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This weeks $50 winner is  Lisa Lankford says: May 28, 2011 at 4:10 pm This is very usefull information that I did not know anything about! Thanks for another great tip! Lisa please email me immediately so I can send out your $50 gift card!

Email marketing is a great way to promote products. Whether you are selling affiliate products or your own merchandise, a solid email list will help you reach large numbers of people in a short period of time.  First, though, you have to build the email list up.  One of the best ways to do that is to offer a premium.

What is a Premium?

A premium is a free giveaway that’s related to the products you are marketing.  For instance, if you are marketing diet products, you could create a premium that’s filled with dieting tips.

Then, when people visit your site, they will have the opportunity to get the premium. First, though, they would have to sign up for your email list.  Then, they will receive the premium, along with marketing emails.

This is a great system, but in order for it to work, you have to create a premium that has value.  Otherwise, your email list will not be receptive to your offers.

In order to understand this, let’s look at an example.

Joe markets pet supplies.  He wants to build his email list, so he decides to create a premium that’s titled, “5 Products Your Pet Can’t Live Without.”  He goes to Google and types in “necessary pet products.”  He gets all of his research from the first few sites he sees and creates his premium.

Bill goes to Joe’s website and sees the premium. He enters his information and receives the free report.

He opens the report, and he’s immediately disappointed since the information in the report is the same information available on the internet.  Because Joe didn’t deliver with his premium, Bill ignores his emails.  He doesn’t trust Joe, so he doesn’t want to purchase anything from him.

Joe realizes the error of his ways and creates another premium. This one includes inside knowledge and great tips.  When the next person signs up for his list and receives his premium, he is pleased.  He trusts Joe, and is receptive to his marketing emails. In fact, he purchases several of Joe’s affiliate products and becomes a great customer.

As you can see, the right premium can go a long away in building your email list and creating a relationship with your customers.  Take some time in creating your premium so it will provide the type of value your readers crave.


  1. william

    thanks for the info – doing your homework and providing real information is the key in my opinion.
    I became interested in the internet marketing after watching your infomerical, and I should have stuck with just your training- but I was diverted way to a whole host of promises of huge returns by other marketers throught the give away what goes nowhere- it’s just a means to grab money from the inexpereinced beginner- like myself- I have been so truned off by constant daily bombardment of worthless emails-I sometimes miss little nuggets of helpful info such as this-thanks

  2. Joe Griffith

    Anthony, first I want to thank you for being who you are. During these trying times we now are living throegh, I say through, because I believe we will get through these times. You have been an inspiration for me at a time when I had spent all my savings and lost all my investments of which were intended to take me through my now golden years. I now have hope again because of you. Soon my website will be completed and I will be selling products and making money. For this I owe you thanks and for all the emails that are an inspiration, May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing for others.

    Joe Griffith

  3. David Caudill

    Great Info. Anthony, and I have no doubt that it will be very useful when implemented and it is allowed some time for everything to grow, just like in our springtime gardens. Once everything is planted and growing, we just maintain them and with time, care and patience we reap the rewards which can be very plentiful.

    But if we are given the seeds and we choose to do nothing with them or we just stick them in the ground and leave them to fend for themselves, if any seeds even come up and survive, chances are they will bare no fruits or if any at all they will be small and of no real value.

    So I really hope that everyone will take the seeds you give us in your weekly Blogs,training videos,books and so forth and plant,nurture and tend to them to bring them the rewards of a bountiful harvest that is well deserved by the fruits of our labor. And we know we only will get out of it, what we put into it.

    So far for over a year now you have helped us ( Cindy and I ) keep our garden full and productive with the ‘seeds’ you have given us over time.

    Once again Anthony we want to say ‘thank you” to you and all the members of Anthony Morrison Live forum for all the help and support that you all have showed when Cindy was battling breast cancer and things would sometimes look bleak (as we all may know they sometimes do.)

    You all was more than just there, you all was there to help.

    Best Wishes To Your Success,

    From The Desk Of,

    David Caudill and Cindy Pequignot ” We are DaCinMoney and we are working from home.”

