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First I would like to announce this week’s winner of the $50 gift card (hopefully to be used for advertising your business): Ken Hunter (posted Jan 17, 2011) Post #79 (email me asap Ken)

Now here is where it get’s really interesting for all of my blog readers. I know you are all use to me doing video blogs (and yes I plan to get back to those), however, I noticed something really special when I decided to give away that first $50 gift card EXPLOSION of comments and interactivity. This is what makes YOU learn and grow you simply must be interacting on a weekly basis. So I have decided that I will continue this $50/week giveaway as long as you continue to come here and comment on the blog, Tweet the blog and Like it on Facebook. It’s pretty simple and with 52 weeks in a year you have a great chance of winning. So with that said…. on to this weeks blog topic.

What’s Hot RIGHT NOW –

Remember that marketing online is something that you do all year long, however, there are certain times that are “peak times” for certain types of things. Below I am going to list some of the rules I use when doing my online marketing to help you better understand what I am talking about:

1st Quarter of The Year – Weight loss products are big in demand simply because everyone’s resolution for the new year is to lose weight and look better. That also means beauty supply products are in huge demand. There is an enormous spike in searches for these types of products in January/Feb and even on into March. You can also lump those “As Seen on TV” Ab Rollers and Gliders and things like that into this category. Basically anything that can make you look better and get in shape be it products, vitamins or workout courses are really hot this time of year!

2nd Quarter of The Year – Travel is hooooot. Why? well think about it when do most people travel? Typically during the summer. This means everything from marketing credit cards (yep most people put travel/vacations on credit cards) to hotels and flights are big this time of year. You can also look at those things like destination resorts (think Disney World) which typically offer some kind of affiliate program to refer people to certain package deals they have in place. Anything that has to do with travel can also be big this time of year just like luggage. You might not typically think of luggage being a big deal, but when people have to travel they must have luggage.

3rd Quarter of The Year – Think Back To School. So you’ll have the typical school supplies and such online, but the market is so much broader than just that. You’re going to have kids going away to college and typically parents are getting them their first “credit card” so think “student credit cards” or even “gas reward cards” because of the travel to and from college. You also need to think apparel because so many kids get those “back to school clothes” and quite a few will shop online for bargains. Again it’s all about just understanding what is going on in our world.

4th Quarter of The Year – Think SANTA CLAUS. Plain and simple people start shopping for Christmas and they don’t stop until … sometimes after Christmas. Anything retail is going to be extremely HOT this time of year. Amazon gets a huge spike in sales (think Amazon affiliate program) and eBay crushes it (think eBay affiliate program). These are just two of the more common and extremely huge opportunities you have this time of year to cash in on the hundreds of millions of dollars spent online.

I hope you found this blog informative. My goal is to prep you now for what you need to do for the rest of the year. Basically helping you create your game plan for 2011 so you can create that massive success you want!


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Enjoy Your Week

Anthony Morrison


  1. Zerelda Quintana

    Live community login is quinT315
    Q1 – will promote TruthAboutAbs
    Q2 – will promote WildAboutTickets
    Q3 – will promote Winning Surveys: Urban Outfitters
    Q4 – will promote Gifts Wish

  2. Rudy

    I am in favor of your doing the$50 weekly.

    I’m still reading and hope to start implementing what I am learning very soon.

  3. Tanya Edens

    Q1:weightloss, health/beauty products
    Q2:travel related items, ex. luggage
    Q3:Back to school items, clothing
    Q4:Retail items… and ebay

  4. Rick

    Anthony, thanks for the tips on what to promote.As someone new to the online retail business,having someone like you help us ”newbies” thru your blog is awsome!
    Q1- exercise equip
    Q2- luggage
    Q3- back to school clothes – apparel
    Q4- NFL items from my own site

  5. Roger Terry

    Q1 Yes I am member of your newletter Q2 Sign up for your Live Community Q3 Ilove the ideal about travel,everyone is ready for some travel time at this time of the year.Looking forward to the new year.

