1. Marc Galyean

    Hey Anthony,

    great blog this week! Your absolutely right about the 90-10. I have seen many people (including myself) fall into the rut of wanting to make a change, but never taking the action. It seems that when you do take action and it is taking longer than expected to see results we get discouraged and quit. Therefore, not ever finishing and going “through” with what was started. Its amazing how easy it is to give, but if you would have just persevered and worked a little more diligently you would find the results you were looking for were just around the corner.
    I have had a lot of support with my internet business, however at the same time I have had a lot of criticism. I just tell them, like any other business it takes time to build. For some odd reason people think that making money on the internet should come over night! Thats not true. I have been been involved in starting brick and mortar stores and they take a lot more work and time than an internet business.
    I dedicate 2011 to be the year that my internet business will be my main source of income and that I will work diligently until I succeed!


  2. jeff brower

    anthony, great advice I,ve been hesitiate but moving in right direction need to keep focused and move forward. Going to work hard to make 2011 memorable

  3. Chris Anderson

    This is my first time responding to your weekly blog. I am an in the process of starting my first business ever and to be honest it’s a lot to take in. New nothing about business two weeks ago and through the Academy I have learned a lot. As a first “newbie” this philosophy is right on. It’s definitely true for anyone but especially true for people like me. You have to be that 10% or your business will not make it. I understand I won’t get rich fast and it’s like any other business, takes time. I just hope that eventually through studying and hard work I will make it and be successful.

  4. theresa

    Good content and so very true. Many people complain about what’s wrong in their lives, but do nothing to make a change. In my opinion, they just want someone to give them permission to feel the way they do. In short, nothing changes and the complaints continue.

  5. Jane

    Thanks for dropping into my email box. I did enjoy your video and will look forward to next week. I’m still not sure what I bought other than your two books and your emails. Maybe I’ll figure it out sooner or later. Mom said it took me 10 months to arrive in the this world, and I had to be pulled into it kickin and screamin then. My figernails still weren’t developed either. I checked out the MEGA sites you talked about. WOW. Now I fiinally know what Itunes are. You are getting this old Foggie educated anyway. You are taking me along ways from the wringer warshing machine and the old outhouse from my youth! Will stayed tuned for next weeks moving picture show!

  6. Apostle John Mix

    Anthony my Brother:
    I talked with Randy yesterday and was looking for somone to give a sucess video. Im just around the block form me Picayune. he has my phone number call me if you would like to talk.

    God Bless You !!!

    Apostle John.

  7. Craig Laberee

    Excuses run ramped but time goes on. I need to find the little free time and redirect it productively to making my website a huge success………..for me. I deserve it. My life deserves it!!! I have worked extremely hard on my pages and now I am going to publish. I have the fear of failure in front of me but I must prevail, regroup, make it better and succeed. My retirement goals depend on it. I think this program is what you make it but the organization, professionalism and support are phenomenal. NOT, I think I can. I KNOW I will and can succeed!

  8. Tony Staggs

    I have the free website you gave me still. I appreciate your help,I’m from Florence,Alabama. Northwest corner tn,al,ms line. I will be watching.

  9. David

    I love the enthusiasm about the 10% group. I am currently wrapping up your ‘Advertising Profitd from Home’ book now and will be setting up slowly the required avenue to build a strong business under your guidance.
    I am planning to have 2011 and further my year and years. I look forward to speaking to Chris again tto about program.

  10. Russell Carlson

    Hi Anthony, Great weekly blog, always encouraging. I can’t wait for the next 3 I will be taking good notes. I run a ad campaign, I get alot of clicks. But not the action to make money. Need more help. Thanks again.

  11. rick aldrich

    yes i agree with your blog tonight on the 90 /10 percentage. I am determined to put in a 100% and devote my time into getting this website up and running in 2011. I appreciate the support and confidence that you give me. I will see you on top.

  12. Desiree Hays

    I really appreciate your consistent and persistent method of helping those of us just starting. I always seem to start at a dead run with “projects” and then fizzle in the long haul. This regular follow-up and ability to communicate with others in the business is really good for me. Thanks, again.


  13. Salvador Isberto Jr

    Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration Anthony. Though its spliting my skull absorbing these infos I am still in it. I am going to learn this. Some of the guys in your forum have help me so much. Thanks guys.

  14. Tisa

    Anthony,to answer your question,about I’m I in the 90% or10%,that
    you wrote to me in my email.I follow under the 10%,now why I said that?
    because everyday I try go, forward to stay engaged,make progress read all the videos.I do this is not an over night business,but I have made alot of progress and thank you for your honesty in your videos.
    “2011 will be my year” with the Lord help I can be a very successful
    Affiliate Marketer

  15. Linwood Mitchell

    Hi Anthony, I write to inform you that I have watched your blog and really enjoyed it, it makes a lot of sense to me. This blog has motivated me to want to push harder to succeed my goal in this business.I am a little slow getting there right now because I don’t have a lot of internet experience but I am doing my best to keep up, there is a lot of information here to learn and absorb until I hardly know what to do next. I do not know how to tweet and would like to learn it so please bear with me as I launch out to start making money via internet. Thanks again

  16. Joseph Bowen

    This is one is just wonderful. Most people know what to do but they never follow through. That is the difference in the people that are working towards their goals and dreams and the ones who stay stuck in a rut. Thanks agian for all your infomation it is priceless:)
    Thanks Joe

  17. Tina

    Hi Anthony….definitely the 10%!! BUT your people that responded really need to work on their spelling and punctuation, don’t you think?

