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One of the things we as Affiliates need to understand is that we are building a business BUT NOT the traditionally “corporate” way. We don’t need business plans, minute meetings, forcasting, quarterly reports and all of those things to be successful. Those things, in fact, might be the demise of any affiliate business on earth. So it’s important to me to let you all know (because I know that some of you reading this are business majors) that traditional business schooling isn’t going to get you anywhere in this industry.

You simply can’t “forecast” things when you are an affiliate. As an affiliate you need to be able to change and adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace. I’ll never forget my first experience with this exact thing. Here’s an outline of what happened..

A few years ago I was marketing on Yahoo! and I had a few accounts (probably 8 or so) and at the time Yahoo! let you bid for placement. That just meant whoever bid the most was the #1 results and then on down the line based ONLY on the amount of money you were willing to pay per click. I developed my method for getting my traffic at the prices I was comfortable with and I was on my way. This, however, all changed when Yahoo! decided that it no longer was going to let you just “bid for placement” meaning you were not guaranteed to show up #1 even if you have the highest bid per click. Now all of the sudden relevancy matters. This meant changing ads, marketing techniques, landing pages and so much more IN 8 DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS.

See there was no way to forecast that change that Yahoo! made and how it would affect my business. I was easily able to adapt and change my strategy and stay in the game generating good money, but it wasn’t the same as it previously had been.

The lesson you should learn here is quite simple. You need a plan of action (you can grab my full year plan 365 DAY PLAN if you like) in order to be successful. You can’t just go in blind, but you also need to have the ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace. Focus your time on these things rather than on forecasting and creating business plans and such. As an affiliate you will end up more successful this way!

Enjoy your weekend.

Anthony Morrison


  1. barb Leebens-Osilaja

    Sorry Anthony – have not had time to do anything – been in hospital and have been looking for what is wrong with me. When I feel better I will get involve.

  2. Linda Bergee Koch

    I just ordered day before yesterday. I don’t know yet whether I’ll be able to manage a website. I’d like to be able to look over the material and see the (my) website before investing more money. Thank you for being considerate of my conditions.


  3. vincent

    Hi Anthony;

    I am eighty yerars old (with a full tank of gas), I have hit a few singles and one double…… in my time, But, I still need that one home run.
    I have your tapes and stuff (the 39.00 package.
    As I said, “full of piss and viniger”….but still eighty, and one of the still working parts might soon give out. And i really need that “home run”. Is there is anything that will help me expedite my sucess in this last swing for the fence

  4. Sylvain

    I am a relative newbie to the affiliate marketing world. At the age of 19 years old. I discovered Anthony Morrison . Not only is his story phenomenal . He has changed lives, and has changed mine. Internet Profits from home is a unique books in its own aspect. Everything we need to no, want to know, he has done, overcome and is making money. This is his blueprint to success. After reading the book ….. it inspired me to know more. domains,hosting,article marketing, social bookmarking and marketing, pay per click advertising, pay per action, MLM, the list goes on and on. I am continuing and following the dream. You learn the techniques, apply them. Rinse , Repeat, Cash in.

    Thanks for devotion and integrity. Now i look at your videos and understand it all, from concept, to reality. And i believe you WERE that kick-start who made it happen.

    Thanks a bunch , hope to have caught your attention.
    ( or if your on the fence, Jump on in )


    Thank you Anthony I am still trying to get there. I have not given up. I had my 79th birthday January 15,2011, My husband has had a stroke and has a problem with his memory, but God is still there for us. I just get my guitar out and sing gospel music to him when I take a break from my online studies. Again Thank you. You just make my day. Juanita Alexander

  6. Janice Eves

    I want to affiliate market REI water cleaning products for hiking, travel, home and emergencies. I am back now. Family emergencies including money difficulties are in my face. Thanks for reminding me never give up!!!!!

  7. Kathy Michael

    You really do have integrity. I sincerely appreciate your honesty. marketing and building a business online is not for the meek or weak minded! Very well stated and simply put…THANK YOU!

  8. The Roadrunner

    I have the plan, . . . we all need some kind of plan to keep our drive going and it helps to plan most things as long as it is simple enough to follow. Corp. America has turned a lot of us into Slaves. Change is something we can count on so it helps to be adaptable. Unfortunately my J.O.B. is all I got to keep me going for now and it interferes with trying to contact the helpful people during the work week. I use most all my breaks to contact my mentors and re-organizee as much as possible so I can get out the united slaves of america type of freedom. My plan is to just get out of the big “scam” and try to be a little more free with my own business. THANKS for your help ! I can and will get it going sooner now.

