask you to help out.

    This is how you can make a donation, and if you really will do it in my name this is the best wat to do so.

    I will thank you in advance for anything and everything you can do.

    God Bless

    Theresa ballard

    Once your page is publicized, you can publicize it with this link:

  199. Blanca

    What a fabulous idea Anthony! I work at hospitals interpreting for Spanish speaking people. I think St. Jude’s hospital helps so many children! That would be a great place to donate a generous amount.
    We adopted children, so my second choice would be a Pregnancy Resource Center in Mississippi, they need diapers, baby formula, and who know maybe an ultrasound machine. That would be such a beautiful gift!
    Foundation for Life help so many young girls who are pregnant and do not have support. So many babies could be blessed by your generous gifting. God bless you for your generosity! Take care!

  200. Sandra Anastasia

    I know this is to help the needy, and I wonder…. I need a 20,000 surgery to replace lost teeth in an accident… I have been searching agencies to help but have had no luck, things have gotten so much worse, since it has taken so many years because of lack of funds… If I would have money I would choose so many people to help, I know of a day care, the one my little one attends, they need a building and a play ground, everything they have is hand me downs and very old… I believe in quality care for the future learders starting at the preschool level, I would personally love to see this school have what they need.
    I really appreciate everything you do Anthony. PS and A job would be nice.

  201. Donna Jo Duncan

    What means a great deal to me is hoping someday we find a cure for Melanoma Skin Cancer. This disease and breast Cancer has hit home. I lost a daughter to Melanoma Skin Cancer on April 23rd 2010 she was only twenty-four years old, and so many more children and adults are being affected by this disease. I give back to the community, through Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center, where my daughter is listed on the giving page, and also throuh my online store. My daughters name was Amanda Rose Miller.

  202. Michael Furth


    You are sincere. If you want to donate something to someone, then I must say you have already done that. How, you may ask. The answer is quite simple. I look upon the heart, not the outward appearance. Your heart is full of love. There is no greater love than to put others before yourself. I am giving you a donation greater than any man, woman or child can give to another. What is the donation? It is something that you have and no man, not even me, but God only, can give and the answer is: A perfect heart. You have that. To be perfect you need only one thing which you already have — a loving heart. God loves a cheerful giver. You are a cheerful giver and I am very pleased to let you know this. God knows all about you. Stay full of love and God will answer ANY and ALL that you ask.


  203. Alice Woodham

    Hi Anthony,

    When I start making money I always wanted to help St. Judge for children
    hospital. And start something In my community don’t know what yet, but that’s what I want to do something for kids.

  204. Roberta Guerra

    Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s hospital, Chicago, IL. 5 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease, Wegener’s Granulomatosis.
    Had it not been for Children’s Memorial Hospital (changed its name in 2012), she would have died. She has been in and out of the hospital for the last 5 years. Had they not diagnosed her and treat her with the proper medication she would have died. We had been in and out of doctor’s offices for months but no one knew what was wrong with her. Finally we were referred to Children’s Memorial Hospital. There is no cure for her disease but it can be managed with medication.
    My favorite charity is the hospital.

  205. Monte Grosfeld

    My Temple charges no dues. All expenses are paid through personal donations. I sure would appreciate any help you could give to my Temple:
    The Shul of New York. Donations can be made at our website: Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    Monte Grosfeld, affiliate

  206. Nanette Baird

    4.) Burn Center for Kids
    Assistance for children who have burn injuries.

  207. Lillian Frazier

    Anthony, I am a coach at Scott’s Branch Middle High School in Summerton, South Carolina. We are in need of financial assistance for our girls basketball team. Because the poverty level is very low and the girls are unable to buy tennis shoes and wind breaker suits, we are asking for your assistance in this endeavor. Tennis shoes cost around $1,000.00 and wind breaker suits around $3,000.00. If you can help us, it would be greatly appreciated.

  208. Jacqueline Christian

    Occupy Sandy – Christmas for Families: East Coast Hurricane Sandy Victims.
    Christmas For Kids-Joplin, Mo tornado families still rebuilding lives from 2011
    Christmas for Kids-Mannford, Oklahoma c/o Fire or Police Depts. 680 families lost their homes-burned to the ground over 156 square miles due to arson this summer during drought. Many of the farm and ranch areas had no fire or volunteer fire departments. It was announced Thursday :90% were not insured or insurance was insufficient.

    Not as well known due to respective 2012 disasters:they are all volunteer organizations. No one gets paid, no management group trims 40% off the top for operational expenses. Even the delivery volunteers get their fuel money donated or they pay for it themselves. People with energy and time donate their services. Other blessed individuals donate products. I think Occupy Sandy was trying to establish a donation fund in New York/New Jersey.

  209. Bob Vawter

    There are so many worthwhile causes even in our area it is so hard to choose one especially when they represent a larger cause and work together with other organizations. What comes to my mind is the Gilda’s Club in Grand Rapids Michigan. It is one of the largest Gilda’s clubs in the nation but they have continuing costs for their programs. They help not only victims of cancer but their whole family by providing a respite for the victims and their families and around the holidays they look to provide programs and a good environment for these people to rest, read, recreate, and associate with others and their families who have similar concerns and needs and they can gather together with others rather than feel alone especially around the holidays. The kids can have associate with their ow n and other families kids. The adults can associate with other adults with similar situations. The club is a wonderful place for those who can take advantage of it and it offers many programs year around. They are always accommodating and do a wonderful service cancer victims and families in the west Michigan area.
    Thank you so much for what you do especially to brighten up things from the kids perspective.

  210. George Gardell

    St Judes Childrens Hospital in Memphis, TN does groundbreaking work with kids who have cancer with a fantastic cure rate. Never charging the family a dime working purely with donations. Thanks

  211. Karen Pressley

    The Battered Women Shelter of Marion, N.C. These women sometime have to leave their home with only their children and what is on their backs, to get away for abusive situtations,and protect their children. Some even go under a protection plan to save their lives and their children lives. I feel like this would be of great help and they all would be grateful. Thanks.

  212. Justin

    HI Anthony,

    National Brain Tumor Foundation

    I wish there was a solution to help everyone for example with our economic crisis, people out of work, the homeless, causes, etc. For me being a Germinoma brain cancer survivor(02′, 03′) and know that so many people are being newly diagnosed with cancer every day and year. When I was diagnosed in 02′, my Endocrinologist referred me to get in touch with another young adult who had the same diagnosis as me named Jay; and since then we’ve kept in touch as good friends, supporting each other for the past 10 1/2 years.

    Not too long ago at Jay’ birthday, his mom told my mom about Jay’s third recurrent tumor how the doctor’s had never seen anything like it before; And my mom said her tone of voice didn’t sound very pleasant. Just recently last week I was completely devastated to discover that Jay had unfortunately died and lost his battle to his third recurrence from what his father told me over the phone.

    Me and Jay considered each other as cancer brothers since we both shared the same diagnosis, had similar treatments, and took the same replacement medications. I’ve endured a lot of treatments and surgeries in my life (02′, 04′, 05′, 06′, 012′), still living with an ongoing disability, symptoms, and side effects, but overall I’m just thankful and glad to be alive!

    However Jay had also suffered so much with his recurrent tumors and bouts with chemotherapy and it’s just so unfair how such a great, caring, soft-spoken, person like him to only live a short lifespan when he had so much to offer to the world. I still keep in touch with three other survivor friends with the same diagnosis, where two young adults like me are living with ongoing side effects, pains, fatigue, etc. The third is a wonderful doctor named Jonathan Finlay who’s one of the head of the NBTF, works at Children’s Hospital L.A. and visits Oakland Children’s hospital twice a month.

    It would make me so happy and appreciated if you can make a donation to the (NBTF)National Brain Tumor Foundation to help fund scientific research on brain cancers in hopes to find a cure or a better solution to track and stop cancer! Thanks so much! =)

  213. Pilgrim Rest Church

    This ministry feed the hungry, house, council, teach job skills, interviews for exoffenders, inner city youth development programs, need support for food and clothes pantry

  214. michael

    i ring the bell for the salvation army every year its my way of making a difference and they do good for people they have helped my family in the past and even helped us for thanksgiving

  215. michael mehr

    ring the bell for the salvation army every year its my way of making a difference and they do good for people they have helped my family in the past and even helped us for thanksgiving

  216. Justin

    I also wanted to say that I know Jay’s soul is no longer suffering and is now in a better place, probably waving and smiling down from Heaven! R.I.P, Jay! Cancer Brother forever! =)

  217. David & Anne Flanders

    We donate to Freedom Village USA in Lakemont, N.Y 14857. It has been an outstanding home for troubled teens for 32 years. Many of the children there are ignored by the family that are supposed to love them. It is a good feeling to be able to help to make these teens happy because from the testimonies of these kids they have come a long way at Freedom Village. From drugs, physical and sexual abuse, and dropping out of school to graduating and becoming upstanding Christian citizens. Thank you for offering to do this for so many disadvantaged people. Merry Christmas to you and your family and God’s blessings of peace, love and joy be with you in 2013.

  218. Larry Grannis

    Hello, Anthony. My favorite charity is one that I can personally vouch for. It is the Mensa Education and Research Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity. I have been the Chair of the Scholarship Committee for the Orange County, CA, Local Group (about 750 members) for the last ten years. Rather take a lot of space here, I refer you to the Foundation’s website ( where you can hover the cursor over “What We Do” and “How You Can Help” for drop-down menus with full information on Scholarships. We are an international organization with over 50,000 members in the US ( The specific thing to remember is that the Scholarships are open to all college students; Mensa membership is not required. I’ll leave you with this from the Foundation site:

    When was the last time you were rewarded purely for your passion in pursuing your life’s work?
    Over the course of decades, the Foundation’s scholarship program has recognized thousands of college students strictly on the basis of their essays about their educational goals. Consideration is not given to grades, academic program or financial need.

    Thank you for this opportunity,
    Larry Grannis

  219. Peter Briedis

    My favorite charity is Samaritan Counseling of Northwest Chicago
    800 Hart Road Barrington, IL They help families and individuals having family , mental and spiritual issues

    The other charity I support is the Family Empowerment Network in Chicago, IL which helps poor families stay together and work out issues they have. They also help kids with schoolwork and provide activities outside of school.

  220. Zora

    Thanks Anthony,

    Red Cross, I owe the Red Cross big time. When my house burned down with everything I owned even my clothes.

    I did not have a car either.

    They came over and gave me some water and food put me up in a motel till I could make arrangements to stay somewhere. There some of the best.

    Good Work

  221. Larry Shanahan

    Dear Anthony,
    This is a beautiful thing to do. While attending weekly Mass during the summer we had a Missionary Priest talk about his work with the poorest of the poor. I believe he was working in Jamaica. Father told us that a mother was so desperate to feed her children that she put left over oil or greese from a meal into clay dirt and made them into cookies to feed her children. She knew that there was no nutritional value in the clay but it was something to put in their stomach to take away their hunger pains. Father spoke of the children he had to Celebrate a Funeral Mass because they starved to death. I would like you to help this Apostilate if you could. I am sure they have a webb site. I can find out and send it to you. If you get this you are welcomed to call me at cell (408) 802 8948 or land line (408) 379-8737. My E-Mail is [email protected]. I wish and hope I can be successful at this or something so I could help people like this when I hear Missionary Priests speak . What ever we amount to in this world is because of Gods Grace in our lives. By the way you speak you have you have a lot of his Grace in your Heart. What a Gift you have, don’t loose it. I will close for now. I hope you can contact me and let me know what you think of this letter. I hope you and your family have a Blessed Christ Filled Christmas. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers when I attend Midnight Mass celebrating the real reason for this season. TAKE CARE


    Larry Shanahan

  222. Nancy Sullenberger


  223. carol

    Charity to me works in a lot of ways. I see a lot of people who use the system to get what they want. On the About me page of tells you a way of Charity that I do. There are people in this world that life to them is a gift. The slicer that I have is a new product that I just recently place on the internet. And for every slicer sold .25 goes for some that I know needs help. This year I am helping a 3 year old boy that has Type one diabetes. Since the boy was born he has had a lot of ups and down. His family goes though a lot of up and downs carrying for there son. They just recently just got a black lab that is trained to a where the owners when the year child’s levels is to high or two low. The cost of this dog was a lot of money and they have two years to have the dog paid for. This is including the training of the dog. If the dog isn’t paid for the dog is taken away. With my website site begin new and the product is new and I really don’t have a great amount of money to advertise the site I am not getting much money for the boy. But this is what I see that charity should also look in to doing for other people. What a great Christmas it would be for this family not to have to worry if the help of this child would have to stop.

