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Welcome to the most important post on this blog all year long. I know that might sound a bit crazy, but hear me out and I think by the end of this post you’ll see why this is so important for you and the rest of us online that are making it happen successfully each and every day. We all know there are millions of, how to make money online, programs on the Internet heck each morning I wake up my email box is just flooded with all the ways I can be rich before the end of the day. It’s really just bogus stuff! Making millions on the Internet just simply does not come from some “overnight plan” or even a “7 day plan”.

The biggest issue is most of these programs leave you hanging..

I mean think about it what happens after the “7 day plan” is up? You end up completely frustrated because on day 8 you are clueless as to what to do, right? Trust me I was once there myself just completely irritated because I knew making money online could work, but I simply couldn’t find anyone or anything that would lay it out for me on a day by day basis. You know something that was there to guide me on day 8, 9, 10 and beyond…

So I got to thinking… what if I created a 365 day plan for you? (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT LIVE!!)

It makes perfect sense right? A program that breaks everything down into “baby steps” that anyone can follow AND is still there for you on day 8, 9, 10 all the way to day 365!! A time tested training program that honestly guides you through each and every day, never leaving you hanging and always helping you continue to move forward and progress each day. I realized that YOU NEEDED THIS PROGRAM in order to stay on track and create the success you really want online.

Here’s what this program teaches you.. in baby steps.. each day…

  • Google Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • e-Commerce (just a bonus I threw in)
  • Free Advertising Techniques
  • Social Media Explosion
  • … And a whole lot more

Anyway it’s a great program and it breaks everything down for you and gives you small (doable) action steps each and every week. It also gives you a video tutorial online for each day of the year!!! Yeah that means you get a video guide for 365 days, if you follow this guide before you know it your business will be booming! And you will have done it in small baby steps. Anyway if you want more information on this course that I created just for you just simply CLICK HERE NOW and watch this video I created for you.

And yes…. a few minutes into the video that is me when I was like 10 in my baseball uniform 🙂 I always like to put something personal in there ya know. List I hope you LOVE this new course and I really believe it will be the answer to all of your questions. It’s the course that WILL get you over this “learning curve” if you give it a chance.

—————>Watch the video now<————–


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**NOTEYOU MUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO WIN … you have to complete all 4 steps to be entered to win the $50 so make sure you do it all… it only takes seconds. And I really want to know is will you use failure as a way to learn and grow? If so tell everyone here now. Put it in writing and stick to it!


  1. Kevin Perry

    Hello Mr. Morrison

    I’m very interested in your program on how to make money. I really need to get started I’m struggling financially. Even though I do have a job it’s barely enough to get by. I’ve working at this current job for two years without a raise. I just got divorced a few months ago after a long separation,and I have a 10 year old daughter to support. I’m a very hard worker so if I get going with this program I know I would be a success just like you.

    Sincerely yours
    Kevin Perry

  2. ruth blount

    hi there anthoney
    i will post your info on my facebook page
    your awsome

  3. Dorene


    Thank you for your messages. Also, thank you for your gift by sharing how you got where you are today. It’s evident you are giving back; you really are a wonderful individual. I believe one of your main points that “practice makes perfect” applies to whatever we decide to do in life and the “snowball” effect that it creates in becoming successful. Matthew 25:27 “For the man who uses well what he is given shall be given more and he shall have abundance. Do I want a 365 Day Plan; yes! As you stated, it is important to stay on track 365 days – every day. I will see what happens in terms of manifesting the funds to enroll.

  4. Lisa Lankford

    YES I would love a 365 day plan. But I am just soooo strapped for cash, husband was just laid off, but hope to be able to purchase it as soon as possible. Thankyou for offering this course!

  5. Jo MacDonald


    I don’t have a website up yet but should soon. I’m moving at my speed with the help of Tasha Brownell and the other folks that mentor. I simply made a dollar with your book. Called a man named Randy Brown to find out how much money I needed and eventually could call back for the program. I think I’m taking a different one as it was a little more money .

    I just need to have his work for me, for no other reason than the fact of knowing I’m capable with a brain injury.