  9. Igor Ropac

    Hello, I am also new to affiliate marketing. I purchased the books plus the master package. I have started out in the social network niche for right now. I’ve been watching your video blogs and training and implementing as it comes along. The last of which has been re-writing my ad copy to make my ads different and generate an emotional response. I also use revtwt and to generate relevent tweets and addition affiliate ad income as you suggested in your book in the social network section. I have my note pads to write my list fo things to complete for the following day:small steps each day just like you said…Thank you!

  10. Ben Tan

    Thanks for the wake up call.
    made $6 in a few months, hibernated a bit ’cause
    am busy w/ the stock market.
    You are true to your word, never let your students down, or sleep, keep on doing something different.
    Thanks for the reminder again Anthony.
    happy holidays to you and loved ones
    Ben Tan

  11. Mario Hernandez

    Hi Anthony, I have been very blessed to have recieved both of your books. They are very informative and have helped me very much in my learning about affiliate business. I have tried to use to no avail. For some reason twollow has not provided me with a verification link in order to subscribe to their services. I have tried with a number of accounts. However I insist upon myself never to give up and quiting is not an option. I have learned much from you and expect to apply your awsome principals and advice to my iminent success. I have no idea what happens with twollow but It’s just another obstacle. Thank you So Much Anthony for all you do for everyone. God Bless You.

  12. james hill

    Thanks for the information I have spent too much on incorporating and trying to set up a business online without knowing what to do.

  13. Gary Hoppe

    I agree that alot of the traditional corporate forecasting and such are a use of precious time that will not help us affiliate to make more money…but being able to adapt and market things that are popular NOW is key to targeting our market and getting new customers and keeping old ones. Keep your marketing fresh and your PPC ads will pay off. Thanks Anthony!

  14. Rodney Brazier

    I guess I am a little skeptical.It’s not that I question your integrity or legitimacy.It’s just that the internet is flooded with scams.So far,everything I have seen and heard seems legit.I know there are legitimate online businesses out there.I just sincerely hope that this is one of them.This is all new to me.So I will definitely need step by step assistance.Thank you for providing this feedback forum.

  15. Karin Fowler

    I really like the modivation emails.
    Need to have step by step help to get me going.Don’t have a lot of time, but will be willing to make the time.
    Thanks for all help.

    Karin F

  16. Billy Carr

    Anthony you are so right on! there is a spiritual law in practist here being a affilit,with you. GIVE AND IT SHELL BE GIVEN TO YOU……AND I THINK YOU KNOW WHERE IT COMES FROM,,AMEN!

  17. ANNIE

    I am reading the book, I know very little about computers totally lost.
    next week I will try to get my website up and running. You stated it does not take a rocket science are you sure?



  18. Roosevelt

    I am thinking is very Important,whatever you are doing,you need to be focus on it and make it happen.May God be with you all…


    Sorry Anthony – have not had time to do anything – My wife has been sick. When sheI feel better I will get involve.
    john p

  20. Jeanne Mausure

    Hi Anthony! I’m loving my 365 days! I didn’t start until the first of the year. I always want to race ahead and do more than one day but I firmly believe that if I take it one day at a time I’ll be a success. It’s very simply spelled out! Thanks! Jeanne

  21. Vahe

    Hi Anthony,

    I have to admit that you really care for your students and you spend a lot of time to teach us whatever we should know. I have bought your book and I went trough your coaching program, but I guess I am doing something wrong, because since October of 2009 that I started with coaching program I have not made a penny, I think you will know what am I doing wrong, since you are the expert on this business. By the way, is there anything that all I have to do as simple as “COPY & PASTE” and make money? See I am a 67 years old man and all I need a simple thing to make some extra Box. I would really appreciate if you give me some advise.

    Thanks again, keep up good work and God Bless. Have a great weekend.