  224. Mrs B,B

    AIDS is the later stage of HIV infection, when the body begins losing its ability to fight infections. Once the CD4 cell count falls low enough, an infected person is said to have AIDS. Sometimes, the diagnosis of AIDS is made because the person has unusual infections or cancers that show how weak the immune system is. In Africa (Nigeria, Ogoni) Dr. Chimezie the Director of RIVSACA recently and published on the internet stated that the rate of HIV/AIDS infection in Ogoni is 19.8% which is about the highest in the world right now.

    There is a new charity organization called Ogoni HIV/AIDS Outreach project (OHAOP) that volunteer to step in to help victims but they lack all resource to do the project. The Ogonis women, children and young people are infected and dieing in their members every days. The situation are so bad that need an urgent response to save more lives as every day more are being infected, while some die without any medical assistance.
    In this community there is need for awareness campaign, screening gadget, routine drugs and anti-retroviral drugs to give to the victims as the volunteers moving from community to community to help, and treats victims.

    They also need an office for the consultants to reach out the HIV/AIDS victims. Their strategy is to organize community medical outreach to enable the team to screen and provide first aid treatment to those who are victims and identify those with the virus, for further screening, prevention, control and treatment. OHAOP appeal to private, government institutions, organization and churches to render assistance to them so that they can people at this part of the world.

  225. Brenda Conlee

    I have a few places to name…first, my niece works for a wonderful place that is dedicated to helping abused children, the Jefferson Children’s Advocacy Center. So many children need so much help.
    Another place that I think is very worthy is The Smile Train. This charity helps restore children’s smiles, an operation costing only $250, to correct cleft palates. Shouldn’t every child have a beautiful smile?
    And another place is to help Indian children have a better life…St. Joseph Indian School. Donations help for clothing, for education that so desperately need to make a better life than they have.
    Thank you for any donation you might send.

  226. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos

    Hi Anthony,

    I usually like donating to three places and they are: St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and CARE. I am very short on money but I try to give what I can. This would be great if we could give more. This is fantastic. Have a great holiday season with you and yours.

  227. kelly shea

    Dear Anthony here in sacramento i recently heard that this winter they had found a place for the homeless to go but that there was a shortage of beds for people to sleep.Please help these people i will help all i can .Nobody should be out side if in the cold this winter.

  228. Wendy Heiser

    Minnesota Teen Challenge. This is a great organization that helps teens and young adults overcome addictions. I have supported them through our church and love it when their choir comes and sings for us around Christmas time. Hearing some of their stories and testimonials of finding faith and hope after going through tragic struggles is so touching and I’m proud to support the work they do.

  229. Carol A Clarke

    Would like you to donate to Channel 2 or Red Cross for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in Long Island/ Rockaway Area in New York. Thank You.

  230. Michelle Midcap

    My son was born Dec 11th 2011 and the first week he was born he had to have emergency open heart surgery. For mother’s day I found out he needed another open heart surgery immediately. If I was going to donate to a charity it would be to the West Virginia University Children’s Hospital, because they work miracles on our babies and give us as parents the gift of life. The ronald McDonald House of Charities were such a big support group that it really made it easy for me to get through this and be as close to my son as possible. Today he is almost 1 year old and he’s doing fantastic. If it wasn’t for these people I don’t know where I would be today. I love them all and wish I had the funds to donate to them.

  231. Mahlet ayalneh

    Hi Anthoney. I want , If you can give to kids those who do not have a relatives.



  233. Darlene Cortez

    Hello Anthony,
    I think it is great what you are doing. I formed a company, Natural Beauty, and I am in the process of learning how to create a website and generate traffic. I am working with your five websites that you just sent me. On Monday I am buying your bus plan program. I want to be mentored by you.

    My company will sell fragrances and skin care, and a portion will go to help a local elementary school, Lowell School, in Philadelphia, to have a feeding program. I want to trade my fragrances globally and build schools from a portion of the sales from Natural Beauty.

    I also created a fragrance to be traded under a charity to honor HRH King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. All of the sales of this fragrance HRH King Abdullah His Royal Majesty will go to the building of a school in the country where it is sold and of the King’s choice.

    All of my projects are in the process of starting up, so they are not eligible for funding by you now, but please keep my charities for your giving for next year.

    Many thanks,
    Darlene Cortez
    [email protected]

  234. Elmer Sabisch

    I’m glad and happy to see your attitude about the less fortunate. II have gotten acquainted with a spanish pastor in Hesperia Cal. Namely Hesperia Nazarene Spanish Church. This guy saves all year out of his own salary to give gifts to kids in his church. He seems to find the poor and down&outs. But he ministers to all the needs that he can. He used to be a very successful business man down in Cali Columbia. But felt God would like him to come up to America to reach the growing Latino population. He and his wife agreed. So the turned all the business over to family and came up here. In years past I would give them money, lots of groceries and at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We would take several Turkies, hams and boxes of groceries into them for their food bank. I was very successful in Real Estate. But you know how that went and now I’m a very broke used to was. I’m scrambling to keep my own house and feverishley going through your books learning all I can. It is a radical change in my way of thinking. But I’m a believer and am determined to make it in affiliate marketing. I’ve gone through PMI and am STILL trying to get it all together(another story in itself) So I don’t have the money to help these people this year. And now I get into your blog this week and think; If you sent them some help that would be great. In any event, I hope you and yours have the greatest Christmas for your wanting to give back to less fortunates.

  235. charlie

    Hello Anthony, given to charities and those in need, has always
    made my heart light up with ” JOY “. In four yrs, I received my
    military retirement pay. D. A. V., disabled american veterans for
    their service of keeping america free.MDR Fitness Corp / medical
    development research,these scientists defy aging, healthy muscles
    etc.CPD, clarksville police department.Not only here, but world wide
    they relly put there life on line.their family relly in need of support.
    These just a few, but it so many.THANKS Anthony for all that you do.
    ” GOD BLESS “.

  236. Kenneth Hancock

    Tough to narrow it down to just one… Forgive me if I suggest 2?

    1) Shared Hope International
    They rescue people (mostly children) abducted into the sex trade. They work with law enforcement for the rescues, operate recovery houses for the girls once they do get out, and work with the legal system to get better laws passed to protect kids from predators.

    2) The Apparent Project
    This married couple moved to Haiti about 8 years ago to help the poor people there — truly and wisely help them by giving them jobs. They create local art which is sold around the world. Since they moved there they have endured the great earthquake which decimated the country, as well as devastating hurricanes. Instead of running home to the States they have stayed on, helping bring medicines, operate as the community ambulance with their car (the hospitals were destroyed and now are still operating out of tents), adopting children and helping their neighbors with daily struggles. These are two of the most selfless people I know.

    Thanks for considering this!

    Kenny Hancock

  237. Rob Zalesiak

    I think you giving to these charities is a wonderful thing. It would greatly be appreciated if you could donate to the American Diabetes Association.

  238. Bill Arnett

    Wounded Warrior Project, CFC #11425


    The greatest casualty is being forgotten.

    Formation 2002[1]

    Type 501(C)(3) Corporation #20-2370934


    “To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service members; to help severely injured service members aid and assist each other; to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs”

    Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida

    Executive Director Steven Nardizzi, Esq.

    Staff 130 Full-time Employees


    The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization

  239. Geara

    Hi Anthony
    I am happy for you to donate to the Burn Centre or towards hospital equipment that will help to save lives, perhaps something that babies or children would benefit from.

  240. Jose Ganancial

    Hi Anthony,

    Please include Mental Health Kokua as one of the recipients to receive donations from you this year. This non-profit organization is based in Hawaii. Information about this charity can be reached at

    May God shower you great abundant blessings and favors in all of your good deeds and intentions.


  241. Jeanette Potts

    I am working on my new business at this time, but I wanted to let you know…my grandchildren are on the local “Angel Tree”, and I truly appreciate your involvement/contibutions to the ‘Angel Tree’. (1) local charity, I always donate to…when my family cleans out our dwelling is a group called, “Abilities Unlimited”.
    Abilities Unlimited started small, many years ago. They teach humans with developmental disabilities, ‘How to work’, How to make Money, and they are taught basic life-skills for survival. They have a ‘Thrift Store’ or two, in Fort Smith and Van Buren, Arkansas. (The participants did put together, small refrigerator parts, to go on the ‘Whirlpool’ refrigerators, but Whirlpool, shut down locally, this last year.)
    Anthony, thankyou in advance for listening, & Sincerely, Jeanette Potts

  242. rusty strahan

    Love-a-child in Haiti…Bobby and Sherrie Burnet, missionaries.the people in Haiti have been devasted by earthquakes and hurricanes and pestilance. they live in grass huts. their primary religeon is voodoo.
    Sherry and Bobby buld schools(Christian) schools and make their own cinder blocks .they buy clothes for all the studentr(kids), and feed them and also immunize them.the kids go back and most of the time their moms and dads get converted from voodoo to Christianity. It really is a good cause..100% of the donations go to helping those kids and their families become healthy Chritian adults.You can even adopt,(not legally unless you want) these kids and sponser them.If you do this,Bobby and Sherry will send you traced drawings of their feet ,waist,height names ,and send you pictures of them with the clothes that you might buy for them.Haiti is the poorest nation in our world.remember love a child!


    Hi Anthony, I’m interested to receive donate from you, in my church I know some people who are in need. So, if you decide to send me as donate, I can share with them, and send proof of the distribution to you if you’d like to.I’m waiting for your response to that matter.
    I wish you already a Merry Christmas and upon you the blessings of the Lord.
    Sincerely yours,
    Georges F. Dorescar

  244. Lorie Salvador

    Hi Anthony!

    Thank you for much for the wonderful reminder of the true gift of giving. The charity that I’m asking you to donate to is the Whole Planet Foundation ( Their mission is to alleviate poverty through microcredit in communities world-wide that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products. Thank you so much!

  245. James Howard

    Children Angel Tree would be my selection if I just HAD to choose.
    Breast Cancer Awareness is a fantastic cause as well. Someone’s mother is facing this horrific battle right now.

    Burn Centers need donations as well. I mean think about a small child that has been burned badly enough to need skin grafts. The skin graft will last until the child grows and needs another and another until adulthood.

    There are many different noble causes that need attention. I still have to say children though. I know about children from needy families that need clothing for school and food for their home life. Many parents in needy families choose to party instead of thinking of their children’s nutritional or clothing needs. That’s why I would donate food and clothing to needy children and legitimately needy parents of needy families in my own community.
    Children are the main staple for our tomorrow. They will run our country and be our decision makers in a few short years.

  246. Llemonte Fuqua

    Christmas will be here soon. Here at OnPoint Ministries we have around 15 to 20 people who sleep on the property each night. Loveland Church is having a big dinner of the homeless and others witnin our community on Christmas Eve.

    We have decided that no one sleeps outside this Christmas! All of our regulars will be invited into my house Christmas Eve night. Everyone will be camped out of the floors and couches surrounding the Christmas tree. In the morning there will be a big breakfast and gift openings for all. The rest of the day will be spent preparing Christmas dinner for our extented family. For those homeless who don’t have family or a place to go OnPoint Ministries will be the place for the day.