  4. Carol Amato

    Several months ago I increased the value of my premium and am very pleased to know that I am giving great value in my “give away” – great tips; thanks, Anthony!

  5. Kevin M Westman

    This a very eye catching ad. It was interesting as soon as I noticed it.

  6. Linda Cress

    This sounds like a great idea. How would you do it if your products are all in the hundreds of dollars? There is nothing that is a dollar value. I am interested in what you think! What woud you do then?

  7. Dominic nsikan

    This insight into email marketing has helped in expanding my knowledge especially on using a simple method like premium to reach wider audience and telling them about our products.

  8. Michael Kanne

    I see how this will attract customers. I know that if someone is willing to give me something, like free information that is helpful to me, it builds trust and says a lot about that person. If I feel like people are more apt to buy your product if your main goal is to give them something that they need or desire and information is a great and no cost way to do that. For example if you could give someone information that not many knew about, like a way to lower thier electric bill, would you then be able to sell them solor panels, if not now, maby later because they will revisit your site for the free info. Is this something like what you are talking about Anthony?

  9. Heather Coughlin

    That is excellent advice! I’ve been disappointed more than enough times ti fully understand that. Excellent tip THANKS!

  10. Doug and Irene

    This is a great idea give a little to get a lot. Earn peoples trust and they will walk with you all the way, lose there trust and lose Business.

  11. Debbi Wright in Peoria, AZ

    Hi Anthony-

    I am ON this. I contacted a copy write company you recommended in a recent workshop that created both my PREMIUM and my eBook . . .

    I am adding more content to both to ADD MORE VALUE! and am almost ready to turn everything on . . .

    Thanks, as always, for the GREAT info!

    YOU rock!

    Debbi in AZ

  12. Mary R

    I think this is a wonderful idea. I’ll get right on it since I do quilts crafts petsit and mend. I’am anxiously waiting for the class gets back so I can get in to my web site. some thing is haywire.

  13. Sheila Volz

    Great Info once again, Anthony. Thanks for all your help.

    How do we “track back” from our own site as is stated above?

  14. jimmy chapman

    i’m a computer dummy tring to learn porst ad’s online for free i’m raising 3 grandchildren i live wk i need to make make money i have none ckeck out my domain tell me what you think it was free god bless hope your dad is well

  15. jimmy chapman

    yes i would like to learn how to build an email list with premium

  16. Eugena Kouame

    This is a very good idea to have premiums with the email list it is filled with more info great idea thanks abunch.

  17. Ingrid Kollmann

    Building your email list with Permission Marketing.

    Whenever someone hands you a business card at a networking event ask them if you can add them to your data base. If not, graciously hand them back their business card!

  18. Marian Burke

    I am a beginner, so I hope that this is something that I can do very well to enhance my income.

  19. David Cox


    A very helpful idea to build a list! I can see where creating the “right” premium either works for you, or against you!

    Thanks for your help,

    David Cox

  20. Millie Martin

    Hello Anthony, I love your website and I am so happy that I joined. I have listened in on several of your telephone calls and you have such a wonderful way of communicating with people. I signed up with Goodle and Microsoft. I have submitted two ads and when I got stuck I called your help desk. The girls were so helpful and accomidating. They called me back and emailed me and just couldn’t do enough. If only there were more people on the internet with your comapssion what a wonderful world it would be. I love how you are involved in charity work and your concern for our people in the military. I am your oldest subscriber but age is only a number and my hope is that whatever I learn I can pass on to other people the way you do. Have a great day. God Bless!! and God Bless America!! Cheers Millie Martin

  21. Brenda Young-Elster

    I am really encouraged by the approach to marketing utilized here. It is very important to give “free info” to others that they are unaware of in order to magnitize their seeking-mind toward a value-creating path. Then after they experience the proof, a true bond has developed. And, the process is most important. The only two things that I noticed here were the lack of editing criteria necessary when posting any documentary and/or marketing ads: 1) the “professionalism” and required “attention to language details” involved in using correct spelling and grammatical techniques and 2) to give relief to “constant, heavy reading skills” by replacing some of the verbage with chronological steps, e.g., Step 1, Step2 and Step 3. My experience is that this technique for giving and sharing instruction processes in our minds in a more “user-friendly” method. Thank you so much!