  6. Debbie Melin

    Thanks for the help organizing my thoughts to the following plan of action for 2011:

    Q1-weight loss with hcg, protocol tracker, books, & natural, organic food sources, success stories
    Q2-credit card affiliate programs, recreations vehicles, camping & fishing equipment, canoes, and outdoor fear, hotels, flights, and car rental affiliate programs
    Q3- student credit card programs, clothing and accessories for young adults,
    computer laptop and cell phone affiliate programs, online college classes with affiliate programs.
    Q4-retail Christmas gifts for home and garden, handcrafted steel artwork, and affiliate programs with Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, and other biggie web sites.

  7. Regina Frame

    I have already signed up for your newsletters and joined your Live Community. Here are my Promotion Items:

    Q1…………Weight Loss Programs
    Q2…………Vacation Apparel
    Q3………….Back packs & School Supplies
    Q4………….Amazon & E-Bay Affiliate Programs

    I will Tweet this post & Like this post on Facebook.


  8. David Eisenhauer

    I have another website I am pushing traffic stats from to my website here. I had that website before I signed up here. I have not been able to make any sales yet, that and the resources / support Anthony has in place are some of the reasons I have signed up with Anthony. It gets real lonesome out there when you seem to be trying to go it alone. Anyway when I start getting really down I look at my blog website –, and I realize I actually am here for the long haul. I will not give up, no matter how appealing it may seem at the time.

    Anyway, my vote goes toward the $50 being a weekly prize. I think it is a real positive incentive.

    1st Quarter – Currently I have been focusing on gardening and yard work for the spring, but I am going to add some health / weight loss to the mix as well.

    2nd Quarter – I do have some travel in the mix for the summer, but I continue it all year round, along with my other projects.

    3rd Quarter – I have an active mix of “Back to School”, to include homeschooling.

    4th Quarter I include all the holiday items, decorating trimmings, travel, food, chocolates, flowers, and nuts / healthy items.

    I am always watching what I am doing and attempting to modify it to see if I can improve my strategies. What works today, may not work tomorrow…

    I do not know that much about what I am doing, but I am willing to learn and want to know it all, but a piece at a time. I want to learn it right and then build on that knowledge and expand my horizons, until I can do it all and do it all well.

  9. Igor Ropac

    I just recieved the books yesterday. I am reading the books taking copious notes. Before the books got here I activated my site and listened to all the downloads and watched all the videos. I plan to choose offers I’m personally familiar with to start the go from there. Just take it it a day at a time like you say baby steps every day, gaining knowledge along thye way.

  10. Sheri Kreiner

    Hi Anthony~

    Excellent information & knowledge in regards to what to promote during each quarter of the year!!!!!!

    OUTLINE(Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4)

    Q1 – promote weight loss products, such as, purchase membership to a gym
    Q2 – promote air flight rates
    Q3 – promote school clothing
    Q4 – promote Christmas Decorations

    Thank You Very Much!!!!

    Sheri Kreiner

  11. Marc Henson

    I am new to all this, however, money is always an incentive to “move people” foeward. Definitely continue this program.

    I do not yet have a website, however, my markettng/advertising program for 2011 will follow these outlined target areas/categories in 2011.

    Q1 Fitnees/weight loss , beauty aids; related

    Q2 Travel, hotel/auto packages, destination
    incentives, and luggage; related items.

    Q3 “Back to School” supplies; back-packs,
    notebooks, etc., student credit/reward cards,
    notebook pc’s, etc.

    Q4 Holiday items; retail in-store/on-line

    I’m already excited about 2011. When others see “gloom”, I see opportunity!

    – Marc Henson

  12. Martial

    #1. Natural Health Products – get fit from the root cause!
    #2. About huge savings/benefitsof using VACATION RENTALS BY OWNERS (VRBO)!
    #3. Learning tools for kids – seek out special products made for our younger generation that will help foster better learning… (Readers like Kindles? Laptops? Phone Aps?)
    #4. Unique type gifts that carry lasting meaning – getting away from STUFF buying … towards more conscientious purchases that are still FUN but with elements of being SUSTAINABLE and of VALUE!