    If you find in your heart and are able we could use some assistance getting gifts for 14 to 16 men and 4 women. Please use your imagination all gifts are welcomed and appreciated. We are could use monetary donations as well as food, socks, gloves, sleeping bags new and used, hyigene products for men and women and gift cards to stores like Smart & Final or movie theatres.

    Please send all donations to 9791 Arrow Rte. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 c/o OnPoint Ministries. Checks are made out to Lifepoint Church with OnPoint Ministries in the memo space.

    Please check us out on facebook at On Point Ministries in Rancho Cucamonga

  247. norman rambow

    Good Morning Anthony,

    You and your family are amazing.. I am so Impressed with Adrians love for
    you and your family as you are.. Your hearts for others and especially giving to so many kids and others. A real down to earth person who do your family of friends too.. Thanks for making a difference to so many. through your help and dedication.. I hope to do what you do in time.. only time separates I believe what you continue to do and me to achieve a better level to do similar kind deeds..

    I have given time and various toys and food to different small non profits in the northwest and have shared time to help others.. Not so much money but helping. those around christmas..taking on a family insuring gifts for a special family.. trees and gifts I have done in the past.. But a few charities in my area are

    Northwest Harvest ….. which I have given lots of food and more to over the years at drop off points .even had them bring a truck to a food store to get food.. .

    Christmas House in Everett, Wa ( this helps lots of kids)
    [email protected].

    Toy for Tots which has always been a good place to help .

    Thank you


  248. Tara Robinson

    What a wonderful thing to do. They all sound like wonderful charities. I would like to donate to the Hurricane Sandy victims, here in NJ and surrounding ares that were affected by the storms devistating destruction. There are still many families with nothing! No clothing, no or little food, no homes to go to, and no Christmas for many families and children. The recovery process for many is going to be a long one. I think it would be a nice thing to do; to give to the familes in need, so that they will be able to have a little Merry in their Christmas.

    God Bless you all!!

  249. Ransford Kwaning

    Tony, There is a group of family a non profitable organization which I belong to, called ‘One Love Family of The Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, The Living Perfect Master of our time’. This is a group of people who have denied the earthly things following Maharaj Ji just for safety/sack of the planet earth and humanity. Tony, show me the way to raise funds for the grove of the Divine Light Mission and Maharaj Ji will bless you and your generation.

    In US, I there some organizations doing good humanitarian job, I do support them. If there should be a donate on my behave as you said, should go to the Carter Centre, they are doing fantastic job around the world.

  250. Ransford Kwaning

    Tony, There is a group of family a non profitable organization which I belong to, called ‘One Love Family of The Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, The Living Perfect Master of our time’. This is a group of people who have denied the earthly things following Maharaj Ji just for the safety/sack of the planet earth and humanity. Tony, show me the way to raise funds for the growth of the Divine Light Mission and Maharaj Ji will bless you and your generation.

    In US, there there some organizations doing good humanitarian job, I do support them. If there should be a donate on my behave as you said, should go to the Carter Centre, they are doing fantastic job around the world. The Sat Guru Maharaj Ji will bless Paa Jimmy and Rose…..

  251. Willie Terrence Mitchell

    Caracole’s mission is to provide safe, affordable housing and supportive services for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.

    Founded in 1987, Caracole Inc. was the first housing agency in the tri-state for people living with HIV/AIDS. When Caracole first opened its doors, the client population consisted of relatively young gay and bisexual men diagnosed with AIDS. At that time, the average lifespan was two years from diagnosis to death. In 1998 with the advent of many new and potentially life-saving drug regimens, those living with HIV/AIDS began living longer, healthier lives dramatically changing their needs and therefore the services we provide. Since that time our staff has seen substantial increases in the number of women, homeless people, and families in need of extensive assessment, treatment, and referral services for mental health, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS care and housing. In response to those factors, Caracole now provides case management and housing along a continuum of care which includes six comprehensive programs: Caracole House, Caracole Recovery Community, Shelter Plus Care, Permanent Supportive Housing, Short-Term Rental and Mortgage Assistance and Medical Case Management.

  252. Julian Chambers

    The old saying is that “Generosity starts at Home,” and those who protect our values and freedoms while sacrificing their freedoms are very deserving. There is a grass roots effort to help military veterans. Did you know that the suicide rate for these veterans is higher than any past conflicts? Did you realize that many of these veterans are homeless now?

    I need to give you a little background on some issues. To start I must tell you of my aunt who moved back to Tennessee when she lost her house in California. She was a doctor’s daughter and, while mostly frugal, she helped others due to her generosity and because of how she saw her parents helping others. She paid for the medical bills of an exchange student who was living with her at the time in California. Her heart was bigger than her income, so she moved back to Tennessee with what equity she had left to buy a house in Murfreesboro.

    She rented rooms much the same way as she had done in California, but did not get good results due to the mentality of the people who were looking to rent rooms. By chance, a person with the VA suggested that she consider vets for her tenants; well, she had found her niche. Her past generosity was still hurting her because she had cosigned a note back in California for a family to get a house, and that family lost their jobs, and they were expecting her to stand behind that loan. My aunt is 72 years young, rides a motorcycle, needs a cataract removed, and has had two knee replacements and a shoulder replacement. She works with these vets with a discipline and understanding because my grandfather came back from WW2 with PTSD. I would like for her to be helped, but not from me as the donor, but from an anonymous source. Her mail address is: Polly Lynch, 2215 Oakhaven Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37129.

  253. paula naill

    Anthony, near and dear to my heart is that people get the food they need and so i give to Heifer International, Feed My Starving Children, and the Twin Cities Loaves and Fishes.

  254. Cynthia Boyd

    Hello Mr. Morrison

    I would like you to donate to a foundation that helps in the research of helping people walk again after an injury to the spinal cord, particularly injury to the T 12. I was never aware that so many people were in this situation until it happened to my son, and unfortunately , people with little or no means are unable to get help, and I think everyone deserves a chance rather rich or poor.

  255. Thomas E Johnson

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about one of the charities I contribute to regularly. It is ChildFund International. Currently they are asking for help with their ChildAlert Emergency Fund. This fund helps children in natural disasters, armed conflicts and especially this year, devastating drought. Many of the children are right here in America. Midwestern states have suffered severe drought this summer with the lost crops and lost income. Please consider helping these seasonal farmhands whose families go hungry. God bless you this holiday season.

  256. Clarice

    Dear Anthony, You are an Amazing and Rare individual never ever lose that, because it is one of the most honorable of titles one can ever hope to achieve, and I admire that about you! Like my self, you were uniquely created with a Huge Heart full of Love a Delight and, that it in it’s self is Rare trust me! As I’ve mentioned before I was attempting to find success in your program so that I could work toward My Dream and Vision of opening a Charter School and Physical Therapy Unit for Special Needs Children here in Okeechobee. It’s a very small town and unfortunately the poorest county in all of Florida. There’s not enough help any where. I am not asking for money for me even if it would help. I am asking for help with two other programs in my area, that help special needs children who never receive enough funding or get nearly enough help, especially during this time of year because their almost always over looked. The first Program is in Treasure Cost (a small town just south of mine). It is the National Foundation Center for Down-syndrome.The Directors name is Sandy Coleman her # is !(772)546-7057 and they so desperately,need help . As doe’s another non-profiteer I’ve recently had the privilege to meet, her name is: Mimi Arnold,And I hope she don’t slap me for this, but Her # is (863) 393-3206 she’s is another Huge Hearted person who happens to run a Special Needs Equestrian here near my home. Because of the delicate laws and regulations that she has to follow in order to protect her precious clientele, It unfortunately, prohibits her from being allowed to advertise or do any kind of fundraising, which she needs to insure that her services can continue year after year. So as you can guess, She Never Gets the Funding She Deserves. My daughter as well as the many ,many other special children would be simple devastated if her program and service were to end. Please help these incredible individuals, by sharing there quest in giving these very precious Children such wonderful gifts that come even as Rare as You! Thank You so much for your time and consideration, Ms. Gutmann. If you need me my # is (863)623-4149

  257. K. K. Kumaroo

    Dear Anthony:
    Your idea of “donation” to “charity” is well taken. Can we not give to organizations doing good things. Why “donate” to “Charities” ? Is it because they can benefit from IRS deductions? The CEOs or Presidents of cahrities in general help themsleves with high salaries. The very word “charity” belittles a cause…..Children, Burn Center, Breast Cancer etc are worthwhile causes. How about supporting organizations which are dedicated in restoring dignity and equality to people with various disabilities?

  258. David Trujillo

    Hello Anthony:

    I am glad you asked me that question. But I do not want you donating in my name its your money. If you would like to help good causes this is my suggestion to you.

    Boys and Girls Town Of Omaha Nebraska 14100 Crawford St BoysTown, NE 68010 (402)498-1300 and the Omaha Open Door Mission 2706 North 21st Street Omaha,NE 68110 (402) 422-1111. Did you know that their are 15000 people on the streets in Omaha with no place to live.

    I am sure it is the same in cities near you. These organization have done so much for out community over the years. People can not fathom the kind of lives Men , Woman and children are living today.

    May God Bless You Anthony Morrison and I would also like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

    One day maybe we will meet

    Growing With You Always

    David L Trujillo
    Omaha, NE

  259. Christine Jackson


  260. Christine

    I have a grandson with a form of AUTISM and his mother has a new experience with him every day We nearly lost him a year ago to a terrrible desease called STEVEN JOHNSON SYNDROME which is horrible and will cause problems for the rest of his life – so any charity that deals with kids and autism would be great –
    also I lost my fiance to Cancer in 1999 and my auntie passed in 1990 with multiple myaloma – so american cancer society.

  261. Nancy Jordan

    Anthony, thank you for offering this suggestion…..We have an Empty Stocking Fund donation charity currently requesting donations which go to provide monetary assistance for food, shelter, heating bills, etc. Athens, Ga. is the home of the Ga Bulldogs (playing today 4:00 est on CBS), but Athens itself is considered one of the top ten impoverished counties in Ga. Back in 2008 I had to make use of their assistance. The stories of their assistance get published from time to time…..It is local, but I am a firm believer that help is started at home first, then it can progress outward…..Your consideration would be greatly appreciated…..You are a great Soul and I did attend Adrian’s seminar March 2012 here in Athens…. Nancy Jordan

  262. charlene kiger

    the most important thing on my heart these days is sex-trafficing. it is a real growing problem in the U.S. it has ben known as a problem in third world countries for a while. there are children being sold as sex slaves at an alarming rate. I don’t know what agencies there are in your area, but you can look it up. here in kansa city it is called veronicas house. it is something i think we need to start addressing. it must be the most horrible lift for a chid to have to live. God layed this on my heart and i am trying to help bring awareness.

  263. Miroslav Lukic

    This is a great action you had started to help charities. I have a long list of charity organizations I have been donating to but in order to not take too much advantage of your offer I will name here just a few:

    Covenant House (Shelter for homeless juveniles)
    461 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10001

    DAV (Disabled American Veterans)
    PO Box 14301, Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-0301 1-877-647-VRTS

    Easter Seals (Disabled Children Services)
    PO Box 128, Columbia, SC 29202-0128

  264. Sharon Brickley

    With te economy the way it is Pets have lost the most. Many are put to death because of the lack of food in the shelters. Please don’t to those who have no voice.

  265. Stephen Nessler

    When I was working I would give money to charities;
    1 Operation Blessing, 2. Christian Broadcasting Network, 3. Prison Fellowship Ministies, 4. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
    as well as others.

  266. Gregg Jackson

    The Shriners Hospitals:

    Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children. Providing orthopedic, burn, spinal cord injury and cleft lip and palate care to children under 18.

    1 Google review
    3229 Burnet Avenue Cincinnati, OH

    This is a great way to help a lot of children in need.

    Whatever you select I am sure it will be a great selection.

    Have a blessed day and I will see you Thursday, if you are in Madison.


