Can Twitter Be An Automated Revenue Machine?

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I get asked the question many times when I am speaking around the country or just sitting in an airport waiting for a flight. I guess it’s only human nature to want and desire some sort of “automated cash machine” and for the most part people wonder if Twitter can fill that void in their lives. The answer to this question is very simply put, YES AND NO. Does that seem confusing? If so ill clear it up in just a minute, but I have to take a moment right now to let you know that there are many things that can become automated cash machines in your life for instance:

1. Owning rental property & having someone else manage it daily.
2. Owning vending machines and having someone else collect the money and refill the machines.
3. Owning a restaurant and hiring good people to run and manage it.

Wait do you see my point now? Pretty much ANY business can be automated if you want it that way. People, however, are so intrigued by Twitter because they feel it’s an easier way to get that automated cash machine, but the reality of the situation is it isn’t any easier. If you want to create this cash machine out of Twitter you have to put in some hard work, time and dedication to building your business before you can turn it over and let it become some kind of automated cash machine. It’s just like any other business it doesn’t exist without customers and well, people knowing about it.

Twitter can earn you some cash by using SponsoredTweets, however, you need to have a large following in order to earn any real money. The great thing about them is you get to approve any Tweets before they send it to your account and if you have enough followers they will pay you some good money for a simple Tweet out to your account. Some things you need to know about this though:

1. You need a massive number of followers WITHOUT you following a massive number of people. If it looks like you’ve used on of those “follow me and ill follow you” programs then your account isn’t worth much to advertisers. Advertisers want to Tweet on your wall if you have a lot of followers (but aren’t following many people) because then they know the people following you are probably interested in what you have to say.
2. You need a niche specific Twitter account. If your account is about a specific topic it’s much easier to find advertisers that are willing to pay for your “followers” to essentially see their ads. If your account is just about a ton of random things that isn’t going to appeal to alot of advertisers, therefore, you will get paid a lot less for the sponsored Tweets.

So yes Twitter can become an automated cash machine, but it’s not easy and it does require time and effort. Just like any other business.


  1. Beth Dublinski

    I have only recently begun to get interested in the hulabaloo about twitter. I also keep hearing the word “tweetscoop. What is that all about??

  2. Vanessa Smith

    I think you are doing a good job because i had to save up for your program and your book i like what you are saying in the book. I’m not working right now I got hurt and I needed to make more money to pay my bills. I liked the fact that you said that this is not a get rich you where honest about what you said, I have alwats wanted to work from home. Thank you

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