1. Ava

    Hi Anthony,
    What you are doing is wonderful!
    I would also love to help with the tornado damage in Springfield MA, near where my daughter goes to school.
    I LOVE that art behind you? Where can I get one?

  2. Ipe Da Silva

    I am really excited to work with people that like to help others, and with you as my leader. It is really sad to see all those people that had been lost with the tornado. I am here and I am ready to help.

  3. robert barnett

    Hey Anthony. I love the thing you and all your fans are doing for the tornado victims. I wanted so badly to do something myself. When Japan got hit by the earthquake and sunami I felt the same way. So much disaster and sadness happening in the world and right here in the U.S. Keep up the good work and god bless your efforts.

  4. Bart Drury

    Great to hear some really positive stuff form a change. Also, I may have a Human Interest Story for you (In the rough manuscript phase at the moment). Thx, Bart Drury

  5. Carol Amato

    Dear Family in Joplin:

    I can’t even begin to imagine the devastation and loss you suffered through the terrifying experiences recently caused by the tornadoes.

    Please know that we care and have been praying for you throughout the days and weeks that have followed.

    Many of us jumped on board when Anthony was compelled to try to help and make a difference. Although nothing can wipe the experience from your memory or the great sense of loss from your souls, we hope to encourage and instill a bit of hope again.

    You’re in our thoughts and prayers,
    Carol Amato

  6. Tim Davidson

    I hope for the families sake that this that we have done to help them is a blessing from all of us on the live community. I’m sure it will help them and I wish them all luck from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Karen Pressley

    Thanks Anthony for what you are doing. While you are gone to Joplin you will be in my prayers. I look up to you for all you do and the things you stand for. Ready to get over this hump that I have been on and looking forward to moving forward and making a difference in the lives of those I love. Thanks again. Sincerely, Karen

  8. Maggie Higgins

    Although your life was forever disrupted in a few minutes and all the news media has left, know that number of helpers’ are growing and will continue to help until the jobs are done.

  9. Gopal Iyer

    Thanks Anthony for aal you do. My heart goes out to the tornado victims and their family. I hope God will give us the strength to move forward

  10. Karen Delgado

    Anthony what a wonderful thing you are doing. Helping where it is needed is one of the reason I want to become financially free & one day I will accomplish it. In the meantime I will follow you trainings!! It is fantastic to see someone care so much!!!

  11. Dano

    This is GREAT!!! To help other people without them asking for help, is the purest thing you can do.. As Ronnie Dunn puts it ” We All Bleed Red, We All Breathe Air “!!! We need to help each other…

  12. Carolyn Heck-Derton

    I am so impressed with the out pouring of Love and Careing you
    and your fans have shown.
    Praying for good results!!!
    Carolyn Heck-Derton

  13. Susan

    I think what you are doing is something that should be done byeveryone. If everyone helped each other out, this would be a better world. God bless.

  14. Dorene


    What you are doing is what faith, hope and love look like. The folks in Joplin are in my prayers. God Bless You!

  15. Ramon

    Stopping to look around and help people in need is indeed great. Anthony you continue to guide our lives to be thoughtful of those less fortunate.

  16. Sandra Jordan

    Hi Anthony, my hearth goes out the families of Joplin and wish them a speedy recovery from the devastation. God does not give his people more than we can bear, he will take of his peoples. Your are doing a fantastic job keep the fire burning. one love

  17. Maria L. Fay

    Wonderful, Anthony! It’s great to know that people still care about people. I have my family in Argentina and I have asked them to pray for Joplin during Mass. And, Joplin, we are all praying for you all here, I’m sure. God’s blessings and keep the Faith, He really works miracles!

  18. Terry Stewart

    Dear Family, I have lost my job and I don’t have much. I hope the small amount helps. My prayers are with you, and yours. Great job Anthony! Keep up the the good works.

  19. Eddie Posey

    Hi Anthony

    If the world had more people like u it would b a much better place again thanks for all u do one day i plan on being where u r so i can help my family and friends.

    Thanks Again Anthony

  20. Beverly Rugley

    It is truly a wonderful thing that I believe will pick up the spirit like the movie:”Pay it forward”. I am glad to be part of an organization that gives and God will give you double for your trouble. Continue to walk in God’s blessings.