  267. Judy Atkins

    I do have someone who really needs help———–a widow—-who lost her husband of 43 years also disabled….She lost everything she had to sell her furniture etc..she lived with her divorced daughter and teenaged granddaughter.witched did not work due to money and bills,there wasn’t any place for her to stay .she ended up staying with her sister in law..the personal
    things that was kept and is in storage (like a few clothes.etc).She pays half of things for living there which is about all her security check.she had a few back surgerys and both knees replaced also both shoulders..I don’t even know if you’ll even reed would be surprised how a 70 year old has got to live…I know……BECAUSE IT’S ME I COULD REALLY USE HELP.
    I COULD BE YOUR CHARITY….No I’m not crazy.just prayiny for help….THANK YOU ! For reading this (if you even did read this…

  268. gordon snow

    I lost one of my daughter’s to cancer a couple of years ago, so my suggestion would be Make a wish foundation.

  269. Susan Norman

    My sister died at 38 from complication to diabetes she had since she was five year old. My mother had it later in life and struggle with it, And my nephew has it and has since he was three year old he is doing ok and he is now 37.
    My family has dealt with this awful disease that is slow killer.

  270. Kathy Hauser

    Please consider donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This disease affects so many children. They are sick their entire lives and usually never live past their teenage years. My nephew died with cystic fibrosis and was sick and in pain most of his life. The foundation needs help to find a cure for this disease or at least give these children some quality of life.

  271. Shirley Lawrence

    It’s wonderful that you are donating to such wonderful charities. My thought is that Make A Wish foundation is one of the best to donate to. These are dying kids that make their last wish to do whatever they want and Make A Wish makes sure they are able to get the experience. It’s so heartwarming to see what these children dream to do. Sometimes it’s to give to others instead for themselves. It’s amazing the things they think of to do. Thank you for the opportunity to donate thru your efforts. You are a great humanitarian!

  272. Beverly

    St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital,is who I’d like to see you donate to Anthony.

  273. Anitria D. Thomas

    Yes, Anthony
    > Not asking you for a million dollars but anything you can do to help my church would be greatly appreciated.
    > We are a small church that has been effectd by hurricans and many storms since Katrina, Rita and just recently Issac.
    > I am the secretary with a little less 20 adult members and many children who has to do without during this holiday season. We are trying to raise money to build a facilty to house and care for abused women and children who live in the community and surrounding areas.
    My church is Philippi Evangelistic Church of God in Christ.
    6325 Claiborne Ave.
    New Orleans, La. 70117
    > If you are serious about your request i welcome your help.

  274. Bobby D. Hart

    Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for helping me give to the March Of Dimes for Pregnant mothers and mothers with new born babies.
    There are others too, but I will have to wait until I make more money, then I can give more.
    mothers march
    P.O. Box 2541
    Decatur, IL 62525-2541

  275. James Waters

    I personally donate to the Food Bank of Maryland and the American Red Cross.

  276. Debbie Sundholm

    Anthony, I change up the charities each year. Some I donate $ and others my time. Some I chose: Juevenille Diabetes Research Fund, Humane Society of the US, HAWS (Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha Countty in WI), National Wildlife Federation. And animal rescues ASPCA, and local Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary.

  277. Jennifer

    This past year I gave up my birthday to raise money for charity : water – a non profit charity that digs wells in third world countries so that they can have clear safe drinking water. I pledged to raise $500 dollars but have not done so as of yet. My campaign page is listed above.

    Even if you do not donate to my page I believe that charity : water is a wonderful charity to donate any amount of money to at . It hit straight through to my heart when I watched a video and I believe that it may touch yours as well.

  278. Rich Myrick

    The website I listed above, is the Mama Sayang Orphanage in Indonesia. t I was able to help a little bit in the beggining when it first started. I personally have been there, I lived in Indonesia for 3 years from 2002 – 2005 until I went to Iraq and then a little after that, when I returned.

    I know Mike and Jev Hillard personally. They are school teachers who are legally licensed for this Orphanage and school. It is worth visiting Indonesia and talking to Mike and Jev. They can use any help needed, The Ophanage is called MAMA SAYANG…translated from Indonesian means, ” Loving Mother” The Loving Mother orphanage.

    Any questions can be sent to me about this Orphanage I know it well and have stories about it. But the best source is from Mike himself, he has done a tremendous work, he is from Scotland and his Wife Jevelyn is from Indonesia. I believe they still have not official means of support, they get it from any direction it comes.

    You have my email and I can give you all the details you need or you can get them from the website or can call Mike directly. The children are rescued from abuse, death and abandonment. This is a hard work in Indonesia. They deserve help and would welcome any help they can get.

    Mikes email: [email protected] Mikes cell: 0811 855613

  279. Cynthia Thomas

    Dear Anthony, You are a very kind and loving young man. Tell your parents they are blessed to have a son like you. One of my favorite charities is NAPS (National Association For The Prevention of Starvation) 7000 Adventist BLVD NW, Huntsville, AL 35806-9985. These are unselfish college students who give up their holidays and spare time to help others. Thank You so much for sending me your email s. I am still looking forward to being trained by you and learning how to be successful, because I love helping people to.Thank you for your time, I pray you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  280. Marcelina Adena


    I would be very happy if you could donate to Maui Economic Opportunity (MEO) , a non-profit organization that serves the island of Maui with their diverse programs, like the Early Childhood Services. MEO supports the economically challenged, high risk and special needs pre-school children. I used to buy gifts for their Wish List during Christmas, a tradition I want to keep even if money is very tight in honor of the Child Jesus.

    God bless you and your family. I know that for every soul that we help, will bring back tremendous blessings in the years to come.


  281. Tammy Ruegsegger


    Thank you so much for everything you do. We just recently had a tragic happen to our family. My 30 year old cousin passed away from breast cancer. She was diagnosed with it when she was 25 and fought a long hard battle for 4.5 years. She did graduate from medical school and was suppose to be starting her residency at Stanford in Pediatrics as soon as she was feeling better. She never got better. She passed a few weeks ago. I would like to donate some money to her cause in my name, but my husband is not working consistently so I am not able to do it at the moment. Here is what my cousin’s husband Remy posted on his Facebook.
    As most of you already may know Caroline Graham-Lamberts passed away on October 28th. The amount of support, condolences, memories, love, tears are a testament of Caroline’s sweet and true spirit and the light which she radiated.

    A memorial service with reception following will be held for Caroline Ellen Graham-Lamberts on Saturday, November 17, 2012, 3:30 p.m. at Christ Church Episcopal, 2000 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV.

    We will be establishing award in outreach and advocacy in pediatric medicine at both Stanford School of Medicine and University of Nevada School of Medicine where we would ask that you make your tax deductible donations in lieu of flowers. Please make your donation by:

    1. Check made to Caroline Ellen Graham-Lamberts Memorial Fund and mailed to Development Services Gift Processing, P.O. Box 20466, Stanford, CA 94309.


    2. Caroline Ellen Graham-Lamberts Memorial Fund and mailed to University of Nevada School of Medicine, 2040 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 400, Las Vegas, NV 89102. This donation may also be made online by visiting The designation should be “other” and in the “other” text box should be filled in as Caroline Graham Lamberts School of Medicine Memorial

    Thanks again for all the support during this difficult time.

    I actually have two causes. We have a St. Bernard, who is the love of my life. I have been thinking about becoming a foster mom to a St. Bernard, but since I teach all day I feel as if the foster dog needs me here to help in the recovery process. Instead of becoming a foster mom I would like to donate money to St. Bernard Rescue Foundation INc. They help St. Bernards find homes after people drop them off at shelters for dumb reasons like, They are too big, (No duh, they are a St. Bernard and they grow fast.) They drool. (Again, they are a St. Bernard and that is what some of them do.) They shed. (That is what dogs do.) You name it the list goes on and on. They eat too much, I don’t have enough room for them now that they are big. The rescue foundation tries to help pay vet bills from either abuse, up to date shots, and spay or neutered. They also try to help find them homes permanent and temporary until a permanent home can be established. These big lovable dogs don’t have a voice, so I want to be their voice. I want to speak for them and all other animals who need our help. Since we have a 2 year old St. Bernard it is near and dear to my heart. Thanks for taking into consideration my two charities. God Bless you Anthony, Tammy

  282. Cecelia

    Hi Anthony. My mom recently passed. I was forced to resign from a job at a local hospital where I have been employed for 13 years. My church is raising money to buld a new building. We are raising money for two families in our congregation that are in need of assistance. I also work on the “I Won One” ministry. We are collecting clothes for the “So Others Might Eat(SOME)” organization. We are delivering it to them on Christmas Eve. We are also helping to serve lunch to families there on Christmas Eve. I attend Shiloh Abundant Life Center 7905 Cryden Way Forestville,MD 20747.

  283. Harry Ketchum

    We need to protect our Veterains, afterall they are safeguarding our great nation,

  284. Gwendolyn Williams

    I had surgery on my right breast because there was a calcium build up in the breast that turned into cancer. The surgeon recommended to perform the second operation to not have the calcium return as cancer in the right breeast.

    Send a donation to: American Cancer Society
    P.O. Box 22718
    Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 73123-1718
    Contact Number is: 1-800-227-2345

  285. Kim Fischer

    Hello Anthony…….I would ask that you donate something to the ASPCA. I live in Washington state, and the “Humane Society” here in King County won’t give up any of it’s “power”. This is such a corrupt State – please donate to the ASPCA, because they have the “police power” in several states to actually arrest animal abusers. AND they have an excellent “money used for victims vs. money paid to “Staff”. Thanks for your consideration…….Kim

  286. Nancy Nickerson

    Please Help women with cancer, I lost my best friend in 2011. She didn’t know she had Cancer she died in three months. Her mother didn’t have the money she needed to send her to cancer center. Please women with cancer.
    Thank You Anthony,

  287. Elaine Pinkston

    Hi. Anthony,
    Two charities I would like to tell you about are a long way from where you are
    They are in the cold Dakotas and you can provide warm winter coats and
    a warm Christmas for Dakota Indian children .
    St.Joseph’s Indian School
    Chamberlain’ SD 57325

    Dakota Indian Foundation
    P.O. Box 340
    Chamberlain, SD 57325-0340

    Hope you choose one of these.


  288. Eddie Dean

    Hi Anthony, I have’nt thought about donations lately. I have been looking for a motor for my truck the past three weeks. But since you are asking, I think Cancer or Kidney Transplant would be good. My wife has had both in the past few years.The Hospitals were located in San Antonio ,TX.. Thank You for asking. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year also. Eddie Dean

  289. Jo-Anne Eadie

    Think about who you donate to:
    The American Red Cross – President and CEO Gail McGovern – salary for the year 2010 – $1,037,000 plus expenses. 2011 – $571,000 plus expenses

    Google – America’s most efficient charities

  290. Susan Sklenar

    My favorite charity is Heifer International. They help families all around the world including the U.S. by providing them with farm animals or bees. The families are educated in the particular species’ husbandry and the first generation of offspring are then required to be given to other families in the community, thereby providing families to become independent and learn about tithing.

  291. Derryl

    World Wildlife Fund … do it for climate change, the oceans and freshwater, the animals (whales, tigers, polar bears, etc.) … help save the world

  292. jritter

    This question has helped me think about what charity I would like to donate to when becoming successful in this business.More and more people are becoming homeless with the economy in it’s current condition and it’s sad to see. I am living paycheck to paycheck but at least I still have a roof over my head and food to eat.

  293. Lin

    I really feel strongly about donating to children who are hungry in America. There are many people who donate money overseas for needy and hungry adults and children, but I feel that we overlook the many children in the US that need food too.

  294. judith schiff

    Action For Nature, Inc. is an international non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California, that encourages young people to take personal action to better their environments and to foster love and respect for nature. Founded by Shimon Schwarzschild, whose personal environmental initiative is an inspiring story, the AFN board believes that the long-term health of our planet and all who live on it depends upon reaching young people with this message:

    Learn to love and respect the natural world in which you live. Do not be afraid to take action to stop or hinder the degradation of your personal environment and the annihilation of many of the creatures — including human beings — found in it.

