1. Dan C

    The cycle of nothing will suck you down and never let you up. If you let it.
    Fight it.
    Be positive and keep moving forward.

  2. Patricia Rigby

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks very much for the information video on The Cycle of Nothing, never getting things done. Procrastinating, and you’re right about planning and writing things down. Because most of us tend to forget what we have to do next, and having the correct software is a plus.

    Thanks, Patricia R.

  3. Ibis Palazuelos

    Dear Anthony: I’m so glad you talk about The Cycle of Nothing, but how do you handle it when this cycle is related to another Cycle even bigger and more destructive. The Cycle of Paralazing Fear. I know I need a lot of help and I and committed to overcome this one way or another.
    I am going to get all the help I can . I promise you. I don’t want to let you down.

  4. Terry

    yes IM guilty of this thank you for opening my eyes great video and inspiration

  5. Marsha W. Moore

    Thank you for this helpful information on how to help me structure my day.

    Marsha W. Moore

  6. Denise Johnson

    Very true information. Internet marketing can be very overwhelming sometimes. So much to learn and apply to obtain success.
    Thanks Anthony for giving practical advice.


  7. Marc Galyean

    Thanks Anthony for the encouragement and the time you take to do these blogs. I learn a lot from them and they keep me accountable and motivated to continue to move forward. Falling into “the cycle of nothing” is the worst thing we can do when trying to build a successful business. I have learned over time and through reading books that writing things down and having a plan helps you to be more efficiant and organized throughout the day.

  8. Carlos Gordian

    Just to say ” Thank you” for your time and the opportunity to learn, meet you and your organization, and somehow work together.

    Video was pretty simple and still very effective and the message was direct.

    Carlos Gordian

  9. Sandra DeGarie

    Thank you, Anthony! Love the motivational messages. Yes, I do make notes for each day, plan, and get things done! However, this industry is a total mystery to me…BUT, I am so willing to listen and learn!

  10. Ismael

    oh yes Anthony you are right I think thats my problem, I have so many things to do that finaly I do nothing, thi is day by day , but I`ll follow your 3 steps seriously in order to get out of this

  11. elmerbud naylor

    great work. I love every thing you promote . Your doing a great job of keeping us informormed. Keep up the good work. Love ya. Your BUDDY BUD.

  12. jeanne williams

    you are an awsome young man.thank you for sharing not only information about your internet millions program but also free information just to incourage us to be successful and some tips and motivating words to steer a person in the right path for sucess.again anthony thanks from a 60 year old mom and grandma who beleives even at my age i can be sucessful and wealthy and financially secure in my old age,and to help my grown kids and my grand kids to be financially secure in their lives right now. i thank god for you and your true commitment to help turn lives around through your program.i’ll be on board soon.i’am on a fixed income,so once a month i have to be careful how i on month soon i hope to come on board and start making money.until then,dont stop sending me those encouraging vedios.thanks;mama jeanne

  13. Sheri Kreiner

    Hi Anthony~

    I just want to say, “Thank You” for allowing me to view this video on “Cycle Of Nothing,” as I truly needed this advice & the knowledge to know how to overcome the possibility of being stuck in a rut!!! I really appreciate the time & energy you spent to ensure that we, students, have a resource(s) to turn to, when & if, we ever get stuck in a “rut” meaning, not being able to get anything done!!! I used this video to my advantage, such as, I viewed it as a “motivator!!!” Sometimes, I find myself in a place of desperation, especially when I take notice to the fact that I am NOT getting anything done, so I can continue to move forward which then causes a great amount of tension & anxiety which is never pleasurable to experience!!!

    The Video absolutely confirmed of how important it is to always Make a Plan, meaning, take a few minutes to actually write a PLAN out & concentrate on writing any PLAN out the night/day before you’re ready to implement the PLAN the following day. Note-taking has always been a MUST for me, no matter what the event, occasion, lecture, etc., I’ve always thought of taking notes as my “Savior,” because without taking any notes, how in the world would I be able to remember each & everything that the video educated us on, if I decided to just NOT take any notes, then it’s my own fault as I’m sure I will be regretting that decision because I have regretted a couple of different times when I chose not to take notes, believe me, I have, so NO MORE of skipping out on note-taking, not from me, anyway!!! Your advice on obtaining Software to help us get “things done” is absolutely a fabulous idea & upon calling & speaking to one of your consultants, I definitely will be asking for advice on any current Software that could be helping me to get through this possible “rut” I’m in, but also to help me speed up on getting those things done that I’m not crazy about doing only because it takes up so many hours of my time.

    Thank You for the SOLUTION to the “Cycle Of Nothing,” as I’m going to implement this fine practice, once again, & I plan on sticking to this 3-step Plan, from here on out!!!