  6. janet garner

    i want the home base business plan for 365 days please, i post on tweeter.

  7. Alvin Hardin

    yes i would love a proven plan 365 day plan is the best and i know that i could make the best of it and will use failure as a way to learn and grow

  8. Debbi in AZ

    Anthony –

    As usual your Blog today is right on the MONEY!

    Guide plus video, how awesome is that? VERY Cool . . .

    Continue your good works . . .

    Debbi in AZ

  9. Matt Hill

    I have learned so many informative tips from anthony’s program, there are tips found everywhere, from marketing strategies, to the blog videos. It would be very cool to have all the info laid out into one large action plan. I like anthony’s positive attitude and real advise. I have even applied his techniques as a first time website designer for my band’s webpage. There are still some unanswered, lets call them holes, in my knowledge that I’m sure will be covered in this one year plan. My interest is definitely sparked!

  10. karen hill

    Hi Anthony,I have had your program for about a year.Everytime I try to use it I get confused and give up.I would like to do the 365 plan and make your program work for me.I’m not trying to get rich only pay some bills.Thanks for your help.

  11. Bernadette Palasch

    I will use failure as a way to learn and grow because I refuse to fail. I am to the point of do or die and with your knowledge and training there is no way that I can fail if I put my mind to it and follow the blue prints that you were kind enough to share with the public. Anthony there are not many people out in the world like you. Someone who became a self made millionaire. Especially like you said making money in a recession. That concept most people do not get.
    I intend to follow your plan step by step and God willing be able to sleep at night without fear of losing my home. I cannot thank you enough for being so kind as to share with us the plans that you thought of for people like me that need a way out, and thanks to you Anthony I have one, and as you said if you can follow directions and put the time into it I know in my heart that things will change and I will be able to pay my bills, and start to live again. So failure will teach me because success is the only option I will accept, if not I will lose everything and I refuse to let that happen. Again Thank You Anthony for being so kind a rare feature in most people.

  12. James Linekin

    I believe you can tak a newbie like me thru elementary on up,Time to spend learning to earning money to get a life,better.

  13. Michelle Smith

    Anthony Morrison, you have been and are inspirational for me…I have purchased your books and am now anxious to purchase the 365 day plan…consistent leadership is what I need. I am healing from a disease called procrastination by helping others causing a shortage in my resources to help myself. Revamping the plan and shooting for the prize…playing to win. Thank you for the regular emails and opportunity to use the 365 day plan.

  14. J. Michael

    Yes! I don’t know for sure but maybe a 365 day plan would get me on track! Can’t seem to get this thing going so a daily support maybe the answer.

  15. Stephen Radler

    Looking forward to getting started with you on a 365 day plan

  16. Sharon Davidson

    Sounds like this plan, if it really does show you step-by-step how to do the business, will work. I need something that shows me what to do at every step and how to do it. I am completely illiterate when it comes to computers. When I get more money, I’ll try to purchase this program.

  17. CDBowman

    Thank you for providing so much information for beginners, and so many opportunities to learn even more. I received your books entirely by accident, planned to return them, but ended up keeping them instead. Now I am glad that I kept the shipment and began reading the materials. Thank you for making this information available. I look forward to learning all that I can from you, and I am very thankful for the help. I want access to the 365 day plan so I can implement it with all the other information I am learning. Thank you for the opportunity.

  18. veronika bowlan

    hooya Anthony,
    I’m vary excited about your sucess! And I would love to be as sucessful ! I have lived throgh many accomplishments thanks to god and have tried to learn from my mistakes , the fact that I am able to start a new adventure means I have no failures , just lots of lessons .So lets get started on that 365 .IF IT DON’T MAKE MONEY THEN IT DON’T MAKE SENCE!

    Thank you ,
    Veronika Bowlan

  19. Philip

    I think the 365 day program is the way to get ur done. Just have to save a little longer to be able to afford it. Thanks Anthony. You are the only one on the internet that I feel like I can believe. I get swamped with all kinds of get rich online marketing adds every day. I haven’t done any of them because they all look like scams.