    Personal action is a powerful weapon in the battle to keep our planet alive and well. When taken, it can slow down a river’s pollution; help preserve the ancient growth of trees threatened by cutters; and increase the survival of songbirds.

    Our International Young Eco-Heroes Awards program recognizes and encourages children and teens who have completed a project to “foster respect and affection for nature through personal action.” And our book Acting for Nature shows how effective personal action can be. This wonderful collection shares stories of young people who took personal action to help the environment; the book is an inspiration to all who read it.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact us:

    Action For Nature, Inc.
    2269 Chestnut Street, #263
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    Phone: 415-513-2421
    FAX: 415-922-5717
    E-mail: mail AT

  295. Chona Castaneda

    The Abundant Prayer for Miracles Group with the address … Richard Roberts

    Oral Roberts Evangelilstic Association po Box 2187,Tulsa OK74102-9987
    This is a healing ministry in every areas of people`s life be it health issues,family;evilspirits laying off issues;job-related issues .And they give donation of meds and food to poor countries too.More power and Happy Holidays!

  296. shanna hill

    Anthony here is an idea for you donate to my brother in law on dec 15 last year i was blessed with a neice that fought to come into this world. Then she didnt get to leave the hosp till the 24 so she was our christmas baby. We had her 2 short months till SIDS took her from us so our christmas this year is going to be spent findiing a way to raise money to put a stone on her grave. So if you are still looking for a good cause to donate to this is one. Thanks for your time.

  297. Mary Walls

    Hi, Anothy, would consider donateing to Stacee Walls, she lost her job last month, she has
    place numerous applications. does not qualify for unemployment. On one of her applications she received an interview which went well, they said she would receive a call
    on a certain day and when she did’nt get that call she called then , so there reply was they
    lost her application and made no appology. so she said I live not far from you I can come and replace the app . So they replyed she would not be elliable for six months.She has rent
    and car payment due. Thank you in advance for your help.

  298. Dian and Will Kowarsch

    We have two charities that we donate to. Christian Record Services for the Blind. This organization provides reading services in Braille, digital and large print and free summer and winter camps. ( The other is Smile Train – P.O. Box 96208, Washington, DC 20090=6208

  299. Debbie Smith

    Southern California has been hit hard with economic problems. Fortunately Coachella Valley Rescue Mission provides Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Learning Programs to help the homeless regain their life. They service Men, Women and Children. They also supply Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas gifts for the less fortunate children in the Valley. The heat reaches dangerous degrees well over 100 daily in the summer and the CVRM provides a place for the homeless to go to survive from the heat. Abused women and children are given a place to stay along with people struggling with addictions. They provide programs for people so they learn correct living skills along with faith based programs. Anyone can donate at their website Thank you for your consideration.

  300. Deb Watson

    Muscular Dystrophy Association benefits many people of all types of muscular and neuromuscular disorders.
    Salvation Army has always been there to help so many.

  301. Angela

    Wounded Warriors- helps the soldiers who come back wounded from war trying to keep us safe.


    Adullum House….This is a place near Wetumpka, AL that takes care of children from infant up to 16 or so whose mothers are in prison and they have no one who can and will take care of the innocent children.They feed, house, cloth, school, etc these kids till the parents are able to take care of them.

  302. Twila

    Hi Anthony, I have two charities I would love for you to donate to. My daughter was born with neurofibromatosis, which there is no cure for. Neurofibromatois is a very humbling disease. The second one is Scottish Rite Hospital for children. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  303. Virginia Archie

    Hi Anthony,
    I was reading all these letters to you and everybody needs your help desperately.You have so many choices to.I kind of hesitating to ask
    help from you.Anyway,I just want to share my story to you this Christmas.
    One month ago,I have two nephews in the Philippines that had been (gun)shots together with their friend.Without knowing that their friend had an enemy.Unfortunately,their friend died.Fortunately, my two nephews survived
    from the bullets.Without my help (financially) they will not make it.The doctor doesn’t want to operate unless you have money.We sent the money immediately and thanks God ,both of them are recovering now.After two weeks,when I opened my facebook,I have message in my inbox from my sister’s friend that my sister need an emergency money for the hospital.My sister had a mild heart attacked.Thanks God again!She’s still recovering.Just after a week after I sent money to my sister,I turned on my computer to find out if she’s getting better.I have another new message in my in box that one of my youngest brother was at the emergency hospital for lung disease and acute ulcer.I sent money again.We cancelled our vacation to visit my brothers and sisters back home.I have to support them for the supply of their foods and medications for at least a year….My only wish to our Lord in heaven… is to help my brother and sister to recover from their illness and give me healthy life ,so I can continue to provided for their well being…so I ask help to all my face book friends to donate a short prayers for my brother and sister…thank you!

  304. Richard Slechter, Sr.

    I suggest the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.
    Merry Christmas to all and God Bless!

  305. Bobbie

    We have a number of charity but the one that we are spending a great deal of time with is the disable veterans.

  306. Theo Nicholas

    Hi Anthony,

    My charity that I’m passionate about www
    The AFA provides optimal care and services to individuals,caregivers and families confronting dementia. afa unites more than 1600 member organizations dedicated to meeting the social, emotional and educational needs of individuals with ALZ.
    Donations help fund counseling and toll free hotline,counseling,national initiatives and professional education and training to raise awareness and train the younger generation to engage in this effort. They also help remove the fear and denial l surrounding the disease. Assist in early detection and proper treatment. This is a disease that has the potential to effect so many of our families.. I have volunteered my time as well as donated. A worthy cause

  307. David Fansler

    Hello Anthony,

    My wife and I have a charity. We provide humanitarian aid to the poor and needy in many different situations around the world. We are a small organization but do the best with the money we have. We have helped people in disasters, feeding programs, medical clinics, kids living in garbage dumps and other types of humanitarian aid.

    Thank you for your consideration and your help. Look forward to actually meeting you.

  308. Judy Hill

    Dear Anthony I don’t need to ask you too donate to any charity I know your heart will give accordingly to what it tells you to donate too. Merry Christmas and too all those suffering with death and illness I will pray for you and your families this evening.

  309. Joycelyn English

    Hi Anthony,
    I think you are so awesome with all that you do for so many people and I am very grateful to know that there are many people just like you around. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews would be such an awesome charity to give to because Rabbi Eckstein calls out to people to help provide life-sustaining food, clothing, heating fuel, medicine, and other necessities that are so desperately needed to Jew who are in need of simple things to make their daily living comfortable and warm. Mailing address: P.O. Box 69105 Washington, D.C. 20090
    (312)614-7200 [email protected], or look it up on line and you’ll know that you are making the right choice. Thank you…

  310. Al Dinger

    Anthony, Chuck Homestead with 820 AM, the local Christian Radio Station, where I first learned of you has partnered with Bread of Life in the Pioneer District of Seattle, Washington. $1.92 is feeding a homeless person a meal. Chuck”s number is 206/269-6216. If God leads you to feed the homeless here, Chuck, I believe, would appreciate it as well as all the Body of Christ. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

  311. Yevonne

    Any of the local food banks need help because of the economy. There are lots of people that never dreamed they would have to ask for help, this year, they did. Any local food banks are begging for help.

  312. Lynn

    Kids Play For Good are tennis kids who raise funds for all types of charities- best part is the kids choose causes/charities that are near and dear to their hearts. Everyone benefits- the kids gain lifetime leadership and kindness lessons as they lead, share and inspire other kids across the US to pick up their racquets and lead on-court fundraisers too; causes are supported that typically don’t see the light of day; Upcoming fundraisers include a youth playing for The Childrens Inn at National Institute of Health;
    a team of youth playing Health Insurance for Poor Kids; etc.
    Watch the About Us and Founding Story videos to get a feel for how special this organization is:
    Kids Play For Good is also a presenting sponsor on a cool new project:
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  313. Dawn Pollock

    TESSA – El Paso County – Colorado -Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaul
    SIA – Survivors of Incest – Nation Wide

    The littlest victims, our unheard children, silenced by threats of being killed, hurt or that the perpetrator will kill someone that they love leaves lasting emotional and physical scars on these souls. Sometimes these children don’t survive, but if they do they need to be heard and helped by understanding and acceptance. We can encourage them to speak and share and thus shed the events out of their systems as much as possible. Adult survivors may have PTSD and need our accepting, patient support. They need to have their voices back and we can help to give it back to them through gentle encouragement.

    Sexual assault and Domestic violence and or incest is a sinister act of aggression. The abuser has the need to have complete power over someone else. It is not for other reasons. The victim, if they can survive the attack and become the survivor will need societies help to overcome the shock, and self esteem issues that come with such a personal invasion. We can help our fellow man. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to help in a time of such need. Man is capable of such injury to his fellow man but also capable of such glorious heights of understanding and aide.

    Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault/Incest is on the rise we can all make a difference and give a voice to this issue of urgency. It affects so many…

  314. Thomas Bircumshaw

    The Path of Honor Scholarship Trust is a registered 501c3 and is absolutely charitable (no wages, no salaries) that provides scholarships to JROTC students in the Temecula (CA) area. These scholarships are based on need and can be for any form or type of education that will enhance the young person’s life..It does not have to be for a “college” or “university”. It could be for Auto Repair or Beauty School, education which will enhance th individual’s life, assist them in providing for themselves, their familys, their community.
    The creed of the trust is that “Education and Service (to country, to community, to humanity) are the essence of Life”
    Thank you for your consideration..
    Thomas Bircumshaw

  315. William Rice

    Chosen Marathon for Adoption
    a 26k marathon that raises money to help couples adopt children. Runners come from other countries and many states to participate.

    Also, Wounded Warriors
    for military who sacrificed

  316. jeffros

    my that come best charity is the veterans and feed the children.I am a vet from veit nam. I got out in 71.thanks again Anthony.

  317. Malcolm harding

    Hi Anthony,
    I live in Oswestry, Shropshire, England and a few miles away from my home there is Hope House Hospice for children who are terminally ill with cancer related diseases. It is funded totally by public donations. I have been there twice and each time I cried. I would love you to send a donation to them in my name. I lost my mother to cancer 40 years ago and donate each month to Cancer Research UK. There is a real possibility I may have cancer in my nose and I am going to hospital tomorrow pm (Tuesday) to have a camera put inside my nasal passage……………I shall keep you informed. Best wishes and keep up the good work and you will realise now why I don’t have a site yet………want to sort my health out first.

  318. Edward Hicks

    Hello Anthony, Thanks for this chance to maybe get some funding for the group, Adventure Camp, Inc.
    It is a camp that was started in 1971 for children who are amputees. The camp is offered for the kids at no charge. We try to find funds and sponsors so it will never have a charge for the campers. So far we haven’t had to turn any camper away. We have children coming from all over the US. It is for ages 6 to 18. There is so much more we would like to do for the camp if we had the funds. We would like to get a wheelchair lift van to use at camp instead of having to rent one for the camp. The camp is a charitable non-profit 501 3C. I hope you will consider the camp. Check out the website for more information. Thank you and keep up the great work you do. Any amount would be some help.

  319. Libby Sosa

    There a great many charities that do good work. The one that is most currently in my mind is the Red Cross as they are helping the survivors of Sandy. I’m livng it CT now but I’m originally from New Orleans. Sandy was 3 times larger than Katrina being 900 miles across and hit a far more densely populated area. There are people who still have no power let alone a way to celebrate Christmas. So I caste my vote for the Red Cross.