  13. Jean Hamm

    Anthony, this is a wonderful post to get people thinking and motivated, thanks.
    Q1-promote weight loss and exercise equipment
    Q2-promote hotel rewards and air flight points
    Q3-promote back to school clothing
    Q3-promote sales on Christmas items

  14. Kellylynn Vercher Browne

    A nice incentive, I could use an extra $50. bucks.
    Q1- Noni Juice- helps cleanse the body of toxins & aids in weight loss
    Q2- Cruise ships
    Q3- Laptops
    Q4- Flip camera/camcorder


  15. T Brown

    I have followed you for a long time. I have agreed with most of the ideas you have brought forth, this is another of a Great mind.

  16. James Creelman

    I think you have a great deal and I’m all for it and being a true beginner is this business I need all the help I can get.
    Q-1 Vitamins, cosmetics and diet recepies.
    Q-2 Flight rates and money exchange rates world wide.
    Q-3 Student credit cards, gas cards etc.
    Q-4 General Christmas gifts, but include Turkey, Goose, Duck, Ham etc
    as if they were buing from a market. Christmas recepies from around
    the world. Lets make this happen….Thank you, Jim Creelman

  17. Mark Carey

    Hi Anthony,
    Yuu are one heck of a guy. You are trying to help ordinary people like us.!! Your mom was great to make you pick a star on the chrismas tree to give to those who had no gifts! You are still giving! I am just trying to get my feet wet here. It’s exciting! It’s fun! Possibiblities seem endless! So I’ll try and keep up with your blogs!

  18. Yvonne Crooker

    Thanks for the tips!
    Q1-health, exercise, weight loss
    Q2-travel, clothing, credit cards
    Q3-books, credit cards, costumes
    Q4-toys, retail, gift cards

  19. Eric Smith

    Q1: I will promote vitamins and energy drinks
    Q2: I will promote hotels in mulitple cities
    Q3: I will promote online book shopping
    Q4: I will promote toys companies for christmas

    This a great idea for students as myself… even more incentive to succeed!!!! Thanks alot Anthony

  20. iris galloway

    That would be great for a chance every week to win $50.00. Also, I have been studying PMI and still learning. Nothing much in place yet, sometimes I need a picture drawn to see what to do. But I will not give up, and here are:

    Q1. I will advertise health and fitness.
    Q2. ” ” ” travel, credit cards ect.
    Q3. ” ” ” school clothes, credit cards for students.
    Q4 ” ” “‘ christmas items, clothes, gourmet food.

  21. Heidi Fielding

    The quarterly business and retail knowledge about consumer preferences for seasonal purchases appears to have a great deal of merit. I feel that I also lean towards these and similar purchases for each season.
    Q1: besides health related items, I think directing traffic to Valentine’s giving.. as there are numerous sites that sell a wonderful variety of gifts.
    Q2: promoting aspects of travel and entertainment is appropriate.
    Q3: Student value deals for clothing and supplies; costume and party supply sites for the upcoming holidays.
    Q4: And then Holiday shopping! Yippee!
    additionally: promotionals are forever a good business practice:) Thanks Heidi

  22. James J / Madonna

    With a 50.00 give away every week in place will give us a better chance to put money aside to purchase the Tellman’s battle plan. Would be a great thing to go from last 50.00 to thousands the way he did and then I could sell my plan to help other people that are using there last dollar to get a plan to support there income needs. 95% of people would be able to afford to buy my plan because it would be priced so that struggling people could have a real shot not just out of there reach. Then I have truly shared from my heart.

    1st Q. Plan a campaign for healthy weight loss diet with nutritional values.
    2nd Q. Create a campaign to refer people to vacation destinations and lodging sites.
    3rd Q. Put campaign in place for back to school apparel like foot wear.
    4th Q. Set up affiliate program for retail toys for Christmas.