  21. Ligaya Valonzo


    You are such a wonderful person and heaven sent. I am blessed to know you. Everybody will appreciate what you are doing. Please keep it up BOSS!!!! I am willing to help also as soon as I can. Thank you Anthony!!!

  22. Colbey Kirk

    I just wanted to say. Anthony it is truly is a blessing what you are able to do this for these victims of the tornado’s that swept everything they own off the map. there needs to be more people like this in the world willing to help. And it is awesome how you are able to get all of us here on your blog to be apart of that and allow us to help too. thank you for allowing us to help you help them by channeling/leveraging social media. I think being able to help tornado victims is a blessing and everyone should have done it that’s apart of this blog. your always helping us its nice to be-able to help you for a change Anthony. My family’s prayers are with these people that have been struck by this natural disaster.

  23. Kathryn Cole

    It is always nice, no matter what, to see an altruistic business owner. I see so many people who are money mad. I believe that when I recieve goodness, I should pass it on. If I had a dollar or two, I would donate to this cause, but here’s why I don’t. I’m on disability, just getting started in Anthony’s program, hoping to make life a little better for my family, and I just scrounged for my last dollar, so that the tooth fairy could leave something for my grand daughter’s tooth. My grandson and granddaughter are here for the summer, their mom is having surgery. They live less than 50 miles from Joplin. So during this crisis, I prayed on my hands and knees that MY family be spared. The tornados hit 30 miles from MY home in Oklahoma, and 35 miles from my daughter’s home in Springfield, MO. As I am able to pass along the good things, I promise, to all of you, and to God, that I will.

  24. Linda Cress

    Thanks Anthony for inviting all of us to do this with you. I can’t even think what they are going though. It’s bad enough to loose your house, all your possessions, and jobs. Let along trying to replace them. Pictures of loved ones gone for ever is heart breaking. My prayers go out to those that have lost family. May God Bless you all and give you the courage and streingth to go one. Your family will come out of this even stronger than before. Because when God closes a door, he opens another for us all to help and share each other.

  25. donald sears

    giving is an addiction that gives back instead of taking,the more you give the more you find to seems to always take care of the people that has a giving hart.we just have to believe this separates us from the animals. so my hats off too ya tony. keep up the good work.i’m looking forward to working with you.

  26. Tree

    Untied we Stand, Divided we Fall
    Thanks for taking the lead in doing good for a good cause.

  27. Shalini

    my heart and prayers goes to Joplin families .God help them and give them the courage and strength to move on despite of the great losses of loved ones, homes and all other things that we cannot count. Lets all of us be quiet for one minute and pray to the god.

  28. Phil Lully

    To the family in Joplin I can’t begin to imagine what it is like for there…I guess something like my own experience of being without my home…and having to live in my car…but you may not even have that much !
    I hope that what this network of people have managed to help you with, it
    goes a long way…to begin to restore your lives. My name is Phil and I live in Utah….No I’m not mormon wishing you a brighter tomorrow.
    God Bless

  29. Wayne

    Fabulous job Anthony. It makes us all feel good knowing we helped those in need.

  30. Fred Thompson

    Fred & Hyunsou

  31. Barbara moore

    well in was nice so many peoples help out and god bless ever one you no i feel the same way god has brought me threw a lot and he will do the saying for all of you.

  32. Laura B.

    There are really some nice people out there pitching in where it counts! Kudos for everyone! BLESS YOU, Anthony for all that you have done!

  33. Deanna Wickey

    Hi Anthony – thanks for sharing and taking the time to help this family. I myself live in Missouri and just went down to Joplin on Sunday On behalf of the Care for Skin Foundation, Image Skincare has donated $70,000 worth of sunscreen products to protect relief workers in Joplin, MO from long hours of extreme sun exposure while working to help in the clean up and rebuilding efforts! . It was much more devastating than the media video showed. Thanks again

  34. Deanna Wickey

    Hi Anthony – great job. Guess I just missed you in Joplin. I just got back after donating over 70,000 in suncare products to the workers on behalf of Care for Skin Foundation and Image Skincare. I can’t wait to see the video.

  35. Paulina

    Great job Anthony: May God Bless you for your generosity. Love your weekly Blogs; thanks for your help.

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