  320. William Davis

    Rafiki Aids Ministry
    This group is helping children in Africa whose parents were lost to Aids. They have built an orphanage to help these children and train them to be productive citizens. Their schooling is the only hope to achieve this help.
    Please look them up on the internet and give to this mostly unsung and worthy cause.
    William Davis

  321. lina fong

    Please donate to

    Global Adoption, Counseling, Cultural Resources Inc.,
    3620B, Creel Ct Lexington KY 40517

    Email:[email protected]
    Its a 501 3 (c) non profit

    Your donation towards the adoption fund will help families who want to provide a permanent home for an orphan who needs a home with expenses needed for adoption that can help them to complete the adoption process to provide the child with full legal status as child of the family

  322. Beverley Gallimore

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about a 501(c) 3 organization that has meant a great deal to me for many years. I worked at the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) for over a decade and grew with it as it became one of the most effective voices in America working to get government to pass legislation that helps poor children and families live healthier lives with access to better education and oppotunities for the future. They continue to work on children’s issues today, and the President, Marian Wright Edelman, has spent all of her adult life working on behalf of poor children. I would like to see you and other people/organizations support CDF and its continuing work helping poor children and families. It is a very worthy cause that will make you feel blessed that you can help.


  323. Greg Kaschel

    A real nice charity is The Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, my father
    was a shriner and the circus is one of there fund raisers.

  324. Carol Collins

    Hello Anthony,
    Here are a few of my favorite charities:
    Orphans Promise, (I hope you get the chance to watch the video on how it got started with just 3 children and 1 family).
    Portland Rescue Mission in Portland, Oregon to help homeless people have a warm meal, warm place to sleep for a few nights and help with jobs and education.
    Feed the Children in Oklahoma City, OK helps get truckloads of food to hungry children in the United States and the families that need it the most.
    Thank you for the opportunity and God Bless You and Your Loved Ones.

  325. gary t elrod

    I give annually to habitat for humanity, united way, USO, and my newest that i was introduced by Jonathan Budd to the patchamama alliance, this year has been normal giving, however wife lost job and really need to earn fast, as we may lose everything in 90 days, i pray for financial help or a plan i can earn my way out of trouble, I have worked for forty years and have nothing to show for it except the unflinching and supportive love of my wife,

  326. Roy Bullock

    Anthony, An offier I can’t refuse.
    Kids charities I try to support are: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, The Muscular Dystrophy Association and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

  327. Pilgrim Rest Church

    Hi Anthony, My choice is Pilgrim Rest Church, this Church is an inter city out reach ministry that feeds, cloth,provide school supplies, blankets for the homeless, halfway houses, training, job placements for exoffenders. present goal is to develope a shelter for the homeless and storm victims

  328. milena miglietta

    dear Anthony thank you for your generosity i think i took advantage senting to you some address from my list ..Sorry i try to be happy and grateful for whom i am and for what i have and for what i am able to give..
    i hope that my holidays spirit will return and that i will be able relive my days
    and make my 4 childrens and 7 gran d childrens happy.
    thank you and happy holydays milena

  329. Crystal

    Project Lakota-
    Candy one of the founders of Project Lakota is my aunt (see link) this is real, the Lakota live in extreme poverty. She works hard on helping the Lakota out along with her partners and friends. Lakota families live with 14-17 people in one home. My son visited a few summers back and reviewing his footage the impact it had on him seeing how the Lakota live is devastating and confusing to him as a teenager. If you or anyone decides to help whether by money or prayer. Thank You, Crystal

  330. Ed Bradley

    I give to St Jude Hospital on monthly basis.
    I lost my Wife almost two years ago to Dementia. She is in a Nursing Home and no longer knows who I am. So I give to Alzheimer when I can.

  331. Falesha

    Hi,Anthony I have several favortite charities,The first is the Oklahoma Disaster Relief Fund for survivors familes,and rescue of the Oklahoma City Bombing(inwhich im a survivor,and family member x4) second the Sandy Storm.third St judes hospital for I have lost a child who lost his battle with cancer.fourth Salvation Army who help with various things(bills) fifth Feed the Children……….. Thank Anthony for helping others.Yuo have a BLESSED HEART………………………….

  332. Ferris Brown

    I am the executive director of the Cascade Locks Park Association. We provide opportunities to teach the local history of the Ohio and Erie Canal. We are also creating economic development opportunities for the Akron Area. Over the last ten years, we have created over 200 million dollars of new economic development for Akron, Ohio.

    Also, I have just taken a homeless family into my home until they can get into emergency housing.

  333. Trudy White

    Having had serious back injuries and trying to recover still, I would donate to help people with more alternative treatments. The choices are not good and it is difficult to live with the severe pain. Not sure who to donate to but am learning alot through this experience.

  334. Rose Stoffel

    This is awfully nice of you, the three places I. like to support is the SAMARATIN’S PURSE, for they send help to rescue people in out of our country, the starving, hurting, homeless people, as well as helping them when mother nature strikes. They also give them hope and will pray with them. Thank You very much where ever you choose to help, God Bless You!

  335. Luis A. Deleza

    “FOOD FOR THE POOR,INC.” GOD BLESS YOU ANTHONY! Your student–Luis A. Deleza

  336. Luis A. Deleza


  337. Denise A Espinosa

    Hi Anthony, There are so many good charities out there, but the ones that I think are the best are: ASPCA for supporting all the cats and dogs who need a new home, Starlight Children’s Foundation and Make-A-Wish-Foundation for supporting all the children who need to keep their hopes and dreams alive especially during the Christmas Season when they can’t be with their families.

  338. Sam Morgan

    Anthony, I am happy to see you doing this and hope to soon join you in this effort at your level. My favorite charity is the American Red Cross. They help people in many ways … from providing life saving training like CPR and First Aid. They help families locally when personal disaster hits like a home fire and at the larger scale like Hurricane Sandy victims. They provide food, water and shelter to victims and first responders alike but they need help. Most of the Red Cross providers are volunteers, but what they provide takes money.

  339. Glen Jones

    I am big of fan of St Vincent De Paul society not only during the Christmas season, but throughout the year by helping those in need. They have adopted 15-20 families in need this Christmas. Church members or ministries adopt a family. They provide toys and clothing for the children and clothing or necessities for the parents or parent. Gift certificates to a grocery store are also provided to purchase food for a Christmas meal.

    The American Cancer Society is another organization that is near to my heart. Lung cancer claimed several of my family and friends lives, some being my Mom, Father-in-law, and aunt. The American Cancer Society does a wonderful job working with and treating the disease.

  340. Jan-Inge

    Hi Anthony,
    I will be grateful if you please consider donating to SOS Children’s Villages International! I have been a sponser to a young boy in Peru for several years now. The webadress in US is:
    For my personal informations, just email me, I will answer as soon as possible!

    Thank you!
    Jan-Inge Andersson

  341. Scott

    Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis county, Ogden, UT
    I personally volunteered with these folks for almost 2 years. I was able to help build and finish 2 homes for 2 families and I love how they get the house built and get the families involved in building there own home.

  342. Leeds

    I must say that you are doing a very notable deed! The charities that are dear to my heart is the Outreach feeding ministries that we do usually every month if we can. We go in the heart of downtown Seattle and feed over 300 plates. Our goal is restore hope and transform lives through what we do without censure or criticism because it’s Gods grace for us all.
    Pans and pans of food is gone in a matter of minutes. . . We feed people from all walk of life, including children and they all leave with a special satisfaction and feeling of acceptance.
    A couple of times, fast food or grocery stores helped us and many times we get people from our church to donate beans and/or cook pounds and pounds of beans.
    We will be so grateful if you could help us feed the hundreds of people that we feed because hunger is real and painful coupled with the fact it is winter time and many of these people sleep outside in the cold and rainy season.
    We thank you and people like you who like to share their heart with others and we are eternally grateful for your willingness to support other charities for all are significant.
    May God bless you and your family.

  343. Nadya Gorn

    Hi Anthony, it is very nice to know that you help the charities.
    St Jude Children’s Hospital is doing a great job for very sick children. It is first on my list.
    Also, I’d been volunteering at the Literacy Source in Seattle. They are helping adults to become self-sufficient by offering classes and individual instructions in basic education, computer and workplace skills and more. I’d love to help them.
    With warm regards,
    Nadya Gorn

  344. David Pelly

    Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul are amongst the best charities to donate to.

    They do “real” help.

    And most of the money they receive does not go to pay big salaries.

    Any charity you chose has to be carefully scrutinized as to where the money goes, how the money is spent.

    There are many scammers out there.

  345. kathleen johnson

    I can’t help but to always think of the fact that our children are the next generation and many of them never make it with out help so I think this is a worth while Charity Also the Wounded Warriors because many of our Sisters and Brothers, Uncles and Aunts Fathers and Mothers fight for our country and come home not in the same shape they went over there May God Bless them all.

    And also want to Thank You Anthony for offering and for doing this, we need more people like you to step forward and help.

  346. Monte Grosfeld

    This is the second time I am making a request for a donation. It seems like you didn’t receive my first request because I could not find my name in either the current or older comments.

    In any event, my charity is “The Shul of New York,” which serves a diverse community of people who have one thing in common: LOVE. Love of God, love of each other, love of all God’s creatures. Everyone is welcome at our services, even atheists and agnostics, and to them we say “anytime we use the term God, please feel free to substitute, ‘to whom it may concern.'”

    Your donation, in my name, can be made at, and God Bless You, Anthony, for all your good work.

    In love,

    Monte Grosfeld

  347. Vicky Baul

    Hi Anthony!

    I’m a Special Education teacher and is a member of the YSGF (Youth Services Global Foundation ) Inc. A non-profit foundation which renders Special Education teacher support services, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, and Speech therapy to students with Special needs in order for them to have productive adult lives in the future. Your donation of any amount would help our foundation a lot.
    God bless you for what you do.

  348. Gary Tonissen

    The Portland Rescue Mission has for years given those homeless people in the city of Portland, Oregon a reason to go on living and to feel good about themselves when other so easily seem to be able to judge people that find themselves up against a wall with no one to help them in there time of need. If you have never been where you needed help, then God Bless You, and only because He has blessed you. Only by His Grace There Go I .

    My prayer Anthony is that this would be part of where some of the money goes to help those who are homeless and hungry, who truly need a helping hand.

    May God Richly Bless You,
    Gary Tonissen

  349. Judy Barclay

    The Full Life Ahead Foundation’s vision is: Helping people with ALL types of disAbilties live the most independent and productive life possible.
    Our Mission is: To Connect people with their Dream, Involve their community, set Goals and Create and Action Plan, connect them with the resources and supports necessary to make that dream (goal) come true!
    We also have 3 Family Weekend Workshop/Retreats at Children’s Harbor on Lake Martin in AL. These weekends are both educational and fun! The facility is 100% accessible….WOW! We do not take state or Federal funding, but work off grants, private donations and fundraisers. We are a 501(c )(3) non-profit…and we DO have a positive impact…not only on the individual with a disAbiltiy, but on their WHOLE family!!!

  350. Walker

    Anthony please donate to PETA( People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals). We have over 2 million vegans/ vegetarians in the US and counting. Everybody become a vegan/ vegetarian and remember animals have feelings and they should be our best friends not raised in slaughterhouses where it’s a crime against nature. Everybody go on the website and see the despicable conditions that animals must suffer because of humans:

  351. milena miglietta

    HelloAnthony this year[ thanks to your generosity, i would like
    to donate to the Wounded Warrior ,

  352. John


    There so many worthy causes to choose from. Toys for tots, Angel tree is good, Red Cross.

    I think of all the hurrcaine Sandy victims and what kind of Christmas they are going to have.

    just a few thoughts for you.

    Thanks for all that you are doing.

  353. Jacqueline Miller

    Hi Anthony! Thank you for offering an opportunity to give back and halp others as I have been helped in the past. The idea is wonderful. Justlike we replenish ourselves with rest and vacation. Many non-profit organizations give and give, yet find it hard to replenish their store house so that they can continue their mission.

    The organization I chose was th NOTFORSALECAMPAIGN.ORG TO END HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND SLAVERY. Due to reaching out and volunteering to teach English to others. I learned about real slavery and humman trafficking through one of my students. They had payed a Coyotee to get them here safely, leaving a family behind knowing they could never return and entered a life of slavery in America in an effort to keep a family they left behind alive and well. For this reasona dn other reasons I would love for this organization to get donation in my name.