    When starting up any business online you must set goals to reach with a certain period of time. From my experiences it does take atleast 365 days to attain your financial goals in any business opportunity whether It’s online or offline.

  21. Jegajothy

    When I saw your initial presentation I was immediately sold on the logic of the whole system because I was multi tasking and copying what u were doing. Thus, I signed up immediately although it was a pain to come up with even the sign up fee, but I managed. I have a mentor and now am moving to my next step of opening web site. Thank u Anthony for all your tips and advice, it is just like that golden fairy from out of the skies.

  22. chuck

    I feel for you I too get at least a hundred emails a day with get rich messages or have to have programs to be successful . Anthoney is a very valued informant about the web for me.

  23. Gopal Iyer

    Thanks. I read your book completely not once but twice. Before I read your book, I have heard about Twitter, etc, but did not know anything about them. Now I am driving traffic to my website through Twitter. Thanks

  24. aleisa mccurley

    Thank you for all the encouragement that you give.I would love to have the 365 day plan,it would be a blessing but, i cant get it right now.Will as soon as i can. Thank you again for all that you have done.God bless you.

  25. Clarence

    Let’s do this! I’ve been floating my website but I am now ready to make this work. A few things that were holding me back are now a thing of the past. I’m ready to go.

  26. Elizabeth W. Smith

    I’m looking forward to be where the fabulous future is waiting and ready to take action. What a fantastic positive outlook to absorb into my life. You, Anthony are a tremendous gift to mankind. I expect to take full advantage of your wisdom and grasp as much positive action as possible to make up for the losses experienced on the wrong road to success.
    Thanks so much, I’m happy to be a member of your team.
    Elizabeth W. Smith

  27. Bobby Sims

    Yes, I watched the video and complimented you on your insightful knowledge on affiliate marketing. I also, followed your four instruction. Anthony, Its not about the $50 sometime, when it come to remembering certain things, I have what ones would call an under train memory.

  28. Janet Maxwell

    I have all the faith in this and will do all I can to make it work. This is my last chance for a program like this.

  29. Dilek Boran

    Hi Anthony,

    I have the 365 Day Plan. I am not working on it right now, but i will continue.Thanks for your great help.


  30. Inez

    Good morning Anthony when I received my first kit I could not wait to watch the dvd’s and read your books, I felt like everything went by so quick, I thought oh no that’s it. Then I order a second kit with three books and a dvd I was so excited I didn’t know which book to start with. I find myself freezing up and stopping what I’m reading, then I tell myself baby steps and then everything will fall into place and the money will come.

  31. Jeanne

    ANTHONY! Thank you for this message! I desperately needed to hear this at this time!!! And you are right-the lure is get this for only $37.00 etc. Well the hype got me and I did cancel out of most of them! It’s very confusing in cyber space!!! I purchased 365 Days November 23, 2010.( I print the pages out because I don’t like reading a lot on line.) I made it through month 2 and got side tracked with all the busyness of internet info! I kept telling myself to stay with Anthony! And I AM now!!! I know that getting rich fast doesn’t work – look at all of the lotto winners that became broke because they didn’t know how to handle the “win”! Well, I’m back today and am starting over and will reread your Advertising Profits From Home again! 365 Days is GREAT!!! Thank you! Jeanne

  32. Gregory Mack

    I have posted your info on twitter and on facebook, but I am not wanting the fifty dollars. I am just happy to share with other people great information that I have found about making money online. I have been researching online marketing for three years and you are right that there are many ways to make money if a person does not care about their morals or ethics. I do care and have been looking for an honest way to helpmy family and community. I am glad to find a company like yours that is on the same path. I do like the idea of of a 365 day plan for for creating a successful online business. This is a great opportunity for people who understand that sometimes the best thing to do is to invest in yourself and in your future:) I could keep talking all day about how easy you have made it for people, but I will stop now:)) Thank you for every thing!

  33. Christopher Timpson

    This looks so simple but it’s very hard on anyone not willing to take a financial step to better their lives not only for themselves but also for their family. Thanks Anthony for all the information that you have provided for me and for others. In one year that’s right 365 days make a HUGE decision to make more money.