  22. Maurice Mighty

    Offering premiums or bonuses as a way to build an opt-in email list is widely suggested by all the successful marketers. What’s impressive about your advise is the emphasis you put on the integrity of your offers.Everyone tells us to just get them to opt in so you can build your list, send out back to back emails and avoid spamming. This is the first time someone has stressed the point of content value so as to build trust to be really successful.
    Thank you.

  23. velma hall

    HI ANTHONY, i have read and watched so much information it is mind boggling but i have to say, this is the best info for me i have read and truly understood immediately. Thank u so much. I hope i can make this information the beginning of many more beginnings. : ) Thanks again. velma.

  24. tony ohlhoff

    i am interested in affiliate marketing and marketing to non proffits. i think that what you are doing is great . tony

  25. Wanda Redmond

    Great concept! This could really cause an internet marketer’s potential for success to skyrocket, literally overnight! In this scenario, everyone involved in the entire transaction can leave this experience satisfied!

  26. John Young

    These messages from you are mind stimulating… Every few days or so I can see more clearly how incredible this “New Way To Market” has become.
    You must think, “yah, like 10 yrs. ago” Thanks, keep the tips coming.
    John Young, Livingston, Tx.

  27. Mark Schmierer

    Hi Anthony,
    I really enjoyed reading this. I have seen you on TV many times and I’m really interested. The offer on TV was to buy your book for $19.95. There were no other charges, like hosting required. All the phone calls asked for hosting fees. I am really interested, but want to know what my total expense will be. Thank you for all your time and effort.
    Mark Schmierer

  28. Mark Schmierer

    Hi Anyhony,
    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for all your time and effort.

  29. Faye Eikner

    Thanks, I am very interested in building a credible internet business. Thanks for the tip and look forward to learning more and launching a very lucrative business.

  30. Kaye Hutton

    I just started with your program last night and am not up on most of the instructions just yet; however, I can identify with this method from my own computer experience as the shopper. I look foward to learning with you and making complete use of all your teaching. Thanks!

  31. Anthony R. Griffin

    THank you I read everything for a long time and it was worth it. THank You Mr.Anthony

  32. Stella


    Thank you so much,for given us good information all the time.

    Please Anthony, would you explain it to us, the different between
    build an e-mail list and build an e-mail list with a Premium. Are they the same? Please I want to know the difference. Thank you in advance.

  33. Belinda

    Great concept. It is mind boggling so much to learn. Trying hard to learn it all

  34. Cathrerine

    I have attended your conference call about making money online just yesterday! I believe this is a real business; not a scam! I would like to invite people who are interested in making money online to register for this program. I have not establish a website yet, but it my hope that Anthony’s staff will contact me soon and then I can have my website ready to start the business following his instructions. Thanks!

  35. Deborah

    Anothony, I am still interested…sorry ive been broke but bout to lose property that was inherited to my husband…credit card people hounding me…after 16 years I got laid off from G.E. and things haven’t been same since…almost divorced of finances which I would like to kno I can make it without anyone…please please consider me for the $50 teaching…thanks so much…idk wat to do at times…home health care only pays 8.50 ah hour…sad,,,

  36. Dougtlas Weaver

    in training. good advise already DOING IT AND WILL ADD. ALWAYE GIVE MORE THAN U RECEIVE. will look at your offrr when finised what i am on now. stay in touch.

  37. Diane Heslin

    Dear Mr. Morrison:
    I have to admit you have been extremely persistant to get me to join your program. For over a year now, we have been back and forth trying to get me to join your company. I am extremely impressed with you. I commend you and I do appreciate your persistance with me.
    I am still broke and still disabled. I can’t afford to pay for your program. If I was in it and learned how to do it, I am possitive you would be very proud of me and even more so with yourself.
    When I hit the lottery (been playing for 30+ years) I will then be affluant enough to be on board with you. Thank you for being on my email every few days with your words of wisdom. Thanks,
    Diane Heslin

  38. Barbara moore

    Thank you Anthony for all the help you give and the blog and my email i have learn a lot and i have not made no money yet but i am not going to give up

  39. Barbara moore

    Anthony this has been a hard year i have been going threw my chemo and my radaration with my breast cancer but you no Anthony you keep me going and keep me learning so thank you and god bless you in all you do

  40. rosemarie

    Anthony, this great info, but I still don’t know where to start on getting an e-mail list. I am affiliate member but still not making any money on my website. Can you help? Need very basic instructions at first.