  354. Jimm Mooney

    Anthony, For the past 8 years, my family have been encouraging others to Pray for the safe return of our soldiers serving overseas, honor those who have served, and remebering the families of our fallen heroes. We have done this at fairs, car shows and other local events and through our website. Now that many of our service members have returned with many now veterans who are struggling financially in the extremely tough job market, we are moving in another direction. We are in the process of creating a non-profit organization ( American Pride Enterprises) to help unemployed or underemployed Veterans and their families start their own business. The program will first teach them to think “outside the box” to help them develop a creative mindset. From there the program will help them through the business start-up process, from business concept to planning and implementation. Our program is being designed so that it goes beyond helping them find their passions or developing their existing skills, we will be creating temporary or even permanent jobs so they have at least some kind of income while going through the training. We are in need of funds to establish a non-profit corporation, a website, buy equipment and find a location suitable for initial training. We are getting ready to start some fundraising projects, with an initial goal of $25,000 to help us get this project started.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  355. Tony Shanahan

    Anthony i ve be having this strong burdin on my mind my wife was a cancer surviver becas of the donationd that people have giving to the cancer awniss center but the main charity i would like to donate to this year is the make a wish foundation i know its alot to ask for people to donate to them bekas make a wish is there for the worst diecies case the people in the make a wish foundation have termnal case and they dont have alot of time to live but the joy that you see on there faces when there wish is ansered relly melts my heart tears on my keyboard please mr morrison if you would donate to them it will be great i speck from persona expercen i lost a dear friend to MS

  356. wendy rich

    Check out the often ignored and bypassed citizens. Seniors who are isolated, lonely, or imobile, are helped at the Adopt-A-Grandparent, They just got their facebook page set up! They have 3 programs: christmas cheer up, fall fix up, spring clean up for home repairs, building ramps for wheelchairs, etc. Often these seniors have outlived their children and friends. And with rising costs of long term care, they need to stay at home as long as possible. And while Christmas is often for the young, the aged are often forgotten. They can’t take care of their needs out of necessity and survival costs for their medicine, food, transportation to doctors, etc.
    There is also the Northern Okanagan Hospice Society, in BC, There they help more than 1300 grieving people each year. We know of them personally and every cent is wisely used for families. They humbly ask for donations. Thank you for reading.

  357. Larry Lund

    This was a great video that reminds of of thinking of others ad off of our selves, since it is the season to give. God wants us to give with the attitude to give and not the attitude of receiving only! My goal is to build my own web site, but I am tired of losing money to the scamers out there. It is hard to find the real deal. Losing hope! The charity I like to give to is Bone Cancer, because of my mom who passed away due to Bone Cancer!!

    Larry Lund

  358. Murphy Rivenbark


  359. frank kingman

    Hi Anthony, WOW!! what a response to your request. I don’t envy you any on your task to select suggestions to use. Anyway, I applaud you efforts and know that more people will be blessed because of it. Thanks Much for what you do.

    God Bless

  360. Ingrid Voltaire

    Dear Anthony, I am impressed it is good to give to others to receive God’s Blessings, I know St Jude Hospital, Red Cross for the victims of Sandy in NY, the one for the Injured Veterans they really diserve it, I don’t know if there is one for children and women.God bless.
    Ingrid Voltaire

  361. Kelly Creager

    Hi Anthony, First let me say i want to thank you for all your support an lessons you have provided to many accross the globe an I think it is great to know you do support charities that are so dear to all our hearts, I am not in any position to donate to charities at this time due to being diagnosed with a chronic immune disease called Lupus that i am doing my best to research myself I do see that it is a very unknown illness an the Lupus Foundation is accepting donations to continue research to hopefully find a cure. My favorite charities are Shriners Hospital an St. Jude for all they do for families in such need, mostly children. Along with the cancer society an the Aids Foundation. And of course Peta. I belong to a website to share that is that is sponsor run that you click free an sponsors will make a donation to various foundations like No child hungry, clean water an medical. Again thank you for all you do.

  362. michael hernan

    Anthony, ,My neighbor and friend Aria, has a 7 year old son with cystic fibrosis, ,a disease that is gathering momentum in the control. – the boys name is, Damien, and a truly rambunctious and spirited young man with the intensity of a hungry mountain lion. Thank you..
    Michael Hernan

  363. Teri Harlan

    I ‘am certain there are many charities to choose from . My heart hurts for all the causes. It is so hard to choose, But if I could donate to a cause this year, I would pick Shiners Hospital here in Sacramento California for children. They take care of these children regardless of their ability to pay for the care they receive. And to give these children who live here for Christmas a day to remember would be incredible.
    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!!
    Teri Harlan

  364. Debra Warren

    Please donate to the Montgomery Working Women Network (MWWN)’s Extended Day Program and send donations to: PO Box 242005, Montgomery, AL 36124-2005. Your efforts will help many young children obtain tutoring that they so very much need in order to become successful and to compete globally. May God bless your efforts to donate to the Montgomery Working Women Network (MWWN)’s Extended Day Program. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

  365. mike gardner

    The Salvation Army has helped me during rough times in my life as well as St.Vincent De Pauls.

  366. Sheila kelley

    Breast Cancer Awareness. My Sister-in-law die from breast cancer September 30 ,2012 and my sister die from breast cancer August 17 2006

    Thank you Anthony for all that you do

  367. Rose

    My church needs help with fixing the building up. We are a small church of about 20 to 30 attenders. We help with the food pantries in the area and also help two families at Christmas. The pastor takes the first 10% of our income and gives it to the call ministry which is a local food pantery. The next part of the income goes to the bills and fixing up the church. He takes a very little pay most of it is for gas. To visit the sick. When I get my business going and get myself out of debt I will be giving the church a big bunch of my income. So that we can feed the children in the neighbor hood and help out more families in need. So if you would like to donate to this church it would go to help a lot of people in the community. Not into the pastors pocket.

  368. Desmond Dixon

    Hi Anthony,
    May God bless you for your kind attention to this needy matter.Two of my recommended charities are Life Today .Org. and
    1800-947 LIFE and CBN 1800-759-0700. Both of these organization saves millions from death yearly by providing food , wells which produce clean water. Cbn is at every disaster area at the time of its occurence such as hurricane sandy. There is also Florida Bible Church abody that sends missionaties to Haiti, South Africa and support missionaries throughout Africa. Thank you so much for your contribution Merry Christmas and blessings.

  369. maria rich

    People living with ALS (or Lou Gehrigs disease),,
    need medical professionals, clinics, rehabilitation, and equipment at home.
    Their families are as much a hostage to the same disorder as their loved ones.

    Also, those suffering from strokes and need of walkers, wheelchairs, bathroom needs, etc. The Canadian Red Cross Fund program in Calgary, has some friends we know who work there and it is well run, honest, and they put all donations towards those who can’t pay for the use/loan/delivery of equipment.
    It’s called their Help Depot Locations.
    We have used them in Calgary and know that donations are properly allocated to those who may only be able to pay or can but only for a short time. Example….about $30 can help a senior have one more month or so for a walker.
    Thank you.

  370. Kim Mickelson

    This is a wonderful agency! Right now the challenge is to get the money together to get their non-profit status. Deborah states she needs just $500 to do it. This would be such a help because then they could apply for grants and other assistance available to a 501c3. Thanks for your consideration!

  371. Daniel Boehm

    Yes it is me again, there is a place called Our Lady of Peace at this is a hospice where my brother went to spend his remaining days. This place has such amazing care and the people that work there take such good care of those who are dying and they don’t charge you anything, they only ask for donations and this is what keeps them going.

  372. BobFlaker

    Many of these Charities are good, but I guess I have a specific Soft Spot for any Childrens Burn Center for reasons you would not even think about. First I worked in a Chilrens Hospital part time at niight while going through my training in the Air Force for a Medical Laboratory Technologist and part of my duties were to draw blood from badly burned children. My heart went out to them!

    Years later, my wife at 33 was burned badly and ended up at the Childrens Hospital Burn Center in the town where we lived at the time for a few weeks. She had tried to fix a simple egg sandwich one August (1981) and being a totally uncontrolled epileptic she went into a Gran Mal seizure and slumped over the gas fire on the stove and my daughter, 8 at the time, grabbed a towel to put out the fire on her. A couple of years later she went to the Cleveland Clinic for some major brain surgeries in order to control the seizures and lost her right temporal lobe but no more seizures! Now I am the problem after both a Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis ‘visited’ me one night while trying to start an Online business with StoresOnline (2004) and went on Disability for 8 years before reaching the age where I could be transferred to Soc Sec. Even while on Disability I tried to start a Homeless Shelter for veterans who had no home and before that a home for mentally challenged Adults but the State I live in nixed that idea when they decided to limit the number of people I could put into a home to care for them.

    Keep up the good work. I know it is greatly needed!

  373. Nelia M. Bagni

    Hi Anthony!! Thaks for your offer to extend your help using someone’s else behalf’s suggestion.. This is a very noble mission of yours!! I have one recommendation that I, myself, have the desire to help but is just way out of my financial means.. It is my high school alma mater. it is in a very remoted area in the Philippines wherein dedicated teachers are sacrifing so much because they are receiving a very minimal salary. And it has been their long time appeal to anyone who can financially donate for the unfinished girl’s dormitory. It has been there standing but unfinished due to insufficient funds. And there are so many indigent students that are so eager to go to that school but the accommodation is so limited.. Thus they are appealing for help.. Your offer to extend help throught our behalf is so timely!! Thank you so much!! God bless!!!

  374. Denise Johnson

    Hey Anthony…

    I think St Judes is a wonderful place to donate because the children are physically sick, and the parents are mentally and financially drained…

    So cool of you to help those in need !

  375. Pat Rebo

    Dear Anthony, check out the homeless areas in your neck of the woods. especialy the areas where there are kids playing. notice the clothes they are wearing,and there shoes. these are tell tale signs that there familys do not have enough money to care for there needs, and probably not eating healthy as well. You give to charities and most of the money ends up in somebodies pocket and not where it was intended. You buy the food and clothing and toys for them, and you could pay there rent or morgtage payment for about 6 months and maybe there heat for the winter. If you have the money Anthony to do something like this. You would know how many families you could help for the winter. it would posably give them a chance to get back on there their feet and they would know that God has not forgotten them by sending you to take the load off for a while. The one who calls on the Lord is the one who will be saved. Romans 10:13. Please share this scripture with them. I know if I had the money Dear, this is what I would do. Always Your Friend,, Pat Rebo

  376. Pat Rebo

    Anthony, what everybody doesn’t know is that putting asparagus in a blender and liqufy it, and take 2 ozs. twice a day with a meal cures cancer. They have known this since 1971 and asparagus will get rid of kidney and gaul blader stones. They have known this since the 17 hundreds. Your Friend, Pat Rebo

  377. Mercy


    Thank you for thinking about the less fortunate!
    Save the Children is one of my favorite nonprofits that help kids in need all over the world!

  378. Mark Roth

    Hi Anthony, sorry I’m a bit late with this answer but I’ve been a bit busy with family issues. We are very dedicated too donating to the salvation army. They do a lot of wonderful things for a wide variety of folks and communities which we can see the difference they make. So that is my suggestion, thanks for including us. Have a great day!

  379. Kim

    Anthony, this is a local organization in Germantown, Wisconsin.
    The mission of Feronia Wellness Organization and all of it’s programs is to offer the education and resources needed to achieve psychical, emotional, mental, spiritual & environmental well-being. We unite wellness providers of all backgrounds, creating easy & affordable ways to explore holistic health. Holistic living is the key to Health, Happiness & Wholeness and FWO acts as a resource for exploring it.