  23. Alan Cockerham

    Q1:weightloss, health/beauty products
    Q2:travel related items, ex. luggage
    Q3:Back to school items, clothing
    Q4:Retail items… and ebay

  24. David Molina

    Q1 Weight loss with HCG
    Q2 Credit cards
    Q3 Target, Home Depot (cause people do lots of home projects during this time too, I know this because I am a Contractor by trade)
    Q4 I am going to try the Amazon and Ebay

  25. sheri

    Hey, I’m really sorry, but I haven’t even read the package you sent me. I’m a full time student, and I work 3 days per week; however, I’m getting ready to have 10 days straight off, so I will take a read and get into what it is you do.
    I want to find a way to make some money without it involving a lot of time, energy, and brain strain.

    Sheri L.

  26. Marc Galyean

    *1st Quarter- Weight Loss Supplements and Gift Certificates or Promotions for Gym Memberships.

    *2nd Quarter- Family Vacation Promotion to Disney Land, Hawaii or Florida.

    *3rd Quarter- School Supplies and for a College Student a New Mattress from How can you focus and stay alert if you have not had a Good Nights Sleep???

    *4th Quarter- Write and Submit Articles for Promotions Directing People to Your Web Site Products or Affiliate Offers. For Example: 50% off Black Friday!

    Thanks Anthony for the incentive toward our success!!!

  27. Michelle

    Anthony: I say “do it!” It’s always great to have “free resource options” to build one’s bizness, while simultaneously minimizing operating expenses.

  28. Gwendolyn Ward

    if i win the $50.00 i will use it to advertize in google so maybe i can start making some money with this affiliate marketing here are my goals
    1- put as much time in it as i can
    so i can make some money
    2-i want to make enough money to pay off the jeep and joeys truck which is about $30,000 by the end of this year
    3-learn to blog so i can be better at it
    4-put money back into the business

  29. Bernadette Palasch

    1. Weight loss programs and exercise equipment.
    2.Spring break travel and summer travel
    3.Back to school- fall items.Halloween items
    4. Thanksgiving and Christmas Items and Holiday Receipts

  30. Steve Price

    Thank you for your time and energy in advance for helping us “newbies” and veterans alike. I can only imagine how busy you must be – with all the things you would like to get back to – like video blogs, etc. as you mentioned earlier.
    Your a good role model for us to just keep at it – and everything else will fall into place. Thxs for your persistence and consistency.
    $50/wk Contest
    Q1 – Fitness/weight Loss
    Q2 – Travel – Cruise Ships
    Q3 – Back to School – Laptops
    Q4 – Holiday Items

  31. fishermanRDS

    $50 is a good idea.
    My affiliate site is just getting started. I have no idea where to find the $$ if someone clicks on the links and sends me some cash.
    Q1-promote weight loss and fishing rods
    Q2-promote hotel rewards and fishing reels
    Q3-promote back to school supplies and electric fishing reels
    Q3-promote sales on Christmas items like downriggers and electric fishing lights

    My other website is searching very well and producing. If anyone needs deep sea fishing gear, please try

  32. Billie Waters

    Am still trying to understand all the info that I have gotten so far. Thank you for the heads up on the 4Q. It is a plan that I plan to use. I like the idea of a chance to win $50 , it is a cool idea.

  33. rodrigo echon

    Q1 Weight loss-proper diet,vitamins and exercise.

    Q2. Credit cards- for visiting beautiful spots on different States in America. Buying proper clothings for the weather, luggage ,and foods.

    Q3. Back to school- provide your kids with Credit card for them to buy clothing, gas and books.

    Q4. Christmas-Every families need new items in Christmas, advise them to buy online on eBay and Amazon for cheaper prices.

  34. rodrigo echon

    Q1 Weight loss- proper diet, vitamins and exercises.

    Q2. Credit cards- for buying proper clothings in visiting different spots in America, weather conditions.

    Q3.Back booksto School. provide Credit cards to your children for them buy clothings, gas, foods.