  22. Larry Roberts

    I found you during one of your TV advertisements two weeks ago and I’m sure glad I purchased your books & videos. I’m not one to pay for business opportunities but your honesty sold me.
    My wife had a severe stroke about twenty months ago resulting in paralysis of her left side. She has fought back so hard and with God by her side she has regained use of all that was affected even at 63 yrs. On top of that last August I had a motorcycle wreck resulting in a head/brain injury and 15 days in a drug induced coma. After I woke up and went through a month of rehab I am pretty well back to “normal”, but do have some memory problems. I am so excited to get started in Affiliate Marketing. I think your Plan has been well thought thru and I plan to make us some really good retirement income. Thank you Anthony

  23. Debbi Wright (Risinger)

    Hi Anthony,

    Hope this note finds you doing well (and warm).

    I am here at the Level 1 training in Utah this weekend. All I can say at the current moment is WOW!!! It’s 1:00am in the morning and I am just going to bed so I can get up at 6:00am to go to the second day of the training.

    I have been to MS for my mentoring session with Kaci (whose AWESOME) and the level 3 training also in MS.

    I have ran some dating campaigns on FB using pictures of me, my husband and our friends (which seems to be successful for me).

    Almost finished my first (Home Depot) landing page. I’ve purchased 25 domain names; 14 of which I placed on ‘cash parking’ and 1 is made into a domain ‘reseller’ account (with 7 others redirected to it). I’ve also purchased my business domain name and 2 .com’s of my personal name.

    I’ve created three (3) ‘Twitter’ accounts while following and adding followers, adding my automated ‘tweets’, and then after approx. 50 followers I will ‘tweet’ an affiliate offer.

    I carry my compact camera and camcorder with me constantly to take advantage of any ‘kodak moment’ that may arise in order to use pics or video in an affiliate offer/campaign.

    These training classes have been AWESOME and full of information and ideas!

    Thank you in advance for all you and your group does to make tools available for people like me that are not only willing to invest monetarily in OUR business but also commit to TAKE ACTION!

    I certainly haven’t got all the ‘in’s and out’s’ of this business under control but I am committed to learning more about this business every day!

    With warmest regards,

    Debbi in AZ

  24. Sue

    I am interested but have had many family interruptions. Would like to read your book before I can get into a website and more money.

  25. Gordian Igwilo

    Thank you Anthony for the encouragements, as long as one does not give up things there will be a change. And every little bit of encouragement count for some of that are from old school. I hope that you will not give up on us.

  26. Ronnie James

    Thank for a wonderful system as a newbie at ( 40yrs.young) I don’t have the money or time to blow it this time. Ive tried a lot of different money making
    systems all to no avail. I truly hope this will be the one to help me retire young and well off. I will do what ever its takes to be standing in the winner’s
    circle. Time to get to work NO MORE EXCUSES

  27. R. Clark

    I have learned a lot about marketing from the video’s you have provided for me to study. I have four campaign’s and four ad’s up, all are active, I wrote the ad’s last night ,this morning i checked my campaign’s and found that i have fifteen conversion’s . I just want to say thank you and to let other’s know that your program work’s .

    R. Clark

  28. James Linekin

    I heard your blog this week.At first I thought it was Target marketing.Like you knew,I had pneumonia too.Visualize equalization ,great advice.Thanks.

  29. James Linekin

    Thanks,I did procrastination,as I am in the meat&potatoes part of book Arc.Profits.I reD your story,1 sitting.Thanks for seeming genuine.

  30. Luis Gonzalez

    I made the commitment last year right before I had major surgery. My thinking was simple–while recovering, I would have the time to create the business opportunity your program provided. An unexpected, and lenghty financial burden endured while my employer contested my claim, along with a slow recovery, left me so overwhelmed by it all that I couldn’t concentrate when your staff tried to get me started.
    Now, that I’ve overcome my obstacles, I would like to begin to build my business. Please help and explain what I need to do to get started. I’m literally taking the first step. During all this time, your e-mails kept me plugged in, keeping alive my vision of achieving the goals I set out to accomplish. Thanks for your commitment to our success. Luis

  31. arturo juarez

    I was working in my add in google and im stop because i need to write a
    display URL, and Destination URL and i don’t know how a can get them or
    what i need to write

    help me please thank you

  32. Erick

    well it is great I was watching the super bowl and there was a commorcial about go daddy and my mouth dropped. I said if you did not tell me I would not have realized what it was lets go forward.

  33. ron

    thank the lord you are patient,, in these time ,and I HAVE seen other thing on tv, ,and ” yes we do believe in you ,other wise I would just move on”

  34. jody Anthony Thompson

    I’m already enjoying online marketing businesses, particularly this one; than I would even be bothered with corporate job. Also, your books have been very helpful. Thanks for the tip.

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