1. jeff brower

    good info, just received advertising material ready to did in! for anyone interested material was here within a week from order date.

  2. Jerry & Judy Ryan


    My wife and I are two very full-time Realtors trying to keep our business alive. I’m a retired navy Commander, Public Affairs Officer and Judy is a former Deputy Sheriff Bailiff in the Atlanta Court System. Have been Realtors for eight years. We believe we are the most honest two Realtors in the area and work seven days and many evenings a week. But just can’t seem to get enough quality leads.

    We bought your program after seeing you on TV last week and hoping for the best and a better future in real estate with your guidance.

    I just enjoyed watching your blog on Emotional Ads and have made notes and working on new ideas. Sounds like a great idea and plan.

    Thanks . . . so far!

    Jerry & Judy Ryan
    Pensacola, Florida

  3. Gianfranco

    How do i do to view your past blogs from #1 to #49 they are very interesting. Thank you

  4. Grace C. Sanchez

    That was excellent Anthony ! I am just getting started, just received your book, read 1/2 of it last night. I am ready to learn. Thanks for the ideas I can use in my curren real estate business as well.
    Blessings, Grace
    Dunsmuir, Calif

  5. Niesa McFarland

    Still learning. I have been looking in all the wrong places!! My goal at 19 was to become an advertising and marketing degreed professional. I have always felt a calling to this. Why??? Is the real question. I love that you have put these blogs together. I would sit here all day long and listen to one right after the other if I could. Thank you!!! Still exploring, but catching on. Tired of wearing this life jacket, and about to jump into the boat. Keep sending these blogs!!!!! Your awesome!

  6. al

    ANTHONY This the way to go! I love what you’ve done.Video Blogs is the Bom! BOOM! WOW.Man you are right on .No slow read! Just streaming Video. I am proud of U. AL SALMON . TEACH ME MORE…YA!

  7. Gwendolyn Sims

    I haven’t even started anything. I just can’t seem to get going. I wish I had someone to just walk me through it and teach me at home.

  8. leon davis

    you need lypo inflation, thanks, this made me want to try the system………leon

  9. Daniel Bengio

    The ad for Air Around the Clock is actually: “Your wife is hot” … better call Air Around the Clock!!

    I think that’s even more emotionally impactful than “your wife isn’t hot”.

    Great concept though! thanks.

  10. Janet

    Very true, I passed one the other day…. Blank billboard with one fat foil wrapped burrito w/ writing underneath reading “empty” and I thought how is that empty????

    Next to it was the crumpled balled up foil, reading “full” and thought how can an empty foil ball be full??? Then it hit me

    Initially it gave me the wrong impression but it did leave an “impression” in the second you see and drive by it…. until it clicks in your brain, “oh, yea when the burrito’s gone your full! I still think it needed a little emoticon of just a lip smacking smile but each time i pass it I now say to myself..Empty/Full and smile.

  11. Peg Welcher

    My daughter just graduated college and has had several job interviews, but has not had any luck yet. I would like to bring her along with me on this adventure, if for nothing else to get her motivated like you are. Is that ok?

  12. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony, That makes sense to me, I will use it more. Because I need to make this program/job start giving me an income. Not been doing so well so far. I need to figure it out, I know it takes time. Thank you again.

  13. wayne Mills

    Anthony, You really know what is going on I hope to be really know what is going on soon. Thank you for all the support.

    Sincerely , Wayne !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Abe Doliente

    What an attention getter? I am just fascinated on how you do your blogs. It sounds easy and maybe so. I need to see you this weekend. I could hardly wait to get to Salt Lake tomorrow and meet with you. I would like to start my internet business soon with your support. I thank you so much again.

  15. Craig Laberee

    Great info……… for thought I will definitely keep for the future. Close to gettin my program pages done and turned in……… have to stay focused and work the program consistently.

  16. Stuart Bain

    Saw a great add !!!!!


    Jim’s Radiator Repair

  17. Jim Wallace

    Sounds great and now it is up to me to to put it to work qand see great results and please keep these coming

  18. Gerald Coggin

    Dying to get started, Plan to start spending lots of time on game plan. thanks for the thoughts.

  19. Henry Kekoanui

    WOW! A killer diller blog this one. Thanks much Anthony I can see how attacking a person’s emotions would help the reader personalize it so much he would have a difficult time forgetting it. HKK

  20. Vany Isberto

    Ha ha ha! That is DIFFERENT. I remember a friend who talk like that. He use it as a punch line in a joke. Thanks Anthony, I am still straggling but I am definitely making progress one baby step at a time.

  21. Deborah Wallace

    This is a great technique for an internet business.I will try this. I learnt from my ebusiness class the importance of a target group. However even if a person is not within a target group, this kind of ad gets everyone to read it.

  22. Nogui

    Great video!! First time in any kind of blog, don´t know if my commentary is kind of stupid, but have you ever given a thought on using a catchy phrase, like “Got milk?, check out prices in xxxxxx”

  23. Shannon

    This blog is good. You are not successful because you do one big thing right and you are not unsuccessful because you do one big thing wrong. You are successful because you do a lot of little things right or you are unsuccessful because you do a lot of little things wrong.
    How can i view your earlier blogs-#1-#49?

  24. virginia

    Anthony, loved the blog. A lot of this is new to me, I am looking forward to learning as much as i can, I saw you on TV and thought it was interresting now I am willing to learn. I am a full time hair stylest, have been looking for something to make extra moneny at home. I just need to fine the time an energy, styling hair is a lot of work, but I love doing it. I will do all I can to learn this new busness I will see you at the top. gin .

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