Hi From Washington D.C.

    Yes This is A very good idea we need to be abel to pick your brain Anthony. I’m like you Anthony, i can keep the ball rounding their is something always to with this business. This is our business, our dream no one outside of the business understands what the hell were talking about if we talk to them about this internet business so yes it’s nice to others on the same page to talk too.

    Best Regards

  2. Gayle

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes I agree the synergy created by brainstorming offers up the best ideas and give you a little support and confidence to try them. I have never thought of brainstorming with myself, but I might try it.

    I am really eager to get started but I still have no networks ads, like Wolf (hasn’t confirmed yet, it has only been 3 days) but I sure would like to try one and test the waters. Do you have any ideas?

    Have a great day,


  3. Sheri Kreiner

    I’m on my way home now to watch this brainstorming video, as my Blackberry won’t allow me to watch videos which is a huge bummer!!! So, Anthony, I’m almost home to watch on desktop!! Thank You, Much!!!

  4. Olukayode Ojelade (Ayo)

    Thank you Anthony for demonstrating personal interest in everyone.
    Even though i’m new to Affiliate marketing, i’ll do everything in my power to maximize the profit potentials in all the helping hand you’re offering including the one in this video (Brain storming).
    Again, thank you!

  5. Linda hopson

    anthony? so what happens when you have no person to do this with because you are just a single type person who has no friends to talk to?? I work and have to take care of chores at home for my family and then I can come to this computer and try to figure out how to make some cash with it by myself. this is the hardiest thing I can do because my life is only my work and home and computer. Pretty sad huh. well I know there is millions of people out there that are in the same boat and if I could tap into those millions of people to become friends with on my computer I will. thats why I joined your program so I could learn how to get out here in the computer world and at least have some help to getting to those on line friends to make some money with. I also could use some new ideas everyday to use.

  6. James Stanton

    Hi Anthony, I am a huge fan of yours and truly believe you are genuine. I am a person who has always had a difficult time just getting something started. These weekly blogs are always reminding me of that fact and are motivational. I take full responsibility and maybe I’m just caught up in the why, I don’t know. Anyway something I’ve just learned is not to think about things too much, but start doing and think along the way.Thanks for everything. James

  7. Sheri Kreiner

    This video really helped me to put back into perspective of how important “Brainstorming” truly is & how important it is to continue to brainstorm throughout different times of learning how to become Successful. This video reminded me of when I completed an exercise back when I was choosing the three niche products!!! That exercise did assist me, greatly, with coming up with three products. It was even a FUN exercise, as well, which most of the exercises we do have a lot of FUN involved which is Awesome, as it’s like, a little added Bonus!!!

    Does anyone remember the exercise I’m referring to when choosing our three products??? I was wondering if this exercise could be applied to other topics or whenever “Brainstorming” would be convenient and/or beneficial to use???

    Thank You Very Much for reminding me of how important “Brainstorming” truly is & how your results will reflect a better outcome when using “Brainstorming”!!!

  8. Kerry Ahrend

    In conjunction with your brainstorming create a “Mind Map.” Put the topic of your brainstorm in the center of the page/flipchart and then branch off of that with your ideas. A mind map is a very effective tool and you use the process of brainstorming to create that map.

  9. Rick

    Excellent points. I do lots of brainstorming alone and then I like to present ideas to others. I’m always amazed at how inspired I become AFTER talking with others. The key for me is to always ask the question “What’s a new way to do this?” or “Let’s think of this a different way.” Then consider EVERYTHING. Sometimes outrageous ideas grow legs and become viable options if given a chance to develop.

  10. Jim Klynman

    I have not had the opportunity to check the items sent. Work committments have limited my time. I travel and work on the road. I will have time after Jan1 to hopefully give the time to get this going.

  11. MARC

    Excellent pointer
    By the way, I just bought your book, now i’ll be looking forward to work with you and start seeing positive some serious cash flow into my bank account!

    Thanks for sharing Anthony

  12. Ben Benson

    I love to listen to and watch your weekly video training, because they are very inspiring and educational. I am still struggling a bit to get my web site going, so I have to go back and read some more and watch the video CD to see what I am missing. Hope to get it all straightened out soon, so that I can start earning money.