  18. iris galloway

    I intend to make this the year that I start making money. I am studying in PMI and when I get the book part learned and completed then I want to start doing the action part that helps me to get going. Does this make sense, Anthony? Would like your opinion on this. thank you,

  19. wnston dennis

    thanks for chance you giveing me to marke some money on line. i am doing my best trying to paid my cridet off. before i start buying moore products ok.thanks again. please check my account and how i am doing for now ok.winston.

  20. Debbi Wright

    Hi Anthony,

    It was good to see you in MS last weekend (sorry Adrian got sick). I am staying in the 10%!!!

    I have purchased several domain names, some I allocated to purchasing domain names as a ‘reseller’ and others I ‘parked’.

    I had the privelege of spending a little bit of time with Ryan on Monday…. smart guy! You guys are really making it happen!

    Thank you in advance for all you guys do…. til next time

    Debbi in AZ

  21. Bobby Lark

    Hi Anthony,
    You are sooo right, IO have started several things and found myself in that 90% category. Your blog was great and I can’t wait until your next one. I have joined your community and other areas and have purchased a Domain name but I don’t know what to do with it. If there are any people out there that can help me I would greatly appreciate it because my college degree was in medicine and I know nothing about business marketing. Please help!!!
    Thanks Anthony and all of your crew, esp Chris Finch that called me and is trying to help.
    til next time
    Bobby in SC

  22. Matlock

    I’m excited to see your blog on writing ad’s. I am reading your book on How to profit from home, and it like going back to school and learning key information on operation managment of a internet business 101 and 102 , and so on. I currently run a business which has done great and I invest in real estate ass well. I want to see if I can get this business on the internet up and running soon. I purchase domain name which i plan to use, and I playing around on the web site you provide us until I understand it works. I will be looking for your next blog becuse that is the chapter I am taking note on because it seem like it the most important part of a successful affilite business goal. Thanks Matlock

  23. Candice

    Hi Anthony,

    The 90/10 rule in this week’s video is so true. I totally plan to make 2011 my year and be part of the 10%. Thank you again for your video and I look forward to the next one.


  24. Gary Monahan

    Way to go, Anthony!
    I couldn’t agree with you more that motivation and enthusiasm are a big part of success in any endeavor. So pick something that makes you energetic about advertising on the Internet and stay with it – you’ll be amazed at how your successes soon “compound” over time!

  25. judy clayton

    received a text message – I am hanging in there – have been devouring your book – not quite finished – did talk to a Pete in coaching – success story – unable to do all that right now – you are just a miracle to me – I am in san antonio – aware of the affiliate programs 2 -3 years ago – when working with an real estate investor – Iwhole another story) – am familiar with alot of it – point in time – established with paypal- do have a site on ebay no store -have learned alot – part time – this program and info is just exciting to me – haven’t beable to get started as fast as I want – already have alot of new insight and knowledge – thank you- thank you -judy

  26. Casey

    Hi Anthony,

    I promise myself to do better this year 2011 than last year by follow all your steps. I cut down a lot of out going time and read your books and surf on the internet affiliate Marketing.


  27. ANA MOIS

    Anthony I want be part of the 10% and take action. How can I do it. I need more help I appreciate the support and confidence that you give me. Thank you very mach. ANA.

  28. marie mincy

    Hi Anthony, I so appreciate your blogs. This is all new to me and I’m trying my best to find my way. Thank you for all of your support!! I want the extra help but can’t afford it yet, but when this starts to make money for me that will be my first investment…Your efforts are not in vain God bless your heart.

  29. marie mincy

    I’ve written down the information I don’t have an ad yet, still learning but when it gets set up I’ll go back to my notes and use this method from the beginning..yay

  30. Pierre Mocombe

    It is so true Anthony only 10% of people do make it. I want to be among the 10%. I have made some steps toward making it happen. I gave myself until the end of the month to start seeing results. I tried not to go to sleep without achieving one of my goals. I am pushing myself with this.

    Thank you for your teachings.

    Pierre Mocombe

  31. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    I’m gonna put my best foot forward so that I can be apart of that 10% who becomes successful

  32. Patricia

    Hi Anthony,

    Your blog was very interesting and informative as well. I’m learning how to put the information I get into action!!.

    Thanks for your teachings!

  33. Marie Diane Carey

    If you don’t have a possitive atitude you actions will be useless.

  34. David

    I am definitely in the 10% group, but am still trying to put the pieces together. I appreciate all your training.

  35. Gloria

    I am not part of the 10% but there are so much garbage in the internet.
    I have been working hard to obtain the best on the internet and the traffic but every software at 47 there is upsales and some other things that it looks to me that they want to take the money and not to really teach or show the whole puzzle. I really appreciate if you can please be honest and show me how can i succeed on the internet as your father . thank you for the time. Gloria

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