    Sheri Kreiner

  14. elmerbud naylor


  15. Rachel

    Love it – I’m so stuck in the cycle of nothing. I used to use a daily plan and notebook list when I was really struggling several years ago and it was a fantastic way to keep myself on track. I’ve drifted away from that – this was a good reminder. Thanks!
    Oh and thanks for adding that “t” in software. 🙂

  16. pedro acosta

    I work for my self as a contractor my company is VCM Remodeling Corp. I’ve been Blessed cause Iam staing very bussy. But I would like to learn your Method of making income! Just have to make time for what you are offering me. Thanks for your help. God Bless.


    Thanks Anthony for all the valuable information that you give us each week. I look forward to each video and appreciate so much the information that you give each week. Thank you so much for all you do. Juanita Alexander

  18. Jackie Mckenzie

    Dear, Anthony
    Your doing a good job with the blog. I’m not finish with my book yet but i am working very hard to finish. So i can move on to the next step to success.
    Your Great with this business!!!

  19. Katheryn Bazar

    Anthony: This was excellent. It was like you could read my mind. This is where I am at the moment. I get so many things going at once that I can’t get nothing done.

    I signed up for your newsletter last year when I joined and I received a couple
    and after that nothing. I keep trying to sign up again but no go.

    Thanks again.

  20. Enid

    I always plan, make a note of it but I only end up doing some of it.Then again none at all. I like the idea about the software that does it for you. I think I’ll try that.

  21. Krandall Johnson

    That was a awsome vedio because thats where I fill I am in I have a lot of things to do but getting started I just started this programe and reading the books and Im excited with the whole programe I am trying to educate myself right now so I can do things right from the begaining I am going to take edvantage of every thing I can that Anthony has to offer I think I have signed up with every thing so I can receive all the help I can get so if there is anything els out there PLEASE let me know so far the life that Anthony lived and done as a young kid thats the way my chiled hood was now Im trying to put all that now to good use I would love to talk to Anthony myself and or to some of the other pepole doing this know well thats all for now talk to ya more later. and may GOD BLESS you all

  22. Isobel Jacobs

    Dear Anthony,
    I love your weekly blogs because they are short,educational, direct,and to the point and most of all make sense.

    I do write down what I want to achieve and have lots of desire to learn, however I am struggling to keep up with the information that I am recieving from your team . As I had mentioned to one of your team (My coach Michael) I am not computer savy and I do not digest things a quickly as I want to so I find myself in overload. I realise this because everything about this venture is completely new to me. However I am making headway with all the support that you and your team have provided such as how to register my company, get a PayPal account, and a domain and I will continue to press on because I have to succeed.

    Again thank you,
    Isobel Jacobs

  23. Vahe

    Hi Anthony,
    Vahe is here,

    Thank you for today’s blog, it is a very important point, it is like making next day’s Goal, the first 2 steps. But I did not get the 3rd step “softwear” what is that? Could you or somebody explain tha for me.

    Thamk you


  24. John Green

    Great ideas Anthony, planning and actually writting down what you need to do and accomplish is great. Look forward to your next blog video!

  25. MariaElena

    I am in the beginning of this process of discovery and “The cycle of nothing” is familiar to me. Is really a disease that stole years of my life. Thank you Anthony; I appreciate your friendly voice of encouragement. Mean a world to people like me. I can feel it. Thank you again!

  26. Ching Yee Shek

    You are right, I ma in that cycle too. I know how to make plan, I know how to write notes, but to use the software to automate things, I don’t know. ??? Would you detail that? Thanks.

  27. Johneen Jones

    Sounds like good advice, thanks. I’ve always been most successful when I kept a planner and used it daily!

  28. iris galloway

    Thanks, Anthony for this email. I am getting back on track after my mother passed away, then my daughter had eye surgery and I am with her during the day, she has a laptop which i am trying to use but not used to it so i am here at home in the wee hours of the morning and trying to see all your emails, so as to get me motivated again. again thank you . iris galloway

  29. Gerald Coggin

    Thanks for the Blog on Cycle of Nothing. I will begin the Plan, plan a day ahead, and write it down. I will begin today. Any ideas to share on what and where to find the type of software that would help. I am a real novice at all of this.


  30. Rosalind H

    Anthony: I am guilty of “The Cycle of Nothing”. I’ve bought many of your programs and publications, but I have yet to make $19.95. It’s not your programs, it’s me. I will take your advise from this blog and try again.
    Thank you

  31. Gregory Parks

    For those interested in comparing the cost of education, try this: Harvard MBA = $250,000. What they’re really buying isn’t more spectacular education than other programs (I did my MS at UCLAs Engineering Executive Program for about $60,000, which my employer paid for). What they’re buying at Harvard, and a handful of other ‘name’ schools’ is a NETWORK of contacts. The Alums as Harvard are VERY well connected to people with money and power, but that’s the ultimate in ‘pushing the ball up the hill’. Entrepreneur is a foreign word to them. I’ve been one for 20+ years.

  32. marie

    this lesson is a good reminder to be conscious of what you are thinking about. Keep moving forward, never look back!

  33. Jody Anthony Thompson

    This has been very healpful. This has especially been helpful for someone like me with a complex agenda.

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