    Ben Benson
    Apple Valley, California

  13. cheryl maleski

    Hello anthony, just to let you know i am having 1,000 flyers made up to advertise my site and i am going to attach my bussiness cards to them as well.I am even thinking about having small commercials on t.v. to advertise my site. cheryl

  14. Mike C

    I purchased the videos and books a few weeks ago and still haven’t opened them. I’ve filed all the e-mails without looking at them. Today I listened and watched this video. I am glad I did. I have worked 37 years for the Postal Service and am currently out on sick leave. This company beat me up and spit me out. I am trying to get “back on my feet” mentally and will need another source of income. I was bullied, humiliated embarrassed, degraded, and demeaned. It is really hard to move when you suffer with depression, but I felt inspired today, I have five kids and bills galore… falling apart is not an option. I am ready to learn a new way or how to take a new path to earn.

  15. Richard Von Aschen

    This is a very good idea. I have been doing some gold hunting and tiring to make enough money to buy your software.

  16. Ronald Bish

    As always Anthony I am happy about being able to watch these weekly blog videos. This is a great thing. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate it. YOU DA MAN,,

  17. John Crowe

    I havent received your book yet but I can’t wait! My wife is very dubious about this whole thing but I keep telling her, “don’t salt your food before you taste it!
    Look forward to your weekly videos Anthony. I want a jucuzzi too!!
    John Crowe

  18. wramon

    The Ideal of braining storming is a very good idea. This could and would help a lot of us expand our minds (thoughts) on getting a stronger handle on not just making an extra buck. What I mean by this is helping us band together as a team to share the wealth.
    Guys this could work……. and the time is now !

    Now we will have to set up a meeting place, a time, and topic
    It’s a great ideal Anthony

    I know we have the topic but each of us might just be at different ends of that topic. Ramon

  19. Louis Ray Sandoval

    Hi Anthony your weekly blog is very useful and a good way to show support to all of was wanting to suceeded in life thank you

  20. Ellen Gravelle


    This is something that I have done for many years, including brainstorming with myself. I learned this early on through Project Management courses, working as a team member on a Projects or as leader on a Project.

    I am glad to see you passing this knowledge on to so many of our Live Community members and new members of the Marketing Success Academy.

    Just so you remember, as we do our brainstorming, sometimes it appears as though tasks or things may not be moving forward for some of us. But we are actually making head way behind the scenes.

    Thanks again for sharing valuable insight through the Weekly Blogs, it is greatly appreciated!

  21. Susan Griepenstroh

    I got my 1st email today and viewed the Brainstorming video.
    I am at the point of Brainstorming for products,.
    I hope I can come up with some.
    Loved the human side of your book.

  22. Norma A.

    First of all it is a very commendable job you’re doing motivating people to
    improve their life. How noble it is at this 21st century to find a young
    entreprenuer like yourself full of unlimited ideas for success. Mr. Morrison
    I am so thankful (to God) i came across your name and subscribed, slowly
    of course am learning as my age progress my learning capacity decrease
    as well, yet you gave me hope to go on learning. Brain doesnt get old
    the body does , so why give up learning?
    Here’s an old lady groping blindly learning computer, as affiliate marketer.
    People lets learn to be successful via Mr. A. Morrison’s System. TY-AM

  23. Gene DiSpaldo

    Anthony-Just saw the video and was indeed inspired. Brainstorming to me is anything from bouncing ideas off of a room full of people to thinking where to post your nest website ad. I tend to do this a lot with your program. Hopefully a new source of income will emerge for me and everyone in the program…: )

  24. Ralph Brooks

    Anthony, is right about talking with others brainstorming is part of laws of success. I would be glad to brainstorm with any of you. those who wish to brainstorm alone l gesture to look at everything within your idea at 360 degrees.

    Anthony you get two thumbs up for this video blog
    be safe Ralph

  25. henry hunt

    working with consulting team,going over a lot of lessons,brainstorming is one area i try to make time for each day,maybe it will help develop my brain some more so i can digest business quicker.

  26. Linda Burns

    brainstorming is excellent. I have your materials and the videos I watch and study trying to understand. Marketing has never been my strong point and I am surprised at your patience with your customers. I plan on continuing watching and reading until I can grasp and can apply. I enjoy doing the work. There is much to learn with your program. Thanks. Your two books ( The Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits From Home )are great, but I have to read and study to get concept down.

