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Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. In order for the process to work, though, you have to have powerful emails, great subject lines, amazing premiums, hot offers and the perfect opt-in box.  Today, we are going to cover the opt-in box.

The opt-in box is the form that email marketers place on websites in order to collect names and email addresses.

Lots of email marketers make mistakes when it comes to their opt-in forms.  Because of that, we are going to teach you two simple concepts that will help you design a great opt-in form. You need to:

  • Keep it short
  • Personalize the sign up button

Keeping it Short

People often mess up when it comes to choosing the length for their opt-in boxes.  Many marketers think the opt-in box is a great way to get loads of information from potential customers.  Because of that, they ask for everything, from their name to their favorite activities.

When people see long forms, two things happen. First, they are overwhelmed. They don’t want to dedicate so much time to filling out a form.  Second, they are a bit nervous. They don’t know you well enough to give so much information.

Because of these feelings, they will close out of your website and go elsewhere.

You can avoid this problem by creating a short form. Only ask for the person’s:

  • Name
    • Do not ask for first and last name.  Just ask for the name.  Most people will include their first and last name, even if they are not asked to do so.
  • Email address

Since the form is short, people will fill it out in order to receive your premium and join your list.

Now let’s look at personalizing the form.

Personalizing the Sign Up Button

The sign up button is also important.  The standard button says “Sign Up,” or something similar.  You can personalize it by replacing “Sign Up” with a call to action.

For example, let’s say you are giving away a free report to everyone who signs up. Instead of having “Sign Up,” you could put “Get my free report.”

This simple call to action will help you get more signups.  People will associate signing up with getting the free item, and they will flock to your list.

Now you are ready to increase your opt-in rates. While these two tips are only pieces of the email marketing puzzle, they will help you build up your list so you can get more customers.


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  1. Bonnie

    I am working on a work a home based niche.

    Yes I am willing to use failure as a way to grow and learn..

  2. Melissa Sawyer

    The niche I would like to build a list for is people interested in go green products and services.

  3. Clara Leake

    I want to build a site around BULLYING. This problem has become an epidemic. Especially for school children. Some have even committed scuicide.

    Your info on opt-in is fantastic. The shorter the better.

  4. Stan Bookstaber

    Wellness products are my niche. Helping people feel great, naturally.
    Failure only sets you up for the next success. How can you know success if you don’t fail first?

  5. Manuel Plata

    Thank you for the insight. I really think that you’re serious about your quest to help people. Thank you. I would like to start a niche for diets.

  6. Fred Ray

    The niche I am GOING to build a list for is for organic foods and suppliers.
    It’s becoming more obvious to people that chemicals in their food just isn’t good for them!

    Your info here on opt-in is awesome. The shorter the better. Thanks so much for the great tip Anthony!

  7. oscar

    The shorter the better. My niche is to target people over 55 years old, with products that enhance their lives.

  8. Jack Connell

    The niche I would like to build a list for are people who are interested intaking vacations/ travel/cruise

  9. cesar cipres

    I like the healthy and weilness suplements we are on the era the people want to feel good, like my philosophy Healthy,happy,enjoy no metter what, thank you Anthony,god bless you. :)=];;<//////// :)=];;<//// love running.

  10. karen

    Hi Anthony,

    You made two great points – name- people will put in first and last name. I have 5 affiliate sites with opt in pages and it states: first name only.

    Second is “get my free report” vs. “submit” That is such a great way to get people to complete the form. They are looking for “free stuff”

    I am a student of your success academy. My site is selling wine accessories. I am currently working on an opt in/squeeze page with a url of: I will be collecting names and emails and will send out a coupon for a free wine accessory, a wine bottle stopper, which I will send out with any order.

    I originally thought to get their name and mailing address to send out the free wine bottle stopper. But then I thought that may be asking too much information on an opt in landing page. What do you think?

    And then, the coupon will save me money on postage/shipping because they will get the free item with an order vs. shipping out a free item for just a name, email address and shipping address.

    Thank you for your sincere coaching to all of us newbies!

  11. robert barnett

    I would like to promote (build a list) of people that want info on how to make money on the internet.
    The opt-in comment is right on! The shorter the better, right to the point!

  12. Charles Baker

    I have found life pressing ever since I ordered your material. I have to get my priorities in order and find myself rapped up in others in spite on myself. How do I let go and put me on top of my own list?