  41. nellie menges

    Anthony sounds like a great idear , I will give it a try when i realy get going I am a slow starter,but i am trying. Thanks for all your help ,and the help of your great team of people nellie

  42. David Eisenhauer

    While we are talking about quality content, ensuring that there are no mis-spellings, grammar issues and dead links will also go a long way in visitor / customer satisfaction. Make sure you play the part of a professional consistantly as well.

  43. Donald

    Hi Anthony,

    This really makes alot of sense and I do hear it alot.You have to have good free content to keep getting subscribers and potentially becoming buyers.It’s just like you do with your weekly blogs and newsletters.There’a ALWAYS something in these videos that is an answer to one of my questions or a great idea of doing something a different way than I planned on doing it,but in a sense,it’s an easier way and the potential to work even better.Thanks for all that you do and God Bless.

    Donald (DParksJr)

  44. Tom King

    Anthony Very cute puppies, I like your Ideas very much and hope to get into the action soon I,m also a beginner Tom King

  45. Barbara moore


  46. Regina

    This is GREAT information! FREE always gets attention and giving it as a bonus or premium to an item that people are looking for is easy to understand and put into use. A great way to build up a “list”. Thanks aagain for the excellant help. God Bless and have a surperb day!

  47. Fred Thompson

    This is great info. as usual, I am like the old man that checks a stone bridge three times before crossing sometimes it proves to be an attribute and sometimes it simply slows me down. I will follow through on this thanks once again for the excellent advice.
    Hyunsou & Fred

  48. Keith Burns

    Anthony I want to sincerely thank you. You and your PMI Success Team have been there for every question that I’ve had and right by my side during this journey. With the knowledge and great marketing tips that I’ve learned this investment is well worth it. My website has been complete for about three weeks now and I’m extremely excited about the future. Thanks again.

  49. Lisa Lankford

    YES! Another Wonderful Tip. Thanks again. I read this stuff over and over again, to retain it. I hate to say I am a cautious person, sometimes I want to just take the plunge and do it all at one time, but I think I would get confused. I love it because you make it easy to understand. I was May 28th winner for $50 gift card, not sure were to email you at. I tried the address I receive your emails from, hope that was it.

  50. Karen Pressley

    Anthony thanks for the tips. I appreciate you. I am trying to get going with this I am slow but I am eager and willing to do this to Change my life and the life of those I love dearly. Thanks again. Reading your book and watching all you have on your blog. TRYING

  51. Reuel Kim

    I am excited about this opportunity being offered,
    thanking your great help as well.
    Wishing your prosperity for the benefit of all ourselves as well as your initiative business workout!

  52. queen

    Anthony thanks for the info. I’ll try it and see how it works for me, I have been trying to use those free advertising sites, but there are not working for me. Could you give some info on some free advertising sites.
    Thanks allot for everything keep the info coming


  53. Constance Archer

    I’m still try Anthony I’m suffering with an illness this is what is holding me back. It’s not your fault. It’s really distressing for me sometimes.

  54. Virginia L. Shuck

    goal 1: is to get all of our bills Payed in full, then we would be worry free
    goal 2: is to put my grandson that’s that Loves You Anthony, the Goal is to
    be able to put him throw School totally and to pay for him to go to Karate Classes as well* Goal 3 to have Finanical freedom, alright that’s just for starter hope you’ll help us and I hope we will be picked to win some Money the first thing we’d do is Pay your team to help us go your program off and running smoothly to benafit You & Me really that’s the first thing that we would do, the the rest would go towards the House and other bills alright*!!!! help please I’ll be praying for a Mercial alright? we believe in fate and fate brought Us to You so Please don’t let us down we need you and this Program because it so much More than Just a Program its amazing* thanks for listening to both Virginia L. Shuck and Tina Deter*

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