  27. Teresa Jerrolds

    I enjoyed your video on brainstorming. I agree with you, that brainstorming will help bring a great ad. Say it outloud, on paper, with friends… when your all done, the brainstorming brings together all the ideas floating around in your head, into a great idea! Thanks again Anthony.
    Teresa J

  28. Theresa Hartman

    I think brainstorming is VERY valuable. So much so that after last weekend’s class with Adrian (awesome experience, that!), I set up a blog of my own to continue interacting with other like-minded affiliate marketers. I had made friends with several people at the class, but not all of them. I do hope to connect with more, but I used the social media marketing techniques you teach to find more people who are affiliate marketers. Many of them are very generous in recommending tools and programs they use, and in giving advice, especially on Twitter. So, if you DON’T have people around you to brainstorm with, they are all available to you on social media! Just look them up by keyword on Twitter!

  29. David Pratt

    A personal note from me; you are such a wonderful person as far as what you do for people. At this time am just struggling to get problems in life straightened out. In college almost finished working on the last term of training IT Networking hope to receive an associate’s degree in December just before Christmas this will be my Xmas present just wanted to say thank you for what you have sent me so far just am slow and to poor to apply your strategies. Do appreciate all the attention that has drifted my way just slow in responding to your help in the first of next year and there is some stability in my life which must be done by me will my heart open up to the world. Please do not think just another dead email. Looking forward to good things in the year 2010,slow on responding right now wishing you the very best in Holliday spirits’ for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and bringing in the New Year. Trying to look at all that you have sent me thank you so much for your attention
    You have given me such high hopes you don’t really know me but you are a dear friend to my heart thank you so much have a safe and great holidays
    Your friend David Pratt
    PS. Sorry on poor grammar working on this

  30. Cristina Chadwick

    Thanks for sharing! I love learning from you and realize that you have put into practice a very important universal principle… If you give for the pure joy of giving, you cannot help but create abundance for yourself! And, I would like to add that by sharing, we can all help to turn our econmy around and create abundance for all through our various endeavors!
    As a ‘newbie’ to your program and to the internet, I have a lot of catching up to do to get up to speed and it has been a bit overwhelming… been burning the midnight oil and getting up super early just to fit all of this into my busy daytime schedule as a caregiver! No leisure time these days, but confident that all my efforts will pay off!

  31. Steve Ok

    Thanks a million but I need A lot of help to get started. I feel there is absolutely no reason for me not to succeed. Thanks

  32. Glenda S.

    Thanks for all the help,I agree with #25’s comment. I need to keep working on my niche. What was the exercise with the three niche’s i missed that one.

  33. Valerie Miller

    Thanks for the info, it was useful and I am going to Brainstorm tonight after I finish with kicking the ball a little further down the hill.

  34. Gary Monahan

    Brainstorming has always been a great idea, Anthony. I’ve been doing it for the longest time, and I always write down my powerful ideas, and then quickly apply them. It really works!

  35. Sher

    Thank you Anthony, I need all the help & encouragement that I can get. I never seem to have the right mindset or the time for anything.

  36. 17

    Anthony, I got the books and the CDs a few days ago and so far I’m liking what i see. I always wanted to start my own online business but i never had idea or how to go about doing it. I’ve been reading the book avidly and taking notes as i go along. So far the tips and strategies offered in your book are simple and easy to follow and your personally trained staff are always eager to help you whenever you have question or wether your not sure of something. With the infinite power of Affiliate Marketing my horizons couldn’t been more enlightened. Thank you..

    Sincerely; 17.


    hi anthony, so its been a week since i recieved the books and dvd, and today i’m really getting serious about it. thanks for tis pro
    gram. in the past i have signed up fpr several internet businesses but they never had the help and ideas you do so i’m on board and cant wait to get started! have a great holliday season anthony. mary lou

  38. Bill Spires

    Have been going thru the books , studing taking notes and trying to
    find time to get serious Aft Mkg. Just slow i i will get there too many
    jobs now have to shed jobs and find tme

    thanks Anthony


  39. Alice

    I’ve been brainstorming alot ever since I’ve bought your book about 5 months ago & I’ve read your book the first day I received it and everything seems so exciting but I guess I just need to put my fear into action. I will be calling one of your mentor’s. I think I have already paid for setting up my site (it’s been so long I’m not sure), but I think so. I think I’m ready. Also thanks for always giving good advice. Thank You.

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