  13. steven

    Thank you for the great insight. I know now that you’re serious about helping us to achieve . Thank you. I would like to start a niche for diets.

  14. Sally

    My niche is to help people make money from home, while helping clean up the environment.

  15. Larry Grimes

    I am trying to start all over again ,appreciate any advice you could give me with dealing with pmi and your programs

  16. Patricia

    I have an optin page also that is simple and it it also fun and easy to customize the webform with all the designs you have to choose from.

  17. Gary Monahan

    Thanks, Anthony, I’m now going to amend my email opt-in form so that my website will attract more customers, and keep them coming back.

  18. Shar Hankins

    I want to build a list around an acrylic painting niche and I will continue to use failure as a way to learn and grow!

  19. Carol Amato

    Some great tips regarding the power of the opt-in form!

    I have really learned a lot from you over the last several months, and I am so thankful for good, solid teaching that can be relied upon to be accurate as well as relevant to the times.

    Thanks, Anthony!


  20. Ethel Packer

    .Anthony, I would like a sample list also. If they opt in what can I send them? I do not have any thing to offer. Maybe I just do not understand. Would like your help on this. Thanks, Ethel

  21. Maria

    I am studying to be a Life Coach and would like to place a my niche with parents whose household has had some form of domestic violence. I am survivor of domestic violence and would like to speak to groups of women that have gone through such a tough situation.

  22. Beverly Rugley

    I am grateful for the excitement that you bring to your webinars. Last Wednesday on April 18, 2011. I signed up for all four offers that you stated were need to start your own version of your internet business. I have started all the home work but cannot get pass make a list. I have gone through by website twice and cannot find a product to start my list. Each thing that I’m interested in has no offers.Can you please help me!!!

  23. patricia salley

    Will you tell me step by step how to set up a niche web site from the site you gave? I read your book, but still can’t seem to be able to do it .

  24. Margaret Robinson

    I am just starting out, but I would love to have a way to give divorced people more self esteem. I would really like to write a book entitled, “Divorce Is Not Contagious”. There are books and retreats for couples, but single people get left out. I know from experience.

  25. Dawn Slowi

    I have not started on the website building yet and have been a member for 2 month. Had no idea what to market but now my niche will be photos of travels and traveler’s information.(what to pack, weather, time of the year to travel, etc.


    My niche would be;
    Targeting DIABETICS and their testing supplies;
    That have no insurance/private insurance/Medicare…

  27. Morgan

    My niche is to promote dating services as I believe everyone deserves someone & not to be alone.

  28. Sharon Volkman

    Yes, I do use failure as a way to learn and grow. Failure leads to success. My niche is to help people to feel better and have long lasting good health, plus looking good with nicer, smooth healthy skin.

  29. Jane

    Spreading Health & Wellness w/OrGano mushroom coffees (black, latte, mocha, king of coffee,Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee grounds w/Filters) , green tea, cocoa, supplements and more…

  30. Johnny Breedlove

    My niche is for green products air purifiers, water purifiers, we have a product which eliminates the need for detergents to washing cloths, it’s called LaundryPure.

  31. Samuelle

    Hey how does one tweet and what is it, I don’t understand, this is new to me

  32. Mary

    I am really trying hear, i won’t give up. So could you send me the sample email form also. Failure is not an option. Thanks

  33. Mary

    My niche would be good health, being that i am diabetic. I think taking care of yourself also helps your Diabeties.

  34. Robert Bost

    Anthony, Robert Bost again. The information on email marketing and the opt-in form is of definite interest. I want the chance to gain as much from your teaching as I can. As a retired marketing teacher (high school) and college instructor, I am so impressed with your style. Thanks.

    Robert Bost

    ps. I plan to be on the call tomorrow night

  35. Karen Pressley

    Hi Anthony I would like to have a sample of the Email form to go by to help me, on the Email Marketing The Power of the Opt-in Form. I have already subscribed to your newsletter but have not received one yet, how do I check on this? Again, thanks for all you do for me, I appreciate it.

  36. Evie

    I’m just beginning and do not have a website. How do I go about creating my website? I have very little funds if any to spend on advertising. I am very ill and recently lost my job do to my illnesses. I am anxious to get started but really don’t know where to begin. I’d love for you to come visit me like you the three men in your videos. I’d also, love a sample list. Thanks for listening and believing in me.

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