  34. Lynne

    I am just getting started and really look forward to some one-on-one help.

  35. Bernice Mcclain

    I like the idea of a 365 day plan, it will help to stay focus and on will be a way to track my suscess. Thanks Anthony, for your time, ideas and most of all, your over all committment to help us toward suscess. As for myself, I am starting today with the plan.

  36. Rodriquez cherry

    Hi Anthony I’ve had your system for over a year I’ve read the book watched the dvd’s I totally get it it’s jus 1 thing I don’t have a way to post ads I don’t have a credit card I live on a fixed income so I have no money in the bank. Is there a way around it or am I left ” HANGING”

  37. Ceegee Rabren

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the text message. To answer your question: Yes, I am very much still engaged in your “Ad Prof from Home” program. I’m reading your book for the second time. FYI, I am an artistic type thinker and have to retrain my brain to think business wise. In other words, I want to get started yesterday making mullah, but its going to take a little time to get the basics down. I am very excited about your program and how it “IS” going to change my future. No flash-in-the-pan for me. Thanks for staying engaged with newbies like me. So, until the next time, be sweet. Ceegee [rabren DOT cee DOT gee @ yahoo DOT com]

  38. Fred Thompson

    I started with your program around the first of this year, I am a firm believer in the fact this program will work. My wife and myself are both disabled and in our later years, I have watched the video more than once and like many offers I have seen there is simply no way to afford this giant step forward this would provide but have no fear we’ll get there. Great job yopu are doing and keep up the good work.

    Fred & Hyunsou

  39. Freercw

    What Do I have to do to get started? I need 365 days of success.


  40. Patricia Gafford

    Hello! anthony,
    I purchased your book a little over a year ago, andi do have a free website from you but, I donot understand how to use the social medias.
    I need step by step by step guidance to accomplished successful.
    I don not have money and I am on a fixed income. This is my biggest hurdle. I do have an entrepreneur spirit,desire and dream for several
    years but my biggest hurdle is money to be able to get this real support.
    Love your successfulness and you are a great example to our youg people generation of entrepreneurs. I’m am praying that I will get there as well.



    I have the program and it has helped me tremendously. I have had it for a month now and by getting it I have accelerated my progress and understanding. If the rest of you don’t have it I recommend you get it.


    Thank you Anthony, for careing enough about our success to spend your time to provide resources of such quality.

  43. Kaye Hutton

    In a couple of failed ventures I was ‘stuck on day 8’ like you mentioned. I would advise anyone who can to get the 365 Day plan.

  44. Barbara moore

    Hi Anthony the 365 days plan sound great but i do not have any money but i would love to have it and i think you are super great and keep doing what you do to help peoples and god bless you

  45. Brenda Lemm

    I am ready for the answer Anthony, I do not have the 365 day plan. Where do I get It?

  46. Deborah Harden

    Thank you for allowing this opportunity. We are taking the chance to make this work for us.

  47. Jelili

    How does your plan work? Excite to find out how it would help me to make few money on line

  48. Jody Anthony Thompson

    Hi, Anthony;

    Everything is almost set. I know, that it’s been a couplew of months. Had to finish school for the summer. The only thing that was holding me up was this. I just got my business account set up with my bank. I was waiting for my business checking debit card to come in. I have a good product list ready. I already have a good product list ready.

  49. AJ Walton

    I am looking forward to meeting you someday. Your success has lit a fire in my chest about how to be successful in business.

    God Bless you and your family. Especially your mom and
    dad. I hope that we will meet someday.

    Take care

    Arthur J. Walton (ajwalton)
    [email protected]

  50. Bernice Mcclain

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank you for mentoring me and simply being the person you are. i have learned a lot from you and have already begin the videos for affiliate marketing. i am very excited about starting my own home based business and just wanted to take this time to say ” Thank You”. I don’t know anyone else who have done what you have done and i truly admire you. Once again, I am thanking you for your kindness and leadership. i am also looking forward to working with you. May god continue to bless you and your family.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Bernice Mcclain

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