    Q4- Christmas-Every body in the family needs a new one, clothings, laptop,health and beauty products. Buyfrom. eBay and Amazon

  35. Dan Trask

    Hey Anthony and everyone,
    I an a newbie just getting started. Following step 1, just want to say hey… catchen up to u-all soon.

  36. Diana Shearer

    1 and 2 already accomplished!

    1st Qtr: Exercise and Beauty Products, i.e. home gym equipment, weight loss products, nutritional supplements such as protein drinks, bars and so much more!

    2nd Qtr: Camping Equipment, Campers, Rentals, Travel Carriers for your pets, Bug Repellants….so much more!

    3rd Qtr: Back to School Supplies to include anything for the student who is off to college, i.e. – linens, dorm size refrigerators, school apparell…

    4th Qtr: Skiing equipment and clothing, holiday decorating ideas, led lighting for decorating, biblical books, ski resort offers and of course, movie rentals for staying in on a cold winter night!

  37. Jim

    Since I’m very new to this, I am planning to create a number of website landing pages this month.

    Q1 – Free Music, muscle firming equipment
    Q2 – Home personal protection gear, travel offers
    Q3 – Back to School products, Fall Travel in New England offers
    Q4 – Home electronics, Toys

    I appreciate your books and emails. I hope you will create a FAQ for us dummies so we can get answers to our endless questions, so we can get up to speed with the rest of the pack.

  38. Donna Williams

    Q1 Exercise equipment and vitamins
    Q2 Destination travel resorts and credit cards
    Q3 Gas reward cards and clothes
    Q4 Electronics, toys and games

  39. trey0112

    Hey What’s Up Anthony,
    I appreciate all the tips, the perfect direction and the patience that you have spent in baring with me. I appreciate your continued support. Thanks alot!!!!

    Q1- I am selling or promoting Workout courses

    Q2- I am selling or promoting Vacation packages

    Q3- I am selling or promoting Apparel

    Q4- I am selling or promoting eletronics
    This is my outlined business structure and thanks to you I have the direction to move in.
    Your friend in Success

  40. Dot

    Thanks Anthony for that insight. I am still new @ this, learning every day on how to advertise. I set up the website & reading my book. My problem is no traffic. I have several more websites which I have had some success, one is & cannot wait until this one is too. The idea about the $50 will give folks incentive.

  41. carmen batista

    1Q weight loss products and beauty supply products
    2Q Traveling productions
    3Q School supplies and clothes for low prices
    4Q Websites for gifts for holidays such as Christmas

    im new at this and i’d like to be successful. Thank you for your support.

  42. Karen

    Thanks Anthony, I sell health food
    good nutrition does amazing things to your body
    loose weight with good nutrition all in a shake.
    anyone else would like to sell these products let me know. Business is blooming this time of year.

  43. Kathy Bazar

    Trying to start the New Year off with net attitude. Thanks for the tips.

    Q1-weight loss, skin care
    Q2-Destination resorts, Hotels, discount flights
    Q3- Student Credit Cards, Gas reward cards, Back to school discounts.
    Q4. I am an Amazon affiliate and launching a new website for widgets.
    These widgets are amazing and so easy to use with everything right at your
    fingertips. Anything you could possibly want.


    Duuude. This is awesome. haha
    I work for a Credit Card company and you’re soooo right. Funny thing is we have “Quarterly Bonus Offers” and well…they’re geared the same way.

    I want to promote Beauty Supplies. I sold AVON for years and have a LOT of knowledge in this area, and I also know that there are a lot of great deals geared towards “broke” ppl that just suffered through the “holidays.” HAHA

    I have a HUGE advantage with this one, because I know a LOT about credit card offers out there and the types of rewards. I will most def offer CC offers that stand out to me!!

    Apparel. Point blank. I know a LOT of people search for clothes online and rarely have time to go shopping anymore.

    AMAZON. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I am an avid AMAZON user and will promote the crap outta it!!!


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