    Their need is to raise the money to pay for their non-profit status. Deborah says it will take $500 to officially become a 501c-3. This status would help the organization dramatically when it comes to fund-raising. If you could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

  380. Mark

    also tony remember children cancer society in Atlanta Ga those dear children need real help this Christmas

  381. scott nelson

    how about giving back to the soldiers in some way for the service that they have provided to keep us all safe. I know that there are a lot who come back wounded or the ones that dont make it back at all[their families] the ultimate sacrifice,

  382. Johnny Horton

    I think the Angel Tree is an excellent choice for the holiday season, my wife and I have participated in it for several years. Any burn center is definitely worth helping. Cancer took both my parents and 6 months ago it got my sister-in-law, so cancer research is another of our preferred charities. St.Judes and Make A Wish, as several have suggested, are also great if you’re wanting to expand your reach.

    Should you have an interest in hearing my thoughts on how one might help their favorite organization without any time out of their day, effort on their part, or money out of their pocket, please email me.

    Thank you,
    Johnny Horton

  383. Michele Duncan- Rolfe

    “Project Mia” is a charity open to receive donations of gift cards to Best Buy, Apple,cash, and new or new refurbished equipment and the accessories for wheelchair mounting, portable etc…- we aim to serve those such as one of my own children who have suffered from a severe adverse vaccine reaction (Vaccine Injury) that led to motor skill impairment and speech impairments! We have been underway for nearly a year under “Project Mia” prior to that we were working under “Bear Abilities which is where “Project Mia” was thought of. We can use donations of new Ipads and similar capability tablets with dual front/back cameras for our purpose. Through the use of pc tablets someone who lost use of their fine motor skills struggles to type but a touch screen gives them more freedom, they can turn a page on a book, use it for a remote to operate lights, TV, media and other things. This is a quality of life for those who have challenges like mentioned- it also gives them the freedom for the first time in their life to touch a photo on the tablet and make a video call without having to hold a phone. It is for educational, for daily living communication and what we are all about. We also would like to help some of our wounded warriors who have suffered traumatic brain injury and can benefit from this technology where a laptop or pc desktop are not portable. It is a dream come true to bring a voice to my daughter and those with similar ABILITIES. If you choose to support our project – I quarantee you are going to help someone be more independent. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to doing more business with you if you are interested in backing us along with other philanthropists, private donors, Apple, HP, Asis,Samsung, Toshiba and now Sony has touchscreen. Our choice from the start has been the first two because of the capabilities and what they can do for my daughter. Each person receiving will be able to choose who they want to go with- if we have donated, they can choose from our inventory. We are excited and have been working for the past 8 years to make this come to fruition. Sincerely, Michele & Mia (Amelia) Rolfe “Project Mia”

  384. Volleny

    That’s a grand idea, Anthony. Be blessed.
    I know you may be overwhelmed by the many suggestions as to which charity organizations you may have to donate on our behalf!
    However I am appealing to you to take time and remember to donate to our apparently and easily forgotten heroes. These are men and women once called upon to go and fight in Afghanistan and Iraq in the over prolonged two wars. They are suffering in many ways: most of them suffer from post-war traumatic symptoms, some are confined to wheel chairs, some are bed ridden and others have lost limbs and would be happy to get artificial ones to get along. But they all have one thing in common:- “their lives have been changed for ever and they need to know that they are not forgotten by the rest of us”.
    You ca reach them through:- Disabled American Veterans

  385. eric

    i see program about children with deformed faces and doctors make operation on them to make them look more ”normal,,those children suffer to be alone and not wanted by other children and after operation ,gain confidence and friendship. I dont remember with program and where, somewhere in asia or south america ,but for kids i will donate money.they,re most vulnerable among us.

  386. Micheal Owens

    I am on the board of Second Chance Mission of Hope, which is a Spiritual Renewal and Empowerment Center and also a food pantry. We have no residents at this time because we have to and are under renovation with only one man working to do all these things. Our CFC # 31921.We take no government handouts. We feed several hundred a month of those just asking for food. We could use any help possible.
    2nd Chance Mission of Hope
    309 Court Street
    Jacksonville, NC 28546
    We thank you for your consideration

  387. Clint

    3 good charities

    Children’s Miracle Network (Helps “premies” survive, among other things for sick children)

    Make a Wish Foundation

    Ronald McDonald House (My family has benefited from them during a family tragedy.)

  388. preston campbell

    buy books for readers i buy2 books a month every one need to learn to read

  389. cesar

    I would like for you to give to St Jude hospital. This hospital treats kids with all types of cancer and also Feed The Children is a good place to give to, Thanks Anthony God will bless you.

  390. Lillian Russo

    Hi Anthony,

    I live on Long Island and many of us were affected by Hurricane Sandy. They are still in need of things. I really don’t know one specific place. But I guess the Red Cross is handling most of this.

    You’re charities that you are currently donating are great too!

  391. Faline Connelly

    Anthony! It is so wonderful that you are doing this, it makes me happy to see someone genuinely care and actually do something about those in need. Many people need help, but many animals need our help as well. The Humane Society helps with different kinds of animals like food animals as well as pets. So many are left in pain and loneliness. If we can’t help the “lesser” creatures, how can we help ourselves?

  392. Peggy Anderson

    All lot of the above suggestions are very worthwhile charities. My choice would be The American Cancer Society they help all cancer patients whether they are babies, children or adults, ASPCA they help all animals, and AIDS which is still a very devastating illness here in our country.
    Since there are so many worthwhile charities why don’t you select the top three that have been suggested and split the contribution between them? Whatever choice you make I know it will be a good one and will be graciously received.
    God bless you and may all your wishes and dreams come true.

  393. Laura Summers

    Hi Anthony, I think you should send momey to The
    Dupont Hospital,Wilington,Delware. The childrens wing for diabets,or the cancer wing. Thank you. May you an your family have a BLESS HOLIDAY!!

  394. Thamara Diaz

    Hi Anthony
    I donate to world vision, make a wish foundation is for kids that don’t have a very long time to live and they try to grant them with a special wish before they die. I think these two are great charities that would benefit from your yearly donations.


    ANTHONY, I commented on this subject several days ago and submitted it. witch make me wonder, if any of my emails has gotten to you, i state this because i have emailed you direct from the email pages that you email to me,and as of yet, i have never received a direct reply from you. PLEASE ADVISE WHAT I AM DOING WRONG. THANK YOU, O’ WARE.

  396. Elaine Pinkston

    Dakota Indian Foundation and St Joesph Indian School Provide food and warm clothing to children who’s families are struggling or children who are orphans. Address: St. Joesph,s Indian School Chamberlain, SD 577325

    Dakota Indian Foundation Chamberlain SD 57325
    P.O.Box 340
    Chamberlain SD 57325
    Two different groups that help native Americans

  397. Rose Teed

    Anthony, there are literally millions of charities that could use help. I have read many of the responses and there are some wonderful deserving charities. With that said, I don’t see many suggestions for families in need. I would like to suggest a family in need. The family of 18 are all mentally challenged. They don’t ask for much. They really need help. Their incomes are so limited that they walk around town looking for cans to turn in for milk. No vehicle and with mom having diabetes and other medical issues its a scary time for them. With Christmas coming and three infant girls in the house its a sad time. You would think they would be angry and sad but they are just happy to be together. If you can help, contact me directly and I will give you more information on how to reach them. If that’s not possible, I would suggest FEMA with the increase in tragedies due to natural disasters. My sister and many family and friends were flooded out of their homes when Binghamton, NY was burried in water. FEMA came to their rescue. FEMA has been a great help to MANY in need following these horrific disasters. Thank you for anything you can do.

  398. Carla T. Joseph

    Hi Anthony, Perfect Love Ministries is the name of my non-profit. Helping Broken People. I am making an attempt to break down the walls of recidivism. There are many mothers who are left behind due to the Father’s incarceration and the families are in need financially. Also it is a financial hardship for men and women to get back on their feet after incarceration. They need help wtih shelter, food, clothing and personal items. Some inmates are homeless on the street. It is my heart to assist them to regain self-esteem and provide an opportunity to be restored back into society. Upon release an inmate is assessed with fines and cost as well as probation fees and programs they have to attend which leaves them overwhelmed, which causes them to act out in desperate situations. I would really appreciate a donation that will help in a substantial way. Thank you and God bless your heart. Perfect Love Ministires/P.O. Box 12986 Alexandria, LA 71315

  399. Tiffany

    Hey there Anthony, I’m glad u asked, I would like to add the Ronald McDonald houses throughout the USA. My older sister passed away from leukemia but the Ronald McDonald helped us as a family be there for her in Denver Colorado. We are all still very greatful for that and it’s been 15 years.
    Cancer for that same reason would be on my list too. Any Cancer treatment Center really.
    The Wounded Warrior Project would be another biggy on my list. They have done alot for this country so to give back to a Veteran would be awesome!
    If I made lots of money, I would donate to these causes on the regular basis, sharing is caring <3
    p.s. you have a good heart Anthony, you rock!! 😉

  400. Gita Singh

    you can contribute to those children homes in Nepal where the children are displaced from their house and departed from their parants due to the Maoist war in Nepal and there are many street childen due to this war.
    (Nepal, now in UK)

  401. Anita Moore

    Hi Anthony!
    Please check out this small but awesome non-profit, Loving Space Programs @ .Their mission statement: Loving Space Programs (LSP) is committed to preserving the wonder and sweetness of childhood. We work to bring joy, magic, and fun to children and the adults in their lives, by delivering program opportunities for play, mentoring, and education.
    They make great things happen for kids in our community!
    Thanks for supporting those in need and have a fabulous holiday!

  402. Greg Gaughan


    Music is very near and dear to my heart. I do not play an instrument, but I have been passionately involved with music for the past 25 years.

    Music is a very powerful tool that can be used in so many positive ways to bring about peace, understanding and unity. It is the universal language.

    But, many artists who create such beauty through their music struggle financially to be able to afford healthcare insurance and sometimes to just have the financial means to handle everyday emergencies.

    My charity is the MusiCares Foundation; whose mission is to provide a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. MusiCares’ services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  403. Robert

    my son was born with cerebral palsy from a hard birth. I think there are a lot of people with this that could use some help. thankyou A ILU

  404. sandra

    hi anthony, i did donate chariity dad has been 19 years in cancer and parkins disease..he is passed away 5 years mom has been arthritis and alzheimer..she is passed away 3 years ago..i miss i have some arthritis my legs..that is genes heart is support a cancer..
    thank you, sandra

    i ask you question what about website!!..:)

  405. Kong Sourivong

    Yes, Anthony is wonderful to help people who needed help,

    I Love to give it back to my Church. The Charities never fail.

    If I made money online I would give more is good to my live and future .

  406. Verna Longendyke


    For many years I have supportes ;

    Metropolitian Ministries….Tampa.Fl.
    Salvation Army…..Tampa,FL.
    These people never turn anybody down that needs help.They
    feed,clothe,and house any one in need. I believe it is our duty as christians to see that our neighbors are fed and housed,and our sick is well taken care of.ireally believe in these three outfits as far as spending all the money we give them is used forjust that. Thanks and God Bless

  407. jennifer thomas

    I got laid off from this company last year but they do a great job with children in foster care and adopted. Mercy first children and family services in syosett long island .New York

  408. gifty

    Hi Anthony,thanks for helping us to realise the true purpose of life(caring)we often forget to help others even with the little we have.
    The charity is One by One working with unicef to help children and i also want to set up charity to Orphans and Drop Out from school and to help fight malaria in Africa,and Anthony if you would like to help us in starting this,will be very much welcome.can reach me on 07538481121 (uk)

  409. Nancy Cronin

    Catholic Charities Jacksonville Regional Office Programs:
    Emergency Assistance, keeps people in their homes
    Housing assistance for persons with HIV/AIDS
    Food Pantry
    Refugee Resettlement through government issues
    Immigration and Legalization services
    Ministry for people who are disabled
    Workforce Development

    We are always in need of funding to support and grow our programs. We are a part of Catholic Charities USA.

  410. Bonnie Davis

    Food for the Poor, Cross International and Gospel for Asia all make sure that at least 95% of every dollar go directly to the people who are in need of food, shelter, bibles, etc. Gospel for Asia and World Vision dig wells in various nations where water is needed.